Two stories.. as one becomes another

Slippery Saddle Bum

Whether it was for two seconds or for ten minutes that I lay there suspended in the dream hazed twilight of being not quite asleep and not quite wake, I don’t know but as I slowly drifted to the surface, I opened my eyes, stretched and looked over at the clock. I saw that it was a little after nine and then registered it being Saturday. I’d stayed up late, watching two DVD action movies that I’d borrowed from one of my school buddies… both excellently done… “The Departed” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Hearing no sound in the house, I figured that, as usual, Dad had gone golfing and mom and my sister had already gone shopping. After stretching, one more time, I got up and groggily made my way to the bathroom.

When I got back to my room I pulled the curtain aside to see what the day was like. There were a few clouds but it looked as if it was going to be another nice one. I was about to let go of the curtain when my eyes picked up movement from the second floor window, next door. I focused on the window and saw that it was our new neighbor’s sexy twelve year old daughter, Marilyn. She and her mom had moved in, early in the summer. I’d caught her eyeballing me a few times but whenever I’d tried to be friendly she’d acted as if she was intimidated by having a fifteen year old boy, who she knows is fairly popular at school, pay attention to her.

Now that I was seeing her in her nitie, I hoped that maybe I’d get lucky and see her naked because it looked as if she was about to take it off and get dressed! But, instead of getting dressed, she got back onto her bed. I was more than a little disappointed.

Then I saw her turn onto her back and lay there. Of course I watched for a few seconds longer in case I got lucky and saw something special. She’s not beautiful but she’s kind of pretty and is beginning to have a sexy body so I wouldn’t mind stuffing my meat into her twelve year old pussy.

They’d lived in an apartment until her mom bought the house next to ours, the only two in the end of a cul-de-sac, so I’d rarely seen much of her before they moved in. As soon as I saw how much she’d changed, I’d hoped that, since she now lives next door, there’d be a chance of getting some of her pussy.

As I casually watched her, I saw one of her hands pull her nitie up onto her flat belly and the other one go down between her legs!! Now I was wide awake. When I saw the hand on her pussy start moving, I felt a powerful surge of lust and my heart started pounding. It’d took only a second to realize that Marilyn was finger fucking herself! I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing it. What a break!! Maybe now, after over two months, today’ll be my lucky day!

I’d been checking her out, ever since they’d moved in, but never did I figure that I’d get a chance like this one! Sheer luck and timing had just gained me a golden opportunity that I wasn’t aBOUT to let pass. I was dead positive that she’d never want anyone to know that I’d seen her playing with her pussy and now she’s about to find out that I have. When she knows that I have that to hold over her head, I figure she’ll do just about ANYthing to keep me from telling anyone about it. (which I’d never do but she doesn’t know me well enough to know it)

I let go of the curtain’s edge and quickly pulled on the shorts that I’d been wearing, the night before. I had a solid boner, already.

Her mom always goes shopping with mine, so I knew she was going to be alone for at least two more hours. And, after what I’d just seen, this is one day when Marilyn’s going to get a lot more than a self-applied finger fucking. I was on my way over to see to it.

Without bothering to put a shirt on, I bounded down the stairs and out through our back door. I crossed our yards to their sliding glass door and looked in to be sure that her mom wasn’t around, before going in. The lights were off so I tried the door and, as usual, it wasn’t locked. I quietly rolled it open, stepped inside and closed it again.

I’d been in their house a lot of times, even before they moved in, so I knew where the stairs were and where Marilyn’s room was. Barefooted, I climbed the carpeted stairs, two at a time, and silently moved down the hall to her room. Her door was ajar so I slowly pushed it open. I could see that Marilyn was still finger fucking herself and she was making moaning sounds of pleasure. The sight made my already hard cock become a super erection. Her eyes were closed and the hand with the finger that was in her pussy was moving in a rapid back and forth motion. Her hips were bucking up to meet her thrusts and my cock began throbbing its extreme jealousy of that finger. Her other hand was moving in rapid circular motions on her clit and I could hear her making low moaning noises. I was looking at all I needed to see and there’d never be a better moment than this one. Stepping into the room and walking toward her, I cheerily said, “Good morning, Marilyn.”

Instantly, her hands came away from her pussy and she yanked the front of her nitie down over her naked cunt. She lay frozen on her bed… her terrified eyes wide and staring, as she looked up at me with an absolutely shocked and horrified expression on her face. Her mouth was open but no sound was coming out of it.

As her eyes focused and she recognized me, I saw a totally embarrassed look come over her face. Before she could say a word, I continued, “Relax, Marilyn. I’m not going to tell anybody what you were doing but I was looking out my window and when I saw you, I figured you’d rather have a cock in your pussy a whole lot more than your finger so I came over to give you mine. Since we’ll be the only ones who ever know about it, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

She was totally speechless over having been busted while finger fucking herself and, before she had a chance to react or respond to what I’d just said, I pulled my shorts off. Now I was totally naked and her already stricken eyes went straight to my rather thick six plus inch cock. (I say thick because I’ve seen, by comparison to those of other guys in the school shower room, that it’s definitely thicker than any of theirs is)
Like a deer in the headlights, she just watched as I climbed onto her bed and positioned myself over her. My cock was swollen to a full blown erection and her horror stricken eyes were locked onto it. Before she had a chance to move, I lowered my weight onto her… effectively pinning her to her bed.

As she regained her senses, she started squealing in protest but I muffled it by putting my mouth over hers and kissing her. Her hands were still holding the front of her nitie down over her pussy so when she pulled them from between us to free her hands and push me away, her nitie got pulled up… fully exposing her freshly finger fucked and juicy pussy to my raging boner. As soon as I felt her damp pussy hair on my balls, I raised my hips to let my cock line up with it and then lowered my hips…. forcing the head of my cock straight down between the lips of her wet, slippery cunt. She squealed, loudly, and tried to get my cock away from her pussy but she was totally pinned.

I knew that yelling for help wouldn’t do her any good because there was no one else in the house and I knew that she couldn’t get me off of her, either. I kept kissing her as I started sliding my cock up and down between the lips of her cunt…. I was surprised that my cock had slid down between her pussy lips, so easily. Her finger exercises had caused her to secrete so much pussy juice that it had immediately lubricated the head and entire shaft. I looked down at her and said, “Marilyn… I won’t tell anybody I saw you playing with your pussy and you won’t tell anybody about me fucking you. Deal?” And then I started sliding my cock up and down between her slippery pussy lips.

My movements were soon stimulating her pussy to make more juice and, after a minute, she stopped struggling and just lay there, being semi-raped and semi-fucked. After a few more strokes, the stimulation of my cock rubbing against her pussy caused her initial resistance to dissipate and she slowly began pushing her cunt up to make better contact with it. With her legs being held tightly together, it was almost as good as being inside of her and I continued sliding my cock up and down between her increasingly slippery pussy lips.

When she started kissing me back, I knew that she’d become a team player. She was responding to the friction of my cock sliding between her pussy lips.

Wanting to actually fuck her, I lifted some of my weight off of her and pulled my cock from between her cunt lips. She looked up at me questioningly, as if asking me why I’d taken my cock away from her pussy but her unspoken question was answered when I used my feet to push her legs apart. Lowering myself between them, I used my hand to guide the head of my already slippery cock to her cunt opening. I found it and punched forward. In a split second, the head popped through its opening and was deep inside of Marilyn’s tight pussy-juice lubricated cunt.

She cried out, sharply, as her hymen was torn away and after two or three more thrusts, she had all six inches of my thick fifteen year old cock buried in her twelve year old cunt. She was now frantically trying to push me off… her breathless voice tight and shrill as she squealed the words, “It hurts! Take it out, Kyle! Pleeease! It huuuurrrrts!”

