Mathew takes Lauren out of a meal, and much more
This story is a piece of fiction, no similarities should be taken with real people or situations.

Mathew smiled when he heard Lauren coming home after school. He smiled because of the surprise he had set up for her. It had been a week since their night together. A week where the limit of their interaction together had been a few kisses, cuddles and the odd holding of hands. However, tonight was going to be different. Tonight Mathew had come up with a plan. Help by fore knowledge of his parents going away for work until late Saturday. During the week he had hunted on line for a nice, romantic restaurant to take Lauren too. One far enough out of town that they would not risk meeting anyone they knew, but close enough to make the trip reasonably. Finally he found one on Wednesday, it was perfect. Out in the country, nice and romantic, and far enough away to be safe. He had immediately booked them a table, specifying one out of the way of the main room. Somewhere a little cosy for them.

Lauren walked into the sitting room where he was sat and stopped, looking at him. She frowned for a moment, as she put her school bag down. Mathew stood smiling at her, saying nothing.

“Why are you smiling like that?” She asked him.

“Because mom and dad are away all night.” He told her, managing to not add the ‘again’ onto the end of his sentence. “And I have booked up a table at a restaurant tonight.” Lauren stared at him her eyes wide. Mathew glanced down at his watch, pointedly. “We need to leave at 6:30 to get there for the booking. So you’ve got about one and a half hours to get ready. If you want us to be on time I suggest you get started.”

“What, that isn’t enough time. I have no idea what to wear. You should have warned me.” Lauren snapped turning to head out the sitting room, stripping herself of her school uniform as she went. “I’ve got to have a shower first, and my hair will take ages to dry.” She added over her shoulder as she removed her school blouse. Mathew ignored her comments, more interested in watching her strip. If it was not for the set time of the booking he would have followed her upstairs. He was certain that all she would do now is tell him to get lost. Normally it took her a good two hours to get ready for a proper night out. So he was interested to see how she managed.

He heard her start up the shower and sat down, unlike Lauren he did not need ages to get ready. As he watched TV he could hear her moving around in her room. It sounded like she was scurrying around desperately. Mathew could not resist smiling to himself as he imagined her burrowing in her wardrobe for the perfect dress. Finally he decided it was time he got ready. For him it was a lot easier, he had chosen his clothing during the week. He had a quick shower and shave. Then grabbed the check shirt and chinos that he had already picked out. A short mess around to get his hair looking right, a splash of his best aftershave and he was ready. Lauren was still moving around in her room, so he headed down stairs. At a quarter pasted six he headed into the hall to call Lauren down. She had beat him too it, just reaching the bottom of the stairs. Mathew stopped and gaped at her in sheer wonder.

She wore a cream dress that was cut off on one shoulder. It had silver twist embellishments around the waist and neck. It looked a lot like something you would see in ancient Greece or Rome. Lauren had added to that effect by plaiting her mousy brown hair in a kind of Greekish style. The hem of the dress hung down only part way down her thigh, showing off her sexy legs. The black high heeled shoes she was wearing did amazing things to her legs, and amazing things to his libido. The added height along with some carefully put on make up seemed to add at least three to four years to her appearance, making her look eighteen and not fourteen years as she was. As well as adding to her beautiful face, bringing the red tinge to her brown eyes perfectly. She smiled at his reaction, giving him a slow turn so he could see the whole effect. Mathew swallowed hard, forcing himself to remember the booking rather than simply taking her then and there. They had plenty of time for him to remove the dress and see what was underneath. He tried to speak, but his throat was too tight, he coughed and tried again.

“You look stunning babe.” He managed to say, without his voice croaking once.

“Thank you I wanted to look my best for you.”

“Trust me Lauren you look so good, but we had better get going.” Mathew said he could hear the lust in his voice. From the look in Lauren’s eyes she heard it too. She walked past him to grab her small waistcoat and purse. Mathew led her into the garage. She headed straight to his mini, Mathew smiled as he walked passed it towards his dad’s Jaguar. Lauren looked at him, her face showing her shock as he opened the door.

“Dad will kill you if he knows you’ve taken his jag.” She said to him.

“He shouldn’t have me on his insurance then.”

“That’s only so you can take it out to give it a quick run around while he’s away.”

