Mom keeps messing around with her son and teasing him until she finally gets her pussy pounded good and never wants to stop.
By oediplex .. 11/04/07 (on another site)
rewritten by Slippery Saddle Bum 11/21/10
I found the original story on another site and decided to rewrite it to remove much of the flowery and obscure wording that the original author used. Though I followed the same general story line I’ve altered it a lot and made it a very different story. I’ve sent a copy of it to the original author so he’ll see some of his original work mixed in with mine, though most of the story, as it’s now written, is mine.
Johnny's mother, Rita, is a raven haired beauty. A former dancer, she regularly does aerobics to maintain the strikingly superb figure she was blessed with by the luck of genetics. Her handsome twenty one year old son, Johnny, has his dad's athletic build and has filled out nicely in every way. Johnny’s parents are both personable and physically attractive people but, truth be told, they’re not so much attracted to each other, now-a-days, as they’d been when they were young people and growing up together. They now just pretty much drift alongside each other, with the distance between them having gradually become greater over last the six or seven years.

Still, Rita gives the outward impression of being quite happy with her husband Greg and aside from his weekly Wednesday commute to the city, where he’s forced to spend the night because of the distance, he’s a decent companion and spouse and a good provider. More and more often, she wonders to herself what he does when he’s in the city… if he has someone else because he so rarely pays physical attention to her and even when he does, it’s much too soon done and over with. They’d been childhood sweethearts and had never even thought of any other partner… at least Rita never had. But now, when she thinks about it, she admits to herself that the magic has long since worn thin. It’s obvious that Greg’s not excited by her as he had once been and, in seeing it, Rita has lost her excitement for him as well. Now they pretty much just co-exist in a relaxed, friendly manner and occasionally have sex… that is, if Greg gets home early enough and isn’t too tired… which he seemingly nearly always is. Nope, no more magic for Rita. She sighed.

From Johnny’s perspective and what he’d grown up seeing, he’d always believed that his mom and dad were happy with each other so he’d been happy for them but as he’d become more an adult, he’d begun to sense something between them that he couldn’t quite put a label on… especially from his mom… sadness?... longing?......... loneliness?

It’s early June and Johnny is on summer break from college. He’ll be a senior when he goes back in September. His college campus is only five miles from where they live so, unlike nearly all the other students, he’s been able to live at home instead of also having to pay for room and board. That’s not saying that he doesn’t contribute from what he earns from his part time job as a stock handler at Wal-Mart’s regional distribution center because he does. Johnny appreciates what his parents do for him and he does whatever he can to help out. He especially loves seeing the look on his mother’s face when he signs his paycheck, hands it to her and tells her to just give him forty bucks for gas and pocket money. Each time, it’s as if she’s having a mini orgasm. Occasionally, if he’s overdue for some pussy, the thought crosses his mind that he’d love seeing that look on her face while she was actually having an orgasm that he was physically involved in giving her because she’s one damned sexy woman… but Rita’s his mom so he squelches the thought and shakes it out of his mind.

In everyday life, Johnny’s a really decent guy but he’s also an exceptionally horny guy who lusts after pussy. To him, any girl or woman who’s halfway good looking is a fuck target. He doesn’t give ‘looks’ the high value rating that most guys foolishly do. He’d long ago learned that girls who act like they think their shit tastes like ice cream aren’t worth wasting his time on. While other guys were chasing them and putting up with their cock teasing shit, Johnny had his cock buried in three or four girls who genuinely appreciated the attention he gave them.

When puberty hit him, a few months before he turned twelve, he’d been lucky. For some reason, there weren’t many guys his age in his neighborhood. It was like it was an all girls his age neighborhood and that somehow Johnny and just a few other guys had slipped through and gotten in. There were plenty of girls his age living nearby and many more that were two to five years younger, too. There was a large number of the cute younger ones who surrendered all to his intimate attention, too. Nine of them had been just seven, pretty as hell and star struck by handsome young Johnny with the six inch cock that had only hurt them bad the first time he fucked them with it. But they’d remembered how he’d kept holding and kissing them until it stopped hurting and had tenderly wiped his leaking cum from their sore pussies after pulling his softened cock out of them and thanking them for being his girlfriend. They forgave him for hurting them and didn’t tell on him to their mommy… mainly because they didn’t want her to know that they’d let him put his cock in their pussy.
He always treated them nice and the girls just liked Johnny… well enough that they’d let him get them alone so they could kiss and make out and that’s when, as his skills of seduction improved, he’d tease and get them so excited that they’d allow him to remove their panties, put a healthy glob of Vaseline by their pussy holes before he moved between their legs and forced his six inch cock into their scared and trembling young bellies and popped their cherries. Then, while muffling their screams of pain with a long, passionate kiss, he’d fuck them until every drop of his cum had been injected deep into their tight and sometimes still bleeding first time fucked pussies and then kiss them more afterward, to let them know that he really liked THEM. The girls always knew that they’d LET him do it so they didn’t ‘tell’. Incredibly of the many young neighborhood virgins that Johnny took… and there were many… none ever told on him. Not once did an irate parent come to Johnny’s parent’s door to complain that their son had deflowered one, two or three of their young daughters. For most, a few days after the soreness had gone away, they remembered his kisses and how nice he’d treated them afterward and they came back. It usually took more convincing than it had the first time but he’d fucked them again… this time with much less pain, so they’d become regular visitors until their mothers started asking them about wet, dried or sticky cum in their panties. Johnny remembered a week when he’d fucked fourteen different girls… four of them in one day.

One afternoon, a week before their birthday, he’d broken and fucked a pair of beautiful eight year old twin sisters, first one, then the other and had then fucked them to his heart’s content for the next two years. They’d truly loved Johnny and couldn’t get enough of fucking him but then their family moved away. The girls had cried so hard, the last day they were together. He could still remember how their pretty eleven year old pussies had repeatedly clamped down on his stroking cock while their bodies were wracking with sobs of grief at their having to leave. They’d spent seven hours in his bedroom that day and he’d fucked both of them three times each. He still misses their tight juicy cunts and the fiery red pelts that had quickly grown on them before the end of his first year of fucking them. He’d later learned from his mother that both girls had gotten pregnant… probably that last day. She said their mother had called her and told her that the girls said Johnny was the only boy they’d had sex with. She’d taken them to an abortion clinic and the girls hated her for murdering their babies. Johnny still remembered his mother’s soft voice, when she said, “Those girls just turned eleven years old, Johnny.” She’d asked more questions and Johnny had finally told her the story from when the girls were eight. She’d asked if there’d been others and, after he’d said yes, had seemed surprised at his reluctance to answer more questions. He finally just said… “I’ve done it with a whole bunch of girls, Mom. They let me do it and they liked it. OK?” and he stopped talking. Rita thought to herself, ‘Yeah, two very beautiful young ones who became mothers because you started fucking them when they were eight.’ She knew that those things happen so she sighed and let it drop. Nothing more was ever said.

Susan and Sarah had moved away when Johnny was still fourteen. That was just about when he hit a growing spurt and his real problem began. As he grew, so grew his cock, which was already seven and a half thick inches and had been pleasing the twins. The more he grew, the more girls complained that his cock was too big. Word got around and it wasn’t long before most girls who’d normally be willing were completely avoiding him. They’d tell him that they didn’t want their pussy getting wrecked, as they’d heard other girls say theirs had been by his long, thick pussy plunger. He didn’t often get those complaints from the taller girls, who could handle his increasing length but very few of the short girls could take all of him without complaining of severe pain. With few exceptions, though, there was one feature of his cock that they nearly all loved… its thickness. THAT, they loved because the contact with their pussy walls was FIRM and his thick cock provided a deep pleasure that they didn’t get with their boyfriends or other guys.

When his growing spurt ended, at seventeen, he’d measured his hard on and it was a smidgeon over ten inches long and was two and a quarter inches thick, at its thickest part. From the plumb shaped head back, it was fatter than it was where it gradually tapered down into his auburn crotch hair but even there it was still nearly two inches thick. He loved it when the girls pussies sized down to fit the base and then had to stretch, as he pulled back, and then had to do the same thing in reverse when his cock head was again just inside of their pussy entrance and he’d slide back into them… nice, tight, pussy muscle action, both ways… unless he was speed-hammer fucking them, in which case they’d both be going insane from the pleasure sensations.

Johnny couldn’t believe how many girls and women he’d had sex with who’d never had an orgasm until they’d had it with him. He loved seeing the spaced out, confused, what the hell’s happening look on their faces, as their orgasms closed in on them and then the wild, back and forth head thrashing and violently bucking pussies, as their orgasms overtook them and washed his cock with their hot cream.
Yeah, Johnny still got some good pussy but nowhere near as much as he used to get when he was young and, now, too much of what he did get drew bad reports that warned other girls away from his cunt ripper.
Because of the size of his cock and the fact that it resulted in him being shunned by most girls, he’d become self-conscious. That didn’t mean that he’d lost his sex drive… anything but. He’d just changed direction. Now his preferred taste had switched to more mature women… women beyond college age… women with experience. That didn't initially include his forty three year old mom (a MILF who’s often taken to be at least ten years younger)… though some gals her age do catch Johnny’s imagination for masturbation. Usually they’d be middle age movie stars or their neighbor, Mrs. Kandel, (who, until recently, he’d had a hot three month affair with until her husband made two very unreasonable complaints… First… her pussy is a lot bigger than it has always been and Second… <a discovery, actually>… He’d just seen a huge glob of somebody’s cum ooze out of it just as he was about to go down on her.) or his best friend's hot blond aunt, who lives across town but frequently shows up for a visit at her nephew’s house. Sometimes she’d be there or come over on a day when Johnny happened to stop in. In fact, his friend’s aunt was the reason that Johnny had the full blown hard-on that
“struck black gold”, so to speak, that inspires the telling of this story.

He’d just spent the afternoon at his buddy's house while his aunt was there and was sunbathing by their pool. Her untied top and the skimpy bottom exhibited the fullness of her curves to the two young men as they peeked down on her from a second floor window. Their penises were fully cocked and ready for action as they spied on the sexy middle aged woman who was doing a magnificent job of displaying her charms… although she was unaware of the fact.

Too soon, the time came when Johnny had to leave. All the way home, the image of the near naked lady stayed fresh in his mind. She’d laid on her front most of the time but whenever she’d adjusted her towel or took a sip of her drink, there was some breast exposed and one time they had even glimpsed her left nipple! That view was imprinted on Johnny’s brain and all the way home it was being downloaded to his ten inch dick’s hard drive. He tried to reposition his thick cock, to make it less noticeable, smiled and wished he’d had his dad's binoculars with him. He wondered if next time they should hide in the pool shed where they might get a closer and much better view.

When he got home, the memory of that flash view of mammary flesh was still keeping his erection solidly poised and at the ready. So it happened that, as he came into the house and was surprised by his mom greeting him with a big hug, his huge hard-on got tightly squeezed between them. He was just the right height where his full hard on was pushed directly into his mom's Mons and slid straight down on her pussy until the full length of his cock was pressed against her crotch, the head pushed slightly between her thighs. Thus, with his hard cock firmly crushed against his mother’s puffy pussy mound and lips and the firm, hard nippled pillows of her breasts mashed under his pronounced chest muscles, it was, for Johnny, while wildly stimulating for his already in need of attention cock… an all around embarrassing embrace.

Although embarrassing for Johnny, his mother, Rita, found it amusing that her man son had what she mentally referred to as a stiffy. She knew it was just male hormones, because he’d barely come in the door when she’d clutched him so there’d been no time for the hug she’d given him to have rousted his root that way. He must have come home with it already raised. Still she didn't mind… in fact she found it sweet that her son had grown into such a handsome male. Indeed, she’d just discovered that he had grown a truly man-sized cock when it pushed into her pubic area and she’d felt its length slide down across it. She’d felt a bit dizzy and her breathing had actually stopped for a second or two but she’d dared not react, for fear of embarrassing him. She had a split second flash of curiosity and wanting to see what it looked like, now that he was grown. It had been many long years since she’d given him a bath and she now remembered thinking, even then, that it looked like he was going to have a very impressive tool when he grew into a man… which she now realizes that he definitely has and is.

