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Subject: Pam's Trip to Scottsdale, Day 2

I awoke on the couch, with just a blanket thrown over me. As I came back
down to earth from the night before I was really curious about what today
would bring. I was kind of dozing and thinking when I started hearing some
distance cries and moans.

"Oh yeeessss, Kevin, harder, harder." And "Andy you and Leon stop
fighting, Bad Dog." And "Oh Oh Oh Oh yes that's a good boy. Fuck my little
rosebud. My Oh My Oh My."

I thought to myself "She's at it again. Is there no satisfying that girl?"

I got up and followed the sounds of the moaning and crying to a room I
hadn't been in before. I peeked in the door and there with her back to me
was Kaylee. She was straddling Kevin with his big, black cock up her
pussy. Kevin was seated in a sort of combination of a recliner and a Dr's
examination chair. And mounting Kaylee from the rear was Leon. Andy was
nipping at him I guess telling him that it was his turn. Leon was pounding
away at her ass as hard as he could. Kaylee looked at me thru eyes that
weren't seeing anything. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were glassy,
sweat was pouring off of her face and chest. As she was hammered by two
cocks all she could do was mumble, yes yes, go boys, fuck me and other
words I couldn't make out.

My pussy was tingling as I stood there fingering my clit. I wondered if
there was room for me. Kevin saw my dilemma and stuck his tongue out. So
what else could I do but lower my cunny down on it. I was facing Kaylee
and reached out and took her face in both hands and pressed my lips to
hers. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we shared a deep hot kiss.
She just about bit my tongue off as she started screaming No No No. From
the position she was in I realized that Andy had buried her knot in her
ass. Kevin pushed me off of him and grabbed her and pulled her down on
him, forcing her to stay where she was. Kaylee was crying some and
screaming a lot from the pain. Kevin said there was nothing to do but wait
until Andy was thru. I took what seemed like an hour before Andy pulled
out with a plop. Kaylee laid there on Kevin for some minutes before she
stopped crying. Then she looked at me and smiled and said, "WOW, what a
fuck!" Then she said, "Why don't you clean me up?"

I had begun to realize that probably the only thing I was going to get to
eat all week was pussy and cum and I was starving. And besides all of
Andy's cum was leaking out of her ass and her pussy showed signs of
Kevin's. So I dove in, starting at her knees and working up until my
tongue was penetrating both of her holes. As I licked with my tongue I
flicked her clit with my finger. This was bringing moans of delight.
Kevin had taken my free hand and wrapped it around his hard meat. And Leon
was licking me with his wonderful tongue. I brought Kaylee to climax first
and swallowed her love juice then Kevin hollered he was about to cum so I
took as much of him down my throat as I could. He filled my mouth with his
hot seed and then we all just kind of kicked back.

I couldn't fucking believe it because we hadn't laid there more then 5
minutes when Kaylee was up and running off like she had had a full nights
sleep. Kevin smiled at me and said, "When she's like this all you can do
is go along for the ride." She raced for the security room and turned on
all of the screens. She immediately spotted a middle aged white woman that
was deep throating a big black cock thru a hole in the wall. Kaylee
whooped and hollered "We've got to get that woman out here for Kevin!!!"

I personally had never seen anyone deep throat that big of a cock. It was
just about the exact size of Kevin's. Kaylee grabbed a phone and called
and talked to the manager in charge. All I could hear was she said, "I
don't give a fuck. Offer her a thousand bucks, but bring that lady out
here and rigggght now."

Kaylee plopped down in a big CEO chair and reached for my hand. With a
weird smile on her face she pulled me down on her lap. Both of us were
bare ass naked and Kaylee took complete advantage of the situation. First
she took each of my boobs in her hands and then started nibbling on my neck
and back. This sent shivers of pleasure thru my body and I started getting
quite aroused. Then one hand went down to my pussy where fingers began
probing and flicking. While this all was going on we watched as someone
entered the room where the gal was sucking the big cock and interrupted her
just as great streams of cum were shooting all over her face and down on to
her tits. We watched as money was handed the woman and she headed out the
door with the guy. The outside cameras showed them enter a car and leave
the parking lot.

Kevin was just setting there with a hard cock in his hand and a big smile
on his face. Kaylee rubbed my pussy and then spread my legs wide. "Why
don't you plant that big meat right here?" she asked, as she pointed to my

Kevin came over to us and dropped to his knees. He first started licking
and sucking my cunt and then rubbed the slit with his cock. Kaylee reached
around me and helped guide the big cock into my love hole. Kevin was
ruthless as he hammered my cunt driving his tool all the way in and then
pulling it all the way out. I loved every minute of it. We were just
getting going good and almost getting me to climax when the door opened and
in walked the woman and the driver. Kevin smiled a big hello as he buried
his cock in my cunt and left it there. Kaylee was playing with my tits and
I just laid there. Kaylee whispered in my ear, "Should we fuck the driver
before he leaves, kind of like a reward for bringing her here?"

"Sure," I replied, "He's kind of cute and has quite a bulge in his Levis."

Kaylee got up and went over to the pair and while she rubbed his crotch she
asked what their names were. Wanda and Les were their replies.

"Well guys," Kaylee said, "If you are going to play in our game you have to
get out of your cloths and into a uniform."

"What's the uniform?" asked Wanda as she slipped out of her skirt and

Kaylee sort of strutted around a little, sticking out her ass as she did
and said, "Just what I've got on, and don't you think it's stunning?"