“Well he’s away, and I’m giving it a run around for him.” Lauren looked at him with a slight look of disgust at his comment. “Look babe, I want tonight to be extra special for you. The mini is ok, but the jag is special. After all this is our first date together.” He told her, her eyes widened and he heard the soft intact of breath. Then she blinked, biting her bottom lip.

“Oh I hadn’t thought of that.” She gasped as she moved away from the mini. Mathew quickly opened the door for her, helping her into the jag. Before carefully closing it and heading round to the drivers side. He opened the garage door with the controller and slowly backed out. Triggering the doors to close he set off to the restaurant.

As it turned out they arrived almost ten minutes early for the booking. Mathew pulled up on the car park and quickly shot round to let Lauren out. She smiled up at him as he helped her up. Then Lauren turned to look at the restaurant with a soft gasp. Mathew smiled knowing he had picked a good place for their first date. The building had once been a large coach house, which had been converted to a restaurant. It was very well reviewed, from what he had seen on the net. Having various stars that meant nothing to him, but seemed to be a big thing in restaurants.

“It’s beautiful.” Lauren said in an almost whisper.

“Just like you are.” Mathew told her instantly, receiving a smile in reply. He placed his hand on her back and guided her across the car park towards the front doors. They were met by the maitre’d at the door, who took the name then directed them to the bar for drinks while they waited. Mathew orders a beer while Lauren had a vodka and lemonade. The barman served her without even blinking an eye, the effect of her clothing etc was so good at making her look older than she was. They found a seat and waited, dead on the time they were invited through.

They were led through the restaurant to a table in one slightly secluded corner, perfectly romantic spot. Their waiter left them with the menu and headed off to do other work. Mathew looked at the menu and winced. He was glad he had made sure his account was fairly full, the prices were high. But all of the meals sounded very fancy. For a short while neither of them spoke, both focusing on the menu. Then Mathew put his down, glancing round at the room.

“I take it you like my choice for our first date then.” He asked her, she looked at him with a smile.

“I absolutely love it Mathew, it’s so perfectly romantic. She told him leaning towards him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Anything else was forestalled by the return of their waiter. They told him their order and he vanished again. Lauren reached over to place her hand on Mathews, softly squeezing it. He curled his fingers around hers, holding her hand for a moment. The pair began to chat, simply talking. Not like brother and sister however, instead like they were dating. Complements, flirting, simply chitchat. All the normal things that people say and do on a date.

Lauren was the one doing more of the flirting, for the simple reason she knew her dress had affected him. The way he looked was also having an effect on her. With his dark hair simply styled, his shirt clinging nicely to his chest. The look of love in his dark eyes when ever he glanced at her was sending ripples of feeling through her. She also had to get him back for simply dropping this on her. She gently began to run her leg up his during their main course. All the time looking completely innocent as she slid her leg higher up him. The look on his face told her he was not buying her innocent act at all. The way he kept shifting also told her the effect she was having on him. Then she lent over to kiss him on the lips, nothing too hard, but a very lingering kiss. Mathew gave a soft murmur as she pulled away, Lauren turned to hide the smile on her face. Then she felt his hand drop to her leg, softly squeezing her thigh. She smiled up at him as he softly rubbed at her leg for a moment. He lifted his hand for a short while, to eat a bit more of the very nice looking steak he had chosen. Before again dropping his hand on her thigh. This time he moved it higher, pushing the hem of her skirt up. She looked at him, before glancing around. She realised that no one could see what he was doing because of the positioning of their table. He smiled seductively at her as he ran his hand along her thigh. All the time pushing her dress up further, until it was around her hip.

He left it like that while they finished off their meals. Waiting until the waiter had taken away their plates before sliding his hand up her leg. Lauren gasped softly as she felt him pushing his hand between her legs. He kept up a façade, chatting as if he was not doing anything untoward under the table. Lauren struggled to copy him as she felt his fingers sliding along her thigh towards her pussy. There was no way he was going to finger her here was there. Soon she realised that was exactly what he was going to do. By now his hand was too far up her leg to stop him without drawing attention to his actions.

Lauren fought not to gasp as he began to run his finger along the thin material of her panties. Just the merest touch made her wet. Her pussy suddenly feeling very warm. He smiled at her with a cheeky look on his face. Letting her know he could tell how her body was reacting. He pressed harder at her, sliding his fingers along her pussy. Lauren pressed her lips tightly together to keep in a soft moan at the touch of his fingers on her. She fought to keep herself still, so as to not let on what he was doing to her. His smile became almost vicious as he pushed her panties aside. Now his fingers were probing at her flesh, rubbing hard along her pussy. He glanced round and smiled. Lauren followed his gaze, the waiter was returning with their deserts. Mathew chose that moment to push his finger into her. Sliding it along the top of her pussy, as far into her as he could.

