Brother and Sister become lovers
Slippery Saddle Bum

I’m almost fourteen years old and, Tommy, one of my friends, had just told me he’d heard that some guys use Vaseline to make their cock slippery so it’ll go in a girl with a really tight pussy. He kept repeating that he wondered what it’d be like to fuck a girl with it. His continual talk about sex, girls and fucking had made my cock get hard. I’d never thought about Vaseline being used that way but it made sense. When we finished our last game of one on one basketball, he left to go home for lunch.

I knew that my sister and I would be eating whatever my mother had fixed and left in the refrigerator for us to reheat in the microwave. It was about noon so I figured that, by now, Mom and dad were already on their way to their bi-monthly business seminar and wouldn’t be home till late tomorrow. I put my towel, rosin bag and basketball in my gym bag and started for home. On the way, I couldn’t help remembering what Tommy and I had been talking about, between games. My cock was still semi-hard and I started thinking about what he’d said about using Vaseline to fuck a girl. I’m tired of having to jerk off and I wish I knew a girl I could try using the idea on. As I walked, I started imagining what it’d be like to feel my cock sliding into some girl’s pussy. I don’t have a girl friend and I don’t like Cindy our neighbor, three doors down, but she does have a nice body. Of course, she’s made it clear that she doesn’t like me, either, so she’s out.

As I walked, I realized that there aren’t any other girls my age living in our neighborhood. The only girl who’s anywhere near my age is my sister, Sandra. I was about to discard her as a candidate when it dawned on me that for almost a year she’s been looking more and more sexy. She’s twelve but she doesn’t talk or act like a silly twelve year old who giggles at nothing. She’s really smart and likes to learn new things, too. A lot of times, we study together and swap new things we’ve learned about. We both get good grades but she always gets the highest scores in her classes. She doesn’t talk about boys, the way most girls do but I know she likes them… I know she likes me, too… We’ve always been close and we get along really well.

Actually, I thought to myself, we enjoy being together so what difference does it make if I AM her brother? She’s a girl, isn’t she? … and I’ve read stories about brothers and sisters having sex with each other. That’s when my thoughts began to focus on Sandra and then other thoughts and realizations started to sift into my consciousness. For the last year or so, she’s almost constantly hung close to me, whenever I’m at home. The possibility of fucking Sandra was one that I’d never thought of…. but if she’s willing to.. why not? She’s always touching me… kissing my neck or hugging my arm. Sometimes, when we’re alone she pulls my face down to hers and kisses me on the mouth. She’s been doing that a lot, lately, and I started remembering how nice her kisses are. We spend a lot of time together, mostly at home and alone … ‘I wonder if she’ll let me fuck her, if I can get her in my bed and start kissing her.’, I thought…. Something deep inside of me was telling me that she wouldn’t try to stop me, if she knew I really wanted to…. which I now realize I do. The more I thought about her and about how sexy she looks, the harder my cock was getting. By the time I got home, I had to push it down to keep it from sticking out against the front of my shorts, before I went inside.

I left my bag in the entryway and headed for the refrigerator to get something cold to drink. When I walked into the kitchen, Sandra was standing in front of the microwave. She looked back over her shoulder, smiled at me and said, “I saw you coming. It’s almost lunch time so I’m heating our lunch.” She looked at me for a few seconds and then slowly turned back to the magazine that was lying on the counter in front of her. Immediately, my eyes went to her tight, shapely ass. She was wearing a pair of bright red shorts that fit snugly over and accented the pronounced round cheeks of her ass. I felt an instant tightness in my groin and my cock jerked, as it started coming back to full attention. It’s been less than ten minutes since I had my first thought of fucking Sandra and, already, I know that I’m going to do it. The only thing I’m worried about is if she’ll tell mom and dad when they get home tomorrow.