Of course I had no intention of taking it out until I’d finished fucking her so I held her firmly in place and waited for her to settle down and realize that I wasn’t going to. I was just lying between her legs with my cock buried inside of her formerly unfucked cunt. She was moving her ass around under me, in a futile attempt to get my cock out of her, but with my hands firmly gripping her shoulders and pulling down on them, I was holding her firmly against me to make damned sure that she didn’t.

Finally, she gave up the struggle and stopped fighting. There was a distinct look of pain on her face as tears ran from the corners of her eyes and back into her hair. I waited a few more seconds and then I started fucking her… taking long, deep strokes into her tight, slippery twelve year old pussy. She was being fucked and she knew it but she also knew that there was nothing that she could do about it.

Somewhere between three and four minutes later, a huge load of cum began erupting from the head of my cock. I rammed it deep and held it inside of her, as wad after wad of my thick white cum was injected into the deep end her cunt. When I was finished, she’d taken the full load. Every drop of it was deep inside of her tight, cock and cum filled twelve year old pussy.

While I was cumming, I’d felt her pussy automatically begin milking my shaft, as millennia of nature’s instinct told it what to do. Even now, while my cum drained cock grew soft, I could feel her pussy continue to milk me… faithfully completing it’s time honored task.

When I’d regained some of my senses, I lifted my head and looked down into her eyes. She’d had a few seconds to recover, too, and from what she’d learned in her sex ed. classes, she knew that I’d just cum inside of her. Now, with a scared look on her face, she said, “All your semen went inside of me! What if you made me pregnant?! Mom will kill me! Get off of me so I can go to the bathroom!! Maybe I can wash it out with some of her douche.”

I lifted my weight off of her and felt my cock slide out of her now VERY slippery pussy. She immediately started moving to get up and I said, “Take it easy, Marilyn.” Her immediate answer was, “That’s easy for YOU to say! Let go of me and let me go to the bathroom!” I said, “Just because I fucked you doesn’t mean that you’ll get pregnant. Lots of girls fuck and they don’t.” She quickly answered, “Yeah, but they’re probably taking birth control. I’m not.”

I moved off of her and she scrambled off the bed, heading for the bathroom. She slammed the bathroom door and then I heard a cabinet door snap open. Five minutes passed and then I heard the toilet flush. Another minute passed and then the bathroom door opened. Marilyn walked back into the bedroom with a towel in her hand… tenderly wiping her sore pussy with part of it. Her ripe, half grown tits were in full view. She’d taken the nitie off so maybe it had gotten some cum on it. When she saw me still lying on her bed, she stopped and covered her tits with the towel. “How come you’re still here? I thought you left.” … I said, “Why would I leave, Marilyn? We only just got to really know each other.” She looked at me and yelled, “You raped me.”

Looking back at her, I firmly said, “I did not. You agreed to our deal. I won’t tell and neither will you. You didn’t try to stop me from putting my cock in your pussy, did you? You held your legs open so I could get it in and I fucked you. That’s how it happened so you weren’t raped.” …. She looked confused, now, because she knew that she HAD allowed me to open her legs and put my cock inside of her. Then she said, “But you didn’t take it out, when I said it hurt. You fucked me and put all your semen inside of me and now I might be pregnant.” I said “Yeah… and you were holding your pussy up and squeezing my cock with it, while my cum was going into you, so it’s as much you as me. You liked being fucked, so don’t say it’s all my fault. Anyway, you were the one who was playing with your pussy and pretending that you were being fucked. Now you won’t have to pretend, anymore. We live right next door to each other so you can be fucked whenever you want to and nobody has to know.” As my words sank in, I saw her initial resentment begin to fade.

She was already accepting what fate had visited on her so I knew that now was the time to cement our conspiracy. I stood up and took hold of her arm to pull her to me. The arm that I was pulling on was the same one that she was using to hold the towel over her tits and, as her arm came forward, the pressure against her chest was released… letting the towel fall to the floor between us. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her against me. She struggled to escape but there was no escape for Marilyn.

While she’d been in the bathroom, I’d been thinking about how good her cunt felt while I was fucking her and I intended to fuck her again. I knew that I wouldn’t cum so fast this time so I’d get a good long taste of having her tight cunt sliding back and forth over the head and shaft of my cock. I figured that she’d washed all of her lubricant away so when I pulled her back onto the bed I knew I was going to have to get her warmed up again. She struggled and started yelling, “NO! Let me go! You already did it to me, once, and I just got cleaned up.”
I had her pinned and I smiled at her, as I said, “Once isn’t enough, Marilyn. Your pussy feels too good to only fuck you once. You can clean yourself again, afterward, like you just did.” She looked up at me and said, “Mom doesn’t have any more bottles of douche. I just used the last two.” I said, “You can put warm water in one of them and use that. It’ll do the same thing.”

She struggled to get free for a few more seconds but she realized that it was a lost cause so she stopped and surrendered. I said, “You’ve never been fucked before, have you?” “No. You took my virginity and now I’m not a virgin anymore.” She declared, accusingly.

As I pulled her back onto the bed, I smiled and said “So what’s the big deal about letting me fuck you again, then? You can only lose it once.” The look on her face told me that she knew that she was going to be fucked again…. that it was inevitable. I said, “Tell the truth. You liked it, didn’t you? After it stopped hurting, you were fucking me back. … Weren’t you?! And when I was cumming in you, I felt you pushing your pussy up at me and squeezing it into yourself. You wanted it as much as I did, so just admit it!”

I saw the grudging acknowledgement on her face and, finally, she said, “Yeah, but you made me like it. You were making it feel good and I couldn’t help it.” I laughed and pulled her into my arms. “I’m glad you liked it, Marilyn. I did, too. How do you feel about kissing and having your tits played with?” She said, “What’s the difference? You’ll probably do it anyway.” I laughed, again, and said, “You’re right but as long as you’re going to be kissed, you might as well enjoy it as much as you enjoyed being fucked.”

I pulled her close and slowly put my lips against hers. She resisted but I knew that it was only for show and, after a minute or so, her lips start to respond. Her body was giving her away. Another few seconds passed and she began to kiss me back. My hand went to her tit and I started massaging it while I was kissing her. I felt her stiffen but then she relaxed… knowing that what was going to happen was was going to happen, no matter what she did. She was soon breathing faster and kissing me with more enthusiasm. My cock was coming back to attention and, a few seconds later, it was pushing between her thighs. Again, she stiffened but only briefly. Then I slowly rolled her over onto her back.

When I moved over her, she knew that she’d already been fucked so she opened her legs and took my cock without trying to keep me from putting it in…. though she winced a little, while I was fucking it into her. When it was all the way in, I asked, “Feel better, this time?” She said, “It didn’t hurt going in, like the first time, but it’s sore.” I said, “Well, it’s only the second time so it’s natural that it’d be sore but you’ll get over it. … The next time we do it, it probably won’t hurt at all and you’ll just like doing it.” She didn’t answer and I took her silence as acknowledgement that there were going to be more times. She knew that she’d let me put my cock into her, both times, so, in her mind, figured that she’d have to let me put it in and fuck her again. And I smiled… knowing that she would.

After fucking her for a good half hour, while she got better at fucking me back, I pumped my second load into her. She’d been fucking me back, for almost the entire time, and when she knew that I was cumming in her and she’d held her pussy up to me until she knew that I was finished, before relaxing and slowly letting us down. I knew that she’d enjoyed it, this time, because she’d been grunting and groaning and pushing her pussy up for more.

We were both soaked in sweat from our exertions and, when I’d recovered a little, I moved off of her. She didn’t jump up to run to the bathroom, the way she did the first time. She just lay there looking over at me and then a little smile come over her face as she said, “I liked it, that time. It only hurt while you were putting it in but then it started feeling really good… better than anything. I liked how it was making me feel, when you were pushing it in and pulling it out. It made tingles go all over in my pussy. Can we do it again, some time?” I looked at her and said, “We can do it after school, while Laurie’s doing her homework. We’ll have a couple of hours before your mom gets home from her job.. and mine get home later. … But aren’t you still worried about getting pregnant?” After looking at me for a few seconds, she said, “Well, if you made me pregnant, today, I’m in big trouble. But if I’m not, I still want to do it again so I’ll go to the nurse’s office and have her give me some birth control pills, like I know she does some of the other girls in my class.”

