An Innocent Introduction To Incest
Slippery Saddle Bum

When the door opened for what happened in this story, it was just after school had let out for the summer recess so Keri and Jimmy had the whole summer alone to enjoy what they had discovered.

My sister and I played together because, where we lived, there was no one else for us to play with. Keri was nine and I was eleven. Lucky for us and unlike most brothers and sisters, we were true friends. We really liked each other and enjoyed being with each other. We’d just grown up like that. She was smart as a whip and was anything but a pain in the ass… not at all the way my friends described their younger brothers and sisters as being. Our parents had hired a fifteen or sixteen year old sitter who spent the days by the pool with her iPod and cell phone totally ignoring us except to make us a quick lunch, which seemed to be an inconvenience to her but was ok with us. Actually, we liked her because she left us alone and didn’t boss us around the way all our past sitters had so we didn’t hesitate to tell our parents how much we liked Sally… just not why we liked her.

On Monday of her first full week, Sally was standing just outside the open kitchen window when we overheard her talking excitedly to one of her girlfriends on her cell about putting a squirt of KY jelly in her pussy hole the night before so it’d be easy for her boyfriend’s big cock to go into her. Keri and I were in the kitchen eating our lunch and heard every word as clear as if she was standing right next to us. We heard the excited sound in her voice when she told her friend how it felt so good when he got it all in and started fucking her. She said she never had a big cock like his in her before. We listened as she went on with dreamy excitement in her voice, “He fucked me for a really long time and made me cum sooooo hard… TWICE!!! And then he came inside of me and made me cum again!! I thought I was going to die!! It was so HOT!! I felt his cock start swelling up inside of me so I knew he was getting ready to cum and I went crazy. I was fucking his ass off and then I felt his cum squirting in my pussy!! Oh, God!! I was in heaven!! …… and there was so much of it!!! It’s a good thing I’m on the pill. His cum has been running out of me all morning long! I just love it!!” There was a pause while whoever she was talking to said something and then she said, “Yeah, I’m seeing him again tonight.” Another pause… “Damned right I am! I love how his cock feels inside of me. I’ve never felt anything like it before. I’m getting as much of it as I can get. Who’d have ever guessed his cock is that big? I’m glad I knew Mom and Dad always have KY jelly in their bedroom. I put some in my pussy and made it real slippery so he wouldn’t kill me gettin’ it in. Now that I’m used to him, I might not need to use it tonight. I’m so wet right now, just thinking about it…. I’m gonna try without it, first.”

When we’d finished our lunch Keri and I went back upstairs and Sally, with her phone still up to her ear, had gone back to her lawn chair, next to the pool. When we got upstairs, Keri said, “Jimmy, did you hear what Sally was talking about and telling somebody on her phone? She did the nasty with some boy last night!” I said, “So what? People do it all the time. But why’s it nasty? It can’t be nasty or they wouldn’t do it, would they? They must like doing it. It sounded like Sally does.” Keri thought for a minute and then said, “Yeah, I guess. She sounded really excited about how good it felt and told her friend she’s going to do it again tonight.”

I was starting my computer when Keri said, “I wonder what it feels like.” Looking over at her I asked, “What what feels like?” She said, “What Sally was talking about… doing the nasty. Mom and Dad have two or three tubes of that KY jelly stuff in the drawer in their night stand. I saw it when I was looking for a headband yesterday. They always have some in there. Want to use some like Sally did so we can try doing it, just to find out what it feels like? I won’t tell anybody if you don’t.” I felt a twinge of guilt because Keri is my sister but she’s pretty and ever since my buddy’s had begun teasing me about my big cock and telling me what I could do with it, I’d definitely become interested in sex. “You mean put my thing in your hole, like the guy put his in Sally’s?” “Yeah, just to see what it feels like. You want to?” “I guess so. Where do you want to do it, here?” I asked. “I don’t know… Mom and Dad’s bedroom is across the hall from my room and that’s where the KY stuff is so let’s do it in my room. Mine’s the farthest from downstairs, too, so if we hear Sally coming, we’ll have more time to cover up so she doesn’t see anything. We can have some books open and say we were reading.”

