A 15 year old boy is tasked with babysitting a cute preteen girl, What could possibly go wrong?

The following story is a complete work of fiction and not been based on any facts or actual events. It is pure taboo fantasy and nothing more, I would never dream of committing the acts described within the story in real life.

The following story contains semi consensual sex between an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. If you are not a fan or extremely against stories of this nature then please stop reading here, I will not take responsibility for any offence incurred upon a reader after reading this story.

I am a newly starting author and welcome constructed criticism with open arms but all hate mail will be ignored and deleted because I don’t have time for retards who decide to carry on reading something they hate so much all to post some idiotic poorly constructed comment that no one will take the blind bit of notice.

Some people may have noticed this story been uploaded a month ago, I did indeed upload this a month ago but recently had all my stories removed due to editing been needed. I have now however resumed writing stories and have made changes to the series. No more shall you find grammer errors within the stories so sit back and relax and enjoy. Part 2, 3 and 4 will be uploaded soon.



Hey, my names Steven, I am 15 years old and live in England. I live an average life; I am not hugely popular or even unpopular, just another teenager trying to survive. I had several friends and a nice family, which begs to question why I did what I did, but honestly, I do not really know. Perhaps it was from primal instinct. Alternatively, perhaps it a dark event in the past that had been deeply supressed caused this. Either way I am not ashamed at what I did and I probably would even do it again.

I am 5”10, Slim but athletic build that I kept up with regular jogging, exercise and eating well. My hair is in thick streaks that I kept flat. However, it was short and a dirty blonde colour that many of the girls apparently find attractive along with my blue eyes. Surprisingly though, even with these apparently good looks I am not very outgoing but rather more of a mature person, acting business-like more than anything. I was prepared to speak to strangers and maybe attend meetings but sociably, I was very withdrawn and kept close to the few friends I knew well, the type of people I always enjoyed hanging out with without any problems.

During my first month of been 15 years old I was really strapped for cash as most teenagers were at that stage of life. Because of this, I began to search for some work in my local area but coming up with nothing I ended up resorting to doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood for the residents. This eventually lead to me deciding that I could perhaps earn some easy money from babysitting children in the area since I lived in a part of town that was currently home to several families with young children. This was primarily because of the new primary school that ended up been recently built by the local council nearby where I lived. The parents had high hopes and dreams for their little ones and soon they were flocking to the area desperate to take advantage of the schools brand new and modern facilities. I began by putting up posters advertising my services all around the area of town near my home I went to the local shops, placed posters on park noticeboards and even got few in the primary school’s monthly newsletter. All the time I was hoping for a call and a chance which then, I could finally earn some money so I could buy some new games for my PS3 or head out to town with my friends. I guess I ended up getting more than I bargained for.

Chapter 1;

My eyes opened to the darkness; puzzled and somewhat disoriented at why I could not see anything in the room. I began to look around slowly as my vision slowly began to come to life along with my hearing. There was the faint buzzing of a phone vibration in the room somewhere, I was sure of it. I could hear its vibrations sending repeated drilling noises rippling into the surface of the floor somewhere in the darkness. I leant over to my bedside lamp flicking the switch to on, letting the room burst into a yellowy coloured life with posters on the wall of popular game characters and music bands and dirty clothes thrown all over the floor like every teenagers room usually is. I began fumbling around at the base of my bed for my pants desperate to reach my phone that kept continually vibrating, whoever was calling must’ve really needed to speak to me urgently. At last, I rummaged the phone out of my pants pocket and slid my finger across the I-phone’s slick touch screen answering the call.

“Hello?” I spoke into the phone, my voice was slightly groggy from just waking up and I had not even paid attention to the time of day.

“Is that Steven? The babysitter?”

“Oh, Right yeah... I am. Err who’s speaking?”

“It’s Mrs Summers” Mrs Summers was the town’s local business expert. She was a strong and independent woman, which she took huge pride in that accomplishment. Her husband had passed away three years ago leaving her his entire business empire which contained a chain of restaurants, pubs and even a club or two. All of them left behind to the love of his life but all of them drastically failing and nearing bankruptcy. She had fought valiantly bringing them back from the brink, turning them into high-class establishments bringing in a fair amount of profit. Unfortunately, this meant she was often out the house late at night or early in the morning leaving her poor little 11-year-old daughter Isabelle with a babysitter or relative.

