Intro: I’m coming somewhat clean on this one, I’m 15 years old. This is a true story that happened over the course of 2011 with a friend of mine. My point of view obviously, but I’ve tried to examine it as open-mindedly as possible, and while I’m sure I’ve misinterpreted plenty of her signals, the actual events are as I remember them. Lots more setup than before, not much action. If anything else real happens I’ll add that, but I might just take it and run as a fantasy, but I’m sure I can’t write as well about a fantasy as I can about what actually happened, so we’ll see. Comments of any kind are appreciated, but randomly saying, “It sucks” will be completely ignored. Telling me why would be nice; then I can make it better.

I met her volunteering at the local animal shelter. I walked in on my first day and there she was: dressed in basic skinny jeans and the required polo shirt. She was, as I remember, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I was 13 at the time, so my perception was somewhat different, but still, that was the effect. She looks exactly the same now, both from memory and from pictures, and now I’d say her body was and is a 9 and her face about a 6. A quick description of her: 5’9”, 5’10”, DDs, built big but not too big, perfect weight in my book, fulfilling her highest potential. Her ass is what differentiates her body from a 10. Could be a little rounder, less horizontal, more vertical, but still very nice. Her face: brown, curly hair, brown eyes, flawless skin, definitely not an eyesore, but far from her best feature. Anyways, over the next few weeks I got to know her. We hated each other. I
was annoying, a typical 13 year old with no social skills. She was a bit of a bitch; she didn’t need to waste time ordering around this pudgy insignificant blob, but we worked together, developed a bit of a professional attitude, and that was that.

I changed shifts eventually for logistical reasons, but we still saw each other at the big group meetings. I talked to her twice or so, random things, group chit chat, occasionally she’d snap at me, insult me, but nothing too fancy. A year went by, nothing relevant.

Early April of this year, I end up making up a missed shift with her. We strike up a bit of our old rivalry, but not nearly as much. I’d matured tremendously; getting out of homeschooling and going to high school was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had the same conflict the next week, and I’d already signed up for the same shift, so we saw each other again, this time it wasn’t too bad; I friended her on facebook. We had one more shift together before a sizeable pause, I’d kinda hit it off with the rest of the shift, so we agreed to hang out. We planned to go see a movie after the next shift I was on which wasn’t until about three weeks later. We were still talking on facebook, I learned that she was a bisexual, I learned about the countless lovers she’d had, random college parties, 28 year old men on a random trip to New York, a gangbang in Santa Barbara, a night somewhere that she doesn’t
remember but still has bruises down there from, all sorts of random stories, all apparently true.

The time came for the next shift with the movie, and everyone was planning everything, but it turned out the rest of the shift had conflicts, so it was just gonna be her and me. I made the dumbshit move of asking her out on facebook, still having next to no dating knowledge, one girlfriend of two dates and six weeks. She corrected my error shall we say. The movie still happened, but it was quite clear there probably wouldn’t be a second movie anytime soon and certainly not a date in the foreseeable future.

The movie went something like this:

We had our shift, cleaning up after and feeding the various animals, talking to the public, all the basics as usual. The taxi we’d called beforehand came and picked us up and this is where there was the least bit of deviation from on shift her. Basically just talking about random things, teasing a little here and there, talking about random hot girls we saw(the best thing about a bisexual: you’re in the middle of making out, hot girl comes on the screen you both stop to look), just kinda hanging out, me nervous as a rabbit at a greyhound race. (Okay, bad use of simile, so sue me.) She pays for the $10 cab ride; I pay for her $11 ticket as well as mine. Which one of us comes out ahead here? As the commercials before the previews are rolling, she tells me how she tends to occupy herself when the movie’s bad: making out with whoever is next to her. She instructs me to stop me if she does this with me for the
sake of my potential for fathering children in the future. I say something along the lines of, “I’ve pissed you off enough doing various things already, so you probably won’t actually hurt me, I can run fast just in case, what motivation do I have?”