Lauren clamped her mouth shut to hold in the murmur as the waiter reached their table. Mathew happily spoke to him as the man deposited their deserts on the table. All the time Mathew was sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. Lauren held herself ridged, not daring to move in case she let slip what was being done to her. Which, considering the effect Mathew’s finger was having on her, was proving mighty hard.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” The waiter asked Mathew took a moment to consider. As he did he ran his finger up to curl it around her clit. Lauren could not stop the soft shudder that ran through her.

“Not that I can think of, can you babe.” Mathew said to her, still running his finger around her clit. Lauren shook her head quickly, not daring to talk. “No, I think we are fine thank you.” Mathew said to the waiter, who thankfully left them alone. Lauren had no idea if he had realised what was happening. If he had then he had shown no reaction to it. Mathew looked over at Lauren, his eyes glinting with amusement.

“Problem talking babe.” He asked her.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Lauren hissed to him.

“Did what, this.” He pushed two fingers into her, “or this.” He ran his finger back up to circle her clit.

“Oh god stop, otherwise I’m going to make a fool of myself.” Lauren hissed to him. Mathew gave a soft laugh, but thankfully removed his hand. He reached over to scoop up some of her cream with the finger that had just been inside her. Then he offered her his finger. Lauren licked it clean, considering biting as she did. Mathew laughed again at the look on her face. Before turning back to his desert.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve wanted to do that all night.” He told her as he scooped up a spoonful of desert.

“You have to wait till the waiter came didn’t you.” Lauren snarled back, Mathew shrugged.

“Couldn’t resist the chance babe.”

“I’ll get you back for that.” She told him, he smiled back at her.

“I’ll look forwards to it.” Then they focused on their deserts. Like the rest of the meal they were fantastic. She had to admit Mathew had chosen a perfect place for their first date. The food was wonderful and the surroundings delightfully romantic. They finished their deserts and Mathew paid the bill. Then he pulled out her chair, being the perfect considerate date again. Only she could see the lust in his eyes, and knew what was in store for her later. The shiver that ran down her spine was one of excitement. He took her arm and they left, heading to the car together. Once at the car Lauren turned to kiss him, giving him a short but full on kiss.

Mathew soon had them on their way back towards home. Driving along the dark country lanes. Lauren looked over at him as he focused on the road ahead. She reached down to quickly slide her hand between his legs. Rubbing it over his cock. Mathew gasped and she felt the car twitch slightly. She smiled to herself.

“Careful, don’t want to drive dad’s jag into the hedge do you.” She told him, rubbing her hand harder against him. Mathew’s only response was a soft grunt. She could feel him hardening under her hand. Rubbing her fingers along him she brought him fully erect. His hard cock pressing against her palm through his chinos. Lauren considered leaving it at that, then thought better. She moved her hand up to the zip, undoing it. Mathew flicked his gaze over at her for a moment in shock as she pushed her hand into his trousers. Quickly releasing his cock, wrapping her hand around it.

“Shit!” Mathew gasped as she slid her fingers along him. Lauren smiled wondering how much further she could push him before he lost it fully. She had one last card to play. Sliding the seatbelt over her head she twisted round to face him. Then bent forwards to lower he head down towards his cock.

“God Lauren, what the fuck.” Mathew gasped as she slipped her lips over his cock, sucking hard on him. She felt the car slow, then Mathew made a sharp right turn. The car bounced as they went off the road. She looked up suddenly afraid she had made him crash. Instead she saw that he was driving along a track beside a field. After a short while he pulled up then turned to look at her.

“We’re you trying to get us killed.” He said sharply, Lauren shook her head.

“We’re you trying to get us kicked out of the restaurant.” She replied, “I warned you I’d get you back.”

“There are less dangerous ways to do it.”

“But not many that are nicer, or don’t’t you enjoy me sucking on you.”

“Of course I enjoy it babe, just not at sixty in the dark.” Lauren smiled seductively at him.

“We’re not doing sixty now.” She told him, wrapping her fingers around him again. He gasped softly as she did.

