I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
The old man couldn't believe it, as he saw the pretty little redhead, from the school where he worked, hitchhiking along side of the road, that they were driving on.

He had be watching her for 2 years now and even though she was only 13 years old, she had the little body of an 18 year old and liked to prick tease the boys with it. Spreading her little knees ever so slightly in class and showing them her pretty panties and trying to get them to want her and they did.

Today she was in a mini skirt and had a little halter top on and when they opened the door for her to get in, she spread her little legs and flashed them, with her black thong panties.

Tom and Dan were both in their late 50's but both of them still appreciated a pretty girl, especially a pretty and young 13 year old one, like this one was.

When Tom, the driver asked her, " Where you going?" She almost made both of them faint, when she answered, " I'm horny, I'm going to find me a boy."

Dan looked at her and said, " Shit baby, have you ever tried a man," and she looked him over and whispered, " Nooo."

" Well, maybe you should sometime, men can do it longer than boys or don't you know that, yet?"

She had the strangest look in her eyes, as she looked at both of them and said, " Really?"

Without even asking her, Dan reached down and undid his pants and pulled his dick out, showing it to her, asking her, " Have you seen one this big yet?"

" Nooo, it's huge."

Tom laughed when he heard her say that and said, " If you think his is big, you ought to see mine." And watched as her eyes went down between his legs, looking at it, waiting for him to take it out and show it to her, like Dan was showing her his.

Tom couldn't believe it, as he saw [ That look in her eyes ] that look that says, " I'm horny mister, please show it to me."

He looked right at her ad said, " Hold the wheel and I'll show you."

She took ahold of the wheel and watched as he undid his pants and slowly pulled it out. Gasping when she saw just how big it was and whimpering because she'd never be able to take it. Especially since she had only been done, by little teenage boys so far. And their dicks were only 3,4 and 5 inches. Maybe one of them had been all the way up to 6 inches but that was the biggest that she had taken so far and both of these were 9 inches, maybe more.

When Dan slid his hand up the inside of her leg, she wanted to stop him but she couldn't. And the next thing she knew, he was rubbing gently on her pretty red haired pussy and coaxing her to take her panties off.

Even though she was afraid and couldn't do it, she did reach down and slide her little mini skirt up, showing them her pretty panties, hoping that that would be enough for them. Just to see her panties.

But it wasn't enough and she watched wide eyed, as Dan Reached up and took ahold of the waistband of her black thong and slowly slid it down. Revealing her fresh young pubic hair, pubic hair that she was just getting old enough to grow.

Even though she was young, they could still see the little droplets of moisture, on the little hairs, surrounding her opening. She was horny alright, there was no doubt about that.

There she was sitting on the front seat of their old car, with her little legs spread and her pretty pussy, that was just starting to get red pubic hair on it, out in the open, for both of them to view.

As soon as he saw it, old Tom reached over and started stroking on it, with his old boney fingers, moaning, " Oh fuck yesss," as he stroked it and listened to the little purr coming out of her.

From the look on her face now, she was way to horny to stop them and both of them read it, as Tom stroked her pretty pussy and Dan slowly puled her halter top over her head.

Both of them letting out a long low moan, when her perky little 13 year old titties came into view. Knowing that they had barely been sucked and even then just by boys and not even men. All of that was about to change, both of them knew it and so did she.

Dan bent down and started licking and sucking on first one nipple and then moved over to the other, making her whimper and squeal like the little girl, the little 13 year old girl, that she still was.

While Dan was sucking and playing with her little titties, Tom started caressing her little pussy, with the tip of his middle finger. Caressing it, coaxing her to spread her little legs even wider and she did.

Easing it up into her, trying not to hurt or shock her, he started working it in and out of her slowly, while listening to her, making sure that he wasn't hurting her.

Listening to her little whimpers, as they turned into moans, little moans of pleasure, as she raised her pelvis up and tried to get him to push it into her deeper but he wouldn't.

He not only wouldn't, he couldn't, she was still a virgin and he couldn't do it. Even though she was grinding on his finger now and begging him, " Do me, do me, please do me." But he couldn't and pulled his hand away from her. Making Dan mad and he screamed, " What are you doing, she likes it, can't you see that?"

" Yeah, she likes it alright asshole, she's a virgin, she's never been had before."

" Sooo."

" So, that means we aren't going to do her, that's what it means." " Didn't you hear me, she's a virgin."

Dan was horny and pissed and wasn't about to let the little girl go. Especially since it was her that wanted it in the first place and now he was to horny to stop now and he knew it, as he slid his hand between her legs and up to her little asshole, touching it and whispering, " There, how about there, have you ever been done back there?"

And both of them were shocked when she whispered, " Uh huh."

And Dan asked her, " Did you like it?" And again she whispered, " Uh huh."

And he looked at her again and said, " Wanna try it with us?" And she whimpered and said, " Nooo, nooo, your to big, way to big, all of them were boys and none of them were very big."

" All of them, there was more than one of them, how many did you back there?"

" I don't know, 6 or 7, they got me drunk at a party and I was really horny, so it was easy for them to get me to let them do it." " All I remember, besides all the pain of them going in, was that they did me so hard and so long, that they left me raw and swollen back there and I couldn't walk right for over a week and it seemed like everybody at my school laughed at me, when I walked by because somehow they knew, that I had " Taken it up the ass " and I couldn't hide it.