Johnny didn't want to hurt his mother's feelings by not hugging her but of sheer necessity, lest he were to forget who it is who owns the lush, puffy pussy that’s making no effort to avoid maintaining contact with his hard cock and is inspiring him to strip her and fuck her senseless, he quickly extracted himself, so as to minimize the contact. Because the tight hug had lasted for at least four or five seconds, Johnny knew that his mother was fully aware of his masculine arousal and he blushed bright red as he mumbled, "Love ya too, Ma!" before he broke the clutch and sped up to his room.

When he got into his room, he wondered what his mom had thought when she felt the unexpected pressure on her pubic area. Then he thought for a moment longer…. ‘There’s no way she didn’t know what it was… She HAD to!’ and he thought some more ‘And she didn't back away at all… even after several seconds… she didn’t even TRY to.’ He thought some more and then, in a low voice, he muttered to himself, “She didn’t make a face, frown or say anything disapproving, either. . . . Does that mean she LIKED it?” . . . “Next time I hug her, would she just stand there like that and let me keep my cock pushed tight against her pussy like that, the same way she just did?! WOW! That felt good! … and mom’s a real fox!” . . . . . Johnny’s cock was POUNDING.

Johnny locked his door dropped his shorts and underwear, closed his eyes, remembered the firm swell of his sexy mom’s cunt mound pressing against his cock and started stroking. Ten strokes later, he blew a tremendous load of cum against his bedroom door. His knees buckled and he ended up sitting on his naked ass with squirts of cum still shooting out of his cock. He’d never cum so fast or so hard in his life.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Rita was thinking that Johnny reminded her of her spouse at that age; almost the same age as when they two began to have sex. It was inevitable that they should start having intercourse in their early twenties. They’d been in love with each other all their lives, really, and both with high hormone levels and the intense curiosity of youth it was nothing short of a miracle that they’d held out for as long as they had. Still, she thought that sex for them even at their age had been okay, since they were a committed and loving couple. They had been cautious though and Johnny was born after they had finished college and were married. She missed those times. What she’d just felt from her son had brought those poignant memories sharply back and she felt a sadness for their loss. ‘At least I have Johnny.’ she thought. ‘He’s such a wonderful young man… handsome, thoughtful…… and sexy, too.’ … then she let her mind go on…. ‘My God! What a cock! I thought I was going to cum right there while he had it shoved between my legs! If he hadn’t pulled away when he did, I probably would have. Damn that felt good!’ …. Then her warning voice spoke to her… but in a surprisingly weak voice, ‘Better be careful, Rita. He’s your son.’ … ‘Shut the hell up!’ she heard a stronger and louder voice say.
Tonight was a Wednesday evening. Greg was gone and would be staying overnight in the city as usual. Dinner was just quiet conversation, then Rita went to her bedroom to read and Johnny watched TV until eleven. He usually slept in his underwear, tee shirt and briefs. In this weather, he didn’t need pajamas… only a sheet, if that. Rita had left her tank top and panties on too. The thin cotton did little to conceal her fit form and ample but not too ample bosom. As she read, her sheet was off, as well.

Her novel was a racy one with some very steamy love scenes. That kind of story did get her damp and sometimes even sopping wet. When that happened on a Wednesday, she usually masturbated because that’s when Greg was in the city overnight. From what she was reading right now and as wet as she already was, tonight was shaping up to be one of those evenings of solo sex. … But even when he was home, more often than not, Greg had already fallen asleep so the difference on Wednesdays was that she could cut loose and really enjoy it. From there, her thoughts segued into thinking about if her son masturbated and what he looked like when he did. Not just his cock but how his face looked when he came. She always found the facial expression of a male having an orgasm to be a most beautiful sight. Would he look like his dad when he spouted? Is his cock as substantial as his father's, now that Johnny is all but full-grown?’ she wondered. Rita gave a little shiver because, from what she’d felt pushing against her pussy when they were hugging each other, there was nothing to wonder about. ‘His cock is definitely subSTANtial.’ and she gave another, larger shiver. As she mentally re-lived the sensations she’d felt that afternoon, her fingers unconsciously traced the line of moisture that was appearing down the front center of her light blue panties.

As Johnny turned off the TV, he thought about the day. The original highlight had been the rather spectacular sunbathing display. But the one that had totally obliterated that one had been the hot pussy and cock hug that he’d inadvertently gotten from and given to his mom when he came home.

That’s when he stopped and consciously gave serious consideration to where his imagination was leading him to. Thinking about having his cock rubbing against his mom’s pussy again was again making him hot and excited… as hot and excited as he’d felt just before jerking off in his imaginary fucking of his beautiful mother’s willing pussy. An adrenaline high surged through his body and made his thinking go kind of crazy. ‘If Mom made no objections and didn’t resist me holding my hard on against her pussy earlier, maybe she won’t mind another one just like it… but for a lot longer. - Maybe she’ll even welcome it. - Who knows? - Only one way to find out!

It’s crazy… thinking like that… but sex really does make people crazy. With that thought in mind, he got and up followed his nose or rather his now full erection to his mother's bedroom. Seeing light still shining under her door, he knew she was still up. Well so was he… in more ways than one. He smiled, adjusted his cock in his underwear to make certain that its bulge was totally obvious and thought, ‘Nothing ventured… Nothing gained.’

He knocked. Rita heard the light tapping and glanced at the clock. "Come in Johnny. You’re up past your usual bed time, aren’t you?" She’d pulled the sheet over her for propriety, though she wasn't usually this shy around her son and suddenly wondered why she’d acted so modestly.

Johnny stepped into the room and, giving the appearance of timidity, walked to the side of the bed. Rita instantly realized that he was hard again. Of course, given the size of Johnny’s cock, the fact that it was hard was unmistakable. Rita’s nipples raised themselves with a mind of their own in a feminine response to a male arousal signal. She was glad the sheet covered her breasts but Johnny saw them push the sheet a full inch outward and his cock smiled an invisible smile.

"Okay, young man, what does my handsome son need from his mommy?" the pretty mother asked, gently smiling up at him.

"Could we just snuggle and huggle? Like when I was little?" ‘Worth a try’, he thought. … ‘The sympathy - mothering instincts ploy usually works if you haven't been caught with the proverbial "hand in the cookie jar" lately.’

Obviously ignoring what was most obvious, Rita said, "You're not so little anymore. I've seen you working out with your weights in the basement, kiddo! Nice muscles, too. But if you want some 'snuggle huggle', for old times’ sake, come here, baby.” Rita opened her arms for her son, expecting a chaste embrace. 'Though with that stiffy, I wonder if it will be as innocent as when he used to do the same cuddle all those years ago, before he entered puberty,' she thought to herself.

Johnny climbed onto his mom's bed and into her arms but he surprised Rita by moving between her legs as well. She’d actually expected a side-by-side clench but this was her baby back in the saddle again; like when he had been very young. Only now he was very hung and, as she was dizzily aware, his hanger was not hanging. He was prodding her with it right where its contact was having a most arousing effect on Rita’s physiology. Not really thinking about it or knowing why she did it, she simply accepted their position and wrapped her arms around him.

The prodding contact of her son’s cock against her cunt felt sooooo good but she didn’t want him to know how much she was enjoying it so Rita fought hard to recover her senses and then covered with, "Comfy - cozy - drowsy - dozy now?" She’d used the old baby talk phrases that they’d used back when he was a little boy and was still sucking his thumb. Johnny responded by nodding and smiling and then he kissed her. They were not unaccustomed to kissing on the lips but Rita sensed something much different coming from the kiss and her son’s body language, this time. For one thing he was still eagerly rubbing the prominent log of his condition in a definitely suggestive manner on her pussy, while she was in a position of open legs and open mind to where this was leading. She was positive that she knew the target. It was herself. … As his kiss continued and became more intense, she couldn’t help what happened next… the seepage of fuck lubricant from her cunt suddenly increased, dramatically.

Rita knew that she should break the kiss and say something, for it was certainly inappropriate for her son to be kissing her so intimately and humping on her as if he was fucking her, yet for whatever reason she hadn’t initially stopped him, she still hesitated to. At first making up a stupid excuse to fool herself with while her son’s cock continued exciting her pussy, she ‘reasoned’– ‘What if he’s really unaware of what he’s doing? - Would I want to embarrass him to death?’

But Rita knew the truth. Pretending to think that Johnny might, in any way, be unaware of what he was doing between his mother’s legs with his cock pummeling her eager fuck juice secreting pussy was absolute insanity. Ten years ago, two eleven year old girls were on their way to becoming mothers because he’d been fucking them for two years. When she’d talked to him about it and asked more questions about his sex life, he’d told her that he’d fucked a whole bunch more young girls who’d liked it, so of fucking course he knows what he’s doing. He come and knocked on his mother’s bedroom door, walked in with a full hard-on, got between my legs and now he’s rubbing it against my cunt, letting me know in no uncertain terms that he wants to fuck me!!’

Still she hesitated because…… ‘because I love how his cock feels on my cunt!! I’m a woman and I like being wanted to fuck!’ … and because she knew that what he/they was/were doing would feed the masturbation momentum that had already begun between her legs while she was reading and had then gotten stronger after she started thinking about how it had felt with his cock against her cunt during their afternoon hug! ‘After all’, she now illogically reasoned, ‘I have my tee shirt and panties on… I’m covered by the sheet and Johnny’s wearing his jockeys and undershirt too. There’s no way he can tell I’m turned on too.

Of course, Johnny, having fucked well in excess of six hundred girls and women, most certainly DID know that Rita was turned on. Her hard nipples stood out so much that he could feel them pushing against his chest … even through the three layers of fabric. Another dead giveaway to her being turned on was her legs still lying akimbo and beginning to tremble. That told him loud and clear that she was accepting of his advance by their position and her continuing to be spread, in welcome to his prodding prick. All those things were a dead give-away to her own receptiveness to this erotic stimulation. And was there, just now, a hint of counter movement to the brush of his penis against her pubes?... a downward tilt of her pelvis to improve clitoral contact? Let me run it over her pussy again. He pulled back so that the head of his cock was down in the groove of Rita’s cunt and laid a bit of his weight against it. Then, arching his back, he pushed up and slid the head of his cock over her clit. There was no mistaking Rita’s reaction. It was all gentle and in slow motion but he did it again and then again as he continued kissing his mother and repeating his ‘your son really wants to fuck his mommy’s cunt’ motions.

Rita tried to keep her hips still but the sensations were just too much to ignore. Now she found herself making fractions of an inch shifts to react to her son's slow gentle pressure, a tiny stroke of movement. She knew that he detected her movement so, in an attempt at cover, she broke their kiss and asked, "What got my baby all excited today, that your little stiffy won't go down?"

At her acknowledgment of his erection, it created a moment of tension in Johnny. Fearing that his mother would finally show a negative response to his not so 'surreptitious' semi-fucking of her pussy, he deflated somewhat. He decided to be open about the peep show he had shared while looking at his friend’s Aunt. After all, they hadn’t done anything terribly naughty. He related the afternoon's delightful sight to his mom.
"Any other reasons you got a woody tonight?" His mother prompted.
"Y..yes . . ."
"What?" she whispered and smiled at him, knowingly, because she knew the answer… that SHE was the answer.
"You . . . " her son said in a soft breath and pushed against her pubic bone with the full length of his cock now firmly seated in her soaking wet groove. She felt the pressure emphasis that he’d applied and pushed back, saying, "I know, baby . . . it's okay. I know about young men and their needs. You have hormones and get horny all the time. That's natural. You do masturbate don't you? That's the way you should relieve yourself."

