Parts 1 & 2 of Ollie and Annie. Sorry for any typos

Oliver stood there, staring, with a smug look on his face. Oliver easily had a body a girl would go crazy over, and his eyes were always full of compassion and what you needed to see most at the time. Me? I'm an average looking tomboy, who spends all her time, when she's not doing schoolwork, playing video games or skateboarding. He been my best friend for years, and was like my older brother, who had been excepted into the army last year, because he was 2 years older than me. I had been caught playing a game, when he walked in. We don't live in the best neighborhood, but we always keep our door unlocked so if anyone needs to talk or PLAY GAMES, they can. My parents always are fighting, so I come over here a lot. Sometimes, I'm jealous of my brother because he's working on army techie stuff, and I'm stuck here, with those people. Oliver had his own apartment, next to all of our buddies, so that was our favorite hangout.  
Oliver smiled, his perfect teeth staring out at me after being release from his lips, and said "How did I know that you would be here?" I paused the game and punched him on the arm, laughing "At least I'm not Joe, who'd be screwing some girl with one of those controllers, which now that I think about it, I shouldn't be touching." He smiled down at me, and gripped me in a bear hug, then started tinkling. I was squirming and laughing, when he suddenly stopped and got up. He gave me this forced smile and a pained look, "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back!" and he dashed away. I took this time to go to the kitchen and grab a glass of milk. I heard moaning and almost did a spit take, but then remembered that these walls are really thin, and the sounds were probably coming from Joe, because the voice was a man's. The moaning increased, and then they stopped and Oliver strolled in. "Did you here that?" I asked. "You mean the moaning? Yeah, it sounded like it was coming from Joe's room. We should probably get that girl out of there before he takes her flower with his meat stick." We laughed and ran over there, because Joe has a thing for virgins. He even tried hitting on me when he first moved here, and I had to tell him I wasn't a virgin, which I still am. When we reached the door, I told Oliver to wait outside and I would shout if I couldn't get the girl from Joe's grasp. When entered the room, I was shocked to see Joe, masturbating and mumbling "Oh Annie, move your hand just like that. Ahhhhhh... Your gonna make me cum, Annie...". I must have let out a little gasp at him moaning my name, because he turned and saw me, his eyes wide "Annie, um... You see...This isn't what you..." and I ran. Oliver was just were I left him, and when I dashed past he chased after me. My house wasn't that far away, so when I through open the door Oliver was close behind. I plopped down on my bed, curled into a ball and started crying. Oliver came in and asked "What happened? What's wrong?" and I spilled the whole story. He listened, and when I told him that Joe was moaning my name, he just said "Well, you are a beautiful girl, and nice, sweet, funny and a kick ass video game player." I blushed, and gave him a big hug, "Thank you for cheering me up, Ollie." He grabbed my arms and, with a serious look, said "Don't do that. Please, don't do that. I just can't handle..." and for the first time I felt something poking at my leg. I look down and see the big tent in the front of his pants. "Ollie? Why do you have an erection? When was the last time you masturbated?" "A little while ago, actually," he says, "When I was in the bathroom. Those moans were mine." I'm shocked; why would he have an erection from me? I look up at him, and his lips pressed against mine suddenly. Without allowing myself time to think, I returned his kiss, eagerly. Why? He was like a brother to me. But his lips were sweet and gently firm, and his mouth fascinated me. I pulled him closer. 
Then my phone rang, and I pulled away. I answered, and it was Joe. I tossed my phone onto my bed, getting up to take a shower. Oliver just stayed there, and looked at me with longing. The first minutes were me wondering what the hell I was doing. He was like my brother, and I had kissed him. Worse, I had wanted to kiss him. Why did my life have to be so complicated?! The next few minutes were me scrubbing my skin; not from his touch, but from the dirt that had collected from the day before.
I turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me and walking out. Oliver was still sitting on the bed, and his pants stirred when I walked in. I grabbed my underwear, shorts and a T-shirt. I walked back in the bathroom and changed the strolled out and saw that Oliver's pants were still stirring. I plopped down next to him, and pulled his ear close to my lips. "Ollie, are you sure that your cock is hard from me? Maybe you're just horny. My friend Jessica...." "No!!!" he interrupted, "It's from you. I love you, Annabel."
"You haven't called me by that name in years," I said, surprised, but not unpleasantly. I love him too, I had realized, but I didn't know how far I would go.
"You're too important."
He leaves. I follow. I'm lost in an alley.

