An encounter in the park leads to a hot night
This is of course a complete work of fiction. None of the characters or events are real. It is not intended to be anything more than a fantasy.

It was late Friday night as I walked, no staggered across the park towards home. I had drunk too much in the pub with my mates, and was suffering the effects. It was not easy to walk in a straight line while the ground undulated under you. When you added the effects of alcohol into the mix it was a miracle I was even walking. I had headed across the park for the simple reason it was the quickest way home. My stubbornness was what kept me going across it when it dawned on me how hard the going was. So there I was, drunk, staggering across the park, when I spotted the young girl in tears running towards me.

Well she was not running directly towards me, just in my direction. I stopped as she got closer, realising that she was being pursued by a boy. Then I also realised that I kind of knew her. Kind of because she was one of a gaggle of kids who lived on my estate. Her and her friends often hung out on my street, as a few of them lived there. The girl running towards me lived only five or six doors down from mine. I was not certain what was happening, but it was evident that she was running from the boy chasing her. When she spotted me, she slowed for a second. Then I saw her face flash in recognition. As she recognised me she changed her direction. Now she was running directly towards me.

A second later she was flinging herself at me crying wildly as she did. I wrapped my arms around her with out thinking. The boy slowed at he got closer, finally coming to a halt a few steps from the two of us. He looked at me warily, obviously not sure what my connection was to the sobbing girl in my arms. Finally he looked at the girl.

“Amy, please, can we talk.” He said to her, which just caused her to start sobbing louder.

“What's going on?” I asked the girl, who I assumed was Amy. “What's he done to you.” I added, glaring at the boy. Even though I hardly knew her, if he had physically hurt her I was going to do him some harm.

“He... He.. With my best friend.” She said, and burst into more tears. It took me a moment to figure out that the boy had been her boyfriend, up until the moment she had obviously caught him with her probably now ex friend.

“Amy, please let me explain. I never meant for you to find out like this.” He said, sounding like every cheating guy in history.

“Look mate, I don't know who you are. But I think it's obvious she don't want to talk to you. So you had better get lost.” I told him, he looked up at me.

“No, not until I explain to her.”

“How can you explain that you've cheated on her.” I said, the boy opened his mouth. Then closed it again as he realised he could not. “Exactly, so why don't you sod off.”

“You can't talk to me like that.”

“You want to put money on that kid. Cos I'm very tempted at the moment to prove that I can.” I told him, looking purposely down at Amy, who was still sobbing in my arms. I'll giving him one thing, it took him only a second to realise what I was hinting at. He gave Amy a glance, then turned at headed away. I held Amy as she continued to sob into my chest. After about a minute or two she began to calm down. She turned round and saw that the boy had gone. When she did she disentangle herself from me. Then looked up at me.

“Thank you for helping me with him. And sorry for sobbing on you. It's just that I caught him kissing her, and then he chased after me.”

“No problem, he's obviously a jerk for cheating on you. So it's my pleasure.” She sniffed then frowned.

“Now I just need somewhere to sleep tonight.” She said after a moment.

“Can't you go home.”

“Not now, it's too late. And I was supposed to be staying at my friends. But I can't go there now.”

“Let me guess, she was the one he was cheating on you with.” Amy nodded.

“Won't your parents understand.”

“Not really, I should be in bed now, not in the park. Also I've had a couple of drinks. My mom will smell it straight away. If they find out I've been drinking I'll be grounded all summer.” I looked at her and made a sudden choice. One that would lead into unexpected, and dangerous territory. So I must explain that I was drunk, and not thinking straight. And she did look forlorn and lost standing in the middle of the park. I know I should have sent her home, but I could not. So instead I said to her.

“Ok if you're desperate you can sleep in my spare room. It ain't fancy and I've not got much in the way of quilts etc. But it'll do, I guess, to crash on.” She looked up at me with such a look of gratitude.

“Can I, thanks.” She said, sounding almost happy again. I nodded, committed even as I began to think of all the potential pitfalls of this arrangement. I led her home, luckily the route meant we did not pass by her house. I opened my front door and ushered inside, feeling all the time like I was sneaking her in. I led her up to the spare room, grabbing a blanket on the way up. The bed was nothing more than a camp bed, but she seemed happy to see it. I left her to get to bed and headed into my room. Quickly I changed into my PJ’s and sank into bed. Falling asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke as I felt someone clambering into my bed. Opening my eyes I blinked, my vision blurry from sleep. It took me a moment to realise that Amy was climbing into my bed. When I did I sat up sharply, staring at her in almost horror.