Johnny was making his humps longer; his cock rubbing and sliding back and forth in the vee of her crotch… the head of his cock now tripping over her clitoris as it went in each direction. Rita’s thighs moved up against his hips to hold him where she wanted him to be and her voice was beginning to quiver. Actually talking to his mother about sex was getting to him almost as much as the feel of his cock actually sliding against the heat of her pussy. He could feel it radiating through the sheet. He also felt her wetness. She was soaked!! Her “I’m ready to take my son’s cock” lubrication had soaked through her panties, the sheet and through his underpants, now. He did his best to answer his mother's question clearly, rather than grunt an agreement. "Yes I jerk off, mom. I do it at night to help me get to sleep. Will you help me get to sleep, tonight, Mom?"

The image of her son jacking his meat was an electrical charge to her genitals. She made yet another mental step toward their indiscretion and what she knew <while avoiding knowing it> would become their ultimate union. "Sure Baby, you need to 'snuggle huggle' with mommy and cuddle cradled 'tween her legs 'til you puddle on mommy's tummy and go sleepy bye?"

The baby talk was more than he cared for but Johnny liked the sound of the term puddling and couldn't help being more turned on by her loving and accepting tone. He lay forward and kissed her passionately as he pumped up through her valley several more times. Rita, now fully committed to her son’s sexual release was holding her cunt up to assist him in achieving it and enjoying her own fucking, shivering each time her son’s cock head battered her clitoris… each time it tripped across it, forward and back. When he felt his prick start ballooning, he ‘fucked’ two or three more full strokes between his mother’s cunt lips and then he moaned into Rita’s mouth as his cock throbbed and gushed out a massive load of semen.

Rita felt the tightening of her son's grip on her ass cheeks, as he held her pussy tight against his cock, and felt the extra pressure of his cock at her groin. This lit up her own loins and she had a substantial lightening strike of a climax that she tried, unsuccessfully, to not let show. She hoped that Johnny hadn’t detected that she, too, had popped off a beautiful cum… but she’d cum so hard that she knew that he had to know.

And indeed he did. He’d known that she was cumming when her breathing first quickened, then caught and held…. then slowly expelled. He laid his head on her breasts and she lovingly stroked the top of his head as they rested. Eventually they both fell asleep in that position. The wet from Johnny's squirt soaked though all the layers of cloth to her skin.

By an hour before dawn… the still liquid cum that Rita’s night time movements had freed had run down between her legs and now liberally coated the inner lips of her cunt and was slowly mixing with her own cum. As they slept, mother and son dreamed of his cum having been pumped deep inside of her… both knowing that it soon would be… though, while awake, Rita wasn’t yet ready to submit to that truth.

In the morning, the large volume of Johnny’s and her cum that Rita had to clean up was a stiff and sticky reminder of a lovely evening of erotic interplay between mother and son. Neither regretted the night but, in silence, they returned to the day's routine.

Nothing was said for a week. Rita stayed silent because she didn’t want to be forced to admit to the fun she’d had, for fear of Johnny wanting to repeat the incident… not that she couldn't handle him, she kept telling herself. It was herself that she was unsure of because she’d enjoyed it far more than she wanted to admit to herself but, every now and then, she did admit it, nevertheless. When she did, just thinking about it made her get wet but still she pretended and tried to convince herself of something but wasn’t sure what. She thought to let sleeping dogs lie. (as if this dog wasn’t going to keep bringing his bone back to her and, sooner or later, successfully bury it in her hot, willing cunt. In her subconscious and even her conscious mind, when she allowed it to be, Rita already knew that he would do it and that she’d let him. It was their destiny, she instinctively knew.)

Johnny, on the other hand, didn’t raise the subject for fear of hearing bad news; like if his mom were to say that they could never do what they’d done again. … But now it’d been a week. He thought no news is good news. He interpreted her silence as acquiescence… and rightly so. Knowing that his father was already gone to the city, he looked forward to this afternoon’s - son’s hard cock pushed and held tight against mommy’s wet pussy - hug and then their mutual cum later tonight in her bed. Would she be ready to let him go inside of her? He knew that he didn’t dare push her and risk having her pull out of their game. He knew that when she was ready, they were going to fuck. When it happened, he wanted her to know that it had been her decision. When it did and he’d finished pleasing her, he knew she’d never regret it or ever stop him from again taking her to where they’d just gone.

One thing he knew for certain was that he really did love his mother. He always had… but now he was fully aware that he loved her as a woman, too. He wanted HER and would do anything for her. Even though nothing had been said, he’d seen how she’d kind of glowed on Thursday morning. That was when he’d instinctively known that things between his mom and dad weren’t all that good… and because of it, probably not in their bedroom, either. He couldn’t remember her ever looking like she’d looked that morning and all that day… like a woman who’d finally found something that she’d been looking hard to find for so long… something that she’d come to believe had been lost to her forever. When he’d seen the look of secret joy bubble up and leak out onto her face, through the façade of normalcy that she was trying to maintain, Johnny had smiled and thought, ‘Very soon, Mom, what you’ve found will be with you and inside of you… and when I’m with you and you have me inside of you, I’ll be yours forever, I promise. Dad may not know what he’s lost but I do. You’re a once in a lifetime woman and I’m never going to lose you because I was too damned stupid to value my most prized possession… your absolute love.’

Like Rita did, Johnny tried to act as he usually did but he’d still twice caught himself lightly touching her hand and shoulder in an intimately loving way and had felt the small tremors in her body as it instinctively responded to his touch. It was a day after he’d felt her reactions to those touches that he put them together with the look of joy that he’d seen on her face when it came to him that his mother has the same kind feelings for him that he has for her and he smiled with utter joy. He wanted to share his overpowering sense of joy with her and have her to feel it, too, but he had to be patient. ‘Just a while longer.’ he thought.

Now it was Wednesday. He’d come home in the afternoon and had hugged her tight with his hard-on pressed tight against her Mons. Rita had hugged him back, pushed her pussy forward and let the naughty contact continue. He held her for several seconds longer than last week’s brief contact before releasing her… letting her savor the feeling of their sex organs being in contact as much as he was savoring it before he released her to anticipate tonight, when they’d meet in her bed. It was a dangerous game but he was playing for keeps.

A few minute before his normal bedtime, he knocked on her bedroom door. She knew he would. It was Wednesday and Greg as in the city. She told him to enter and opened her arms . . . and her legs. Her son moved onto the bed with her and saddled up once more.
This evening he was wearing only his underpants, the length of his erection making the head and a couple of inches of his thick shaft peek out past the elastic band. Rita had only her scanty panties on… no top, tonight… but the sheet was already pulled up to her neck. "Wanna cuddle and puddle please?" Her son's plaintive plea warmed her heart and her already soaked pussy twitched with the thought of another mutual cock on cunt semi-fucking of mommy masturbation session with her handsome son. She hadn't consciously thought about it before hand… hadn’t actually PLANNED to secretly have her son back in her bed while her husband was gone to the city. She hadn't dared to hope for an encore but the utter truth is that she’d flat out known it was going to happen. She’d laid there anticipating his knock and, when it came, had instantly and joyously welcomed the unfolding replay of his and her incestuous stimulation.

Johnny could tell that his mom was more than happy to see him. Her entire demeanor was open, eager and inviting. Moving onto the bed, he clambered between his mom's limbs and arranged himself so that he was aimed at the valley his mother presented to him for their semi-fucking. He pressed his log directly into the heavy dampness that he saw already showing through the sheet and lay forward to kiss her on the mouth as he slid his long cock up across her hardened and sensitive clit. She let out an involuntary moan and pushed her pussy up to him, increasing the contact pressure.

As Johnny slowly broke the kiss he also pulled the top of the sheet down below her hard, protruding nipples and felt the cushion of her warm skin against his chest as he lay back onto her, wrapped his arm behind her shoulders to cradle her head as he resumed their kiss and slowly began to ‘fuck’ her. His thick prick rocked up and down on the delta of her Mons while their kiss took on a true lover’s quality. He could feel Rita working her hips sideways to guide him back and forth over her clit and then back dead centered in the damp groove over her love pit… which would be his and her ultimate placement for his cock… whether it be tonight or some other night, morning or afternoon in the near future. Right now, it was only Wednesday evenings but things change. They were already in the process of change. ‘Soon, my beautiful mother, we will be making love for breakfast and lunch.’ he thought.

Rita was enjoying the pleasure of the moment too much to consider the greater consequences of their actions. It had been a progression from what’d happened last week and from this evening’s build up to a moment that both were evidently too hyped to let pass. They’d been remembering the sweet moments of last week and hoping for duplication this evening. Now the time had come to pass for them to once more come together, when they would pass the time cumming together and keep secret unto themselves of what passed between them.

Her clit buzzed from the cushioned and indirect drubbing her handsome son's big hunk of meat was giving it. It wouldn't be long now, not only the banging of his body on top of hers but the fact that it was her sweet baby boy that she was giving such an exquisite ecstasy to that was an ultimate high. She was sure that this was better than any dessert she could ever make for him… this was more his true heart's desire… to cum on her again, like he had last week. ‘My God’, she thought, ‘so much cum. It soaked through the sheet and my panties, both. I even had his cum in my pussy hair. It was all matted down and my lips were stuck together with my son’s cum. I loved it! (She hadn’t washed Johnny’s cum off her pussy until just before Greg came home the following evening but that was her secret) … and now… what better a dish to serve than herself, her delight in the very sharing with him of her femininity; as well as her maternal side at the same time?

Then the lightning bolt struck and her body convulsed as love and lust united to strike wave after wave of sparks in the yearning, aching hole that she so wanted to give to her son. Her body she gave to her son in surrender as she violently climaxed from his physical assault.

No subtle climax this, as his mother bucked under him. Unfortunately, the chafing of the waistband had offset the nice feeling for him and while still hard and long, he was not yet close to giving any sap from that long branch which, in Biblical terms, is referred to as The Staff of Life.

"Can I take my underpants off, mom? The edge is cutting into my dick and ruining it." He began to do so even before seeing her nod permission to get naked with his mother. The white shorts slid over the slender hips of the young man and his member was finally exposed to the eyes of the mother who knew in her heart that her cunt was destined to be filled, refilled and many times pleased by it.
Rita’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe how long, thick and beautiful he was. She was more than pleased with the appearance of her son's package; he certainly measured up to Greg and then some, a real pussy pleaser… at least two inches longer, at a mere glance, and slightly thicker, too. Just then her mind kicked in and she let out a low moan as she thought, ‘Oh, God! I wish he’d just strip my panties off and drive that beautiful cock all the way up into me and fuck me until I can’t see straight! He’s going to, anyway. He must already know I’m going to let him fuck me. Ohhh, Johnny… I want your cock inside of me so bad. I want you to fuck me and shoot all your cum in me. Come fuck me and cum inside of mommy. Pleeeese, honey. I need you, baby.’ but as badly as she wanted to, she just couldn’t make herself say the words.

Trying to not betray the powerful feeling of lustful need that was flooding through her body and being, she mentally bit down on what she was thinking and feeling and said, "Okay, sweetheart. I don't want you to get sore." She steadied him as he made an awkward effort to divest himself of the briefs. She, more than anything in the World, wanted to have him bury that long, thick, magnificent cock inside of her but she had to control herself and just help him get off, too. She was definitely no cock tease… For Rita, her partner's pleasure was a responsibility that she took seriously… especially now, when the partner is her own son! She reasoned that she still had her panties on and the sheet was between them yet as well. ‘If only he’d rip everything out of the way, put his cock inside of me and fuck me. Oh, God, Johnny. Do it! Fuck me. Make me your whore. I AM your whore, my beautiful son.’
But now the sheet had slipped down and Johnny was seeing the top of his mother’s black bush, where her scanty panties couldn’t cover it all. He lay back over her, fucking his cock up through her valley over her still sensitive clit while the feeling of his mother's nipples pressed directly to his smooth chest, a sensation his mom was enjoying too. Johnny could tell that his mother was fully into the experience. Her tits felt fabulous under him and his cock's freedom to roam up and down the slope between the pussy juice lubed lips of her lightly covered valley was a dream cum true. Yes, he was going to cum soon too. She had cum and now it was his turn. He humped and hunched and clutched and rubbed and bumped and finally his backside began to bounce rapidly as the approaching culmination of the night's agitation began to boil in his balls.
Rita loved the feeling of her son's penis throbbing on her belly as, finally, he spilled a growing globule of goo on her abdomen. The nastiness made her head swell and a giant spark jumped across her thighs as she came again with her darling boy. She looked at the crumpled sheet with a hefty dollop of her son's cream… cream that she sincerely wished she had felt being pumped deep inside of her. Now, puddled on her stomach was the evidence of their naughtiness. Rita took off the sheet, wrapped her legs around Johnny and hugged him to her. They kissed as lovers kiss after making love… but in silence… without words.

