A young girl gets taken advantage of by her fat, old neighbor. She discovers after a while that she likes it.
Dear diary,
This is my first entry, so I'm not sure how to do this. This diary is a present my girlfriend gave me. She says it's fun and a good thing to keep track of what's happening in your life. I'll just start writing and see what happens.

My 15th birthday was great! The party Mom and Dad threw for me was heavenly. All my friends
were there and the presents I got were devine. Each one was fun, but in the back of my mind I
keep wondering what present Mr. Bernard has for me. I know it will be loads of fun. To bad I
can't tell anyone about it. My parents would go ape and my friends would be grossed out.

When I think about what started six months ago, I feel myself getting wet and I press my legs together to put pressure on my aching pussy. I guess I'll start from the beginning and put it all down.

Mr. Bernard is the old fat guy next door. He moved in a year ago and I noticed from the
beginning how he would look at me. I'm not a dummy. I was a virgin, but I knew all about sex
and had even played with myself a few times. So I knew, by the way he looked at me, that he was a dirty old man.

Mom and Dad didn't seem to notice. He was always friendly to them and they hit it off quite
well. He would spend a half hour or so a day at our house, visiting with my parents. Back then
he gave me the creeps and I tried to stay away from him, but occasionally I'd have to be in the
same room when he was there.

When that happened he would always hug me. Not the kind of hug you get from a friend, but a
full body contact one where he would press his crotch against me. And he would always have a
hard lump in his pants. I knew it was his hard cock, which was kind of creepy, but at the same
time I could feel my pussy getting wet because of it, which at the time was even more creepy.

The first few times I was confused because of the conflicting feelings I had. Finally I just decided
to ignore it and allow him his little perverted pleasure. I didn't tell Mom or Dad because I wasn't
sure they would believe me. Now I'm glad I didn't.

That went on for awhile, until one day things changed. I walked into the kitchen and Mr.
Bernard was there, but my parents were no place to be seen.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" I ask.

“They're in the family-room looking for something on the computer." He said, his eyes moving up and down my body. I’ve grown a little since then but at that time I was 4' 6" tall and weighed 75 lbs. My breasts had just reached the size of half an orange and my hips had started to fill out to the point that I had a slender hour glass shape.

I was wearing a short skirt, sandals and a tight tank top. I thought I was hot and liked it when the boys looked at me. So when this old fat mans eyes seem to see right through my clothes, I felt a chill run up my body from his gaze, but I also felt my pussy start to tingle. I was vaguely disgusted with myself for feeling this way but I was also pleased he was looking a me.

"Come give me a hug." He said with a grin.

I stood still. I didn't want to, but I was also unsure how to avoid it with out making a scene. His grin widened as he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Come on, give your old neighbor a hug." He said.

I felt one of his arms around my back. Then I was shocked to feel his hand cup my ass cheek
as he pulled me tight against him. He had me pulled tight up against his round belly and the
the hard lump of his cock was pressed to my stomach. I felt him grind his hips gently against me, rubbing that hard lump against me.

For a second I was too shocked to respond, and before I could he pulled me tighter to him
in a fierce squeeze, then released me. With a grin he walked out of the kitchen.

I stood stunned. I was shocked by what he had done, but I could also feel a considerable amount
of wetness in my panties. I was freaked and totally confused.

I managed to avoid him for the next several weeks. And I even tried to tell my mom about it. But
she said he was just being friendly and that I was reading things into what had happened that
weren't there.

But a few weeks later I again I found myself alone with him. That time we were in the back yard. He had just come through the gate from his yard and I had just come out to lay in the sun for a bit. I was dressed in a small two piece bikini so I could get a tan. I had a bottle of tanning lotion in one hand and a towel to lay on in the other.

When I saw him I stopped, trying to think of a way to avoid him. There was none other then
scream and run, which I wouldn't do.

"Hi Emily." He said his eyes doing their normal scan of my body,"Getting ready to do some

I nodded my head.

He grinned and said,"A great time to do it. Come on and lay down. I'll help you put on the
tanning lotion."

"I really don't need help." I said.

"Sure you do. You might miss a spot and get a sunburn. I'll make sure you're totally covered." He
replied, then waved at me," Come on, put down the towel and lay down."