“What are you doing.” I asked, even more horrified when I realised that she was only wearing under ware. Only the nights darkness kept me from being able to see her almost naked body.

“I can't sleep on that bed. It's too cold in there.” She said to me as she knelt on the bed looking at me. “Please can I sleep in your bed.” She asked, pleadingly I should have said no, and sent her back to the spare room. Instead I nodded settling back into the bed. Expecting her to settle down on the other side of the bed. To my horror she did not, instead she moved up close to me. Pressing herself against me. I could feel her small body pushing against mine. She felt so soft and warm against me. She felt so nice that soon part of me was not soft at all, in fact is was very hard. I hoped that either she would not be able to feel my hard cock or, if she did, she would not understand what it meant.

It quickly became clear that she could not only feel it, she knew exactly what it meant. As she began to wiggle herself against me. Rubbing her backside against my hard cock. I made a soft moan, one which I had no control over. I moaned again when I felt her reach down and rub her hand along me. Yes, she definitely knew what it meant. Her hand felt small as she ran it along my cock. I moaned louder at the feel. Amy twisted around to face me.

“You seemed to have a little problem there.” She said, even in the dark I knew she was smiling.

“No problem.” I muttered, not sure I could say anything else. She giggled softly and rubbed her fingers along my cock. Sliding her hand under my pj bottoms and releasing my cock.

“Maybe we should do something about it.” She said, for a moment I thought she meant something more than she did. Especially when she shifted almost on top of me. Then she moved down my body. All the time rubbing her small hand over my cock. When she reached my cock she looked up at me and smiled. Then slipped her lips over me. I gasped at the feel of her lips around my cock. My mind was saying that I should stop her, push her away. My body refused to move, refused to stop her. In my defence I should point out that I was still suffering from the after effects of my drinking that night. Also there was the small fact that the only sexual pleasure I had experienced in several months had come from my hand. So the feel of her mouth upon my mouth was stimulating in the extreme Even if she was not actually sucking on me.

What she was doing was a strange mix of things. She had her lips wrapped around the head of my cock, holding it in her mouth. While her hand was running up and down my cock. Wanking me off with a steady and fairly experienced hand. I was not sure if she thought she was sucking me off, or it was a way of making sure that when I came she got to swallow it. What I did know was that it felt strangely nice.

My body was already reacting to her actions. I gasped, moaned softly as she ran her small hand along me. Quickly wanking me off, sliding her fingers up and down me. I moaned louder as I felt my body reacting more. All thoughts of stopping her had been replaced by one's of simply sexual pleasure. Oh, I knew full well that I'd feel bad in the morning for letting this young girl do this to me. My conscience would be pricking me. For now, however, all I could think of was how good it felt. Of how long it had been since anyone had done anything like this to me. Of that she was very good at wanking a guy off. She was not simply moving her hand up and down. She was altering the speed, going faster then slower. I felt her tongue licking at my head, and heard a soft murmur from her of pleasure. I guessed she must have tasted some pre-cum, as I knew I was getting close.

“You're going to make me cum soon.” I gasped as I rocked my head at the sensations building within me. She increased the speed of her hand. Rapidly rubbing it up and down my cock. With the obvious intention of making me cum. I simply let myself go, did nothing to fight as I felt myself rushing to an orgasm. “Yes, yes, cumming.” I hissed to her as her hand tipped me over the edge. Then I was pumping my cum into her mouth. She gave another murmur of pleasure as I did. Then swallowed softly as my cum filled her mouth. Her lips remained clamped around my head to stop any drops escaping. She swallowed every drop of cum I had, rubbing her fingers along my cock to milk out the last drips. Then finally she sat up and look down at me. I could just see the satisfied smile on her face.

“Yum, I do love that taste.” She said to me before laying back down next to me. She reached round to grab my arm, pulling it round her. I could feel my hand was resting on her small breast. I closed my eyes and fought to ignore how her breast felt under my hand. This time I was not going to allow anything else to happen. After a few minutes I heard her breathing deepen as she sank into sleep. I allowed myself to relax and was soon asleep myself.


The sharp light of morning woke me, sunlight shining in my window and into my eyes. I blinked softly, attempting to roll onto my back. Only I could not, because my arm was being held. It was then I remembered the young girl in my bed. The young girl who was wearing very little in the way of clothing. Who's small breast was lightly cupped within my hand. I froze as everything that had happened the previous night flashed across my mind. The half blow job, me cumming in her mouth. As I had suspected my conscience flashed in my mind. I tried to pull my hand free, but she had an almost death grip on me. Not wanting to wake her, too scared of how she might react, I lay back in the bed. Trying not to think about how soft and warm her body felt next to mine. Trying to avoid my body reacting to her.

