A story with some truth and some fiction

by Slippery Saddle Bum

For my pretty fourteen year old sister and me, the day of discovery would be remembered as the day when her life and mine took a mutually unexpected turn.

The school bus driver had dropped us off and we’d just walked up the sidewalk to our door. Shelly had gotten off ahead of me, so she got to the door first and reached into her purse for her door key. She had an armload of school books and when one of them started to slip, she reacted to catch it and ended up dropping her purse… its contents scattering everywhere. I was coming up behind her so I squatted to start gathering her stuff and the first thing I picked up was what turned out to be a birth control pill dispenser pack. I saw that seven or eight slots were empty and, just then, Shelly realized what I had in my hand. She dropped her books and grabbed for the packet, shrilly yelling, “Give me that!”

At sixteen and about seven inches taller than Shelly, I was quick enough to snatch the dispenser back and strong enough to keep it away from her. She came at me, frantically reaching for it, but I held her back and kept it out of her reach.

After teasing her for a few seconds, I handed it to her and then squatted again to pick up her things. Her face was bright red, so I knew that Shelly was embarrassed as hell over me having seen them but she shoved the pills in her jacket pocket and knelt down to pick up her books. After stuffing everything back into her purse, I handed it to her and used her key to unlock the front door.

After setting her books on the table, she emptied her purse on it and started putting its contents back where they’d been before she dropped it. I watched as she reached into her pocket for the pills and stuffed them deep in one of the purse’s corners. She must have sensed that I was watching her because she looked over at me. When our eyes met, she quickly looked away.

There was no doubt that she was still embarrassed but there was also an “I got caught” look of guilt on her face. When she glanced back at me, I just smiled at her and she looked down. I was enjoying her discomfort but said nothing because I knew that she had to come to me, now, and I was going to enjoy that a lot more. While I’d been watching, I was also thinking, “So Shelly’s taking birth control… hmmm.. Very interesting….”.

After a few seconds of silence, she finally looked back up at me and then, in a pleading voice, said, “Please don’t say anything to Mom and Dad about me having them, Brian. I’ll get in real bad trouble.”

I smiled, instantly knowing that I now had a powerful blackmail weapon to use on her and I knew exactly how I was going to use it. Drawing the words out slowly, I said, “Weeell….. Let me seeee, Shelly… If I don’t saaay anything, what’s it Worrrth to you? … What are Youuu willing to do for Meee?”

A look of pure frustration showed on her face because she knew that she was cornered and was now forced to make a deal with me. I could see that she was thinking fast… looking for a way out but there was only one way out and she knew it. After a few seconds, she looked at me, saying, “I’ll do anything you want, Brian… ANYTHING! Just don’t tell them I have them… Please?!”

Those were exactly the words I was hoping to hear. Without Shelly realizing that I already knew what the most important ‘anything’ was going to be, I looked at her and asked, “How come you’re on the pill, anyway?”

Just then, the obvious answer dawned on me… “Christ! … You’re not screwing that dickhead, Mallory, are you?!” She looked guilty as hell as she quickly and defiantly answered, “That’s none of your business!” I laughed, saying, “Well, it sure as hell is, now, Shelly. . . . Isn’t it?! … Or would you rather have me tell Mom and Dad that you’re taking birth control pills and then you can have Them ask you why?” “NO! Please, Brian. Don’t tell them… Please!” she pleaded, with all the defiance gone from her voice. I said, “Then stop giving me a hard time and answer. How long have you been letting him fuck you?”

She was trapped and she knew it. Finally, in a shamed and defeated voice, she answered, “We’ve only done it two or three times.”

I let out an audible snort and then, with pure disbelief dripping from my words, I asked, “You’re telling me that you can’t remember whether it was two times… or if it was three?? . . . Hmmmm … sounds to me like you’re lying, Shelly, and that means you’re getting off on the wrong foot. … You just told me that you’d do Anything I wanted, didn’t you? … The first thing you’d better do is stop lying to me. . . How many times? Really!” ….

