Older-younger female, pussy licking, juice swallowing, nipple and tit play

This story is about love between a woman and a girl. If you aren't into
that kind of sex, please don't read any further. It is pure fiction.

A good morning to you all. My name is Abby Wilson. I am a 55 year old
widow, living alone and loving it. I am 5' 9" tall, 135 pounds with brown
hair and a basically plain face. My modest 34 B bust doesn't get me many
second looks. I have a couple of men friends I get together with
occasionally for fun and games but am most into my sexual side when I'm
home alone with my big black dildo-vibrator. I have one growing
fantasy however that is beginning to give me some concern on the one hand
and great pleasure on the other. I have been bi sexual all of my life but
always with girls pretty much my own age or older. But now I am beginning
to feel strong urges for younger women, and I mean a lot younger. Let me
give an example.

I was at the grocery store and saw a mother and her daughter who was
probably about 13 or 14. She was dressed in just a t shirt and shorts.
There were promising bumps in her shirt where her breasts were just
beginning to blossom. My pussy started talking to me and I followed them
around the store, stopping to pick up some item when they stopped. I
couldn't keep my eyes of the young girl. And it's not that her Mother
wasn't beautiful because she was. If she had been alone I probably would
have followed her. Finally I had a basket full of items I didn't need and
a very wet pussy that needed attention so I left the basket and almost ran
to my car and home to satisfy it.

When I got home I was tearing off my cloths even before I got into my
house. The blouse, then my skirt, then my bra and panties left a trail to
my bedroom. I flopped on my back, pulled Mr. Black out of the bedside
drawer and began plunging him into my sopping wet cunny. As I worked him
with one hand I squeezed my breasts and nipples with the other, all the
while dreaming that it was that young girls hands instead of my own.

As one finger flicked a nipple it was her finger that was doing it. As two
fingers squeezed and pinched it was her fingers or lips. As Mr. Black gave
my pleasure it was her hand that worked him. As my body began to convulse
in a climax I could feel her lips on mine and then on my tits and then on
my clit. As my love juice began to squirt I could feel her lips encase my
cunny letting not one drop escape. And as I lay back exhausted I could
feel her fingers in my hair and see the smile on her face as I told her
what a good little girl she was. But then the utter disappointment when my
fantasy disappeared and reality set in and I was alone.

My concern was growing because after each fantasy I began more serious
thinking about making my fantasy come to life. But how was the big
question. I couldn't just pick up some little girl in the mall and take
her home. I couldn't just invite one of the girl scouts that came around
selling cookies to join me for a cup of tea. And then it happened.

One afternoon I was on my way home from shopping. I had shadowed a young
girl and was very ready for Mr. Black. The rain was terrible and I spotted
a young person, really couldn't tell much except that it was very wet, very
cold and very alone. I think more out of compassion then sex I stopped and
asked if the person needed a ride. I have never seen anyone move that
fast. My shopping goodies were on the front seat so I motioned the person
to get in the back. I turned so I could chat and the first thing I saw was
that the person was a young girl and the second was that she was a very
beautiful young girl.

"What is your name," I asked.

"Charla," she replied.

"Well Charla where is home, I'll take you there."

"I don't want to go home." "Well where can I take you," I pressed.

"I don't have any where to go," she replied, starting to sort of whimper.

Well I can tell you my heart went out for this little girl. Sex was the
furthest thing from my mind. I told her I would take her home, get her and
her cloths dried out, some food in her tummy and we would decide what to
do. We chatted on the way home and I found out she had run away the day
before because both of her parents were on meth. She had spent the night
in the park, very cold and very wet and was now both of those plus very
hungry. I hurried her into my house and told her to strip in the entry way
while I found her something to put on. I returned with a robe which I
retained while I viewed the beautiful 13 year old child in front of
me. Straight as a stick with no indication of the beautiful woman I was
sure she would grow into. I put the robe around her shoulders and led her
to the bathroom.

"You take a long hot shower and I'll put your things in the dryer and find
you something else to wear," I told her.

