I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
2 or 3 months later, the little old lady was driving down the road again and there [ he was ] the same little 14 year old boy that had let her suck him, on the little dirt road, just afew weeks before.

As soon as she saw him, she felt her nipples starting to harden, as she remembered the feel and taste of his little boy boner, as he opened his pants and let her suck on it, until it squirted.

She wanted to pull over and pick him up again but there was one little problem, this time he wasn't alone, he had another little boy with him. A boy that only looked to be 10 or 11 years old. Did she dare do it?

She was afraid to stop and went right on past them but found herself turning around, about a mile down the road. Coming back to where they were and turning back around for them.

As soon as the older boy saw who it was, as they were walking up to the car, he leaned over and said something to the younger boy and his eyes got real wide, even though he didn't say anything.

She wanted to mash on the gas and just pull away but remembering the taste of the older boys " Boy cum " made her sit there and wait for them, to get in the car with her.

She was hoping that the older boy would get into the car first and slide over beside her but the younger boy jumped in first and then the older boy got in and closed the door.

When she finally got up the courage to say, " Hi, where are you going today?" He looked right at her and said, " Nowhere special, I'm just teaching Timmy, how easy it is to hitchhike."

She was at a total loss, as to what to say or do. If the younger boy wasn't there, she would have been sucking the older boy by now or at least jacking him off, as the drove along, that much she was sure of.

And that's when it happened.

They hadn't driven very far, when the older boy whispered, " Think you can find that old dirt road again?" " That old dirt road, where you sucked me, remember?"

She felt her face getting all hot and knew that she was blushing and looked at him and whispered, " Please don't."

But he wouldn't let up off of her, he knew he had him a cocksucker here and that there was no way, that she could deny it. As he embarrassed her even more, in front of the little boy by saying, " You like to suck dick, don't you lady, tell Timmy how much you wanted to suck mine and I let you."

" Please don't, please don't make me say it."

And before she even answered, he reached down and started undoing the buttons on his levis and slid them half way down his thighs, along with his underware. Showing her his dick and balls again, as he whispered, " Find the road lady and I'll let you suck it again, only this time there will be 2 of us watching you do it, not just one."

The embarrassment of it all, was making her want to drive on and forget about it. But just seeing his dick and balls again, laying there bare, waiting for her to lick and suck on them, wouldn't let her drive on and she started looking for it.

As soon as she found the little dirt road, she turned up it and before driving to far, stopped the car.

She wanted to suck it but she was afraid, afraid that the little boy would tell and somehow the older boy figured that that was what was stopping her and he whispered, " Don't worry, he won't tell."

Why, him saying that the little boy wouldn't tell, made it " Ok " in her mind, to go ahead a do it, she didn't know but it did. Because the next thing she knew, she was reaching across him and fondling the older boys cock, feeling it starting to harden, as she pulled and tugged on it.

As soon as he had a boner, the " Need " to suck it took over and the next thing she knew, she was leaning over the littlier boy, bending down to it and licking on the swollen head, as the older boy sat there holding it, watching her doing it.

" Ohhh, Ohhh shit lady."

He started moaning and telling the younger boy, " See, see, I told you she liked it." " Tell him lady, tell him your a " Cocksucker " he doesn't believe it."

She to embarrassed to answer him and hated him for saying that, as she slipped her mouth down over the swollen head and sucked on it gently, as it started to slide in. Feeling her nipples hardening, as she smelled and tasted the pee, that was on the end of it.

The younger boy could feel her titties mashing against him and even though he was only 11 years old, his boner was coming up too, as he sat there watching the little old lady, going down on his friend.

Just watching her head bobbing up and down on the older boys boner, was exciting him, in some strange kind of way. He had never been sucked before, by anyone, but watching what she was doing to Tommy, made him want her to suck him too. And the next thing he knew, he was reaching under her and feeling her titties, as they hung down below her.

Even though she was well into her 50's, her breasts were still pretty firm and she wasn't wearing a bra, so that made it even easier for him to get at them and feel her hard nipples.

As he slid his right hand under her, she let out a little whimpering, when she felt him pinching and pulling on her well sucked-on nipples. Tugging on them, pulling down on them, like he was trying to milk a cow.