She was visibly squirming, as I stood looking at her… obviously expecting her to answer. Then, after a few seconds, “Three.” she muttered, miserably.
Still looking at her, I said, “I saw that seven or eight pills are missing. Were you already taking them?” After a pause, she answered “Not the first time but I started taking them right after my last period.” She was still looking guilty as hell but also clearly hating that she was being forced to answer such personal questions from her brother.

That’s when I got nice and appeared to let her off the hook… if only for the moment. I said, “Ok, I won’t say anything to Mom and Dad about you having them but you stay away from that asshole, from now on. Got it?” A smile that was loaded with sheer relief spread over her face as she said, “I promise. Thanks, Brian. They’d kill me. . . and I promised Mom I wouldn’t…. DO anything, till I was out of high school.”

Looking straight at her, I said, “Yeah? Well just make damned sure you keep your promises to ME or you’ll wish you had.”

With the discovery of Shelly’s pills and her subsequent admission about Ed, the pieces of a puzzle had fallen into place and now I was about to add one of my own pieces that would immediately have Shelly’s absolute and undivided attention.

Looking directly at her, I continued, “But why Ed Mallory? He’s such a weaselly dick head. You’re a damned pretty girl and you’re sexy as hell….. way too good for some dork like him. There are plenty of other guys you could have fucked that are a lot better than him. You don’t know it but I’m one of them.”

I saw the look of shocked surprise on her face but before she could say anything, I added, “And guess what, Shelly? As of today, you’re going to start doing it. We’re going upstairs and, when we get there, we’re gonna get in my bed. Then you’re going to let me slide my cock up in your pussy and fuck you. From now on, you’re going to let me fuck you and cum in you anytime I want to.

She looked at me incredulously… her mouth open and looking totally stunned… as if she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. Then, in a shocked and disbelieving voice, she said “YOU?!... I can’t do it with you… You’re my BROTHER!” I looked straight at her and said, “Why not?! You’re on the pill, now, aren’t you? … You don’t have to worry about me getting you pregnant, so what’s the difference if I’m your brother or not… especially when you and I are the only ones who’re going to know that we’re doing it?”

Her eyes were wide open as she stared at me and stammered, “But… but sisters aren’t supposed to let their brothers put their…. their thing… inside of them.”

I answered quickly with, “Ahhh c’mon, Shelly. You know the Bible’s full of stories about brothers and sisters fucking each other. … and having kids, too. Brothers and sisters have always done it with each other and they always will. They just don’t tell anybody about it… except stupid ones like John, your old best friend, Karen’s, brother. THEY fuck each other and everybody knows it, including you.”

I saw the acknowledgement on her face and then, with genuine contempt, I said “John’s a fucking asshole. If he’d kept his mouth shut, nobody would have ever known. But, asshole that he is, he bragged to one of his buddies that he was fucking Karen and that’s how it got out. Now he’s all pissed off at Al for opening his mouth about it but if he’d kept his own stupid mouth shut, nobody’d know and neither of them would be getting ragged on, the way they are, now. . . . . Karen’s a nice girl, too. I’ve always liked her. It’s too bad she has to have a big mouthed asshole like him for a brother.”

I continued, “A couple of weeks ago, I overheard Billy Gerhardt smarting off to her about it and Karen ran away crying. He never expected it when I walked up and slapped him dead in the face… hard… and told him to keep his fucking mouth shut. That’s how he got that big bruise on his face. I told him the next time I hear him say anything to her or to anybody else about it, I won’t just slap him… I’ll punch his fucking lights out.”

Shelly appeared to be speechless, after what I’d just said about her and me fucking each other and then using the Bible and John and Karen as examples of the exact same thing. Completely off balance, now, and in total silence, she just stood looking at me, as I continued.

