How does a young man react when a beautiful young woman moves in with the family? And how much worse is it when the young woman in question is his cousin?

I don’t know why but I have no memory of my cousin Joan until I was 11 years old and she was 8 and even then it is mainly because of a photo that my mother took of me with her and her mum. When I look at it I see this young lass dressed in jeans and sweater with wind-blown hair, definitely not in the class of some of the girls I went to school with, but I could never have imagined how she would turn out in the years to come. We used to visit my parental grandmother every couple of weeks and as we had no car at the time it meant a seemingly endless trip in a bus though she actually lived 8 miles away. Afterwards, if we had time, we would visit my dad’s brother, Joan’s father, but as he owned a garage he never seemed to be at home and we rarely went to his house.

This was a time of social clubs and from this point onwards we regularly went to dances. I felt really awkward dancing with her but when she wore her short dresses she looked just great. On one occasion there was talk of going to a dance which would have meant that we would have to spend the night there. There would be a problem of a problem of accommodation for the night and Joan, by this time 9, suggested that I could sleep with her. Aged 12, I was now having constant erections, lusting after the girls in my class at school, and I would have loved nothing more than to have got into bed with Joan and touched her between the legs while she was sleeping. My mother, however, immediately vetoed the idea and we never went.

By now my grandmother had died and our bi-weekly trips were to visit my uncle so I saw more and more of Joan. We would spend the afternoon playing in the garden, mostly wrestling, and on one occasion, when she was 12, I dropped her onto her back, pushed her left shoulder down with my right hand and then, without realising what I was doing, inadvertently put my left hand onto her crotch. She immediately stopped giggling and told me to take away my hand from there.

Because her dad made a good living they had always taken holidays in Spain, mostly in Majorca, while we tended to be more homely and visited towns like Blackpool and Brighton. Soon however things started to go wrong in her life when her mother died suddenly. That summer my mother decided to book a chalet holiday in Belgium and invited Joan to come with us. I was now 17 and she was 14, blossoming into a beautiful woman. Things went wrong immediately when we found the chalet we had been allocated only had two bedrooms with double beds, which meant I would have to share with Joan. There was no way mum was going to accept this and we were soon found another lodging, this time with a room with bunk beds. Still not good enough, so I was relegated to sleeping on the settee. I really had the hots for her and imagined myself getting out of the top bunk and climbing in beside her during the night. Each morning we would head off together to the showers and I would imagine her naked body in the cubicle beside me and wank myself off. One day I decided I needed better than this and, as the soap holder was built into the wall on the side where she was, I had a natural foothold . I carefully lifted myself up, making sure she had no inkling of what was happening, and looked over the top. Her back was towards me but she was standing next to our separating wall and looking down on her I could see her exquisite body with the most gorgeous young titties pressing out in front of her. I didn’t want to take the chance of being discovered so I watched for only a couple of seconds before dropping down again. I was fully erect and had to wank twice in the ensuing minutes. I was back in the chalet before she arrived, hoping she was unaware of what had happened.

After breakfast the others said they were going into Ostend but since the past four or five days had been literally taken up with doing the rounds of clothes shops so Joan could buy a tee-shirt I claimed I had a headache and wanted to lie down. I waited ten or fifteen minutes after they had gone and went into Joan’s bedroom. Now she was and still is the tidiest person I have ever met, even folding up her dirty clothes before she puts them into the washing machine, so I took a good look at how everything was set out. I opened up her suitcase and had a look inside, taking a look at her panties and bra. Then I pulled aside the covers on her bed. There were her night-dress and pants she wore when she went to bed. I carefully unfolded her nightdress and took out my cock, making sure the head was inside, around the place her crotch would be. When I came I squeezed the end of my cock to stop the semen shooting out and then pushed it out onto the gusset of the panties which would be against her cunt that evening. I just hoped it wouldn’t still be wet or I was dead.

When they returned Joan went off into her bedroom and returned wearing the tee-shirt she had finally bought. Dark blue, it emphasised the breasts that were now growing and I had to spend the rest of the evening with my legs crossed to hide the erection that just wouldn’t go away.

A year on, my dad was working on building sites several hundred miles from home and could get back about once a month, so Joan’s dad, who loved dancing often took my mum out on a Friday evening. Joan, now 15, regularly went out to a discotheque and came to our house afterwards to wait for her dad. She would sit down in front of the fire and fall asleep, while I sat in front of her looking up her short skirt, imagining the much desired pussy under her panties. One evening she arrived with a friend. It was now 9.40 and the friend had promised to be home by 10 but had missed her bus and knew her mum would go wild. Joan asked me if I could help out. I’d got back from uni that afternoon and the reserve light in the car was now alight. I didn’t know if I had enough petrol to do the return journey but agreed to help her out. I took the main road hoping to find somewhere to fill up but these were the days before bank cards and 24 hour pumps. I got her friend home with a few minutes to spare but took a short-cut home. If I ran out it would mean spending the night in the car. The entrance to the town was by way of a steep climb with a drop on the other side and there was a lay-bye at the top giving an incredible view over the valley. I stopped at the top and we looked at the night view for a couple of minutes. Then I began to stroke her hair and she asked me what I was doing. I told her she was beautiful but she interrupted me and said we were cousins and I should look elsewhere for a girlfriend.