Luckily for me she must have felt my movement and started to wake. I felt her shifting slightly, and her grip on my hand eased. I quickly pulled it away from her breast. Rolling away from her before my body had any more chance to react to her. As I did she gave a soft murmur and rolled onto her back. Slowly she turned her face towards me and smiled. Unfortunately this gave me a very good view of her young body. She had a face that was I would have said was pretty, without being overly attractive. She had a small nose, and deep blue eyes as well as a full mouth that seemed to be a little large for her face. Her hair was a light sandy brown colour, hanging down straight to her shoulders. Her body was small, but hot. With her small breasts, covered by a simple white bra. Her flat stomach leading to thin hips and nice waist and a small pair of white panties with a pink bow on the front. Then her nice long legs, the only part of her that was not small. The rest of her body was small, if strangely hot. I knew that she had start senior school two years ago, which meant that she had to be thirteen. She may have been older but I doubted it.

“Morning.” She said to me. I quickly pushed myself up of the bed. Before my cock revealed my reaction to seeing her almost naked body. I headed into my bathroom, to use the toilet and splash cold water on my face. Trying to calm myself down. That worked until I returned to my bedroom to find her sat on my bed. Her body looked so small on the edge of my bed, but again strangely hot. As I headed across the room she rose went where I had just gone. I followed her with my gaze as she walked past me. My eyes drawn to her nice tight little ass. Which only caused my cock to harden.

I took the chance that Amy leaving had given me to quickly put some jeans on. Hoping to hide any hard on I might get. Which was good, because when she returned she had removed her bra. I felt my cock harden instantly on seeing her small puffy breasts, each topped by a small light pink nipple.

“My bra got twisted during the night, you don't mind do you.” She said standing in my bedroom door naked apart from her small pair of panties. I tried to reply, but could not past the sudden tightness of my throat. Instead I shook my head. She smiled and walked over to me. “Good, thanks for letting me stay last night.”

“You're welcome.”

“And I hope you like my little blow job.” Which answered the question as to what she had tried to do during the night. I nodded carefully, not wanting to upset her. If she got upset I could find myself in very hot water. Unfortunately she spotted my reluctant answer. “What was wrong with it.” She said quickly.

“Erm... nothing but you are too young to be giving me, or anyone, a blow job.”

“Why, I’m thirteen, I know what I’m doing. I've been doing it since I was twelve, hell I've know about sex since before I finished junior school. And I wanted to so, so what.”

“Others might not see it like that. I could get into a lot of trouble in your parents found out.”

“So would I, if my mom and dad knew what I did I'd be grounded until I left school. I ain't telling, trust me.” I nodded slowly. “And what else was wrong with it.” She said, putting her hands on her hips. Which did wonderful things to her breasts. That drove all the blood from my mind, southward. So you can understand why my brain did not connect with my mouth before I answered.

“When you're giving a blow job you need to use your mouth more. What you were doing was more like wanking me off into your mouth. You should be moving your mouth along my cock, sucking on it.”

“Totally in my mouth.”

“Well as much as you can take, and definitely sucking on it. You can use your hand as well, but its usual to just use it to hold the cock still. If you want to blow the guys mind you can take all of him in your mouth. But I wouldn't recommend it until you've had a bit of practice.”

“How do I practice that.” Amy said, as she took a couple of steps towards me “I have no one to practice on.” She added.

“You practice on the next lad you're with I guess.” I told her, she tipped her head to one side as she considered that. Then she stepped closer to me, too close.

“Well maybe I should practice on you.” She said softly, running her fingers over my cock.

“You what?”

“I think I should to practice on you first.” She ran her hand over my cock as she spoke. I knew there were so many reasons why I should not say yes. If I had said no then, maybe, everything that happened after would never have happened, then again maybe it still would. All I know is that instead of pushing her away, I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her down to her knees in front of me. Where she could not fail to see my body's reaction to her offer. She opened my jeans to quickly release my hard cock, before wrapping her fingers around it. She lent forwards to press her lips against it. I smiled down encouragingly as she gently, gingerly, slipped her lips over my cock. Sliding them down me until she had taken half of me in her mouth. Sucking softly on me as she did. My soft moan of pleasure was not faked, but she did take it as more encouragement. As she began to move her lips up and down me. Slowly, carefully at first. Then as she realised I was enjoying it she began to relax. Moving her mouth along me faster, harder. Sucking more of me into her mouth.