My radar popped up but I didn’t let on that I was really interested, as I casually asked, “How many are taking them?” …. She thought for a minute and said, “Four that I know of. … Marcia Adams has been taking them for three years. She started having her periods when she was nine. She already had hair growing down there. She showed me and she was real proud. …… Shelly Andrenner and Karen Kowalski started taking them as soon as school started, this year, and Roxanne Phillips is taking them, too…. but I don’t know when she started to.”

I cataloged the four names in my memory bank, intending to check them out to see if they were fuckables. Then I asked, “How come they’re taking them? They must be about the same age as you are. Are they worried they’ll get pregnant?” She didn’t realize how valuable the information she was giving me could be. I didn’t say anything and just looked at her as if expecting a simple answer to the question I’d just asked.

Then she said, “Don’t ever tell anybody I told you but Marcia’s father started doing it to her, when she was eight… a little while after her mother died in a car accident. She told me, the next day, and made me swear that I’d never breathe a word of it to anybody. She said he was drinking a lot and when it was bedtime, he told her to undress and get in bed with him. He made her spread her legs while he put some kind of slippery stuff on her pussy and then he pushed his thing inside of her and did it to her. She said he pushed hard and made it all go in her and it hurt awful. She was crying but he kept doing it to her. He did it for a long time and then he started doing it fast, pushing in really hard and she started feeling all slippery inside. When he stopped, he got off of her and a bunch of slippery stuff started running out of her pussy. She said he did it to her again, a little while later and put more slippery stuff in her pussy but it didn’t hurt as much, that time. He woke her up and did it to her again, the next morning. She said her pussy was sore when he put it in but some of the slippery stuff from the first two times was still inside of her so it went in pretty easy and he did it to her for a really long time. She said, after a few minutes it started feeling good so she kind of liked doing it, that time."

Marilyn continued telling me, "When we went to the girls room, she put her hand in her panties and showed me some of his cum that was running out of her. The next day, she told me that he did it to her, again, the night before and it felt good while he was doing it to her. She said when she told him she was getting a funny feeling in her pussy, he started doing it to her real hard and then her whole body felt like she was getting an electric shock, especially in her pussy. She said she was scared but it felt so good she started pushing up against him. Afterward, he told her that she’d had an orgasm… that she’d cum. And then she told me, again, how good fucking and especially cumming felt. She said he did it to her again, a little later. She said it felt good and she liked it but she didn’t have one that time. The next day, she said he'd done it to her after school, the day before, and made her cum two times before they went to sleep. ..... She says she just loves cumming but she doesn't know how to explain how good it feels. She's slept with him ever since and they do it all the time, except if they have company. Then she has to sleep in her old room.

There’d been an excited look on her face while she was telling me but after a short pause, I saw a look of guilt on her face as she realized that she’d revealed something about her friend that she’d promised never to tell anybody about. Looking at me, she emphatically pleaded, “Promise you’ll never tell anybody I told you. She’d kill me if she knew I told anybody.”

I promised and I guess she believed me because she smiled and continued sharing her hot secrets. “I found out that Shelly’s and Karen’s brothers are doing it to them. They both had it done to them, this summer. ... Right after school started, Shelly told me that her brother did it to her on the Fourth of July and then a bunch more times, before school started. She said they do it all the time, now. … I was surprised and asked her if she liked doing it with her brother. She said yes but that I couldn’t tell anybody. She said that I was the only person who knew, except Karen.

She told me that when she told Karen, she expected her to be shocked but she just started laughing and told her that her brother was doing it to her, too. She told her the first time was a couple of weeks before school started. I’m supposed to be the only one who knows that both of their brothers do it to them but now you know, too.” She looked at me for confirmation that I’d keep the secret and then said, “Karen’s always bragging that her brother’s a senior. He’s almost eighteen. She doesn’t know that Shelly told me that he’s fucking her.”

Marilyn took a deep breath and excitedly continued sharing her sworn secrets with the boy next door… the boy who’d just fucked her two times and cum into her both times. “She told Shelly that her parents went on vacation and her brother was supposed to take care of things until they got back.” Marilyn laughed and said, “He took care of Karen real good. He did it to her the first night, just a little while after their parents left. He let her drink a can of beer and then he took her to his room and did it to her. She told Shelly that they were alone for two weeks and all they did was eat, sleep and fuck. She said they almost never got dressed or went outside.
Their mom called every day, to check on them. She told Shelly that, once, her brother started doing it to her while she was on the phone talking to their mom. And while they were still talking, he put his cum in her. Their mom must have sensed something because she asked her why her voice sounded funny. She told her that she had to go to the bathroom real bad. Her mom told her to behave herself and that she loved her and hung up. They both laughed about it.” Marilyn laughed again but I could see the excitement in her eyes at the telling of her friends’ secrets.

Then she continued, “Shelly’s brother, Bob, is in your class, I think. I know he’s a sophomore, too. The Fourth of July night, while their parents were at a party, he came into her room while she was getting ready for bed and she didn’t have any clothes on. He pushed her down on her bed and started licking her pussy. She tried to stop him but he held her down and kept doing it. She said it felt good so she let him. She said she started getting really wet and he knew she liked it so he stood up and took his clothes off and then started rubbing his cock up and down between her legs. She said that felt good, too, so she let him. He told her he was going to put it in her pussy for a minute, so she could see how good it felt. She wanted to know if that felt good, too, so she said OK. He put some of it in and fucked her a little. She said it hurt a little, at first, but then it started to feel really good. Then he pushed in deeper and fucked her some more. She liked that even more so she told him to put it all in and he did. She said he pushed it all inside of her and it hurt awful but he kept fucking her. Then it started feeling good again and then better than before. He fucked her until he squirted his cum inside of her. She said he came back in, during the night, and fucked her again. She said that time felt good, too. The next night, a little while after their parents went to bed, he came in and did it to her three times. Now he does it to her almost every day, after school.”

The excitement on Marilyn’s face was absolute. I’d been caressing her firm little tits during the whole time she was talking and now her nipples were hard and protruding. After a fairly long pause, she added, “They’re brothers must still be doing it to them or they wouldn’t have gone to the nurse for birth control. I don’t know why Roxanne’s taking them but somebody must be doing it to her. . . . She doesn’t talk very much. She always goes straight home, after school, and she doesn’t have any brothers, so I don’t know. Maybe her father does it to her, like Marcia's does.”

I’d just gotten some privileged and extremely valuable information that I fully intended to keep to myself. Who knows when I might get an opportunity with one or all of the other four girls? I now know that none of them will be worried about getting pregnant. Shelly’s really sexy and I know that my cock is a lot longer and thicker than Randy’s is. (from when we take showers after gym class)

I said, “I promise I won’t ever tell anybody what you just told me but don’t ever tell them about us doing it. OK? If nobody else knows about it, you’ll never have to worry about them telling anybody you’re doing it. I promise I won’t say anything so, if it ever gets out, I’ll know it was you who told somebody.”

Marilyn looked really happy about knowing that she had her own secret…. but the excitement of telling theirs had made her horny. I could see her keep looking down at my cock. I rolled her onto her back and started kissing her. A few seconds later, she was moaning and moving her hip against me. My cock was fully hard again so I moved over her and her legs opened right up to welcome me into her. She was really hot, now. My cum was still in her so my cock slid home with one long push. It felt as if my cock was inside of a warm velvet glove.

