This is not my story but a story of my grandma. Stolen from her diary, it reveals her sex life.
I am a medical student in India and I was introduced to this xxx world by my boy friend. As I keep on reading (my god! How many stories are there!) I felt an urge to share my grandma’s experience with you.

Don’t get surprised. She recently died and I could lay my hands on her secret diary. After reading it, I found that the world has not changed much for the past 50 years, but only the things are transparent now.

Here below, I am narrating her memoirs as if it is told by her. I will be glad to know how you feel about this.

I am hailing from an orthodox Ayyar family from Kerala, a state of India. Presently we are at Bangalore, me studying medicine and my brother, Shree Ganesh, in final B Tech. degree course.

The incident I am going to narrate had happened when I was studying in the Junior college. Then I had a small, but really well developed body. I was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, I thought, but my titties were a good size. But brought up in an orthodox family, very innocent and gullible.

Shree (my brother) was just 2 years older than me, well built (he was aiming to join Air force). We were good friends and used to discuss freely on all matters. Being a boy he could get worldly knowledge when I was forced to keep guarded life.

It was vacation time and I and my bro - Shree – were visiting our Grandpa’s house (it is really a palace) in a village in Kerala. My parents didn’t come there at that time. The house was built on the edge of a forest land. There was a lot of greenery – trees, bushes and vegetable plants, orchard, etc. - behind the housing and also there was a pond with perennial water source from the forest rivulet.

My grandparents left to the nearby town to make some purchase and we two were left alone in the sprawling house. The maids and servants had also gone out and would return in the late afternoon only. I got bored watching TV and there was nothing else to do.

So I immediately agreed when Shree called me whether I could accompany him to explore the garden backside. It was a large area - more than 2 acres – with many flower plants and big trees. As we walked through the garden, we were playing a catch-the-ball game, even while admiring the beauty and serenity of the place.

And finally we arrived at the pond. The pond was really big. It was oval in shape with its banks neatly surrounded by thick green grass. Admiring the pond I failed to catch the ball Shree threw at me, and it landed squarely in the middle of the Pond.

After several “You go”s, Shree entered into the water to retrieve the ball. But, the water was deep and he hesitated to wet his clothes. He came back to the edge and asked me to close my eyes.

“Why?” I retorted.

“’Cause, I am going for a swim, you silly” he quipped.

“So what?”

“I am gonna leave my dress here and go you-know-what?”

He was going to be naked. “Okay,” I obliged and with my hands closed my eyes.

After a few seconds, I could not control myself, and through the finger gaps, watched him. He had removed both his pants and T Shirt and was already into the water knee deep. I could only see his back. The water level was up to his chest and reaching there he looked at me.

“Come on in” he called me. “Water is warm”.

I hesitated. My clothes were very thick and would not dry easily. And removing them and going nude into the water, I was very reluctant. But then I remembered that there was no one at the house – even the servants had gone out and would return only in the afternoon.

“Close your eyes” I ordered him “and turn back”.

Coming from an Orthodox family, it was not easy for me to appear nude before any other person, even before my mother. But, I and Shree were always friends and though I was little unease about that, I knew he would understand.

So quickly I removed my frock and the T-Shirt (I wore nothing beneath all through my stay at grandpa’s place) and swiftly ran into the water, ensuring that Shree still facing the opposite direction.

He was really right and the water was very warm with the sun scorching above. I swam for a while, carefully avoiding my brother’s area and soon stood on a solid rock below the water.

“Shall we play” Shree asked.

I agreed and we played the ball throwing at each other.

However self controlled I was, I could not avoid watching his scrotum whenever he jumped high to catch the ball and every time I got a glimpse of his penis. It was long and steady like a rod, and I wondered how he was keeping it hidden in his pants. I felt guilty at looking at his genitals, (as it was very unorthodox) which was swaying like a pole in tandem with his movement.

We played for some time till I felt very cold remaining in the water for such a long time. I felt my teeth stuttering.

“Let’s go” I called him.


“I am cold” I said shivering.

He immediately responded and started leaving the water first. I followed him from behind and as we entered the thick grass fields, he laid down himself as if he wanted a sun bath.