I’d been waking up with a hard on just about every morning for months and had begun noticing pretty girls. Keri is definitely a pretty girl and, though I’d felt guilty about it because she’s my sister, I’d been noticing her, too. Until recently, most of my conversations with my friends had been about what it would be like to fuck girls and talking about the ones we wished we could do it to. After a lot of teasing about the size of my cock, one of my buddies had brought a ruler into the bathroom and told me to get a hard on so they could measure it to see how long it was. They all knew that mine was a lot thicker and longer than any of theirs, even when it was soft. Now they were cheering me on to get it hard to see how big it is when it’s hard. With the five guy audience, I couldn’t get it fully hard. When Larry figured it was as close to hard as it was going to get, he held the ruler up to measure it and it was just under six inches long. Two of the guys said “Wow!” and the way they said it made me feel proud. One of them asked if I’d ever fucked it into a girl’s pussy hole. I told the truth, which was no. He said, “You should get one and do it. She’ll be real tight when you put it in but you’ll stretch her pussy out real good while you’re fucking her.” One of the other guys said, “Yeah and ruin her for the rest of us. She’d never fuck any of us after he’s fucked her. That’s a brilliant idea, asshole.” They’d all kept their mouths shut about the size of my cock after that. They didn’t want to advertise for me.

Keri headed down to Mom and Dad’s bedroom for the KY while I went to the bathroom to take a pee. When I was finished, I came into Keri’s room, closed the door and pressed the lock button. She was sitting on her bed with a half empty tube of KY jelly lying next to her. Looking up at me, she said, “One of my friends told me that guys and their girlfriends do things to each other with their mouths, sometimes. It’s oral sex but she said she looked it up online and it’s called cunnilingus. She said it says if it’s done nice, licking and sucking feels really good, too. Maybe that’s something else we could try doing, couldn’t we? This KY stuff might not taste so good after we have it on us so do you want to try licking and sucking each other, first, before we get it on us?” I said, “OK, but we better take our clothes off, first. We have to be undressed anyway so it’ll give us a chance to start getting used to seeing each other without clothes on. Want to just take ‘em off fast so it’s all done? Then we can get on the bed and look at each other as much as we want, afterward.” I was nervous so my cock was soft but I was excited about seeing Keri’s pussy and having a chance to fuck it.

Keri stood up, put the tube of KY on her night stand and pulled her bed covers down. I could see that she was nervous, too, when she look up at me and said, “OK, Let’s do it fast. I’ll race you.” And she whipped her jersey over her head, tossing it onto the floor. I reached for mine while she started unbuttoning the bright red shorts she was wearing. By the time I had it over my head, her shorts and panties were down at her ankles. Even as I raced to get undressed, I couldn’t help noticing that she has a nice little bubble butt ass. She was stepping out of her shorts while I was just sliding mine down over my hips. She was on the bed a second ahead of me… both of us stark naked. She looked up at me with an excited game grin, “I won.”

The actual game was about to begin and Keri hadn’t won it, yet… but then, neither of us knew WHAT had just begun.

I lay next to her looking at her little boobies. They were just bumps… small swells on her chest but the nipples were raised about half an inch above the swells and looked like tasty little pale rose colored morsels. My cock was still soft. I was lying on my side so it was hanging down partway over my hip. Keri’s eyes caught sight of it and she stopped grinning. “Gosh, Jimmy. Your thing looks… nice. It’s kind of big, though. Sally said the guy she did it with has a big one, too, and the KY stuff is what made it go in.”

I changed the subject asking, “Your boobies look nice, Keri. Can I lick them and suck on them a little?” She looked down at them and said, “OK but do it easy. They’re starting to get bigger but they’re kind of sore.” I gently pushed her over onto her back and leaned over her suddenly heaving chest and quivering belly. That’s when I noticed the pronounced, puffy mound between her legs. I couldn’t get a very good look at her pussy from where I was but I planned to get a close up view, as soon as I’d licked and sucked on her titties for a while. Putting my arm around Keri, I pulled her body up until her tit was at my mouth and licked across it. She jerked, made a surprised ‘nnnnhh’ sound, sucked in a breath and shivered. “Does that feel good?” I asked. In a breathless whisper, she answered, “Yeah. Wow. I never felt anything like that before. Janice wasn’t kidding about this stuff feeling good. Do it to my other one, Jimmy.” I lifted myself over her and lowered my mouth to her other tit. Keri was holding it up for me as I licked all the way across it, sweeping over the nipple that was now standing a good half inch taller than it had been. Both of them were. She reacted the same way she did when I licked her first tit. I licked it again and again and then went back to the first tit and gave it several licks. Keri was squirming around and pushing her tits up to my mouth. When I sucked on one of them she let out a loud moan. “Ohhhhh Jimmy. That feels good. Do that to the other one, too.” I sucked her other tit the same way and got another long, drawn out moan while Keri pushed her tit up into my mouth. When I looked up at her, her face was all red. “You really like that, huh, Keri?” I asked, softly. Looking straight at me, she said, “Oh, Jimmy…. You can do that to me anytime you want to. They’re a little sore but you did it just nice. It kind of tickles but it feels so good. It even makes me feel funny down between my legs when you do it. It’s better than any feeling I’ve ever felt… ever, EVER!”