I couldn't think of a way out so I slowly walked over, spread the towel and stretched out on my
back. I closed my eyes and tried to prepare myself for the ordeal of his hands on me. He took my
arm and started applying lotion. To my surprise it wasn't all that bad if I keep my mind off who
was doing it.

He did my arms, then moved to my tummy. By that time I was starting to relax and actually enjoy
the feel of his hands gliding over my skin. I became drowsy and just let myself drift.

I was in a semi-conscious mesmerized state so didn't even notice, until I thought about it later, when his fingertips slipped up under my top and gently slid along the under side of my breasts. Or when they slipped just a bit under the band of my bikini bottoms. Or when, while he was doing my legs, they slipped under the leg of my bikini and grazed the tender spot where my leg meets my hip.

After a time I heard him say,"Ok, turn over and let me get your back."

I rolled over and a moment later I felt his hands begin to spread lotion on my back. Again, with
the warmth of the sun and his hands sliding gently over me, I let myself lapse into a half awake
state. It felt so good that I didn't notice his hands slid up under the bottom of my bikini until I felt
his finger touch the lips of my pussy.

It took a moment for it to register what he was doing, by then his finger had found my clit. He
began to rub it gently, which caused electric jolts to shoot through me.

"Wha....what are you doing?" I gasp, trying to think of what I should do, and failing miserably to
get my mind to work because of the pleasure his finger was giving me.

"Relax," He whispered,"relax. I'm just going to finger your pussy for a minute. You like it don't
you? Feels good doesn't it?"

It did. It felt so damned good that I didn't want him to stop, but another part of me was repulsed,
thinking about this fat old man touching my private parts.

" can't do that!" I groaned," please stop!"

As I protested, his finger was rubbing furiously at my clit and I could feel a hard ball of pleasure in my belly. Although I had touched myself and had a climax or two, they had always been small.
The one building in my belly because of his finger felt like it would consume me.

"Ok," He whispered,"I'll stop. All you have to do is close your legs. Pull your legs together and stop humping my finger, then I'll take it out. "

"You have to stop!" I groaned again, dimly aware that my ass was pushing up toward his finger,
and my climax was so close, so intense, I just couldn't bring myself to close my legs, to force him to withdraw.

Through a fog I heard him chuckle and whisper,"My you are getting wet. Your pussy is saying
you like this, a lot!"

I didn't realize I was so wet until the squishing sound of his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy
made it through the fog of pleasure filling my brain. I didn't know whether to be discussed or what. But I didn't have time to consider it long. The climax hit me and waves of pleasure filled my senses. Finally after what seemed like a long time, they receded and tapered off, leaving me feeling a warm after glow.

I felt him withdraw his hand from between my legs, then he whispered with a chuckle,"Any time
you want me to put tanning lotion on you just let me know."

He stood and I watched him walk toward the gate and back into his yard. For days after that I felt
guilty. I was repulsed by the thought of his fat hand between my legs and attracted by the thought
of the climax I had. I tried to duplicate it on my own. But found the only way was to think about
what he had done to me. When I did I would climax hard. Not as hard as that time on the towel,
but close.

Again I tried to avoid him and did for the next several weeks. But one evening my parents called
me into the kitchen and Mr. Bernard was there.

"Emily," My dad said,"Mr. Bernard is leaving for a few days and would like you to feed his
pets. He'll be happy to pay you."

"I...I don't know." I replied, trying to think of a reason not to," I...I might have practice or

"I'll be gone Wednesday and Thursday."He said, eyeing me as he usually did,"And you
won't have to feed them until later in the evening. I always do it at 7:00 PM. If you'd do it at that
time it will keep them on a schedule and not interfere with your activities."

Not being able to come up with a good excuse not to I replied,"Oh, ok. I'll do it."

"Good!" He grinned, "Come to my house tonight at 7:00 and I'll show you what you need to do."

I felt a lump in my stomach. I knew he had something other then feeding his animals in mind, but I was at a loss as to how to get out of going over to his house. And besides, in the back of my
mind, screwing up my thoughts, causing my pussy to twitch, was the memory of that climax.

At 7:00 that evening I walked over to his house and knocked on the door. He opened it and with
a smile waved me in. He had one cat, several fish, a turtle and a large dog. He showed me where
the food was and how to feed them, then offered me a soda. I tried to make excuses to get out of
there, but he insisted. I followed him to the kitchen and took the glass he offered me.