“I really need your help Steven, Issy’s usual sitter is ill and my sister can’t come to watch her tonight! I really need to head to the restaurant on an emergency shift tomorrow night. Please can you come over tomorrow at six?”

Pulling myself together and realising this was the first job offer I had received in weeks I quickly spurted out that it would be no problem and I would be happy to come over. With that she thanked me and arranged any final details for tomorrow and hung up leaving me to get back to the peace and quiet of my room, It was still dark and I looked at my clock which said ’11.42PM’. It was strange to be arranging a sitter at this time of night for tomorrow but I thought nothing of it, so I closed my eyes and began drifting back into a peaceful sleep beaming with happiness that I would finally have some extra cash to spend.

Chapter 2;

I had woken up today and had a normal day, it was the summer holidays and I was making the most of what freedom I had before Year 11. The day started with me playing on my PS3 with some friends and then heading down to the local park to hang out with my friend and his sister. We spent the afternoon messing around, casually talking and soaking up the hot summer sun. However, right now back in the present, it was 5:50PM and I was walking up the drive to Mrs Summer’s house. The house was normal for an average suburban home in a quiet area of town. It was detached with two stories made from brick and supported four large windows bound in the wall next to rich green ivy climbing up the front of the house rooting into the brickwork, climbing upwards from the fresh garden that laid before it.

I walked up to the brown door pressing the doorbell next to it listening to the musical ding dong chimes that echoed in the hallway behind the door. I stood waiting patiently for someone to answer. I could hear a woman shouting from inside and several thumps of a small frame most probably a child running up and down the stairs. The door swung open suddenly to reveal a tall woman standing in front of me. Mrs Summers was around 5”9 that was tall for a woman of 30. She had a nice smooth face with long glossy blonde hair falling down neatly to her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. She looked like she could have been a model but sadly for what she had in beauty, Natalie’s looks was plagued by her dull and grey business like outfit as well as her dull personality that mostly revolved around her work rather than her own daughter. Natalie peered outside and began examining me but soon began to recognise my familiar features from seeing me around town several months ago. She let out a great sigh of relief that I had arrived early. She spoke with a pleasant voice but an underlying tone of authority that stood proud as her independence did of been a single working mother in the 21st century.

“Oh thank god you’re early Steven. I really need to get going; it is just complete chaos tonight. I have left dinner for both of you in the oven, help yourself to anything in the fridge and please make sure Issy gets a bath, it may be a bit of trouble but please try. Bedtime is at 8:30pm.”

“Alright Mrs Summers, Don’t worry, we will be fine.”

“Please, call me Natalie.” With that, she smiled and called out to Issy who came running down the stairs to see her mother leave, she ran open arms wrapping them around the back of the mothers’ thighs pressing her face sideways against her upper groin/waist area.

“Bye Mummy! See you soon!” she called out with a soft sweet voice that could even touch the most blackest of hearts.

Her mother leant down and hugged her back giving her a kiss on the cheek and then spoke to her,

“Now listen you monkey… I do not want you causing trouble for Steven tonight so be good and remember… BATH NIGHT” With that Issy instantly groaned and ran off back upstairs giggling all the way to her room.

“Alright, I’m off now, if there’s any problems call me.” She said her good-byes to me and walked out the door closing it behind her, leaving me alone with her 11-year-old daughter. Issy peered around the edge of the stairs banister curiously as the door closed. She came running while grinning from tooth to ear back down the stairs. She stood in front of me with her hands behind her back presenting herself pleasantly but all the while grinning and been cheeky. She had a cute angelic face that I instantly fell in love with, of course not sexually… How wrong I had been. She also had a small frame for the age and only had a height of 4 foot 4. Her hair was brown, long and smooth as it fell down and settled on the back of her neck. Her cute eyes full of innocence and mischief ready to cause trouble and fun. She wore a thin blue spaghetti strap shirt that covered her completely flat chest and a pair of short denim shorts that revealed ¾ of her smooth hairless childish legs. Even for an 11 year old, I knew she was pretty and would soon develop into a hot young woman that would be the fantasy of many a teenager like me.