“No you’re right there, just please don’t do that again. I nearly hit the bush rather than get onto the track here.” He told her, she nodded slowly. Then again lowered her head down to slide her mouth over him. He gave a soft murmur of pleasure as she took his cock in her mouth. She slid her lips down him, sucking hard on him. Moving her mouth along him slowly, just enjoying hearing him moaning as she did. She felt him curl his fingers over her head. Could feel him pressing downwards gently. Sensed the restrain he was using not to push her lower on him, just like the other day. This time however Lauren was more prepared. As she felt him push softly on her head she allowed herself to be pushed down. It took him a moment to realise she was not resisting at all. When he did she felt him push a bit harder, as if testing if he had truly felt her giving him permission. She let him push her down on him, taking more of him into her mouth. He rested both hands on her head and firmly pushed down. Lauren let herself take all of him into her mouth, allowing him to push her head down onto him. Sucking on him deeply, until she felt her lips touching the base of his cock. She held her mouth around him for as long as she could, before pulling back.

He wrapped his hands around her plait as she moved her mouth along him. Not pushing her down any longer, just letting her go at her own pace. Lauren slid her mouth down him again, and again. Each time taking him fully into her. Wrapping her lips around the base of his cock, and sucking hard on him. Before sliding her lips back up him. Now she knew she could do it she was able to work on making it as enjoyable for him as she could. Moving quickly along him, licking his cock all over. Then going slower, sucking harder on him. Sliding her lips down to swallow all of him in her mouth. Making herself take every last millimetre of him in her mouth.

“Oh god Lauren, that’s so good.” He hissed his fingers wrapped tightly around her plait. He moaned deeply each time she sucked him into her mouth. She felt his cock throb as she licked her tongue over the head. “Unn, baby you’re going to make me cum.” He hissed to her after a short while. Lauren increased her movements, sucking harder on him. Sliding her mouth down him fully, then back up again, then again.

“Oh fuck baby, fuck yes.” Mathew groaned as she felt his body tighten under her. She held her mouth still, her lips wrapped around him. Sucking hard on him until his cum pumped out into her mouth. She murmured in pleasure then swallowed his hot cum. Letting it slide down her throat. Hearing his groans of pleasure as he emptied himself into her mouth. Once he had finished he pulled her head up to kiss her hard on the lips. Only then did she realise he had lowered the roof on the car. Why she was not sure, but did not mind. The moonlight was romantic as it shone down on them. She felt him pushing her back into her seat. All the time he was kissing her hard. When she felt his tongue press against her lips she opened them. He snaked his tongue into her mouth, curling it around her own. His fingers curled around her breasts, squeezing them firmly. Then he reached up to the neck of her dress, pulling it down. She saw the look in his eyes when he saw she was not wearing a bra. He gazed at her breasts for a few seconds, as if mesmerised by them.

Lauren wished that she had bigger breasts than she did, ones that were fuller. Hers were small buds of flesh rather than full breasts. Then pushed out of her chest, each topped with an upturned dark nipple. Mathew did not seem to care that there were not round, full, large. He lent forwards to draw one into his mouth. Sucking hard on it, licking his tongue over it. Lauren hissed deep in her throat at the sensation. He moved to do the same to her other breast. Moving between them, licking them all over and sucking hard on them. Lauren moaned softly at the pleasure his mouth was causing her. Then she felt his hand sliding between her legs.

He rubbed at her pussy, pushing her panties aside to get at her fully. Lauren gasped as his fingers ran up her pussy. Then he pushed two fingers deep into her. She gave a soft cry as he probed inside her, sliding his fingers in and out. She lent back in the seat, enjoying the feel of his fingers inside her. For a minute or so he continued to finger her, all the time sucking and licking her breasts. Then she felt him pushing the seat as far back as he could. He climbed over to kneel in between her legs, pulled her panties down. She sensed what he wanted to do. Lifting her legs up she placed them on the dashboard above his head. Shifting she made it easier for him to get to her pussy. She watched as he lowered his head between her legs. Lauren bit down on her lip as she felt him licking at her. His tongue sliding along her pussy lips, before probing into her. Lauren moaned, deep in her throat as he began to lick inside her. His tongue probing deeply, licking at her fast. She could hear the soft murmurs of pleasure coming from him as he tasted her. She moaned in reply at the pleasure of his tongue inside her. Leaning back in the seat, her hands on her thighs to hold her legs up.

