Mark teaches his sister what happens to cock teasers
This story is of course fiction. There is no similarity meant with any real people or situations. It is just a fantasy.

Mark closed the front door slowly, gritting his teeth as he did. His friends just turning off the path onto the pavement on their way home. He held his hand on the door for a moment, then turned to face his little sister Hannah. She was ten years younger than him. A pleasant surprise their parents had called her when their mom became pregnant with her. Now she was not such a pleasant surprise. All evening she had been causing trouble, playing up to his mates. Flirting with them in a most whore like manner. She stood in the large hallway looking at him. Her expression challenging him to say something. He considered ignoring her actions, but could not. His mates had come round to spend some time with him, not have a fourteen year old girl come on to them. He should have known there would be problems when he saw what she was wearing. A short skater style skirt, with a light pink T-shirt which had the words ‘want me, need me, love me’ emblazoned on the front. Her shoulder length blonde hair was hanging loose and she had put on some make up. That was the first clue. Things went downhill from there. Mark took a deep breath, attempting to keep his cool.

“What the hell were you doing?” He said to her, not quite managing to keep his anger out of his voice.

“What did it look like.” She said back, in a sarcastic tone that rubbed him the wrong way.

“It looked like you were offering yourself to my mates, like you were some kind of whore.” Hannah’s eyes flashed angrily as he spoke.

“They didn’t seem to mind did they.” She snapped back.

“That’s because they have better manners than you. They did their best to ignore you. How when you were all but sticking your ass in their faces I don’t know.” At one point during the afternoon she had deliberately bent over, giving his mates a great view of her ass up her skirt.

“That’s because they want me. Neither of them told me to get lost did they.” Mark fought to keep his anger under control, but it was proving very hard to do.

“They didn’t tell you to get lost because you’re my sister. Not because they wanted you. Trust me Hannah, the last thing they wanted today was you .” Hannah’s eyes closed dangerously, she glowered angrily at him.

“You’re just jealous, cos I was only after them.” She said after a moments thought. Mark just stared at her.

“You what?”

“I said you’re jealous, I bet you want me too don’t you.” She said, posing as she spoke. “You wish it was you I had been flirting with don’t you.”

“Yeah, I really want my little whore of a sister to flirt with me.” He snarled, but she did look strangely hot standing with her hip thrust out like that.

“Yeah you do want me to flirt with you, I bet you do.” Mark shook his head.

“God you really are a little whore if you’re coming on to me.” He shouted, rapidly loosing his cool with her.

“And what if I was, what would you do about it. Nothing that’s what.” She threw back at him, her eyes flashing in anger. Mark narrowed his eyes, his blood boiling at her. She took a step back, as if sensing she had maybe gone too far.

“You want to know what I’m going to do about it.” He snarled at her, then lunged at her. Hannah gave a startled squeal as he grabbed her pinning her against the hall wall. “I’m going to show you what happens to little cock teasing whores with big mouths.” He told her grabbing one breast, squeezing it hard. Hannah gasp sharply as he pawed at her breast. A breast which felt very nice under his hand. Firm, round, fleshy, a nice small breast. He pushed his hand up her top to paw at the breast. To his surprise she was not wearing a bra, but the way she had been acted he should not have been surprised. Her breast felt even better with nothing between it and his hand. His fingers moulded against her flesh, he could feel her nipple. A single hard bud pressing into his hand. It seemed strange that her nipple was hard, was that not a sign of arousal. Here he was roughly pawing at her and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Reaching down her pulled up her skirt so he could push his hand into her panties. Hannah squirmed, trying to stop him. He pinned her against the wall with his weight and pushed his fingers down into her panties. Feeling her young pussy, he could feel the soft down of hair that covered it. Sliding his hand down he pushed a finger hard into her. Hannah gasped softly, biting her lip, pushing against him with her hands. To no avail as he held her firmly against the wall. He slid his finger in and out of her, hard, rough. Pushing it up into her tight little cunt. She felt good, moist, tight around his finger.