Johnny now lay mid her legs once more… they snugly wrapped behind his thighs, her warm wet pussy against his cock, her panties finally the only barrier between them…, his still semi-hard cock sandwiched from top to bottom between his mothers’ panty clad cum soaked labia. But both were sleepy. Their simulated sex had gone on for well over an hour and now it was late and they slept. Johnny woke once during the night. He had a vicious hard on. Pulling her panty aside and fully exposing his mother’s cunt, he lined up the head of his cock and pressed into the opening to her vagina. The head and about three inches of his cock slid into his mothers’ delicious cunt. He felt her cunt react as it began caressing his cock. Rita moaned happily and tightened her stomach muscles, lifting and tilting her pussy to accept him, though she was still asleep. He was inside of her! Taking short, inch and a half to two inch strokes, he began fucking her. Rita’s cunt started moving, stroking his cock… calling him deeper and home… as her ass began to move. She was fucking him in her sleep and moaning with pleasure. Another minute or two of this delicious pleasure and Johnny knew he’d blow his load into her. All he had to do was continue fucking Rita and he’d cum in her but he knew that this wasn’t the way either of them wanted their first time to be. He knew that after he came he could wait till he got hard again and slide his entire cock into his mother and fuck her awake. He knew that once she knew he was inside of her and they were really fucking, she wouldn’t stop him and would probably have multiple orgasms before he came again but then, at the very last millisecond; he decided to stick to his original plan of letting her control how they reached their destination. From how tonight had progressed, as compared with last week, he knew that it was just a matter of time. He was going to wait. Slowly, regretfully, he withdrew his throbbing mother’s cum wet cock from her pussy and replaced her panty covering.

In her sleep, Rita moaned her disappointment at the loss.

It wasn’t until later that Johnny told Rita how much she’d enjoyed being fucked for about five minutes and how close she’d come to waking up that morning with her cunt filled with two loads of her son’s cum… one shallow, one deep… a slightly larger vagina and an even happier mood than the one she actually did wake up with.

Once more, in the morning, there was mostly silence between them. But it was a happy silence punctuated with long, sweet, sloppy kisses with hints of tongue. They went ahead with the week doing as was customary for all to see… what was typical and expected but, in private, there were long hugs, soft kisses and receptive cunt probing cock contact with mom sitting open legged on the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, when dad wasn’t around. Yet, except for one mind-bendingly powerful mutual cum, when Rita sat moaning on edge of the kitchen counter having her panties stretch fucked four or five inches deep into her more than willing to take it all cunt, nothing more was done until Wednesday night, when Greg was in the city.

This night, Johnny saved the trouble of having to remove his briefs by coming into her bedroom naked. Rita had left her door open… no need to knock. She wore her panties but no top, no sheet, no shame but still hanging onto some last will to only masturbate together and not to give in to the lust she was feeling flooding her whole being. Now a bit more practiced and agile, Johnny climbed to mid-legs and took his rigid meat in hand, ready to mount and fuck his beautiful momma till she washed his balls with her cum. Her graceful arms guided him to a point-to-point embrace. Nipples and navels, lips and hips matched up, her legs unfolded to their widest; his thick ten inch penis was a bruiser against her please-fuck-me-and-make-me-happy pussy.

Johnny could see and feel the heavy wetness in the crotch of his mother's panties as the head of his cock sought her entrance. The fabric of this pair was considerably stronger than that of the pair that had stretched to let him go halfway into her, a couple of days earlier. On later inspection of that pair, Rita had discovered that if they’d fucked for another thirty seconds or so, the fabric would have ruptured and she would have had all of Johnny’s cock buried in her cunt, taken his full load of cum and had it pumped directly through her cervical opening. As it was, there’d been a three quarter inch tear in the fabric so his cum had still sprayed into her cunt and it’d been a huge load. She’d been so turned on at having her son’s cum inside of her that, instead of douching it out, she’d left it inside of herself. She’d known that, if Greg wasn’t too tired that night and was in the mood to fuck her, he would be sliding in his son’s cum. Greg slept and Rita masturbated to a beautiful orgasm, knowing that her son’s cum was inside of her… somewhere near where her eggs drop down. It was the next day when she washed it out.

This pair of panties stretched and gave but held as the knob of her son's battering ram made like a spear point, trying to rip the cloth and pierce her vagina. Johnny was picking up on Rita’s lubrication and was actually beginning to slide on the silky material so that it rubbed all the way up to her clitoris. If he broke through, he knew that she wouldn’t stop him from fucking her and cumming inside of her but the damned fabric wouldn’t surrender its guardian position. They kissed in a frantic passion… she trying to not break the taboo that both wanted to. The whole thing was getting dangerous as their connection got sloppy slippery and their jouncing made their genitals play hide and seek together. His cock was seeking her uncovered vagina to fill and hide in.
Suddenly, the panty fabric twisted together and let the thrusting meat of Rita’s lust driven son gain the extremely slippery rim of her vagina. Now, with just a simple redirection of his angle of attack and a firm push, the panty block was history and Rita’s cunt would be filled, fucked and soon thoroughly coated with her son’s creamy cum. Her hot pink pussy flesh eagerly sucked at her son’s cum-hole and the underside of the marvelous purple bulb that was stroking it. Her slick shiny lubrication smeared the length of his sawing tool. Had he been able to hold out for another few seconds, his full ten inches would have been buried to the hilt inside of Rita’s vibrating cunt while he emptied his entire reservoir into her. As it was, the panties yielded too late and the sensation was too much for Johnny, who had been riding the edge for too long to hold back even those few seconds longer. Rita realized that he had gone over the edge. She felt him contract several times as he squirted strong shots of his hot jism directly onto her half uncovered cunt. Rita felt incredible disappointment that, after trying so hard, Johnny had fired too quickly, when he was but one thrust away from achieving success for his valiant effort. But now, his hot cum splashing onto her cunt was her cue to cum too. Again the jolt passed through her entire being as if she was being resuscitated after cardiac arrest… only this was a new life of loving her son in a very special and secret way. Her orgasm this time was so massive that it left her feeling light headed and dizzy…. ‘Oh, God…. if only he’d been in me when that one hit me.’ she thought.

Again, Johnny remained in his mother's bed that night. Both took some time going to sleep, thinking about what might happen next Wednesday. Rita contemplated whether she would lose control finally or if she already had and only Johnny’s premature ejaculation had prevented their incestuous coupling from happening just moments earlier. In fact, she already knew that to be true because she’d felt her panties twist and then felt his cock slide against her bare cunt. She could have moved aside or put her hand between them but she hadn’t. She’d purposely held herself in place and eagerly waited for him to line up properly so he could push it in and fuck them both to orgasm heaven… Now, as she lay under him, with his thick cock seated in the cum soaked groove over her still half uncovered cunt, she remembered anticipating her son’s entry into her so that she could fuck him and show him how much she loves him by taking his cum into herself, as a wife takes her husband’s cum.

Johnny was happy but frustrated, too. ‘Another damned near miss.’ he thought. ‘I was all set to line up and go in but finally feeling her bare pussy on my cock felt so damned good I fucking lost it.’ He knew that he was overdue for a bull’s-eye and he figured that, since they’d gone this far tonight, he wondered if his mom might be coaxed into being naked next time, too. He was looking forward to having her bush tickle his balls, while they fucked… and no matter what she pretended to herself it was they were doing, they were fucking. Even though his cock wasn’t inside of her they were, indeed, fucking. He vowed to make next time last longer… a lot longer. He also knew that, next time, he WAS going to fuck her… even if it was during the night when he woke up and her naked cunt was right there and open for him. If she woke and protested, he could say that he woke up and discovered that his cock had found its way into her and it’d felt so good that he couldn’t help himself but he knew that she wouldn’t protest. He knew that she was ready. She’d been ready tonight. He’d sensed it. He knew that she knew her panty had twisted, when she felt his cock slide up along her naked cunt lip and vaginal opening. When she felt that, she knew that her cunt was vulnerable and she did nothing to stop him from penetrating her and completing their union. If she hadn’t felt so good, if he hadn’t exploded when he did, he’d have been inside of her and they’d be one… with no more barriers for her to have to pretend that she has to keep intact.

How the next six days dragged. Soooo slowly… for both of them. Rita wouldn’t risk actually fucking her son when her husband was around. Especially when he was in the house but she knew that she was going to fuck Johnny this Wednesday. With all the countertop semi-fucking they did, it’s amazing that she didn’t just pull her panties aside for him and take him in or intentionally wear a thong that she knew would quickly slip aside and let him in. Her cunt was drenched with her son’s cum a dozen times during the week but never within. She’d already decided to fuck him and now she was eagerly looking forward to it. She wanted it too badly to wait any longer. Greg had been too inattentive of her for far too long and Johnny did anything BUT ignore her. She knew that he truly loved her and not just as someone to fuck. She could see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch and in the tender way he made love to her when they were in bed together… before, during and after. He didn’t just ‘fuck’ her. He made love to her. Even after he’d cum, he kissed her as if he wanted to pull her inside of himself and never let her go. Her heart was throbbing… and so was her soaking wet pussy. She couldn’t wait to feel him filling her and pumping the first huge load of his incestuous cum deep inside of her. After that, there’d be no going back. She’d always spread her legs for him, just as she’d already been doing, but, from now on, she was going to do it the right way… as a lover who gives her full permission for him to take her, fuck her and cum in her because she is now and will always be his full and consenting sex partner… his lover. Therefore, the stolen kisses and copping a feel and the crotch jamming hugs were only delicious appetizers for an evening of erotic incest, son’s cock in mother’s cunt intercourse and intense lover to lover love making. They each dreamed and fantasized as they masturbated though the week, priming their minds for the ultimate act of incest when Greg would be in the city overnight, on Wednesday… Wednesday, the one evening they had to themselves… alone together in bed… doing very intensely naughty and loving things with each other. Where would it end, they both wondered… maybe… hopefully, it never will. Somehow, something long ago lost had come to life in Rita… Love. She was a mother, completely in love with her own son… a mother who knew that her son loved her in exactly the same way… intimately and completely… as a husband loves his wife.

Quite to the surprise of the little family (and, here and there, a modicum of delight I suppose, to be perfectly honest) the planned and anticipated union between Rita and Johnny was delayed but Rita WAS laid that Wednesday… just not by Johnny. That morning, Greg got a call. He reported to his loving sexy wife that the usual trip into town had been cancelled that week and that, after a short day at the office, he would be home early to make the most of the opportunity with his patient spouse. It would be a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, some dancing at a club and then home for "guess what?" as Greg put it.

Johnny would be granted the choice of rented videos to keep him occupied downstairs while his parents were upstairs getting their jollies. Rita was thrilled at the prospect of a romantic evening with her husband and at the thought of a night of uninhibited sex with her handsome hubby, who for so long had shown little desire or interest in her. Yet, still, being aware that it was a Wednesday and that Johnny no doubt had some kind of expectations for an evening of an intimate nature, also, she wanted to not have her sweet boy let down too hard -- hard being the operative word -- if she knew him -- and she did know her son!

She was sure that she could make it up to him in a way that would include him in the evening's ecstasies. In no uncertain terms, though in less than specific details, Rita indicated to Johnny his parent's agenda for the evening. She also hinted that by a happy coincidence the door to the master bedroom would be partly open an inch or so after they retired and that peeking on his parents would be possible. The show would be grand… the sex on display of a heroic level… an erotic episode of epic proportions… uninhibited lovemaking on exhibition: so she had promised.

