Part 3

As Soon as we arrived at the shower building, Kevin and I stripped butt naked and shared a shower. We started by soaping up each other’s young naked body’s, playing with each other’s nipples, fondling each other’s young cocks, squeezing each other’s tight asses and humping each other. The hot water falling over our hot young naked bodies as we overcame with lust as Kevin had me up against the shower wall and dropped to his knees taking my throbbing hot 7 inch boner in his warm mouth. The feeling of his warm moist mouth bobbing on my erect cock with my balls slapping his chin felt amazing. His tongue circling and playing with my cock head and piss slit, licking every inch of my cock and balls, taking my young balls in and out of his mouth made me pump faster.

I took my fully erect cock out of his young mouth and turned Kevin around and stuck my 7 inch boner in his tight butt. I was fucking the crap out of Kevin making him moan louder and louder and wanting more.
A few more pumps into his butt and I was ready to cum. I pulled my throbbing member out of his stretched butt hole and shoved my entire cock down Kevin’s 15 year old throat and face fucked him. As I was face fucking Kevin I heard the main door open and saw 10 year old Tristan completely naked with a towel in hand with his mouth wide open finding Kevin sucking my cock. I came instantly and shot 7 ropes of hot boy cum down Kevin’s throat. I collapsed and sat down against the wall and told Tristan to come here. Tristan came over and stood in front of me with his 10 year old hairless uncut cock in front of my face.

Me; “Tristan, how would you like to take the next step to becoming a man?”
Tristan: “Really?, I thought you would never ask”
Me: “Come closer”

As Tristan stepped closer to me, I began to fondle his hairless 3 inch uncut cock and his little nut sack. As I started to put my mouth on Tristan’s 3 inch cock Kevin came up behind Tristan and stated to fondle his hairless skinny 10 year old boy body. Tristan’s small uncut cock was getting hard in my mouth as I took in his small hairless ball sack at the same time. Kevin began to finger Tristan’s tight virgin butt hole, while I used my tongue to play with his young cock head and piss slit as I rolled his foreskin over my tongue making Tristan moan and pant. Tristan started to pant more and more untill he had a dry orgasm and slowly fell to the floor.

Kevin and I picked Tristan up and brought him over to a changing bench and watched me a Kevin go into the 69 position. Kevin’s cock was like mine, Trimmed blonde pubic hair, 7 inches hard, 5 inches soft, Thick shaft with low hanging balls and a nice treasure trail leading from our belly button to our hot cocks. I decided to one step futher as kevin and I got out of the 69 position. We went over to Tristan who was lying down on the changing bench and we put our cocks in front of his face.

Tristan took our cocks in his mouth one at a time while fondling the other cock with his free hand. As I shoved my enitre 7 inch cock down Tristan's throat, making hin gag on my cock, and my balls slapping his nose. His small mouth was so hot and his tight throat tensing up on my hard member making me moan as I empted my balls of hot cum down his throat and spewing it all over his cute face.

As I sat down on the cold floor nakde, Kevin placed his hard boner in Tristan's young 11 year old mouth ans started to roughly face fuck him. Watching 11 year old Tristain's hairless body shaking, his little 5 inch boner sticking up ans his little sack of dimes balls bouncing up and down made me horney.

I stood up with my cum covered cock jerking a way at this young hairless boy getting face fucked and I got behind Tistain's cute little hairless ass. I started to rub my 7 inch boner against his tight virgin hole hearing him in shcok. Kevin was panting and ready to cum in Tristain mouth as I pegged my cock in his tiny hole making him scream with a 7 inch cock in his mouth.

Kevin: I'm Cummmmiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Kevin cramed his cock all the way down Triatan's 11 year old thoat as I shoved my enitre 7 inch boner up
Tristan's tight asshole making him scream evan louder with a moth full of cum coved cock.
Kevin Colasped on the shower room floor as I screwed Tristan's brians out. His 11 year old hairless body covered head to toe in hot boy cum, with his cum covered face looking at me while I fucked him, Staring into his deep blue eyes, my hands rubbing his harless chest and hips.

Tristan wrapped his arms around my neck hugging me while I pumped my cock in and out of his tight ass.
as Triastan hugged me he whispered in my ear;

Tristain: I want your hot cum inside me,

I was now full blown horney as hell pumping my 7 inch boner in and out of his all, hearing mt balls slapping his tight ass,

Me: Yes, yes, I'm Gonna Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! AAAAhhhhhhhh!

We both fell on the floor panting huging eachother. Kevin put his cock between us as we both sucked his cock, Our toungs met as we both cleaned the cum off Kevin's cock head. Kevin blew his final load all over our faces.

While we got cleaned up washing eachother's naked body's and dried each other off, Tristan said, " I can't wait to do that again". We walked back to the cabin and turned in for the night.

Tristain found Ben in his bed, so he just smiled and climed into my bed naked with me. As I began to close my eyes, Tristan cuddled up to me pushing his small 3 inch uncut up agianst my thigh and placed one of his hands on my ass, wispering to me " I'm glad I came to camp"

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how ever... You make me horny and confiusd... Have u another tristan??boy aroun 10-12 uncut and has a 3" cock ,blond,blue eyes...and his so horny... Im ready to fuck hahaha...

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owh...3 time orgsm may they was young and have a lot energy..but if they cum's 3x they have a lots of sprms??or they have a big nuts hanging in they slit...hahaha

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