Meeting mom Lisa Ann
Chapter 3. Meeting Lisa Ann.

Amanda, my princess, who I had thought was about ten years old, had picked me up in the hotel’s bar, shown me porn on the hotel’s intra-net and expressed her wish to taste my cum. Her wish was fulfilled for the second time this Wednesday afternoon as I had just shot a second big load of juicy Jizz down her throat. Mandy’s face and body glowed from her first major climax and the couple of whiskeys she drank. Now it is time to meet her mom, Lisa Ann.

By 5:30 p.m. we are waiting for Lisa Ann in the lobby after we both took showers and got dressed. I put on my best shirt and suit with a nice red tie and try not to look like a nervous high school senior waiting on his prom date. The lobby door opens and the breathtaking, thirty year old Lisa enters. Mandy skips across and gives her mom a big hug, pulls her over and introduces me. Lisa’s eyebrows arch upward as she looks at me from head to foot.

At 5’ 11, weighing 175 pounds with a flat stomach, I consider myself to be in good shape. Lisa’s slowly spreading smile hints she seems to like the total package, too. “So, how did you meet my Mandy?” she asks while looking at her daughter. I tell her we met in the restaurant getting a cola, talked a little and little Mandy explained all about my new laptop computer. Lisa agrees that her daughter is a computer whiz kid. We push the up button on the elevator and Mandy tells her my room is just down the hall. “So is dinner OK with you, mom?” Mandy asks. Lisa takes another look at me and tells Mandy if she approves also, we will go out for dinner after she changes. “Meet us at the elevator at 6:15 p.m.” Lisa tells me.

Lisa comes down the hall at 6:15 p.m. wearing a tight red dress, which enhances her figure and makes her boobs look even bigger. The dress has a low front and just invites me to stare at her cleavage as we three ride the elevator down. I try not to be too obvious.

At the restaurant the greeter assumes we are a family and gives us a great table. We order sea food and drinks; of course a virgin one for Mandy. Lisa Ann and I swap the usual information about our jobs, her divorce and raising Mandy as a single mom. I relate about my bachelor life and having to travel for business. After our third round of drinks, I notice Lisa is grabbing my arm more and more when she talks. I ask Lisa how in the world a beautiful black haired girl ended up with a blond, blue eyed daughter. She sheepishly says, “College trip to Sweden.”

Leaning over to whisper in my ear, I get a great view of her ripe breasts and feel a twitching in my pants. Down boy. Lisa whispers she had not had a “real” date in six months and she makes me wonder if she has not had sex in that time. As we are leaving, she grabs my hand and holds it. Thanking me for the great meal, she reached up to give me a kiss, aiming for my cheek; but I cheat and turn my head in the last second. Her kiss lands fully on my mouth.

Instead of jumping back, she just stands there without moving, her lips locked to mine for a half minute. We separate and she looks into my eyes and says, “Wow.” I lean over and whisper back to her, “And thank you Lisa, can we do it again?” This time she moves into my arms and kisses me like a real girlfriend, tongue and all. She whispers to me, “Let’s go home.” Twelve year old Amanda watches the whole episode with a knowing smile on her face.

During the ride up to the twelfth floor some more kissing ensues and Lisa rubs her tits against my front. Only Amanda keeps her from groping me. As we get off the elevator, Lisa tells Amanda she will visit with me for a while and Amanda should go back to the apartment. “OK mommy”, Mandy answers and adds, “You guys watch some cartoons.” I nearly choke, but I give Amanda a hug and slip her my second room key and wink at her.

In my room, Lisa comes into my arms and we tongue wrestle some more. “Lisa, let me get out of my jacket and fix us some drinks”, I tell her and head for the mini-bar. I fix two drinks; the stronger one for her, the weaker one for me. I put the drinks on the desk and start taking off my jacket. Lisa comes up from behind and helps take it off and she hangs it in the closet. Then she loosens my tie and takes it off also.