They both hoped so. That it would be a fuck to remember… that Johnny would get a better show than any tape could offer -- including the ones in the adult section!!! And indeed, a hot time in the old homestead was had by all. For this voyeuristic experience, Johnny needed no binoculars. His mom left the door just a crack ajar but fortified by the wine with the meal and the focus on the sight of his naked wife, his dad never even thought about the privacy of their intimacy. Secure in his belief that a science fiction thriller held his son enthralled in the basement recreation room with the huge TV, he never suspected that the real show was being observed in their own bedroom… watched by his son who knew that but for yet one more unlucky hiccup in timing, it would have been his own cock that was buried in and fucking his mother to multiple orgasms.

First, with Rita on her back, Greg ate his wife to several orgasms, until she begged for him to put it in. Which he did, so the wide-eyed, bug-eyed, pop-eyed, naked son, opened the crack to three inches, to better see the action. The hall was dark and the bedroom dimly lit so unless one looked directly at the door it was not obvious that they were being spied upon. With her legs up and pointed in his direction, Rita gave her boy a direct view of her pussy being ravaged by his father's member. The angle was perfect to see the penetration and all the wet consequences that sex has in the climax of the act.

The second and third positions of intercourse, first mom on top then 'doggie' style was instructive to say the least. (as if Johnny hadn’t already done that to dozens of girls by the time he was thirteen) The one who came most was Rita, followed by Johnny, then last Greg; but oh! What a hot and horny night was has by all. Greg noticed that Rita was especially turned on that evening and attributed it to the romantic atmosphere, the sudden change of routine and the restaurant and wine as having provided her stimulation. Little did he know what she was really turned on by and by who.

Rita was happy to be royally fucked by her lover but her hubby's ardor was equaled by her own heat, knowing that their son was participating in the erotic night. Johnny was in seventh heaven seeing his mom providing a full view of herself, seeing in live action everything he fantasized about actually doing to her. Even if he might now never be granted the permission to do that which his father had the rights to; by the very nature of his dad being both sweetheart and spouse of his mom's heart for nearly all of her life in one fashion or another; still Johnny could fantasize about those images for the rest of his life.

Yet, even if he could not compete with the emotional claims, he could fully match the mature physical development of a full-grown male rutting bull human man, a specimen in excellent condition as was obvious that night because he, himself was one. Still, he hoped the special place his mom held for him in her heart might grant him visitation rights to slip his hard-ons into her hot slippery hole. After all, she had allowed him to see everything about her sex and it must have pleased her to share that intimacy for a purpose. Could it not be in preparation for their own impending intimacy? Or was the schedule switch now a permanent one and would there no longer be Wednesday evenings of mother/son adventures of sexual exploration to be expected?

Of course, that randy display was not to be replayed the next week, when once again Greg's job returned to the same old grind and his Wednesday went back to him being away in the Windy City. Twilight approached and the anticipation of both mother and son were taut with tension, wrought with vigorous emotions and rigorous erectile tissues! The raunchy session had renewed Rita's sense of fidelity to her spouse and the exhibit of parental passion had further inspired the desires of Johnny for his mom. Yet, both were highly aware of the potential of another of their surreptitious liaisons. Both of them wanting to have it happen and each anxious of the outcome and the consequences being both terra inirma for Rita and terra incognita for her son. Shaky ground and unknown territory for the two respectively.
But, sure as the sunset, certain as the dark came every eve, so too did Johnny’s knock at his mother's door the next Wednesday night. He wore just loose pajama bottoms, a signal of his uncertainty. Rita had no doubt they would have their rendezvous but had prepped herself with the protection of a nightgown, though gossamer and short and protecting nearly nothing. Johnny crawled into bed with his mom but lay next to her and, at first, just began with kissing. She responded with her tongue in the French fashion and they made out for long minutes. He groped her breasts, she fondled his cock as they caressed each other eagerly.

Finally, Johnny moved half on her and nibbled, first from Rita's face down her neck, then to the collarbone and lower to the pout of where his mom's mammaries began. Allowing her son the liberty to lick her tempting ta-tas, she loosed the thin strap that held one side of the gauzy nightie so as to expose the full delicious breast that was the intended target of her son's administrations. With the round, brown point of the puffy peak exposed, Johnny's mouth made for the center of attention. Soon he was sucking on what once had nursed him. Heaven gave tits a pleasure in milking and even in the dry periods the action makes women happy.
If that didn't juice Rita up, then feeling the rigid rod, her son sported was as much a turn on as his mouth on her nipple. She nudged his hips with her thigh, as a signal, and soon cradled him between her lovely lower limbs and at the center of her lascivious libido's love nest. That the gown almost immediately shifted as high as her navel made no never mind, when she felt the hardness of Johnny's cock prodding the precincts of her soaking pussy. No barrier remained to their fucking now save her vow of marital virtue, Rita's mental reservation of their ultimate connection. The thin veil of matrimonial fidelity was all that stood between her and depravity, debauchery and the deflowering of her child by planting his wonderful tree in her garden of Eden, indeed, paradise for both!
Now that thing of flesh and engorged blood plowed in her furrow, seeking to put the seed of sin in fertile female earth-mother ground. The stroking of Johnny's long wand went up and down in the slick groove of seduction. The plum head went from silky field of pubic fur to the spot that his father had so awesomely delved in last Wednesday night. Rita moved her hips in a dance of dangerous rolling rutting. Not allowing the angle of attack to be aimed at just the right spot, frustrating them both in the deviation of lust's desire that lured them on closer to the lurid goal which their libidos would have loved to gain.

Johnny knew he was close to catching the contact that would send his dick sliding into the slathery cleft his mother had so lewdly displayed last week with her legs splayed to show no holes barred. His mouth worked both sides of her chest, first the left breast, then the right one and returning to the left when sensitivity bordered on pain rather than pleasure. Rita was losing her focus, her moral compass and her resolve to be in control of both her and Johnny, their boundaries, their actions and their union. Rather that there was not to be any union, uniting, nor entry no matter how horny they both got.
She realized that the only way to turn aside the assault of her son’s massive battering ram and prevent full penetration was to bring him to a swift climax. She reached down and using her middle finger used an old trick that her mother had actually taught her when she was a new bride. "Tickle his hinny hole, stick a finger in and wiggle it if hubby needs help to get off!", her mom had confided. Rita had found that it worked if the timing was right, at least with Greg.

Now, 'like father - like son', the unexpected sensation of his mom's digit in his asshole proved too erotic a sensation to resist. Johnny giggled but he wriggled and lurched forward placing his erection in her special spot and though he was only part way into the entrance to his mom's hole'ly sanctuary, he left his offering of ointment just outside the temple of inner piece, on the steps of the palace of pleasure his love was spilled. But what huge dollops of cream they were. Rita loved feeling her son’s semen squirting and gushing within the walls of her vagina, the sensation of the pulsing, throbbing male member extruding its hot liquid geyser of goo deep in her tummy… feeling stream after stream of his pressurized cum forcing its way through the portal and into her gulping womb.

However, Johnny's hose has flooded only the mouth of her womb's well, a sweet spot true, but not the one both longed for. Yet she was satisfied that she had done her duty to not give into the gravest of indiscretions with her son and to not sully her marriage bed with sin, though it was certainly much soiled with the evidence of her sexual injudiciousness as the juices of their transgressions continued to squeeze out and run from her pussy in a white heavy stream that soaked into the sheets. Rita hoped she could contain their passions, so to remain the faithful spouse, but she also wondered if the ablutions of her son's instrument might finally put out the building fire of desire which she so strongly felt. A longing that could barely be contained within her wet yonni that she knew was yearning to contain and totally drain Johnny's joint.

That lust had to simmer for yet one more week as the hot desire stewed for the following Wednesday when wet and wanton Rita, waiting till evening came, knew then would be when they would come together to cum together. This night she did not wait nor hesitate. When Johnny went to his room she quickly retired to hers. She stripped and then boldly, brazenly crossed the hall and the threshold of the last of any propriety by entering her son's bedroom naked, wearing only a smile.

Johnny with pajamas bottoms in hand, still clad in his jockey shorts was delighted at the intrusion by his fully nude mom. He flung the jimmies and dropped his drawers; his well-hung hunk already at more than half-mast. In no time at all, at the sight of his beautiful mother's unclothed body, he’d sprouted a proud lance of love. "I thought maybe we could cuddle tonight in your bed." the luscious lewd lady suggested. Johnny grinned and moved onto his bed… patting the mattress… inviting her to join him on his many times similarly fucked upon pallet… for tonight, Rita would be fucked. No quick finger moves and no way to escape. She could slip, slide and dodge all she wanted, in her efforts to avoid the unavoidable, but before morning she was going to have had all ten inches of her son’s cock buried in her and sunrise would see her carrying more than one load of his cum in her cunt.

Rita lay next to her boy and began to kiss him while she stroked the man size stalk he was nudging her tummy with. Johnny similarly reached for his mommy's nether parts and found her more than damp already… in fact, totally slippery with the dew of desire as he felt her erect nipples prodding his chest. He adored the hard tips leading the cushions of her breasts pressing against his pectorals while their lips were going at it with tongues, their moans and gasps saying more than words ever could.
At last, his mom broke the intense necking and spoke in her most serious tones. "Johnny, whatever we do tonight, promise me you won't go all the way and put it in me. I can't let you fuck me. You're still my son and while this is great fun for both of us, we just must not go all the way. That wouldn't be right. We are being naughty enough as it is but that would be way too much. Promise you're not going to try to put it inside of me and make love to mommy."
Johnny was disappointed that his mom still wanted to hold back from the very thing he knew they both deep down wanted, but he didn't want to jinx his good fortune by worrying about it. She came here to play and she’s naked. He had every intention of fucking and cumming in Rita, tonight but he had to make it look, to her, as if it was her own fault that it had happened. Johnny has years of experience at maneuvering his cock, to make ‘accidents’ happen… far more than his father does, since neither his father or mother have ever been with anyone else and so are babes in the woods compared to their son, sexually speaking. Tonight is my night. Mom is going to find out who’s the expert. Johnny still held out hope that she might give in and just open up and invite him in but he knew that any inkling of disobedience or iota of force, after agreeing to not go all the way would put her off and spoil the mood; thus derailing them from the track they were on… a track leading directly into his mother’s special tunnel of love that, once his engine has entered it, will joyously blow its whistle until it runs out of the liquid to make the steam to continue blowing its whistle!

"Mom," Johnny answered in his most sincere tone, "I won't do anything you don't want to do, I promise on my honor!" Rita smiled at her young man, knowing that he would be a responsible lover. "Can we ..." Johnny continued tentatively, "get like we were last time, with me in the valley of your vagina with my penis? I really like that position; it was almost like we were doing it. Did you like that?"
Rita gave a light laugh and simply nodded; then they both skooched and squirmed to get so that once again Johnny's ten inch log lay in the groove of his mom's ravishing ravine of sex, her chasm of chastity, which would not be at all chaste, while she and her son chased their orgasms in the heavenly hollow between her legs… the very one that only last Wednesday had taken in his huge load of cum and then, during the night, had slowly puked it back out into the sheets of her marriage bed.

The pulsing heat from his cock was inflaming her desires as it rocked up and down with wiggles to tickle her clit and his balls banged so sweetly, drumming and sliding against her already super slippery crotch. Little by little his cock slithered a tiny bit lower, even as the pike thrust upwards as well; dipping down to sip at the cup where her nectar gathered, the flower of her femininity, the nether lips that guarded Rita's source of love lubricant. Little did Rita know that it was now a matter of seconds till her battle was lost and ultimately won because, in this game of sex, she was grossly over-matched. Her son had seduced, maneuvered, gotten his cock into and fucked to completion at least a hundred and thirty unsuspecting virgins from seven to thirteen years old before he, himself, was fourteen so forty three year old Rita was, as had happened to each of those girls, about to be fucked and cum into by the very same but older and more experienced cocksman. Thinking she had a free pass to ride his bonedinni to a night of fabulous orgasms because she’d bound him to an agreement that she knew he’d honor, she didn’t know that his real plan was to position her to break it for him. Johnny knew that, when she did, she’d be so hard into her cum that she’d be unable to stop herself from letting it continue. Timing is everything. This time, he’d be in control and the head of his cock was going to be at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Tonight, Mother’s cunt is going to be filled with her son’s cock and then fucked full of cum.

