Introduction: This story takes place in the year 2611. The wars of yesteryear have ceased, technology has continued to advance and a benevolent world government has replaced the old hodgepodge of feuding countries.

With nearly all aspects of conflict amongst humans resolved, people are able to live fulfilling lives, raising their families and engaging in careers laid out by the Global Department of Labor which ensures full employment for all.

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a long boring day for me, but work is finally over. I’m a subway train brakeman on the “orange” line in our fine city. Of course I’ve never actually applied the brakes on a subway train in the 14 years I’ve been on the job. These trains are fully automated and very reliable. Brakemen are only present in case all the backup systems fail. So yeah, it’s a boring job, but it was the job I was assigned to do by the Global Department Of Labor. They told me when I was in the first grade that this would be my profession when I grew up.

I did meet a brakemen who applied the brakes once. He was an old guy I met at his retirement party. He had applied the brakes once many years ago, before I was born.

I called my wife and told her I would be late for dinner tonight because I want to stop off at Lolita Park before coming home. The park was named after a 20th century movie called “Lolita”.

I’m here today because my eleven year old daughter will be having her birthday party tomorrow and the house will be full of little girls running around and giggling and playing in their nicest party dresses. I’m looking forward to it, but as much as I like little girls, it’s best that I stop off here before tomorrow’s party. This way I can get my urges taken care of before the party. After all, it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for me to walk around with an erection during my daughter’s birthday party!

Placing my hand on the identification scanner at the entrance of Lolita park, the guard gives me a nod and the gate opens. I walk along the sidewalk at first. To my left is a long row of houses. To my right is a long stretch of grass, interspersed with trees, picnic tables and sandlots with swing sets, jungle gyms and slides. It appears to be a typical city park.

But Lolita Park is in the heart of the city’s red light district. This is where you can find the younger looking girls who are working as prostitutes. Each of the girls working here was assigned to this job by the Global Department Of Labor. When any kid enters the first grade, they take a series of tests which determine what their profession will be when they grow up.

In first grade, I was told I would grow up to be a subway train brakeman. These girls were informed they would become prostitutes after their 18th birthday. However, none of them look to be that old. The girls who are assigned to work in Lolita Park receive a weekly injection which halts their physical development. So even though they’re all between 18 and about 35 years old, they have the bodies of girls who look to be between the ages of 7 to about 13.

As soon as a child begins taking the injections, their bodies remain the same as they were when the injections began. It halts all physical development as long as the injections are administered every week.

Leaving the sidewalk, I stroll across the grass and watch two “little girls” who appear to be about ten years old doing cartwheels and summersaults. It’s very cute. They’re wearing knee length dresses which let me see their underwear each time they turn upside down. Of course, they’re both over 18, but they began receiving their injections when they were about ten years old.

I pass a picnic table where a little girl with long blond hair is coloring in a coloring book. She glances up at me and gives me a quick smile.

Breathing deeply, I try to calm down. I walk past a large tree with two girls who appear to be about seven years old climbing it, I pause to look up the dress of one of them. The other one is wearing snug fitting jeans and a pink tee shirt. Her butt looks so cute as she shimmies up a branch. Her little butt cheeks flex as she grips the branch with her thighs.

Seeing a girl on the monkey bars nearby, I make my way towards her to take a closer look, It‘s so hard to decide. She looks to be about eleven. As I approach, she swings upside down and hangs from the bar and giggles as her red dress falls over her head exposing a cute pair of red panties with purple hearts. As I get closer a little hand takes hold of my own hand. It’s the little girl wearing blue jeans and the pink tee shirt I saw climbing the tree. She looks up and smiles at me, her little pink tongue sticking out a little bit where her two upper front teeth used to be.

She asks, “Hey mister, can you give me a push on the swing?”

Still walking towards the eleven year old hanging up side down, I respond, “Sure thing!” I didn’t get a good look at her face when she was in the tree, but now that I can see her, she really looks a lot like my youngest daughter.

