Uncle and niece have a rough incounter while out on the lake
The following literature is fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

Chapter 6:

It didn’t take long for Todd to back the Jeep to the lakes edge and have the boat in the water and unhitched. He had been doing this with his family for the last 15+ years. He loved being on the water, and from the looks of it, the water looked exceptionally inviting today.

Every year, Todd’s family would rent a Hunter Sailboat. This year he was able to secure a 27’ long Hunter model for the weekend. He couldn’t wait to get it out on the water and feel its handle with the waves. Most likely they would just cruise around the lake using the engine and just keep the sails tied down, as there was little wind.

Todd had his family use the pier to climb into the boat, and it wasn’t long before they were out coasting the lake looking for an ideal boating spot. Todd could see both his nephews were at the bow of the sailboat watching as it broke through the waves. The water was calm, so there wasn’t much of a splash but every so often.

His sister had already placed a towel out on the deck and was soaking up the sun’s rays. She had her iPod in, which was typical of her. It was her way of asking for peace and quiet. Kristen was sitting next to her mom, lying on her stomach, letting the sun beat down on her legs and scantly covered bottom.

And of course Todd was at the helm of the boat, navigating their way to a good spot to stop and enjoy lunch. It wasn’t long before Kristen, his niece, was approaching him from the boats middle deck. Todd loved how the sunlight fell on her skin, causing her to glow and beam.

“Hey baby girl, are you having a good time?” He asked as she approached. Kristen just smiled and nodded. She loved being next to her strong uncle. She felt like a woman when she was next to him.

“What did you do while we were gone?” He asked next. Todd was hoping Kristen would reply with something sexual and give him a tease. He was hoping to hear she either had some dirty thoughts, or maybe even played with herself. When Kristen finally did reply, it was not the answer Todd was expecting to hear.

“I was caught fingering myself by Tyler & Dyson.” She finally replied. Her little voice trailed off and she was now looking down at the boat deck. Todd looked over and saw tears running down her face. “What’s wrong baby girl? Talk to me, tell me what’s wrong,” Todd pleaded.

Kristen was terrified that her Uncle Todd would be mad and wouldn’t want her anymore, if he found out other guys had used her for sex. Especially if he found out she allowed her twin brothers to fuck her. “I let Tyler and Dyson do me, like you did me last night.” As soon as Kristen said this, Todd could see more tears streaming down her face.

He was floored to hear this, but he realized it was also quickly turning him on. Was he hearing this correctly? Had his little niece allowed her twin teenage brothers to fuck her just hours before? Todd took his hand and quickly pinched Kristen’s little ass cheek. With a smile he said, “Its ok baby girl. I am not mad at you, I promise. I just want to know all the details. Who did you enjoy more? Who….” Todd had so many questions, but had to stop abruptly. Vicki had sat up and was removing her iPod from her ears.

“Come on Skipper Todd, have you found a stopping point yet?” Vicki called out in a teasing voice.

Todd had the boat come to a stopping point where small waves were causing the sail boat to bounce gently on the calm lake. It didn’t take long for the boys to throw their over-sized tubes into the water and jump in. They first started racing, it seemed more like slow swimming, back and forth between the safe-water-mark buoy that was about 5 to 6 yards from the boat.

Kristen was now at the bow of the boat cheering them on. Todd was sitting on the boat deck next to his sister and he had removed his shirt. He wanted to bask in the sun and get his tan darker as well. He could hear his sister talking to him, but he wasn’t really paying attention. He was too busy staring at his nieces little ass. It was barely covered by a yellow bikini bottom. The bikini had ridden up and was giving him a great view of her partial ass cheek. So many things were running through his mind, “Did she have her brothers cum in her still? Did they fuck her long and hard?”

“Todd did you hear me?” Vicki called out. “Huh, I am sorry sis. I was in deep thought” Todd replied.

Vicki laughed and spoke again, “I think we need some more beer. I finished mine and you don’t even have one, so we definitely have a problem.” She was just teasing him, but he knew he would need another beer if he was going to have to stare at his little niece all afternoon.