A gorgeous beauty is undressing me and I am not fighting it. “Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this”, Lisa whispers into my ear as she moves to my pants and pulls them down. She looks at the tent in my underwear and smiles. “Oohh, I think Amanda did find me a boyfriend”, she adds as she gets up to hang up my pants. “Well, Amanda sure likes Mr. Cock”, my bad devil whispers in my ears.

I hand Lisa her drink and say, “I know he finds you fascinatingly beautiful and wants to kiss you”. She gets it. We sip our drinks and then I reach for Lisa and undo the golden clasp which holds her dress closed. It drops to the floor and Lisa stretched her arms over her head and slowly revolves around to give me a total view of her petite body. In the room’s dimmed light, no bra makes the revelation even better. Her breasts stand out without any sag and have nice bikini tan lines. Her nipples are still pink even after having a child. It looks like her pussy is shaved because the little thong hides nothing. We move to the bed and Lisa says the magic words, “Don’t waste time with foreplay; I need to feel you inside”.

Good grief, I have never heard those words before; but I sure have imagined some hot model saying them. Now my dream has come true. She pushes me on my back and straddles my hard cock with her smoldering pussy. Lowering herself slowly down my cock, she pushes hard and goes all the way to the root in one move. Her mouth and eyes open wide while she rotates her hips on my cock. “Oh yes, just perfect”, she says and I could not agree more.

Lisa keeps rotating her hips and grinding my cock deep inside her. It gives me no up and down motion, but whatever Lisa wants to do is good with me. Her boobs stand up and sway with the action in front of my face. The nipples have elongated into hard tips. I pull Lisa to me and suck her nipples and run my tongue over them.

After about ten minutes of hard play, Lisa is panting and quivering from grinding on my cock; her climax is near. I reach up and pinch both nipples hard and it sends her over the top, moaning, shaking and flowing pussy juices down my cock. She collapses onto my chest with my cock still hard and inside her. “Rest…five minutes”, she croaks into my ear. I put my arms around her and we relax in that delicious position.

A few minutes later, Lisa sits up, reaches for her drink and drinks what is left in one gulp. “Nourishment”, she comments, as she slowly gives me another grind but now starts moving up and down my shaft. This girl is starting to act like a regular sex machine and I like it. In a little bit she has me near my own climax and I tell her so.

“Go for it”, she yelps and I grab her hips, hold her down to my root and shoot a load of Jizz into her pussy. She rides me until I get soft and then cuddles on top of me. “Thanks, Uncle Jack”, she coos in my ear. My eyes pop open wondering where that came from, hoping there has not been an intimate mother-daughter conversation yet.

Just then the door to my room opens quietly and I can see my princess coming in. Lisa starts to scramble off me but I hold her tight and tell her to lay still and wait. Amanda comes to the bed, drops her coat and climbs on the bed naked.

“Was he good, mommy?” she asks in a “Little Bo-Beep” voice. Lisa is making little noises with her mouth, like a fish out of water, unable to speak. Amanda rubs her mom’s back and asks again, “Well, mommy?” “Ah, yes he was just perfect”, Lisa quietly answers and tries to pull a sheet over herself.

Amanda rubs her mom’s back some more; but keeps her from pulling a sheet up. Amanda’s hands move down to Lisa’s ass and are getting closer to her wet pussy. Lisa stops fighting my hold and relaxes, looking at me with questioning eyes. “Goody, then I can learn from you”, Amanda says as she puts a hand right on Lisa pussy. I add: “You have to teach her sooner or later, why not now?”

Lisa considers this and says she needs another drink. I think Lisa is slowly figuring out she has been set up by her own daughter. Making three drinks, I make sure that Lisa gets a good strong one. I think this drink should finally do the job of totally wasting her. She downs half of it and asks Amanda what she wants to learn. Instead, Amanda tells Lisa to give me a blow job. I sit back on the bed waiting. Lisa seems unsure, but all the booze helps and she gets on her knees in front of me and starts playing with my cock.

