Laura and Bill explain how they became lovers
This story is of course fiction. There is no connection to any people living or dead. This is just a fantasy.

I sat on the sofa, holding a cup of tea in my hands. Laura was sat on the floor in front of me, holding a can of coke. Her father, Bill, had just brought in a drink for each of us. We were all still naked from the small gangbang that Bill and myself had given to Laura. I could still feel how hot her ass had been as I had fucked it hard. From the slightly glazed look in her eyes Laura had still not fully recovered. Bill and I had taken turns to fuck her hard, and she had loved every second of it. Now we were downstairs so they could explain how their strange situation first happened.

“So where did this all start then.” I said after taking a couple of sips of my tea.

“It’s been a few months, no several now. It all began just after Laura’s thirteenth birthday.” Bill replied, as Laura was nearly fourteen I could figure roughly how long they had been fucking each other. “It started the day I came home and caught Laura fucking some lad on the sofa.”

“You did not catch me, I knew you were coming home. I wanted you to see me doing it.” Laura said, butting in.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know that at the time.” Bill replied, I held up my hand.

“One at a time, lets go through it slowly and I’ll sort it out in my head.” So, with me acting as referee, they told me the story. Which as Bill had said began a couple of weeks after Laura’s thirteenth Birthday.


Bill had finished early from work, it was a quiet time for the company. Hours were usually low during this period. Picking up later in the year as demand for their products rose. So he had been finishing at roughly the same time for the last few weeks. After being with the company for nearly ten years he was used to it, putting some extra savings aside for this quiet period. He opened the front door and was just about to call Laura’s name when he heard her moaning in the sitting room. The noise sounded strange, familiar but in a way he was not certain it should be. He quietly shut the front door then walked over to the sitting room door.

Laura was knelt on the lap of some lad. She was obviously having sex with the lad beneath her. Her school shirt was open revealing her naked breasts. Where her bra was Bill had no idea, but it was probably with her skirt and panties. Bill could not see much of the lad apart from the back of his head. He could see Laura, however. Her blonde hair hung loose, bobbing as she rode the lad. She was moaning in pleasure, obviously enjoying the sex. Bill’s initial reaction was anger, he was about to storm in and stop them when he stopped. He saw flashes of Laura’s mom in the way she was riding the lad. The same heavy eyed expression, the same way of chewing on her bottom lip as she gasped. The way she lent backwards slightly, almost offering the lad her breasts. Bill closed his eyes, no he was not thinking of his daughter in the same way he had once thought of her mother. Unfortunately as soon as he opened his eyes he could see those traits again. He could remember just how much they used to turn him on when his wife had ridden him like that.

He realised that he could not do anything now, not now he was thinking like this. Instead he snuck into the kitchen to wait. Give himself chance to sort his head out before dealing with Laura. Only a minute or two later the moans grew to an obvious climax. There was a short silence then Bill heard sounds of movement coming from the sitting room. Laura and the lad headed into the hall, Laura urging him to leave as her father was due home in the next ten minutes. Bill frowned, Laura knew exactly when he had been getting home, which was a good ten minutes ago. It was not like her to get her times wrong like that. His suspicion was confirmed when she blatantly walked into the kitchen, still only wearing her open school shirt. She disposed of what he thought, he hoped, was a condom in the bin then looked over to him.

“Hello daddy.” She said in a sweet voice.

“Don’t you hello me girl. I should tan your hide for that.” Bill snarled back, trying to regain the initial anger. “What the hell were you doing?”

“Having sex, I thought that was obvious.” That helped him to regain some of the anger.

“You knew I was coming home and you still did that why?” For some reason that seemed suddenly important.

“I needed you to see that I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a fully grown sexual woman.”

“No you’re not, you’re still only thirteen.”

“And I’ve been having sex now for four months. So I’m no little girl. You need to know that, to accept it.” Bill looked at her, now confused more than angry.

“Why do I need to accept that, you think I’m going to let you have sex in my living room.”

“Maybe.” Laura replied, “but not with lads from school.” She added quickly before he could react.

“With who then?”

“Someone who is way more deserving of me than them. Someone who has not had any relationships in years. Who has put their whole sex life on hold to be a father.” Bill took a moment to realise what she was getting at.