I stood there and watched as she dropped the robe and entered the shower
and closed the door. Thru the glass I watched as this beautiful young body
absorbed the heat and began to act like a normal young teen. After soaping
up and rinsing, she just stood there under the warm shower and I just stood
there watching. My hand slipped under the waist band of my shorts and my
finger began rubbing up and down in my very wet slit. Finally Charla
stepped out of the shower and actually had a smile on her face.

I told Charla I didn't have any cloths small enough for her but she could
wear the robe until we got her cloths washed and dried. While I was
speaking I was gently drying this beautiful girl with a warm towel. Charla
smiled again and said the robe would be OK.

"Or," I said, "You could just go nude."

Charla looked at me with a kind of strange look on her face so I quickly
thru in,

"If it would make you more comfortable, I will go nude too."

My little visitor got the most sly teasing grin on her face and let her
arms drop to her sides. As she did the robe fell to the floor. My breath
gasped as my eyes once again reviewed this tender teen’s body. Charla's
facial expression changed to one of impish delight. I lifted my blouse up
over my head and let it drop to the floor. Then I pushed down my shorts and
stepped out of them. For some reason my body was covered with goose bumps
and I'm sure it was because of what I hoped was about to happen. Then I
unhooked my bra and discarded it and then my thong joined the rest of my
cloths on the floor.

Charla's review of my body was as intense as mine had been of hers. I
reached out and took her hand and said,

"Let's go for a cup of tea. How does that sound?"

"I think you are the first person that has ever invited me to tea," she
said with a laugh. "Let's go."

The next thirty minutes were devoted to girl talk. It was evident to me
that Charla was not interested in talking about her situation so we chatted
about boys and school and other things she liked to do. After about thirty
minutes of chit chat I decided it was now or never with young friend. I
told her I was a bit tired and thought I would take a little rest.

"Would you like to join me?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied, "Lead the way."

I pointed her in the direction of my bedroom and watched the
young girl saunter down the hall. My pussy was beginning to get those
feelings and I was in a very eager mood.

I laid down first and scooted to the far side of my king bed and then
patted the area some away from me. Charla jumped on and stretched out and
then laid on her side facing me. She had the cutest little grin on her
face like a pussy cat. She so turned me on. Then without warning she
rolled over and ended up with her head resting on my shoulder, her top leg
over mine, her arm over my body just below my tits and her body pressed up
against mine.

As she snuggled in she whispered, "I feel so safe with you and owe you so

I turned my face towards hers and kissed her forehead. Without hesitation
she put her hand on my face and pulled it down and planted a very serious
wet kiss on my mouth. Then she pushed until I let her tongue enter and the
the dance was on. After a couple of kisses her hand was cupped over my
breast and mine was massaging her beautiful butt. I laid back to rest a
moment and she proped herself up on her elbow and gave me a biggg smile.

"You are one hot lady," she murmured.

"Well you aren't so bad yourself little one," I replied.

With that little exchange she looked me right in the eyes, smiled broadly
and again started playing with my tit. It was almost an act of defiance
even thou I had given her no reason to be that way. Then she lowered her
lips to my enlarged nipple and began to gently suck and nibble. I pressed
her face against me. While her mouth was busy on my nipple her hand founds
its way south. Soon her finger was sliding up and down between the lips of
my pussy. Then she brought it to her mouth and licked and sucked it. All
the while smiling broadly. In my mind I was sure this was not the first
time this little thing had been with a woman.

My beautiful young house guest was initiating everything that I was anxious
to do. I decided to just lay back and enjoy and see where we ended up. I
knew that at any given moment I could flip her on her back and bury my face
in her cunny. But in just a matter of seconds it was her face
buried in mine. Her tongue penetrated my cunny while her finger flicked my clit. Then they traded while her lips sucked my clit her fingers fucked deep into my love canal.

"Oh little one," I whispered, "You are about to taste a torrent of my love

"Yes Yes please," she returned, "I want to drink at your fountain. I want
everything you can give me."

I thought to myself, this little girl acts like she wants my golden shower.
I can't believe this is happening.

I laid there enjoying the efforts of Charla. She definitely had experience
in what she was doing. She laid there and spread the lips of my cunt and
then kissed the insides, licking all around as deep as she could push her
tongue. Then her attention turned to my clit and her lips and tongue
worked it unmercifully. I had finally had enough and was ready to blow so
I pushed on her and said, "Go little one, head for the bathroom and hurry."