Marilyn immediately started fucking me. I joined right in and after a few seconds, she moaned, “Oh, God, Kyle. It feels so good. Fuck me. I want to feel you cumming in me again. She was fucking my ass off but, little did she know, she was fucking herself to her first orgasm. About ten minutes later, her body began to tremble and then she started urgently bucking her cunt up to meet my thrusts into her. Just as she started to cum, her body stiffened and her back arched. She drove her cunt up to be fucked into, while her body vibrated in jerky movements. She was straining hard and then I heard, “UUUNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!??” I continued hammering my cock into her and, a second or two later, her warm cum began flooding out onto my balls. I knew she was cumming and I punched into her even harder… burying it balls deep, with every stroke. I just wanted to fuck her and cum in her. She was almost finished when I pumped my third load of cum into her tight, cock grasping cunt. I couldn’t believe that I’d cum so fast… especially after lasting for over half an hour, the second time. When she’d finally milked my very last sperm into herself, we both collapsed and just lay there like victims of a bad accident… neither of us moving or having the strength to.

It was getting close to the time for our parents to come home so I walked her to the bathroom so she could take a shower and flush my cum out of herself. She said her pussy was sore, now. I told her that it’d only be sore for a day or two and then it wouldn’t be sore anymore. I kissed her good bye, went downstairs, out the door and back home with a big smile. I knew that I had some steady fucking, now, because the last thing Marilyn told me was that she couldn’t wait for me to kiss her and make her cum again.

The following Saturday morning, as soon as Mom, Laurie and Marilyn’s mother left to go shopping, I headed straight to Marilyn’s house. (I’d set my school alarm for 8:30) She was still sleeping when I climbed into bed with her and, before she had a chance to come awake, I was between her legs with my cock nestled between the lips of her pussy. She’d had the week for the soreness to go away so while I was kissing her, it wasn’t long before she was secreting tons of ‘put your cock in my pussy’ juice. I lined up and slowly fed my cock into her. When it was all the way in, I kissed her and started fucking her. In just seconds, she was eagerly fucking me back. When she knew that I was nearing climax, she told me that it was ok to cum in her, now, because she was taking the pill. (like I wasn’t already going to) She took three full loads of hot cum and had two blazing orgasms of her own, before I got dressed and walked back to my house, with a happy smile on my face. Who could ask for more?
For several weeks, it was our Saturday morning ritual.

Twice, we fucked in the music room at school, when she discovered that it’d been left unlocked. The second time, Marilyn was in the middle of a mighty orgasm just as the door opened and the lights came on. My cock was buried in Marilyn’s spasming cunt and there was no way to hide it. We’d been busted!

We looked up and Shelly was standing there with her clarinet case in her hand and a very surprised look on her face. She’s barely five feet tall, built like a brick shithouse and I still had a raging hard on. Marilyn, in a still ecstatic voice, recognized her and, thinking surprisingly fast, told her to close the door, turn out the lights and take her clothes off. Shelly started to back out but when Marilyn repeated what she’d said, Shelly hesitated for a second before she closed the door and turned the lights out.

When I shoved my cock all the way into Shelly, she said “Oh, my God! It’s BIG! My pussy is FULL.” Ten minutes later, it was being filled with my cum, while she was having a violent orgasm.

She stayed over with Marilyn on Friday night, two weekends in a row. Sharing my cock between them on Saturday mornings made my self control improve. Shelly told me that Marilyn made her promise to never say anything. She didn’t want her brother to find out that she’d let me fuck her because he knows that my cock is a lot bigger than his is and he’d be jealous. Sometimes I smiled and wondered if my cum was lubricating her pussy, while he was fucking her.

Not long after that, a new boy moved to our school district and Marilyn said she really liked him. They’re both twelve and are in the same grade. She told me that she was worried that he might come over, some Saturday morning, and find out about her and me, so she wanted to stop. I said ok, as long as she promised to fuck me when there was no danger of being caught. I reminded her that she knew I’d never tell anybody. She was a little reluctant but I knew she loved having me fuck her and she'd agree. She did but I didn't push her.

I wasn’t that concerned because other girls are always hitting on me, plus I had her other three friends to check out. Marcia was the second of her friends that I got acquainted with. She has a nice little body but she’s kind of plain looking so she wasn’t used to being hit on by an older boy who’s popular with the girls. It didn’t take a lot of romancing before I got it into her. I quickly found out that she’s a really good fuck. (much more experienced) She has a tight, juicy pussy and loves to fuck but she can’t get out very often. Her father must not have a very big dick because when mine went inside of her, the first time, I saw a very surprised and then happy look on her face. Afterward, she told me that she wished she could get out of the house more often but ever since her mom died, four years ago, she has to take care of things at home. (I knew that her real duty was taking care of her Daddy’s cock) From the way she talks and acts and eagerly fucks me when we're together, I think it probably won’t be long before she breaks away from him.

** ** ** **

A month and a half have passed and it’s a week before Christmas.

At a little after four thirty, on Friday afternoon, I got home from my Karate class. Mom was busy making dinner so I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. I climbed the stairs, grabbed my robe from the hook on the back side of my door and headed for the shower.

I walked into the bathroom just as my ten year old sister, Laurie, was changing her panties. (for whatever reason) She’d taken her jeans off and was stark naked, from the waist down. She may be only ten but she’s already a sexy little girl. She was facing me and my eyes automatically focused on her pussy. I was amazed to see a healthy covering of jet black hair on it!! My cock JUMPED, as my blood rushed in to fill and prepare it for action. I’d never… not even once… thought of her in a sexual way but in that fraction of an instant my entire outlook changed. I wanted to take my little sister right down on the floor, drive my six inch cock into that lovely pussy and fuck her!

She could see that my eyes were focused on her pussy but, for some reason, she just stood there like a statue… not making any move to cover it. It was as if she’d been instantly frozen in place.

Tearing my eyes away from her pussy and trying to act as if it was no big deal, I fought to keep my voice normal as I cheerily said, “You’re really growing up, Laurie! You get prettier every time I look at you.” I could see her begin to relax and then she smiled a pretty little smile. I added, “Your pussy is pretty, too… ALmost as pretty as you are.” Then I added, “It really looks sexy with all that hair on it.” She smiled again (proudly, it seemed) and then said, “Don’t tell mom that I forgot to lock the bathroom door.” I smiled at her and said, “I won’t.” … and locked it myself.

I stepped over and knelt in front of her. Reaching around her already developing hips and taking each of her firm, nicely rounded ass cheeks in my hands, I planted a soft wet kiss in her pussy hair. She looked unsure and a little nervous but she made no attempt to pull away, so I kissed it again. Encouraged that she still hadn’t moved to stop me, I slipped my tongue between her little cunt lips and moved it up and down to search for her clit. When I found it, she flinched, sucked in a breath and drew back slightly but she STILL didn’t try to move away. I pulled her back to my mouth, speared my tongue between her hair covered little lips and began lashing her little cum button with it. A second later, she was eagerly pushing her pussy forward!

Flashing lights were going off in my head as I realized that she was enjoying having me lick her!! I kissed, licked and sucked on her for a little longer but then I forced myself to stop before I did what my instincts were telling me to do. The timing was all wrong. No matter how much I wanted to lick her pussy and fuck her, I couldn’t take the risk of getting caught doing it.

When I looked up at her, I saw a confused look of excited pleasure on Laurie’s face. She stayed right where she was… still holding the pair of panties in her hand and looking down into my eyes.

I instinctively knew that she wanted more and, against my better judgment, quietly said, “If you go sit on the toilet seat and spread your legs, I’ll show you how to make it feel even better.” She looked a little unsure but then she moved over to it and, after a slight hesitation, sat down.

While valiantly restraining my urgent desire to pull her down onto the bathroom floor, drive my cock into her extremely sexy little pussy and flood it with a huge load of brotherly love, I slowly moved over to where she was sitting and knelt in front of her, again. How I was able to maintain a calm and natural voice I don’t know but I looked at her and said, “Now open your legs and I’ll show you a lot better way to do what I was doing.