Looking at her turned and bent across him like that, made him want to do something else but would she let him. He had never fingered a girl yet, although he had played with 2 or 3 girls at the saturday movies, that had let him touch and rub them down there, thru their panties.

As he played with her titties, with his right hand, he put his left hand on the top of her left hip, that was raised up off of the car seat, since she was turned and bending over him.

As soon as he touched her hip, she let out a little moan, that told him, that she was going to let him. So he went alittle further and slid his hand down along her hip and down her leg, until he had found the bottom of her dress and started to slowly slide it up. Wondering, if she was going to stop him but she didn't.

Tommy was holding her head and working it up and down on his boner, faster and faster, getting more and more excited, as he watched Johnny sliding her dress up and saw that she was wearing panties alright, black thong panties. Which shocked both of them because they didn't know, that little old lady's would wear something like that.

Now Johnny was rubbing her butt cheeks with his left hand, as well as playing with her titties, with his right hand. The whole while feeling a strange tingling in his boner, not even knowing that it was his precum, slowly oozing out of the end of it and down into his underwear.

As soon as Tommy saw her panty covered ass come into view, he lost it and pushed her head all the way down on his swollen boner and held it there, choking and gagging her, as it squirted, " Once " Squirt...Agghhhhhhhhhhh, " Twice " Squirt...Agghhhhhhhhh, " Three times " Squirt...Agghhhhhhhhh, into the older lady's warm sucking mouth and then the only sounds coming from the car, were the little " Sucking " and " Gulp...Gulp...Gupling sounds," that she was making, as they watched and listened to her " Eating " it.

He sat there moaning, " Oh fuck lady, oh fuck." As he watched her swallowing it, again and again and again.

And that's when he saw an old pick-up truck coming down the dirt road, towards them.

He started yelling, " Oh shit lady, get up, get up, someone's coming." " Hurry, hurry but it was to late, as the old pick-up truck squeezed past them, on the narrow dirt road.

The older boy didn't know what to do, as the pick-up eased past them and the little old man driving it, looked down into the car and saw the half dressed little old lady, with her head still on the boys lap and his dick still in her mouth. And his pants still pulled down to his knees. There was no doubt, what she was doing to him. She was doing to him, what the little old man had seen her doing many times, sucking on some young boy, on his little dirt road.

He didn't say a word, just smiled at the 2 young boys and drove on, still smiling.

When the old lady finally raised up and the older boy, told her what had happened, she moaned, " Oh nooo." But as soon as she saw the little wet spot, on the front of the littlier boys pants,she lost it and she started undoing them, without even asking him. The " Need " to suck again, was that strong in her.

Even though it was only 2 1/2 or 3 inches long, it was still a boner and she couldn't let it get away, without sucking it first.

Johnny was just sitting there, not believing what was happening, as he watched her pulling his little dick out, bend down to it and slip her warm mouth over the end of it and suck on it gently, as it slid in.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh." He had never been sucked before and didn't understand the feeling of a mouth and a tongue, on his little boner. He kept trying to squirm away but she slipped her hands under his little butt and pulled him up to her, holding him up off of the seat, as she sucked on it.

"Agghhhhhhhhhhh, she's sucking it, she's sucking it."

" I know, I told you, she liked to suck it, didn't I?" " Just let her do it, she won't hurt you, believe me."

Johnny was only 10 almost 11 years old and had never squirted yet but he was feeling something down there and started telling her to " Stop, Stop, over and over again and when she didn't, he couldn't hold it anymore and just let it go and the next thing he knew, he was peeing and the little old lady was still sucking on it and drinking it, like it didn't matter to her, that it was pee and it didn't.

The only sounds coming from the car were his little moans and the little, " Gulp," ..." Gulp,"...Gulping sounds, that she was making, as she swallowed it, again and again and again.

When he finally finished peeing, she raised up off of it and without saying a word, straightened her dress out and drove them down the road, to where they were going.

As they were getting out, she whispered, " Thank you " and drove away, with her old pussy still leaking its sweet juices, into her thong panties and oozing down onto the car seat. Hoping that there would be a next time and there was, the very next weekend.


2008-04-06 08:06:06
I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker


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my broblem now


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this Guy is a Master, He seems to know our deepest darkest fantasies, keep up the good work.


2007-05-01 05:55:33
Thank you

I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker


2007-04-25 19:16:02
Cool story! ! !

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