“Y’know what pisses me off? … All you girls think you’re sooo damned perfect! Karen was one of your best friends, before you found out that she was letting her brother fuck her and now you treat her like shit… just like the rest of those ‘prim and proper’ friends of yours do. Hell… at least half of them have been fucked, too… the lousy hypocrites. Some damned best friend you are, too. You leave her high and dry and now I find out you’ve been letting that fucking goof, Ed Mallory, fuck you?! What’s so smart about that? He’s just like John… Neither one of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. I don’t know how many people he’s told, so far, but I heard some guys laughing the other day, after one of them said your name. When they saw me coming, they all stopped laughing and shut up. They all looked guilty and I wondered what the hell that was about. … Now I know.”

A look of horror came over Shelly’s face as she said, “Oh, God!..... He promised me…..” She was almost in tears. I said, “Don’t worry, sis. I’ll go have a talk with him tomorrow. I’ll do it when there isn’t anybody around to see me slam him against the wall. I’ll make damned sure he goes back and tells whoever he’s already told that it’s not true and that he was just bullshitting them… trying to sound like a stud who’s fucking one of the prettiest girls in school. I’ll tell him that if I ever hear that story again, from ANYbody… I’m going to beat the living shit out of him and put him in the hospital for a month. Then I’ll tell him that if I ever hear that somebody else is spreading his shit, I’ll beat their asses, too, and then come back and give him another beating. I’ll make it clear that that’s what I’m going to do, every time I hear about somebody repeating his fucking lies about MY sister. He’ll make damned sure they all get the message because he knows I’ll do it. He won’t know that you told me or that I know it’s true. He’ll just figure that one of the other guys told me what they’d heard. … You just be ready, in case somebody pops off at you and starts making remarks about it. … Act surprised, shocked and offended but, whatever you do, don’t look like you’re embarrassed or act guilty. Act like you’re really pissed off and say it’s a damned lie or a filthy one…. whatever wording you want to use. Then tell them that, even if it was true, it wouldn’t be any of their damned business, anyway. Tell them to fuck off and just walk away…. Then come tell me who it was. They won’t do it again. I promise.

Shelly was now looking at me very differently than she ever had…. like she was seeing someone that she didn’t really know before. Her expression was surprised… then thankful and hopeful. She knew that I wouldn’t have any trouble with making sure that Ed ‘got the message’. He should have been smart enough to know that, sooner or later, I’d hear about it and come after him. Well, now I had and I will.

Shelly was still looking at me with this new mixture of admiration, relief, thankfulness and hope on her face when I brought her back to the present, saying, “Now… Let’s get back to you and me and us having sex with each other… because that IS what we’re going to do. We’re going up to my room, take our clothes off and fuck each other. I’ve wanted to fuck you for the last two and a half years and the only reason I didn’t was because I hate using condoms. I knew I’d cum in you and, sooner or later, you’d have gotten pregnant and everybody would’ve known that I was fucking my sister. Then, the same thing that’s happening to John and Karen would have happened to us. …. Well, to you, anyway, ‘cause Dad would have killed me.”

Shelly looked stunned, as I continued, “You’re on the pill now, though, so you’re not going to get pregnant and you sure as hell don’t have to worry about ME telling anybody about it. So just forget all that brother/sister taboo stuff. We can do as much fucking as we want, right here at home, and nobody’s ever going to know a thing. Let’s go up on my waterbed and fuck each other’s asses off. Mom and Dad aren’t going to be home for three hours, yet.”

Shelly was completely off balance, now. She’d been discovered with birth control pills that she didn’t want Mom and Dad to know about . . . She’d confessed to me about letting Ed fuck her and then learned that he’d betrayed her trust.. PLUS.. she’d just found out that her own brother wants to fuck her… (correction: is Going to fuck her) and that it’s one of the things she has to do, to insure his silence about the pills. She stammered…. “But, what if somebody ever finds out? I’d just die.”

I looked at her and pointedly asked, “How’s anybody going to find out? Are You ever going to tell anybody?” “God, NO!... but you’re my brother, Brian. I don’t know if I could ever….” I cut her off, saying, “Sure you can. Just close your eyes and forget I’m your brother. As soon as my cock’s in your pussy, we’ll be fucking each other and, after that, it won’t matter. Get used to it, Shelly, because we’re going up on my bed and we’re going to fuck. You’re going to take your clothes off and let me put my cock in your pussy. Then I’m going to fuck you and cum in you. … From now on, whenever we’re alone, we’ll just go to bed and do it without anybody ever knowing that we’re doing it. What’s safer than that?”