As her legs slowly spread open, her beautiful, black hair covered pussy came into full view. I struggled to keep my fierce excitement under control… trying to look and act calm, even though my heart felt as if it was trying to beat its way out of my entire body.

So far, Laurie was letting this, sudden surprise for both of us, situation proceed! Instinctively, I knew that this was going to be the best day of my life… or the worst one. I have to be extremely careful to not do anything that’ll scare her so that she’ll want a repeat performance, the next time that she and I are alone in the house… I know that if she’s as co-operative as she is right now, she WILL end up with my cock and a load of my cum in her pretty little pussy.

‘Calmly’, I leaned forward, took hold of her hips and lowered my mouth to my pretty ten year old sister’s pussy. After placing a soft, fervent and lingering kiss directly between its lips, I drew in a deep breath, opened my mouth and slowly exhaled my hot breath between them. Then I did it again.

Laurie began to shift around on the seat and slowly push her pussy forward. She definitely wanted more! My cock was now so hard that I could punch holes in a solid diamond block. Each heavy throb of my heart felt as if it my entire cock was about to explode.

I turned my head a little and sucked one of her small, ten year old, black hair covered pussy lips into my mouth and began sliding my tongue back and forth over its smooth inner surface. She let out a low moan and pushed forward, again. When I turned my head and did the same thing to the other one, her legs opened wide and she slid down… pushing her delicious little pussy all the way to the front edge of the seat lid. A sense of triumph flushed through me because I knew that I was doing everything right! Laurie has just discovered how good one of the truest of physical pleasures feels. Sooner or later, it’s going to be just her and me, with no one to interrupt us, and that’s when my patience is going to be richly rewarded.

Now, with her legs fully opened and her pussy pushed all the way forward, I knew that she was signaling for me to keep doing what I was doing. Instead, I moved away from her sweet little pussy and began running my tongue along the insides of her thighs and back up to her pussy.

There was no mistaking Laurie’s absolute enjoyment of the new sensations that she was feeling. Her hands had moved to my head and she was pulling me forward. When I sucked the tendons that join her thighs at her pussy into my mouth and firmly ran my tongue back and forth over them, she emitted a quivering moan and her whole body trembled. My pretty ten year old sister was definitely enjoying having her pussy licked and sucked on. She wasn’t just giving me full access to it, anymore. She was pushing it against my mouth!

My heart was pounding as I pulled back a little and looked at what she was eagerly offering me. Now that she’d scooted all the way forward, I could see from her pencil sized pussy opening all the way up to the little dark pink button at the top of her slit. That’s when I saw that her pussy was much wetter than it would have been, if it’d only been my saliva. My little sister is turned ON! I reached my tongue deep between her lips and firmly massaged it in and around the opening to her vagina for several seconds before taking a long, slow, wide tongued, pussy savoring lick all the way up her slippery, sweet-juice coated valley. When I reached the top, my tongue slid over her clit and I began caressing it. Laurie shivered all over, let out a load moan, closed her eyes and leaned back against the toilet tank in total surrender… clearly ready to let me do whatever I wanted to do, to her pussy.

It flashed through my mind that if I were to stand up on my knees, unzip my fly and pull my cock out, she’d stay right where she was and let me push it into her. The only thing that stopped me from doing it was MOM!! If she ever knew what was going on in the upstairs bathroom, my ass would be grass… so I wasn’t aBOUT to cause Laurie to make any loud noises that would bring her upstairs to investigate.

Laurie’s sweet pussy juices are like pure nectar and now I know that she loves having me lick it. When I went back to her pussy opening and took another long slow lick up to her little button, I was amazed to discover that my pretty little sister’s black haired pussy was drenched with another thick coating of what would soon be coating her fifteen year old brother’s cock!

I’ve never fucked a ten year old girl but after the story that Marilyn told me about Marcia being fucked by her thirty year old father, when she was eight years old, there’s no question that ten year old Laurie is going to be fucked by her fifteen year old brother.

After some more sucks and licks, I looked up at her to ask her if she liked it and saw that her eyes were nearly closed. Her voice sounded as if she was in rapture, as she quaveringly said, “Yeah… but I wish mom wasn’t home so you could keep doing it. … She’d kill both of us, if she came up and caught us.” ... I’m thinking, ‘She knows we shouldn’t be doing it… and she wishes we could KEEP doing it!!’

I smiled and told her that’s why I’d stopped but that I’d do it to her anytime she wants me to, as long as there isn’t anybody else at home. “But you can’t ever tell anybody I do it.” She fervently promised that she wouldn’t tell and ‘Hoped to die’. Then, whispering as if she was sharing a very private secret, she added, “I really like how it feels when you lick me, Kyle. It makes me all tingly, down there.” With my heart in my mouth, I said, “When we have a chance, maybe I’ll take you in my room and show you some other things you’ll like even more.”

Definitely pouncing on my ‘semi-promise’, she excitedly whispered, “As soon as Mom and Dad leave for the party, I’ll come to your room and you can do it to me for a long time! They’re leaving as soon as Dad comes home and gets dressed. They have to be there at seven and Mom said they’ll probably be out real late, so you can show me the other things, too!” The heated excitement in her voice was as palpable as the heated throbbing in the head of my cock.

I’d had no idea that our parents were going out and now my cock was throbbing in anticipation of where I was going to put it, tonight. I just smiled and said, “OK, Laurie. You’ll like the other things I’m going to show you, too, but I’ll have to lick your pussy and get it real wet again, first.” There was a funny look in her eyes as she said “OK. I already know I’m going to like that… and maybe you can show me your thing, too, ‘cause you’ve already seen mine.” I agreed and said I’d also show her some things she could do to it, like I’d done to hers.

I was looking into her eyes and saw her mind instantly register that I’d just used my mouth on her pussy. In a split second, her acceptance of doing the same thing to me flashed across her face, as she said, “OK. I want you to show me lots of things, Kyle.”

Then, looking at the obvious bulge in my pant leg, she whispered, “Can I see it now, real quick?” I was severely tempted but I knew that if I did, I’d want her to suck on it a little and she’d do it. Then I might not be able to keep from fucking her right now, instead of waiting till after Mom and Dad leave. Placing my hand on her cheek and caressing it, I softly said, “We’d better wait till Mom and Dad leave, Laurie. If I let you see it now, you’ll want me to show you more things and if mom came up, she’d want to know why we were both in the bathroom with the door locked. … We can’t take chances on doing things like we just did when they’re home, anymore. But don’t worry, I’ll show you everything after they leave.” (and I meant it sincerely)

There was no mistaking the little spark of fire in her eyes that I never expected from my little ten year old sister as, in a hushed, excitedly conspiratorial and very personal tone that I instinctively knew was speCifically directed to ME, she said, “A few days ago, I heard some of the girls in my class talking and one of them told the other ones that her boyfriend put his cock in her pussy hole and fucked her. She said it felt really good and she can’t wait till they’re alone so he can fuck her again!” After a short pause, while she looked straight into my eyes, I heard a definitely hopeful sound in her voice, as she continued, “After you lick my pussy, will you pretend I’m your girlfriend and put your… your cock in my pussy hole and fuck me? I’ll never tell anybody, Kyle! I promise and hope to die!” Quickly, she added, “And if we both like doing it, maybe we can do it after school, sometimes.”
I was so stunned by her request for me to do what I was already going to do that I couldn’t speak, as she continued, “One of the other girls said she loves having her boyfriend shoot his cum in her pussy after he fucks her for a long time because it almost always makes her cum, too. She said it feels so good when she cums…. She said it feels like she’s in heaven.”

(I’m still speechless) She continued, “After you put your thing all the way inside of me, maybe you can fuck me for a long time and shoot your cum in my pussy, too. OK? Maybe it’ll make me cum so I can feel like that girl does.” My voice was a strangled sound, as I weakly croaked out, “OK, Laurie.” The look in her eyes was almost one of triumph… as if she felt like she’d successfully talked me into it.