She says, “Touché, but I will try”

“Try as much as you like.”

No making out that night, sadly: the movie was pretty good apparently. She did however lean her body against mine at one point, and she rested her head on my shoulder for a lot of it. I was confused. I didn’t really bring it up, just kinda let it roll.

It was at this point that I was bragging about dating a bisexual at my school. Yeah, I was exaggerating a little. Plus, one of her good friends from middle school was at my school and she didn’t know that “my girl” was a bisexual, so when her name and sexual orientation were brought up to her by a mutual friend I’d bragged to, she got angry. The fire of course came as I was on the east coast on vacation, bad timing, but the end result was the same, she didn’t talk to me for about a month. I respected her wish to be left alone and did the leaving, but at the end of the month there was a makeup shift I’d already signed up for that was on hers, so I figured I’d give her a heads up in case she wanted to bring a baseball bat to beat my testicles with. Turns out she had a conflict that week. I was lucky enough to not avoid her at the next meeting, an overnight that ran from 5:30, lights out at 11. After eating dinner with a few friends (including one of her ex-boyfriends, not just a random hook up) somehow we ended up striking up a conversation completely normal, basically ignoring the whole thing. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with her, a friend from the shift who was originally going to go to the movie, and the same ex of hers. We played 10 fingers which she lost hands down (no pun intended), reaching negative 15 or something before any of the rest of us hit 0.

Facebook talking picked back up, just arguing about random things, I learned that she was a sexual masochist, and a bunch of other random shit. We took a big break for summer for some reason, I guess we all just had a ton of shit on our plates and a nightly conversation was too much time. It picked back up maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago when I figured I’d send something out, see what happened. We started arguing about random things again, and I learned something surprising. She’s a virgin. Not in mind, not in spirit, and she’s not sure physically because of the night she doesn’t remember, but technically still a virgin. How is that possible? In whatever way, clearly it is. Finally a big group meeting comes around and as always, the chit chat at the end goes off randomly, I hang with her and a few of her friends, and after she says, “We should hang out sometime.”

“I’m down.”

“Let’s see, this weekend I’ve got Jack on Saturday, Nathan on Sunday…” This was met with a disapproving stare. “Friends! Friends,” She says. I believe her. “Okay, how about sometime not this weekend but the next?”

“Sounds good, I’ll facebook you.” And that was that, one of our rides arrived, I don’t remember whose.

I’d recently broken up with a girl I didn’t like, long story. She asked me out; I just said yes, and all that jazz, so my mind was doing back flips on philosophy, love, the meaning of life, all that. I’d come up with a new personal philosophy on relationships, if at the exact moment you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with a person, try it out. I’d had about 3 different girls all of whom I’d wanted relationships within the last about 4 months, from a different point of view. I was realizing that there were really only two in the world I could see spending the rest of my life with. My best friend Sam (short for Samantha, but she prefers Samuel to that, and Sam to both) and her. Strange as that may sound, the girl who was always a bit of a bitch to me, the girl who has threatened to remove or render dysfunctional my testicles on more occasions than I can count, the girl who has repeatedly
stated how unimportant I am, the girl who once hated me and I had once hated with a passion, I can see spending the rest of my life with. Now, I’m not going to say anything of course. You thought I had game? Or took risks? Fuck that.

So back to this movie: my dad and sister wanted to see a different movie, same theatre, similar time, so we all drove down together, but theirs started first. I bought my ticket and was waiting for her. As has happened every time I’ve seen her since we moved off shifts, I got butterflies when she walked up. I had no idea what that was from, I have a little game, more than most my age, but that’s not saying much, so I’m usually decently comfortable around women, especially friends. For some reason this one, this time made me nervous. We started chatting, no idea what about, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, who remembers these things. I bought a little candy and some water, and we wandered towards the theater. I chose the side with the fewest people on it, went up a little ways, kinda to the middle of the screen level, and I gestured for her to pick a row. She kept going up to the third row from the top, and we went in so that we were sitting in the second and third seats from the aisle.