“You can’t mean me.” He said his voice rising in volume with each word. She smiled at him with a wide eyed innocence, while the rest of her body screamed seduction. Bill swallowed hard, she looked almost exactly like her mom used to when she was trying to seduce him. The same innocent look while her body was almost oozing sex. He tried to ignore it, not let his anger be shaken. Unfortunately it was at that moment that he realised his daughter had almost the same figure as her mother. He knew she looked like her mother in the face. The same nose and mouth, same blonde hair and blue eyes. Now he saw that she had the same shapely figure. The same curve to her hips and buttocks, the same slender legs. As well as the same small but perfectly round breasts. And, god help him, she was having the same effect on him her mother used to.

“I can’t remember you ever having a date daddy.” Laura was saying as she moved towards him. Her hips swaying in a seductive manner that flashed straight to his groin. “I know you’ve not had any girl friends over. Unless I’m wrong I don’t think you’ve had sex since mom died. You’ve been spending all your time raising me.” By now she was nearly pressing herself against him. Bill coughed softly, he tried to move but his legs refused to work. “And I don’t think it’s fair that you should go without on my account. So I feel that I should do something about that.”

“You could try to set me up with some of your friends moms.” Bill said, attempting to put her off. It did not work as she pressed herself against him. Her naked flesh pushing into his body. His cock went rock hard in his trousers. Bill tried not to look at her, not to think about her. She refused to let him, grabbing his head and making him look down at her.

“I want to make up for it daddy. None of the mums are good enough for you.” She said with steel in her voice. As she spoke she ran her fingers down his chest. Sliding her hands down until she was cupping his cock with her fingers. “I want to be the one you fuck.” She added squeezing him softly. Bill gave a involuntary murmur as he felt her fingers rubbing against him. Laura smiled to herself, before quickly undoing his trousers. Bill gasped as he felt her hand wrapping around him. Her fingers rubbing along his cock.

“You’re my daughter, we can’t do this.” He said in almost a whisper.

“Says who.” Laura replied then lowered herself down to the floor in front of him. Bill knew he should push her away, stop her before things went too far. He just could not get his body to move. The look in her eyes was so familiar from her mother. Though not the act she was about to perform. Her mother had never been a fan of blow jobs, only giving them grudgingly and for a short a time as possible. The way Laura lent forwards to slowly run her tongue over him he guessed she intended to do more. All the time watching his face, she slipped her lips around him and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Bill groaned softly as he felt her mouth slide over him. Any chance to stop this was now long gone. Not that there had really ever been chance. His daughter knew him too well, and had planned to well. From the moment he had seen her on the couch he had been lost. Now all he could think of was how good her mouth felt around him, how warm it was. How good her sucking on him was. She moved her mouth along him slowly. Sucking him deep into her mouth, before sliding back until just the head was in her mouth. She circled the head with her tongue, he gasped. Her eyes glinted as she slid her mouth back down him. She began to build up the speed, sliding her mouth along him. Sucking firmly on him as she did. Then he felt her pushing her mouth further down on him, trying to take more of him in her. He watched her try to take all of him, but fail. She pulled back looking disheartened by her failure.

“I can’t do it.” She hissed to herself.

“Do what Laura?” He asked, she glanced up at him.

“I wanted to take all of you in my mouth, but I can’t. You’re bigger than the other lads were.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I do, I want to give you the best I can. This is supposed to be perfect for you. Wouldn’t you like it if I did that.”

“I’d only like it if you wanted it baby girl.” She looked him in the eyes.