“So Issy, are you hungry?”

She grinned at me while nodding her head back and forth eagerly, so I responded by holding my out my hand saying;

“Come on, let’s get some food then!”

She took my hand and I led her into the kitchen letting her sit down at the table as I reached for a towel and opened the oven taking out a steaming hot fresh pizza left generously for us. She licked her lips slowly leaving them looking plump and luscious while reflecting the kitchen light. I placed the pizza down on the counter cutting it up into pieces and serving it up on the plate. I sat down with her and began eating the pizza and drinking a can of cola that I had found in the fridge and I decided to treat Issy sugary as it was the first night babysitting her and school holidays. She was happy and content eating her food and occasionally playing with the pizza as though it was a plane flying it around before making it land in her mouth, laughing as she took a bite into it with her clean white teeth that fit her mouth perfectly. Every aspect of this girl just perfect, an angel fallen from heaven into the worlds arms but more importantly hopefully my arms.

Chapter 3;

I cleared the dishes away after dinner letting Issy run into the front room after saying she wanted to watch a film. As it was only 6:30 when I finished washing up the dishes, I saw no problem with this and decided she could watch it before her bath. I followed her in the living room and helped her pick out one of her many Disney films that she had tucked away neatly in the DVD box shelve. We decided to watch Toy Story 3 and so I put it in the DVD player and went to lie down on the couch. Issy took advantage of my position by jumping up moving to lean on me, taking my arm and wrapping it around her head as she snuggled up against my chest. I could feel the heat coming off her light tender body but this had dire consequences since I was only a teenager. I immediately began to see the sexual pleasure of this and I became slightly horny as my hormones raged throughout my body. I tried desperately trying to avoid getting a hard on over the little girl laying on me, I mean it was sick and wrong… was it not.

Alas, try as I might my cock began to stir and grow into its full 6.3 inches, a decent size I thought for a fifteen year old but I had not had much to compare it with other than the occasion glimpse of another boy in the changing room at school. Luckily, I was wearing denim jeans so it was easy to hide my bulging erection but at any moment, this little girl could brush her hand over it accidently and feel the bulge. Fear spiked through me at what may happen, if that occurred but I tried to ignore it and watch the film praying it would deflate. No such luck and it only got worse when I noticed her gently sucking on her thumb in her mouth. I let out a quiet sigh as images flashed in my mind of her doing that to my cock, taking it in her mouth and slowly sucking on it tenderly using her tongue to lick around the rim, as she tried so cutely to deepthr— no! This was wrong. So very wrong yet the images kept coming. Half an hour into the film, I could take it no longer. I had the overwhelming urge to relieve myself and I knew I had to act fast before I exploded into a harmonious and raped this poor little girl of her innocence on the very sofa we sat on. I placed the movie on pause and got up hearing a wailing cry of protests and moaning. I said to her that I needed to go to the bathroom and that I will get us some more drinks, which seemed to settle her down. Meanwhile I told her to go and change into her Pyjamas before I got back from the toilet or I would eat her up for dessert. How little she knew I was dreaming of doing just that to her sweet pussy right at that very moment.

I went down the hall to the bathroom closing the door behind me and locking it double-checking it was secure. I leant back on the door lowering my pants and pulling down my boxers half way to expose my fully erect cock that was already bulging, eager to for my hand to wrap around its base and service it. I began to wrap my fist around the thick base and began to pump and beat my cock for all I was worth, I was breathing very hard and I was so horny that I felt the urge to cum very soon. Quickly I lifted up the toilet lid with only a second to spare as my cock exploded sending five ropes of fresh, hot and sticky cum safely into the toilet. I took some tissues from the wall and wiped off the head of my cock that had been coated in the pre cum from my earlier state of arousal which now mixed in with the cum from my recent ejaculation. I flushed the toilet paper away, safely removing any evidence; I then headed back out into the kitchen and prepared some crisps and coke ready to carry on with the movie. I placed them on a tray I had found and walked out into the front room placing them on the coffee table in front of the screen and when I turned around, I could not believe my eyes. Before me lied spread out with her feet up on the sofa a cute 11-year-old girl in nothing but her innocent panties. I almost lost another load there and then and I even stammered helplessly as I spoke to her.