That night, I was raped.

Part 2

I've been curled up in a ball for at least a day now.
My once smooth skin has scars all over from where they scratched me, the outfit in my trash torn to shreds when the ripped I off me. And my flower is gone.
Oh what a pretty rose it had been.
About to bloom from ones true love.
Only to have it stolen by two men the carrier didn't know.
And in the dark shadows a there is now new fallen snow.
Such poetry, huh? I've had nothing to do but sit here and weep. And inside I'm sinking into the darkness.
Oliver hasn't seen me, and I'm glad. No one will ever love me now. And I'm okay with it, because after what happened I wouldn't want them to. I cry myself to sleep.
 I can still see he two men in my sleep. They tell me that I shouldn't be out at night alone. They pin me into the corner, and rip off my clothes, all while I'm screaming for someone, ANYONE to help me. No one did. The sink their nails into me so I'll be have and thrust. I feel so much pain, and start crying but they continue. My body goes numb and all I can feel is the pain.
All I want is to not have a baby to one of them.
I already went to the doctor, and they said I don't have any diseases, so I'm good there. I just hope...
Bam Bam Bam!!! I'm woken up by some loud knocking on my door. I scramble out of bed and open the door, hating what I find.
It's Oliver, and he seems happy to see. Like nothings wrong, but he realizes when I don't smile back, and I close and lock the door. 
"Annie!!" he calls, but I'm already sinking to the floor, in an unconscious pile.
I wake up on the floor, and stand up, straighten myself out. I hear Oliver outside still, so I open the door. "What the fuck?! Why'd you do that Annie?" I give him the best smile I can muster, and walk to the kitchen, grabbing a coke, for him of course because I don't have any appetite, and sit down on the couch. 
He looks up at me in wonder, "What's wrong? You NEVER get me anything, let alone something I don't ask for. Where's your parents?"
"They left."
"What?!?! Why?!"
"They don't want to be around me."
"You're awesome, so why wouldn't they want to be around you?"
"Because I was raped two days ago."
Silence, as he sits there and can't believe his ears. I help him up and walk him to the door. He stops himself just before I could push him out. He spins and falls on top of me, and when I try to get back up he pins me down.
"Your lying," he says, a cold voice is all I heard. His hand slides up my leg, under my shorts and under my panties. He slides his finger in my deflowered pussy, and cries-I wasn't lying. "How could some do that?" he cried, removing his hand from me. I pulled him into my embrace, and said "It was painful. They wouldn't let me run away and I... I was calling for you, and no one saved me. They didn't care, and if someone prettier had walked along hey would have picked her. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." I had released him a little at this time and he was using that space to look me in the eyes. He had 3 things in his eyes- sadness, pity, and another thing I could not identify at that moment. "I wish I could do something..." he said to himself, and suddenly crushed his lips to mine, sending a bolt of electricity throughout my lips and up to my brain. He immediately probed my lips with his tongue. I opened my mouth and our tongues danced in each other mouths, I moved my hands, rubbing them up his 6-pack, and they made their way to his chest where I begun pinching his nipples slightly. His hard cock was pushing against my stomach.
His hands were glue to my breasts, and, as he felt my nipples harden, he opened his eyes and broke our lip contact. Oliver pulled my shirt off of me, and began sucking my nipples with all his might. I don't know when it started, but I was crying, and he released my nipples. It didn't matter that it was Ollie doing it to me, it was just the memory of being raped that sent me into my fit of tears. He lightly kissed my lips and whispered "Take your time. I love you, and I will wait."
I thanked him, and he excused himself from my house. I drifted back to sleep...
The next day I felt well enough to go out, and I decided to take a stroll. I was walking down a main street, and saw a couple kissing in a cafe. I originally wished that I was the girl, but then I realized who the boy was-OLIVER.

And my heart broke.

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If you pressed 5, here us a sneak peek of the last 3 lines of part 3.

"What?!" I asked incrediously.
"I still love you Bella," Derek said, "Even after what you did to my dad, he tried to protect you."
And he pulled my lips to his in what must have been the most passionate kiss in the whole world.

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