I went to the bathroom to wash up and get the sweat off my face. I finished, dried off and hung the towel back on the rack. I could feel my heart racing, now, because I know I’m going to fuck Sandra. I reached into the medicine cabinet for the Vaseline and, when I had the jar in my hand, I could feel my body tension increase. I knew that I was committed to my fifteen minute old plan and was already preparing for what was going to happen, as soon as I’d maneuvered Sandra into my room. I went to my room and set the jar on my nightstand before stripping off my sweaty shorts and putting on a pair of fresh ones. I’d started to put on a pair of underwear, too, but put them back because I didn’t want anything to slow me down, once I started. I reached into the next drawer for a shirt and suddenly it came to me that, more than once, I’ve caught Sandra looking at my bare chest with a strange look on her face. I’ve seen it a lot of times…. especially in the last two or three months. And sometimes, if I resist letting her pull my face to hers so she can kiss my mouth, she wraps her arms around me and plants a slow lingering kiss on my bare chest, instead. I decided not to put a shirt on and walked back downstairs wearing nothing but a loose fitting pair of shorts with an elastic band that could be removed in two seconds.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I picked up the odor of whatever Sandra was heating in the microwave and I knew that I was too wound up, now, to eat anything. I repositioned my cock and walked to the kitchen. It was still semi-hard and making a sizable bulge in my shorts. Maybe I should go back upstairs and put on a pair of underpants….. nahhhhh What’s the difference if she sees it now, or ten minutes from now? If I’m lucky, it’s going to be in her in half an hour, anyway.

Sandra had already set the table and was taking the food out of the microwave when I walked back into the kitchen. I looked at her and said, “I’m not really hungry, right now, are you?” “Not really but I figured as long as you were eating, I would too. You should have told me, when you came in.” I looked at her and asked, “Can you put it back and heat it again, later?”… She smiled and said, ”Yeah, I can do that.”.. and she opened the refrigerator door. I held it open while she picked up the dish and leaned over to slide it back on the shelf. When she leaned over, my eyes went straight to her firm and voluptuous ass. I can feel my blood starting to pound because I know that those bright red shorts and the rest of what she’s wearing is going to be laying on my bedroom floor, in just few more minutes.

As she turned and straightened up I saw her eyes hesitate on the bulge in my shorts. I saw her eyelids flicker and then slowly move up over my chest before she looked at me and said, “You must have had a good workout. Your face is all flushed and you’re still hot. I can feel it.” She put her hand on my chest and when she slowly pulled it away, she looked up at me and said, “Your heart’s still going fast, too.” When she turned back to close the microwave door, she asked, “What’re we going to do, tonight?”

The moment of truth has arrived and I asked, “What do you want to do?” She was looking straight at me and then she looked away but not before I saw the strange look on her face. That’s when I realized that I’d seen that same look before. She quietly said, “I’ll do whatever you want to do.” I gently took her shoulders in my hands and turned her to face me. She had a nervous and guilty look on her face and suddenly the light went on in my head. I brought her close against my chest and softly said, “Let’s go upstairs, Sandra.” Without waiting for an answer, I turned her and with my arm around her, I gently held her against me and started toward the stairs. She didn’t resist in the least, as she matched my steps without asking why we were going upstairs. ... I thought to myself, ‘She HAS to know what’s going to happen, when we get there.’

Even as tense as I already was, I could feel the tension building in her as we neared the top of the stairway. I continued past her room and straight into mine, pushing the door closed with my foot. When we got to the bed, I said, “Come lay down next to me and I’ll show you what we’re going to do, tonight. I gently guided her onto the bed and moved next to her. When I reached to pull her close against me, she was tense but I could sense the eager willingness in the way she came to me. As she lay snuggled in my arms, I could feel her heart beating rapidly. She was looking up at me and I could see the nervous knowledge in her eyes and on her face. ‘She knows! .... She knows what’s going to happen and she’s going to let it!’, I realized.