My cock was an absolute raging hard on, now. I almost dragged Laurie onto the bathroom floor, drove my cock into her and fucked her on the spot. If Mom wasn’t home, my cock would already be in her and I’d be fucking the shit out of her. I almost did it anyway but the genuine fear of having Mom hear Laurie crying in pain and coming up to investigate and then catch me fucking my little sister reigned in the pure lust that was coursing through me. Even in my state of sex fogged awareness, that fear is fully justified because I know that when my cock goes into Laurie’s tight little pussy, she’s going to make a lot of noise, until she gets used to having it inside of her. I forced myself to be patient because I know that, as soon as we’re alone, I AM going to be inside of Laurie… just as I’d promised her.

The fear of getting caught had stopped me from doing something stupid and ruining everything. … I had to wait until they left. … Then I’d break Laurie’s cherry and have five or six hours of fucking her. She’d asked me to do it and had promised she’d never tell anybody. Laurie always keeps her promises and so do I. One thing I’m sure of is that her ten year old pussy is going to have at least two loads of her fifteen year old brother’s cum pumped into it, tonight… and that’s a promise!

A flurry of thoughts flashed through my mind, as I laid quick plans for when we’re alone. ‘I’ll see if I can make her cum with my tongue before I put my cock in her.’ … ‘ I’d better put it in a little at a time so I don’t hurt her by putting it in too far.’ … ‘I doubt if she can take it all. She’s only ten. I hope she can. If she can’t, I’ll pull back a little and then fuck her nice and easy, to make sure she likes it so she’ll want to keep doing it.’ … ‘I can’t wait to fuck my cock into her tiny pussy hole and feel it sliding in and out of that sexy little black haired pussy of hers.’ … ‘I hope I can get it all in.’ … ‘I have to be careful to not push in too hard, when I cum in her.’ ‘I can’t wait’… ‘She’ll have to remember to keep something in her panties, from now on, so mom won’t find any cum stains in them.’

She was still naked, available and willing. The temptation was almost overpowering me so I knew I had to get her out of here, before I pulled her onto the rug and fucked her. I forced myself to stand up and back away, saying, “Laurie, you have to get dressed and go watch TV or something, until they leave. We don’t want Mom to come up here and catch us like this. As soon as they’re gone, I’ll do everything you want me to do. I promise.

Obviously reluctant to do it, she picked her panties up from the floor and put one foot in a leg opening. As she lifted her other leg, her engorged pussy lips spread open and I saw light reflecting from the heavy sheen coating of her slippery pussy juice. I’d never seen any of the other girls I’d been with have anywhere near that much of it. When she stood up, an immediate line of wetness appeared where her pussy lips came together and I felt like my head was going to explode. I knew that my cock was going to have that slippery stuff all over it, in a few more minutes!

While she continued getting dressed, I saw her keep looking at the obvious bulge in my jeans. When she was dressed, I hugged her close and smiled down at her. In a low voice, I said, “You’ll get to see it and feel it inside of you in just a little while, Laurie. I can’t wait, either. I’m going to fuck you sooooooo good. You’ll love it. I promise. Now go do some of your usual stuff so mom doesn’t see us doing anything different. OK?”

She looked up at me and the look in her eyes surprised me. It was as if I’d already fucked her and she was looking forward to having me do it again. She kissed my arm and whispered, “When you cum in me, I hope it makes me cum, too.” Then she turned and opened the door. I smiled as I saw her check to see if it was ‘all clear’ before she stepped out and closed it. There was no doubt that she was in on our conspiracy… all the way up to her ten year old ovary ducts.

I locked the door again, stripped and climbed into the shower with my raging boner. It was throbbing and leaking all kinds of precum. I knew I’d better relieve the pressure or I’d cum ON Laurie’s pussy, instead of inside of it. I closed my eyes and envisioned my cock sliding between my little sister’s slippery black-hair-covered cunt lips. It only took about six strokes before a violent eruption of cum shot out of my cock and spattered against the shower wall… each shot running down in a thick, white stream. My knees almost buckled from the intensity of my orgasm. When I was finished, I wished with all my heart that every drop of it had been injected into Laurie. But at least the pressure was relieved.

When Mom called us to dinner, a few minutes later, I’d mysteriously lost my appetite… and so had Laurie. Mom told us that she’d put it in the fridge so we could help ourselves, when we get hungry. Then she went upstairs to finish getting ready to go to the party with Dad.

While we were alone, Laurie told me that the party was for something that Dad had done at work and that a lot of people are coming, adding, “He’s the Guest of Honor.” . . . A few minutes after they leave, my cock is going to be Laurie’s Guest of Honor. (I thought it but I didn’t say it)

A few minutes later, Dad came in and went upstairs to clean up and get dressed, too. The next few minutes seemed like three hours. I was sitting in front of the TV not watching the movie that I’d put into the DVD player. Laurie came over and whispered that she couldn’t wait ‘til they left so I could put my cock inside of her and fuck her. “And cum in my pussy, too.” she added, with a truly excited smile. I checked to make sure that mom and dad couldn’t see anything and then cupped my hand over Laurie’s pussy and gave it a quick massage. Startled, she looked up at the stairway but when she saw that no one else could see, she pushed forward into my hand. After two or three more seconds, I pulled my hand away and whispered that I’d come up, as soon as they left. Again she whispered, but even more excitedly, now, “I can’t wait!”, before going up to her room.

Finally, they came down and I heard Mom tell me to keep an eye on things and that they’d probably be out pretty late. I answered “OK, Mom.” and then they were gone. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour. If they ever find out that I fucked Laurie, they’ll kill me. I’m not worried about Laurie telling them but we’ll always have to be careful, so we don’t get caught.

I double checked the driveway and the street. They were gone. I made sure the door was locked and headed for the stairs.

Laurie heard me coming and came out of her room just as I reached the top of the stairs. She looked excited and nervous, at the same time. I probably did, too, but we both went into my room. I closed the door and locked it before pulling my shirt off and lying down on my bed. Laurie climbed right up beside me and lay on her back, looking at me expectantly. She’s a really pretty girl and it suddenly occurred to me that she’d like it if I taught her how to kiss. (the usual prelude to brothers and sisters having sex?) I figured that if we were going to be fucking each other, we’ll enjoy it more if we’re making love to each other, at the same time.

I moved next to her and told her that I was going to teach her how to kiss, before we start doing the other things. She looked up at me as I lowered my lips to hers and started softly kissing her on the mouth. It only took a few seconds before she started pushing her lips back against mine and began copying what I was doing to hers. I was surprised when, suddenly, I felt an electric thrill right through me. Laurie was kissing me and she was kissing me good! I was soon kissing her with more passion and after a few seconds, she was doing the same to me. In no time at all, my arms were totally wrapped around her and hers were tightly locked around my neck.

When I raised my lips from hers, I saw that her eyes were half closed and there was a dreamy look on her face. Without saying a word, I started pulling her shirt up. She lifted up and moved her arms, so that I could slide it over her head. I saw that she was wearing a training bra that had two small to medium sized lumps in it. My heart was pounding with the realization of what we were about to do as I reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She rolled toward me so that I could pull it free from her left shoulder and then turned so that I could take it off of the other one. When she lay back on the bed, my eyes went straight to her lovely little tits. I could see that the nipples were swollen and were pushing out from the rounding mounds that were her breasts. She was breathing rapidly, now, and her chest was lifting her tits up and down in time with her breathing. I leaned over to her mouth and kissed her again… much more passionately, this time. She pulled herself against me and I felt her hard little nipples pressing into my bare chest. My hand moved down her back to cup one of her firm, round little ass cheeks. She pushed her pussy toward me and began to moan, as she kissed me harder and more passionately. I finally broke the kiss and moved my mouth down to her right tit. I kissed it tenderly and then started running my tongue all around its nipple. Laurie’s breathing got noticeably faster and a low moan escaped through her nose. Five seconds later, I had her entire tit in my mouth and was passionately lashing its nipple with my tongue. Laurie was pushing it right into my mouth and moaning loudly, now. She breathlessly said, “That’s making my pussy tingle. Do it to the other one, too.”, she pleaded. Instantly, I had her entire left tit in my mouth and was passionately caressing it, with my tongue. After a few more seconds, her whole body was squirming and then she pushed my head away from her tit.