We talked about school and other things until I had finished drinking my soda, which was soon
because I drank it fast, wanting to leave.

I sat my glass down and said,"Well I've got to go."

He replied,"OK, but come give me a hug."

"I...I..don’t think I should,"I stammered starting to back away from him as I tried to think of reason not to.

"One good hug." He said, as he reached out, caught my arm and began to pull me to him, a sly grin on his face.

He was sitting on a mid-height stool with his legs stretched out in front of him. When he pulled me to him, he pulled me between his out stretched legs, then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close. I felt his hands slide down my back and cup my ass cheeks.

"Did you like what I did to you on the towel?" He whispered.

" shouldn't have done that." I said nervously."That...that wasn't right."

"Probably," He murmured, his hands massaging my ass, "but did you like it?"

"I...I...don't know." I lied because I could feel that tight ball of pleasure beginning to form in my
tummy at the thought of it.

"Well...I think you did." He whispered,”In fact I think you liked it alot.”

I felt one of his hands move around and begin to unsnap my jeans.

I put my hands on his chest and tired to push away from him saying,"You can't do that again! You can't! Please don't!"

He had my pants unsnapped and unzipped by then and began to slip his hand into my pants. I grabbed his wrist and tried to pull his hand away, tried to stop him from touching my pussy. I knew if he did he would feel how wet I was and know I wanted his finger in me.

"Please stop! Let me go! I don't want to!" I panted in panic.

He stopped, grabbed my ass with both cheeks and pulled me back to him saying,"Ok, ok don't

He began to again massage my ass as he whispered," But you did like it didn't you? It felt so
good, didn't it? You never had one like that before did you? It was so good, you tried to do it like
that for yourself but it didn't work did it?"

" did you know?"I gasp in surprise.

"I just know," He said with an evil grin,"But even if you can't do it for yourself, I can do it for
you. All you have to do is relax. Just relax. Like you did on the towel, remember? Just

His voice was hypnotic. I didn't even realize he was slipping his hand back into my pants
until his finger slipped between the lips of my pussy and pushed hard against my clit. An electric
shock of sexual pleasure shot through me.

He began to rub my clit with his meaty finger,"My my, your tight little pussy is very wet. You must want it. I haven’t felt a pussy this wet for some time.”

As he fingered me he used his other hand to work my jeans down.

Again he began to whisper my ear,”Relax baby doll. Relax. There we go. That's it, relax, let go, enjoy it. Let it build. Let your old neighbor make you feel good. And let me get these jeans down a bit more so we can be comfortable."

As he alternately fingered me and rubbed my clit, that ball of pleasure that was forming in my stomach grew larger.

I tried one more time to make him stop,"Please don't! You can't! Its not right!" I gasp.

But my body was betraying me. I could feel my inner thighs growing wet from the moisture
leaking from my pussy, hear the squishy sound as his fingers slid in and out of my wet cunt.

He chuckled, rubbing furiously at my clit as he whispered,"Sure, I'll stop. Just grab my wrist and
pull my hand from between your legs. That's all you have to do. Grab it and pull my finger out of
your sweet little pussy. Go ahead if you want me to stop."

I grabbed his wrist with the intention of doing exactly what he had said. But my climax was
almost on me. I couldn't make him stop, all I could do was grasp his wrist and moan as his finger
pushed me higher and higher.

"That's it, just let me rub one out for you. You like it, you know you like it. That's why you can't
make me stop. You like it to much!" He whispered.

I felt his other hand slip up along my back. A moment later I felt him unsnap my bra, then felt him pull up the front of my top until I felt cool air hit my nipples.

"Oh god, what are you doing now? can't!" I gasp.

"I'm going to make it feel even better." He said.

I felt his hand cup my breast, then felt his finger rub over my nipple. The ball of pleasure inside me seemed to expand two fold as he did.

By then I was lost. All I could do, wanted to do, was stand there and let him touch me. I closed my eyes and surrendered to it.

I didn't think that feeling of pleasure could get any bigger, until he leaned forward and put his mouth on my nipple. I groaned as the ball inside me expanded again........then exploded.