“I…Issy…Where...Where are your pyjamas!?”

She let out a groan and spoke in a pleading voice that children always use to get their own way, “Awwh but Steeeevveeennnn, They make my skin itch… Please don’t make me wear them.”

I knew I should have resisted but my cock was over powering my head while becoming hard again. I could literally not find the strength to say no to this small beauty. I could not stop staring at the small pink hello kitty panties and she be any older she may have caught on as to why I was staring obsessively but luckily for me she was just an inexperienced and innocent child. I sat back down in my previous position and again she snuggled up against me plopping her thumb back into her mouth and sucking it slowly. God, I did not know if I would make it. I could feel the increased heat coming from her bare skin this time and it was sending me wild with pleasure! Any movement she made that rubbed against my body sent me on the verge of an extremely powerful orgasm that kept me fidgeting myself which only made the feelings flood back repeatedly leaving me in lustrous agony. However, the film eventually ended leaving me with a sudden realisation that came bursting to reality, tonight was bath night.

Chapter 4;

I turned the TV off and sat up on the couch facing Issy with an evil smile painted across my face and I think she could tell exactly what I was about to say. I saw her begin to shift away preparing to run from the couch. No sooner than I opened my mouth to speak the word bath she sprang up off the couch and ran away squealing and laughing all the way upstairs. I chuckled to myself but realised this may be harder than I thought. I went up to the bathroom and began to fill the bath with water making sure it was nice and warm and had plenty of bubbles. I turned the taps off once the tub was filled then proceeded to wipe my hands on the towel before setting off on my hunt for the cute girl in her panties.

I crept around upstairs calling out her name in a scary monster voice,

“Oh Issy… Where are you!?????... You better come out before the MONSTER EATS YOU!” as I raised my voice to monster I opened the door leading into a dark cloakroom that was next to me. I soon spied a tiny child curled up on the floor trying to hide, she let out a joyous scream as she desperately tried to get away but I was much quicker and stronger. I grabbed her, scooped her up, and carried her fire-fighter style up the stairs to the bath. She squealed and giggled and all I could see was her ass covered with the thin cotton of her pink panties. I put my hand on it feeling it softly but also holding it to keep her steady. I could feel the heat from her mound radiate onto my shoulder that was exciting my now flaccid cock once more. I continued to carry her into the bathroom and set her down blocking the door behind me.

“Now Missy. Are you going to take a bath yourself or do I have to make you?”

I grinned with the hidden pleasure at the thought of bathing and cleaning this beauties naked childish body and feeling her pussy and tasting it. Ravaging it then taking everything from it selfishly. Luckily, she was stubborn which her short pink tongue that was stuck out at me showed. She stood there grinning and yet again tried to barge past outside the bathroom but she was not strong enough. I let out a sigh and scooped her up again moving closer to the water and I propped her up grinning at her. She thought it was all a game and thought nothing of it. I put my hands into the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down revealing a beautiful sacred sight. Issy’s small bald pussy was standing no more than a few feet away from my face. Its folds perfectly together and I could tell it was so tight and fresh, completely untouched. Issy was still pouting at the fact of been given a bath but I would not let her go now. She tried to make another break for it attempting to dart past me but again I stopped her before she could get anywhere near the door. I grabbed by the waist and began to tickle her, she flopped down to the floor trying to fight me off but I continued tickling her as she squealed with laughter begging me to stop. I could not resist the urge anymore and with one hand, I slowly ticked her inner thigh moving up to the heat of the pussy and began to tickle just outside. I was too afraid to feel it directly just in case she told her mom but suddenly she tried to get up and moved her body and my hand ended up pressing against her pussy. She stopped giggling and looked at me blankly and I was overwhelmed with fear that she would tell on me but then suddenly she began giggling again and shouted at me,

“EWWW, You touched me pee pee!” I let out a sigh of relief and began laughing with her as she finally agreed to get into the bath. She lowered herself into the water and I knelt down over the bathtub taking the sponge and soap in my hand and began washing her down. I focused on her chest feeling up her tiny buds, rubbing them with the sponge and lathering soap on them with my hands. She was gleaming with delight and my cock was throbbing so hard from the fact this little girl had no idea she was been molested or if she did she was thoroughly enjoying the experience. I swear her breathing quickened and became deeper and then I heard a noise to confirm it, a faint little moan came out from her mouth escaping into the air. She really was enjoying this and this made me pluck up the courage to explore her tender body further. I moved away from her chest and then she surprised me by asking me not to stop.