I gently pushed her over onto her back and, without saying a word, moved my face over hers and lowered my lips to hers. Her eyes were wide open but when my lips touched hers, I saw her eyelids flutter and then close. I wrapped my arms around her and started tenderly kissing her. About two seconds later, I felt her arms come up around my shoulders and begin pulling my mouth to hers. She was really kissing me and then I realized that I was really kissing her, too. This kiss wasn’t like any we’d ever shared, before. There was long pent up passion in it, even though we were both still a little tentative. But then our nervousness about what we were going to do began to melt away and I could feel the hungry passion in the way she was kissing me. As we continued, with our lips exploring each others, the passion in each of us was building toward a beautiful explosion that we were going to be sharing with each other, in only a few more minutes. I’d never dreamed that Sandra was in love with me and wanted me this way but now I understand why she’s so happy when I come in and why she hangs so close to me. She knows that I’m her brother, just as well as I know that she’s my sister but it doesn’t matter…. not to her.. and not to me, either, as I’d realized on the way home from playing basketball.

When I lifted my mouth from hers, I could see the new flush of excitement on her face. My voice came out hoarsely, as I stated, simply, “I’m going to take your clothes off.” Her arms came down from around my neck and she lay there looking up at me expectantly, without saying a word. I sat up and reached down to pull her sneakers off. She held each foot up as I took its sneaker off and dropped it to the floor. My cock was starting to throb, now, and I saw her eyes go the bulge that it was making in the front of my shorts. Without hesitation, I reached for the bright red button, unfastened it and opened the front of her shorts…. I started pulling down on them and watched as she raised her ass so I could slide them over her hips. As soon as the shorts cleared her crotch, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties but what instantly had my complete attention was the soft, dark thatch of hair on her cunt…. the beautiful, unfucked cunt that we both knew was about to have my cock shoved into it and be fucked for the first time.

I’d watched some porn clips on my PC and now it dawned on me that Sandra probably has, too. I’d seen men get between the women’s legs and start licking their pussies and, suddenly, that’s exactly what I wanted to do to Sandra. After she’d pulled her legs free of her shorts, I dropped them to the floor and let myself down onto the bed and slid lower. When my face was even with her pussy, I moved over it and Sandra’s legs spread, slightly, as I lowered my mouth to her and began kissing in the soft hair around her cunt. I could feel her body trembling as I spread her legs wider and moved between them. Now that her legs were spread apart, the pink moist lips of her cunt were fully exposed and I thought my head was going to explode. I looked up at Sandra and saw that her eyes were half closed and her hands were unbuttoning her blouse. I watched as she pulled it open and her two beautiful pear shaped tits come into view. She looked back down and into my eyes as I lowered my mouth to her cunt to do what I’d watched those other men do. I pushed my hands under the round cheeks of Sandra’s firm ass and began sliding my tongue over the soft, moist pinkness of her cunt. Immediately, I heard her begin to softly moan and felt her ass cheeks tighten and jerk, each time I slid my tongue over her clitoris. Taking a firm grip on her cheeks, I pulled her pussy up to my mouth and continued softly and hungrily licking her. When I took my first full lick of Sandra’s cunt, I instantly learned how delicious she tasted and my olfactory senses had picked up the sweet heady ambrosia scent of her feminity. I absolutely knew that, in the future, I was going to spend a whole lot of time with my face buried in her delicious pussy but, right now, I have another and more pressing mission.

The men in the videos had spent a long time licking the women’s pussies and hadn’t seemed to be in any hurry to shove their cocks into them but I simply couldn’t wait that long. I just had to get my cock inside of Sandra and start fucking her.

I was surprised at how wet her pussy was, as I wiped my mouth off and reached down to slide my shorts off. I’d completely forgotten about the Vaseline and as soon as the shorts were off, I moved up over Sandra until the head of my throbbing cock was touching and pressing between the warm soft lips of her cunt. She jerked and then gave a shiver of pleasure as she felt the hot contact between us. She was looking up into my eyes and I could see that she knew the moment had arrived. My cock was going to go into her and I was going to fuck her.

Letting myself down over her and using my hand to guide my cockhead it to where I know her opening is, I started pushing. I felt the resistance and saw the tension on Sandra’s face. I lowered my mouth to hers and felt her arms come up around my shoulders, as she began kissing me and pulling me to her. When I pushed harder, I felt the resistance give way and the head of my cock start to slide in. Two or three seconds later, the head popped through and I was inside of her. The sensation of having Sandra’s warm cunt on my cock was too stimulating and I knew that I had to get it all in RIGHT NOW, because if I waited any longer I knew I’d cum before it was.