“This is what little whores get.” He hissed into her face. “They get used like this.” He added pushing a second finger into her. “They get their cunts taken for them, and their big mouths as well.” He added, pressing his lips to hers. Kissing her hard and rough. He pulled back, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and yanked it up over her head. Forcing her arms up so he could remove it. Looking down he stared at her small breasts. How he had never seen what a nice pair she was developing he could not think. It was not like he had not seen her naked. Their parents had never tried to get them to cover up. They thought it would make them ashamed of their bodies. So he had seen her coming out of the shower. He had just never seen her like this.

Reaching up he grabbed both breasts in his hands. Pushing her back against the wall. Pawing roughly at the small mounds of flesh. Feeling how hard her small nipples were. Hannah hissed softly as he pawed at her. No longer trying to push him away. Obviously she had figured out how useless her efforts were.

“Having fun feeling me up brother.” She snapped, using her voice to lash out at him. Mark snapped his gaze up to her face.

“I think it’s time I did something with that smart mouth of yours.” He told her as he reached up to her shoulders. With a hard push he dropped her to her knees. Grabbing her face he quickly undid his jeans. Releasing his cock, which was rock hard. Feeling his sister up had seriously turned him on. He pushed his cock into her face. “Open your mouth Hannah, you’re going to suck my cock like the little whore you are.”

Hannah shook her head, clamping her mouth tightly shut. Mark snarled in anger, driven beyond any chance of control. He pressed his fingers into her mouth. Forcing it wide open, pushing his cock into it.

“Now suck you little whore, or I’m going to make you. And if I feel any teeth you’ll be sorry.” She glared up at him, refusing to do anything. “You were given the chance.” He hissed as he clamped one hand round the back of her head, the other on top of it. Pinning her head like a vice between his hands. His actions were drawing on some dark instinct from deep inside of him. He had never thought about forcing any woman before. Let alone doing it to his fourteen year old sister. But, here he was forcing his cock into her mouth. Thrusting it deep down her throat. Hannah’s eyes shot wide open, he heard her gagging on him. The sound just urged him on. Gripping her head tightly he continued to push his cock in and out of her mouth. Repeatedly thrusting it deep into her throat. Hannah choked on him, gagging as he forced his cock into her mouth.

“Suck whore, suck on me now.” He ordered her, speeding up his thrusts. She still did not act, except to remain knelt in front of him. Making no effort to even try to pull back. Letting him use her mouth like it was a toy. He could see spit starting to drip down her chin each time he pulled back. Heard her gagging on him, choking each time he thrust his cock into her mouth. Then he felt something, a soft sucking sensation. It took him a few seconds to be certain. But yes, she was sucking on him. It wasn’t hard, or with any kind of skill. But what skill did she need, he was fucking her face.

“That’s it Hannah, suck on my cock with that little whore mouth.” Mark grunted as he continued to thrust in to her mouth. The added pressure of her sucking rapidly affected him. Bringing him to the edge of cumming.

“Yes, going to cum Hannah. And you’re going to swallow it all.” He snarled as he thrust in and out. Letting himself go fully he dived into his orgasm. Holding his cock in her mouth, cumming down her throat. Hannah gave a single shocked squeal, which quickly ended as her mouth was filled with his cum. She swallowed quickly, not having any choice apart from choking on his cum. He held her head still, emptying his cum in her mouth. Pulling out when he had finished. He released her head, she sank back gasping hard. Her hair was tangled from where he had been holding her head. Her chin covered in spit. She reached a hand up to wipe her chin clean. Mark stood over her watching her, watching her breasts moving as she gasped for breath. The view just added to his desire and dark need to force her.

He reached down, grabbing her arm. Dragging her across the floor to the stairs. Pushing her down on them he force his hand between her legs. Again fingering her hard, forcing two finger into her cunt. It seemed as if she was a little wetter than before. He thrust his finger in and out of her. Hannah gasped hard, deep grunts of feeling. He was not sure if there was not a hint of pleasure mixed in with the pain. Grabbing her panties he yanked them down, pulling them off her.

“You know what, I think I’m going to fuck your little cunt as well now.” He told her in a flat voice. “Going to take it like the little whore you are.” Hannah shook her head, scrambling up the stairs to get away from him. He grabbed her legs, dragging her back down to him. Pinning her down, her hips pressed into the edge of a step. He pushed her legs apart, moving between them. Lifting her skirt up he looked down at her exposed little cunt. The idea of having his cock inside that cunt was now turning him on. His cock hardening as he manoeuvred between her legs. By the time he was pressing himself against her he was hard again.

