A wonderful man I met on line became a real inspiration to me, and he pressed all the right buttons!
My Cyber Lover
His eyes do it. They say so much, and at times reveal so little, but right now, his mind is wide open as he stares into my eyes. He makes me melt. My tummy flips all over the place, and it is such a delicious sensation knowing that he hasn’t had to lift a finger, or raise an eyebrow, to make me crumble this way. Putty in his hands. His eyes are soft, the laugh lines at the corners showing the slightest movement that always signals a smile, and yes, there it is, and I am totally lost - what is it this man has that gives him such power over me? And why don’t I fight him?

He reaches over to me, his slightly tanned hand contrasting beautifully with my very dark, deep all over tan. Our eyes are locked as his fingers start the slow spider walk up my forearm, over my bicep to my shoulder, and from head to toe my skin bursts into goose bumps, and if I wasn’t an Indian my skin would be flushed, I can feel the heat of excitement growing beneath the surface. His hand moves across my shoulder to my neck, and then he buries his fingers in my hair as he gently moves my head towards his, our eyes locked as our lips touch, and I am so ecstatic I can’t stop my eyes closing, I feel his tongue probing softly, meeting my tongue, and he tastes so divine, better than vintage wine, better than the best Swiss chocolate, so exclusively, uniquely him. He lets my tongue probe his mouth, and then he returns the compliment. I am conscious of his hand moving so that my head is resting in the crook of his arm. Somehow our bodies have moved closer together, and he has rolled slightly so I am aware of the heat of his body, but even more aware of the serious stirrings of his penis, as it becomes engorged with blood, and rises along my thigh, and very soon is fully charged, throbbing, pressed urgently against my thigh and my hip.

While he cradles my head in the crook of his left arm his hand gently strokes the slope of my breast, stopping at the crest to tease the nipple, tweak it, pinch it gently, and then continue to stroke the firm, taut mound. He is an expert – his other hand slides down over my ribcage, slowly across my tummy, lingers at my navel, teasing it softly and then continues down, down, down to the apex of my legs. I have no control over my legs as they part, knowing that soon he will explore the soft, wet cavity. But he teases me even more, his hand sliding down over my thigh to my knee, and I bend my leg so he can reach my calf. I am helpless, I grip his incredibly strong bicep in my hand, I have to feel him, feel his skin, and I stroke his arm. Our tongues are doing the dance of lovers, twirling in each other’s mouths, tasting the excitement. Our breathing is heavy and coordinated, my breasts rising to meet his hard chest, and I enjoy the feeling of the hair covering him. He moves his hips slightly, I am aware of his penis pressing against my hip and I realize that a large drop of precum has settled on my thigh. I hope he will let me suck him so I can savour the taste of things to cum.

The increasing urgency of our need makes us move at the same time, as his hand crawls up my inner thigh and settles gently, covering my swollen, wet lips, my hand moves from his bicep down over his flat, hard stomach. I am surprised by the heat of his penis as my fingers gently touch the bulbous head. I hear a sharp intake of breath, I open my eyes to look deep into him and he cannot disguise the pleasure, the deep lustful enjoyment of my fingers trying to encircle his girth and not quite making it. I register somewhere deep inside my brain that the man is beautifully endowed. I cannot help signalling my urgent need and I move my hips upwards slightly, and he responds by slipping his middle finger between my saturated lips and stroking the hot, soft flesh. So expert is this man that he goes directly to my clitoris, gently touching it and enjoying the involuntary reaction he gets as my hips jerk towards him. It is such an intense, compelling sensation, I move against him, suddenly aware that I am gripping his penis very tightly, and I enjoy the knowledge that he cannot stop himself moving against me.

For what seems an eternity we gently explore, he stroking the wet cavity between my legs, inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into me, and pressing his knuckles against my clitoris. Our mouths haven’t parted for a second, and I am aware that I am moaning as I writhe against his hand and his body, my nipples aching for his teeth to nibble on them, and I suddenly realise that I might be hurting him with the pressure I am putting on his penis. Slowly we move our heads away from each other and I am aware that he is anxious to move. He gently kisses first one, then both of my nipples, and slowly and gently he rolls me onto my back. My legs are wide apart and his fingers are still buried deep in my pussy as he moves me, and slowly he removes that hand and I expect him to slide his leg over mine and to position himself, ready to enter me. But no, he really surprises me by moving up my body and straddling me, sitting on my ribcage, my breasts pressing against his thighs. I now see his beautiful penis, this throbbing, twitching monster with an angry purple head and one eye just inches from my face. He pulls his foreskin right back, revealing the moist head, and he inches forwards, places a hand behind my head and raises my face to his penis. I need no urging – I open my mouth and flick my tongue over the head, and I sigh with delight as I taste his precum, his excitement. I slide my lips over the head, and marvel at how I manage to get it into my mouth. This is a large cock!!! It is such an incredible turn on for me when a man takes control this way, and the way he just straddled my chest was so positive, so commanding, my god, where did I find him?

