Pam's sexual adventure in Scottsdale
Subject: Pam's Trip to Scottsdale 4

I awoke from a deep sleep feeling something was wrong. There was no
moaning because of an enjoyable fuck, no one hollering come on sleepy head.
All I heard was deep breathing of someone a sleep. Then I realized that I
was in a big bed and Kaylee was snuggled up to my back with an arm around
me and her hand on my tit. She was sound asleep. I tried to remember what
we were doing when I went to sleep but to no avail. All I could remember
was swallowing a big load of Chip's cum and then hearing Kaylee holler
anyone for a cheeseburger?

How I got where I was I didn't have a clue. But it was enjoyable.
Kaylee's hot breath on my back was causing me to tickle and her hand on my
tit felt nice. I sort of pushed back into her but a little too hard, she
started to wake up.

"Good morning sleepy head," I said, mockingly. "How come you're in my bed
instead of Kevin's?

"He got a call about 8 and had to leave so I came and joined you," she
replied. "Wow, it's 10:30, time's a wasting."

"Hold on girl," I said as I grabbed her arm. "We don't have anything to
do, no reason to get up right now. I want to just lay here and cuddle."

As she laid back down I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me.
My morning mouth was so bad I didn't dare kiss her but figured I'd rinse my
mouth out with a little of her girl cum. Our nipples rubbed as I kissed
and nibbled her neck and ear and then moved down to do the same to her
breast. She laid back and said,

"You always have such great ideas. I am so ready for something because
Kevin had to leave before I had my morning fuck."

"I'll take his place," I murmured as I kissed down to her navel and licked
around in it.

"Have you ever fucked a girl with a strap on?" she asked.

"Oh yes my love," I replied, "Do you have one?"

"What a silly question," she said.

I had moved down between her legs and was starting to make love to her
pussy. She laid back to enjoy so I proceeded to lick and kiss her from
knees up and front to back. Some of last night's sex was still with her
which made her taste a little musty but very delicious. I couldn't tell
whether it was Kevin, Andy, Leon or her. After several minutes of my
licking, she moved over and reached into a bedside drawer and retrieved
three or four strap on cocks. All black and all very big. She grinned as
she showed them to me and explained their use.

"This one Kevin wears when I want to be double fucked," she said proudly.
You'll have to try it later when he get's back. And this one is my very
first one before I knew what all was available."

It was just a plain cock with a couple of straps. Looked very interesting
but I wanted her to show me the other two. One of them had a cock and then
another stub which she said as she kissed each one, this one is for the
fuckee and this one for the fucker. And this is my favorite she said as
she showed me the last one. Two big black cocks, one at an angle on the
opposite end from the other one.

"This one makes sure both girls get fucked," she smiled.

I spread my legs so Kaylee could put the equipment in place. I was so wet
already that she had no problem inserting the tool into my love alley.
After it was in place she wiggled it a couple of times and asked if it felt
Ok. I said it feels wonderful.

Then Kaylee got on all fours on the bed and said, "Fuck me doggy to start
out. Then we'll change off."

I did as Kaylee asked, rubbing her pussy with the head of my dick and then
slowly pushing it alllll thhhhheee waaayyy in. Kaylee moaned her approval
as I fucked the cock in and out of her willing pussy. Her love juice made
her skin glisten a beckoning call that I couldn't resist. I pulled out and
began licking her love area with my tongue. We played like that the rest
of the afternoon. After a an all to brief nap, Kaylee was tugging at my
arm and saying,

"Come on sleepy head, there is a big group of guys at the shop and Kevin
has been grinning like crazy. I called him and he invited us to come down
and have a gang bang."

This crazy girl dragged me into the video room and there was Kevin on the
big screen with 8 or 10 big, handsome dudes waving into the camera. My
pussy tingled its approval and we quickly jumped into the t shirts and
skirts that Kaylee tossed out. She didn't even stop to brush her hair or
anything, just headed for the front of the house. There a car and driver
were waiting and we pilled in. She was as excited as a little kid heading
for a birthday party. I couldn't get over this girl. She kissed me and
started playing with my tits which quickly got me back in the mood to fuck.

The driver pulled around behind the shop and Kevin was waiting at the door.
He smiled and said "Hi girls" as he ushered us into one of the
booths. There was a screen showing a video of two guys fucking a little
black girl and along one wall were four holes.

"I thought you girls might want to start with a few blow jobs and then
we'll move into the party room, Kevin said.

He knocked on the wall and instantly four hard cocks appeared, three black
and one white.

"Take your pick," he smiled.

One of the black ones said to me, "Pick me, Pick me." It was about 8 or 9
inches long, with the mushroom shaped head slightly smaller then the shaft.
I thought to myself, that one ought to go down my throat quite nicely. I
drop to my knees on the pad Kevin had provided and took the hard black meat
into my hand. I stroked it several times and then began licking the head.
His precum was already quite abundant so I got a lot of energy giving
protein. It didn't take me long to work the cock all the way into my mouth
and down my throat. I fucked his cock in and out of my oral cunt for
several minutes and before I felt his seed fill my mouth. He was quite

After Kaylee finished her first guy and we then worked over the other two
cocks, Kevin led us into the party room. There were ten or twelve guys
standing around, drinking beer and nude as the day they were born. And
with beautiful big hard ons. I had a feeling it was going to be a long and
wonderful evening. The guys just stood and grinned at us until Kaylee took
my hand and led me to the big pad on the floor in the middle of the room.
And then the fun began.

Guys laid down on the mat with us, guys stood over us it seemed like guys
were all over the place. There were cocks in my hands, in my mouth and
very soon in my ass and pussy. I lost count of the loads of cum I took in
every opening in my body and all over my face and tits. It was an hour or
maybe two before the last guy left and Kaylee and I were left lying on the
mat, covered in cum and more or less exhausted. I know I couldn't move and
didn't really want to. But never satisfied Kaylee rolled over to me and
began licking guy cum off my tits. She had me pretty well cleaned up before
Kevin appeared with hot towels.

Even after resting a bit I was still in a sex induced daze. Kaylee led me
by the hand to the car and the three of us headed for home. I slept all
the way and barely remember going into the house and collapsing on the bed.
I fell into a deep and hard slumber after such an active day with my horney

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