I pulled back slightly and gave a powerful forward thrust that drove my cock all the way into her. She cried out as it tore her cherry away and went up into her but I couldn’t wait. I just had to fuck her and I started fucking my cock in an out of my twelve year old sister Sandra’s tight, no longer virgin cunt. Her arms were off to the side and she was twisting the sheet in her hands as I fiercely fucked my cock in and out of her. Well under a minute later, I felt an incredibly explosive orgasm roar up through my cock and then huge tidal waves of my hot cum began flooding and splashing against the deep end of Sandra’s warm, tight vagina. Just as I’d started cumming, her arms had locked around my waist and now she was holding her cunt up to me as if it were a receptive vessel and she was making sure that every drop of it went into her. My whole body felt as if I was plugged into to electrical outlet as my cum just kept pulsing and squirting into her. By the time it was over, I realized that Sandra had recovered slightly from my initial entry and was still holding me inside of her. I had no doubt, now, that she’d watched some videos because she’d known that I was cumming and had pushed her cunt up to take all of my cock and my cum inside of her. I was stunned by the awesome shock effect of the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. Masturbation doesn’t come anywhere close to what I’d just experienced. . . . .

I can feel Sandra’s hands softly caressing my back as she continues to hold her cunt up against me and plant tender kisses on my chest When I was finally able to lift my head and look down at her, I could see that she knew that I’d just cum inside of her. She looked a little stunned, too, but I could also see that she was totally fulfilled and utterly happy. I slowly lowered my face to hers and began softly and tenderly kissing all over it.

This morning, Sandra had just my sister …. but, now and forevermore, she’s much more than that… and Sandra knows that I’m no longer just her brother.

After we’d kissed and made love to each other for a few more minutes, I lifted myself and slowly drew my soft cock out of her. When it came out, the look on her face was as if she already missed having it in her. I rolled over next to her and put my arm around her, pulling her against me. She snuggled her face into my shoulder and let out a soft happy sigh.

As I lay there resting and recovering, I felt her hand slide over my chest and gently begin caressing it. I felt shivers of pleasure run through me as her fingertips began lightly tracing over every inch of it. Then I felt her begin shifting her body downward over mine…. planting soft sweet kisses.. as if marking a return trail. When she arrived at her destination, she began tracing a street map of soft licks and kisses through the vaginal lubricant ‘ala Sandra’ soaked pubic hair around the base of my cock. I felt her mouth touch and then begin sucking along the cum slickened shaft as she moved up its length and went over the top. I could feel her vacuum as she drew the entire soft length of my cock into her mouth and began washing it with her tongue. When she’d drawn the last of my cum out of my shaft, she moved lower and started running her soft tongue over the entire surface of my scrotum…. Sucking its skin into her mouth and washing it with her tongue, before moving on. When she was finished, she moved up next to me and resumed her position against my shoulder.

I was dumbstruck by thoroughness of the service she’d just performed on me. It only re-enforced my belief that she’d spent considerable time watching videos and learning how to do what she’d just done…. although I’d rarely seen one where the woman did what Sandra had just done with so much sweetness. I put my hand under her chin and tilted her face up to mine. No words had to be spoken… our eyes communicating our thoughts. I brought my mouth to her lips and, after running my tongue over them, kissed her ever so softly.