Then he moved to lick at her clit, his tongue flicking over it. Lauren gave a sharp mew of feeling. He curled his tongue around it, licking at it. She dug her fingers into her thighs as she felt him pulling her clit free from the small hood around it. Flicking the tip of his tongue rapidly over it.

“Oh god baby, yes baby lick my clit.” She moaned as he began to lick harder at her. His tongue rapidly moving over her clit. Sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She could feel her legs shaking with each lick at her. Her fingers dug into her thighs, holding her legs as still as she could. She chewed on her bottom lip, gasping and mewing as he licked at her. When he pushed two fingers into her she cried out, bucking slightly on the seat. He reached up to press her back down. His hand on her stomach, holding her still as he licked at her.

“Yes, oh god yes, you’re going to make me cum Mathew, oh god yes.” Lauren moaned as he kept up the pressure on her. Licking his tongue over her clit, thrusting his two fingers deeply into her pussy. She struggled to hold off, to enjoy his tongue longer. Soon however the need to cum was too strong. With a wild cry she fell into her orgasm. Gasping loudly as pleasure flashed through her, every nerve seeming to fire at once. Only his hand on her stomach holding her down. She arched into the seat, crying out with the passion of her orgasm.

Before the orgasm ended she felt him pushing upwards. He hooked her legs in his arms, lifting them up as he moved. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard. She felt his cock pushing against her, then he rammed into her. She grunted at the force of his thrust. Gasping as he began to fuck her, thrusting in and out. His hard cock stretching her pussy open with each thrust. Slamming as far into her as he could. She reached out to grab his buttocks, pulling herself up to meet his thrusts. He was kissing her face and neck, gasping hard as he fucked her. His cock buried deep inside her with each hard thrust.

She clung to him, gasping hard at the feel of him ramming into her. He groaned, gasped as he fought to keep his momentum. Ramming in and out with long deep thrusts. Slamming into her, pushing her into the seat behind her. Lauren moaned, cried out with the power of his thrusts. He was almost bending her in two he was fucking her so hard. He pushed her legs upwards, her feet nearly wrapped around her head. It was only the suppleness in her body from gymnastics at school that was stopping him from hurting her. She could see the look of sheer lust in his eyes, knew her eyes matched him. She pushed upwards, meeting his thrusts with her own.

“Lauren, baby you’re so tight like this.” He groaned to her as he continued to thrust into her.

“Yes, Mathew do it baby. Fuck me hard baby.” Lauren gasped back as her body began to react to the repeated thrusts. Heat flashing through her, building within her. “Oh, oh, fuck, oh going to… GOD FUCK!” She squealed as his thrusts triggered a second orgasm. Her body jolted upwards into his thrusts as flashes of fire shot along her nerves. She screamed out her pleasure, clawing at his back as she came. He grunted hard and increased the speed of his thrusts sharply. Ramming into her wildly, deeply.

“Lauren, god Lauren, Lauren.” He gasped as his thrusts grew into rapid uncontrolled movements. Slamming himself into her repeatedly. He was calling out her name as he rammed in and out. He buried his face in her neck as she felt his go tight around her. With one final massive thrust he slammed into her as he came. Lauren mewed in pleasure as she felt his cum pump into her body. He groaned, whispering her name as he came. His body shaking at the power of his orgasm. Holding himself fully buried inside her body until he totally emptied his cum into her. Then he slid out of her and pulled back. Somehow managing to clamber back over to his seat. Lauren winced slightly as she gingerly lowered her legs. They throbbed from the position he had been holding them in, her body felt sore but so good after his hard fucking. She sat upright looking over at him, he was gasping on the seat beside her. Gazing at her with such lust and love in his face it took her breath away.

“You seem to be making a habit of that.” She whispered to him, he looked confused so she explained. “Starting to fuck me before I’ve finished cumming from you licking me out. You did it last week and now again today.”

“Sorry, I can’t help myself.” He said with a small giggle. “By the time I’ve made you cum I just need to be in you.”

“I’m not complaining, it’s nice that you want me that much. And that’s twice you’ve made me cum during sex. No other guy has done that.” She saw him frown, and guessed that he might not like hearing that she had been with other lads. She quickly reached over to kiss him on the cheek. “As I said, I like it, and I definitely like the orgasm that seems to follow it.” He smiled to her and she knew he was ok. They took a few minutes to gather their breath, Lauren leaning over to lay her head on his shoulder. Mathew curling his arm around her to hold her close to him.