Without question she rolled off the bed and ran to my bathroom.

"Where do you want me?" she asked.

I thru the bathmat into the shower and told her "down there on your knees."

She got down I moved in beside her and put one foot up on the shower
seat. "Move over under my pussy and start again what you were doing in the
bedroom," I instructed.

The little one proceeded to do as instructed and soon had my pussy juices
flowing. I was about to have a mind boggling climax and I think she knew
it because both her hands were around my legs and her face and mouth were
pressed into my cunt.

I moaned, "Oh yessss, Oh yessss," and pushed her face away from my cunt
just as my first squirt exited my love hole. It hit her squarely on the
face and with a big wide grin she moved her face right in line for the next
one. I must have squirted half a dozen times and she caught most of it.
When it was apparent my climax had subsided she started to move back from
me. I grabbed her head and pushed her face back into my cunt.

"I'm not thru yet darling girl," I whispered. "Now it's time for the

I could feel the urine stream building in my belly. Charla was kneeled
there, face up, waiting. And then I let go. A strong steady stream of hot
golden shower hit my darling girl square in the face. She took as much as
she could in her mouth and choked but then continued drinking at my
fountain. When the flow ceased she pushed her face into my wet cunt and
licked like a momma cat cleaning her little one.

My legs were so weak I had to set down on the shower seat. Charla stood
up, put her arms around me and almost began crying as she thanked me. I
didn't know what I had done to deserve so many thanks but didn't argue. I
told her I thought we should shower again and then get some much needed

"Oh yessss," she smiled, "I want some more rest."

After we were dried and flufft we headed back to my bed. This time I took
the dominate role, kiss my little lover all over her body taking special
care on her budding nipples. Then of course I headed for the puffy folds
of her pussy. I was just about to penetrate her love zone with my tongue
when I realized Charla was sound a sleep.

Boy what a great lover you are, I thought to myself. Going hot and heavy
on your partner only to find out she's a sleep. I got up, gently covered
my darling up and headed for the kitchen. After pouring a glass of wine I
curled up on the couch with an afghan and was soon sound a sleep myself.

I have no idea how long I was a sleep; all I do know is that all of a
sudden there was a great commotion. I awoke to OH NO OH NO I've got to get
out of here. I looked and there was my little darling, running around like
a chicken with her head cut off.

"What is going on?" I asked. I reached out and grabbed her arm as she ran

"I was watching the news and they have an Amber Alert out for me and showed
my Aunt Jan pleading for who ever kidnapped me to let me go. I've got to
get out of here so you don't get into trouble."

"Well little girl, first of all you aren't going anywhere until you settle
down. And second where ever you go I will take you and will explain where
you have been. I have a friend on the Police force and I'll call him and
let him know you are safe and then we'll go down there."

Well she did, I did and we did and about 45 minutes found us at the Police
Station chatting with my friend and Aunt Jan. And let me tell you I
immediately understood where my little girl had learned how to give
pleasure to another woman. Jan was one beautiful woman about 40 with big
boobs, nice ass and all the rest of it. Charla wouldn't release her grip
on Jan's arm for anything. At times they looked at each other like real
lovers. I asked if I could drop them somewhere but Jan declined the offer.
We did walk to the cars together and after Charla was in the Jan's car, Jan
looked at me and smiled and said,

"Charla tells me you two had a very interesting afternoon. Sounds like we
may have to get together one day soon."

It was the afternoon of Halloween and I was hoping getting ready for all
the kids would bring me out of my depression. I was really down because I
hadn't heard from either Jan or Charla in the two weeks since we parted at
the police station. That evening I had a continual run of kids at my door
and as I passed out candy I checked everyone out, their masks, their
costumes and of course the girls breasts. One girl, that was really a
little old to be Trick or Treating had such a beautiful set of boobs I
almost reached out and squeezed one.