“No, please, Mark you can’t. Please I, I don’t know. I’ve never…” Hannah begged him. Mark ignored her, pushing his cock against her. Then entering her, ramming himself deep into her. She screamed loudly, her whole body going ridged under him as he entered her. Holding her down he began to fuck her hard. Ramming his cock into her cunt deeply, with rough thrusts. Slamming in to her repeatedly. She squealed under her, clawing at his arms. He grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. Then continuing to fuck her, no to rape her.

He took her hard, ramming his cock roughly into her. Slamming it fully into her cunt. Feeling how tight she was around him. From the first thrust he had guess that she had been trying to say she was still a virgin. She had been so tight. Now she was loosening up, even becoming wet around him. His thrusts ramming into her, pinning her against the stairs as he took her. He reached down to paw at one breast, still holding her wrists with the other hand. She struggled for a moment, then stopped. Laying still under him as he continued to take her.

Her screams rang in his ears, only adding to his need to have her. Now he was certain that her cunt was wetter, her body reacting to him against her wishes maybe. He felt her moving under him, not struggling, instead she was rocking with him. Taking his thrusts into her body. It sounded as if her squeals were more of pleasure than pain. Still he took her hard, slamming in and out. Roughly forcing his cock into her tight, wet cunt. Fucking her young teenage body, using her for his own pleasure.

All too soon he felt his own body reacting. His orgasm starting to grow in need, until it became to strong to ignore. He thrust hard into her, with all his strength. Ramming himself up into her cunt as hard and as deep as he could. Holding himself buried deep in her, he came. Pumping his cum into her body. She shuddered under him, crying out as she felt him cum. He stayed buried inside her until he had emptied every last drop of cum.

Pulling out of her he released her, sinking back to the floor. He sat watching her as she lay on the stairs. Her legs open, her cunt exposed to him. It was slightly red, but he could see her juices glistening on the lips. Her small breasts rose and fell as she took in deep breaths. Her neck was flushed red from where he had been fucking her. He narrowed his eyes, she had enjoyed it. He was certain now, on some level she had enjoyed him fucking her. The idea both aroused and enraged him more. She had enjoyed it while he was using her, how could she, how dare she? He stood quickly, heading into the bottom bathroom. Opening the cabinet he pulled out a tub of Vaseline gel. He would show her.

He returned to the hall, to find Hannah dragging herself to her feet. Her legs shaking slightly as she did. He moved quickly across the hall towards her. Seeing him she attempted to head up stair, but her legs were to shaky for her to go fast. He caught her on the first landing, where the stairs turned before heading to the top floor.

“Where the fuck do you think you are going. I ain’t finished with you yet.” He snarled to her as he grabbed her. Pushing her against the banister, he bent her forwards over it. With a swift yank he pulled her skirt off, dropping it over the banister. Holding her down, his hand wrapped around her neck. He opened the tub of Vaseline. Grabbing a handful, which he smeared on his cock. It hardened rapidly as he anticipated what he was about to do to her.

“What are you doing?” Hannah gasped, struggling to get free.

“I’m going to fuck your little whore ass for you, that’s what I’m doing.” He told her, her gasp of horror only added to his anticipation.

“NO, no, not that. God Mark you can’t do that.” She screamed, fighting to push him off her. Mark dropped the Vaseline so he could hold her down. One hand on her neck, the other pinning her into the banister by her hip. He held her still, bent almost totally over the banister. Looking down he could see her tight little ass. He positioned his cock against it. Pushed forwards, pushing into her.

“No, please, no, oh fuck, MARK NO.” Hannah screamed as she felt him start to enter her. He grunted as he pushed against her, her ass was so tight. Hannah was gasping hard, begging him to stop. He grit his teeth as he tried to force himself into her. Feeling her tight ass starting to open, just a bit. Just enough for him to get further into her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Hannah was squealing repeatedly as he pushed against her. He felt the head of his cock enter her, then it caught. He took a moment to gather himself then thrust against the grip of her ass. With a sharp pop he rammed into her. “GODDDD UNNNNN!” Hannah squealed as he thrust deep into her ass. If her cunt had felt tight around him, her ass was almost restrictively tight. Grunting hard he began to thrust in and out. Forcing his cock deep into her ass each time he entered her. Hannah squealed loudly with each thrust. Harsh cries that seemed ripped from her throat. She tried to reach back, clawing at him. He batted her hands away, pushing her down until she was bent fully over the banister. She froze, obviously thinking he was about to push her over. He had no intention of doing that.