“I’ve got a question for you.” He asked her after a few minutes holding her close to him. Lauren looked up at him.

“What?” She replied, Mathew took a moment. To make sure he phrased the question right.

“I was just wondering how you learnt to take my cock in your mouth like that. Last week I was certain you couldn’t do it. Now you’ve been ok with it, how.”

“That’s because of Amanda.” He looked surprised so she explained more. “When I told her that I thought you’d like me to take more of you she suggested I practice doing it. So I have been all week.”


“Using a vibrator she gave me.”

“Amanda gave you a vibrator; your lesbian friend gave you a vibrator. You sure she’s not fishing for something.” Lauren laughed in reply.

“Oh no, her mom is very liberal about sex. She was the first person Amanda told when she first thought she was gay. And her mom has brought her a couple of vibrators, so she could have fun herself while looking for a girlfriend. She’s never used the one so gave it too me. And I’ve been making myself swallow as much of it as I can all week. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s bigger than you. So taking your cock was easy.” Mathew tried not to feel put out by that, but realised that without seeing the device he could not say if she was insulting him or not. Instead he nodded, then thought of another question he wanted to ask her.

“Ok by me, one more thing. I know you’ve been interested in me for a while.”

“More like months.” That made him smile.

“So have you had any dreams or fantasies about me in that time?” Lauren nodded softly, “what are they? If you don’t mind me asking?” She shrugged softly before replying.

“There’s kind of two main ones I’ve been having. The first has you waking me up in the morning. You kiss me awake, gently running your hands over me. Then you lift my nightdress up and we make love.”

“Sounds nice and the second.”

“That’s a bit more wild I’d guess. I’m in the shower and you come in the bathroom and see me. You quickly strip and join me in the shower. Then you begin to touch me, fingering me, licking me out. Before we fuck hard and fast. That’s one for when I’m really horny or miffed at you.” She finished with a blush.

“Does that ever include you sucking on me; it sounds a more full on dream.” She mulled that over for a moment.

“Not directly, but I guess I’d probably say it would be in there somewhere. It is a more sex fantasy, the first is kind of a romantic dream really.”

“Romantic is nice, they both sound great. I may have to see what I can do about them.” The look on Lauren’s face made him smile.

“You’d really do that for me.”

“Yes babe, I’ll do any fantasy you want me too.” She smiled at him and snuggled into him tighter.

“Do you have any fantasies about me?” She asked after a couple of seconds.

“You’ve nearly done mine for me last weekend. When you let me fuck you in your school uniform.”

“Nearly, why what didn’t we do.”

“Well my fantasy has me doing that over the breakfast bar in the kitchen.”

“Oh, really.”

“Yeah, and I also fuck you in the ass.” He said carefully, expecting her to react negatively.

“What, in my ass. You want to fuck my ass, really.” Her reaction was not the one he expected. She sounded almost interested in the idea. He nodded slowly, waiting to see what she did. “God, I’ve never done that before.” She said after a moments thought.

“You mean you don’t mind that I want to fuck your ass.” She shook her head.

“No, why should I.”

“Oh no, not if you don’t want to. It’s just that I’ve know women who’d run screaming at just the hint a guy wanted to go near their ass.” Lauren looked surprised by that.

“Why, it’s just like sex right.”

“Yeah, but they think it’s dirty or disgusting. They think any guy who suggests it is a perv.” Lauren laughed softly.

“God, sex is dirty, and as for disgusting. There’s a lot of people who’d say what we just did is disgusting. I think it was wonderful, and amazing. So stuff that idea.” She tipped her head to one side, looking up at him. “Do you want to fuck my ass now?” Now it was Mathew’s turn to be surprised.

“Erm, well yeah I, yes I do. But I don’t think we could.”


“I’d want to make sure there was some sort of erm, lubricant I suppose. To make it easier for you. Otherwise I might hurt you, and I’d never want to do that babe.” He told her.

“What kind of lubricant?”

“Not sure, something that makes your ass slippy. It needs to be wet like when I’m in your pussy.” She nodded, thought about it for a moment, then picked up her purse. Opening it she fished around inside for a minute.

“Aha, will this do.” She said pulling out a tube of hand cream. “It’s for keeping hands supple, so should be good at acting like a lubricant I think.”

“I’m not sure, is it ok to use inside you.” She shrugged.