This spring of mother's sex oil was flowing generously, so that the entire region was smeared as if with cocoa butter. And Johnny was sliding down his mother's slippery slope right into the entrance to her boiling caldron of passion. The sensual sawing of Johnny's sausage, slippery with the condiment of Rita's sex sauce had already begun to ignite a raging fire in her loins. The nudging of his tip as it dipped into her nether lips and then raked high to hit her clit was sweet torture but she knew she couldn't give in to the terrible temptation to have sex with her son.

Johnny was glorying in the hot action that was happening between his mom's legs. ‘Soon now, mom… very soon.’ he thought. Her thighs were raised and the plane of her pussy was angled so that he rode from the heart of her opening to the middle of her tickly bush. His loaded balls banged Rita's soft buns and his dick head was directly rubbing the nub of her pleasure button as his motion went to and fro. He started to roll his hip just a little as he pulled back, causing the bloated knob of his instrument to sink a tad deeper as it centered at the gate of paradise.

At first the increments were so miniscule that Rita didn't notice. But finally, Johnny got in deep enough that the head of his penis popped into her vagina. In a heroic move, Johnny withdrew his thick sausage from the pot it was boiling in. He then pushed his cock forward and it plopped down on her Mons with a smack.

Rita put her hands on Johnny's hips to try to gain some control of the momentum, which for the moment was much too precarious and unpredictable. Johnny countered with a full on French kiss as his chest went nipple to nipple with her breasts and their tongues played tag back and forth in each other's mouth. The muscles in his butt and back tensed to continue the attack of his dick, to insure that his hard-on's headway was not stymied in its rutting in his mom's slippery groove. The last thing he wanted now was to be derailed when he was dead center on track and all but lined up to plumb the depths of his mommy's love tunnel. He thrust and slipped the bulbous tip in again, then withdrew. Another and yet another thrust, each followed by the bulb being sunk ever so slightly deeper.
"Darling!" Rita was almost out of breath from passion resulting from their intense kissing and her son’s now definite and delicious cunt fucking of her… albeit shallow. "Please don't go any deeper. It's too dangerous. You promised to not go in!"

"Isn't it good like this mom… just dipping it in a little, like little kisses?" Johnny asked.

"God! Yes, Honey, I love it. I could almost let it happen but we mustn't. We mustn't!!"

"Will you cum like this mom? I want you to cum for me so much!"

"Oh, Baby, yes! Lets cum now before we go too far . . . cum on mommy sweetie, give me all your cum on my tummy!"
“Fuck me with your sweet pussy and cum for me mom. You feel so good. Cum for me and make me cum, too.”
When Rita heard what Johnny had just said, she let herself go and went over the edge. She started all out fucking… rubbing her fevered cunt against his cock with wild abandon. As her son's cock ran the length of her split, from anus up to her clit back and forth several times, her first cum fluttered in her interior. As the spasm built and peaked, her hands on her son's hips now clutched his buttocks. Johnny sensed it in her grip just as she went into full orgasm and pulled him to her in an instinctual reaction. His timing couldn’t have been better for, at that very instant, he’d positioned the head of his cock right at the aperture of his mother's sex. Her clasp on his ass and the strong pull that she exerted brought his full head at least three inches of him into the clamping and cumming swamp of her vagina with two more inches of his shaft enveloped by her warm, wet twitching labia.

The ‘game’, though, had had an effect on Johnny, too. He’d wanted to fuck his mother for so many weeks… and now, at the moment of success, with his cock firmly enclosed in the sweet wet clamping heat of her body, it felt so damned good that Johnny's testicles simply erupted in a torrent of white cream, totally taking him by surprise. “Ohhhh, God, Mom” he groaned….. “It’s so gooooood…. soooo beautiful…… Ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh.” In a reflexive action, his hips bucked forward sending another two inches of his shaft further deep into the place from which he had come. As his cum jetted into his mothers cunt, he knew that, finally, his seed was squirting, frothing and churning deep into his mother’s vagina… a mother whose son’s cum was mixing with and becoming one with her emulsions as the wonderful orgasm she was sharing with him continued giving her no choice in their release.

Rita knew that it had been she who had caused her son to cross over the line without breaking his promise. But the emotions of the moment as her love for him overpowered her good intentions and the physical stimulation of his powerful ejaculation within her cunt, even if just part way in, overwhelmed her and she climaxed again. As her second climax overtook her and smashed into her cunt she thrust her hips toward the pleasure, which drove her son's throbbing, cum spewing erection yet deeper into her clenching, milking, cum sucking hole. Rita the mother now had approximately seven inches of Johnny the son’s very thick cock spewing its cum inside of her. With her throbbing, cumming cunt now locked down on and milking the marvelously erupting tube that now filled her cunt like a stopper, she tightened her grip to hold him in place until each had spent their last drop.
When finally they finished, they lay for long seconds… still and motionless… mother and son, locked together as husband and wife would be just after completion of union in their marriage bed.
Now they lay gasping for air as the aftermath of their ‘unplanned’ union subsided. "Oh, Johnny! What have we done? You went deep and came inside of me. I know it was my fault… It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have let us get into such a situation but I did and it happened. Honey, it can't ever happen again. We must not allow this to be repeated." She wiped the sweat from her son's dripping brow and kissed him gently on the lips.

Rita could feel her son's thick still semi-erect cock and knew that it was well over half way inside her still quivering cunt…. still as deep as it had been while he was shooting his hot jism into her and making her cum and cum and cum and cum but the damage was done. He’d fucked her and his cum was in her cunt and so was his cock but it still felt so damned good. What was the rush about getting him out, now that the fucking was done? After they’d sort of fucked, the weeks before, they’d lain as they’d finished and gone to sleep, hadn’t they? The difference tonight would be that her son’s cock would sleep in her cunt. She kissed her son. He kissed her back. Then he kissed her again… harder and deeper. Rita responded and she felt her cunt respond, too. Then Rita was physically reminded of the virility of youth when her son’s organ began recuperating and its swollen stiffness returned. As Rita felt the growth of his stalk in her pliant pussy, she felt her resolve weakening. ‘Ohhh, God. It felt sooooo good…. like I was desired and needed… like I was giving my deepest and most complete love to my baby… my son.’ As his cock continued to harden and lengthen within her, she pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him like a woman kisses a man that she loves….. and wants… like she always used to kiss her husband Greg.
Johnny kissed her back with the same love that she was giving but he didn’t move inside of her. He knew that she knew he was still there and before she could say more, he said, "Mom, I know I was only part way in but it was still in and we’ve already done it. Can I put it all the way in so, just once, I can feel what it's like to be all the way inside of the woman I love?"

Rita wanted to scream yes, so badly, but she forced herself to move her head back and forth in the 'no' gesture and was silent. Her eyes belied her conviction and Johnny saw it so he gently continued his argument. "I didn't mean to go in you, mom, but if we can never do it again, at least let me see what it's like to be in you completely, just this once. You'll like it too. I won't cum in you again. I’ll just put it all the way up so we can both know what it means to be united physically as mother and son. Then I'll pull out and never enter you again, if that's what you really want. Please mom, please." It wasn’t a question. It was a plea.

While he was begging his hot, twitching meat was stirring the desire of Rita's inner recesses. She realized that this was going to make an already sinful evening even more naughty; but to have her son deep within her as a union of parent and child, bodily coming together and possibly, no probably, cumming together again was a treat and temptation she could no longer resist. After all, even though it hadn’t been intentional, it HAD already happened. His cum was already deep inside of her and she knew from their past experience that he produced a huge volume of it so she knew that her pussy was now well lubricated with it. Reaching up and pulling his lips to hers, she softly kissed her son and then said, "Just this once, Johnny, I'll let you go all the way deep inside of me this one time only. Then we must never fuck again."

She hoped she could make her rule stick, as her son’s long, thick man meat ever so slowly began sliding deeper into her waiting, anticipating, starving for fulfillment cunt... sending thrills all the way through her as it planed through his first load of cum toward the bottom of her vagina. As he neared full entry, Rita involuntarily thought, ‘Oh God!! What a wonderful cock! My wonderful son is made for me… He’s hung like a horse!!… His dad has NEVER been this far inside of me. GOD… He’s stretching me and it’s starting to hurt… but it feels so fucking good, too. Oh, God… I hope I’ll be able to take it all.’

That was the precise moment when Rita knew that she was lost. With utter and complete certainty, she knew that she was NOT going to stop her son from fucking her after having let him only once taste the sensation of a deep, penetrating stroke into the very depths of her vagina. She wouldn’t stop him tonight… not tomorrow morning… Not EVER.

Another brief thought flashed through her mind, ‘I don’t know why but I haven’t taken my birth control since my period. It’s been a week and a half. I must be close to being fertile. I’d better look it up because I have my beautiful man son’s cum up inside of me, now. He came in me last week, too. He could have fertilized my egg and made his and my baby in my belly. I might be carrying it for him. If I am, will he want me to?’ Rita cataloged the thought under priority, intending consider it further and bring it up to Johnny at another time, soon.

Rita didn’t reveal what she now knew was true. She just lifted her cunt to her son as Johnny fed the rest of his wonderful cock up into her tight pussy and then waited for him to start fucking her so she could wrap her arms and legs around him and fuck him back until he pumped another load of his baby making juice into what she now knew would always be his mother’s forever willing cunt.

Johnny could tell that his mother was turned on way beyond her own self-control. He honestly didn’t want to take advantage of her, but he also knew that he’d been intentionally maneuvering his position so that he could get his cock into her cunt. Hell, he’d been planning all week to get his cock inside of her and fuck her. She’d walked into his bedroom totally naked and gotten into his bed ready to take a chance on the ‘accident’ happening that she now believed really was an accident. True, he’d maneuvered the timing when he made her pop a strong orgasm and made sure that his cock was in position when she’d yanked him into herself but she knew that his cock was inside of her, the instant it went in. It went in too far for her to NOT be aware of it. But, to be fair, he knew she was cumming. He’d intentionally stimulated her to cum so that what happened would. He knew that she wanted him inside her so when he was and under those conditions, there was no way she was going to stop him from fucking her and unloading every drop of his cum inside of her because that’s exactly where she wanted it to go. It just happened that he exploded when he did, instead of fucking her while she was cumming and letting her pull him all the way in and then cumming in her. As it happened, her hot flexing and cumming cunt caused him to also start cumming made him drive himself deeper and her counter reflex to his cumming in her was to pull him deeper still until all but three inches of his thick cock was inside of her while he spewed his cum into her depths.

So, now, he was certainly going to accept the offer of her permission to be completely encased in his mom's womanhood. He gradually thrust down into his precious mother's body… feeling her hot pussy flesh surrounding his and feeling the eager grip of her cunt muscles around his rigid manhood… the wet slickness of her lust soaked cunt thoroughly dampened his crushed pubic hair as he totally buried himself in his mother, arching his back to press against her until his balls were mashed into her ass crack. Rita’s arms went around her son’s back in a tight hug that held him deep in her raised saddle, to allow him to imprint the memory of this presumably not to be repeated visit. (this is what she thought was her son’s perception of what she was thinking, which she, herself, had just discovered she wasn’t actually thinking… but she was wrong about Johnny’s thoughts, too, because he wasn’t thinking that at all. Johnny knew full well that he and his mother were about to fuck each other to full orgasm again but, this time, they’d take much longer doing it. He knew they wouldn’t just fuck today but thousands more times in their future. He knew it because he was completely hooked on his mother’s cunt and he’d known, weeks ago, that his mother was just as hooked on her son’s cock. He’d just needed to get in one time and now he was. ‘My mother’s cunt is mine.’ he thought.)

Johnny slowly withdrew to almost being completely out of Rita’s tight cunt but, just as his cockhead neared her opening, he felt her tighten down to keep him inside and the sensation of his flesh within hers drew him back. He whispered a plea but it was more of an announcement, as he said, "One more time?" and matched his motions to his words, re-entering his mom's sacred hollow. Rita only moaned in response and thrust her hips up to take him deep.