She looked at me with a feverish flush on her face and hoarsely whispered, “Kyle, put your cock inside of me, now, and fuck me. Please? My pussy is really wet and slippery and I don’t want to wait. I just want to feel your thing inside of my pussy. I want to feel you fucking me and then have you shoot your cum inside of me.”
I was surprised at the intense passion and sincerity in her voice. There was no doubt that she meant it. My ten year old sister wanted me to put my cock in her pussy and fuck her, right now, without waiting for anything. I softly said, “OK, Laurie. Let’s take the rest of our clothes off, first. I’m going to lick your pussy for only a minute and then I’ll put my cock inside of you. OK?”

She was already pulling her jeans down and off. I undid mine and had them off in three seconds, flat. Laurie’s eyes went straight to my full, raging, slightly over six inch hard on. I expected to see fear but, instead, there was an excited and determined look on her face. She looked up at me and, with a slight tremor in her voice, said, “After you lick me, I want you to put your whole thing inside of me. Put it all in and fuck me and then cum in me.”
I said, “I will, Laurie. Turn around and put your pussy up here by my mouth so, while I’m licking your pussy, you can take my cock in your mouth and get it all wet with a lot of your spit so it’ll slide in your pussy easier.”
She turned around and before I could spread her legs, she had her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock and was running her tongue all over its head and around its shaft. The sensation was like a small electric shock. I could feel every movement of her mouth and tongue. She was definitely making it wet. I lifted her leg and drew in the sweet scent of her delicious pussy’s aroma. My vision blurred as I hungrily swallowed her beautiful black haired cunt and sucked hard on it. Laurie let out a surprised moan of pleasure and pushed it to my mouth, while attacking my cock with her hungry mouth. It was almost as if she’d done it before. I opened her legs wider and started ferociously licking her very wet and juicy slit. I could tell that she was more than slippery enough for my cock to go into her. I spit the juice back into her, closed her legs and kissed her pussy tenderly, for a few seconds, to give her a chance to re-secrete any juices that I’d licked away. The only tongue contact I was making was on her swollen little clit. She was jamming it against my tongue and moaning on my cock. I realized that she now had almost four inches of it in her mouth and was fervently sucking it, while lashing her tongue all over it. She was doing it so good that I knew she’d make me cum, if I let her keep doing it…. but that’s for another day. Right now, the only thing I want is to get my cock into that tight little pussy of hers. I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and told her to leave her mouth on my cock and open it wide. “Be sure you leave all your spit on my cock and come back up next to me.”

I felt her mouth reluctantly release its suction, open and then she quickly moved her head back off of my cock. While turning and moving back up beside me, she swallowed her surplus saliva and said, “I like how yours tastes, too. I already know I’m going to like having it inside of me.”

As soon as she was in position, I moved over her and softly said, “Spread your legs as wide as you can, Laurie. Then pull your knees way up by your shoulders so I can fit between your legs and get it in.” Without hesitation, she did exactly what I said.

She was looking down at the precum and spit covered cock that was about to tear her cherry to tattered shreds. I took my cock in my hand and slid the head of it up and down between her pussy lips. They were drenched with a fresh, super slippery supply of her pussy juice. She moaned and pushed her pussy against my cock. As incredibly hot to fuck her as I was, I could feel the pure passion in her voice when, with a pleading sound in her voice, Laurie cried out, “Put it in my pussy and fuck me, Kyle. Please.”

I slid the juice coated head down to her tiny pussy hole and, without warning, punched through it and up into Laurie’s tight little cunt. About four inches of my cock were instantly buried in her and her cherry was a footnote in history.

With a shrill, high pitched scream of pain, her body instantly went rigid and her legs shot straight out… her inner thighs pressing hard against my hips. Maintaining my initial penetration, I held her firmly in place and hoarsely apologized for hurting her. “I’m sorry, Laurie. I had to do it that way. This is your first time and I knew it’d hurt, so I put it in quick. Try to relax and it’ll stop hurting in a minute. Your pussy just needs to adjust to being stretched.
She was whimpering and there were tears in her eyes as, in a strained voice, she said, “It really hurt going in. I didn’t know it was going to hurt like that. It felt like your thing tore something inside me.” Again I apologized for hurting her and said, “It did tear something, Laurie. Every girl has what’s called a cherry and the first time she has a cock go in her it gets torn but now it’s done so won’t ever hurt like that again. Now try to relax and let your pussy stretch. It’ll stop hurting in a minute. I’ll hold still until you tell me it’s ok to start moving.” Then I lowered my mouth to hers and started kissing her with soft, tender kisses… to show her that I was sorry about hurting her and was waiting until she told me that she was OK.

After about twenty seconds, I felt her body begin to relax, as her tightly stretched ten year old pussy began to adjust to having about four inches of her fifteen year old brother’s thick, six inch cock inside of it. (I doubt if she knew there were two more inches for me to get into her but I’d introduce the rest of it more slowly while I was fucking her. I hoped she be able to take it all)

Another fifteen seconds passed and then, in a brave little voice, Laurie said, “It’s only hurting a little bit, now. I think you can start doing it to me. I found her lips with mine and kissed her tenderly as I slowly began pulling my cock back and then slowly pushing it back into her tight little hole. I was glad that I’d relieved the pressure when I was in the shower because, as good as her tight, cock strangling pussy feels, I would have cum on the first stroke. After the pain she’d bravely endured, Laurie deserved to find out how good it feels to fuck, before I cum in her.

As I slowly fucked in and out, I kept pushing a little more in, with each stroke. I knew that she was adjusting to having my cock in her when she pulled her knees back up and gradually lifted her pussy to me. A few seconds later, she began pushing back to meet my ever deepening thrusts into her. After fucking her for a couple of minutes, my pelvis made firm contact with hers and I knew that my cock was buried to the hilt in her.

I looked down at her and said, “You took all of it, Laurie. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to but it’s all in. How does it feel?” Giving me a weak smile, she said, “It kind of feels good while you’re fucking me but you kept going in further and it was making my pussy stretch more. I was afraid you weren’t going to get it all in. Then, with a beaming smile, she said, “But you did and now I know how good it feels when you’re fucking me.” I grinned back at her and said, “You’re pussy is really tight so it’ll take a few more minutes before you know how good it really feels.”

Quickly becoming more relaxed, she looked at me and said, “I already know I like how it feels going in and out of me so I want us to do it when we get home from school, from now on. OK?”

My answer was to smile and start fucking my ten year old sister’s tight little cunt. She soon picked up my rhythm and was fucking me right back. I set a steady pace and Laurie matched me, stroke for stroke. Then, with a passionate sound in her voice, she said, “Ohhh, Kyle. I love how it feels when it’s sliding in and out. Can you do it faster?” I started fucking her faster and harder… driving my cock right to the hilt in her deliciously tight pussy. Almost immediately, she moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Kyle…. That feels really good. I like the way my pussy feels when you fuck me like that. It’s getting all tingly inside, like it did in the bathroom and, just now, when you were sucking my breasts.”

I started fucking faster and harder and Laurie started moaning in outright ecstasy. Her moans and then her words were punctuated by the rapid impact of our pelvises. “Ohh.hhh. Kyy.yyle. Tha.t fe.els so g.ood. I w.ant to di.iie.” I couldn’t believe it but my little sister was going to cum! She didn’t know that that’s what the tingly feeling in her pussy meant… but I did!