Wave after wave of pleasure shot through me. I could feel my pussy pulsing, feel my body
shaking like I had a fever.

And all through it his voice filled my ear as he chanted,"That's it, cum for me sugar pussy, cum for me, cum for me, cum for me, cum for me."

As it passed, I stood trembling, unable to move. He grinned gave my clit one more gentle rub,
which sent electric sparks through me, then pulled his hand from between my legs. He gently pulled my jeans up and fastened them. Then pulled my bra down to cup my breasts, reached around me and fastened it. He pulled my top down, took hold of my hips and gently pushed me a few inches from him.

He grinned at me and said,"Try to duplicate that!"

I left a few minutes later, a tangle of mixed emotions filling me. That old fat pervert had violated
me! Again! I felt dirty. But I also felt sexually satisfied and warm with the afterglow of a
great climax.

Wednesday after I fed his pets, I stood in the kitchen starting at that stool, trying to sort out how
I felt. No matter how I looked at it, I was still confused.

Thursday I was there at a few minutes before 7:00. I was hoping to be done and gone before he got home. As I was feeding his turtle, the last thing I did each time, I heard the front door open then close.

A second later Mr Bernard rounded the corner of the hall and said,"Well hello. Every thing go

I nodded then heard him say,"Come on in the kitchen and I'll pour you a soda."

I followed him to the kitchen but stood in the doorway instead of entering.

"You can't do that to me again." I said nervously,"It's not right. It's perverted!"

He chuckled, then replied as he walked toward me with a glass of soda,"Really? Well, would it
shock you if I said it is perverted? And that it isn't right?"
I had expected him to argue with me and was totally unprepared for what he had just said.

"But, if it's not right, if it's perverted, why....why would you...did you....?" I trailed off.

He stood grinning at me, then replied,"Because I'm a pervert and I like fingering girls tight little
pussies. Your's is one of the best I've ever played with. Don't tell me you didn't like it. You came
hard when I rubbed your clitty for you. And you know what? You'll let me do it again!"

I stood staring at this old fat man, angry with him because of the perverted things he had done to me, his arrogant statement, but also because it was true, I had liked it, a lot. But he was wrong about one thing, there was no way he was going to touch me again.

"You bastard!" I choked out, almost in tears,"You will never touch me again! Ever!"

"Suit yourself."He said. He reached into his pocket and pulled a wad of folded bills from it.

"Here's your money for watching my pets for me." He said holding them out to me.

I stood looking at the bills in his hand until I heard him say,"Here take it. You earned it."

I stepped forward, grabbed it, then started to step back. But he was faster then I had expected and had hold of my wrist before I could get clear.

"Come on, you like it, you know you do." He said gently but firmly pulling me towards him as I tried to pull away.. "You want me to touch you again don't you? You remember how good it felt. You remember cumming hard don't you? All you have to do is let me touch you and it will be just like that. I'll make you cum hard again and again."

I wanted to struggle, I wanted to scream, but I found myself allowing him to pull me close. I
stood still trembling as I felt him unzip then unsnap my jeans. I shivered a little as his hand slipped into my jeans. And I groaned as I felt his finger slip between the wet lips of my pussy.

He was right, I wanted it. I wanted him to finger me, make me cum again. I felt him reach up
under my top and unsnap my bra, then felt him pull the front of my top up until it was clear of my
breast. A moment later the feel of his mouth on my nipple made my knees weak.

I felt him pull his mouth from my nipple, then he whispered,"This time you need to reciprocate.
Undo my pants and pull my cock out."

My eyes flew open and I started to stammer,"I...I...I can't do that!"

"Sure you can." He whispered to me grinning as he did,"Just undo my pants and pull it out. Go on do it!"

I just stood there in shock at the thought that he wanted me to touch his cock.

Finally after a moment he said,"Ok, I'll help."

He used his hand that had been massaging my ass to unzip, then unfasten his pants. He reached in and pulled out his hard cock. I was amazed at the sight. It stood up out of his pants. The head was the size of a plum and almost the same color. He took my hand, wrapped it around his hard rod, then started to slide it up and down the length of it.

"Just do that while I diddle your tight little pussy." He said.

I stood there stroking his cock as his finger alternately rubbed my clit and slid just inside my
pussy. I had never seen a cock, much less touched one. And I was fascinated. It filled my hand
and felt hard but so soft at the same time.