“Please daddy, I want to do this for you. I wanted to show you I could do this. But you’re just bigger than I’m used to. Please help me to do it.” Her expression and tone were so desperate Bill nodded his agreement. If this was so important to her he was not going to say no. And hell, what guy does not like been told he is bigger than anything the girl is used to. Even if she was comparing him to school boys, it still stoked his ego a little

Laura lowered her mouth back over her daddy’s cock with a sense of failure. The first thing she had tried to do and she had failed to do that properly. How was she supposed to show him that she could be his lover if she could not even do this. It was just that he was longer and thicker than any of the lads she had done this with before. She felt him cup the back of her head as she sank down on him. He pushed her down further, Laura felt his cock pushing into her mouth. She realised he was pushing forwards as well. He felt so thick she had to open her mouth wide to take him. He was filling her mouth totally, pushing her to her limit. She had tried to learn to ignore her gag reflex, but he was so big. After a few seconds of holding in her mouth she felt herself start to gag slightly. He instantly let go, letting her pull back. She swallowed hard then lowered her mouth down on him again. He cupped her head, pushing her down but not pushing forwards this time. She let him force her head forwards until her lips were pressed against the very base of his cock. He held her there for a moment then released. Laura pulled her mouth back, sucking hard on him. Before pushing herself down on him, this time with no help she managed to take him all.

She felt a jolt of elation as she began to slide her mouth along him. Sucking him right into her mouth. Now able to push herself to take him all. She could not hold him for long without gagging, but she could slide down him fully. She relaxed as her plan was now back on track. Beginning to give him the blow job she had intended to give him from the start. Sliding her mouth along him, sucking on him deeply. Using her tongue to lick around him to add to his pleasure. She had found how much that turned the lads on very quickly. It had the same effect on her daddy as he was soon moaning deeply. Now his fingers were wrapped in her hair, not pushing her down.

She began to use every bit of knowledge she had to give him pleasure. Moving quickly along him, sucking softly. Then going slowly, sucking hard as she sank down on him. Each time holding him fully in her mouth for as long as she could. Sucking hard on him as she did. She curled her tongue around him. Licking it over the head of his cock. It did not take long for her to taste his pre-cum, she licked the salty drop away and continued sucking on him. She remembered something she had done for one lad and decided to try it out on her daddy. Reaching up she cupped his balls with her hand, softly kneading them with her fingers. He grunted, giving a sharp jolt as she did. Laura kept rubbing at his balls as she sucked on him.

By her daddy’s moans she could tell he was enjoying her blow job. All she needed now was that final proof that he was enjoying it. She began to work towards his release. Sliding her lips right down him in a quick movement. Sucking hard on him as she did. Rubbing her fingers over his balls each time she pushed her mouth completely down on him. Soon she felt his cock throbbing softly in her mouth.

“Oh god Laura, going to cum.” She heard him hiss to her. She held him in her mouth, her lips right down on him, and sucked hard. Drawing out the orgasm. He groaned, his fingers tightening in her hair. Then his cum pumped into her mouth. She gave a soft murmur of pleasure as she made him cum. Then swallowed rapidly, taking all of his hot cum down her throat. She kept her eyes on his face through his orgasm. Simply enjoying the look of pleasure on his face. She held him in her mouth until she had sucked out ever drop of his cum. Then lent back with a smile, softly licking her lips.

“I told you I was not a little girl anymore.” She told him as he watched her. He reached down to pull her to her feet.

“Nope, that you’re not.” He said leaning forwards to kiss her on the mouth. Pressing his lips hard against hers. She matched his pressure with her own. When she felt his tongue pressing against her lips she opened them. Letting him probe his tongue into her mouth. He twisted her around until she was lent against the kitchen cabinet. His hands began to slide over her body. Running down her legs, then up her back to her shoulders. Pulling her into him as they kissed hard. Then she felt him sliding his hands round to her breasts. He cupped them, curling his fingers over them. Probing them with his fingertips. Laura murmured at the sensation, gasping when he firmly tweaked her nipples. He ran one hand down to between her legs. She parted them slightly to give him easier access. His fingers ran along her pussy, then she felt him pushing two into her. She gave a soft gasp of pleasure as he opened her up with his fingers. Thrusting them in and out firmly. He broke from the kiss, but only to start kissing her neck and shoulder. Laura lent into him, moaning as he increased the speed of his fingers. He lifted his head to look her in the eyes.

“I want to lick you out girl.” He said in a husky voice.