…. After a pause, she said, “Nothing, I guess, but…” I interrupted, saying, “No buts, Shelly. We’re going to do it, so let’s just go do it. I’ve got a lot bigger and nicer cock than Ed has, anyway…. I’ve seen his short, skinny dick. You’re going to like having mine inside of you a whole lot more than his… you’ll see. . . C’mon.” I said, as I put my arm around her shoulder and started for the stairs.

She was totally off balance and, like a shell shocked fourteen year old sister who was being taken upstairs to be fucked by her sixteen year old brother, she offered no resistance.

As soon as we were in my room, I closed the door and locked it. I could have started taking my clothes off or taking hers off and had her start putting up some futile, last minute resistance but I wanted her to be a willing partner and so, instead, I sat down in my PC chair and pointed for her to sit on the bed.

I figured that if we talked a little more, while she was already in my room and knowing what was going to happen, anyway, she’d mentally justify what I’d said about us fucking each other and also remember that her reputation was going to be saved, when I went to see Ed, tomorrow. Mainly, I knew that she’d be more willing to participate in what she knew was going to happen, if she felt like she was agreeing to it. If that didn’t work, I’d just take her clothes off and fuck her anyway. I knew that she wouldn’t tell because she really believed that I’d tell about finding the pills.

After she sat down, she looked over at me and I could see that she was wondering why we were just sitting here, instead of getting undressed. I looked back at her and smiled. She returned a nervous smile and then her eyes went to the closed bedroom door. She knew I’d locked it and she knew Why I’d locked it. What she Didn’t know was why I was sitting in the chair, instead of us taking our clothes off and getting into bed.

When she was settled, I quietly asked her, “Do you like being held and made love to… being kissed and caressed?” She looked at me funny… like I must be crazy to ask such a silly question. But then she put it together with herself and me and I saw the surprise on her face. She looked at me strangely, for a few seconds, and then asked, “Will we be doing that, too?” I said, “Why not? We like each other, don’t we? I think you’re damned pretty and you’re sure as hell sexy. I like how your lips look and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to kiss you and have you kiss me. … Not like we always do… but really kiss each other, while I’m holding you in my arms like you’re my girlfriend. It’ll be a lot nicer if we’re kissing and making love to each other while we’re doing it, don’t you think?”

This was another new concept for Sherry to digest and I could see her weighing the idea… considering it as best she was able to, under these new circumstances. She already knew that she was going to let me fuck her when we came into my room but now the idea of us holding and kissing, while we were doing it, was nearly overwhelming to her. “You mean we’ll be like a boyfriend and girlfriend kissing each other while we’re doing it?”

I didn’t miss that she’d already accepted that she was going to be fucked so I waited a couple of seconds for her to reflect on what she’d just asked and then answered, “Yes. Just like that. Won’t you like it better that way, too?”

The seed had been planted and I watched as it grew. A few seconds passed and then, softly, she said, “I guess so, yeah.” I leaned forward in my chair and pointed to a spot between the bed and the closet door. “Go stand there and close your eyes. I’m going to come over and kiss you, so keep your eyes closed and forget about me being your brother. I’m not your brother, now. I’m your boyfriend. I’m going to hold you in my arms and kiss you and you’re going to kiss me back. From now on, whenever we’re alone, I’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend. We’re going to kiss and really make love to each other, as if we are… and we will be.

Partially due to realizing that she was in what was a no choice situation and partially because she’d accepted it, she got up and walked to where I’d pointed. Doing what I’d told her to do, she closed her eyes and stood there waiting for what she knew was about to happen and thinking about what she knew was going to happen, soon after that.