I heard him groan, then he grunted,"Oh Christ! I'm gunna cum."

A moment later his cock throbbed in my hand and goo erupted from the tip, shooting into the
air covering my hand and the front of his pants.

I watched in shock as this happened. Then as the throbbing of his cock slowed and stopped, I
realized I was panting, wanting to cum too. Then it hit me that he had stopped diddling my pussy.
I began to move my hips so that his finger rubbed my clit.

After a second he grinned and said," So you're ready to cum for me are you?"

I didn't say anything. I bit my bottom lip and kept rubbing my pussy against his finger. All I
wanted right then was to cum.

He frowned and said,"You're going to have to answer me, you want to cum for me? If you don't
answer I'll stop right now."

I didn't want to stop, so I whispered,"Y....yes."

"Yes what?" He ask.

"Yes I want to cum." I whispered to him.

He grinned and said,"Ok. Now..."

He reached around and pulled my jeans down to my ankles, followed by my panties, then had me
step out of them. He did this without missing a stroke of his finger in my pussy. I was getting really turned on and very close to a climax by then. Of a sudden he pulled his finger from between my legs and stood up.

I was shocked. I was so close to cumming I almost couldn't stand it. And he had stopped!

He stood took my hand and said,"Come with me."

I followed him to the livingroom. He stopped in front of the couch. Quickly he dropped his
pants, stepped out of them, then pulled his underwear down and stepped out of those. He sat
down on the couch, then pulled me down astride of his lap.

"I thought we should get more comfortable." He said as he reached down and slipped his finger
back into my wet cunny.

He stroked my clit for a time, causing shocks of pleasure to shoot through my body, then I felt
him insert a finger into my pussy. I didn't know until later that it was his thumb he was pushing
into me and I really didn't care right then. I had resigned myself to the fact that this fat old man
was going to do this to me and there was nothing I could do about it. Nor in reality did I want to stop him. When I came to that realization, I started to relax and enjoy what was happening.

Slowly as he rubbed my clit he pushed his thumb into me until he grinned and said,"Damn you have a tight little pussy!"

He began to slide his thumb in and out of my pussy. As he did I felt an intense pleasure. Later I
learned he was massaging my G-spot, but right then all I knew was it felt so good! A few moments later he started to rub and tweak my nipples with his other hand, then started to
whisper to me.

"So, you stopped protesting about me fingering your pussy, huh? You like it don't you? You like
this fat old man touching you, making you feel so good, making your pussy tingle, making you
cum for him, huh?" He whispered.

I didn't know what to do. Part of me was embarrassed by what he was saying and wanted to jump
up and run screaming home, but another part enjoyed the touch of those fat fingers of his as they
pushed me closer to a climax.

"Answer me cunt!" He growled, ramming his thumb hard up my hole,"Tell me you like it! Tell me you want it! Tell me damn it...Now!"

"I....I....I want it." I groaned.

"That's it my sweet slutty little cunt." He said with a chuckle as he fucked me with his thumb,"Your mine now. Your going to be my personnel teen whore from now on. Now, cum for
me...cum for me cunt....cum for me."

He chanted as his thumb rammed into my pussy and his finger ground my clit against my pubic
bone. All of a sudden my climax crested, then exploded inside me. Wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through me. All I could do was sit there on his lap and allow it to thunder through my body.

As it started to subside I felt him pull his thumb out of me. A moment later I felt something again
start to push into me. I had my eyes closed and for a moment I thought he was putting his thumb
back into me, but then I felt his hands on my hips. My eyes flew open and I looked down to see
the head of his hard cock disappearing between the folds of my pussy lips.

"I....will can't....,"I stammered trying to focus on the fact that he was about to fuck me
for real.

He grinned and said,"My turn."

He pulled on my hips as he shove upward. I still had my eyes fastened to the sight of his cock
sliding into me. I was expecting it to hurt, but a moment later as I watched, the entire length of his hard rod disappeared into my body. I felt full, but it didn't hurt at all.

He stood up, holding my ass with both hands to support my weight so that he didn't pull his cock
out of me. He turned, leaned down and laid me on my back on th couch.

"Now I'm going to ream your tight little teen pussy good." He said.