I was moaning deeply at the way her small mouth felt wrapped around my cock. So warm, wet, sucking on me. Drawing me deep into her mouth each time she slipped her lips along me. As she grew more used to the feel of me in her she grew bolder. Taking more and more of me into her mouth. I watched as she sucked on me. Looking down at her small body as she slipped her mouth along me. I reached down to curl my fingers in her hair. Moaning deeply as my body reacted to her sucking on me. Then she pushed down on me, but did not stop going. Sliding her mouth further and further along me. I watched in surprise as she took more of me into her mouth. Until finally she had swallowed all of my cock. She held me in her mouth for a moment then pulled back. Gasping softly and looking up at me, her eyes sparkling.

“I can't believe you did that.” I told her, she smiled.

“I wanted to see if I could.” She told me before slipping her lips back down onto my cock. Again she slid them down until all of my cock was in her mouth. Sucking hard on me as she did. As I watched she began to move her lips along me. Sucking my totally into her mouth each time she sank down. Curling her tongue around me as she held me in her mouth. I knew quickly that she was going to make me cum soon doing that. After only a few seconds I knew I was right, I could feel my orgasm building rapidly.

“Amy, you're going to make me cum.” I hissed to her softly, she glanced up her eyes glinting. Before increasing her speed on me. Sucking hard as she slipped her lips up and down me. Each time drawing all of my cock into her mouth. Remembering how she had been happy to swallow during the night, I left her too it. Relaxing and just enjoying the feel of her small mouth swallowing all of my cock. Feeling the head of my cock pressing deep into her mouth, almost to the back of her throat. The sensations she was causing was so good it had me on the edge all too soon. “Fuck, cumming babe.” I grunted as I felt my balls tighten. She held her mouth still on me, most of my cock inside her. Sucking hard as if she wanted to milk it of all my cum. With a harsh grunt I came, pumping my cum into her willing young mouth. If the night before had been a surprise this morning was just pleasure. Emptying my cum into her thirteen year old mouth, as she willingly sucked on me. Offering her mouth to my cum. Swallowing it all, with soft murmurs of deep pleasure. I grunted hard, my fingers wrapped tightly in her hair as I empted every drop of cum into her mouth. She held my cock inside her, sucking hard on it until I she had taken every last drop. Only then did she pull back, but not until she had licked my cock clean. She sat back on her heels and looked up at me.

“Did I do it right?” She asked, as if she did not know the answer.

“God yes Amy, you did it perfectly.” I told her, “but now I owe you two orgasms.”

“I ain't counting, cos I really enjoyed doing that.” She replied, but that was not good enough for me. I pulled her up to her feet, holding her tight against me.

“I am, and I want to do something to redress the balance.” She gave me a blank look. “I want to make you cum.” I told her, her eyes went wide She shook her head softly.

“No I don't want sex, I've never...” She said stopping quickly before revealing what I had already guessed.

“I don't mean sex Amy, I mean me giving you the equivalent of what you just did to me.” Again she looked blank at me. I smiled and kissed her softly. “Trust me, you'll like this.” I told her as I gently guided her to the bed. I sat her on the edge and kissed her harder. Pressing my lips to hers, probing them with my tongue. After a moments hesitation she opened her mouth. I snaked my tongue inside, curling it around hers. She relaxed, kissing me back hard. Matching my pressure with her own.

As I kissed her I slowly moved my hands down her side. Then ran my thumbs over her small breasts. Making her moan softly as I did. I smiled to myself wondering how she was going to react to what I was about to do to her. I cupped her breasts, squeezing them softly. Feeling their firm, small shape under my fingers. Then I moved my hands down to her small panties. As I hooked my fingers into the top and began to pull down. Amy froze as I began to pull down.

“I thought we weren't having sex.” She said.

“I'm not going to have sex with you, but I do need to get to your pussy.” I told her softly. She relaxed a little, enough to remove her panties. Slowly I pushed her back onto the bed. She looked up at me nervously, her eyes slightly scared. I smiled down at her to try and calm her fears. Before leaning down to kiss her again. Sliding my fingers up her thigh until I reached her pussy. Where I slowly, gently, rubbed at her. She mewed softly as I did. I moved my mouth down to kiss her neck, then her shoulders. She moved into my kisses, an almost instinctive act. Then I drew one breast into my mouth. Sucking softly on it, licking my tongue over her nipple. Her mews grew harder, deeper as I continued to suck on her breast and rub at her pussy. I moved to her other breast, sucking on that. Before moving down her body to between her legs.