Looking at me, she asked, “Can I lick and suck on yours like you did mine?” I lay back on the bed and Keri sat up. I could see that her titties were definitely sticking out more than they had been and I liked what I was seeing. My pretty little sister looked excited and sexy. She moved over my chest and eagerly started licking my tits. After she’d licked over and around them for a minute or so, I told her that it tickled and felt good but didn’t do anything like what it did to her. I told her to try licking my belly and down lower. She looked down and saw my cock at half mast. It was getting bigger and thicker. Skipping my belly, she headed straight for it, licking all over it and around the base of it. I was just beginning to get some pubic hair. Her tongue is soft and she was definitely having an effect on my cock. She saw it getting bigger and standing up straighter. I told her to suck on it like I sucked on her titties… nice and firm but gentle. I watched as Keri slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and swallowed almost four inches of it before she started sucking on it with the sweetest suction on Earth. I could tell that she WANTED to be doing what she was doing. My cock got harder. I didn’t know about blow jobs so I didn’t know about head movement or any of that shit. All I knew was that Keri’s mouth felt good on my cock and, from the look on her face, she loved having it in her mouth and sucking on it.

After another minute or so I said, “Let me try doing that to you, Keri.” She lifted her mouth off of my cock and said, “How? I haven’t got one of these.” I said, “Maybe if I lick and suck on your pussy like I did your boobies your pussy will feel just as good as they did.” I pushed her over onto her back and moved down on the bed. Now I could see Keri’s pretty pussy. The mound was really puffy, like it was swollen. The split running down the center had two puffy lips on each side with just a little bit of hair growing on them that looked as if they were begging to be licked and kissed. I pushed Keri’s legs open and moved between them. With her legs spread and her pussy lips opened, I saw that the inside was pink, shiny, slick looking and wet. I was inexperienced so I didn’t realize that she’d been physically responding to my stimulation. Even with no such prior experience in my life, I suddenly wanted to lick her pussy so bad that my vision blurred. Without hesitation, I shoved my hands under Keri’s bubble cheeked ass, pulled her pussy to my mouth and started licking her cunt like a starving dog licking up a plateful of the World’s most delicious meat gravy. Keri’s pussy and her pussy juice was so fucking delicious that I just barely stopped myself from biting her puffy pussy mound and lips. I held her up to my face, licking her and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth while I ran my tongue up and down over their slippery inner surface to get her juice. Keri was bucking in my hands… throwing her pussy up to my face.