He started to ram into me. He fucked me hard for about five minutes. His fat stomach was
pushed against mine and his balls slapped against my ass as he took each stroke. He finally
slowed down and leaned back so his protruding gut was no longer touching me. He pushed my
legs up until my knees touched my shoulders. Slowly he pushed into me. His eyes and mine were fastened to the sight of his cock sliding into my pussy. He pushed forward sliding it into me, then slowly pulled back, sliding it back out. As it slid from inside me, it was shiny and wet, and as it slid back in there was a squishy wet sound.

"Damn you’re a great fuck!" He said.

He fucked me that way for a long time, then he groaned, his eyes closed and I felt his cock
throbbing inside me as he came. He pulled out of me and I looked at his cock. It was slick and dripping wet gobs of his cum.

He stood up and said,"Get dressed." Then walked into the bathroom.

I dressed slowly, numb and unsure of how I felt. He came out a few minutes later, still naked from the waist down. His limp cock swinging under his fat belly.

He handed me a pill and said,"Take this tomorrow morning. It's a morning after pill to make sure
you don't get pregnant."

He took my hand and lead me to the door.

"Go home, take a shower. And don't even think about telling anyone about what happened. You
wanted it too. "

I walked out of his house totally disgusted with myself because he was right, I had wanted it.
I didn't see him again until Thursday the next week. When I came home from school my parents
told me they were going to visit my aunt on Saturday and ask if I wanted to go along. I really
don't like my aunt Ida. She's very religious and boring. Every time I see her she lectures me about
the bible, so I told my parents I'd stay home.

Saturday morning a few minutes after my parents left, the door bell rang. When I opened it Mr.
Bernard was there.

"Your parents told me they were going to see your aunt and ask if I'd look in on you." He said
with a sly grin,"I think you should come over to my house."

"I don't know if I should..." I started to protest, knowing it would do me no good at all.

"Sure you should. Come on, let's go." He said taking my arm and pulling me along with him.

When we entered his house he locked the door then said,"Have you had a shower today?"

I thought that to be a strange question, but answered truthfully,"No, not yet."

"Come with me." He said, again taking hold of my arm and pulling me along.

We went down the hall and stepped into the bathroom. The place surprised me. It was very large
with a double sized shower against one wall.

He handed me a towel, motioned to the shower and said,"Jump in."

I stood there wondering if he expected me to undress in front of him.

He made it clear a moment later by saying,"Don't be shy. I've already seen you naked. And I've
already fucked your tight little pussy, so don't be shy. Here, I'll help."

I was wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, with a bra and panties underneath and slip on tennies
on my feet.

He took hold of my ankle and said,"Foot up."

I obediently raised my foot and he pulled off one tenny. He let go of that ankle and took hold of the other, silently urging me to raise my foot, which I did. He pulled that tenny off and then let go of my ankle. He reached over and unfastened my shorts, then pulled them to my ankles, followed by my panties.

"Step out of them." He said, which I did.

He pulled my tank top up over my head and dropped it on the floor, then reached around mer and
with a snap of his fingers undid my bra and pulled it off my arms. It joined the pile of clothes on
the floor. He looked me up and down, which caused chills to run up my back, then he opened the shower door and turned it on.

He tested and adjusted the water until he was satisfied, then said,"Ok, in you go."

Everything seemed to be unreal and I couldn't seem to move until he took my arm and urged me into the shower. The water felt good as it ran down over me, so I picked up the soap and began to wash. After a time I finished washing and just stood under the water, enjoying the feel of it.

The shower door opened and Mr. Barnard stepped in totally naked.

He grinned and said,"Now I'm going to help you with your shower."

I hadn't realized the shower nozzle was the hand held type, until he reached up and pulled it from
it's bracket.

"Put your hands on the shower wall there and there," He said pointing at two places on the
shower wall, "then stand with your feet shoulder width apart."

Slowly I did as he ask. When I was in the position requested he grinned and said,"Close your
eyes. "

I closed my eyes, very nervous about what he was going to do. A moment later I gasp as he
pushed the shower nozzle between my legs and aimed the flow directly on my pussy. He held it
there, allowing the rushing water to hammer at my private parts, then he slowly slipped his hand
between my legs and began to soap my crotch.

