A very slutty girl having fun with horney friends
From: pam parker -- Subject: Pam's Scottsdale Trip Day 3

As it was on day two of my trip I awoke where I had fallen a sleep the
night before. I was covered with a blanket but kind of stiff and sore from
sleeping on the hard floor. I glanced up at the clock and saw that it was
8:30. My nose caught the aroma of food, wonderful food. I was starving so
got up and followed my nose to the dining room.

Kevin and Kaylee were setting there, eating bacon and eggs and toast, nude
as jay birds chatting away. I was dressed as they were so joined them. I
helped myself from a platter of food and dove in. Kaylee was like I had
never seen her, almost like she had been drinking. Giggling and laughing
like she was in her own little world. I thought oh no this girl is a
druggie. Kevin saw my concern and assured me that she was just having fun
in her own little world, planning the day. I ate like there was no
tomorrow because who knew how long it would be before I saw food again.

I had just about finished my second helping when up jumped Kaylee, grabbed
Kevin's hand and said, "Come on, times a wasting." She looked at me and
smiled, "Come on slow poke."

I had no idea where we were heading but knew it had to do with sex. We
litterly ran up the stairs, down the hall and into a room that Kaylee
called the "Equipment room." I looked around and couldn't figure out how
it was so special. On the walls were beautiful pictures of beautiful
women, some of Kaylee and some of other ladies. The were expertly done and
no matter how the subject was treated they made my pussy tingle. The only
furniture in the room was a table, much like a Doctor's examine table with
upright tubes with a foot pad and on a small table with wheels was some
sort of a contraption. On the side of the table was a board with various
fittings and tubing.

Kaylee looked at me and giggled and asked, "Do you know what this is?"

"Wellll, no I don't"

"It's my fucking machine," she replied as she laid down on the table and
put her feet against the foot pads.

Kevin helped her by putting a pillow under her hips and rolling the machine
into position. I watched with a great deal of interest because I had never
heard of a fucking machine. Kevin locked the wheels and put the brake pads
down. Then he took one of the tubes and inserted it into the machine and
asked Kaylee which fitting she wanted to start with. She told him the
single black dick so he took a cock that was about his size and screwed it
onto the tube. He rubbed some cream on it and rubbed her pussy and then
started it into her love hole.

Kaylee was obviously pleased with what was starting because she pushed her
pelvis against the cock, taking it deeper into her cunt. Kevin took a
little deal like a tv control in his hand and started up the machine, very
slowly at first and then increased the speed. Kaylee was getting fucked by
a mechanical lover and loving every minute of it. She was already moaning
as the cock moved in and out of her now very wet cunt. Kevin handed her
the control and she started increasing the speed from a slow easy fuck to
getting hammered. She slowed it down and increased the speed several times
over the next four or five minutes and then shut it off. I thought maybe
it was my turn but no she just asked Kevin to put on the double dick.

This attachment had a fairly thick dick about 9 inches long and a second
more slender one about 6 inches long. Kevin attached it to the tube, lubed
it and started it into Kaylee. With all the lube on it, it entered both
holes with ease. Kevin let Kaylee fuck this attachment at first, which she
did with great emotion and then started the machine on slow. Once again he
handed Kaylee the control and once again she changed the speed from slow to
fast and from fast to faster. I was so ready to try this machine that my cum was
running down my legs. I had already sucked the first cock attachment and was
ready to clean up the one in use. Kaylee had one continuous climax before she
shut the machine down and just laid there, exhausted.

But like Kaylee, she only rested a couple of minutes before she bounced off
the table and looked at me and said, "Your turn."

I said, "I am soooo ready," as I took my place on the table. As I spread my
legs and put my feet on the pads I exposed my very wet cunt. Kaylee bent
over and started licking my hot wet love area, saying I sure don't want to
waste any of this. Kevin had changed the cock on the machine to the first
one and Kaylee then pulled the machine into position.

When I had licked the cock after it had fucked Kaylee I had discovered it
was soft skinned and quite pliable much like the real thing. And as Kaylee
pushed it into my cunny it confirmed that it felt very much like the real
thing. Kaylee started fucking me and I thought she would hand the control
to me but she didn't. Just as I was beginning to enjoy the slow fucking
she increased the speed. I was getting the most intense fuck I had ever
had, more then Dude, more then Leon or Andy, more then any man I had had.
From a slow teasing pace to a hard fast fuck, Kaylee worked me for about 10
minutes. Then she stopped it and Kevin changed to the two dick. Kaylee
started up the fucker and teased me, just letting the big cock enter my
pussy until the little one was about to enter my ass. I was pushing my
pelvis against the machine but couldn't get them in any further.

"Please, Please, Please," I begged.

Kaylee laughed and pulled the machine closer so I was being entered by both
cocks. I pulled away from it so that I would have the control on how deep
they went. When Kaylee was satisfied I was getting a proper fuck she increased
the speed. Once again my body was being really really fucked. When she had the
speed almost tomax, she laid the control down and came to me. Her kisses on my tits were
making me tingle as my pussy and ass were getting hammered. I was pushing
against the machine so that I was taking both cocks to the max. Like
Kaylee, I was on one continuous climax. When I was at the very peak,
Kaylee suddenly turned off the machine and substituted her tongue and
fingers for the two cocks. I was shooting cum all over and she giggled as
she licked and fucked me.

I was laying there about half a sleep, enjoying coming down from my high
when the door opened and in walked a couple of guys carrying big cases.
One of them said "See you later," and left, the other one stayed and
exchanged greetings with Kevin.