I’d been licking and sucking on her pussy for a couple of minutes when I heard her shaking voice say, “Jimmy. … Jimmy, stop licking. Put some of the KY in my hole, now, and see if you can put your thing inside of me.” My cock was now as hard as Palisades diabase rock and I had every intention of stretching Keri’s pussy with it and ruining her for anyone else. Keri handed me the tube of KY. I unsnapped the lid, brought the tube opening down to her little hole, lined it up, pushed it tight against her and squeezed hard on the tube. It was just dumb luck but because of the way I was holding the tube and sealing it against her, the lubricant shot up into Keri’s pussy. She drew in a deep breath and raised up a little, saying, “That’s cold. It went way up inside of me. I can feel it. It’s cold.” Her pussy lips were already shiny again from more of her pussy juice secretions. I snapped the lid closed on the KY, tossed it aside and moved up over Keri. I slid the head of my cock up and down between her slick pussy lips and felt it get really slippery and then moved back slightly as I aimed into her. The cock that had been in her mouth was now at the entrance to her virgin nine year old pussy. I felt the indentation and the cool KY on the head of my cock. I knew that I was in the right spot. Arching my back and tightening my stomach muscles while holding my cock against her pussy opening, I thrust forward… HARD. My cock head stretched Keri’s KY filled pussy opening and, with muscle power and inertia behind it, was punched deep into my sister’s extremely tight pussy. NNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Keri is no longer a virgin. The lubricant worked perfectly. With three hard thrusts, my thick six plus inch cock is buried to the hilt in my nine year old sister’s tight pussy and my pelvis is now firmly married to hers. Her loud scream stopped when she passed out just as I completed the third thrust. When she wakes, she’ll still have her brother’s six inch cock inside of her nine year old pussy and then she’ll find out what it feels like to be fucked. I took four full length fuck strokes and then stopped to wait for Keri to wake up. To me, her pussy felt fantastic… tight, hot, juicy and absolutely fucking wonderful. Those four strokes had given me a feeling of pleasure beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I want that for Keri, too, so I wait.

After about thirty more seconds, Keri started to stir and then moan. Seconds later her eyes opened. Then she saw me over her and felt me inside of her. “Ohhhh, Jimmy, It hurts. Take it out, please.” she pleaded. “It hurts awful.” Holding her close, I softly said, “Just hold on a minute, Keri. Let your pussy have a chance to stretch and get used to it. I’m sorry it hurts. I wish it didn’t. I heard it always hurts the first time but it stops hurting pretty fast. After that it’ll just feel good.” There were tears in her eyes as she said, “But it HURTS. Your thing is BIG. You pushed it way up inside of me and I felt something tear when you pushed it in.” “That was your cherry, Keri. It’s like a piece of skin inside that always gets broken the first time a girl does it. That’s what you felt tear. Just relax a minute and let things inside of you adjust. It’ll stop hurting. I’m not moving or doing anything. I’m just inside of you, letting you get used to having me in you. I wanted to wait for you so you could feel good, too, like I did a minute ago. I only did a little while you were asleep and it was the best thing I’ve ever felt.” Remember what Sally was saying about how good it feels? It really does. When we do it, I want it to feel that good for you, too, so tell me when it stops hurting. I don’t want it to hurt when we’re doing it.

I kissed the tears from my sister’s eyes. I liked the salty taste and started licking her eyes, the way I’d licked her tits and her pussy. “Ohhh, Jimmy. Stop. You’re making my face all slimy.” I laughed, “Yeah, but you taste good. I like licking you.” Then I licked her mouth. She brought her hand up to wipe it off but I caught it and licked it again. She laughed and brought her other hand up. I caught that one too and licked her again. Keri stopped laughing and just looked at me. I lowered my lips to hers and started kissing her the way I’d started out kissing her eyes. At first, she was a little tense but then she relaxed. I let go of her hands, put my arms behind her shoulders and cradled her head as I continued kissing her with longer, slower and deeper kisses. After a few kisses, I raised my head, looked into her eyes and whispered, “I really like kissing you, Keri. We should have tried doing this a long time ago. You kiss nice.” Looking up at me, she said, “You kiss nice, too. I like how you’re kissing me. It’s making the hurt go away and starting to feel like before when you were licking me.”