Instead he began to ram harder into her ass. Fucking it deeply, ramming his cock into her. She squealed, clawing at the banister. His thrust ramming her thighs into the edge of the banister. He gripped her hips, holding her down as he repeatedly rammed into her. Pounding his cock deep into her ass. Raping it hard, fast, with rough thrusts. Hannah no longer fought against him, she hung off the banister. The only sign of life was her sharp squeals each time he entered her.

Reaching down he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back up. Arching her up against him. Ramming up into her ass hard. Reaching one hand round to paw roughly at her small breasts. Moving it between them, digging his fingers into the soft fleshy mounds. Ramming in and out, piercing her ass as deep as he could. Now she was not fighting him it was easier to fuck her. Her ass seemed looser now. He took full advantage, thrusting in, piston like. Slamming into her hard. He could hear the slap, slap, slap of his thighs against her buttock. Even over her sharp squeals. He continued to paw at her breasts with his hand.

“God Hannah your ass is so tight, feels so good fucking it. Fucking your little whore ass.” He grunted to her as he slammed into her ass. “I’m going to finger your cunt while I fuck your ass Hannah.” He told her, reaching his free hand down to between her legs. Fingering her hard as he continued to ram into her ass. Hannah gasped, squealed with each thrust. Leaning back against him, making no attempt to escape. Even though he was no longer holding her.

“Please, Mark, oh god it hurts so much. Stop, please stop.” She hissed to him.

“Not till I cum in you, I’m going to cum in your ass like you were a whore. Because that’s what you are, aren’t you Hannah. You’re a whore.”

“Oh god, no, please.”

“Say it Hannah, say it or I won’t cum.” He told her.

“Yes, oh fuck, I’m a whore.”

“Tell me you want my cum in your little ass.” He rammed in harder as he spoke. Forcing his cock deep into her ass. She squealed loudly.

“Yes, Mark cum in my ass. Please brother cum.” She squealed as he rammed in and out. He pushed her forwards again, bending her over. Then began to take her harder, as hard as he could. Thrusting into her wildly, ramming in and out. Hannah screamed even louder, her voice shrill. “Oh please Mark CUM, CUM.” She begged him, hearing her begging was the trigger.

“Here it comes you little whore. I’m cumming Hannah, cumming in your ass.” He shouted as he rammed up into her with all his might. Holding his cock right up in her ass. Then he pumped his cum into her. Hannah gave one last, long squeal. Then she began to gasp hard as he emptied himself into her. He pushed against her with each blast of his orgasm. Thrusting his cock even further up her ass. Waiting until he had emptied himself totally before yanking out hard. Hannah dropped to her knees the moment he released her. She clung to the banister gasping hard for breath. Mark stood over her watching her.

“Remember that next time you feel like acting like a whore. Because I’ll do the same to you again.” He told her, making her look up at him. For a second he saw something in her eyes. A glint of emotion that made him think she might want it again. He lifted her up and almost carried her upstairs to the bathroom. There he turned on the shower, and after removing her shoes, let her have a shower. As she stood in the stream of water Hannah was thinking, wondering if she should act up again. Just to see what he did to her then.

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If she is a whore, how much does she charge? Otherwise, she's not a whore but a slut. Also, why did he have some Vaseline with him, does he also pack a rape kit with him "just in case"?

Premise and plot are stupid, sex was lame. It seriously ruins your other stories that are better written.

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If she is a whore, how much does she charge? Otherwise, she's not a whore but a slut. Also, why did he have some Vaseline with him, does he also pack a rape kit with him "just in case"?

Premise and plot are stupid, sex was lame. It seriously ruins your other stories that are better written.

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My 14 yr old brother made my suck his cock the first time when I was 9 yrs old. It happen again a couple weeks later. Soon after it became a regular thing and i started liking it. Thru Jr High & High School I looked forward to it and was very popular. I'm 50 now and my brother still fucks me regularly.

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