My new foster family
Pam’s New Family

This is a product of my imagination. No one real in this story.

I had only been with my new Foster Family a couple weeks but was beginning to feel like they really cared. Mom and Dad both had full time jobs and besides that they had a small farm raising all kinds of stuff. That work was done mostly by the three kids, Jake 17, Lindy 16 and Carla 15 who was rapidly becoming a real buddy.

It was interesting getting to know the kids and seeing the difference in their personalities. One would expect Jake, the oldest to be the alpha person but he wasn’t. Lindy definitely was in charge, from before dawn till after dark. And Carla was the Princess. Everyone in the family fussed over and about her. It was fun to watch.

Let me tell you a little about each one. Jake was a sort of small guy for 17. Maybe 5’5” and 120 pounds wringing wet. He had longer brown hair, fairly plain face, just sort of a plain dude. He was quiet, studious but fun to be around. On the other hand, his brother Lindy was completely different. Close to 6 feet and about 160 he said he expected to be over 6 feet before he quit growing. He kept his blondish hair in a crew cut, and his big smile on his face at all times. He was a riot to be with. Always making jokes and fun. Little sister as I said before was the Princess and she was a beautiful Princess. Her body had blossomed into a beautiful woman’s. Long coal black hair, pouty lips, deep eyes, inviting breasts, everything just right. I envied the guy that got her the first time.

One evening when Carla and I were in bed she started asking questions about my life and what had happened to my parents. I told her I didn’t know my Dad and had left my Mom after I was molested by her boyfriend and she wouldn’t do anything about it. Carla really pressed me about this so finally I just said,

“He made me suck his cock and swallow his cum because he was horney and Mom was to drunk to do anything.”

Carla looked entirely shocked, not that she shouldn’t have been. I wasn’t sure at that point if she had been told anything about the birds and the bees. She didn’t say a word, just looked at me. Pretty soon she sort of whispered, “What do you mean?”

“Have you never had any training or schooling about sex?” I asked. “Don’t you know anything about what goes on between a man and a woman, or between two men or two women as far as that goes.”

“Well yes and no,” she replied. “I know that a man and a woman have intercourse once in a while and when he has an orgasm and leaves his sperm in her she can get pregnant but I don’t know what you mean by sucking his cock and swallowing cum.”

I was just about to give her a lesson in Sex 101 when Mom popped her head in and told us it was time to cut the chatter and get some sleep so I didn’t go any further.
That Friday we all were chatting at dinner and Dad and the boys decided to spend the weekend at their favorite fishing spot. Mom had a meeting of some sort Saturday night so Carla and I would be home alone for awhile. I decide that’s when class would be held. I was very excited about it because I hadn’t had any sex, not even with my self for weeks and hoped I would be able to demonstrate some of the finer techniques. Carla and I chatted a bit before going to sleep Friday night but didn’t bring up sex. Saturday was one of the longest days of my life. Every time I looked at Carla I so wanted to play with her beautiful boobs and more.

Mom left for her meeting about 5 so us girls fixed a bite to eat and watched some dumb show on TV. About 7 or so I had finally had it. Hungry for the beautiful girl setting across from me I suggested we head up to our room and talk for a while. Carla gave me a big smile and hopped up from her chair. She grabbed my hand and away we ran. It was only seconds later and we were undressed and wearing only a t-shirt. Carla noticed I had taken off my panties so she did too.

The way we were laying I got a full view of the perfect pussy. Just a light crop of black hair above her love box, pouty lips that completely enclosed her pleasure place. I so wanted my tongue between them. I started by caressing her feet and up her legs as we chatted.

“Can we talk about you?” Carla asked.

“What do you want to know?”

“Just things like how long ago was it when you left home and what you have been doing since and stuff like that. If you want to that is.”

“Well I’m 13 now and left home about a year ago. I hated my Mom because of what happened and am glad I left. In some ways its been a terrible year like shouldn’t happen to anyone but in some ways I've had fun.”

“But what has happened to you? Were you with another Foster family or what?”

“You might say I was with a Foster family only this one consisted of one guy and 9 girls. I was the youngest, the oldest was 19.”

“Wow, where did you live?”

“We had two rooms, a small room that was his bedroom and a bigger one that was our bedroom. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags. He gave us pills to keep us quiet during the day and other pills to perk us up when we went out in the afternoon and evening.”

“Did you got to school or what? What did you do in the afternoon and evenings?”

I kept playing with her legs, up and down each stroke moving closer to her pussy. I so wanted to just spread her wide and bury my face but held back, wanting her to know what was going to happen and wanting her to really want for it to happen.

This is Chapter 1. If you enjoy let me know at pammy2288 at Yahoo dot com

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2012-12-03 19:42:01
What is everyone talking about? Good story? There isn't a story here, just some background that could double as a cover page. This is supossed to be an orgy story on a sex stroy web site, you mention molestation a couple times, but nothing else other than blah blah blah. On a lighter note, what you did write was good, I was waiting for it to get good, but it didn't :-((

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2011-11-08 08:46:07
Good story.... keep going.

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2011-10-28 19:21:50
That's a good story, but you've marked plenty of tags that are not present in the story itself.


2011-10-28 16:57:33
I really liked it do post the continuation

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2011-10-28 11:54:53
Good story.... keep going.

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