Then the eleven year old drops down into the sand and gets up, brushing herself off, “Mister, can you give me a push too? Playing on the swings alone isn‘t much fun.”

I help her brush herself off, running my fingertips over her dress, across her tiny titties which had just begun to develop when she began her injections several years ago.

“Sure I can, it’ll be fun,” I tell her. They both scurry over to the swings and climb on them. Positioned behind them, I push each of their little butts.

As they swing, we talk and introduce ourselves. The older one is Jennifer, and the little one is Kelly. I tell them they can call me “daddy“. Jennifer has long straight brown hair, brown eyes, and delicate features and is about the same age as my older daughter.

Kelly looks a little bit tomboyish, with short blond hair, a pudgy nose, and nicely tanned arms. These girls will be perfect. I’ve been to Lolita park before, but this is the first time I’ve picked two girls.

We continue to play on the swings, laughing and talking. If I push Jennifer high enough, she can dismount from the swing by doing a flip and landing on her feet. Kelly tries this too, but ends up falling forward into the sand as she lands.

Although she pops right back up onto her feet, I quickly help her brush the sand off her slim body, then pat her rump as she runs over and gets back on the swing to try again. After playing a bit longer, I suggest we go for a walk. Both girls eagerly agree. Scooping Kelly up, I grope her a bit as she settles down into my arms and wraps her arms around my neck.

Jennifer takes hold of my free hand and we walk towards the sidewalk. When we get closer I ask, “Which house should we choose?”

“That one daddy!” Kelly says while pointing, “the one with the cherry tree out front.”

“Alright baby girl, that one looks fine.” When we cross the front lawn of the house, Kelly extends both of her arms up in the air. “Daddy, hold me up. I want a cherry. Letting go of Jennifer’s soft hand, I hold Kelly up high so she can pick a few cherries.

When I lower her back down she puts one in my mouth and giggles. I set Kelly down when we reach the front door. I place my hand on the scanner till it beeps, then Jennifer and Kelly each do the same thing. A final long beep indicates that the standard fee has been transferred from my account to Kelly’s and Jennifer’s accounts.

The door unlocks and the green light above the door turns red, indicating that this house is now occupied. We walk into the main room. I sit down on a large reclining chair. Jennifer asks me if I want a beer. When I say “Okay”, Kelly runs into the kitchen and gets one out the refrigerator. She opens it, takes a sip and hands it to me. Then she crawls up onto my lap. I cradle her 50 pounds of flesh in one arm, and reach over and caress Jennifer’s rear end with my other hand.

I lean all the way back in the chair. Jennifer gets onto my lap too. Pulling her close to me, I kiss her soft lips and run my hand through her long hair. I rub her back as we probe each other’s mouths with our tongues. I can’t stop thinking of my oldest daughter. I’ve given my own daughter hundreds of goodnight kisses, but never like this one.

When we stop, Kelly asks, “What about me daddy, don’t I get a kiss too?”

“Of course,” I say. She scoots up and places her hands on the sides of my head. Kissing me on the lips, she moans a little and opens up her tiny mouth. I gently press my tongue against hers. It’s so small and delicate. Then I move my tongue deeper into her mouth, sliding past her gums where her missing two front teeth used to be.

I move my free hand underneath Jennifer’s dress and caress her butt through her panties. When we finally break our kiss, Kelly moves her head over to the side of mine and snuggles her face into my neck. Her breath feels so nice and warm.

Breaking the silence, I suggest we all take a shower to get the sand off of us. Kelly jumps up and exclaims, “Okay daddy!”

Jennifer giggles, “Good idea daddy. Somebody’s going to have to get the sand out of my butt crack.” She looks up at me, with a sly smile.

When Jennifer and I get up, Kelly pulls her pink tee shirt off and throws it on the floor as she runs to the bathroom. We hear the water start to run, then Kelly comes running back out towards us, completely naked, “Hurry up daddy! You too sis!”

As we enter the bathroom, Kelly is standing in the shower adjusting the water temperature. The water runs down her flat chest, her tanned arms, her pale white butt and down her skinny legs.

