Amy comes round for a second visit and gets more than she bargined for
This story is complete fiction. There is no connection between the characters and situations with any real persons or events.

I spent that weekend fully expecting to find Amy’s parents on my doorstep with the police. All she had to do was tell one of her friends, or let it slip to her parents, and I was in shit right up to my eyeballs. Of course it was all my fault, I had invited her to stay the night. I should have not done any of the things I did, not when Amy was just thirteen. I should have insisted she returned to her room when she climbed into my bed. I definitely should not have let her suck me off, nor should I have licked her out. All of this I knew, yet I also knew there was no way I’d have altered the events that night. It felt too right to change it.

However nothing happened, nor did anything happen all the next week. Apart from my body seeming to become hyper-sensitive to Amy’s presence. Every time I came home, or was out back, and Amy came into view I knew instantly from my body’s reaction. The hairs stood up on my arms, and I would know exactly where to look to see her. From the way she was always looking at me I guessed she was having the same kind of reaction to me. It was like we were in some kind of stereotypical romance novel the way we were reacting to each other. Which was crazy, one sexual encounter did not make a romance. Hell we had not even had full sex, and I doubted very much if the situation would ever repeat itself. So I just carried on with my life that week, expecting things to calm down after a while.

I had a half day at work on the Thursday so came home early. I got in, had a quick shower and kind of got dressed. By that I mean I was wearing just a pair of shorts and no top as it was too hot. I was sprawled on the sofa watching TV when Amy suddenly appeared at my back door. I jumped upright, almost spilling the beer I was drinking as I did. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with a ink blot style butterfly pattern on it, and a pair of tight hot pants. Her sandy brown hair hung loose around her neck. Her blue eyes glinted in the light as she smiled at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, slightly horrified.

“I wanted to see you, my parents are out buying my sister her uniform for next year. None of my friends are around and I spotted your car parked out back. So I decided to drop in.” Amy explained to me as she entered my living room

“What for?”

“Well if I remember right I never actually said thanks for my orgasm last time. So here I am, saying thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, it was my pleasure.” She smiled softly.

“I also remember you saying you owed me an orgasm, and I was kind of hoping I could call in that debt.”

“Oh no, you said that what I gave you was worth two. So I owe you nothing.”

“Maybe I’ve changed my mind on that.”

“Too late, you should not have said it in the first place.” I told her, she pouted.

“I might be upset if you don’t, and I might then moan to someone about it. I know a couple of friends who’d blab to their parents if they heard anything.” She said looking slyly at me.

“That’s blackmail.”

“I’m not saying I would, but if I got too upset I might slip up.” I glowered at her, she replied with a innocent look. “Of course if you did, I might feel the need to suck you off after, to show my appreciation.”

“And to keep me owing you an orgasm.” I said, she shook her head.

“I’d not be counting.” Her tone all innocent, I glowered harder at her. Not believing a word of it.

“And what will your parents think when they come home and you’re not there.”

“Nothing, they’re going to be out all afternoon. My sister is starting senior school next term so they need a whole new set of clothes and books. Plus she got them to agree to buy her a few other clothes as well. I know her she’ll take ages to pick. And even if I’m not back they’ll think I’m out with my mates. All I’ll get is a call on my mobile to check I’m coming home for dinner.” I looked at her trying to find someway of saying no, while all the time wanting to say yes. God I was totally screwed, and I knew it. Finally I gave in and nodded. She gave a soft squeal of joy and flung herself at me. Landing with her legs straddling my lap. She pressed her lips to mine in a soft kiss. Then she stopped her lips hovering millimetres from mine.

After a short pause she pressed her lips back to mine, in a firmer more demanding manner. I instantly matched her kiss with my own. Pressing my lips to hers, sliding my hand up to cup her neck. I felt her slid her fingers into my hair. Holding my head still as she crushed her lips to mine. I probed at her mouth with my tongue, she opened her lips to me. Snaking inside I probed in her mouth, tasting her, wrapping my tongue around hers. I curled my other arm around her back, pulling her against me. Moulding her small body into mine as we kissed passionately. She moved her hands down to press them against my chest. Running her fingers over my flesh. Before wrapping her arms around me, holding me tighter against her.