I lowered my mouth back to hers and slowly began moving my hips backward. I only pulled back a little… maybe an inch or so. Keri tensed but then she relaxed a little. Still kissing her, I slowly pushed back into her and then slowly pulled back and then pushed back in. It might have been a minute before Keri started moving with me… pushing toward me when I was pushing in and pulling back when I was pulling out. That made the strokes get longer and longer until I was fucking her with full length cunt strokes and Keri began to moan into my mouth and kiss me more passionately just as I was kissing her more passionately. I’d never felt anything like it before. Her pussy felt so good sliding along the shaft of my cock. Now I could feel the muscles in her pussy start moving, grabbing at and squeezing on my cock. She was so tight, warm and wet. As the pleasure built, I began fucking her faster, deeper and harder. I’d never felt anything like it in my life. After a few minutes, something strange started happening. I felt a tingling sensation start in my groin and quickly spread all over my body. I was fucking Keri furiously, now. My cock felt like it was starting to swell up and it was tingling like crazy. I was scared but it felt so good I just couldn’t stop fucking her. All of a sudden, I felt as if I’d been hit by lightning. My body lurched forward, I buried my cock in Keri’s pussy and held it deep inside of her. My body felt as if it had locked up and at the same time I felt something like burning sensations squirting out of my cock into Keri’s pussy. Keri was holding onto me as tight as she could. I felt her pushing her pussy up against me and holding it there. Her body was shaking and she was making a funny squeaking sound in my ear as the wonderful burning, squirting sensations in my cock continued. I was holding her so tight that I thought that I might be hurting her so I let up a little. I felt her pussy tighten down on me as she pulled against me even harder than she already was so I hugged her hard again and kept squirting into her. There was a very warm sensation inside of her pussy and then I felt something wet flush out around my cock making my balls get all wet as Keri shivered and moaned into my neck. It felt like her pussy was milking me, like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube except that she was doing it over and over again.

Finally, the burning, squirting sensations let up, slowed down and then stopped. Though I didn’t know what had happened until I found out what it was later, it was a miracle. I’d just had my first orgasm and so had Keri… in unison. We’d fucked each other to beautiful total wipe out orgasms. My cock was like a fat wet noodle in a warm, tight, wet tube… and what a wonderful tube it is. It was a place that I never wanted to be far from or denied access to. From the way Keri was still holding onto me, I didn’t think I had a thing to worry about. The dazed happy smile on her face and the still twitching muscles in her pussy told me that she felt the same way about my cock. Pulling my head down next to hers, she whispered, “We’re going to do this a lot from now on, aren’t we, Jimmy? Will you always kiss me like you were when we do?” I raised my head over hers, lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her just like she wanted me to… like I wanted to.

The soreness in her pussy passed quickly and so did the summer but after school started we had nights and weekends and even sometimes in the morning before school. We just had to be quiet and a lot more careful than we’d had to be with Sally.

Years later, we found out that our mom knew and made sure to make enough noise to not catch us. Our mom is cool. When she was doing the laundry, she’d seen my cum in Keri’s panties. That’s when she checked her purse and found the birth control pills. She never told Dad but, according to her, he eventually figured it out and looked the other way. He worked in aerospace and his take was that it was too late to stop a missile in flight without destroying it. Personally, I think he once had something with his sister, our aunt. Keri noticed how they act with each other, first, and then I started paying attention. We wonder if mom knows. She’s pretty sharp so she probably does.
We’re both finished with college, have good jobs and still live at home. Of course I’m full grown… a man now. Keri is happily ruined. (has been since she was nine) The truth is that we both are. Neither of us has ever dated so everyone who knows us ‘knows’ but never says it. When there’s a party, our friends always invite both of us and no one ever hits on either of us. We’re saving our money and next year we’re going to move away so we can start a family. Mom knows and has probably told Dad.

*** SSB

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Nice b.s. story but I don't believe that any teenage boy who's been regularly getting his cock into his sister's pussy without her complaining is going to stop fucking her. If you were cumming in her, she probably started to grow hair on her snapper and boobs by the time she was nine and WANT you to fuck her. ..... I say this from experience because I was fucking and cumming in my eight year old sister, for REAL, and I didn't just put the head into her. She was taking all five and a half inches of my twelve year old cock. I had seven and a half inches when I was thirteen, she was nine and she was taking all of it then, too. She had lots of hair on her pussy, was growing boobs and was having ball soaking orgasms.

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When I was a teen, my 8 y.o. sister and I used to try and fuck, but even with Vaseline, I couldn't get more than just the head of my cock into her pussy hole before she complained that it was hurting too much. We were naive and didn't know about hymens or that I probably could have pushed through all the way if I had just pushed a little harder with one good fast thrust. I remember feeling how tight she was but also feeling like my cock was soooo close to being able to push all the way through the last bit of resistance. We didn't do it very many more times after that because I was starting to feel guilty and was afraid of getting caught too. We almost got caught once by our mom when she came home unexpectedly early once while we were completely naked and right in the middle of doing it. We just barely had time to get our clothes on before she walked into the bedroom we were in to say hi. I think she suspected we were up to some kind of mischief when she saw the look on our faces!

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