“Pass no idea. But, it’s un-perfumed and colourless so I doubt there’s that much to irritate us. And for one time I don’t think it will hurt. Just as long as we don’t intend on using it a loads.”

“Well, if you’re sure about it. And are ok to risk it then it’s fine by me.” She nodded, handing the tube over to him.

“I’m more than fine, it sound kind of fun. Doing something that other girls might think is dirty.” She smiled and he could see the flash of excitement in her eyes. “How do we do this then?”

“Erm, well you’ll have to bend over something so I can get to your ass. Then I’ll put the cream on to your ass and my cock. Then I’ll fuck you with it.”

“It won’t be too painful will it? You said it might hurt.”

“I’ll go slow at first, and if it does hurt too much just tell me and I’ll stop.” She nodded then surprised him by climbing out of the car. When she went and bent over the bonnet he realised what she was doing.

“Is this ok for you?” She said with a seductive look on her face.

“It should be perfect babe.” Mathew told her, climbing out of the car. He walked round to her then stopped to just look at her. She was bent forwards over the bonnet of the car. The top of her dress still pulled down to her waist. He could see her small breast almost touching the car. In the moonlight she looked so hot. He took a breath and walked round behind her. Lifting the hem of her dress up to expose her ass. He ran his hands down her legs, feeling the tightness from the position and her heels. Then he ran his hands over her buttocks, parting them to look down at the small star of her anus.

“You look so hot babe, I can’t believe you’re letting me do this.” He told her, she smiled back at him over her shoulder.

“I want you to do it.” She said her voice excited. He quickly undid the tube and squirted some of the cream onto his finger. Rubbing a large dollop of it against her ass. Then he squirted more onto his cock. Rubbing it all over, until his cock was slick with it. Only then did he move towards her. Guiding himself to the small entrance of her ass. Pressing himself against it, then slowly pushing forwards. Lauren hissed softly as he began to push into her. He watched her ass opening around him. As he pushed into her he found that she was a lot tighter than he expected. He had to push harder than he wanted to get into her. Lauren grunted softly as he pushed forwards. For a few seconds he was not sure he could get into her. Then suddenly he pushed forwards, his cock sliding right into her. His cock buried totally into her ass.

“Shit!” Lauren grunted as he filled her.

“You ok babe.” He asked quickly, she nodded.

“Just don’t move for a bit, your so big in me.” She told him over her shoulder. He nodded, holding very still.

“I didn’t mean to push like that, but your ass is tighter than I expected it to be.”

“That’s ok, it was just a bit painful then.” She told him, then after a couple of seconds nodded. “Ok you can move a bit if you want, but slowly.” He nodded, then slowly pulled back. Feeling her ass clinging to his cock as he did. He held himself just inside her, before pushing slowly back into her. This time it was a bit easier to enter her. “Fuck me.” Lauren hissed as he slid back into her. He repeated the movement, first pulling out then pushing back in. Slowly sliding himself in and out of her ass. As he did he could feel it becoming easier to move inside her.

“Is that ok babe.” He said to her, she nodded over her shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s fine now. You can try going a bit faster if you want.” She told him, he carefully increased the speed. Moving in and out of her. “Shit, oh fuck.” She gasped, chewing on her lip for a moment. He slowed again, but she shook her head. “No keep going, it just stung a little when you went a bit faster.” She told him, so he pushed in again at the same speed. Sliding in and out of her. She gasped softly, then groaned deeply.

“Faster, try a faster.” She hissed to him, he increased the speed again. She grunted and closed her eyes tight for a second. “Oh shit, it stings when you first speed up but eases afterwards.” She gestured to him to go a bit faster. By now he was sliding in and out in a fairly rapid tempo. Her ass still felt tight around him, but he was sliding in and out a lot easier. She took a deep breath in then looked back at him again.

“Right, go for it. Fuck me properly now.” She said in a rush.

“Are you sure it’s not hurting.” Mathew asked, not wanting to push to hard.

“Does it look like you’re hurting me.” She said to him, and truthfully it did not look like it. “Yes it stings when you speed up, but after that it feels fine. Strange, but fine. Not like having you in my pussy, but it’s still nice. So I want you to do it properly, go on, fuck me.”

“If you’re sure then ok.” He told her, before beginning to thrust hard into her. Pushing his cock in and out with strong deep thrusts.

