Amanda stays the night
Chapter 4. New Family.

Amanda, my princess, who had picked me up in the hotel’s bar, shown me porn on the hotel’s intra-net and expressed her wish to taste my cum, had her wish fulfilled for the third time today after I had sex with her mom, Lisa Ann. Mandy sucked all the Jizz out of Lisa’s pussy and gave her a great orgasm.

We are lying in bed and Lisa agrees we could be a family. She says she is worn out and overcome by all the news and needs to rest. I add that we can make new plans at breakfast and I relax between the two girls.

Well the little minx, Mandy has other ideas and she starts caressing my cock tip, which stands up even though it should have lain flaccid after this evening’s workout. She moves her face to my ear and whispers, “Is someone excited?” while tickling me with her blonde curly hair. I tell her Uncle Jack needs rest; but Mr. Cock seems to have a mind of his own and is not cooperating. Mr. Cock seems to have gotten addicted to pre-teen pussy.

Mandy strokes me gently, pulling the skin back and rubbing her small hand on the underside of my cock head. It is waiving “yes, yes” in an up and down motion. “But Uncle Jack, you have one job to finish before you go to sleep”, she whispers. I ask what job, since I can’t remember promising anything. “I’m still a virgin; make me a woman, now!” Mandy whispers into my ear with a strong emphasis on the word “now”.

I look at Mandy, then her mom and back at Mandy. Her blue eyes are bright and her head nods up and down and her hand has my balls in a death grip. There is no way I can fuck her with mom in the same bed. Well, maybe “way” because Mandy is squeezing my balls and looking at me for a reply.

About that time Lisa rolls over facing us, noticed Mandy’s hand in my crotch and asks, “What’s the whispering about?” Can I tell the mom her pre-teen daughter wants to fuck? So I play it safe and say, “Mandy needs to get off to go to sleep.” Lisa looks at Mandy and then at me and says, “Uncle Jack, we are family. Go do as Mandy says, so we can get some sleep”, and her head falls back on the pillow.

What a development, this morning I was in the bar working; now I had already cum for my princess three times and fucked her mother, too. Basically her mom just gave me the OK to fuck Mandy and implied that as family it was now my job. So why am I complaining?

When it hits my brain my cock gets hard and Mandy notices it is jumping and oozing. “You on top”, I say to Mandy and pick her up by the butt checks and lay her on top of me. This is the same position we were in earlier today and Mandy immediately starts rocking her damp pussy lips over my cock. “Go slow Mandy. No need to rush, let it come naturally and enjoy”, I tell her and add a reminder that she will have pain when I pop her cherry. Plus, unlike the actors in the movies she does not need to scream and carry on; let’s do this nice, quiet and pleasurable.

Mandy leans forward and my cock slides through her pussy lips without entering. Her tightness wraps around me and feels great as she pushes herself downward. Her clit feels like its rubbing me gently. This has me jumping a little; but I control my moves and let her do the work. My balls feel empty and I figured I can last at least for ten minutes if Mandy can go that long. She set up a medium speed rhythm of rubbing against my cock and looks to be having fun.

“Oohh, Uncle Jack, this is so much better than the movies, where they jackhammer those poor girls.” I nod my agreement and tell her again its movies versus reality. Mandy’s breathing picks up and after a while her rhythm picks up speed, too; but I still have not entered her pussy. Gently, I rub her nipples and play with her little breasts; enjoying the moment. I tell her when she is ready to let me know and I will enter her just a little.

Her pink pussy is now leaking hard and she nods her head up and down. She moves up and puts the tip of my cock right into the center of her pussy. She eases down, gasping hard as I hit her inner lips and stop. We stay like that for a minute just quiet in the moment. Mandy squeezes my cock head with her pussy lips and I rock upwards just a bit. She gets the idea and starts moving up and down with about an inch of cock inside of her. I sneak my hand down to her clit and circle it with my finger. Mandy rocks me harder; but a few minutes later she pulls my hand off her clit and repeats my words: “Let it come naturally, please.”

With the harder rocking another inch penetrates her pussy and I am hitting her hymen. We still have a good rhythm going and Mandy is breathing heavier. It seems like she will climax before I break her cherry. “Mandy, don’t climax before I pop you; let’s do it together”, I tell her. She shakes her head ‘Yes’ and increases her rocking speed. She leans forward, grabs my shoulders and says urgently: “Get ready.”

A minute later, she leans into me hard, lifts her butt high and moans, “Now, now, now” with a heavy down stroke. I grab her hips, push her down to my root and feel her hymen rip. She puts a hand in her mouth to muffle her quick scream and stops moving. We are joined all the way in. Her body is shaking all over from the simultaneous climax and her cherry popping. She closes her eyes, gasping for breath and collapses on me.

I thought Lisa was already sleeping, but she says to me, “Well, Uncle Jack how does it feel, popping my baby’s cherry?” I think a second and answer her that it’s the only cherry I have popped; but it was wonderful. Plus having a super sexy mom with a beautiful daughter is an added benefit.

“Lisa, would you get us something to drink – no alcohol”, Mandy asks. Lisa crawls out of bed and fixes three drinks and comes back to bed. We sip colas while I still have my cock root deep in Mandy. The drinks cheer us up and Mandy sits up and starts a slow fucking motion. Again, I let her set the pace and she lengthens the strokes to the top of my cock. My cock quickly returns to being rock hard and my balls churn with cum.

Mandy fucks me faster for a few minutes and yells that she is cuming again. I tell her we will do it together. Both of our breathing is ragged. Mom Lisa watched intently and says, “Mandy, all the cum is mine this time.” She reaches over and roughly tweaks Mandy’s nipples just as I had done to her. Mandy yelps and climaxes with a shudder. Her legs and arms jerk and I push my cock up as far as it will go and explode into her.

Mandy whimpers as I stroke up and down and the last Jizz hits deep into her pussy. True to her word, Lisa rolls Mandy on her back and spreads her legs. As I watch, Lisa cleans Mandy’s cunt with her tongue. I see flecks of blood on Amanda and Lisa slurps it all.

Then she alternates to me and washes cum and blood off my cock and balls with her greedy tongue. For a final touch so sucks my cock into her mouth as far as it will go and lets it slowly pop out. Mandy watches her mother in amazement and says, “Lisa, you have become Uncle Jack’s cum slut!”

“Same to you, Mandy”, Lisa answers as she moves back to Mandy’s pussy and sticks her tongue as deep into her as it will go. She makes sucking noises and Mandy grabs her hair and pushes her down into her pussy. A few minutes later, Mandy pulls mom Lisa away from her pussy with a loud: “No more, no more.”

Lisa tells her to go to sleep since she has got off. We all laugh and pull the blanket over us and fall asleep like a real family.

A family with a newly found cum swallowing mother-daughter team. I love it.

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