As I told earlier, this is the next story of my Doctor Grandma
Hi, it is me, Navya, once again! Greetings to you all!

Thank you all who have read this story and also to those good hearts who chose to record their appreciation.

One of my good readers had asked me to write my personal story. Well, I would love to, but so far I have nothing noteworthy to write here! As I always say, not everybody is blessed with variety of sexperiences. Especially in India, a girl is not as free as in West; of course, still there are incidents worth writing here but they are mostly restricted to a few, and mostly not brought to public as it is considered a “shame”only on the Girl involved. I would more clearly say – only a lover can find love in a girl, though thousands may have met her before, Okay.

However, the worst thing I have done as yet was watching the boys’ pricks playing behind our apartment, which has a big playground in its rear, and the boys come to our compound wall to pee. Some of us friends watch them with binoc and God! It was so funny to watch those little pricks and make comments.

Well, let us go back to that small village in Kerala, whereto the story takes my grand ma and her brother and let us watch them closely without being observed.


After my scintillating experience on the grass, the desire to have more such ecstasy filled my mind and I was getting impatient by the hour, waiting for the nightfall when our grandparents would retire in their room and I and Shree could get into our separate rooms. I decided to make a surprise visit to his room, once everybody settled down in their beds.

But alas, over the supper, my grandma announced “Navee is going to stay with me” and pointing her finger towards grandpa “You go to the grand bed room” showing her finger towards I floor.

I felt greatly disappointed.

Next few days flew away quickly as we were visiting our long forgotten relatives and friends in the nearby villages, having lunch or dinner there or we were going to some famous temples in the nearby towns or some important places of interest. The day before our return journey, we went for shopping – dresses / play things / eatables (you can keep them for a month and it won’t go bad, my grandma assures) and what not.

I was really overwhelmed by the uninhibited love shown by those two old people whom we meet almost once in a year.

Next day we were to start our journey back home in a night train and so there was no outing on that day. Up to noon we were busy packing the purchased items (it required about 4 suitcases) and after lunch my grandma announced that she would take some rest. Both our grandparents looked tired due to their recent sojourn to various places and retired to their room. Only two servants – a man and his wife – were with us, watching TV and they too excused themselves shortly thereafter and retired.

I and Shree felt relieved being left alone and he asked me “Shall we explore this house?”

“Okay” I agreed and we ran along the house holding each other’s hands. We first went to the Ist floor. It was having large rooms like ground floor and a hall. There were several portraits of our ancestors and there was a full sized mirror on the wall. We both stood there, and for a brief moment I felt that we appeared to a good couple. I immediately admonished myself for such a thought, but I was really looking like a grown up girl - a woman.

We climbed down the stairs which was built within the house and just behind the staircase ending, there were two servant quarters. One was presently occupied by the servant couple and the other was empty.

As we crossed it, we heard some strange sounds coming from within the servant quarters and who was beyond curiosity?. We tried to locate an ideal place to look into and finally found a window with broken glass pan. Actually, it was a secluded room away from the main residence and at that hour, nobody was expected by its inmates. So, that was why, the servants were very free on their bed – so very free that they wore nothing on.

The male was lying on the bed on his back and she was on all her fours above him, her knees placed on either side of his ribs and her face facing his groin and her ass dangling before his face. She remained bent, her head moving up and down but we didn’t get clear picture of what she was doing. After several moves, she raised her head, gasping for breath and to my horror, I could see that she was sucking his cock so far. I felt nauseated.

God! Can anyone lick such a filthy thing, I wondered and turned to look at Shree, but he seemed not minding it. (male chauvinist, I thought) I again peeped in.

As she raised her head high, her butts slowly dipped down a little almost within the touching distance from the mouth of her husband lying below.

In Kerala, most of girls had white skin and this maid servant was no exception. Her buttocks were strikingly white in colour and in contrast, her ass-hole was in dark pink colour, and was followed by pink coloured pussy lips, the crack between them slightly opened and dripping. As I dutifully watched, he lifted his head slightly up and out came (like a serpant’s) his long reddish tongue and lashed at her pussy. I could see his tongue cruising through the slit dancing left and right and reached to its bottom. Then it moved further on and rested on her ass hole. It made a swirling movement on it and seemed trying to penetrate through the hole.

It was beyond what I could take, and I started back to the hall controlling my vomiting sensation. Shree followed me quickly and as we were crossing a narrow alley, he held me from behind and tried to console me by hugging. At other times, I would have loved it, but the filthy scene (at that moment, I felt very bad about it – at a later stage, I loved it myself) was too much to bear and freeing myself from his grip, went straight to the Fridge and drank some cold water.

That brought some relief and sense of calm to me and I sat silently watching TV.

