My further adventures with Lauren
What might happen pt3
Straight round mine and straight to the shower room... I quickly stripped naked, watching her gaze at me and turned the shower on.
'Come then, your turn hon'
'Oh.. oh, I ok.' she suddenly realised what was happening and was now nervous, even after everything.
'it ok hon. Look, get in in your bikini, lets see what happens' I motioned toward the shower and stepped under. My cock was still hard, even after her efforts earlier, so I grabbed the shower gel and began soaping, making sure I gave my cock a good stroke. She giggled and stepped in, wetting her hair thoroughly before coming closer to me. I bent down to her and kisssed her lips, gently flicking my tongue along them. She moaned and began to kiss me back. We kissed for minutes, our arms and hands rubbing along each others bodies. I guided her hand to my stiff prick, enjoying her fondling it and wanking me. Having vome already I knew I would last longer, so I continued kissing her, slowly working my hands under her bikini top, fondling her young breasts. After a while I had so loosened the top it naturally was falling off so I pulled it away to reveal her breasts, young and firm, puffy nipples standing erect. I bent down to her breasts, licking each nipple in turn, fondling and playing for a while before straightening and kissing her again. Pulling away and blushing, she removed her top, then turned away and stepped out of her panties, turning again to me, covering her pussy with both hands. I smiled and kissed her again, gently parting her hands and placing them back to my cock. Her pussy was so fantastic, perfect in every way. Just a few hairs and beaustiful tight lips, asking, begging for a hard cock to be pushed between them. I was getting nearer to coming and wanted more, so much more. All thoughts of her age had gone, if anything the taboo heightened my pleasures. She was smoothly wanking me as I drew her closer to me and started nuzzling her neck, before gently turning her around so I could wash her back. I massaged her gently, working my way down her spine, bendingher gently forwards so her kegs splayed. I hunched down slightly, guiding my cock towards her pussy as it bent toward me. She bent almost half way, arching her back her pussy spreading for me. I nuzzled the tip of my cock onto her and she gasped, breaking the spell of the water and the massage. Straightening, she turned to me, shaking her head, not yet, not yet. The look of desperation and disappointment must have triggered a reaction, as she looked unsure, tried to kiss me, thenher hand involuntarily brushed my cock. She smiled and slowly kissed her way down my chest. My disappointment turned to hope, could she, would she, oh... yes... as she took my cock into her mouth. Of course, she had done this before, just a couple of sharp sucks, but this time was different. As if she felt she owed me, or that there was something she should do. She started suckling & licking my cock, tounge swirling over the head before working a good few inches into her mouth and sucking as hard as she could. It was heavenly to look down on this pretty young preteen with a mouthful of my cock. So good, I was going to come, desptie her youthful inexperienced technique. We could work on that later was one of my final thoughts before I was coming. She pulled away at first, but I pushed back into her mouth and held her there, pumping come into her. She shuther eyes and dutifully swallowed, obviously unsued to the taste. Once I had done, she stood slowly up, stammering an apology.
'Ssorrry, mister' the tears on the verge of coming back 'but i can'tt do it yet. I really want to, but can we wait a bit please? And we gotta use something, you know, a , a condom'
I shrugged. 'Its cool, I suppose we can wait a bit'. I kissed her. 'Specially after that'. I grinnned. 'come on, lets get dried off'. I switched off the shower, getting out and handing her a towel. I grabbed one myself, wrapped her in hers and took her hand.
'How long can you stay hon?' I asked.
'Another hour I guess' she blushed
'Let's dry your bikini off then. Come sit with me whilst we wait'. I took her hand and led her into the living room. We sat down on the couch a bit awkwardly, i put my arm around her. She snuggled into me and we soon began kissing again. Soon enough the towels were on the floor and we were streched out naked, entwined and kissing. It didn't take long for me to get hard again, which she felt pressing against her.
'Again?' she asked, running her hands over my cock
I kissed her. 'You're beautiful'. She blushed. 'Let me do something for you first.' I felt her stiffen. 'Relax hon, I'm not going to put it in you unti it's ok. Let me give you something first.'
And with that, i gently started kissing between her breasts, working down her stomach towards her pussy. I couldn't wait to taste her juices, make her come like she had me.
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