When I stood, my chair made a little noise, so she knew that I was getting up and her body tensed, slightly, but she kept her eyes closed and stayed where she was. I moved in front of her and gently put my arms around her. Without being forceful, I gently drew her close against me. Her eyes opened and I softly said, “Close your eyes, Shelly. I’m your boyfriend, now. I’m going to kiss you and then I’m going to take you to bed and make love to you.” . . . As I lowered my lips to hers, her eyelids fluttered and closed.

I knew that she was going along, now, and I wasn’t going to blow it by rushing. I wanted her to be ready and willing, when we got into bed and, hopefully, excited, too. I kissed her tenderly, while gently holding her in my arms. I wasn’t yanking on her and ramming myself at her like some dumb-assed greedy kid who’s more interested in getting his rocks off than in having her be a full partner in what we were going to do. Instead, I was holding her and kissing her like she’d seen done in the kind of movies she likes to watch. After a few seconds, I felt her lips start to respond and her body relaxing as it melted into mine. I let my tongue slip out and began lightly running it over and just slightly between her lips. I’ve never liked French kissing so I don’t do it but I love tasting a girls soft, full lips… and Shelly’s full lips are the prettiest I’ve ever seen, other than Mom’s.

My cock was rapidly swelling to a full hard on and I knew that Shelly could feel it pressing against her. Her body stiffened but she didn’t pull back a bit. In fact, I felt her muscles tighten as she pulled herself forward and then her tongue came out to meet mine. I was afraid she’d be into that French kissing and I’d have to tell her that I don’t like it but she just did the same thing to my lips that I’d been doing to hers.

We were kissing more intimately, now. Shelly began pulling me closer and kissing me with more and more passion. (ditto) It didn’t take long before I had a raging hard on and I could feel Shelly’s breathing getting deeper and faster as she pushed herself against it. (ditto, on the breathing) I held her close and kept kissing her… like a boyfriend who was taking too damned long and torturing her with thoughts like ‘When’s he going to do it to me?’ or ‘Damn! I wish he’d hurry up!’

To Shelly, it probably seemed like ten minutes had passed but when I moved my hands down over her ass, she moaned, pushed her cunt right into me and started grinding it against the swollen bulge in my pant leg. She didn’t know, yet, that she was about to have a thick, just over eight inch cock driven up into her tight, barely fucked, fourteen year old pussy… instead of a skinny, less than five inch one.

I held it against her and pulled on her ass cheeks, while I continued kissing her. I heard low moaning sounds coming from deep in her throat, as her body began to demand fulfillment. I lowered my hands until they were under the tight, round cheeks of her lovely ass and lifted her off the floor. She began moaning loudly, as I turned and started moving… carrying her to my bed.

Without breaking our kiss, I gently let her down onto it. She had a death grip on me, now. She was pushing her pussy up against my cock and kissing me like she’d never let go of me. I broke the kiss and had to pull her arms loose before I was able to raise myself away from her to start taking her clothes off. Her eyes were half closed, as she reached up and began pulling my polo shirt up and over my head. When I had her blouse and bra off, I was surprised to see just how good her tits Really looked. I’d already known that she had nice ones but now I could see that they were firm and beautifully formed. I brought my mouth down to her right one and took it in my mouth. She moaned and pushed it up to me as I ran my tongue over it…. tasting her and becoming intoxicated by her scent and flavor. Her tit was firm and the nipple was as hard as a small marble. I ran my tongue over it several times before going back to getting the rest of her clothes off and my thick, throbbing cock into her cunt. I unzipped her skirt while she was unbuttoning it and she lifted her ass to let me slide it down and off. I went back to remove the last piece of clothing she was wearing. … a pair of white, lacy panties with a small blue bow on each hip. I could see that the glory hole area between her legs was already wet. She raised her ass and I started sliding them down. When they cleared her hips, the soft black mat of hair on her pussy came into full view. My vision began to blur, as my excitement level went through the ceiling. Finally, after over two years of wanting to see my sister’s pussy, have her in my bed and wanting to fuck her…. I was seeing it, she was in my bed and I was going to fuck her.
I almost blew my load, on the spot. I fought it back because I was determined to make my dream fulfillment as good for her, as it was going to be for me. I looked into Shelly’s eyes and saw the raw passion of sex in them. She was lying there stark naked in her brother’s bed, looking up at him…. excited, ready, wanting and knowing that he was going to fuck her.
I could have had the rest of my clothes off in five seconds but I needed some extra time to get solid control of myself, before I drove my cock up into the beautiful pussy that my sister was about to give to me. Instead of just kicking my shoes off, (Shelly had kicked hers off while I was carrying her to the bed) I untied each one and took it off. I pulled my socks off and then stood up to unfasten my jeans.