“I was hoping you would.” She replied, he reached down to hook her legs. Lifting her up to sit her on the cabinet. He ran his fingers along her thighs, gently pushing her legs apart. Before dropping down between then. Laura watched as he reached up to pull apart her pussy lips. He lent forwards and she felt his tongue lick along her. She gave a soft moan of pleasure. He pushed forwards, burying his face between her thighs. Pushing his tongue into her, licking at her. Laura lent back on the cabinet top, enjoying the feel of her daddy’s tongue inside her. He did not seem to have forgotten what to do in the eleven years since her mom died. His tongue felt wonderful inside her, licking at her. Probing deep in her, running over the walls of her pussy. Laura curled one hand in his hair, the other gripping the cabinet top. She moaned deeply as he sent soft ripples of pleasure through her. The couple of lads who had done this had not felt anywhere as good as this. She was in heaven, a realm of pure pleasure.

Then he moved upwards slightly, the pleasure burst into wild passion. A small part of her brain recognised that he was licking at her clitoris. The rest of her just reacted to the sharp increase in pleasure. She arched backwards, resting her head against the kitchen wall. Moaning at the waves of pleasure his tongue was sending through her. He ran one hand up to her breast, pawing firmly at it. Then she felt him push the fingers of his other hand into her. She cried out sharply at the increase. The waves turned into tsunamis, rolling over her body. She flicked her head from side to side. Gasping, mewing, moaning as the pleasure grew more and more.

“Oh fuck, daddy, oh daddy.” Laura cried as she reached her peak. He flicked his tongue rapidly over her clit. Sending her into her orgasm. “DADDYYY.” She cried out as her body exploded into passion. Gasping hard she rode her orgasm for all it was worth. Her daddy adding to it with his tongue on her clit and his fingers ramming into her pussy. She pushed up against him, mewing loudly as the waves seemed to keep coming, get stronger. With a final wild cry she burst into the end of the orgasm then collapsed back against the wall.

“Fuck me, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” She gasped to him.

“I did my best for you my little girl.” He told her pulling her against him. She felt how hard he was already and smiled.

“I think you’re up for something more.” She told him.

“Not here, I want you to ride me like you did that lad. But I need to get a condom.” Laura shook her head.

“No, not for you daddy. I want nothing between us.”

“You might get pregnant.”

“I’m on the pill.” He looked shocked. “I’ve only been on it for a couple of months if that’s a bit better.” She said with a soft smile.

“Not really but ok. If you’re certain that’s what you want.” She nodded as he lowered her to the floor. Holding her hand he led her into the sitting room. Laura’s heart was pounding and not just from her orgasm. She was actually about to do it, was about to fuck her daddy. When she came up with this plan five months ago she had never thought it would work. The best she hoped for was not to be grounded for life. Now here she was about to ride him, and have him cum in her. She had never let the other lads do that. Always wanting her daddy man to be the first man to cum inside her.

He reached the sofa sitting down in almost exactly in the same place as the lad had been. Laura gave him a moment to get settled before climbing onto his lap. She lent forwards to kiss him, pressing her lips against his. He kissed her back hard, she felt him pushing his tongue into her mouth. She let him, curling her tongue around his. He pulled her against him, pressing her body against his. His hands running along her spine, heating her flesh as he did. She slid her fingers down his chest, still not fully believing this was happening. Then she felt his cock rubbing against her leg and knew it was. She shifted her position until he was pressing against her pussy. She felt how hard and warm he was against her flesh. Slowly she lowered herself down on him, taking him inside her.

Laura gave a soft moan as she took him in her. Feeling his hard cock stretching her open. She sank all the way down on him. Moaning at the flash of pleasure the feel of him sent through her. She held herself on him for a moment. Then began to slid up and down, moving slowly at first. Simply enjoying the feel of him inside her. He gasped softly, his fingers curled around her hips as she moved. Laura sped up slightly, feeling him pushing up towards her as she did. He was so much bigger than any of the lads she had been with before. He filled her fully, almost too much. As she increased her movements on him she gasped hard at the sensation of his cock pushing into her. Of him stretching her wide, opening her pussy as far as it could go. She half closed her eyes, gasping hard at the sensations flashing through her.