I was wearing shorts and a light-weight black t-shirt that sat nicely across my somewhat toned now chest, I’d done a whole bunch of exercising, and while not ripped I definitely had a below average amount of fat on a decent bit of lean muscle. She was wearing a jacket that framed her tits and a very low cut spaghetti strap top with skinny jeans: very normal for her. We had about 10 minutes until the previews started, so we started talking about random things, at one point she commented on my shorts, “Guys only wear shorts if they’re gay or it’s over 90 degrees. Are you gay?” She knew full well I was not.

“Yes, I’m gay.”

“You completely sure?” she said while leaning in rubbing her hand up and down my inner thigh, A typical tease from her. I just sat there, reveling for a little bit, maybe 5-10 seconds.

“I’m not gay.”

“That’s what I thought,” as she sits back and we continue watching shitty ads. One of the ads is a pre-preview for twilight, which we both despise with a passion. She says, “Can you kill twilight for me?” I respond with the truth, and the conversation wanders for awhile, how we hate twilight, a guy who burned a copy and gave her the ashes, all that good stuff, finally the lights go down and the previews start.

We get to the twilight preview and she just kinda turns toward me, apparently turning away from disgust, but then she purrs and attacks my neck, nibbling a little and kissing. This was bad timing on her part as I’d just taken a bike of skittles. I said, “I’d respond, but I have skittles in my mouth.”

“You have no game, do you?”

“None.” By now the skittles are gone, but the taste probably lingers, and I turn my head towards her and our lips engage. My experience with making out is limited to 2 stage kisses, and a movie with my ex. Hers is not. After 10 or so seconds that I remember as being amazing but without specifics she grabs the hair on top of my head and gently pulls my head away from hers, me reaching for more. “You need practice,” she says. I lean in again, acknowledging that fact silently, but she stays in control and pushes me away again. I just kinda agree and I put my arm around her and she comes in close so we can quasi-embrace. She traces her finger over my thigh for awhile, the movie goes through the introduction phase and at some point the camera shows a shot essentially down the corset of the heroine.

“That’s a nice view,” I say.

“Yes, it is,” is the response. A few minutes later somehow we end up making out again, it goes almost exactly the same as before, perhaps a little longer, this time with me trying to imitate her technique a little, or at least be more compatible with it. It works a little, but she still ends it with, “You need practice.” I lean in again. “I’m not a teacher.” Well fuck that. We go back to our regular positions. I start tracing my hand all over her, just a finger or two here and there, sensual. I trace around her thigh, her stomach, her arm, a little across her chest, but nothing very low…yet. We go on watching the movie, commenting on mostly just hot girls, but every now and then she’ll say something about a hot guy, I’ll acknowledge it and we move on. Somehow we end up making out again. She pulls me down semi-on top of her, partly to the side. She has control of my head with my hair. She pushes my head down
to her boobs and I start tracing my tongue all over, sucking and nibbling. Obviously since we’re in a movie theater and she’s still wearing clothes I don’t have access to her nipples, but she does have a massive amount of cleavage, so I still produce what is clearly stifled moans and movements. I move my way back up from her tits to her mouth and just get rolling kissing her again when she distracts me by saying, “Attractive person on the screen.” It was true; one of the hottest girls in the film was in the process of being dramatic for the benefit of the guards. After she subdues the guards and naturally tears most of her dress off for the purpose of being stealthy we both just watch for a little while as she steals the jewels. After this she pushes my head back down and I resume my movements on her tits. Throughout these proceedings her hips are in direct contact with my erect cock and every time she makes a slight movement I get a pleasant rubbing through my shorts.

After a few minutes alternating between lip kissing and my attention to her tits we sit up. We watch the movie, tracing fingers over each other. The next thing to happen is she decides to take her jacket off, leaving her in a very tight, very low cut spaghetti strap top. “Tease,” I remark as she relaxes into her seat again.