Shelly’s eyes were fastened on me, as I pulled them down and stepped out of them. I tossed them over my shoes and then reached for the waistband of my jockeys. Her eyes were fully open, now, as she stared at the heavy bulge that was about to be revealed. When I pulled them off, it stood straight out from my crotch. Shelly gasped.

She was staring at my thick eight inch boner as if she’d never seen a cock before. She caught her breath and then, in a shaky voice, said, “My God, Brian. You’re huge.” I smiled and said, “The more to love you with, my dear.” Ignoring my ‘funny joke’, she continued, “But you’ll never get it inside of me. It’s too big.” I said, “You’re all wet and slippery so it’ll go in. It’ll be a tight fit but your pussy’ll stretch, you’ll see. I’ll put it in slow, so you’ll have a chance to get used to it.”

As I moved onto the bed, I saw a hint of fear come into her eyes. I said, “Don’t worry, Shelly. I’m not going to hurt you. Just look up at me and trust me. I’m your brother and you know I’d never hurt you. I want you to enjoy it, too, so just relax and let’s make love to each other. I want to kiss you while it’s going in. I like the way you kiss. You do it really good.” She smiled, nervously, as she looked at me and then, in a quivering voice, she said, “I liked how you were kissing me, too. Nobody’s ever kissed me like that before. It made me feel funny and tingly all over.” …. “Especially in my pussy.” she added, with a nervous giggle.

Instead of diving between her legs, driving my cock up into her and fucking the shit out of her, the way I wanted to do, I moved up next to her and turned her into my arms. I wanted to get her back into the hot desire she’d been in before she saw how much cock she was going to be taking. I began kissing her, again, and, like she’d been doing when we first got into bed, she began passionately kissing me back. This time, though, she could feel my bare, hard cock between her thighs and her passion came on a lot faster.
In less than thirty seconds, she was insistently pulling me to her mouth and pushing her body to mine. Her tongue was whipping back and forth over my lips and she was soon moaning louder than she’d been, when I carried her to the bed. I put my hand between her legs and felt them open to give her brother complete access to her sweet treasure.

She moaned as I firmly pressed my hand against the soft mat of pussy hair on her mons. When I started squeezing it and massaging in slow circles, her body quickly began to quiver and shake. As I slid my hand lower between her legs to cup her cunt in it, I could tell that she was sopping wet with slippery pussy juice. I slipped my middle finger between the lips of her pussy to search for her clit. When I found it, she sucked in a deep breath and then let out a sharp squeal of pleasure, followed by a long, low moan as I pressed in and began alternately sliding my finger back and forth over it and down between the lips of her juicy cunt.

She was kissing me with complete abandon, now, as she pulled to get me over her. When I was positioned between her quivering legs, she opened them wide and I guided my precum leaking cock between the now super slippery lips of her pussy. When she felt its hot, swollen head make full contact with her, her whole body gave a giant shudder and she moaned, “Ohhhhhh Briiiaan.” I slid the head up and down her slit until it was well lubricated with her hot pussy juice and when I positioned it directly at her opening, I stopped moving and looked straight into her eyes. With no words needing to be said, we both knew that the moment had arrived.

“Are you ready, sis?” “Oh, God, Brian… put it in.” she answered, in a tense and trembling voice.