“Oh fuck, Christ, unn.” Lauren gasped, arching her head back. “Shit don’t stop baby, don’t stop.” She said quickly before Mathew could slow down. He continued to thrust into her. Sliding his cock in and out, thrusting deep into her ass. “Oh god, yes, unn babe, babe.” Lauren began to gasp, “that feels good. Oh keep going, fuck my ass babe.” She told him, looking back at him over her shoulder. He kept up the speed of the thrusts, pushing in and out of her. Slowly increasing the speed of his thrusts, fucking her ass harder now.

“Lauren, oh shit you’re ass feels so good around me.” He told her.

“Oh fuck me, that feels so good. Oh Mathew, fuck me properly please. God do it, I’m so enjoying it.” Lauren said back to him. He did, beginning to thrust into her harder. Ramming in and out of her hard. Burying his cock deep inside her. She arched her back, moaning in pleasure. “Yes, yes, fuck me yes.” She cried out as he continued to ram into her ass. Mathew was heading towards his peak, unable to hold back any longer.

“Oh god Lauren, I’m loosing it baby. God I’m loosing it.” He hissed to her, before he felt his control break. With a snarl he began to ram into her. Reaching up to grab her hair with his one hand, his other reaching under her to paw at her breast. Lauren arched back against him as he rammed up into her. She reached one hand down to her pussy, he could see her begin to finger herself hard.

“Oh fuck, shit, fuck.” She squealed as he pounded her ass. “Oh god, Christ yes baby. Fuck me baby, harder, harder.” Mathew was stunned by just how much his little sister was enjoying him fuck her ass like this. He grabbed both breasts, pawing roughly at them as he continued to ram into her. Slamming his cock deep inside her ass. He could feel her body shaking each time he entered her. She was mewing in pleasure, her fingers rubbing at her pussy hard. He could feel her pushing back against him as he rammed into her.

“God, Lauren oh fuck I’m close, I’m close.” He hissed to her.

“Please no, hold off, just a moment please oh god I’m about to…” Lauren hissed back, then he felt her stiffing against him. To his total amazement she was coming with him in her ass. The sensation of her body cumming around his cock was too much for him. With a wild cry he slammed into her with all his strength, cumming inside her ass as he did.

“OHMYGOD!” Lauren squealed as he did.

“Fuck, fuck Lauren, fuck.” Mathew grunted as he pumped his cum into her ass. Pushing forwards, pinning her into the bonnet of the car. Lauren groaned, mewed deeply as he held himself in her. He stayed buried inside her until he had emptied every last drop of cum. Then he pulled back with a gasp. Lauren gave a soft hiss as he pulled out. Leaning forwards over the car bonnet, gasping for breath. Mathew moved to beside her, clinging to the car to remain standing. Neither of them did anything except gasp for breath for a couple of minutes, then Mathew glanced over at Lauren.

“God, I can’t believe you came.” He told her, she looked up at him. Her face and neck still flushed, her eyes slightly wild.

“I told you I was enjoying it.” She gasped to him.

“What was it like.”

“Like sex, but not if that make sense.” He shook his head. “I’m not sure how to explain it. It felt like sex, your cock was right in me. But it felt strange as well, as if you were pushing into my back. The feeling was going straight up my spine. “

“And I didn’t hurt you at all.”

“Not really, yes it was painful a bit when you first started. And each time you went faster that was, like, sharp in me. But once I got used to it I enjoyed it. Boy did I enjoy it, you felt so much thicker in my ass. I could feel each thrust in a different way. Not better than sex, nothing is better than sex. Just different, good different. As in you can do that to me again.” Mathew laughed gently.

“Any time you like.” He had a sudden thought. “Could that be included in your shower fantasy then.” Lauren smiled up at him.

“Definitely, most definitely.” Mathew smiled back at her. “And any time you want to bend me over the breakfast bar and do my ass, you can.” She added, leaning up to kiss him hard on the lips. He responded kissing her back, then she pulled away.

“I think we had better head back. Before we get stuck out here and have to explain why you got dad’s jag stuck in the mud.” She said to him, reluctantly Mathew agreed. He headed round to find his trousers from in the car. Lauren pulled her dress back into some sort of order, then climbed into her seat. “And of course, the quicker we get home the quicker you get to undress me again.” She said to him with a cheeky smile. Mathew slammed the car in reverse, nearly driving it off the other side of the road in his hurry to get home.

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