“Oh I haven’t even begun to be a tease yet,” she responds, as she reaches her hand over and for the first time rubs my hard cock a little through the fabric. She does this only for a second or two, but it still leaves me yearning for more; a successful tease. We continue with our tracing. This time I, encouraged by my pleasuring of her breasts before, trace patterns lower and lower down her chest. We had lots of time left in the movie, so I was just taking it slow, knowing I wouldn’t get much farther anyway, so savoring the buildup. About the time I reached her top she leans over and unbuttons my shorts. I’m a little nervous about showing the theater my underwear, but I figure she’s done this before, so I just go with it. When she gets to my zipper she says, “I usually like to do this part with my teeth.” I chuckle. I wonder how far this will get, will I get my first handjob? Out in the open in a movie theater? Blowjob? But that would be almost as bad, I’d have this random mass of brown hair bobbing up and down, clearly on my dick, with people sitting not halfway across the small theatre in our row. I don’t think I could stop her though if she decides she’s going to, so I just roll with it. She rests her hand on my underwear covered erection and my fingers continue to trace their way down and around. Finally my fingers encounter bra and I decide to just dive in, so I slip a finger in through the barrier and side to side down to her nipple. My first time touching a girl’s bare breast.

I reach a second finger into her bra and start to roll and pinch her nipple a little bit, remembering all the lessons, all the nights studying on this site for the time this actually happens to me. Right around now she moans and takes her hand down to the base of my cock, caressing my balls and lower shaft, giving me more pleasure without orgasm than I have ever experienced. For what felt like an hour, but was probably more like 5-10 minutes this continues, in and out of her bra, sometimes one side, sometimes the other, sometimes two fingers, sometimes finger and thumb. By now her bra has started to slide down a little bit, giving me easier access to her beautiful right tit. I reach my whole hand in. She takes the hand that isn’t on my dick and presses it against my hand and her breast, squeezing, arching her back, and moaning softly. I pull her breast most of the rest of the way out of her bra, granting myself easier access when I come back, and the added option of teasing her nipple through her top only. She asks, “Have you ever heard a woman moan before?”

I think before replying, “I don’t think so.”

“You’d remember if you had.”

We continue to trace our respective hands over our respective partner’s pleasure organs. It stays like this, reasonably softcore, for the rest of the movie. A few times a minute I take my hand over her full DD breast and squeeze, causing her to moan and arch her back. When the movie nears a close I say, “It’s almost over,” and start to move my hands off of her and back to my shorts, re-zipping and buttoning them, all too soon, and she repositions her bra. As the lights come up she fumbles with her jacket, putting it back on after some confusion with sleeves and we leave the theater together.

While still inside the lobby she asks, “Well, how was I?”

I just laugh. “No seriously,” she pries, “how was I compared to your ex?”

“She was less experienced than I was.”

“Wow, that’s saying something.” As we get outside I see my father and sister waiting for me, mumble something about, “there’s my ride,” and not quite bolt, but close away, afraid for her to meet my family for some reason. They inquire about her ride, I work through it, we go up the elevator making small talk, get in the car and drive home. I later learn that on a scale of her men I was about a 2 or 3 but in the complete ditz to porn-star index I’m more like a 5. Our conversations on facebook continue, we still talk about random shit, argue, it seems like nothing has changed, but my perspective definitely has.

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2012-03-09 00:09:11
This is probably the first story that said true, that sounds actually plausable. Very good job. Not the hottest, but I don't think that is what you were going for. Keep on writing,branch into fiction and continue with your articulate, well thought out stories. Ignore the haters

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2012-02-07 07:23:00
I thought this story was great. Really "true" and I'm going through something like this with some girl for like two years now.

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2011-11-03 13:51:33
fuckin shit this story makes no sense

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2011-10-29 09:24:46
that was fuckin crappy. this story is shit

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2011-10-28 18:20:43
not as bad as there saying it is it was pretty godd

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