I lowered my lips to hers and, as she feverishly responded to them, I started pushing forward. I felt her tight, slippery cunt opening give way and when the head popped through, she gasped. She was really tight. I pushed harder and then three or four inches were inside of her. She gasped again, “Oh, God!, Brian. It’s so big! …. but it feels so good!” Then, in a husky voice, she said, “Put it all in. I want it all inside of me.”

I pushed steadily forward… not ramming it in… but pulling back before going deeper. In five or six seconds, my entire cock was buried in Shelly’s tight cunt. I could feel her moving her ass around under me, as she began to adjust to the full scale invasion of her fourteen year old pussy. I was pushing and holding my pelvis hard against hers, so she knew it was all in. A second later, she exclaimed “Oh God!…. I can’t believe you got it all in without killing me! ….. My pussy feels like…. like it’s Full. But I love how it feels….. and it only hurt a little going in.”

I felt a tremble go through her and then, in a passionate, quavering voice, she said, “Oh, Brian. I can’t wait. Fuck me. I want to feel you fucking me and feel your cum go inside of me.” I kissed her and began moving with ever lengthening strokes until I was pulling all the way back and feeding it all the way back into her. She was moaning and pushing her cunt up to meet me, as I repeatedly buried myself deep inside of her.

I moaned back at her, “Oh, God, Shelly. I can’t believe how tight you are and how good your pussy feels. I’ve wanted to fuck you for soooo long. You’ve got the best pussy in the world.” She took me by surprise when, after a deep moan, she said “I wish you’d done it to me, two years ago, when you first wanted to. I would never have told on you and then you would have kept doing it.

Then she said, “You know what? My pussy isn’t mine anymore. It’s yours. I just gave it to you. Nobody else is ever going to fuck me… Nobody… just you. … Oh, God, Brian… It feels so GOOD! . . . Ed’s didn’t feel like much of anything. I didn’t really think having sex was all that great but, oh God….. you can fuck me Forever!”

I wasn’t too keen on hearing that assholes name, just now, but Shelly’s compliment and obvious pleasure softened the blow. Her tight cunt was stroking my cock, each time I pulled back to shove it in again. Each time, it was as if she was trying to keep me from pulling out of her. The way she was moving and fucking me back, I knew she was going to make me cum a lot faster than I wanted to. I could feel it building so I started fucking her like a rampaging bull… driving it deep into her… slamming my pelvis against hers and hearing my pussy juice soaked balls slap against her ass.

Shelly was in complete ecstasy, now. Her head was bent way back into the pillow, her mouth was open and she was bucking her pussy up to meet each of my hard thrusts into her. I felt her body getting tighter and tighter and her movements getting faster and more jerky. She was pushing her shoulders and feet into the water bed, while pushing her cunt up to me and the effect was that the bed’s wave motion was throwing her cunt back up into position for maximum penetration, each time I drove it home. I knew that she was almost ready to cum, too.

Knowing it almost made me lose control and unload into her before she got there. I knew that I needed to concentrate on something else for another few seconds and a silly thought popped into my mind. I started imagining what it’d feel like to have ice water being dumped on my balls. My urgent cum reflex let up a little and I continued pounding my cock into Shelly’s hot, cock strangling cunt.

Just as I was focusing on another bucket of ice water hitting my balls, Shelly let out a loud “UUHHHH” and heaved her body up against mine. A second later she let out a long scream.. “AhhheeeEEEEEEEEEE!!! Ohhhhhh, Briiiiiaannnn! AhhheeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!” Instead of ice water on my balls, I felt something warm start flooding over them.

I knew that Shelly was cumming so I could let go, now, and I started fucking her viciously… driving my ramrod hard cock as deep into to her cumming cunt as I could make it go. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning lighting up the sky, everything went white. My nose started running, as if a faucet had been turned on and drool just fell out of my mouth, as I exploded into her… pumping huge, thick squirts of molten cum into my sister’s cunt. When she felt my first hard eruption go into her, she let out a sharp, quivering squeal “Ohhhhhhh GOOOODDDD!!!! BRIAAAAANNNN!! CUUMMM IN MEEEEEEE!!” and started orgasming all over again. Her cunt was choking my cock and milking my cum into her while, at the same time, she was washing my balls with another hot bath of her own cum.