Two or three minutes passed and then, in a quiet voice, she said, “I’ve wanted to do that with you ever since I started having my periods…over a year ago. I’m glad we finally did. … I wasn’t taking birth control pills, then, but I would have let you fuck me and cum in me anyway… I wanted you to. When I knew you were starting to cum, just now, I was afraid you were going to pull it out. That’s why I wrapped my arms around your waist and held you in me. I don’t ever want you to take it out. Just cum in me. I won’t get pregnant.” A devilish smile played over her lips and then she said, “I started taking birth control pills almost a year ago, ‘cause I already knew we were going to do it…. even if I had to sneak into bed with you but I couldn’t get up enough nerve. . . . . But today, just before you got home, I decided that, as soon as you came to your room tonight, I was going to take all my clothes off and come in while you were still undressed. I was going to get on your bed and tell you to come put your cock in me and fuck me…. but you ruined my plan after I asked you what you wanted to do tonight…. How did you know?” With a grin I said, “I heard it in your voice and saw it on your face, when you said you’d do anything I wanted to do….. but the truth is… I was already going to do it. I decided to do it on the way home. That’s why I was still flushed and hot. . . . When I came upstairs, I even brought the jar of Vaseline in from the bathroom. See it on the nightstand? I was going to put it on my cock so I could make it slide into your pussy…. but I forgot all about it. We’re sure never going to need to use anything to lubricate your pussy, are we?” “I don’t think so.” she said and laughed, happily.

Then she smiled up at me and said “If I wasn’t already taking birth control, I think you would have just made me pregnant. I’m fertile, now. . . . I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I want to have your baby. Someday I’m going to. I promise.” I looked down at her and said, “I’ll never take it out of you, Sandra but we can’t let you get pregnant until we’re both grown up. . . . I wish you’d asked me, when you first wanted me to. I would have done it and we would have been doing it a lot sooner. .. I hope it didn’t hurt too much when I pushed it all in… but it felt so good… I knew I was going to cum, fast, … but I wasn’t all the way inside of you, yet. That’s why I pushed it in so hard.” She was kissing my shoulder and then she looked up and said, “It hurt when you first went all the way in but it stopped hurting pretty fast. It was starting to feel really good but then I knew you were cumming so I just held myself up so you could get it all inside of me.

Then, in a soft and serious voice, she said, “I know you’re my brother but you’re the only boy I’ve ever really liked or wanted to let put your penis in me.” She raised her head, looked down at my soft cock and said, “And now I’ve got my brother’s and my boyfriend’s cum inside of me. I’m just so happy!” and she buried her face into my chest. I tenderly caressed the side of her head and then tilted her face up to softly kiss her on the lips. When the kiss ended, I said, “Sandra?” She looked at me questioningly and I said, “You’re going to be having an awful lot of your brother’s and your boyfriend’s cum inside of you, from now on.” She smiled happily and said, “I know.” …. Then she said, “The second time I saw your cock, I was really surprised at how big it gets. I was afraid it might be too big to go in.” I raised up and looked at her. “When did you see it?” She smiled and said, “Just after I finished having my second period….. I came into your room, one night, after I knew you’d be asleep and looked at it. I had my little flashlight, so I wouldn’t have to turn the lights on. I lifted the covers and put my head under them before I turned the flashlight on, so you wouldn’t wake up. I looked at it for a long time. I liked how it looked and I wanted to touch it but I was scared to. I was afraid you might tell mom and dad, if you woke up and caught me. I went back to look at it again, the next night, too. That time, it was hard and that’s when I saw how big it gets. I didn’t see how you could get it into me….. but I wanted you to. Just before I was going to go back to my room, I kissed it but that wasn’t enough so I licked all over the end of it, too. You started making noises and pushing it at me so I licked it some more. I almost tried to see if I could get my mouth over it but I was too scared to try. Now I wish I’d done it and woke you up. You would have pulled me in bed and fucked me… and then we would have kept on doing it.”

She continued, “I’d probably have been pregnant afterward, though, because I’d just finished my second period and wasn’t taking any pills. About a month before I had my first one, my girlfriend at school, Shari, told me her brother told her if a girl can get her mouth over it, it’ll go in her pussy. That’s why I wanted to see if I could. She said her brother’s went in her mouth so he had her get undressed and he pushed it into her pussy and did it to her. They’ve been doing it ever since. She uses birth control pills, too, and when she saw mine, she asked me if you were doing it to me. I told her you were.” Sandra looked at me with a guilty look on her face and said, “Even if you weren’t, I wished you were.” . . . . . .

Just as she was saying that, I was thinking, ‘I know who Shari is and I know her brother. He’s a year older and a grade ahead of me but I know my cock is a lot bigger than his is.’