I rolled sideways lowering her onto the sofa underneath me. Still kissing her hard as I ran my hand down to her leg. Running my fingers over her soft thigh. Feeling the muscle under her skin. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. All the time holding her mouth to mine, our tongues dancing against each other. I felt her hands snaking along my back as we kissed. I moved one hand up to cup one of her tiny breasts. Softly kneading it with my fingers. I heard her soft murmur as I probed the flesh of the small breast. I broke away from the kiss, breathless all of a sudden.

“We had better take this upstairs. Unless you want me to lick you out on the sofa.” She giggled softly, but nodded. We untangled ourselves and I took her hand. Leading her upstairs to my room. Glancing behind me I could see the flush on her face, the anticipation in her eyes. Once in my room we began to kiss again. Our tongues curling around each others. After a short while I picked her up, carrying her over to my bed. Softly I lowered her down onto it.

“I think I’m a little over dressed.” She said with a smile as she began to squirm out of her shorts. I hooked them and helped pull them down. Then reached down to pull her top up over her head. She lay on the bed naked apart from her pumps, which she quickly kicked off. I took in the way she looked. Her slim petite figure, with her small puffy breasts and thin waist. Her long legs that were beginning to show the promise of being very shapely. Finally I looked down at the soft down of light hair that covered her pussy. As if she sensed where I was looking she took a shuddering breath in.

“Now I’m over dressed.” I said reaching down to undo my shorts. She quickly pushed herself up and took over. Slowly lowering my shorts to the floor. I stepped out of them, flicking them onto the pile of her clothes. Her eyes lit up when she saw my hard cock. She reached up to wrap her hand around it. Her small fingers gripping me tightly as she rubbed them along me.

“I might give you that blow job first, looks like you need it.” She said glancing up at me, her eyes glinting.

“If you want to.” I told her, she smiled. Then licked the head of my cock with her tongue, making me gasp softly.

“I want to.” She said before slipping her lips over my cock. I gave a soft moan as she lowered her mouth down me. Sucking softly on me as she did. She held it in her mouth, curling her tongue around it. Before sliding her mouth back up, then back down. Slowly moving along me at first. Sucking softly as she did. Then she began to move faster, sliding her lips along my cock. Sucking harder on me, pushing her mouth lower down me as she did. I moaned softly at the sensation of pleasure her small mouth was causing me. Her lips sliding along me sending ripples of pleasure through me. I reached down to cup her head, softly curling my fingers in her hair. She glanced up at me, her blues eyes flashing with lust as she sucked on me.

Now she was moving quickly along me. Each time moving her mouth a little further down my cock. Taking a little more of me into her. Then she pushed her mouth right down on me. To my surprise taking all of me into her. I was sure I could feel the head of my cock pushing against the back of her throat. She held me totally in her mouth for a second then pulled back. Taking a deep gasp of breath as she released me.

“You like that don’t you.” She said to me, I nodded softly.

“But you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“I know, which is why I don’t mind doing it.” She told me before taking my cock in her mouth again. Soon she was back into her rhythm. Sliding her mouth up and down me. Taking me deep into her mouth, but not all the way. Only doing that every so often. Pushing her mouth down until I could feel her lips pressed into my groin. How she was doing it I had no idea, women way older than her could not do it. But Amy seemed to easily swallow my cock.

All too soon I felt her bringing my towards an orgasm. Her mouth felt too good to resist. Her tongue too soft as she licked it over me. Each time she took all of me I had to fight not to cum at that instant. Finally I reached a point where I could fight no longer against my body’s need.

“I’m going to cum Amy.” I hissed, warning her. She responded by pushed her mouth right down me before pulling back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth. She sucked hard on me, rubbing her fingers along my cock. It took only a couple of seconds to make me cum. With a groan of pleasure I emptied myself into her mouth. She looked up at me, into my eyes, as she let me cum in her mouth. Swallowing my cum with obvious relish. When I had finished emptying myself into her she pulled back, licking my cock clean. Then licking her tongue around her lips to catch any escaped drops of cum. She smiled up at me, her face radiant with pleasure.