She lifted her head to look down at me, her eyes wide and uncertain. She obviously had no idea what I was about to do to her. I gently pushed her legs apart, glancing down from her face to her small pussy. It was covered with a soft down of light brown hair. Using my fingers I pushed apart her outer lips. Lowering my head down I licked my tongue along her flesh. She gave a soft hiss as she felt me lick at her. As I tasted her my need to lick in her took over. Burying my face between her thighs and probed my tongue into her.

She tasted so sweet, so fresh. I licked in her as deeply as I could. If there was a taste of innocence hers was it. It was as if I was tasting her untouched flavour. I licked harder at her, trying to lick deeper in her. Licking my tongue along her pussy walls. Trying to draw as much of her taste into my mouth as I could. Amy was moaning softly, soft mews of pleasure. I could feel her body beginning to rock softly as I licked in her. I hooked my fingers over her thighs to hold her still. My head buried in her pussy.

“Oh no, no, fuck, no.” Amy began to gasp as I continued licking inside her. “God that feels so good, don't stop.” She added with a sharp gasp. I smiled as I licked inside her, glad she was enjoying my actions. Her body rocking harder now as I continued to lick at her. Her enjoyment obvious in her soft mews of pleasure. After a short while I heard in her voice the soft hitch that showed she needed something more.

I ran my tongue up to her clitoris, flicking across it softly. Amy gave a sharp intake of breath as I did. I did it again, flicking my tongue over the hard bud of flesh and nerves. Amy gasped, mewing deeply. I focused on her clit, licking harder at it.

“Oh no, no, fuck, no.” Amy moaned loudly. I was suddenly reminded of an old joke about different kinds of orgasm. There were three types: Positive: 'yes, yes,yes', Religious: 'oh god, oh god', and Negative: 'no, no,no'. Amy was the first time I had encountered a negative orgasm. But she sounded as if she was enjoying it.

“God, don’t stop, please, no, no.” She moaned sharply as I continued to lick at her clit. Running my tongue over it, round it. Flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Doing everything I could to give her pleasure. From the way her moans grew shriller I was guessing I was doing it right. “No, oh god no, ohh that’s so good. So good.” She moaned as I felt her body beginning to move on the bed. I reached up to cup her breasts, they felt small under my hands. I probed them with my fingers. Softly twisting her hard nipples as I did. All the time licking at her clit, using every trick I knew to give her an orgasm. As she began to writhe on the bed, and her moans grew shrill and high pitched, I guessed that I was getting her close.

“Fuck, no, no. Fuck I’m going to cum, no oh god close.” She gasped, I increased the pressure on her clit. Licking hard at it while rubbing at her breasts. A few seconds later her body stiffened, then exploded into her orgasm. She gasped loudly, rocking on the bed as her orgasm flashed through her. I licked at her clit, to add to her pleasure. Holding her down until I felt her body begin to relax from her orgasm. Only then did I push myself up away from her. She lay gasping on the bed, her eyes wide.

“That was amazing.” She finally said, I smiled in reply.

“I’m glad it was good for you. But I still owe you one orgasm.” I told her in joking tone. She shook her head hard.

“No you don’t, that was so good it was like two orgasms. I’ve never made myself cum like that before.”

“Made yourself cum?” I asked slightly surprised.



“Usual way, fingering myself.”

“You finger yourself.” She nodded, then looked at me as she saw my surprise at her admission.

“I’m not weird for doing that am I.” She said slowly, I shook my head.

“No, it’s normal. Just that most girls either don’t do it or, more likely, don’t admit to it. Actually it’s a bit of a turn on for me.”

“It is why?”

“It’s kind of a fantasy. I saw this in one of those erotic movies they show on late night satellite TV. This girl seduced the guy she was after by pushing her hand under her dress and fingering herself in front of him. That has been a fantasy since then, having a girl finger herself in front of me in order to seduce me.” She smiled softly.

“So I could seduce you by fingering myself.” She said her eyes flashing slightly.

“I think you’ve already done that.” I told her, she laughed softly. “But I think you had better go. Before your parents call your mate and find out you ain’t there.” She frowned slightly, before nodding.

“I guess you’re right, as much as I’d much rather like you to lick me out again.” Her face was hopeful as she looked up at me. I shook my head sternly. She shrugged, before climbing out of bed. “You can’t blame me for trying.” She said as she headed back to the spare room. A short while later I was letting her out the back door. Having first checked there was no one outside to see her leave. She gave me a soft kiss then quickly headed out onto the small car park that backed onto my house. I closed the door and sank onto the stairs behind me. Realising that I was in deep trouble, whether she told anyone or not.


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