I won’t be able to get all of this into my mouth, but it will be fun trying!! There is an urgency in his movements, his little thrusts, and I slide one hand around to grip his buttocks while I grasp the base of this lovely penis in the other. He is so hard, and seems almost at the point of exploding in my mouth and I hope he does, I want to taste him, I want to look up at his eyes as he pumps his life essence into my throat. He is looking down at me, with a lovely little smile in his face - he knows what I am thinking and he leans back a little and I feel his fingers touch my wet, engorged lips and explore the hot slit. He unerringly homes in on the clitoris, and I jerk violently against him, and he chuckles and does it again. I let him know that I have teeth in my mouth and he seems to enjoy the gentle nip that he gets and he knows that there is no way in the world that I could do anything to hurt this wonderful, powerful cock that he is letting me suck. I fondle his heavy balls, the most vulnerable point on any man’s body, and I suddenly realize that this man has thought of everything – there is not a pubic hair in sight!! What a gentleman!

He withdraws his cock from my mouth and I almost panic, but then realise that he is moving down my body slightly and he places his penis between my breasts, pushes them together and slowly starts a gentle thrusting movement. I can’t help but marvel at the incredibly erotic contrast of his penis against my skin, talk about light and shade!! As he slides through the tunnel he has made, the almost purple head appears, the little eye slightly open and ready to release his sperm, and I raise my head slightly so that I can lick and suck the head. His fingers are dancing on my clit, driving me to the point of no return. He pushes his cock through the tunnel and as it appears I see a thick pearl of precum at the eye, and I lick it off as he pushes between my lips. Just as I am preparing to suck he withdraws and dismounts, bringing his face down to mine and once again we kiss.

His fingers dance over my breasts and pubic bone, sliding through the moist slit, and I am aware of him moving in a way that I know will put him over me. I feel breathless at the thought and sure enough, he is kneeling between my wide spread knees, looking down at my body, and holding his penis in one hand. A thought flashes through my mind – I am so glad I took my Brazilian strip off earlier, presenting him with a totally bare and uncluttered mound. Once again our eyes are locked as he holds my hips and moves me slightly, I am almost swooning at the prospect of him entering, and he slowly, gently introduces the tip of his penis to my throbbing, engorged lips. A slight pause, then he moves, and the beautiful bulbous head parts the lips and goes in a very short distance. He sees my concern and he whispers to me to have a look and I am overcome. The sight of his thick, long member contrasting so beautifully against my skin is nothing short of awesome, and as we watch he slowly slides into me, meeting some resistance from the muscles which grip him. Slowly he disappears into me, and I cannot stop myself from moaning and writhing, trying desperately to get more of him inside me, but he is hard against my pubic bone, against my clitoris, and he starts to slowly withdraw, my muscles fighting to hold onto him, to stop him leaving, and he does, only to drive back into me, this time with some force, or power which makes me grunt as he goes all the way in, right up to some internal barrier that won’t give way no matter how hard he pushes.

His hands are on my breasts, kneading, squeezing, stroking, and I reach up for him, my arms go around his neck and his shoulders as he slowly comes forwards and lies on top of me. Our mouths lock, he sets up a very sensual, highly arousing motion, in and out, in and out, and the sensations I feel are so exquisite I am almost swooning again. As he drives into me I feel his hard balls pressed against my buttocks and I wish he could get them into me as well!

There is nothing I can do to stop myself – the sensation starts deep inside me, spreads over my pubic area, down my legs and up my body in a muscle crunching, nerve rattling wave that rises, and rises, and rises, and somewhere inside my head I am aware that my nails are raking his back and his buttocks as I lose control completely, succumbing to a shattering orgasm that has my body gripped and shaking as wave after wave rolls over me. I scream into his mouth, he kisses me harder, thrusts deeper and stays like that, his rigid, rock hard penis embedded deep inside me, riding out the storm of my orgasm, waiting for it to subside, holding me, ignoring the agony he must feel as my nails dig into him.

Slowly the wonderful sensations leave me, and I lie, exhausted, under him, and realise that he has moved slightly and is taking the weight of his body on his elbows. He whispers in my ear, asking me if I’d like another, and all I can say is ‘Yes, Please,’ and he starts his gentle, highly sensual movement, back and forth, into me. My nerve endings seem raw and even more sensitive and in seconds I am feeling the start of yet another orgasm, and he seems to sense it. His thrusts become longer, more forceful, more urgent, and again I feel his balls crushing against my buttocks as he goes in really deep. This time there is a change in him - this time I feel the strength of his penis, the impossibly hard, engorged cock seeming to expand inside me, each thrust hitting hard against the internal obstacle, his buttocks rising and falling with enormous power as he drives up my hot, very slippery canal. As I reach the peak, that delicious point of no return I am suddenly aware that he is there also, his whole body has gone totally rigid, his toes gripping the footboard of my bed, his hands under my buttocks pulling me up to him, and as he hits the peak he does the most wonderful extra thing, by slipping his middle finger into my bum, seemingly all the way to his elbow, but it is, in reality, just to the knuckle. And now he cums, I look into his eyes and we share our agony of pleasure, his beautiful penis pumping jets of semen into me, each jet producing an agonized groan from his throat and he seems to go on forever, jet after jet pumping up me, and oozing out of my lips, and we enjoy the most exquisite, divine sensation of cumming together, something a lot of people never achieve.
The man is a master, a legend. And a myth.

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