“Was that good for you too.” She asked.

“God yes, and I’m going to show you how good.” I told her leaning down to kiss her neck. Gently pushing her back onto the bed. I climbed onto the bed beside her. Kissing her face and neck, then her shoulders. Moving down I took her breasts in my mouth. Licking on each, sucking her hard nipples into my mouth. Flicking my tongue over them. Amy hissed softly, her one hand cupping my head. Holding my mouth on her breasts. Not complaining I continued to lick and suck at her small breasts. Taking them whole into my mouth. Licking my tongue all over them.

As I did I slid one hand between her legs. Parting them slightly so I could reach her pussy. I began to run my fingers along her lips. Pushing them deeper until I was running my fingers almost inside her. Amy moaned deeply, opening her legs wider and rubbing herself against my hard. I slipped a singer finger into her, making her gasp sharply. Softly I pushed it inside, not deeply. Rubbing it against the roof just inside her.

“Oh god that feels good.” Amy gasped pushing herself against my finger. Gently I pushed it deeper until I felt resistance. I stopped there, sliding my finger in and out as I licked at her breasts. Amy gave a shallow moan, her hand pushing my head downwards. I smiled to myself as I let her guide me down to her pussy. Removing my finger I replaced it with my tongue. Probing it into her, tasting her deeply. She was a sweet and innocent as before. I lapped at her juices, tasting as much as I could. Happy to lick inside her, pushing my tongue as deep as I could. Licking at her hard and fast.

“Oh god, no, oh fuck more, please more.” She began to moan after a short while. I ignored her for a minute, enjoying her taste too much. When her moans became begging I relented. Moving my tongue up to lick at her clitoris. Softly releasing it from it’s hood and licking at it. Curling my tongue over it, round it. Licking faster and harder at it.

“No, no, oh god no. Please, oh no, no fuck no.” She said the pleasure in her words countering their meaning. She pushed herself up against my mouth. Wrapping both hands in my hair, pushing my face into her clit. I began to push my finger in and out of her pussy again. At the same time using my other hand to hold her down on the bed. Almost instantly she began to rock under me, reacting to my actions. Her voice sharp and shrill

“Oh god, no, no, oh god you’re going to make me, oh soon, soon, no.” She moaned writhing on the bed. Her fingers curled into fists in my hair. I felt her arching her back as she reached the peak of her release. With a rapid flicking of my tongue on her clit I sent her into her orgasm. She gasped hard, her body rocking under my. Only my hand resting over her stomach holding her down. I licked at her clit, sliding my finger in to her pussy as she came. Adding to her pleasure, keeping the orgasm going for as long as I could. Finally I felt it die and gently released her.

I moved up to kiss her, hard on the lips. She responded, kissing me back. Then suddenly stopped, her whole body going ridged under me. It took me an instant to realise why. As I had moved up my cock, which was understandably hard after licking her out, had pressed against her pussy. The head almost pushing into her. I froze for a moment, then began to move backwards slowly. Amy’s fingers gripped my side, holding me in place.

“No don’t.” She whispered to me. I held myself still, which was hard because of the position I was now in. It did not take long for me to feel the backs of my legs threatening to cramp up.

“Amy I have to move, either backwards or forwards your choice.” I told her, fully expecting her to say backwards. She hesitated for a second before answering.

“Forwards then.” I blinked and looked her straight in the eyes.

“You know what I meant by that didn’t you.” She nodded quickly, “I thought you didn’t want sex.”

“That was last time, now I think I want it.”

“You sure, this isn’t just because you’re still high from your orgasm is it.” She shook her head.

“No I’m sure. I trust you.”

“How, we’ve only know each other for a week. Only seen each other twice in that time.” I could not believe I was trying to talk her out of doing this. But, I needed to be certain, for her to be certain, before I went any further.