She kisses it and puts the tip into her mouth and then licks the underside down to my balls. Her lips smack together and I know she tastes both her pussy and my cum. Amanda kneels right next to Lisa, as if she is watching. When Lisa turns my cock loose for a second Amanda dives right in. “Like this, mommy”, she says, pushing my cock deep into her mouth until it disappears down her throat. Lisa is stunned as my princess deep throats me for the third time today.

“Mandy, baby what…..”, she stammers as tears form in her eyes. Mandy comes up for air, looks at her mom and says: “Lisa, that’s how to give a blowjob. Now do it.” As I watch Lisa, I am afraid she will get up and leave, but her face changes into a determined look and she tells Amanda, “Watch this, Miss Smarty Pants.”

Oh, cat fight between drunken mom and her twelve year old daughter. My bad angel sits on my shoulder and shouts, “Go Lisa, show her how deep you can do it.”

Lisa takes my wet cock, opens her mouth and shoves me in deep. She pistons up and down like crazy getting me near again. Although I like Amanda’s tight mouth and cunt better, Lisa is a much better than average cock sucker. I can’t believe some guy would have divorced a girl with this talent. Amanda says, “Don’t swallow, I want his cum.” Lisa shakes her head in a ‘No’ motion which makes me nearly explode.

I tell Amanda that Lisa’s pussy is full of good cum and she nods ‘Yes’. Lisa shakes her head ‘No’ again and this time I shoot a load of Jizz into her mouth. Amanda notices it and grabs Lisa by the hair, pulls her off and sinks her tongue into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa goes frantic and the two girls tongue each other until they collapsed. Good grief, what a show; it nearly makes me hard again.

Amanda recovers first and gets up on the bed. I help Lisa back up also and she collapses on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Amanda gets her head between Lisa’s legs, spreading them even wider and licks cum and pussy juice out of her. Every time her little tongue hits Lisa’s clit, her legs jump, she shivers and moans, “Baby, nooo”. I add, “Amanda, language…careful”. My eyeballs again nearly pop out and I wish the girls would let me film them.

About two minutes later, Lisa seems to give in to what is happening and she raises her legs and opens her pussy wider, letting Amanda dig her tongue in as far as it will go. Watching the twelve year old eating her young mom’s pussy, they look more like sisters. I get next to Lisa and tweak her nipples, first lightly and then harder. She seems to react like the first time I pinched them, her back arches up, she yelps and closes her legs around Amanda’s head, reaching her third climax. I can see pussy juices running out around Amanda’s mouth, but she licks and swallows all the best she can.

Finally we are on the bed resting and spooning, with me in the middle. Amanda has again nestled her butt on top of my cock. Lisa says quietly: “Jack, what do you know about Mandy and all this sudden interest in sex?” I tell her not to be mad at Mandy; she had found porn on the internet and wanted to taste some cum; so now she has tasted cum and pussy also.

Lisa lies quietly for a while; but then asks Amanda if today was the first time. Without lying, Amada admits that she has watched porn for two days and today was the first time she tasted cum and pussy. I notice she did not say it was the third time today.

“Jack, you must think I’m a ‘one-night slut’, says Lisa behind me. I roll over and cuddle her and tell her she is doing the best she can as a single mother and this can be a great teaching moment. Amanda has seen two days of sex and knows the mechanics of it; now is the time to teach her about love and relationships. “Plus, I think you and I may love each other.” Lisa hugs me tightly and says she thinks she loves me too.

I ask her if she was over her shock because there was a little more to the story. “OK, I can take it, hit me with it”, Lisa says. Well, I explain, when Mandy said that today was her first time to taste cock, it was true. She just did not mention she gave me a great blowjob this afternoon. “Lisa, I don’t want to have secrets between the three of us or this relationship will not work.”

I can see Lisa’s face get angry; but before she can say anything I remind her that I was gentle with Mandy and she could have picked the wrong guy who would have seriously hurt her. Mandy adds, “Don’t be mad, mommy, I love Uncle Jack, and he loves us both. Please let us be a family.”

Lisa has not heard the word “family” in nearly a year and she quietly stars sobbing. She throws her arm around me and says, “OK, Uncle Jack, we are a family.”

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