Wanda kind of laughed as she kicked her panties over to the chair and
unhooked her bra. Oh was I in love. Ten or fifteen years ago this lady was
probably the most beautiful woman in town. She had big beautiful tits,
probably 36 DDD. And for a 40 plus lady they pointed almost straight out.
And yes, they were real. Nice round ass and flat tummy. It was apparent she
took very good care of herself. Hell she probably was still one of the most
beautiful women in town. Les had finally got his Levis and shirt off and
sported a fine cock of his own. Not as big as Kevin's but it would do in a
pinch. Kaylee and I both knew that Kevin would be busy with Wanda for some
time to come.

Kaylee said to Wanda, "Both Pammy and I can deep throat Les but we want to
watch you take Kevin all the way."

"That should be no problem," said Wanda as she dropped to her knees and
settled in between Kevin's legs. "I love big cocks like this, although his
is probably the biggest I've done."

Kevin was already hard as a rock so she began working her mouth over it.
She took it in and then backed her mouth off and then took it in
again. Each time taking a little more of the length down her throat. Kevin
was moaning in pleasure as she performed her specialty. Kaylee and I had
positioned Les between us and both of us were stroking his cock while we
watched the big black meat disappear down the throat of this talented white

Kaylee was bored watching and not doing so she moved around so she could
start working on Les. In the drop of a hat his big white cock was
disappearing down her throat. I reached down on the side of the chair and
pulled the lever that laid the back down. Just that quick we were working
on Les on a bed instead of in a chair. While Kaylee sucked his cock I
lowered my hot cunt down on his face. He began eating my pussy with great
eagerness and I quickly rewarded him with a face full of my love juice. I
was on a cloud as I squeezed my tits and rubbed my cunt on his face. He
was a very good cunt licker.

I was brought out of my ecstasy by moans and groans coming from both Kevin
and Les. Both were mumbling that they were about to cum. I watched as
Wanda worked on the hard cock of Kevin. Her mouth went up and down the
full length like a pussy. Kevin was flopping about, slapping the couch
with his arms as she coaxed his climax to completion. She was working so
hard I thought she needed a little pleasure so I reached over and began
fingering her pussy. Wanda was doing OK without any help. She was very wet,
her juice running down the inside of her thighs. Then my hand was pushed
out of the way by a dog's snoot. Fuck I thought to myself, I'm in
competition with Andy and Leon. I got down on my knees trying to get my
tongue in Wanda's cunt but Andy kept pushing my face away. Then I was
distracted by a big horney Leon, mounting me ready to fuck. I missed
licking Wanda's cunt but decided a good fuck by Leon would have to do.

While Leon hammered away, I watched Wanda finish off Kevin. His cock was
still huge, even thou it was at half mast. I also saw that Kaylee had
lowered her cunt down on Les's meat. Andy was busy licking Wanda and I was
being fucked by Leon. Everyone was busy, everyone was getting it done. I
was thinking how odd it was that Andy hadn't tried to mount Wanda and as if
he was reading my mind, up on the back of Wanda he leaped. She started
crying no no no but I said yes yes yes and moved her arm from Andy's leg.

"You have given Kevin a lot of pleasure," I counseled, "now it's time for
you to have some."

"But I don't do it with dogs," Wanda cried.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it. Let him fuck you for a few minutes
and if you still say No, I'll pull him of off you."

I guided Andy's cock into Wanda's cunt and he immediately took over,
shifting into high gear and hammering the lady. She was moaning from the
start and after a couple of minutes I asked, "Should I pull him off?"

"Don't you dare," she replied.

Andy fucked her longer then he had fucked either Kaylee or I since I had
been there. His tongue was hanging a foot out of his mouth and drool was
all over everything. Then with a couple of yips of his own, he stopped, up
tight to her and was tied with his knot buried deep in her cunt.

"What's going on?" Wanda asked panting away.

"Well love, he filled you with doggy cum and is now tied to you with his
knot. Just lay there and enjoy your full pussy because it will be a few
minutes before he lets loose."

I could hardly wait. Leon had untied from me and gone over and laid down.
I was sure Andy would do the same thing. I hadn't planned on interference
from Kaylee. I sat there playing with Wanda's tits while Andy remained
tied. I had one hand down under Wanda's pussy to catch as much of the load
as I could when Andy pulled out. Andy pushed himself up with his front
legs and backed off of Wanda. But before I could move in between her legs
Kaylee was there, burying her face in the beautiful wet cunt. I was about
half pissed off but thought that's just how Kaylee is. Seize the moment.
Kaylee moved over and let me in and at times both our tongues were in her
pussy. We licked the inside of her thighs, down the crack between her buns
and all over.

Wanda laid down on the floor exhausted. Kevin was not moving in his chair
and neither was Les. And the dogs were a sleep. The only ones still
active were Kaylee and me. She had her butt pointed at me and I could see
a bunch of guy cum oozing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I started
licking and she started enjoying. I don't know how the girl does it but in
only a few minutes of my tongue work she was shooting girl cum all over my
face. I laid down on the floor thinking I could use a little sleep too. I
looked up at the clock and it was a little after 8 in the evening. All I
had to eat all day was various flavors of love juice. I was hungry and
tired. Kaylee got up and went over and laid down between the dogs and was
soon fast a sleep. I just laid where I was and joined her.

I awoke once during the night to people moving around but didn't really
care what was going on. I went back to sleep and dreamed of horses and
dogs. At races and dog shows of course.

This is the end of my second day in Scottsdale. I thank you for your
interest. Any comments please email me at pammy2288 at yahoo dot com. I try to
answer all of them. Pammy

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