Bill lent back against the sofa watching his daughter as she rode him. She was such the spitting image of her mother, it brought back memories he had pushed to the back of his mind. Her eyes were half closed and heavy, like her mothers always were. She was chewing softly on her bottom lip, gasping deeply as she rode him. Matching the way her mother used to. Bill ran his hands down her legs, feeling her young muscles flexing as she moved up and down. He ran his hands up to cup her breasts, squeezing them hard with his fingers. They felt just like her mothers, firm, soft, only smaller. He ran his hands back to her legs. Rubbing them along her thighs. They also were like her mothers, same shape and feel. Again just smaller and a little softer. If he closed his eyes he knew he could easily imagine it was Laura’s mother riding him, not Laura. In a twisted way it was like he was fucking a younger version of his wife. He knew then that Laura had managed in her obvious plan. This evening would not be the only time they fucked, in fact it was probably the first of many times he would fuck Laura.

The idea flashed through him, suddenly turning his desire into a wild lust. Now he wanted to bury his cock as hard in her cunt as he could. He lent forward, hooking his arms around Laura’s waist. Without warning her what he was doing he lifted up. Moving to put her on the sofa in front of him. Then he began to fuck her, ramming into her deeply. Pounding his cock into her body. She cried out sharply at the sudden increase in force. Bill grit his teeth as he continues to pound into her. Slamming himself as hard and as deep in her cunt as he could.

“Oh daddy, so hard, daddy so hard.” Laura gasped as he slammed in and out of her. He reached up to grab her hair, pulling her head back to look him in the face.

“This is what you want isn’t it Laura. You want it hard like this don’t you.” He hissed, emphasising his words by slamming in as hard as he could. Laura grunted hard as he did.

“Yes, daddy, yes. Fuck me so hard.” She said, he slammed in again, then again. Pounding into her with all his strength.

“You want it like this, want it like a slut. Because you’re daddy’s little slut.” Laura nodded quickly, that was not enough for him. He grabbed the back of her neck, bending forwards and pulling her towards him. “Say it, tell me you’re my little slut.” He snarled, now caught up in the moment.

“I am daddy, I’m your little slut. Fuck me like it, fuck me hard.” Laura hissed back, also caught up in the moment with him. He gripped her neck hard, ramming into her. She cried out, deep moans of pleasure. Bill grunted hard, his jaws locked tight now as he began to fuck her fully. Ramming in and out in rapid forceful thrust. Pounding her little cunt with all his strength. He ran his free hand up to paw at her breast. Roughly kneading it with his fingers, twisting the small hard nipple. Laura hissed, he felt her pushing up towards him. God she really was enjoying him being rough with her. He pulled her head back, pinning her down on the sofa as he continued to slam into her. Taking her as forcefully as he could. All it seemed to do was give her more pleasure. Again it reminded him of her mother, she loved it like this as well. The idea urged him on, to keep going. Even when he could feel his legs tightening from exhaustion. He kept up the speed and power of his thrusts. The look of sheer pleasure on Laura’s face urging him on.

“Daddy, yes daddy. Oh god, oh god going to, going to…” Laura gasped loudly, her body shuddering under him from the power of his thrusts. He guessed what she had been trying to tell him.

“Yes baby, cum for daddy, cum you little slut, cum.” He snarled at her, ramming in totally.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck daddddyyy.” Laura squealed as she came under him. Her body going stiff for a moment, then shuddering with her orgasm. The mix of feeling her cumming around his cock, and just the idea of his daughter cumming with him in her, was enough to trigger his own orgasm.

“God baby, going to cum baby.”

“Yes daddy, cum in me.” She gasped, even as her own orgasm continued to flash through her. As he felt himself tip over into his orgasm he rammed into her. Forcing himself in with every ounce of strength he could muster. Driving his cock totally into her cunt, pushing her back into the sofa. Laura gave a sharp squeal as he did. Bill moaned sharply as he came. Gasping her name, he emptied himself into her. He barely felt her dragging her finger nails down his chest his orgasm was so strong. The pair of them rode their mutual orgasms until the both began to relax. Bill was still buried fully inside her as he sank forwards to envelope her in his arms.

“Oh my god daddy.” Laura said, gasping each word. “You can fuck me like that any time.”

“If my little slut wants it like that I’ll give it her every time.” He eyes flashed wide.

“Not every time, I won’t be able to walk if you did that.” Bill laughed hard at the intensity of her words.