I help Jennifer lift her dress off over her head. Although she doesn’t really need one yet, she’s wearing a red satin bra with little purple hearts which match her panties. I reach around behind her and undo the hook, then remove her bra. She has the cutest little nipples sitting atop a small mound of soft flesh which was just starting to develop when her injections began several years ago. She was probably in the 5th or 6th grade back then.

Next I kneel down and take hold of her panties and slowly pull them down. I marvel at the pretty little mound of flesh with a small slit down the middle. I run my fingertips over her small patch of peach fuzz. Standing up, I caress her back as she begins undressing me.

As soon as I’m naked too, Jennifer turns and steps over the little ledge into the shower. As she does, I place my hand on her butt and feel her muscles flex as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other.

Kelly hands me a bottle of liquid soap and says enthusiastically, “I’m first daddy! Soap me up!”

“Alright, baby girl!” I turn down the water flow, get on my knees, then lather up little Kelly from her neck down to her little toes. Her skin is soft and pliable and slippery as I apply the soap. I caress her all over. Running my hands up and down her back and butt, her stomach and chest, and her arms and legs, I thoroughly enjoy all of the curves of her delicate frame.

Then I put my attention on her pussy. Sliding my fingertips the length of her slit, I push my finger into her tiny hole. Kelly giggles a little as I wiggle it in to her warm, slippery cavity. Jennifer has moved behind me and has began soaping me up. Her soft hands rub my back, then she reaches around my front and lathers up my chest.

Turning my attention to Jennifer, I apply soap to her slender body, giving her little tits extra special attention. Her small nipples quickly stiffen, poking forward. As I lather up the rest or her, Kelly giggles and smiles at me as she soaps up my balls.

“I better not lather up your big ole’ wiener yet,” Kelly says, “it might go off too soon and I want to get that thing inside my cunny first.”

With Jennifer all scrubbed down, it’s my turn. Giggling, they both lather me up. Four small hands, twenty little fingers probe my body, rapidly covering every square inch of me, leaving nothing untouched.

Jennifer turns the water flow up. We rub each other everywhere, getting the soap off. All sparkling clean now, we get out of the shower and dry each other off.

Once again little Kelly runs ahead of Jennifer and me into the bedroom. When we walk into the bedroom Kelly is jumping up and down on the bed, kicking her legs wide apart as she launches herself up in the air. Jennifer Climbs up on the bed and starts jumping up and down too.

I put some music on the stereo and watch them play for a minute. Jennifer says she wants to show me something she learned in gymnastics class. I take hold of Kelly as she steps into my arms getting out of Jennifer’s way.

I caress Kelly’s small butt cheeks and tummy as Jennifer centers herself in the middle of the bed and starts jumping up and down quite high. She then does a flip, landing on her feet. She gives me a cute smile as she puts her hands on her slim, naked hips and says, “Pretty good huh?”

“Beautiful,” is all I can say.

Kelly says, “I can do the splits! Wanna see?”

“I sure do!” I say enthusiastically. Kelly kisses me on the cheek before she jumps off the bed. She stands in front of me on the floor. She lowers herself down as her legs stretch out, giving me a nice look at her little slit. As her tiny pussy lips open up they expose her delicate pink flesh.

Jennifer jumps down off the bed and says, “I can do the splits too daddy! Watch me!” She takes a wide stance with her lanky legs spread apart. As she lowers herself down, her legs spreading evermore wider, she smiles seductively in a way that appears to be beyond her years but in reality, isn’t.

“Daddy look!,” Kelly says pointing at my cock, “you’re getting a boner!”

Jennifer giggles as she gets up. I pick Kelly up and set her on the edge of the bed and kneel down in front of her as I spread her little legs apart and begin licking her delicate undeveloped pussy. She leans back and says softly, “I like your kisses daddy.”

Jennifer stands next to me, slowly grinding her pussy mound against my shoulder as I lick Kelly’s pussy and push my tongue into her tight little hole. With one hand I caress Jennifer’s skinny leg from her small foot to her pussy lips. I insert a finger into her pussy and listen to her coo and moan and tell me how good it makes her feel deep down inside.