My cock was starting to come back to life, again. When it was almost hard, I rolled Sandra onto her back and moved between her legs. I said, “I’m going to fuck you again… but I hope I don’t cum so fast, this time.” She opened her legs wider and said, “Don’t lay all the way down on me. I want to see it going in.” Her eyes were fixed on my cock as I guided it to her cum filled pussy. I could see some of my first load of cum leaking out of her and there was a pinkish color to it. I knew it was from when I broke her cherry. When I started sliding my cock up and down between the lips of her pussy, (as I’d seen done in the videos) she started twitching and after a few more passes, she began to moan with pleasure. I found her opening and started pushing forward. She winced as it started in and then we both watched as my cock slid up into her and out of sight.

When I looked back up at her, she was looking straight into my eyes and had a look of total ecstasy on her face. I knew my sister was always going to want me to fuck her and cum in her…. and I knew that I would always do it. I lowered my body to hers and started fucking her with slow, deep, penetrating strokes. The look on her face was one of supreme ecstasy. A moan escaped as she said, “Ohhhhh Rick. I love having your cock in me. It feels so good. I wish I’d had the nerve to try getting it in my mouth, that night, and made you wake up. It was so big and hard. I wanted you to put it in me and fuck me with it soooo bad. You could have fucked me and I would have gone back to my room with your cum in me.” I kissed her and said, “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to get all of my cum, from now on, Sandra,… every drop of it.” She looked up at me and, before she pulled my mouth to hers, she said, “Fuck me now and don’t stop fucking me until you cum in me, again.”

Sandra was kissing me passionately and, as my cock began sliding in and out of her tight, slippery cunt, she started making little sounds of joy, while still kissing me. I can’t describe the sensations I was having while her rippling cunt muscles slid back and forth over the head of my cock and the shaft.. I could feel them start squeezing and milking me and I was fighting to keep from cumming again because it felt too good to have it end so fast. A few seconds later, the sensations were becoming so intense that I had to stop fucking her. She looked up at me and I could see the fever in her eyes and hear the passionate intensity in her voice when she said, “Oh, God, Rick! Why’d you stop? I was starting to get tingly feelings in my whole pussy.” I apologized and said, “I have to stop for a minute or you’re going to make me cum again and I don’t want to, yet. Your pussy feels so good. I want to make it last a long time.”

With a husky sound in her voice, she said, “It’s ok. Fuck me and cum in me anyway. Next time, you’ll be able to do it longer.” I started fucking her again and almost immediately Sandra started making little sounds of pleasure as she fucked her cunt up and down my cock. I could tell that she was trying to make me cum but the short break in fucking her had taken the intense edge off so now I just kept fucking her…. taking long, hard strokes and going deep into her. My pelvis was pressing hard against hers at the end of each stroke and after two or three minutes she started bucking and moving faster. There was an urgency in her movements and then I realized what was happening. My sister was going to cum, while I was fucking her!! I started thrusting my cock deep into her so hard that my pelvis was slamming against hers. I could hear and feel my balls slapping against the firm round cheeks of her ass. The distraction of hearing the sound slowed the feeling that was building in me but I knew that it wasn’t going to be much longer before I exploded into her, again. I kept punching my cock into her and a few seconds later, her whole body stiffened and her back arched as she pushed and held her pussy up against me. I was still fucking her and then I felt a lot of warm liquid running around the base of my cock and down over my balls. The sound of my balls slapping against her ass changed and began sounding like somebody sloshing through a rain puddle. I’d never felt anything like it before but I instinctively knew that my sister was cumming. I moved my hands under her and took as firm a grip as I could on each of the firm cum slickened cheeks of her ass. I lifted her ass and pulled her against me, as I started absolutely plowing my cock up into her hot slippery cunt. Her jaws were locked together and she was screaming through her clenched teeth as I continued fucking her. She was still cumming when I felt my cum start and almost instantly, it was blasting into Sandra’s cunt. She felt it and her mouth came open in a silent scream as I emptied everything I had into her.