I tried to get into my clothes.

“Hey, what’s the hurry?” he called. “Have some sun, or you will make your clothes wet.”

It seemed reasonable at that time (I didn’t know why)

“Turn that side” I told him and I sprawled on the soft grass, a few feet away from him.

The grass was very tender and a little bit warm and I felt warmth flowing into me again.

There was total silence, except for some occasional bird calls. I looked around at the greener beauty, my eyes strayed to see what Shree was doing, I was astonished to find that he was staring at my thighs. I felt anger. “Shree don’t look like that” I admonished him.

“OK, OK…” he retreated his eyes hastily and he trained his eyes on the nearby trees and sky.

Now I could not control watching him and his person and to my surprise, his penis was no more lengthy as I saw in the water. Now it had shrunk into a puny little soldier not longer than my little finger.

“Gotcha”, I heart Shree sneering at me. He caught me watching his.

“So what” I retorted not to be cowed down. “You have such a small …” I did not know how to finish.

“Look at yours”, he came back with sarcastic tone. “Your seem to have no lolly pop down out there” he pointed out between my thighs and laughed.

I felt ashamed. This was not the first time, I had to live with such shame. Whenever I looked myself in the mirror, I found myself wanting in that area. My lolly pop (Oh God, I am using his words) my pussy was very small and except for pissing I never felt its presence. But some of my friends’ pussies were big and bulging (Don’t ask how I knew. You don’t know the games girls play. You show yours and I show mine. After a few games, I never showed up my pussy to anyone, fearing their sarcastic laughs).

He watched my face fall, and immediately he came to my rescue.

“Navee”,” he called me in a soft voice as he would always do whenever he felt that I was hurt. “If you are game, touch me” he challenged his finger pointing his little master and thrust his hip forward, which was now within my reach.

I hesitated. “Hey, it won’t bite you – don’t be afraid” he winked at me with a smile.

I was completely mad at that time and without realizing what I was doing, extended my hand and encircled his penis with my long fingers.

Oh, surprise! As if by magic, his penis sprang up with vengeance, started hardening very fast and within seconds it grew into a cock. It was now about 6 inches length, brown and steady as a stick, with its tip painted in pink. I could see his blood vessels bulging, making it very attractive to look. But, I could not keep it calm, as it began to dance uncontrollably.

I tried to let go, but Shree called me, in a voice that I never heard before. “Shree,” he was husky and almost ecstatic. “Please hold it for me…..Oh, yes… you are very good …. Nice… excellent… just push your hand up and down …. Yes, like that, please, yes, yes, yes pleeeeeeeease”.

I didn’t know what happened to him. Except moving my fist over his penis up and down, I was doing nothing, but he seemed to be thrilled. After a few moves, my fingers felt sticky and I found his cock emitting liquid.

“Don’t pee on me” I shouted at him.

“No, no, no. It is not pee. It is.. it is…” he could not complete, but began to moan very sexily calling me to do it more and more.

For a moment, I was frightened whether he was having fits but he seemed perfect alright.

As I continued my shaking his now grown up cock, it was leaking profusely making my movement over his cock easy and painless. The skin on top of his cock coiled back revealing a red hot flesh with a crack between. The liquid was leaking through it only.

Now I too was fascinated at the event unfolding before me, my brother begging me for help (which normally never happens to a younger sister) and I was almost on top of him.

As I was beginning to enjoy the action, he suddenly started grunting noisily, signaling me to move fast. I worked hard and fast on his cock, and lo, there came out a fountain of white liquid from his cock in several spurts, drenching my thighs and hand. No sooner the flow of liquid stopped, his cock began to sag and before my eyes, it shrank into the previous size.

I was speechless with what had happened and I was very confused whether I should tell this to somebody. None of my class mates ever mentioned about this kind of things. (Computers were not available those days).

Then Shree resumed his self, came to sitting position and taking my face with both his hands, kissed me on my lips strong and hard. Though I resisted it strongly, I felt refreshed and was relieved that he was normal again.

“Thank u, Navee” he oozed. “That was great! You are such a performer”

I wondered whether he was doing this regularly with some other girls. I asked him. “Promise, No” he was very forthright. “This is the first time I ever had such experience. May I do it to you?”