Shree was very discreet (that is why I love him very much) and sat by my side doing or speaking nothing. The hall clock chimed 4 bells and the house again came alive. The servants returned bring along with them hot coffee and my grandparents started urging us to get ready for the train.

Finally, we reached the Railway Station at about 8.00 pm and at that moment, I broke down and cried like a baby on the shoulders of my grandma. I never had such unadulterated unquantified love before (you know about mothers, always finding fault with you and scolding) and I really felt sad leaving the place.

As the train started moving, we stood on the door waving our hands till we could not see them any more and entered into our cabin. It was an AC Cabin containing 4 beds. We occupied two and other two were empty.

I was still crying lightly, when the Conductor entered our cabin and checked our tickets.

“When will the other two persons come, Sir?” Shree asked him.

“Why, are you afraid being alone with this girl?”, the conductor was in jovial mode and laughed at his own joke.

“No, no, no. In case they come in knocking at midnight and spoiling our sleep?”

“Don’t bother about that.” He assured. “They have cancelled the ticket at the last moment. There are also other berths lying vacant.” He stopped and winked at Shree “Have a nice night with your wife” and left.

Now I sadness vanished and turned buoyant. I started to laugh. “Hi, my husband”

Shree seemed a little peeved, but I didn’t care. I had forgotten about my grandparents and started thinking about us.

The thought what we could do came to my mind and a small tremor ran through my body in anticipation of that. I went to the bathroom and removed my panties, bra and jacket. I just made it with one long skirt and a T Shirt and returned to the cabin.

Shree was wearing a Dhoti (an attire like a full sized towel) around his hip and was about to snuggle into a T Shirt.

As I entered the cabin closing the door behind, he surged like a express train and hugged me like a –what you call, barbarian. I found it difficult to breathe! And he was kissing me on my eyes, and all over my face!

Then slowly, his focus shifted from my face to my breast and his right hand began to massage my breast over the fabric. It cupped my breast as if he was holding an orange and started squeezing as if to bring juice out of it.

“Oh, you are hurting me” I complained. Though my mouth was saying this, I found myself thrusting my chest forward to derive more pressure from his massaging. For a few moments he was playing with my breasts.

And then, before I could realize what he was doing, as I was enjoying the breast massage with my eyes closed, he unzipped my shirt silently before I could react, throwing open my front portion.

“Shree, stop it” I said sternly, even as my hands raced to cover my breasts.

It was strange I thought to myself that I actually wanted him to do anything to me, yet I didn’t want him to see me naked. Then I began pretend to be virtuous.

“Shree, should we do that?” I found myself asking him without meaning any word I uttered. “What would mom say, if she knows”

“Who asked you to tell her?” He countered trying to untangle me from my shirt, which I was holding tight.

“Well, it isn’t proper” I thought this could floor him. ”You are my brother”

“We are not doing anything bad.” He was emphatic”. “Just what they did (meaning the servants in the bungalow). You have seen them doing it, nothing wrong happened to them. We can do it, for once. Will never ask you again ” He was very persuading.

“No, I won’t. I can’t do such a thing…uuuuvey” I sounded as if I was going to vomit.

Finally he overpowered me and removed shirt from me. As I was still using my hands to cover my breasts, he found no resistance in unbuckling my skirt and it fell down quite innocently, showcasing me totally nude and beautiful.

His took a deep breath once again, looking at my golden triangle and I asked indignantly “What?”.

“You’re wonderful down there” he paused and added “and everywhere”.

I wanted to do something of a revenge, so I reached for his dhoti with one pull, undone his attire and “Oh!.........” now it was my turn to go breathless. His cock was standing there, literally, very erect, reaching beyond his naval, swaying like a drunken monk. I felt my mouth go dry and Oh! What it would be like if I held in my mouth, I thought.

Shree became impatient and lifted me off my feet both of us crash landing on the berth. I fell on my back, he upon me. I put up a unsuccessful fight to push him off but my efforts only made his more mad and after a while I gave in and remained quiet. (Later, it occurred to me that when girls try to go against the wishes of boys, trying to force them away or telling them not to do something, the boys become more interested in them and do exactly what the girls tell them not to do).

As I stopped struggling, he began to kiss me.

It was a very sensuous kiss, over my full mouth, his lips traversing all over my mouth. Then I opened up slowly and soon realized that I was losing myself gradually to him. Our tongues played sweetly exploring each other’s teeth, lips and tongue and it seemed that my tongue felt very happy to introduce my teach, palate and lips to him. Then it went on to visit his and say how-do-you-do.

All the while, his hands were now on my breast, massaging gently, going in rounds, reaching the mound, gently squeezing the nipple. Now I could very clearly sense the sexual arousal in me.