Her pussy muscles were physically stroking and caressing the shaft of my cock, as I fucked her faster and harder. She was fucking me so good that I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep from cumming, much longer. Her cunt felt better than any pussy I’d ever had it inside of. (at this point, I’d fucked seven different girls… <eight, now> most of them at least twice and some of them a lot of times) But Laurie was only ten years old. The next three youngest girls, Marilyn, Shelly and Marcia were twelve.

We fucked for a couple more minutes and then Laurie began making funny noises in her throat and her body started quivering, as she urgently signaled for me to give it to her faster and harder. I was driving my cock into her pussy as fast as I could, now. Our pelvises were banging against each other and I could hear my pussy juice soaked balls slapping against the firm, round cheeks of her ass. There are no words to describe the feeling of knowing that my cock was being repeatedly buried to the hilt in my little sister’s beautiful black hair covered pussy.

Suddenly, Laurie let out a sharp “Ohhh – Ohhhhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyllllee !!! Ahhhhheeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” She drove her pussy up to me and held it tight against me. She was clutching and fiercely pulling me into herself… still screaming while holding her pussy up for me to continue fucking into her. I knew that Laurie was cumming and I went crazy with the joy of knowing that I was making my little sister cum. I started fucking her like a rampaging bull….. driving my cock as deep inside of her as I could make it go. I felt it start and knew that I was going to cum, too….. AND I DID!!!

I could feel the long, pulsing jets of cum squirting deep into Laurie’s cunt and I held my cock deep inside of her as we both came together. Laurie was making a tight squealing sound, as the intensity of her first-ever orgasm caused her body to shake and tremble. I was about half way through cumming into her when I felt a very warm sensation on my balls. Laurie was cumming on me and I buried my cock even deeper… delivering the last two or three squirts of cum into her.

When I was finished, I held Laurie close against me and kissed her sweet mouth. The next thing I knew, she was crying loudly, into my mouth. She was pulling me fiercely against herself but she was crying for all she was worth.

I didn’t know what to make of it. I’d been fucking her really hard and she was fucking me right back but now I was afraid that I’d hurt her. I raised up to look at her and she quickly pulled me back down to where she could bury her face in my neck. She was still crying but then she started kissing my neck, in between more short sobs.
It took a few seconds before I realized that her sensory circuits had been overloaded with joy for what’d just happened to her. She’d just received a thorough fucking that she’d enjoyed beyond belief and then she’d had a tremendous orgasm at the end of it… her first ever, on both counts. It’d all happened in the space of twenty minutes, during her very first experience with sexual intercourse.

I’d already had more sexual experience than any of the guys I knew so I was all that much more amazed by what I’d just experienced with Laurie. I know that she now has the largest load of cum in her pussy that’s ever been ejaculated from my rapidly shriveling scrotum. I was so drained and weak that I could barely move. I couldn’t have pulled myself away from Laurie’s grip if my life depended on it so I just lay there with my softening cock still buried in her tight, strangling pussy. I could feel her rippling pussy muscles gripping my cock as she milked the last lonely drops of her brother’s cum into her ten year old pussy. This had been, BY FAR, the most complete orgasm that I’d ever had and I instinctively KNEW that I was going to be pumping many more such orgasms into Laurie. I couldn’t imagine Ever being better fucked than I’d just been fucked by my ten year old sister… but something told me that she was going to give me even better ones.

I’m just under five foot nine… Laurie’s no more than four foot ten and she’d taken my entire cock inside of her pussy. Not only had she taken all of it but she’d fucked me to a draw. My original plan to lick her pussy and make her cum before we fucked was funny to me, now. Laurie had just made it plain that she’d never be needing or asking for any mercy from me. For every stroke I’ll ever drive into her, she’ll have one to match it.
Finally, she let go of me and I slowly pulled my wilted cock out of her incredible pussy. Even soft and heavily coated with cum, she was still gripping it. Normally, I couldn’t wait for it to get hard again but right now, I need to rest and reload. I want to make love to her, fuck her, make love to her, fuck her and fuck her some more.

Laurie’s face was all wet from her tears. I kissed her on the mouth and said, “I love you, Laurie.” In a weak and shaky voice, she said, “I love you, too, Kyle.” and, like me, she sounded worn out.

As we lay there, I kissed and licked the tears from her face. Two or three minutes passed and then Laurie put her arms up around my neck to pull my mouth to hers. She kissed me so sweetly and intensely that my cock actually twitched, in an attempt to respond to her. I wished I’d left it inside of her so she could feel it growing full and hard, in her pussy. From her’s and my reactions to our first brother and sister sex, I have no doubt that we were going to do a lot more fucking and love making before Mom and Dad came home. I’m positive that, after tonight, we’ll do it every time we have a chance to.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t fuck her in the bathroom, earlier, because I would have cum fast and she’d only have the pain of entry to remember, for her first time. But now, and for the rest of her life, whenever she reminisces about what happened between us, today, she’ll smile and remember it as being beautiful and incredible… as I will.

Laurie was kissing me so sweetly and with so much love that I wished I was still inside of her. Finally, she relaxed and lay back. Her head was cradled in my hands as she softly said, “I hope we can keep doing what we just did for the rest of our lives, Kyle. Nothing in the world could ever be better. Any time we’re alone, I want you to fuck me like you just did and cum in me. When you were cumming, was I cumming, too?” I looked down at her and smiled. “Yes, Laurie. You were cumming… Real Hard. Do you like how it felt?” “I liked everything, Kyle. I liked doing it and I loved how I felt when I was cumming. I didn’t know what was happening to me but it felt so good! … I liked it when you were cumming in me, too. I could feel it going in me. Can we do it again, in a little while? I’m kinda tired, right now, though.” I kissed her and said, “Yes. We’ll do it again, in a bit, but I need a few minutes to rest because you were doing it to me really good and you made me tired, too.” She smiled and I could see the pride on her face. My little sister is one in a million. This morning, I didn’t even know that she had hair on her pussy but now she’d just fucked me better than any other girl ever had. Right now, I don’t ever want to fuck another girl… just my sister, Laurie.

Two hours later, in between our third and fourth fucks, Laurie told me that she’d started having periods, about four months earlier, which I’d never thought about her having. I told her about ‘morning after’ pills and told her that I’d go to a strange drug store, in the morning, to see about getting her one. Then I told her to go see the school nurse to get birth control pills. (As it turned out, the drug store wouldn’t sell them to me because I wasn’t 18. Laurie went on birth control, the next day… last day before Christmas recess but we had to sweat out the next few days, before she had her next period.) During Christmas recess, we had time and several chances to be alone with each other. We made good use of it.

It’s been seven months since I first fucked Laurie and I haven’t touched or wanted to touch another girl. Marilyn saw the change in me and guessed why but I denied it and threatened to tell every boyfriend she ever has that I’ve fucked HER and that she’s sucked me off, if she ever breathes a word of it. The look on her face told me that she was convinced that I’d do it.

So far, Laurie and I are home free. Next week is her 11th birthday and she told me that her best birthday present will be if I can fuck her some time during the day. My birthday is a month after hers and she told me to guess what she’s giving me. She laughed when I said “A nice long ride in your saddle?”

*** SSB

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Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or sotehming. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

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As much as I don't care for underage girls to get messed with I think it is OK when the brother (or other male) is underage himself. I know when I was young I did not cull anything of any age. The first time I got off in a girl I was 13 and she was 10. We are still friends, many years later. That was the only time we did it and did not see each other for many years. I enjoy your stories except the young girls fucked by an adult. I had to quit reading that story.

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To the anonymous commenter below... that's really hot! You should write a story about that experience and submit it. My sister also let me try to fuck her when she was 8 and I was 12, but at that age I didn't know I needed to push a little harder to punch through her cherry. I was always impressed of the beauty of her soft pussy and how good it felt to rub my cock on it, but I never buried more than just the head of my cock in her pussy hole because she said it was hurting too much at that point. I would still fill her pussy hole with my cum though.

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