It was about 9:30, I was almost out of candy so decided to turn off my porch
and yard lights and call it a night. Maybe a session with Mr. Black, my
vibrator might change my mood. Just as I reached for the light there was a
knock on my door. I opened and their stood a little dancer. Black top
that looked like a t shirt out of her younger sister's drawer and long
silver skirt. But what grabbed my attention were the two little bullets
that stuck out on her chest. No boobs, just nipples. My lips began to
twitch and I had to strain to keep from bending over and nibbling.

"Trick or Treat," the little darling said.

I looked around and saw no one with her which made me a little concerned.

"Are you all by yourself?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "I live just up the street and wasn't going to go out
tonight but when my folks got home, drunk on their ass as usual I decided
to try a few houses. I saw your lights were still on so I headed here."

I was a little taken back by her statement particularly the part about
"drunk on their ass" but let it pass for now. I asked her if she would
prefer something beside a candy bar and she smiled broadly and let her eyes
drift up and down my body. I felt like I was being undressed by this
little darling.

"Can I be completely honest with you?" she asked.

"Well of course you can," I replied not having a clue where this was going.

"Every time I walk by your house and you are outside working in your yard I
get funny feelings about you. I want to run up and give you a hug because
I think you would be more of a mother then what I'm living with."

I was completely blown away. This little girl told me more about what was
going on in her life in that one statement then if she had talked all day
about it. But that was nothing to what came next.

"I am into sex," she continued, "and I want to be into sex with you."

"What do you mean you are into sex?" I asked not knowing what else to say.

"Well about a year ago I found some movies in my parents closet that have
pretty well educated me about things that men and women do and what women
and women do. One night when Dad was out of town on business, Mom went out
and came home very drunk. In fact two guys brought her in and thru her on
the bed. They didn't know I was watching and one asked the other guy if
they should fuck her again. He said no so they left. I decided I should
get Mom ready for bed so I took all her cloths off. I noticed that her
panties were very wet and had some stuff in them. I soon realized it was
cum. Then I looked at her pussy and cum was still drizzling out. I put a
finger down and got it coated with cum and put it in my mouth. It tasted
kind of funny but I decided I liked it. As I was about to put my finger
back in her pussy I thought of one of the movies I had watched and one girl
was licking the other girls pussy. I thought I wanted to try that so I
did. Mom was so out of it she didn't have a clue as to what was going
on. I finally got her legs spread wider and slowly approached her cunny. I
looked at it and spread the lips with my fingers and watched the cum seep
out and drip down on the bed. Then I put my tongue out and lapped a little
of it up. With that first time of my tongue in a pussy I was hooked."

This little girl had me completely stunned. She was probably no more then
12, possibly 11 or maybe even 10 and was telling me a story that was making
me wish I had been there. I looked at her in disbelief and she finally

"What? Why are you looking at me so funny? Do you think I made up that

"NO little one," I said, "I believe every word of it but I can't get over
how casual you are about it."

"Living with my parents has made me casual about a lot of things," she
replied, "especially that you can't let things get to you cause it isn't
going to do a damn bit of good." I looked at this lovely thing setting
across from me and debated in my mind what to do. I knew she could be
trouble but also knew that she was one hot and lovely little girl. I had
just about decided to forego any fun and games with her when she got up
from the table and came around to me. She took my face in her hands and
pressed her lips to mine. And I don't know why I was surprised but I was
when her tongue pressed between my lips and started to dance with mine.

I was completely under her spell and immediately my hands and fingers were
playing with the little nibs that seemed to have grown bigger and harder.
I broke our kiss and pressed my lips against her chest sucking first one
then the other into my mouth. I turned my head and hugged this darling
girl tightly to my face and wondered to myself, Carrie what in the world
are you doing. Of course I already knew the answer.

"I don't even know your name," I whispered as I held her tightly.

"It doesn't really matter," she replied, "but its Carol."

With that brief exchange Carol took my hand and led me down the hall
saying, "There must be a bed down her somewhere."

I pointed to the door to mine and we entered. Carol turned on the lamp by
my bed, sort of pushed me down and then started humming a little tune and
dancing around. The first thing off in this strip was her top. She
continued dancing and twirling as she came close to me and took my hands,
placing them on her chest. I took her nipples between my fingers and
tweaked them and leaned forward and kissed each one. Before I had a chance
to nibble she moved back away from me.