After a while, our lips parted and I sighed happily. “Shall we do it” he asked very eagerly, a very persistent boy, I thought, his voice exhibiting hope that I should not refuse was very evident in his voice.

“No” I giggled “No, no, no”.

That smile gave me away and he started to move me to the new posture as we saw in that sleepy little village.

“No, Shree, please.” I was still hesitant, but offered a way out. “Let me see how you do it”.
“Then you will do it to me. No cheating?” he wanted my assurance.

I nodded in acceptance.

He seemed to accept the idea and leaving me lying on my back, he moved down slowly, his mouth kissing my breasts, then naval (he seemed to like my naval, which was big enough to replicate my pussy, as he remained there kissing, licking and probing my naval for a long time, forgetting his main business) and then entered into my Golden triangle.

I screeched as his lips brushed along my groin and started rasping on the lips of pussy.

“Ooooooh Goooooooood!” I could not help laughing as a felt his movements tickling me and my legs involuntarily came together in a strong grip around his head. “Noooooo, stooooop” I didn’t mean a word I said, wanting him to do it again.

He felt little discomfort with my thighs closing in on his head, and he was pushing them wide to get a better access to my pussy. Though I wanted him to go linking all the way to my cunt hole, my reflexes did not seem to permit it.

I thought my hands could do better, but as I extended my hands to pull his head away from that nasty place, they turned traitors and instead of pulling him away, were actually pushing his head deep into my golden gates

Shree had then stopped kissing my pussy, thighs and clit, and brought his tongue into the arena to fight against me. Yes, it floored me of course!

His hoarse tongue rasped over and over my puffy clit and I felt waves of pleasure racing through my blood, nerves and flesh. I realized that my little cunt contained so much pleasure and it required a brother’s tongue to bring them out. My resistance had totally vanished and I found myself keeping my thighs wide, like a big V, giving complete access to him.

May be he got his knowledge from the servant or it came to him naturally, but he did well in tongue-ing me. He started from the upper side of my pussy slowly wagging his tongue all the way down to its end and I didn’t remember well (I would not accept the fact, even if I remembered it vividly) whether he touched my ass-hole or not. God, what a slut I was.

I sighed happily as his tongue then began its slide into my golden hole exploring its inside walls as far as it could go. My body began writhing around on the berth as he continued his tongue service relentlessly.

Finally, he stopped, totally breathless and gagging a little and then moved up on my sweat layered body like a snake, to meet my mouth.

“Now, it is your turn” he announced happily, still panting for breath. The announcement seemed to thrill his cock as it stabbed me again on the groin.

“I didn’t feel anything. Did you do that to me” I asked innocently and he became instantly angry.

His mouth came down angrily, and again we had a long sensuous kiss.

“Now, do it”, he ordered me immediately after the kiss.

I simply nodded my head giving in. I really wanted to take his cock in my mouth and if possible suck it like an ice cream, but something did not allow me to do it. Till date, I could not decipher what prevented me to take that in my mouth.

And a sudden though struck me. What if I diverted his attention on something more sensuous and totally unexpected.

I slid my hand down and clutched his slippery cock. Hoping that I was doing nothing dangerous, (for I didn’t know how it would turn out) I pulled his dancing cock down, which was now stabbing my groin repeatedly, and shoved it on my leaking pussy.

I never expected what happened next. As if he was waiting for that moment, he lunged. May be it was a reaction to my misadventure or some basic instinct built in a male member by nature that made him push his cock into me.

To my horror, that sturdy cock head, greased with his lube liquid and aided by my already leaking cunt, made its unexpected entrance and was pushing aside my cunt lips to make further progress.

It was a total confusion down under and even Shree didn’t seem prepared for that.

“Navee, what are you doing? It is nice! God, you are wonderful” a moan ended his sentence and he continued to push his cock into my slit.

I felt that monster prying my juicy cunt lips apart, the entrance to my body opening wide, wider and wider still.

Fear started gripping me as that rod started its journey into me. (The thought of something like 7 inches dipping in a hole in your body was horrifying)

“Stop it, Shree”, I cried. “That is hurting…..leave me, get out of me” I screamed as there was pain around my cunt, inexperienced it was, finding it difficult to swallow such massive cock.

But, all seemed to go in vain as both of us did nothing to stop its progress and his cock made its steady presence within my golden mine. Already about two inches of its length forced its way deeper into me.

After a slight lull, his cock started its journey inch after inch, moving inside me like a snake. It is a miracle that my golden tunnel didn’t complain much after that and actually tried accommodate that bull dozing cock by slowly widening its walls like a snake swallowing its prey. Finally, his entire length was inside me, strong and throbbing.

When further movements stopped and his full length romped home, a sense of peace and ecstasy pervaded me. The desire and ache that was going through my cunt has subsided and the cock seemed to be the magic cure for all my worries between the thighs.