I managed to get home without running out and we waited for our parents. She lay down on the settee and fell asleep, her short skirt up round her waist showing me her butts and the panties covering her pussy.

By the time she had turned 16 things had changed a great deal. My dad was now working much closer to home and, though he lodged with a family during the week, he was able to get back for the weekend. My dad had started playing darts while he was in England and he and my mum started going out every Friday to a pub to play. Joan’s dad, having now lost his dancing partner, met up with a divorced woman and a serious relationship began. This now led to a war between her dad and her maternal grandparents which upset her a great deal and she left school. The new woman had two children, a son, the same age as Joan, and a younger daughter. She was offered a job as an Au Pair in Sweden but soon said she leaving as she had a fixation for the son and all was revealed when he gave his mother a letter Joan had sent telling him how she wanted to have his baby. All hell was let loose with the family in Sweden saying they were going to sue her and the new woman saying she couldn’t live with them.

Joan had no option but to move in with her grandparents and she got a job in a bank. Of course her grandparents made life hell for her, running her father down at every opportunity. By now I hadn’t seen her for some time but had heard the story of the letter and nightly wished she had sent the letter to me instead.

One Friday afternoon I returned home to find Joan sitting with gran and granddad. It seemed strange as she had never done it before. My mum was now playing for the local pub’s darts team and we went off that evening for the match. Joan accompanied us. I still couldn’t work out what the hell was going on. At closing time her dad came to pick her up and it was on the way home I discovered that she was going to come and stay with us. How I didn’t die from a heart attack that night I will never know as I wanked myself into oblivion.

She arrived about 4 days later. I was on holiday and we sat in the upstairs sitting room. I sat in my usual armchair and she sat on the settee all afternoon and I spent the whole time looking at her hoping she would see my erection. Of course there is good and bad in every situation and although I could look at her every day, should I take the risk of telling her how I felt about her as it might get straight to my parents. I took the easy way out. As it was a 3-bedrrom house with my grandparents sleeping downstairs and me and my parents upstairs Joan had to sleep in a fold-down bed in our upstairs sitting-room. Every morning my mum used to give me a shout around 7.20 as she left for work and about 10 minutes later I would go in to wake up Joan. I suppose everyone has their own idea about the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ but Joan was mine. I would look at her lying there wondering which part of her body I should shake or if I should actually kiss her to wake her up.

I had long holidays and often found myself in the house with my gran as my granddad had a job driving a grocery van. I would go up to my parent’s bedroom where Joan kept her suitcase and her dresses hung behind the door. Many’s the time I would pull on one of her dresses or skirts, a bra and a pair of panties, though all were all far too small for me, and toss myself off either on my parents’ bed or in the bathroom, often taking one of her tampons to put into my butt.

This would have happened for evermore, me lusting over this incredibly beautiful woman but never taking the risk of telling her how I felt about her, until one day when I got back from university and the unimaginable happened. I said hello to my grandparents who lived downstairs and run upstairs to our sitting room. As I passed before the bathroom door I saw that Joan was standing inside.

I said ‘hi’ to her but could see that she was upset. I asked what was wrong but she said nothing, lifting up her skirt and exposing her knickerless lower belly. I gasped and walked towards her. As you can imagine it had taken less than 2 seconds for my penis to fully erect. I put my arms around her and asked her what was wrong.

“I want to have a baby,” she replied through her sobs. Faced with a situation like this what does one do? She was now 18 so there was no problem there and I would have given a million pounds if I had had them just to get inside her, but what would the family say if it came out that I had got her pregnant. Fucking was one thing, pregnancy was another. However I would never get another chance like this. As usual the grown-up logic gave way to the young man’s needs.

“We can’t do it here,” I said. “Let’s go through to my bedroom.”

I took her by the hand and led her through. This was not about sticking my cock into a girl as I had done on several other occasions. This was about mating., going as far as any man had gone with a woman. I found a never-ending list of words running through my head, not just romantic but erotic at the same time.

I knew we had to do this quickly as my dad could come in at any time and my gran could come up asking if we wanted a cup of tea so we had to keep our clothes on. She lifted up her skirt and lay on the bed. This had to be a very special moment so I wanted us to be looking into each other’s eyes when I came inside her. I’d fucked girls before but this was the very first time I had deliberately set out to get a girl pregnant. My heart was beating at 200 a minute but I soon found out she was the same. I knew a man’s body basically worked from day to day while a woman’s worked from month to month and here I was about to change the basic functions of her body; no more menstruation and no more ovulation for nine months. It suddenly seemed a great responsibility to change how a person existed for almost a year.

She held my penis and guided it towards herself. I felt her vagina almost pulling me into itself. Four years I had been waiting for this and looking down at her I tried to imagine how she had looked at 14 but every thrust brought me back to reality. I could never have done this to her when she 14. All I could now imagine was her swollen belly and a baby emerging from her vagina. I was brought back to reality as I felt every muscle, every sinew, in my body tighten up. I was on the point of orgasm and all I could imagine was my semen squirting out of me into her womb to make the baby she so desired.