When, finally, our orgasms had faded away, we both collapsed in total bliss.. me onto her and her with her legs limply lying over the back of mine. When I’d regained the ability to move, I lifted my weight off of her, slowly pulled my still semi-hard cock out of her and rolled over onto the bed, next to her.

When I looked over at Shelly, she looked stunned. Then I saw her whole body start shaking like a leaf. I put my arm over her and pulled her onto her side, facing me. I was holding her tight in my arms, as she continued trembling. I could hear faint quivering sounds coming from her as she weakly clung to me. After another few seconds, she took a deep breath and said, “Oh, God, Brian. What did you do to me??! You made me pee all over you! I tried to stop but I couldn’t!”

I laughed out loud and then kissed her dead on the mouth before I saying, “You weren’t peeing, sis. You were cumming, just like I was, except mine’s inside of you.” I was supremely happy at knowing that I’d just given her her very first orgasm.

The look on her face was indescribable. “That’s what it was? I wasn’t peeing?” she asked, looking at me for confirmation. I smiled and said, “That’s what it was. … You like it? Did it feel good?” With no hesitation, she said, “Oh, God, Brian!! It felt INCREDIBLE!! … But I thought I was going to die. I thought you fucked me to death and I was still dying.”

I couldn’t control myself and began laughing my ass off. When I was finally able to stop laughing so hard and had wiped the tears from my eyes, I could see that Shelly was looking at me with a hurt look, as if I’d been laughing at HER. She didn’t understand that it was because of what she’d said. I was still chuckling as I held her tightly and apologized for laughing. Then I explained myself. I told her that I’d never heard of anyone describing it so perfectly, that way, before and it’d struck me funny. I also made it clear that I knew she’d just given me a really terrific compliment.

When she understood, she started smiling and said, “You were laughing and when I thought you were laughing at Me, I was all ready to take my pussy back.” That set me off, again…. and then Shelly was laughing as hard as I was.

Ten minutes later, I moved between her legs and slid my cock back into her. She quivered as it bottomed out and we immediately began fucking each other’s ass off.

For a full hour and a half we fucked and fucked and fucked some more. Shelly had three gigantic orgasms, before I came into her, again… the last two less than ten minutes apart because she came again, when she knew that I was. This time, when I pulled my cock out of her, it was totally soft and drained of every last drop of cum.

When we’d regained some of our strength, we got up and walked, hand in hand, to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up before our parents got home.

In the shower, I was washing my hair when Shelly stated that, the day after she graduates from college, she’s going to stop taking birth control pills. I rinsed the shampoo out of my eyes and looked at her. She just smiled.


Our parents were killed in a small plane that’d crashed when the engine stalled, just after takeoff, while they were on their way to Shelly’s college graduation. We didn’t find out until after the ceremony was over, when I called the airport that I knew they were flying out of. Needless to say, the bitter news took the joy out of Shelly’s graduation.

After the sad double funeral, which family and nearly every one of their many friends attended, we decided to sell the house and move to another part of the country. With the money from the sale of the house and the proceeds from both our parents double indemnity life insurance policies, we knew that we’d have enough money to go wherever we wanted to go and do whatever we wanted to do.

It took some time in court but, after two days of damaging testimony, the insurer of the company that rented the defective plane suddenly decided that it made more sense to make a huge offer and end it, than it did to continue fighting a battle that it couldn’t possibly win and then, very likely, have a much bigger payout, when the already sympathetic looking jury came back in.

It’s now almost six years later. Shelly and I live in a small city that’s a thousand miles from anyone who knows that I’m her brother and that she’s my sister. The people we know only see two people who’re living together with their three beautiful young children… partners in a thriving flooring supply business ~~ same last name ~~ matching wedding bands ~~ obviously caring deeply for each other. Everyone in our world knows that we’re married….. and we are.

*** SSB

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