He spent a half hour washing me, touching me, fingering me and letting the water from the
shower head bang against my pussy. By the time he turned the shower off, my pussy was tingling
and I wanted to cum badly.

He handed me a towel and told me to dry off. He did the same. When we were dry he motioned
for me to follow him and he lead the way down the hall to another room. At first it looked like an
exercise room. There seemed to be a number of what I thought at the time were exercise machines scattered about.

There was a large exercise mat on the floor and in one corner what looked like a swing, but as I studied it I couldn’t make out how you could sit in the webbing that was attached to it.

We came to a padded table (that I would later learn was a massage table). Mr. Barnard stopped and motioned me to him. When I came to him, he took hold of my waist picked me up and sat me on the table.

"Now before we do any thing else," He said,"I'm going to give you a treat. I'll be right back."

He left and then return a few minutes later. He was carrying a pan of water, had a towel draped
over one arm and a wash cloth and razor in one hand. He set the things on the table next to me
and grinned.

"Lay back," He urged, gently pushing me onto my back," Close your eyes and relax."

Unsure of what he was going to do, I hesitantly closed my eyes.

"I won't hurt you." He whispered," and I guarantee you'll like what I'm going to do."

I heard the water splash, then gasp as the feel of the warm wash cloth as he gently wiped my
crotch. A moment later I felt a wetness as he rubbed his hand over my pussy, then I felt a strange
sensation. I opened my eyes to find him shaving my pussy.

He stopped and grinned, saying,"Wait until I'm finished. You'll love it!"

He took his time shaving me, testing each area he shaved with his finger tip and occasionally
going back over it. Finally he seemed satisfied. He took the wash cloth and gently washed my
inner thighs and pussy.

When he was finished he put them aside, took my ankles and put one on each of his shoulders. He then reached down and ran his fingertips over my freshly shaved pussy, which sent chills of
pleasure up my spine.

"Close your eyes." He said.

Obediently I did. I felt him take hold of my legs just below my knees and push them up spreading
them wide. A moment later the most incredible feeling of pleasure slammed into me. I groaned,
then opened my eyes to see what he was doing that felt so good. To my horror and disgust he had
his mouth on my pussy! He was licking me!

A boil of emotion hit me. Disgust, fear and loathing for this fat old man were mixed with the
fantastic feeling of pleasure coursing through my body. I watched as he licked my pussy lips, then slipped his tongue between them and hit my clit. Finally the pleasure won. I couldn't ignore the fantastic feelings shooting from my crotch. I closed my eyes and surrendered to it.

It wasn't long after that a huge climax exploded in my pussy and coursed through my body. I
heard myself groaning and whimpering as it went on and on. Finally, just as I was about to
scream, it began to subside.I felt Mr. Bernard pull back, then I felt my pussy fill as he slid his cock into me.

He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs as wide as he could, then growled,"Now I'm going to
fuck your tight little pussy and fill it with my cum!"

As he slammed in and out of me, I could feel another climax building. Incredibly it didn't take
long and it hit me, expanding from my pussy to totally fill me. As it subsided I felt another
coming. Over the next few minutes I had four orgasms.

After the fourth one I became aware of Mr. Bernard grunting as he slammed into my pussy.

I heard him gasp, then grunt out,"Here it comes you little slut! I'm gunna fill your tight little cunt
with my spunk."

He groaned again, then slammed all the way inside me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he came in me. Finally he grunted and slowly pulled out.

"Look at that!" He said with a grin staring at my pussy.

I looked down to see his cum dribbling out from between the wet glistening lips of my pussy. I
felt my cheeks burn as it hit me that I was the slut he had just called me. I laid back, covered my
eyes with my arm and sobbed at the thought.

"Here now." He said,"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I...I...I am!" I sobbed,"I...I...liked it."

He laughed and said,"Good! I',m glad you did. And you are a slut, but that's not a bad thing. I'm
going to teach you just how much fun being a slut can be."

My sobs subsided as he pulled me to a sitting position.

"I can't get it up again so soon," He said waving his limp, flaccid cock at me,"But you're young
and I know you have a bunch more orgasms in you."

He walked over to a wall cabinet, opened a drawer and pulled out a vibrator. He returned to me, grinned and turned it on. As it buzzed in his hand I was curious what he was going to do with it.