Both of them were shocked by her honesty and that's when Dan, put his finger tip against her little asshole and whispered, " You like it, when I touch you there?" And just as she was whispering, " Uh huh," he worked his finger tip, up into her little butthole. Making her squeal but she didn't try and get away from him, so he eased it up into her deeper and started to finger fuck her little asshole, right there on the frontseat of their old car.

He had been fingering her for almost 5 minutes, when he mumbled to Tom, " Find a dirt road, she's ready."

Tom had been watching her little ass, grinding onto Dan's finger and listening to the little moans and whimpers coming out of her and he to, knew that she was " Ready " and that all he had to do, was to find a place to do her and she'd let them.

No sooner had they found a road and turned down it, when she worked her little mini shirt down over her little hips and now she was naked, completely naked, as they took her down the little dirt road, to do her.

Both of them couldn't believe it, when they finally stopped and she sat there rubbing circles around her little clit, with her finger tip, as she watched both of them getting undressed.

Tom had stopped, at an old abandoned farm house. Hoping to find something there, to fuck her on and they did. Because laying on its side, out in the backyard, was an old barrel. Something to bend her over and do her up her ass, like she was wanting them too.

Tom decided that he should go first because he had found her and Dan didn't argue. He just went around to the other side of the barrel and watched as old Tom coaxed her into draping herself over it. With her little 13 year old ass sticking up in the air, waiting, waiting for them to do it.

As soon as she felt the end of his big dick, touching her little asshole, she changed her mind and started screaming and begging them, not to do her.

Dan was holding both of her hands, pulling and holding her across the barrel and Tom was spitting and wetting his dick, putting it to her little tight hole and trying to push it in.

" Noooooooooooooo, Nooooooooooooooooooo, It hurtssssssssssss, It hurtsssssssssssssssss, I don't want to do it anymore, stop, stop, please stop."

But both of them were to far gone to stop now and the next thing you heard, was the loudest scream coming out of her, as the head on his big dick pushed up into her, holding her open, as he tried to get more of it up into her, so he could fuck her, while they had her draped over the barrel.

The little redhead was screaming and trying to get away. But the more she screamed and wiggled on it, the deeper it went up into her. Until finally he had enough of it up in her to fuck her and he started to move it in and out of her slowly, waiting for her to get used to the size of it and somehow she did.

Because the next thing he knew, she was moaning, ' Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me mister." Louder and louder, until he did.

Pushing his huge dick up into her little butthole, not caring anymore if he hurt her, in fact to be honest, he was trying to hurt her and make her cry and she did. But still he kept pounding his huge cock into her, stretching her little butthole and rectum, like they had never been stretched before.

When Dan saw that she was finally " Taking it," he slipped his hand under her chin and gently raised her head. He saw that her eyes were already starting to cross and knew that he had to hurry, as he coaxed her into opening her little mouth and let him slowly ease his swollen cock into it. Watching her, as she started sucking on it willingly , without him even having to tell her too.

Just the sight of a 13 year old girl, a pretty red headed 13 year old girl, sucking on his old cock, was enough to almost make him loose it. He had been sucked by young girls before but never by one as pretty and as young as this one was and never by one that seemed to like doing it, as much as she did.

She didn't care that one was fucking her in her mouth and that the other one was fucking her, not in her pretty red haired pussy but in her pretty ass. She didn't care anymore, she was far to horny to stop them and they knew it, as both of them kept fucking into her, like she was a little ragdoll, inbetween them.

All at once Tom started mumbling and yelling, " Nooooooooo, Noooooooooooooo, Oh Shit, Nooooooooooooooooo. As his huge cock jerked up inside of her, spurting its white cum " Once "...Agghhhhhhhhhhhh, " Twice "...Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ' Three times "...Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, deep up inside of her little asshole. Making the little redhead cry out, again and again, each time it it spurted and drained his huge balls into her.

Watching her little ass bucking and jerking, as Tom squirted into her again and again, was to much for Dan and he took ahold of her little head and held it tight, as he pushed his warm cock all the way down her throat, choking her, as he got her to " Deep Throat " him, as he drained his warm balls down into her belly. " Aggghhhhhh, oh fuck, suck it baby, suck it." " Agghhhhhhhhhh."

And both of them came again, as they listened to the little " Gulp "..." Gulp "..." Gulping sounds " that she was making, as they stood there watching her sucking on his old dick and listened to her " Eating it."

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I find it to be completely hilarious just how many of you comment negatively on his stories. Just as the author dictates, if you don't like the story then find one to fit your fetishes of young children. Apparently with a site as vast as this, you people keep coming to this same author, so in essence, it is hilarious. :) Flame on folks, flame on hard. 6/10 Milker. I have seen far worse and seen far better. You can do better with time, but that's your own priority. Good luck.

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I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker

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My problem is that everyone here READ THE STORY. They give us those tags for a reason. So to you people who couldn't put out a decent story - sex or non-sexual - I say FUCK YOU. I happen to like Milker's writing, and grammatical errors are inconsequential. I'd rather read something with somewhat lacking grammar, that gets my rocks off, than something that is grammatically correct and bores the living hell out of me. Milker, 10/10. I salute you. Don't worry. I'm saluting everyone else, too... "stone cold" style. -Anonymouse.


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lots of folks in self denial here. This sight is free and no one is forced to read anything. Seems this writer is hitting the truth very close to home for some and it makes them uncomfortable.

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