"Oh wonderful," Kaylee said, "Chip is here."

She ran over and hugged the guy and I noticed, started rubbing his
crotch. It didn't seem to distress him at all, kind of like it had happened
before and he was expecting it. He hadn't been in the room 5 minutes
before Kaylee had his pants down and was licking and sucking his growing
cock. This girl never ceased to amaze me. I caught Kevin's eye and smiled
at him and he approached me, still lying on the table. His cock was a half
mast but I quickly changed that. While Kaylee was giving Chip probably his
first blowjob of the day, I started giving Kevin his. And it was very
apparent that Kevin was so ready because after only a few minutes of
fucking my mouth and throat he dumped me a load. Chip followed suit almost
immediately and Kaylee turned and smiled at me, her face covered with his

Kevin and Chip set about putting up backgrounds and mirrors and other stuff Chip
had brought while Kaylee came over to me to clean up Chip's cum. I tried to watch
what was going on while I licked but it didn't do much good. I couldn't figure out what
was happening.

Then Chip pulled a couple of big cameras out of the case and attached them
to tripods. I finally guessed what was going on, he was going to shoot
some pictures of us. Kevin and another guy brought a beautiful black satin
love seat into the room and Chip positioned it before the lights and told
Kaylee and I to set on the love seat back to back. He then draped a long
shawl over both our shoulders so the end just covered one tit. He rubbed
and pulled on each of the covered nipples until both were visible poking up
into the fabric. The he did the same to the other two nipples so they
stuck out. He arranged our legs so our pussies caught the light and
glistened from all of out love juice.

This guy was good. Over the next few minutes he took a lot of pictures
with his digital camera. Up close of just one nipple or pussy to mid and
further out shots of one or both of us. Kevin and done something at a
little control panel on the wall and one of the pictures on the wall lit up
and there we were, our pictures showing us how we looked. Then he had
Kevin join us with just his big black cock appearing in the pictures.
First Kaylee getting teased and then me. Just getting to touch it and hold
it briefly and then it was taken away. We were probably 45 minutes into the
photo shot at this point and he had taken several hundred pics.

And then Kaylee pulled a Kaylee and jumped up and said, "OK it's time for
the boys to join us. She headed out of the room and shortly we heard her
and two very rambunctious dogs coming down the hall. The boys were all
over her as she entered the room.

"Which one of you ladies is going to be first," Chip asked.

"Pammy," said Kaylee, "we already have all the pictures of me we need."

Kevin folded the shawl we had been using and stepped behind the love seat
and lowered the back. He looked at me and explained, we are going to take
pictures of you and the dogs not as pornography but as works of art.

"We will, of course get very graphic pictures of them licking and you
sucking and getting fucked but they will be done with a lot of artistry.
And he was right. His pictures of the boys licking my pussy were from full
length shots to up close just showing their tongues penetrating my cunny.
And he didn't holler at the boys to behave, he used their competition to
get some really great pics of two tongues fighting for my cunt. And when I
was getting fucked it was like my lover was a man, not a dog, front paws
around me as I was on my back and my legs wrapped around him. Up close
pictures between my lovers legs catching my hand guiding his love tool to
my waiting love hole.

I was almost consumed watching the pics change on the screen on the wall.
It was almost like a movie. And the things that man could do with a
camera. Pics of just the tip of a cock touching my pussy and then of it
ramming home, its full length in my cunny. Then pictures of the dog
licking my tits as he hammered me and of his tongue hanging out and drool
dripping to my face and mouth.

I was in an amazing state of mind. On the one hand my pussy was getting a
royal fuck. I was working as hard as I could fucking the hard cock as hard
as it was fucking me. On the other hand I was a star pupil in a
photography class, reacting to the suggestions of the teacher. Move your
leg, turn your head, grip his cock all things that made the pictures more
beautiful and more sexual. With every flash of the strobe light I realized that I
was doing things right and pleasing the teacher. I was determined to show him
my gratitude when the boys were thru with me.

Chip asked me if I thought Andy was about ready to tie with me and I said
yes. With that he was on his knees with camera close up between Andy's
legs. He told me to move my hand from around his cock so there would be
nothing by cock and pussy in the picture. He started snapping pictures
wanting to be sure and get the one when Andy buried his knot up my cunt.
And he was successful, catching the action showing my pussy lips consuming
the big knot.

And as usual, Andy collapsed on me. I had both arms around him, petting
him like the lover I was. Chip was shooting pics of how we looked with our
bodies pressed together. We laid there for about 10 minutes and then was
up and out and off. Kaylee quit sucking Kevin's cock to come over and do
clean up on me. Andy's cum was pouring out of me, ruining the beautiful
satin I was laying on. But by the time Kaylee got thru licking, the love
seat was as clean as my pussy. I watched the screen with interest seeing
the shots Chip was taking of Kaylee's tongue at work.

Kaylee returned to Kevin's cock and I invited Chip to join me on the love
seat. Before he sat down I pulled his already hard cock out and held it as
he sat down. Then I was on my knees with cock in hand and mouth. The
strobe light kept flashing as pictures were taken of my work on his cock.
When he shot his load I let the first shots hit my face and then sucked the
rest into my mouth. I had no more then sat back on the floor when Kevin
dumped his load in Kaylee's mouth. Only seconds later she was up and
hollering "anyone for a cheeseburger?"

I hope you are enjoying Pam's trip. Please let me know at pammy2288 at yahoo
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