Fully seated once more, he rested for a long moment buried deep within the place of his birth and then repeated the stroke… saying nothing but both groaning together in their ecstasy. It was just too good to stop. He couldn't stop and he knew that his mom didn't want him to either, so he wrapped his arms under her shoulders, cradled her head in his hands and kissed her deeply as he began making love to his mother. Rita wrapped her legs behind her son’s thighs, took him deep and fucked him back.

Rita was already building to a monster cum. She’d never had one start like this… from way deep inside, where her son’s long, thick cock was touching and rubbing against something inside of her that had never been touched before. Johnny was fucking her with such love. Slowly, his long, loving strokes kept repeating and repeating… ever so slowly, picking up speed and power as he fucked deep into his mothers cunt… rubbing back and forth deep inside of her… back and forth over whatever it was that he kept hitting… whatever it was that was driving her insane with pleasure like she’d never known.

Throughout their finally agreed upon incestuous union, Rita was definitely not a passive participant; rather she was an enthusiastic and fully committed partner in their act of incest, now totally engaged without inhibition. As the fires of their passions flamed ever higher, the mother and son lovers slammed their bodies together, the slap of flesh meeting flesh a spanking sound that echoed in the son’s room. The moans and groans and the cries of lust gone out of control rang out and were a chorus that added its reverberation to the carnal clamor that filled the chamber. Rita's wail sounded an urgent note of the imminent eruption of her vaginal volcano. Johhhnnyyyy! You’re making me cuummmm! Fuck me baby…. Oh, God… Fuck me deep and hard!!! Drive that big fucking spear right through me!! Kill me with it!!! I. I. I’m … I’m … CUUUMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!! AAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Rita’s orgasm was massive. Like none she’d ever experienced or knew existed. She was still screaming and cumming… her body was shaking and vibrating with drool running from both sides of her mouth and snot running out of her nose. As Johnny continued to pound into her, she began ejecting a heavy stream of woman cum out onto her son while he continued to pound his massive cock deep into her cock choking cunt. Her muscles were seizing him but his first load of cum was heavy and slippery so he was able to keep sliding and fucking his mothers cumming cunt. He’d been at the edge of cumming himself but when she went off, she’d suddenly gotten loud and started violently shaking like a Space Shuttle launch and had distracted him from his own cum for long enough that he’d regained full control of his cum reflex and would now be able to fuck her right into the ground. Johnny smiled and fucked into his mother’s wonderful cunt. She’d tripped his trigger several times in the past, which had kept him from getting his cock into her but this time he was inside of her, she was cumming hard and he was fucking her harder. She was on the receiving end and when they were finished, she’d know what it’s like to be a forty three year old mother whose just been truly and thoroughly fucked by her son until she’s so limp and wasted that she can barely move.

Right now, Rita was moaning, yelling for more, screaming and cumming and Johnny was fucking her and fucking her and fucking her… and fucking her some more… giving her exactly what she was begging for but then, suddenly, in the middle of her violent seizure, Rita’s body went limp and collapsed under her son’s. He still had her hips raised in his hands and his cock buried deep in her cunt but she’d fainted and was out cold. Johnny smiled from ear to ear and then laughed out loud. He let her down, stayed buried and kissed his mother’s unconscious mouth saying, “I love you mom. You’re the absolute best piece of ass on this planet. I could fuck you for a thousand years. I’ve never had ANYbody fuck me or squeeze my cock like you do. You’re mine, now, you know.” And though she couldn’t hear or respond he knew it was true… and, even though unconscious, so did Rita because she had never been so completely, deliciously, lovingly and thoroughly fucked in her life.

Johnny gently continued fucking Rita, as he waited for her to wake up. Even unconscious, her cunt was like fucking warm wet silk. After using the the sheet to gently wipe the drool and snot from her face, he tenderly held her head in his hands and began placing dozens of butterfly kisses all over her face. That’s what he wanted her to wake up to… his cock still deep inside of her, gently fucking her and his kisses of love raining down on her.

Slowly Rita began to stir and then her eyes opened. She was utterly dazed and everything was out of focus. Rolling her head gently back and forth in the palms of his hands, Johnny asked, “Are you alright, Mom?” He kissed her on the mouth. Rita’s eyes were wide open and she sucked in two deep breaths as she tried to reorient herself and regain focus. “You passed out, Mom. I guess we need to do more practicing to get you back into shape.” he said gently, and he chuckled… then kissed her again.

Finally, as full awareness gradually returned, a rueful smile spread across Rita’s face. Still gently fucking her, Johnny smiled back, raised his eyebrows and asked, “You like that, Mom?” She grinned, cuffed his shoulder and said, “My God, John. How did you ever learn to fuck like THAT??!” He laughed and said, “Practice, Mom… lots and lots of practice. Now do you see what you’ve been cheating yourself out of?” He kissed her soft lips and laughed again.

For some strange reason, Rita suddenly remembered way back to when she’d called her son in to talk to him about the eleven year old twin sisters that he’d made pregnant. Looking up at him, she said, “Remember those twin girls that you knocked up, just before their family moved away? You told me then that you’d been fucking them since before their ninth birthday. I don’t know why it just popped into my head but… did you ever fuck them like… like the way you were just fucking me? Because if you did it to them like you just did it to me, that would explain why their mother told me that both of them kept telling her and insisting that they were in love with you. She said the way they said it and kept saying it, she finally believed they really were because all they did was sit together and cry and talk about you.”

Johnny thought for a minute and said, “Maybe that last day I did. We knew that we’d probably never see each other again. They were crying so hard while we were doing it that their pussy’s were doing what yours was just doing and I gave it to them good… just like that.” and he smiled.

Rita looked up at her son for a long minute and then, in a soft voice, said, “Johnny?” “What, Mom?” “I’m not moving away and neither are you… at least not till I’m done with you.” and then she gave him a wicked smile. Johnny flashed a wide grin at her and asked, “Was it good, Mom?” Shoving her pussy up against his pelvis and seating his thick, hard cock just a bit deeper into herself, she said, “Johnny, it was FanfuckingTAStic!! I’ve never been fucked like that in my LIFE!” … Then, in a more moderate voice, she added… “But I’ve only been with your dad. He’s a great lover but now I know that you’re in a totally different league from him. As far as I know, he’s only been with me. You’ve been with who knows how many, by now.”

“Well, Mom, after my growing spurt started, things slowed down a lot. Girls started warning the other girls to stay away from me because my tally whacker was too thick and long and went in so far that it hurt like hell. They used to complain about being all stretched out for a few days after, too… but they sure liked it while it was happening. I guess when they realized that their boyfriends were noticing the difference they didn’t like the idea of maybe being caught fucking around on them so after they fucked me they’d have to put them off for a few days and their boyfriends would be wondering why.”

Rita laughed and said, “A woman with good muscle control should be able to overcome that.” Speaking too fast, without thinking first, Johnny said, “Yeah? Better tell that to Sherry Kandel.” Then, realizing his first-ever such fuckup his smile vanished and he said, “Whoops. Shit! You didn’t hear that, mom.” Rita’s eyes popped wide. “Holy Shit! Sherry? You’ve fucked Sherry??... across the street Sherry?? Her husband’s a big shot city councilman. He’s running for Mayor and his father’s a State Senator. They’ve got clout up the ying yang. Hoooly Shit… And you… Are you… still… Is she still…?” … “No, mom. I won’t go into the details but he got wise. He doesn’t know it was me but he knows for certain that somebody was inside of her and left a big deposit… It was two, actually. She didn’t expect him to come home so she hadn’t cleaned herself yet. She was still napping when he came in and saw her naked. He thought he’d sneak a few licks and saw the deposits just before he had them for lunch. She said by the time she was awake and realized he was there, it was too late. She said his face was right at her pussy so she couldn’t have stopped him, even if he hadn’t seen it running out of her.”

Rita started laughing. “That’d look good on his political dining resume, wouldn’t it?” “Well, Sherry told me that we had to lay low for a while but I told her now that he knows she’s fucking someone else, he could have a detective watching her so she’d better forget about it and stay home. She’s beautiful like you are but not as sexy and not even close to being as good in bed. She’s just a fair to medium fuck and I sure as hell don’t need the aggravation. I never meant to say anything. It was a slip but now you know so keep it to yourself, ok?” Rita laughed and kissed her son. “Johnny, you’re one hell of a man. I’ll bet there aren’t five men in three counties who could have gotten into her panties and you did. She must have heard some good things about you from somewhere… and now that she knows she heard right, I’m betting that she’s missing this wonderful hunk of meat you’ve got stuffed way up inside of your momma’s very happy pussy and are still sneak fucking me with.” and she laughed again. “Mom, I don’t have to sneak fuck you, do I?” Rita laughed, “Nope. But we’ll get back to that in a minute. Just out of curiosity, how long were you seeing Sherry for?” “About three months, more or less… two or three times a week. She always got the place and sent a text message telling me where. After he found out, I told her to make sure that she got rid of all the phone records.” “Smart kid... damned smart.”

Ok, now about the sneak fucking me question, “John, when your dad’s not around, my pussy is yours from now on. Just take me to bed, climb on and give it to me. I mean it. I’ve never been fucked so beautifully in my life. You really love your mom, don’t you?” “Yes I do, Mom.” Johnny answered softly and solemnly. “I love you, too, John. I’ve never felt like I do now in my entire life. I’m in love with your father but I’m in love with you, too. You’re a very special man. I know it’s not physically possible but if it were and I were about your age and even if I was still your mother, I wouldn’t care if I was, I’d marry you in a heartbeat and have your babies.”

Rita and her son lay in each other’s arm kissing each other for several minutes, Johnny’s cock still buried deep inside of her, though not moving as they just held, caressed and loved each other.

Finally, Rita stiffened up, like it was a brand new mood and said… Hey, Johnny?” “What mom?” “Mommy’s ready to fuck her big handsome son some more if you think you’re up for it.” He laughed, gave a sad shake of his head and said, “You’re an incredibly beautiful woman but you’re sure a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” Giving her best impression of a steely glare, she said, “Give me your best shot.” Laughing and then kissing her glare into a grin he said, “I just did, which I’m sure you’ll remember if you ever get all your faculties back, you beautiful, tight cunted witch.” He lifted himself to a straight armed position, with his cock buried deep inside of Rita’s already twitching cunt, gave her a mean faced look and said, “And now, woman, you’re going down for the count… aGAin.”