“And in that time I’ve found I can trust you. If I say stop you will.”

“Of course.”

“I don’t think any of the lads I’ve dated ever would.”

“If you’re sure I will do this. At any point if you want to stop tell me and I’ll stop, you have my word.”

“If only because if you don’t I could tell someone about what you’ve done to me.” She said with a cheeky grin. I glowered at her my eyes narrowing. “Sorry, I won’t tease you about that again. After all I don’t want anyone to find out, they’d stop us. And I’m seriously enjoying myself. So yes I am sure, I want to have sex with you.” I reached over to my bedside cupboard, where I knew I had some condoms. Amy looked at me as I moved away. “I really do want to do this.” She said in a small voice.

“I believe you Amy, I’m just getting a condom. You don’t want to get pregnant do you.” She shook her head slowly.

“I thought you couldn’t you’re first time.” She then said, I shook my head slowly.

“I don’t believe that is still going round. Trust me, you can get pregnant any time you have sex. Always, always use protection unless you want have a baby that is.”

“Ok, then get a condom. I really don’t want to have a baby yet.” She said with such vehemence that I had to smile. Quickly I pulled out a condom and slipped it over my cock. Then moved back to position myself between her legs. Looking down at her with a reassuring expression I slowly pushed into her.

Just as I began to enter her I felt resistance, something stopping my cock from going any further. Having never taken a girl’s virginity before I was not sure what it was. But I knew I would have to push a little harder to get past it. I took a slow breath to get control then pushed in. For a second I was held, then I was pasted it. Sliding quickly, smoothly into her body. Amy gave a sharp hiss, screwing her eyes tightly shut and biting on her bottom lip.

“You ok Amy?” I whispered, she took a moment to respond. Then gave a small nod, her eyes still tightly closed. I pushed forwards a bit more, until I was almost all in her. She gave a second hiss, chewing on her lip. I stopped, not moving. “Should I stop?”

“No, that just hurt a little. And you feel so big in me.” She said, slowly opening her eyes. I nodded, gently pulling back until I was only just inside her. I pushed back into her slowly. Glad now that I had licked her out before this, she was so wet it made it easier to enter her. I began to move in and out, slowly, gently at first. Letting her become used to how it felt. She gasped hard at first, her body ridged under me. Then, slowly, I felt her relaxing. I began to move a little faster, increasing my speed and power in gradual increments. As I did she began to gasp softly under me. Small sounds that showed she was becoming used to the feel of me inside her.

“It that good.” I said to her, she nodded quickly.

“Yes, it felt painful at first. Now it kind of feels ok.”

“I’m going to build up the speed a little. Is that ok.”

“Yes, I want you too.” She told me, I responded by going harder. Still no where near full power. Just hard enough for it to be noticeable for her. She gasped and her fingers dug into my arms. “Fuck, harder, please.” She hissed up at me, I nodded. I increased my thrusts again, now almost at what I would class as a slow speed for normal sex. I felt her body reacting beneath me. Unconsciously she was pushing herself up at me. Moving in time with my thrusts. Taking that as a sign her body was accepting the sensations I increased my speed again. Now definitely into normal, if slow, speeds for sex. Amy began to respond as I did.

“Oh god, no, please, no, no.” She gasped, the way she was saying it seemingly not matching with the words. However I could not be certain.

“Should I stop Amy?” She shook her head.

“No, this is just getting nice.” She hissed, “don’t you dare stop now.” I continued to thrust in and out, still slowly increasing my speed. My cock sliding into her tight wet pussy deeply. Moving in and out of her small body. I lent down to kiss her face and neck. She was clinging to me, still gasping hard. The negative meaning of her words countered by the positive pleasure in them. I ran one hand down to her breast, cupping it softly as I increased my speed again. Now I was almost at average speed for having sex, or so I thought. I was also fighting to keep control of myself. My body wanting, needing to go harder.

“God Amy I’m so close to loosing it babe.” I told her, she looked up at me blinking in confusion. “I want to go all out, but am scared of hurting you.” I explained to her.