Kelly begins to moan louder as she arches her back and stiffens her legs. She strains to say, “You’re making me cum daddy!”

I give her slit one more kiss and turn my attention to Jennifer. I bend her lithe body over the edge of the bed and cover her cute butt with kisses as I continue sliding a finger in and out of her tight pussy.

Kelly gets up and straddles Jennifer’s upper torso and uses both of her hands to spread Jennifer’s butt cheeks apart. I look at Jennifer’s pretty little pink asshole and lean forward to kiss it. I get it wet with my saliva and swirl my tongue all around her tight sphincter.

After a few minutes I stand up and tell Jennifer, “Give daddy a special kiss on my penis.” She turns around and opens her mouth up and engulfs my hard cock. With her head thrusting back and forth on my member, Kelly stands up on the bed and wraps her arms around me. She kisses me and our tongues swirl around tasting each other’s mouths.

I break our kiss and hug Kelly even tighter as I reach an orgasm. My cock floods Jennifer’s mouth with warm cum and Kelly yells out, “Don’t swallow all of it! I want some too!” As I relax, Kelly lays down on her back. Jennifer leans over Kelly’s eagerly waiting open mouth. My cum streams out of Jennifer’s mouth into Kelly’s like she was a baby bird wanting to be fed.

I lay down on the bed with them, cradling each one of them in one of my arms and I relax as I catch my breath. They snuggle up to me and gently massage my balls with their delicate fingers. I grab a cigarette from the end table and light it up. I take a long drag from it and pass it to Kelly.

About 150 years ago a scientist developed a new strain of genetically modified tobacco plant. Smoking it strengthens your lungs and has completely eliminated all lung cancers and it prevents emphysema too. The Surgeon General recommends that everyone smoke two cigarettes a day as soon as their old enough to hold one.

Upon finishing our cigarettes, Kelly notices my cock swelling up and says, “I’m first because Jennifer got to suck it already.” Jennifer sticks her tongue out at her as Kelly applies some lube to her pussy. Kelly then gets up on top of me and gets into position.

“Now Jennifer,“ I say, “Don’t get mad at your sister, you can sit on my face, alright?”

Jennifer smiles and says, “Okay daddy!” She gets up and lowers her pussy down to my eagerly waiting mouth. I can feel Kelly’s tight pussy press down on my hard cock. I hold her slender hips as she impales her little body on my shaft.

Before they begin working, Lolita girls undergo a series of plastic surgeries on their pussies to strengthen the tissue and open up their little cunts enough to accommodate an erect cock. This is all done without changing the external appearance or feel of their pussy.

Kelly begins rocking her body and thrusting her hips to and fro. Jennifer grinds and rotates her crotch against my face as my tongue pushes inside of her, tasting the delightful fluids she’s producing. I keep one hand on Kelly’s small hip and fondle Jennifer’s small tits with my other hand.

After a few more minutes I tell them to switch places. Kelly pulls herself off my cock and scoots up to my head. She squats down on me as I open my mouth and slip my tongue into her little bald pussy once again. Jennifer now slides on top of me and moans as my hard cock slides into her tight pussy. She begins riding me vigorously.

In a few minutes I thrust my tongue deeply into Kelly’s pussy as I cum, shooting a load of cum inside of Jennifer.

Kelly then gets up off of me and we decide to take another shower together. After I dry the girls off I get dressed, kiss them goodbye and call my wife to let her know I’ll be home in thirty minutes. She’s cooking lasagna tonight. My favorite!

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Hey, that one Anonymous Reader? Please stop spamming, no one likes a spammer. No one. Not even little girl prostitutes. Not even CoD players, and they themselves spam! (bullets, but same difference.) Now onto Praise. GREAT story! one of the better Stories out there, and as a different Anonymous said, nice age-skirting! Lemon could have been a BIT better, but meh, 7.5 outta 10, but good show, Eh?


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that was sooo great!


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