There is a saying in latin ‘post coitum homo tristus est’, There could be nothing further from the truth as I lay beside her. I was the happiest man in the world. However we had to get dressed quickly and act as naturally as possible in front of the others.

That evening my grandparents set off at 7pm to meet their friends in a club in a nearby village so wouldn’t be back before 10 at the earliest. My parents asked if we were coming to play darts but Joan said she had some work to do and I said I would stay and keep her company. We now had the place to ourselves for the next two-and-a-half hours. We waited for ten minutes in case of any unforeseen incident. We then went through to my bedroom. I held her in my arms for several minutes, whispering erotic words into her ear and we then stripped off. I asked her to leave her skirt to last and I slipped into bed watching as her skirt dropped to the floor. She then slid into bed beside me. What had happened between us earlier in the afternoon had been incredible but it was nothing compared to the moment I mounted her naked body. I found myself wishing that she was not already pregnant and that what I was going to do would be the real thing.

Now there will be guys out there asking what all the fuss is about. I’ve fucked my cousin. However this was the daughter of my father’s brother and we were blood-linked. It was as though I was getting my own sister pregnant, with all the complications that can come with it.

As the idea was to get her pregnant I didn’t waste time with cunnilingus; that could come later. I needed to get into her and shoot as much sperm into her fertile womb as possible. When I’d come for the third time and looked at my watch it was already ten o’clock and though I wanted to lie with her all night we knew it wasn’t possible.

The next day, Saturday, I suggested that we go shopping and I took her into town, stopping off in a secluded spot near the centre of town and made love to her twice more.

During the week, I would now wake her up as soon as possible before I got dressed and we began to try out every position we could possibly imagine. One day she left me a message at uni. Her period was several days late but she would wait until I got home before she did the test. Though we were now really a couple we had never become involved in the intimate details of each other’s lives so we had never seen each other pee. I asked her if I could watch when she took the test and it was a real turn-on to watch her pissing on the tester. We waited until the time was up and then checked. She was pregnant. Now came the difficult bit. I couldn’t just go in and announce that I had got a girl pregnant. It might have passed had it been a girl at uni but this was my cousin who was living with us and whom I had been shagging in my own bed. When she told my mum the reaction was somewhat hostile as she had moved in with us and was now knocked–up with no consideration for anyone else. My dad, however, seemed much more cool about it and Joan stayed with us. We couldn’t carry on a weekly Friday night thing as I had been an enthusiastic darts player and it would have seemed odd for me to drop it, but we made the most of our mornings. Eventually it came time for Joan to give birth and she named him Andrew after her father.

I did my best to hide my emotions and the only times we slept together were on the few occasions there was a concert at uni and she slept over in my room, mum agreeing to look after the baby for the night. Of course things being things she soon found out she was pregnant again and I feared that this time there would be an enquiry within the family.

The four of us were in the sitting room one evening when my mum asked Joan to follow her. By now I knew she was pregnant and feared the worst.

“So now you’re going to be a dad for the second time,” said my dad. I turned to look at him but my bright-red face spoke more eloquently than I ever could and I remained silent.

“Come on son. You’ve been a doting dad though you’ve made a bad effort to hide the fact. I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at her ever since she moved in and besides she asked me to give her a baby. I told her I couldn’t as she was my niece but I suggested you might sort her out.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had been set up by my own dad and I supposed that my mum must also be aware of the situation. She came back a few minutes later with Joan.

“It seems we have a problem to sort out here, though it apparently isn’t all of your own making.” Her eyes shot daggers towards my dad. “Now,” she continued, looking at me , “I suppose we can’t ignore what’s already happened and you no doubt want to sleep together.”

“I love her, mum……”

“She’s your cousin,” she interrupted, “but that doesn’t seem to make any difference as far as you are concerned. You know you can’t get married.?”

“I don’t care, mum!”

“OK; I suppose that means you want to sleep together. Just make sure your gran and granddad don’t find out about it. As for you, Joan, you’re going straight back on the pill as soon as this is over.”

That night we slept together in my bed for the first time as a ‘married’ couple. It seemed strange lying there together knowing that my parents knew what I was doing to the nearest person I had to a sister and I wondered how they would have reacted if she had been my sister. The most difficult part of it was when we were making love and heard footsteps on the stairs, fearing that my grandparents might find out about us. As soon as I graduated I joined the Civil Service and was appointed to a nearby town. Joan put in for a transfer and we bought a house. And yes, she went back on the pill. I would willingly have got her pregnant regularly for the next 30 years but one has to be careful and someone has to pay for them, don’t they?

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very hard to follow as others have said, this needs to be totally rewritten by a GOOD WRITER that uses a GOOD EDITOR not by a hack like you.

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toward the begining you said his grand mother died but later on you say he and his parents live in the same houise as both grand parents confusing as was the part about the letter. do a total rewrite and use a good editor or find a GOOD writier to rewrite it you suck at it.

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Nice mild story compared to some yall will find on here. It's fiction guys. Nobody makes you read it and perhaps you should try your luck, if you think you can write better. JRM

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