The afternoon with Amanda continues
Chapter 2. Princess’ surprise.

Amanda, my princess, who had picked me up in the hotel’s bar, shown me porn on the hotel’s intra-net and expressed her wish to taste my cum, had her wish fulfilled as I just shot a big load of juice Jizz into her mouth. She swallowed and made my day. She was very happy and asked to do it again; but I had to rest first.

What also made me happy is she admitted to being twelve and that I was not about to fuck some little nine or ten year old, even though she looks that young. The virgin was going to get fucked; she just did not know it yet.

“Princess, come sit on my lap”, I tell her. Sitting on the edge of the bed naked, I lift her up facing me and snuggle her into my lap. Her legs clamp around my waist and she rocks her damp pussy onto my flaccid cock. Even touching her pussy with it does not make my cock twitch, yet. Leaning forward, I nibble on her lips and butterfly kiss her, slowly entering my tongue between her lips. She parts her lips and we play tongues for a few minutes.

Slowly, I move my kisses down and suck her little hard nipples, which makes Mandy moan quietly; rocking her hips and grabbing my hair. Her nipples are true “pink babies” standing up on a small area of pink and just large enough to suck. Her breasts swell up a little and give me a nice very small handful to play with. I know what I am going to do next, but first I have to have a conversation with Mandy, so I slow my ministrations and let her cool down a little.

“Uncle Jack, what are we going to do next?” she wants to know as she grins and rubs her pussy against my cock. Her face is surrounded by blond curls and her mouth forms an ‘O’ when my cock twitches in response. “Mandy, like in that movie, I am going to fuck your ass till you bleed and pass out!” is my very stern reply. Mandy’s blue eyes get wide; she blinks a couple of times and a tear slowly runs down her cheek.

“But that will hurt really, really bad”, she whispers. “Yes it will”, I say and ask her if I have her attention now. She nods her head and her legs grab me tighter around my waist. So I explain the facts of life to her; this time she was lucky and met a gently guy who wants her first experience to be wonderful. I want her to imagine if she had picked the wrong guy who would just rape every hole mercilessly and maybe even beat her or kill her.

This is reality, not the porn movies. It really makes her think; her face is serious and she hugs me tightly. I explain to my princess I make one trip every month to this hotel and we can meet again, if she promises not to pick up guys. A big smile comes to her face and she exclaims, “I promise, Uncle Jack. I do!”

“Mandy, I need something to drink, what do you want?” I ask. She’d really like another whiskey, but not the strong one. “Ok, but we have to be careful so you don’t get blitzed or your mother will notice.” I go to the bar and fix the drinks and we share them. I ask Mandy, “Speaking of your mom, when will she be home?” She tells me that mom is promptly home at 5:30 p.m. and often they will go out to eat because mom does not like to cook. Mandy explains her own cooking skills are getting better to make up for her mom.

“Would you like to see her picture?” she asks and I answer, “Sure”. Mandy gets the laptop, puts it back on the desk and tells me to sit in the chair. She jumps into my lap again, wiggles her butt to get my naked, limp cock positioned just right, and starts on the keyboard. A minute later she has pulled up a social networking site and her mom’s homepage. “That’s my mom, Lisa Ann”, I am told as I look at her page. About twelve tiny pictures are lined up along with some basic information, like her favorite music. Amanda clicks the first picture; it shows her and mom in front of a fountain, a normal tourist picture.

“I call her Lisa most of the time when we are out, because people think we are cousins or something. Never mother and daughter”, Mandy tells me. I can readily see why; Lisa looks like a teenager who stopped growing at age sixteen. She is not much taller than Mandy, maybe about five feet and six inches. She is slender, but seems to have large breasts. The next pic is a professional head shot and the full-screen view is fantastic. Lisa is beautiful, with jet black hair cut in a short bob, her dark eyes sparkle in the pro lighting and glossy lips make her look like one of the glamorous TV weather girls. I am speechless.

The last few pics are on a beach and show the two girls in bikinis. With Lisa’s short statute her breasts do seem large and I guess at 36C’s. They stand straight out without any sag; plus her butt matches by jutting out very nicely and shapely. Amanda watches my gawking and just laughs at me while moving slowly back and forth on my cock. It twitches right back at her as I stare at Lisa’s nipples. They poke out sharply through her bikini top.

“So what do you think, do you want to meet her?” Amanda asks. “Of course”, I reply. Amanda clicks the keyboard, pulls up e-mail and types a note to her mom. “We have a dinner date this evening”, she states to me. The note to her mom says Lisa Ann has a dinner date with a handsome guy who will be her new boyfriend. See picture attached.

“Smile”, Mandy says as she gets ready to take a picture with the computer. I grab her hand and shout, “I don’t think your mom will appreciate a picture of us naked. She may have a heart attack right then.” “Just fooling, put a shirt on”, Mandy laughs. We go into the bathroom and Mandy watches as I get cleaned up and put on a shirt. I have her stay in the bathroom to be sure that she will not show up on my picture by accident. At the computer, I take three pics and let Mandy pick the one she wants to e-mail to her mom.

After the e-mail is sent, Mandy mentions I should remove our newly made movie from my computer. She takes a look in my briefcase and finds two new memory sticks and copies the movie. “One for you and one for me, Uncle Jack”, she says. I just watch as her fingers fly over the keyboard. “Ready to delete the movie?” she asks and I tell her lets watch the last few minutes. She starts the movie near the end and it shows my princess lying on her back with my cock slowly moving into her throat down to the root.