Next she unhooked her silver skirt and let it dropped. I was amazed that
she wore no panties although I shouldn't have been. She did a couple of
more twirls and then moved back close to me and started helping me out of
my cloths. Her hands on my breasts were very experienced hands and by the
time she had my blouse and bra off my pussy was getting very wet. Her lips
on my nipples were like an electrical contact, sending shivers throughout
my body. She then pushed me back on the bed and told me to lift up as she
pulled my skirt off. Carol looked at my soaked panties and remarked with a

"Looks like the lady is enjoying this."

I debated in my mind what I wanted to do. Should I just lay back and let
this young lover have her way with me, enjoying what she was doing to me or
should I take over and enjoy what I was doing to her. Carol made the
decision for me as she laid down beside me, wrapped her arms around me and
cuddled, sort of in a neutral position. She just laid there as if to leave
it up to me to decide what was going to happen next.

I knew exactly what was going to happen, I was going to make love to this
beautiful little body lying next to me. I rolled Carol over on her back
and began by kissing her mouth and running my tongue around on her face and
down her neck. When I reached her little nibs I spent care on them, biting
and pulling and sucking. She had her hands on my head, pressing my face
against her as I did. Then I kissed and nibbled down her body, running my
tongue around in her naval and then on to the promised land. There was
just the slightest hint of girl juice between the hairless lips of her
pussy, which I devoured immediately. I licked inside and outside of her
cunny and then flicked my tongue back and forth across her tiny clit. From
the thrashing about my little lover was doing I had a strong feeling she
was into what I was doing. While I was fucking my tongue in and out of her
love hole she grabbed my head and pushed her pussy hard against my face and
I felt the shudder of her climax and tasted her love potion. She laid back
in exhaustion.

I lay by her for probably 10 minutes, gently kissing her and caressing her.
I was looking at the face of this beautiful girl as a big smile appeared
and her eyes opened.

"Wow," she exclaimed, "I had no idea it would be that wonderful."

I smiled back at her and put kisses all over her face. Then with a hard
pinch on my nipple she exclaimed,

"Now it's my turn."

Carol started at my forehead and planted kisses on every inch of my
face. When her lips met mine she sucked my tongue into her mouth and worked
on it with tongue and lips like she was giving it a blow job. Then my
breasts were attached with hands and mouth, sucking and biting and
squeezing. She remained at that location for probably 5 minutes. Then one
hand explored my body until it reached my promised land. Here fingers did
wonderful things, searching and flicking and fucking. By the time she
moved her mouth down and took over my cunt with it, I was very near a
climax. I didn't want to but then again I did. I wanted to enjoy what my
little darling was doing, but I also wanted the relief that a climax would

I waited to long to make up my mind, Carol did it for me. Her tongue
fucking in and out of my love hole brought on one of my hardest and most
enjoyable climaxes. I squirted my juice all over her face as she pulled
back in amazement at the force and quantity. She quickly replaced her face
at the source and drank deeply. I must have released four or five strong
squirts. When I lay quiet, Carol looked up at me with the biggest grin on
her cum covered face.

"Did I do good," she asked.

I looked at her and laughed. I couldn't believe how beautiful my young
lover was with her face and hair covered with my cum. I put my hands on the
side of her face and pulled her up to me. As she laid there on top of my
body I licked her face enjoying the taste of my love juice. Finally Carol
just relaxed as did I enjoying the closeness. Her tiny body seemed no more
then a big pillow for me to hug.

I awoke with a start, not immediately remembering what this was I was
hugging. Then I looked at the clock and it was almost 3:30 in the morning.
I moved a little while trying to see the time and the little bundle resting
on me moved also. I looked at her face as she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Darling girl, I've got to get you home," I said.

With a big yawn my little lover replied, "Not to worry. The folks got home
drunk, did their drugs and will be out till at least noon. I know I've
seen them do it time and time again."

You poor darling I thought to myself. Carol didn't make any effort to get
off of me, just kind of snuggled in tighter if that was possible. Her head
lay on my breast and her leg between my legs. Every once in a while she
would move her leg like she was trying to get me going again. Then she
dozed back to sleep and so did I.

If you enjoy my story please let me know. Pammy2288 at yahoo dot com

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