“Shree, you are marvelous!” I cooed. “Don’t leave me”

“Navee, I love you baby” he spoke in a husky voice, as if he was in rapture. It was the first time he called me as baby and I felt some nerve tweak within my cunt. “You are very beautiful, Navee, love you, love you, love you” he seemed oozing with passion even as his groin moved sideways and up and down to get comfortable.

“Now what?” I wondered as excitement swelling from my cunt was spreading all over my person, my nerves working over time.

“Do you feel pain there?” there was a concern in his voice and I shook my head negatively.

It was a golden moment and we both remained like that for some time, our bodies connected by our genitals, hugging each other fondly. My nipples were pressing very hard against his muscular chest giving me immeasurable sensuous pleasure and I nestled below him in to a comfortable position. My legs were over his thighs holding him tightly.

I prayed to God “Please keep him within me”, as the cock inside my cunt was giving such wonderful feeling and I didn’t want it to end.

But God seemed to have different ideas, and Shree started pulling his cock out slowly and already 3/4ths of his cock was out. I felt sudden emptiness within me as a little robbed of her lolly pop.

“No, Shree” I begged ”Don’t do it. Please. Pleeeeeeeeeease”

I need not have done that. He charged back in to me, this time a little roughly his cock smashing into the cunt walls.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah” I moaned uncontrollably at the sudden thrill passing through my cunt when he made such rough landing inside.

“Do it again. Do it, do it, do it… Huh, huh, huh, huh,…..” I breathed heavily.

He did again, of course, first slowly and then gradually increasing his speed and thrust.

I didn’t know whether the boys knew it by instinct or gain knowledge from others, but Shree was doing an excellent job on me, fucking me very hard (Oh what a word to denote this wonderful experience). I groaned and gasped as his cock slid over my clit on each of his thrust sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

I heard myself saying (or is it screaming) “yeah, yeah” followed by deep breath for every thrust and I wanted more air and was breathing through my mouth. To be very frank, I didn’t know what to do as my little body was getting more thrills it can absorb.

“Baby, Baby, love you, Navee…Oooooh” I heard Shree moaning as he pumped and plunged his cock mercilessly into me.

“Yeah, come on my baby, come on, come on, come deep into me, more deep, yes, yeah, yeah…” I found myself babbling like a drunkard.

The tempo was going up and up, punishing my hapless little cunt mercilessly and I found myself going high and high. I was reaching new high with every thrust and ecstasy after ecstasy was racing through my body , shivering convulsing and trembling with passion.

Now Shree started grunting loud as he began to fuck me with such a force and lightning speed that his every jab felt like a sledge hammer.

I found myself equally prepared for such a punishment and was actually raising my hips eagerly to meet his powerful thrusts.

We both were still screaming and grunting, uttering some unintelligible syllables and frantically clutching each other, stabbing our fingers on each other’s bodies, when I exploded into a shuddering orgasm.

He continued to pound my cunt continuously and I lost all control of my body as I shook and trembled through the orgasm after orgasm. My entire being was focused around the aching, jabbing, thrusting, pounding of that wonderful cock of my loving brother slamming in and out of my golden hole.

Half way through my orgasm, I sensed a strain in Shree’s movements and then he exploded into a reverberating orgasm, his cock smashing into me with lightning speed and force. His warm liquid started flooding my cunt in jets! And spilling over the berth, my thighs!

We were in a mad rush to reach I did not know where, but we fucked like animals, beating, biting each other, groaning and screaming, till every inch of energy in our body was spent and totally exhausted.

Shree slumped on me, breathless and drained and happy. For a few minutes, there was nothing in the world that mattered to us. The ecstatic feeling around my cunt has persisted for a long time. I could feel his cock losing its strength, shrank sharply and slipped out of my cunt in minutes. But it did its job more than I bargained for.

Shree raised himself a little, kissed me lovingly uttering something like “thank you, baby” and slid to my side. We then journeyed into a dreamless sleep, holding each other in our arms all through the night.


My Grandma has added as a note, probably some years after: “I was lucky that I didn’t get pregnant after that exercise. Then it would have been a great scandal and ruined our entire family. As a medical student, I know that any cock – be it your brother (including kid brother) or father or uncle or for that matter any one – can sow the seed in a woman’s womb, and it was pure luck I escaped unhurt in that experience.

I never felt bad that my brother did that to me and I never stopped loving him. He is such a gentle person, never used this incident to blackmail me or force me into further submissions nor treated me badly. I can but love him all my life”

Well, it seems that I have nothing to add more. Let me take leave of you know for now! Please write to me how you felt reading this piece.

Luv you and kiss you all! Navya.

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