“Ok, not every time. But often, daddy really wants to do that often to you.” She nodded, smiling deeply.

“Oh yes daddy, I’d like that.” She said, then gave a soft gasp as he pulled out of her. Bill pushed himself off her, moving to sit next to her on the sofa. Laura pushed herself up until she was sat next to him. She looked up at him, her face flushed, her eyes glinting.

“I’m so glad I came up with this idea. You so deserve it, just for putting up with me all these years.” She said with a smile.

“You’ve not been that bad baby.” He told her.

“Thanks, one thing though. What made you take me like that. You seemed to be enjoying me riding you then went all he-man on me.”

“You were so like your mother, it was just like I was fucking a younger version of her. And she used to love me doing that to her. “

“Really, she liked it that hard.” Bill nodded.

“Oh god yes, and just like you it made her cum every time.”

“Was there any other way of fucking she liked.” Bill did not have to think before answering.

“God yes.”


“She really loved it when I fucked her from behind, especially if I was doing her ass.” Laura gasped and started as he said that.

“You fucked my mothers ass!” She gasped, Bill nodded.

“Oh yes quiet often, she loved it. We used to do it a bit before she got pregnant with you. But later on in the pregnancy normal sex became too uncomfortable for her. Anal sex however was fine. I think in the last two months of the pregnancy we only had normal sex once or twice, every other time was up her ass. After you were born she often asked for me to do it too her. Of course I was happy to do her ass.” Laura looked shocked as Bill spoke. It was all true as well. Laura’s mother has liked anal sex before the pregnancy, by the end of it she loved it. Often it was her who asked for it, rather than Bill. Not that they’d had much time after the pregnancy. She fell ill with cancer just under a year after Laura was born, and died within a year. That memory brought Bill down again, Laura noticed his change in attitude.

“Would you…” She started, hesitated for a second then began again. “Would you like to fuck me in the ass?” She asked in a rush, as if to get the words out before she changed her mind. It was now Bill’s turn to be shocked. He looked at her for a second.

“You mean that?” He asked, she nodded instantly. “Are you sure, you don’t have to do it if you really don’t.” She nodded again, with more certainty this time. As if now she had made the offer she was determined to see it through.

“I mean it, do you want to fuck my ass daddy.” She said again, Bill took a moment to think about it. “I want you to be able to do everything you used to with my mom.” She added in total sincerity. Bill considered this, then nodded his head.

“I think I’d like to, but only if you are certain about this. Not just because you think I want it. I will do it, if it’s what you want me to do.”

“I do daddy, I do. I want to do all the things mom did with you. “ Bill nodded again and pushed himself to his feet.

“I’ve just got to get something first.” He told her before heading to the bath room. He opened the cabinet and fished around for something to use as a lubricant. After a few seconds he found a tub of petroleum jelly for skin rashes. He pulled it out as it was the only thing that would work. Heading back into the living room he saw that Laura was still sat where he had left her. She looked at the tub in his hand.

“What’s that for, I don’t have a burn or anything.” She asked him.

“It’s to make it easier, without this I will hurt you lots. If I put loads of this on you it will make it smoother. I’ll warn you though, even with this it probably will be a bit painful.”

“Will it be any more painful than loosing my virginity, cos that really hurt.” She said in a small voice. Bill had a sudden urge to find out who ever she first slept with and beat him to a pulp for hurting her. He shook his head.

“It shouldn’t be, I’ll take it slowly so you can get used to it first.” He said, she nodded. He reached down and pulled her to her feet. Then gently bent her forwards over the sofa. She looked back at him over her shoulder as he opened the tub of jelly. He pulled out a large dollop with his finger, reaching down he rubbed it against her ass hole. She bit her lip as he pressed his finger against her ass. Slowly he pushed into her, Laura gave a soft hiss. As gently as he could he pushed his finger into her.

“I’ve got to get as much of the jelly into you as I can baby.” He explained as he rubbed the jelly inside her. She did not reply, only nodded slightly. He put more jelly on his finger and spread it in her ass. Only once she was fully lubricated did he stand up. By now his cock had grown hard again, just from the idea of fucking her ass. He covered it in jelly, wanting to be sure there was as much lube as he could between them. Then he moved to stand behind her. Laura looked at him, watching his movements with slight apprehension.