He was very casual and was eager to do something to me who had done a service to him very recently. But I was aghast at the thought of his touching my pussy.

“No thank you” I said contritely “I have no such problem with my…..”

He was all smiles again. “Look at you! You will also be leaking down there. If you have no problem, then there should be no leaking on your lolly pop”. He gave emphasis on the word “lolly pop” only to irritate me, I knew.

Yet, I didn’t want to back down. “No, I don’t have any such thing with me. And I don’t want you to touch there”. I found my voice getting hoarser as I was not comfortable speaking about my personal parts with a male member of my family.

“You sissy” he used the last armory on me and I had to prove him that I was bold.

I turned the other side, placed my index finger on my pussy and God behold! My pussy was almost filled with that lubricant liquid, I found on his cock.

“What I should do?” I was confused.

He offered to help. “If you allow me to do some service like you did now, the waste liquid will come out and you can be free”.

“Will there be pain” I was hesitant as I allowed myself to be handled by him.

I fell on the grass on my back, facing the sky. He rolled over me, placing his right hand index finger on my pussy. A look of surprise filled his face and he spoke to me in a husky voice “Navee, you are very lovely down there.” From his looks, I could see he was telling the truth.
Already, his fingers deftly started playing on my lower lips, massaging me very fondly.

I tried to remain calm, but after a few seconds, I could not control myself. I sighed as his fingers probed the lips of my pussy. His index and thumb caught hold of something and as he rolled it between his fingers, it sent shivers in to my whole body. (I learnt later that it was my clit). That made me crazier and I began to enjoy the excellent sensation coming over me.

His fingers were moving aimlessly, as if searching for some hidden treasure and were all over my pussy and up to my ass hole. Suddenly, on the way in the middle, his index finger slid into the crack of my pussy and dipped into it, and began probing inside around. His finger went deep inside me, even as his thumb was rubbing against my clit taking me to new high.

I was panting for breath as I was thrilled beyond words in the feeling of his fondling, as his rough finger was rasping across my pussy. I was beginning to moan loudly. I felt my belly burning and twitching and fluttering with desire as his fingers were doing wonders to me.

A thrilling sensation was gradually building up in my body, starting from my pussy and passing through all over my body like air waves, I felt like flying in the sky. He speeded up his work, unmindful of my screaming, and finally I felt I could not take any more.

My body and mind were beyond my control and quite involuntarily, I jerked my groin up and down violently several times, to take more thrust of his fingers. Finally, I exploded into a violent orgasm.

My body convulsed as if I was in fits. The entire area seemed to spin around me as I erupted into my first glowing orgasm. Waves of thrill flooded through my little pussy as I ejected my cum screaming and gasping. Slowly, I collapsed backward on the comfort of the grass floor and tried to regain my breath. It took me a while to find the drool coming out of the corner of my mouth as I was still breathing heavily in gasps.

It was an experience I could not forget in my whole life and whatever sexperience I may have had subsequently, this one was the foremost and always remained in my fondest memories of my life.


I will come back with more of her experiences, shortly.

Luv u and kiss you all.

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Love this and all your writing. Please keep it up. Hope to see more soon!

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That's just about the way it started with me and my sister. I finally convinced her to let me ''touch her down there'', and then I couldn't stop her from wanting it all the time. When we moved into oral sex, OH MY GOODNESS !! ... Once she got a taste of my dick in her mouth. I'd wake up in the early mornings with her suckin' on my dick. After school almost every day. I'd get home from school and she'd be waitin' for me, naked as the day she came into this world. She'd unbuckle my belt and have my pants and shorts off in micro seconds. She reminded me of a baby who loved to suck her bottle. Years later into adulthood, we lived together. IF I wasn't horny when I got home from work. She didn't care. She helped me to change my mind. If I had to guess the exact number of times she gave a blow job, it'd have to be way into the 100s of thousands. I've never heard of any girl lovin' to suck a dick as much as she loved to suck mine.

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Delightful story, absolutely wonderful. More please.


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Why not tell a true story about yourself. This was very good hope there will be more.

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