Mandy has climbed back in my lap as we look at the screen. She reaches between her legs and massages the tip of my cock and her pussy at the same time with long slow strokes. This time it is my breathing picking up, especially when we come to the scene where I shoot my load of Jizz into the mouth of my blonde princess. “Hit delete”, I moan and carry Amanda back to the bed.

I put her on her back, pillows under her head, so she can watch me. Her legs are dangling over the edge and I get between them and place them on my shoulders. Another pillow goes under her ass, lifting it up right into my face. “Oh yes, Uncle Jack, lick me there and make me cum”, she pleads. Yes Boss, I think as I move my tongue around the inside of her legs, ever so slightly touching the outer lips of her pink pussy. I want to make it last a long time, but Amanda decides to help by putting her fingers on her outer lips and pulling them wide apart.

Her pink inner pussy pulsates and I think I can see her hymen. Several drops of pussy nectar have formed and I go for them with the tip of my tongue. Amanda’s loud gasps surprise me as my tongue hits her inner sanctum. I drill my tongue into her tiny hole and wiggle it back and forth. She immediately responds by rocking her pelvic in a nice fucking motion; I keep on tongue fucking her for several minutes and just enjoy sipping her juices. Amanda has really paid attention to her “cartoons”; we are simu-fucking like pros and she is moaning along.

I don’t like sex movies where the actors do a lot of screaming as if the world was coming to an end, so I really love eating Amanda’s pussy while she is quiet moaning along; just to keep it fun. From tonguing her deeply, I move up to reach for her clit and Mandy moves her fingers up to make the little guy pop out from its hiding place. She is such a good girl.

I have a look at Mandy’s clit and it’s about the size of the end of my pinky finger; actually larger than I expected on her small body and it has turned a bright red. Her clit is ready for fun. I take it between my lips and just gently kiss it to say, “Hello Kitty”. Amanda jerks like lightning has hit and I hear a long, “Oooohh”. I keep nibbling her clit with my lips and then alternate with strokes from my tongue.

In a few minutes Mandy gives me all the signals she is about to climax; her fucking motion is going full speed and her legs are beating my shoulders. Her moaning has increased in volume, too. Her long “Ooohh’s” have changed to panting little squeals. She grabs my head, pushes my lips hard against her clit and shouts, “Suck it hard, now, now”. I really suck hard on her baby clit; pussy juice is streaming into my mouth and Mandy almost comes off the bed with her first hard climax. Her back is arched high into the air. Shaking uncontrollably she falls back on the bed and whimpers. I put her legs onto the bed, get behind her and spoon her into an embrace. Clearly her first major orgasm was much better than she had expected.

My cock is bursting hard and I have to spread Amanda’s legs so that I can lay behind her and hold her. My cock is nestled along her hot pussy lips and I have to really work hard not to just shove it into her up to the hilt. After about five minutes, Amanda rolls over, looks into my eyes and says, “Every time you come to visit, I want you to do this for me, Uncle Jack!” I tell Amanda the first time is what she will remember, so I hope it was special for her. It was really special for me because I did not know a young girl could have such a major climax. We kiss some more and snuggle and gently rub each other’s chests. It is a cooling down for Mandy after her explosion, except I have my hard cock between her legs again.

I am letting my princess set the pace for now. She obviously feels my full size hard cock nestled between her pussy lips and she reaches for it. “Can we do round two now?” she asks smiling and fluttering her eye lashes. “Yes you minx, Uncle Jack is about to explode.” Facing each other and laying on our sides, Mandy starts rocking her pelvis again and sliding my cock against her pussy lips. We do it for several minutes and I grab Mandy’s ass and roll onto my back. Now my cock is still rubbing her pussy lips; but it has Mandy’s full weight on it to give it extra friction.

Mandy sits up on me and pushes her pussy against my cock even harder. Pre-cum and pussy juices have us lubed and we are fucking; but not fucking. However, I notice Mandy keeps sliding up on my body with every stroke and the tip of my cock is not only bumping her clit but also entering her pussy just a little. “Mandy, do you want to swallow my cum or get it in your pussy?” I ask between heavy breaths.

“Whatever you want”, she moans and I am surprised she does not want her cherry popped right now. “Let me save your pussy for later. I want to pop your cherry at a special time”, I whisper into her ear. I tell her I am ready to cum and have her roll over on her back with her head over the edge of the bed, again. I jump up, straddle her head and insert my cock into her mouth. Again, I stroke into her mouth and throat several times; but I am really on the edge. I tell Mandy to breathe deeply and on the next down stroke I push into her throat as deep as I can.

Her throat expands as my snake worms its way all the way down. Holding Mandy’s shoulders I jerk and jerk as I shoot hot Jizz straight into her belly. Her eyes blink a couple of times and she sucks my cock so hard that it hurts. I think she may pass out from lack of air; but she puts her hands behind my legs and pumps me to fuck her throat even harder.

My legs are shaking while I throat fuck my little girl at full speed. I shoot another load of Jizz into Mandy and she taps my legs to signal for a break. Pulling my cock out, she takes a gigantic breath. “Holy smokes, Mandy. I have never seen that done even in a sex movie”, I commend her.

“There is one bitch in a movie who will not fuck guys; but she can take the biggest cocks down her throat. I watched how she does it”, Mandy answers as she breathes deeply.

“Well this was my best cum, ever. I really thank you for the experience. But Mandy, let’s watch the language you learned from the internet, particularly in front of your mom.”

“Only if you can do me a third time, Uncle Jack”, she grins.

to be continued

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