“Are you sure about this.” He asked a final time, Laura nodded quickly. He pressed his cock against her ass, pulling her small buttocks apart to make it a bit easier to enter her. Slowly he pushed forwards, pushing his cock into her. Looking down he watched her tiny ass hole opening around him. Laura hissed sharply as he began to push into her. He glanced up to see her biting down on her bottom lip, her eyes closed tightly. “Are you ok?” He asked, she opened her eyes and nodded.

“Hurts, but no more that losing my virginity did.” She gasped to him. Bill continued to push into her. Feeling her ass opening around him. Even with the jelly it was tight, hard to enter her. He pushed forwards until he felt himself sliding into her. Laura gasped as he thrust forwards, again closing her eyes tightly. He pushed all of him into her, until he was totally inside her.

“That’s all of me in you baby.” He told her, she opened her eyes and looked back at him.

“That’s not as bad as I thought.” She said with a small smile. Bill was not sure if she was lying or not. So he slowly pulled back, then pushed in again. Laura hissed deeply, but kept her eyes open this time. He thrust in again and again, each time as gently as he could. She loosened her bottom lip, gasping softly as he thrust in and out.

“You can go faster if you want.” She told him, “I’m guessing this is not as fast as you’d normally do this.” Bill shook his head.

“Nope, but if I go that fast I will hurt you.”

“I don’t mind daddy, I want you to fuck me like you did mom.” She told him, he nodded but there was no way he was just going to do it that hard. Instead he increased the speed slightly, fucking her a little harder. She grunted softly, but kept her gaze on his face. “Come on daddy, go harder.” She told him, so he did. Building up a bit more speed and power. Laura hissed deeply, he saw her chewing on her lip again. She took a deep breath in.

“Is that it, I want you to fuck me like mom.” She hissed to him. “Come on, do it daddy. Fuck my ass like the little slut whore I am. I’m daddy’s little slut, so do me like it.” She said, her tone demanding. “Or is that all you think I am good for.” She added in a demeaning tone. Bill knew she was trying to get him angry at her. He wanted to keep calm, but the way she said it simply worked on him. Without realising it he thrust in harder. Laura grunted sharply, he saw her did her fingers into the sofa. “Yes come on Daddy, fuck my ass hard.” She snarled through gritted teeth. Bill could feel himself reacting to the tone in her voice. In spite of himself he was increasing the power of his thrusts. Going faster, harder into her ass.

Laura ground her teeth together to keep from grunting at the sharp feel of her daddy thrusting into her ass. He was hurting her, not lots but still hurting. She was determined to take it, determined to get him to fuck her properly in the ass. How was she supposed to give him all he needed sexually if she could not do this for him. He had told her like this, how her mom had liked this. If she intended to replace her mom for him then she needed to get him to fuck her harder. She closed her eyes tight for a second, drawing in a deep breath.

“Come on, if you did it like that to mom I don’t think she’d have like it so much.” She said, then looked back over her shoulder at him. “You told me mom liked it hard. So do me hard, like she did. You called me your slut, I want it like a slut daddy.” She told him, deliberately trying to get him to react. She saw his eyes close a little, saw him take a sharp breath in.

“You want me to do you like a slut, like a whore girl.” He snapped, telling Laura she had got to him just right.

“Yes daddy, fuck me like a whore daddy. Make me your little slut whore.” She said, knowing how bad she sounded. She did not care, she wanted him to take her hard.

“In that case my little whore, I will.” As he spoke she felt his fingers tighten around her hips. Then he began to ram into her hard. Laura grunted at the first thrusts, then began to squeal softly. His cock was ramming into her, sending jolts of fire up her spine. Sharp flashes of pain that stole her breath away. She gulped in air desperately, all the time squealing with each hard thrust. She could feel her ass stretching around him. Her body being pushed towards it’s very limits.

“Oh god daddy, daddy, it hurts. Hurts so good daddy.” She gasped, not wanting him to think she was on the edge yet. He grunted in reply, continuing to thrust hard into her. His cock piercing her ass deeply, pushing up into her. Laura squealed softly, digging her fingers into the sofa. She felt her eyes stinging, and closed them tightly. Fighting back the tears that threatened to spill out. No way was she crying over this. She wanted this to be hard, want him to fuck her ass like this.