“Please Steve…keep doing that. It feels really nice”

I could not believe what my ears were hearing; it was like hearing a chorus of sweet choir music on a beautiful night, my night’s fantasy was becoming a reality before my very eyes. I moved my hands back up and continued to rub her chest, gently caressing the tiny mounds of her flat breasts. I then began to hear her gentle quiet moans come out just a little more common as well as slightly louder. She spoke again to me, her voice sounded on edge, quaking slightly which gave me the feeling she was close to her orgasmic release.

“Steve…I think I’m going to pee!”

“Shhh Issy. It is ok. Let it come.” I whispered while stroking her hair softly running my wet fingers from root to tip.

I continued rubbing applying slightly more pressure and then I summoned the courage to go to the next step. I leant in taking her flat breast into my mouth and began sucking on her tiny nipple, which caused her to let out a gasp, then a scream as began to shake, her breath escaping her as she entered her very first orgasm in her life. She leant back in the bath feeling the waves of pleasure wash over her like a soft silk cover rubbing against her skin softly. She sat there feeling content and grinning slightly yet looking surprisingly exhausted. I asked if she was ok and she smiled at me and what a huge sweet smile it was. I nodded as I scooped her up and picked her up out from the bath and wrapped a big pink towel around her and I began to quickly rub her dry. As I was doing this, her curiosity began to spark into life and she began to ask questions,

“Steven, what was that?”

“It was an orgasm sweetie; you get them when either you or someone plays with your nipples or pussy.”

“My pussy?” she asked innocently. I smiled at the sound of this little girl using such a dirty word. All fear was gone from me. I determined to provide this girl with an education on sex and show her the pleasures of it.

“Your Pee Pee, It’s called a Pussy honey, Here, let me show you what I mean.”

I had finished drying her so I took her into her bedroom. I told her to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs over the edge; she followed my every will curious and eager to learn more. I sat beside her and told her to spread her legs wide. Issy spread her legs wide revealing her full puffy lips that were waiting, desperate to be explored by my soft touch. I slowly moved my hand down to her slit and began to run my index finger up and down the slit gently applying a little pressure each time. She began to squirm and coo as I stroked her slit. I asked if it felt good to which she could only nod her head as she began to moan quietly again and breathe deeper. Her pussy was steaming with heat and I could feel her wetness smother the tip of my finger. She was certainly ready. I applied a little more pressure pushing half my index finger in her pussy feeling around her inner walls. Her pussy was so tight it was clamping down and squeezing onto my finger for dear life. She was gasping and panting franticly as I continued my exploration. Strangely, I found no resistance in the way and probed deeper pushing all the way down to my knuckle. Her hymen must have busted while she was riding her bike or something. Issy was now screaming as she pushed her hips down and bucking wildly, her hips trying to push my finger as deep as it could go. She continued her wild bucking enjoying this newfound experience greatly. I could feel her pussy smother by finger in even more wetness as I felt around for her magic button. Then, I found it, a small lump at the top of her pussy, her clitoris. I began to flick my finger over it and massage it. This sent poor little Issy into a massive orgasm and her whole body tensed as a sudden rush of pussy fluids released soaking and my finger even more than I thought possible. She let out a mighty scream of pleasure that echoed throughout the room. She fell backwards lying eagle spread on her bed stark naked with sweet juice dripping from her violated pussy.