When it was finally over, we collapsed almost in unison. Sandra had just had her first orgasm on my cock and I’d just had my second one in her cunt. Now we were both too weak to move. I lay collapsed on her, while feeling the final quivers of her cunt as it kissed it’s thank you to my cock. We were both sweating so hard that my sheet was soaked with it. After a few seconds, I lifted my head from beside Sandra’s and I could see the streams of perspiration running from her face and forehead. Her hair was completely wet and so was mine….. but no two lovers had ever been happier in all of history. The look on her face is one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It held a combination of surprise, awe, pure joy, elation, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, completion and fifty other indescribable emotions. She was looking into my eyes with a joyous smile on her face as I lowered my mouth to hers and then we softly kissed each other. I finally found the strength to move off of her and collapsed on the bed beside her. She didn’t move her body but she turned her head toward me and her beautiful smile was still there. She said, simply, “I love you, Rick. I always have…. I always will…. and someday, I’m going to have your baby.”

We lay there for a full half an hour before I finally sat up. I was looking down at my love and, with our eyes locked together, I absolutely knew that someday, she really is going to have my baby. (Probably three or four.) She couldn’t possibly have been reading my mind but she clearly said the word five and then smiled.

When Sandra finally got up from the bed so that we could change the sheet, I couldn’t believe how much cum was under her. Some of it was mine but I knew that most of mine was still inside of her so the rest had to be from her. There was a tinge of pink and we knew that it had to be from when I took her virginity. We were both smiling and then she said, ‘Uh ohhh … I think I’m going to be washing our sheets, from now on. Mom would sure know what that was from.” . . . Then, with a wistful sound in her voice, she said, “I wish we could keep this one and not ever wash it.” I pulled her close and just held her against me for a few seconds. I couldn’t help caressing my hands down her back and when they slid over the round luscious globes of her ass, I lifted her and pulled her pussy against my soft and totally drained cock. Her legs opened and went around my waist as I held her there for a few seconds and kissed her before letting her back down.

I’d just pulled the sheet off the bed when Sandra said, “Wow!”. I turned and looked at where she was holding her hand and I saw a thick stream of my cum running down the inside of her left thigh. I pushed the sheet between her knees and wiped it up between her legs until it covered her beautiful sweat and cum soaked pussy. She said, “I think we need to go take a shower.”

Sandra started the shower while I ran down to the laundry room and stuffed the sheet into the washer. I started to turn it on and then pulled it back out and put it in the drier, instead. I turned it on and went to the cabinet under the kitchen sink, opened it and pulled out two kitchen trash bags. After laying them on top of the drier, I went back upstairs. I joined Sandra in the shower and we took our first long hot shower together. I told her what I’d done with the sheet and she said, “That’s going to set the blood stain and all our cum is still in it, too.” I smiled and said, “I know. . . . When it’s dry, I’m going to wrap it in plastic bags and find somewhere to hide it so we’ll always have it.” When she looked up at me, I knew that the happy look on her face had just said everything that needed to be said.

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2013-11-29 02:39:49
Smokey has fucked my wife's 12 year old sister at least thirty times and she's totally hooked. She can't get enough of having him pound his cock into her. He fucked her five times last night and she would have fucked him again but he was done. She sucked me off twice. I'm going to get another dog to see how many fuckings it takes until she's had enough.

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2013-10-28 21:24:46
BTW.... very good story. Sweet, unrushed, sexy and romantic.

I've been very lucky. I grew up fucking my two sisters and then married an intelligent woman who's a great piece of ass and is open minded about me fucking her three sisters. I set the camera up and she watches on the PC screen while I'm fucking one of her sisters. She doesn't want her sisters to know that she knows I'm fucking them. She thinks they fuck me better because they think they're stealing my cock from her. I love that she can't wait to lick and suck me clean right after I fuck them. She wants me to talk them into fucking Smokey, our 130 lb. German Sheppard so she can get it on video. The 12 year old lets him lick her pussy after I fuck her but she won't let him fuck her, yet. I can tell that she's thinking about it so it won't be long before Smokey buries his cock in her pussy and starts fucking her senseless, while she sucks on my cock.

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