“Take it you little whore.” Her daddy snarled to her. “Take it hard.”

“Yes daddy, fuck my ass. Take me like a whore.” She snapped back over her shoulder. Gasping at the way his face was twisted from the effort to take her. Laura grunted deeply as she felt his thrusts increasing in power. Now she was at her limit. His thrusts sending blasts of sharp feeling through her. She gasped for air, unable to take more than quick gulp between his thrusts.

“Oh god daddy, please daddy.” She gasped to him.

“Please what my little whore.” He asked her, ramming in hard.

“OH GOD.” She squealed as he slammed in even harder than before. “Please cum daddy, cum in me.” She gasped, begged, to him. He grunted in reply, ramming in harder again and again. “OH GOD, UNN, DADDY PLEASE.” She screamed as she felt his cock almost tearing into her ass.

“Here it comes you little whore. Here it comes.” He said, his thrusts wild and rough. His cock ramming into her forcefully. The same way he had fucked her pussy before. Laura squealed sharply at the sensation, her knees buckling under her and tipping her into the sofa. Her daddy sank down with her, but continued to ram in wildly. He grabbed her hair, pulling back on it. Arching her back towards him. Slamming in harder, harder. Laura fought to breath, no long able to do anything except gasp for breath.

“Oh god my baby whore yes, cumming, cumming.” Her daddy groaned as he forced his cock up into her. Thrusting in with such force it blasted the remaining air from Laura’s lungs. She gasped, sucking air back into her lungs. Then cried out as he held himself up inside her, his cum pumping into her ass. Hot jets that spurted inside her. She clawed at the sofa, gasping sharply as his yanked back hard on her hair. He held himself deep in her ass until he had empted himself in her. Then quickly released her, pulling back sharply. Laura collapsed onto the sofa, desperately drawing in deep gulps of air. A second later she felt him hugging her tight.

“Oh god baby girl, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He whispered as he held her tight. She squirmed round to look at him.

“No, it’s ok I wanted it, so it’s ok.” She assured him, “you can do that again daddy. I’ll get used to it, I promise.” But he shook his head.

“No, never again.” Laura did not reply, but she promised herself that he would do that again, and again. Until she was able to take it properly, just because he was her daddy and she loved him.


I glanced between them once they had finished their story. I knew I was stunned, shocked by what they had told me. I had not expected Laura to have been the main instigator, nor had I expected it to have been such an hot tale.

“As you can guess from upstairs, I managed to get daddy to fuck my ass again. And now he does it hard all the time. And I love it.” Laura said to me, before flashing a smile at Bill.

“And daddy loves fucking his little whore’s ass for her.” Bill told her back. “I’m sure our guest enjoyed it as well.”

“So much so, that I really can’t wait until I get to do it again.” I said, both of them laughed.

“We’ll have to arrange another visit for you. One where you can spend as much time fucking Laura in the ass as you want.” Bill told me, Laura nodded her eyes glinting.

“Defo on that, if he’s going to do me like he did upstairs.” She said.

“You can count on that.” I told her with a smile, before turning to arrange my next visit with her father.

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2013-01-26 19:57:44
Chapter 1
She looked to be in her early teens, thirteen maybe fourteen
Chapter 2
She was thirteen, but only for a couple of weeks
as Laura was nearly fourteen

So she aged almost a full year of the course of a couple hour 3sum with the guy
And her dad

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daddy needs to get a bunch of niggers to gangbang his little slut

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Why are reading this idiots this story??
Ifyou dont like hot incest then go somewhere else.
I have 2 daugters. They are now 28 + 31. The oldest I have taken with eleven und her sister with 7.
We still fuck several times the week.
Booth comming to her "dirty" da because their husbands fuck them hard enogh.
Its great or even better is faboules to fuck your daughters and my slutty wife takes part in it

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Hey I don't know what your talking abouttyis story was Perfect just the right amount of incest ok dude don't let this idiot get you down keep writing stories just like this one thumbs up!!!

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