I could not pass up this opportunity and almost immediately, I got down on my knees before this child’s pussy and drove my tongue inwards lapping at the sweet juices been emitted from her pussy. This caused Issy to become sexually alive once more with a fresh batch of adrenaline kicking in sending her hips bucking once more. Her hips been pressed towards my head shoving my tongue even deeper inside her pussy. I licked and sucked for all I was worth and devoured her pussy drinking every last mouthful of the delectable sweet aroma smelling fluids. Her hips were going crazy bucking wildly as she let aloud moans and screams begging me not to stop. Her primal instincts had taken over and all she wanted was her pussy filled and soon and she did not even know what with or why. I began to run my tongue over her clit and take it in my mouth nibbling softly and vibrating my lips a little on this sensitive button. A button it was, causing Issy to scream out a fresh set of moans she sat upwards quickly grabbing my head with a sudden mass of strength and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. I continued licking her clit for all I was worth when finally I was rewarded with another flow of sweet nectar as she had her second orgasm ever. She laid back completely spent from her sexual activity and even I had was pretty worn out from licking so hard. I sat on the bed next to her and she sat upwards and leaned on me wrapping her arms around me and grinning. She said thank-you and that she felt so good and asked if she could do anything to return the favour. It was my turn for some pleasure now.

I slowly nodded and sat on the bed leaning against the pillows at the top letting my legs prop up on the bed. I unzipped my pants and quickly slid them down to my ankles and repeated the same with my boxers letting my cock spring free and stand up high in front of this child. She let out a gasp as she saw it. She had never seen one so big. She had seen her dad when she was little but it was never as big as this one before her was. She crawled up to examine it and I sat there smiling and told her to touch it if she liked. She hesitated but slowly began to wrap her soft little fingers around the base of my cock. She looked up like and I nodded in approval. She commented at how hard it was but it was so soft to touch. I explained to her that when boys become excited their cocks become hard like mine was now. She took in all of this information and casually began to play with my cock and experiment with it. She began to peel back my foreskin and expose the head of my cock covered in pre-cum. She touched it and found it was all gooey. Then like all children do she put her finger to her mouth sucking off the pre-cum and tasting it. I almost shot my load at the site before me, here was little Issy tasting my fresh cum. I hoped she liked it and my hopes were soon fulfilled when I saw her smile and nod in approval before lowering her head to my cock just as I had to her pussy. She began to take me in her mouth; her mouth felt warm and moist and it was driving me insane with pleasure.

She began to use her tongue to lick up the pre cum from my head. My god she was like a natural cocksucker! I used my hands to stroke her hair and my other hand to bob her head up and down gently while she was working on my cock, been careful not to make her gag. She was enjoying the taste and I could feel my balls tense and I knew soon I would explode into her mouth, I thought perhaps to warn her but my teenage horniness took over and decided to let her reward come to her as a surprise. I felt my cock tense even more and she must have felt the tensing also because she looked at me with her sweet eyes that no longer contained pure childish innocence but rather now a primal instinct of sexual lust. I just nodded and assured her it was ok, that she would be fine. Then I began to explode sending the largest deposit of cum in my life down her throat, she gagged in surprise as the force of the ropes of cum hit the back of her tiny narrow throat. She desperately tried to swallow as much as she could but alas she was too little, my cum seeped out of her mouth and ran down her chin as she got up. She licked her lips and wiped her face devouring every drop she could find of the delicious gooey juice. She eventually sat up smiling at me and she began to watch as my dick deflated slowly, exhausted from the recent sexual events. She leant down and sucked the last few drops from it polishing it off as it became fully deflated and flaccid.

I looked at the clock next to me and saw it was 9PM and that Natalie would be home soon. Therefore, I laid her down in bed and explained that she could not ever tell anyone what we did or we would both be in a lot of trouble. She swore not to tell anyone and said I was the best babysitter in the world and with that I set her down and she quickly drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep, completely spent from the night’s activities. I gently closed her door and went downstairs to watch TV, twenty minutes later Natalie came home looking all flustered and worn out from a hard nights work, she wasn’t the only one that night. I turned the TV off and went to the door to greet her,

“How was Issy? Not too much trouble I hope?”

“Oh, don’t worry Issy was no trouble at all, in fact… I think she looked after me.” I grinned as she thanked me and paid me giving me a little extra for been reliable and getting her to have a bath. She promised to call me again if she needed a sitter. With money in my pocket, I walked out the door going over the night’s events and began waiting in anticipation for my next call.

The End.


Part 2 Shall be uploaded Soon. Feedback is apreciated.

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