He slowly dropped it to my pussy and started to push it into me. I groaned as the most delicious feeling pulsed through my sex. It didn’t take long at all and I climaxed. But as soon as I did I felt another one building. Over the next half hour I must have cummed at least a dozen times or more.

Finally, worn out and totally exhausted I gasp,"Please! Please! No more! No More!"

Mr. Bernard smiled, then slowly pulled the pink soft rod from my pussy and turned it off.
I felt him spread my legs, then I felt him slide his cock into me.

"Please, please." I begged,"Let me rest a bit first."

“Sure,”He grinned”I think it’s time you learned to suck it anyway.”

“You want me to....suck what?” I gasp.

“My cock of course.”He said walking around to where his cock was in front of my face.

“You want me to put my mouth on...that?”I chocked out in horror.

He grabbed me by the hair with one hand and his cock with the other. He held my head still as he placed the head of his cock against my lips.

“Yep, I want you to suck on it. Open your mouth.”He said.

“But I don’t want to...gagggg!” I chocked and gagged as he pulled my head forward as he pushed forward, ramming his cock down my throat.

“Shut the fuck up and suck!” He commanded.

In self defense I began to suck it. After a time I found it wasn’t bad as long as he didn’t push to far down my throat.

“That’s it, that’s it.” He groaned,”Lick right suck on the head...oh yea! Now bob your head up an d down and let it slide in and out of your lips....damn! Now suck and lick my nut sack...yea, yea ,like that.”

I sucked him for a long time.

Finally I heard him groan,” Oh fuck!!”

A moment later my mouth was filled with cum as his cock throbbed. At first I gagged, then I began to swallow. Before he was done I had figured out how to do it.

He stepped back and with a grin said,”I’ll make a grade A cock sucker out of you before I’m through.”

The rest of the day he made me stay at his house, naked. We watched TV and talked or read. From time to time he would call me to him and either finger me, eat me, make me suck his cock or fuck me.

My parents were due home at 6:00 PM. Mr. Bernard made me shower and return home before they arrived. Before I left, he handed me a small pink vibrator.

“That’s so you can practice at home.” He said with a grin. “Also I want you to come over a couple of times a week so we can fuck.”

So for the last six months I’ve been going to his house every couple of days. Most times he fucks me and eats my pussy. Sometimes he eats me than I suck his cock until he comes. He showed me how to do a strip dance and he has me do that once and a while. He insists I finger my pussy as I do it and put on a good show for him. I also use the vibrator he gave me at least twice and sometimes three times a day.

We have done some other things. For his birthday he had me come over and lay on his table. He placed cake and frosting all over me., on my titties, in my pussy, on my feet and fingers, then he spent an hour or so licking it all off. By the time he was finished I was so horny and I wanted to cum so badly. He pulled me around to the edge, pushed my legs up and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy slit.

But each time I was almost ready to cum, he’d stop. Finally I begged him to let me cum. He grinned, then rammed his cock into me and fucked me hard. It took all of three or four strokes and I was screaming as a huge orgasm hit me.

Another time He told me not to touch myself for a week. During that week, I went to his place every night and sucked his cock. As I did he would finger my pussy, but wouldn’t let me cum. At the end of the week he made me strip, lay down on the massage table and made me masturbate to a climax as he watched.

Besides the vibrator, he has had me doing what he calls Kegel exercises. He says if I do them, some day I will be able to make a man cum by just using those muscles. I do them every day. And I’m getting really good. I can put my finger in my pussy and feel the muscles grip it.

He’s told me several times that I’m getting to be quite the little hot piece of ass. And that I’m really, really good at fucking. Truth is, I’ve found I do love sex, a lot! Actually I love cumming, the more times the better.

I tried going out with some guys my age. But it wasn’t the same. All they wanted was to get off and never thought about me getting mine. Mr. Bernard always makes me cum. And sometimes multiple times. He may be a fat oldman, but I’ve grown to like what he does to me.

A week ago he told me he had a special present and a very special celebration planned for my 15th birthday. This coming weekend my parents are going back to my Aunt Ida’s for a visit. I’m going to stay home like always. Mr. Bernard said that he would give me my present while my parents are gone. I’m getting very anxious about it, wondering what it is.

Well diary, that’s my story so far. I’ll add more as it happens.

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