“Go on, I want you to do it all. I wanted sex, all of it.” She told me, her arms wrapped around my back. Her fingers softly digging into my back. I groaned as I felt my control slipping. “Do it, do it.” Amy gasped to me. Pushing herself up against me. I ran one hand down to her leg, hooking her thigh with my fingers. Feeling the way the muscle was moving as I fucked her. Then ran my hands up her side, hooking them under her shoulders. Then my control finally slipped.

I began to thrust hard into her, fast and deep. My body moving rapidly beyond any control. Amy hissed hard, her nails digging into my back. She began to bit her bottom lip to hold in the sharp hisses.

“God Amy, I’m sorry.” I grunted to her, fighting to pull back from the edge.

“No, don’t stop, no, please don’t stop.” She gasped up at me. Pulling me down with her legs. I accepted her at her word and let go. Fucking her harder, faster than before. My body rushing rapidly towards it’s release. My thrusts increasing until I was pounding into her small body. I could feel her shuddering under me with each impact. She grunted each time I entered her. Her nails digging into my back hard.

“No, oh god, no, no unn, no please, please.” She hissed through clenched teeth.

“Sorry, oh god Amy so sorry.” I told her as I pounded into her. “So close now baby, so close.” I said as I felt myself reaching the peak. Now I was totally fucking her, ramming into her small body with all my strength. Even if I had wanted to stop I could not have. Everything was on automatic, as I rammed into her hard. Her tight young pussy stretching around me. Her body rocking, shuddering with each hard thrust. Then I dived over the edge. With a long moan of pleasure I came. My cock buried deep inside her as I emptied my load. She gasped hard, I felt her body go ridged for a second as I pushed up into her as I came. Then she gave a moan and sank back onto the bed. I held my cock pushed right up into her until I emptied myself fully. Before beginning to pull away. However, Amy refused to let me. She clung to me, holding me inside her. Laying under me, breathing hard for several seconds. Finally, I felt her hold on me relax. With a slow movement I pulled back, sliding out of her and rolling away onto my back. I quickly removed the condom and dropped it in the bin beside the bed. As I did she rolled over to rest herself on me, her head buried into my chest.

“Are you ok Amy?” I asked in a slightly breathless voice. She looked up at me. Her eyes flashed with lust, her face flushed. She was gasping hard for breath, but I could see tear tracks down her cheeks. “Oh god I hurt you, I’m sorry.” I whispered reaching out to wipe the tears away.

“Only at the beginning, and a little at the end there. The rest was ok, more than ok really. I enjoyed it, I didn’t think I would enjoy the first time.”

“I was trying to make sure you had time to get used to me. So I took longer than normal I guess. As long as you’re ok, you sure I didn’t hurt you at the end especially. I didn’t intend to go that hard, but it felt so good being in you I lost control.” She smiled up at me.

“You can loose control like that again if you want. It did hurt a little, but it also felt so good. You pushing into me hard like that, I was seriously liking it when you came. You were pushed right up into me then."

“Glad you liked it.” I said, then smiled softly at her. “You know, we’ve had sex and I still only know your first name, what’s your full name.”

“Amy Louise Turner.” She told me emphasising each word of her name. I told her my name, copying her by emphasising each word.

“Good now we’re introduced Amy Louise Turner, I think we both could do with a shower. I don’t know about you, but I’m sweaty.” She nodded softly, climbing out of the bed. At that moment her phone rang. We both jumped, Amy dived to get it a second later.

“Yes Mom, you on you’re way back.” She said quickly, then was silent as she listened to her mom. “Ok, fine see you then.” She said finally, before ending the call. We looked at each other then burst into nervous laughter. It took us both a few minutes to stop. When we did Amy told me that her parents were going to get food on the way back. So she had just time to get a quick shower. Which she did, then gave me a long hard kiss before heading home. Leaving me to sit on my bed. Amazed and horrified in almost equal measure by what I had just done with a thirteen year old girl.

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