Rita wrapped her arms and legs around her son, pulled him back down to herself and gave herself to him. In a low, soft voice, she said, “This time, just make love to me, sweetheart. Let me feel you make sweet love to me like those other times we’ve done it but, this time… while you’re inside of me… like I wanted you to be every one of those other times… including the first time.” Gently wrapping his arms under her shoulders and supporting her head in his hands as he lifted it to his mouth, he softly said, “I love you, Mom.” Her pure and loving answer was, “I love you, too, John.” He held his face over his mother’s, looked into her eyes and said, “That’s several times now that you’ve called me John, not Johnny.” She smiled. “John is a man’s name and I’m being made love to by a man.” “You can believe this or not but I’m making love to the best woman I’ve ever known. I’ll never tell you what I told you while you were out cold but it was all good. You’re one hell of a woman, mom… the very best. I’m a truly lucky mother fucker and I mean that in the most complimentary way.” “Thank you, John.” “No, Mom. Thank YOU.” and then John lowered his lips to Rita’s, took her fully into his arms and kissed her. Two minutes later, he felt Rita’s pussy squeezing her son’s cock as she pushed herself up to him and pull his mouth tighter against her own. Finally, she broke the kiss and said, “I love you, John. Make love to me.”
John raised slightly away and, looking down into Rita’s face, said, “Mom… you Do realize that you passed out before I had a chance to cum in you, don’t you? … and that means that my cock is going to stay hard for as long as I want it to. I’m going to make slow, sweet love to you right now because that’s what we both want but, after that, you’d better be ready for the fucking of your life because that’s what you’re going to get. Your son is going to fuck his beautiful, incredibly sexy mother into the next century.” “Ohhh, John. You say the nicest things to your mom.” He grinned “I love you so damned much, mom. You really have no idea.” “Come show me, sweetheart, and while you’re showing me, I’ll show you how much your mother loves her wonderful man, who also happens to be her son. John, you’re every bit as much my husband as your father is, now, and I love you both. Just one thing… never, never, never a slip of the tongue, honey. Ok?” “I promise, Mom. Never.” She grinned and said, “The slip of the tongue limitation only applies to the spoken word, I hope you know.” John laughed, kissed her deeply and said, “The night is young, beautiful woman, and your son has to eat to stay strong and healthy so he can fuck his wife’s and mother’s wonderful pussy whenever she needs it... which will be often, I hope.” “I think it just might be, honey. Now slowly… verrrry slowly, show me how much you love me. And John, if I ask you to repeat something, don’t be angry. It’s only because I don’t want to miss any of the details.” “Mom?” “What honey?” “Shut up.” “Yes, dear.”
And as her son’s mouth melded with his mother’s, she felt him begin slowly removing just nine of his ten inches from deep within her belly… and a shiver of joy ran through her.
After sleeping late and still ending up with less than six hours of sleep, they took a long warm shower together before Rita made them a very late breakfast. She knew that Greg would be back in his office in about half an hour and sometimes called when he got in. She felt a twinge of guilt but then smiled as she remembered the spectacularly wonderful three and a half hour fucking that John had given her last night. He’d brought her to the edge of insanity for what had seemed like a hundred times and then let up so that she could recover and had then taken her back the edge… time after time. ‘God, God, God! Can that man ever fuck!’ she thought. She was tired and her cunt was sore but it had never in her entire life felt better than it felt right now. ‘Greg is a good man and a good lover in his own rite but he doesn’t hold a candle to John in the bedroom.’ … Her thoughts drifted for bit until she remembered something else. ‘I should look up the name of the mother of those twins and see if I can make contact with her and her daughters. I’ll bet they’re real beauties, by now. …… Nahhh I’m not sharing him. It’s Mommy’s meat, now.’ and she smiled the Cheshire cat smile.
Then something that had been playing on her mind came back into it.
She turned to John and said, “Honey, sometime later this week, when we’re more rested and there’s just you and me, there’s something I’ve been thinking about that I want to talk to you about… something I want to ask you.” Johnny nodded agreeably and then, suddenly, his face lit up. Before Rita could ask what, he got a smirk on his face, looked straight into her eyes, smiled broadly and gently said, “The answer is yes, Mom. I’ll give you one or a dozen… as many as you want. If it’s a girl, I hope she looks exactly like you. We’ll start breaking her in early and slow, so maybe she’ll be ready to take some of Daddy when she’s nine or ten. Her mommy will teach her to be as good as she is, someday.” Rita was stunned. Her eyes were wide as she stared at her son and then, in a voice filled with awe, she breathlessly whispered, “How in God’s name did you… could you know wha….?” she left the question unfinished. Johnny stepped close and wrapped his mother into his arms. Her knees were weak. He tilted her face up to his and, in a low and loving voice, he told her the answer, “Because I know how much you love me, Mom. It’s what I want, too. I wish we’d started last night.” With a guilty but then not so guilty look on her face, she smiled up at him, put a finger to his lips and said, “We did, John. My period was over a week and a half ago and I haven’t taken my pills. Your dad hasn’t touched me since the night you saw us. Whatever is in me now is yours, my beautiful son. When I know I am, I’ll let your father in. If I have to, sooner, I’ll put something in to prevent his sperm from getting to the egg with your name on it.” Pulling her close, he whispered into her hair “God, I love you, you beautiful woman.” “I know you do, Daddy. And mommy loves you, too.” “Mommy?” “What, Honey” “Are you too sore?” “Yes! Now shut up.” “Please, Mommy?” “Well, if you must. Come to momma. I’ll make you feel good, baby.” “Speaking of babies.” “John?” “What mom?” “No blow jobs till Mommy’s pregnant.” “OK, Mom.” … “Mommy?” What honey?” “No more panties till your pregnant.” “OK, John. Come upstairs with me and help me take these off.” “I want to bite you right on that beautiful ass.” “Dammit, you’re making me wet.” “What a lovely wife I have… great attitude and the finest pussy in the world.” “You’ve had them all?” “Enough to know when I have the best.” “John? We’re in the bedroom. Take mommy’s panties off and do your dirty deed to her sore pussy.”

Five minutes later, Rita’s orgasmic scream was heard from across the street by Sherry Katrel, who was sitting in her lounge chair waiting for their lawn service to show up. Rita’s loud proclamation of her son’s cock induced ecstasy was clearly heard because John had neglected to close the window after having opened it to let the delicious aroma of last night’s mother son sex dissipate, in case his dad came in later and recognized his wife’s intimate scent wafting up from his son’s bed. That scent was full and strong, once more, mixed with her son’s. Their combined juices were beginning to leak from Rita’s freshly fucked pussy and just knowing that the cum that was leaking from her unprotected pussy was her son’s made her dizzy… nearly cumming again.

Sherry looked up and saw that Johnny’s window was open. His Charger was in the driveway and so was his mother’s Chrysler van… but Greg’s Buick wasn’t there. Sherry is a smart girl and is very good at arithmetic. She quickly added one and one and came up with Johnny’s cock buried in his mother Rita’s cunt giving her a screaming, “Fuck me to death!!” orgasm. “Son – of – a - bitch!” she breathed. “Thaat lu-cky biiitch! That God Damn lucky bitch!” and then she broke into a huge grin. In the four years since she’d been married, Johnny was the only guy she’d ever cheated with but he was the best lover she’d ever had and because of a stupid mistake on her part, she’d almost been caught. With some heavy duty lying and fast talking that her husband would probably never really believe, she’d barely gotten out of it. Johnny had been nice enough to warn her about clearing off her phone records, too, which proved that he cared enough to try to help her protect herself. Now, as she reflected on everything that’d happened for her and what was happening in Johnny’s bedroom right now she thought… That Rita is one fine looking woman. She really takes care of herself. Then she chuckled to herself as she thought, Right now, it sounds like Johnny just did a hell of a job of taking care of her. Christ, she’s in her forties and she looks like she’s thirty. By the sound of that orgasm she just had, she sure must be enjoying the hell out of that big beautiful cock her son was fucking up into her black haired cunt. She looked at her watch. The lawn guys were due any minute and it wouldn’t be cool for them to hear Rita screaming “Fuck me! Fuck it into me harder! Fuck me to Death!! I’m CUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!” when, as it happens, they do their lawn, too. They’d see that it’s only Johnny’s and her car in the yard. She reached for her cell and dialed Johnny’s number from memory, because she’d taken it in to AT&T and made sure that his number had been permanently deleted from her phone. It rang five times and then went to his voice mail. His phone was on so he heard it ring but she knew he was busy, at the moment. When the “leave a voice message” prompt beeped, she said; “Johnny. It’s Sherry. Tell Rita to check the windows and make sure they’re closed before she starts screaming for you to fuck her harder and deeper so loudly. I heard her screaming that she was cumming all the way across the street, clear as a Sunday morning Church bell. I checked and there’s nobody else out front in the neighborhood, right now, but I hope you get this message in time and close the window. The lawn guys are due here any minute and if they hear what I just heard, they can see that it’s only yours’ and your mom’s car in the drive, so they won’t have too much trouble figuring out who’s up in Johnny’s room fucking the living daylights out of his sexy momma. Good luck to both of you. You just made my day… Day, Hell… You just made my God damned YEAR. Your secret’s safe with me, Rita, so give it to her good, Johnny. Fuck her till she can’t see straight. I love it… I fucking LOVE it. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.” She was laughing a full, genuine and throaty laugh as she hung up.

It was a couple of minutes later when John picked up his cell phone and saw the display reading “Incoming call number blocked” on the call that he’d let go to voice mail. He went to voice mail and hit the speaker button before hitting the message playback. Rita had just sucked the last of his residual cum out of his cock and was licking their cum off of his balls and groin when Sherry’s voice came over the speaker.

Four seconds later, they were both sitting straight up on the edge of the bed looking at the open bedroom window. John groaned, “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!” Rita shushed him while Sherry’s voice message continued. When it ended, Rita looked at her son, heaved a big sigh of relief and started laughing. She told John to play Sherry’s message again. When it ended, Rita was grinning from ear to ear. She said, “Sherry might just be a fair to medium fuck to you but she’s a damned OK woman in my book. I just found out I like her.”

Rita stood up and walked to the open window. She was stark naked, sweating and her mussed up hair had that ‘well here’s one happy momma who’s just been thoroughly fucked by my son’ look to it. After checking to make sure that there was no one else around, she centered herself in the open window and showily fanned her hand at her sweaty face to advertise to Sherry what a super hot fuck session she’d just had with her son as she smiled over at Sherry’s widely grinning face. “Thanks, Sherry.” she breathlessly called over. “He was airing the room out from what we did in here for four hours last night and he forgot to close it when we came back for more. We’re finished for a while so we’ll leave it open to air out again. Thanks for the warning about the lawn guys. That would have been very embarrassing. I’m glad you and Johnny know each other. I heard your message and I can read between the lines. So you’ve had a taste, TOOOO, haven’t you? I’ll bet THAT made your year, too. Well you’re alright in my book, Sherry… and your secret’s safe with me, too. Just remember… Johnny’s Mom is his whore from now on, so haannds OFF.” and she laughed. “Ok, Rita. Enjoy the hell out of it. They don’t come better than that one… pardon the pun.” and Sherry laughed. Rita laughed, saying, “As filling as it is, I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m just glad he doesn’t have another half inch. If he did, I’d have to find something to use for a dock bumper.” And they both roared with laughter. Rita finally caught her breath and said, “You and I have to get together for coffee one of these days. How’s that sound?” “Sounds Good, Rita. Hey, you’ve got some fine looking jugs, you know that? Implants?” “Nope. They’re me.” “DAMN! Lucky you. I hope mine hold up like that. I’ll bet Johnny just loves chewing on those beauties.” Rita laughed… “Yeah… He sure knows how to use his mouth and tongue but I’m no slouch in that department, either.” Sherry laughed, looked up and down the street making sure that no one was outside and said, “STOP IT!! You’re making me horny.”

Sherry was so envious of Rita. She knew that all she had to do was spread her legs and take that big cock into herself anytime she wanted it. He was right there in house… a whispered word, a wink, or ass wiggle away. For a couple of seconds, she wondered how long Johnny had been fucking her but then she knew it couldn’t be all that long because he would never have had time for her, if he’d already been fucking Rita so they must have just started. Lucky bitch. Now Sherry’s cunt was soaked and there wasn’t a damned thing she could do about it. She’d never take a chance like she had with Johnny again. She had far too much to lose. She could have blown her very financially comfortable marriage and possibly ruined her husband’s political career at the same time. But she loved knowing Rita’s incredibly juicy secret of having incest with her son. Not only was Rita his mother but Sherry knew, from first hand experience, exactly what Johnny was stuffing into the hole between his mother’s legs and she knew that it was one hell of a cunt pleaser… by far the best one she’d ever seen, sucked or fucked. His cock is TWICE as long as her husband’s and more than twice as thick. Oh, God, how she missed that having that fat sausage filling her, stretching her, reaming her senseless and pumping her mouth or cunt full of his huge loads of hot, sweet cum. She’d even considered letting him be the one who made her pregnant when her husband was ready for them to have kids. She heard a tire squeal, looked down the block and said, “Here come the lawn guys, Rita. Better get out of the window or you’ll have more company than you can handle up there.” and she laughed. “Ok, Sherry. Call me tomorrow sometime and let’s have coffee.” “I will… but if you’re…. you know… BUSY… just say so… but do me a favor and leave the window part way open. I’ll ring Johnny’s phone if I see trouble coming.” They both laughed. “Will do.” Rita said and stepped back away from the window before the lawn truck arrived.
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