Just as Todd stood up, he heard Vicki’s cell phone start ringing. “Really sis, you brought a distraction with you?” he called out. He was just teasing her, but he knew she could never leave without her phone. “I am sorry, but I have to answer it. Its Kelly and I haven’t spoken to her in two weeks.” With that she quickly answered her phone and started babbling female talk. Todd took this as his queue to head below deck to find some more beer.

The below deck area was pretty small, but obviously very well laid out for space and accommodations. There was a small eating table. Surrounding it was booth seating for 4. There were also 3 bar chairs bolted to the floor along the wall, with railing for cups and so forth. The ceiling was low, but anyone under 6’ was ok. There was also a small galley for food preparation and a mini fridge for drinks. Todd was impressed at the layout and took it in for a few moments. That’s when he heard footsteps approaching from above deck, coming down the stairs.

Todd turned around expecting to see Vicki, his sister. Instead it was little niece, Kristen, and she was smiling ear to ear. “What are you doing Uncle Todd,” she quizzically asked.

“Just looking for some more beer and ice baby,” he replied smiling. “Ok, cool, I will help you then,” Kristen replied as she found a bucket and some ice. Todd was watching her intently, because her young body was so tempting and inviting. He could already feel his cock swelling in his swimming trunks.

Kristen picked up a small piece of ice and looked at her uncle. She seductively took the ice and started rubbing it against the outside of her bikini panties. Instantly she began letting out soft sighs of pleasure.

“Kristen we have to be careful. Your mom and brothers are outside and any one of them could walk below and catch us.” Todd pleaded with her, but secretly he loved it.

“Do me Uncle Todd. Do me right now, right here!” Kristen commanded this with a low sexual growl. Todd had never heard his niece talk like that before. The lust in her eyes meant she was serious. Kristen was now rubbing her pussy frantically and bending at the knees.

Todd quickly scooped up his weightless niece and plopped her on the small eating table. Todd dropped his swimming trunks and knew this was not going to be a passionate fuck. This was going to be a rough, hardcore, animalistic fuck. Every hormone in him hungered for her tight young body.

Todd yanked Kristen’s bikini bottoms to the side and shot a big wad of spit on her pussy. He took his fingers and quickly rubbed it around her mound and then pushed some spit inside her. “Good enough,” he thought to himself. He quickly took his erect cock and lined it up to her young slit and rammed it in.

Kristen’s eyes watered with pain, but she didn’t say a word. She immediately felt the difference between her uncle’s cock and her brother’s cocks. Her uncle’s cock was much thicker and longer. It satisfied the craving she needed; the craving to be filled and fucked hard.

Her uncle was showing her no mercy. He was drilling her pussy much harder than he had the night before. With one quick stroke of his hand, he had removed her top and had one of her nipples in his mouth. Kristen let out a long moan. Todd leaned up and whispered, “Shhhh baby girl, we have to be quiet or we might be caught.” He leaned back down and went to drilling and sucking like never before.

Even though Todd was lost in the moment, he still kept his ears alert. He could hear his sister still on the boat deck talking on her phone. This turned him on even more. Just knowing that his sister was a few feet away while he fucked her little daughter had him on edge.

Todd quickly grabbed Kristen’s ass cheeks and lifted her up. “Wrap your legs around my waist and use your arms to hold my neck!” he demanded. Kristen quickly did as she was told. Todd kept a firm grip on her ass cheeks while he rammed her up and down on his cock.

Todd tilted his head down and took her nipple back in his mouth and used his teeth to pull the nipple forward. Kristen let out a slight yelp but quickly caught herself. This was a brutal passionate fuck and her little cunt was taking a beating. Kristen could feel a surge building between her legs. “I am close Uncle Todd,” she pleaded.

“Just hold it a few minutes longer baby girl,” he begged. Todd knew he was close. His mind kept thinking of his nephews fucking her only hours before and it sent him over the edge. “Ok baby, here it comes.” He moaned.

Almost instantly, Kristen and her Uncle Todd let out small groans as they both climaxed in unison. Todd could feel his ropes of cum shooting into her tight pussy. He could also feel her sending him waves of wetness and tight contractions around his pulsating cock.

They both collapsed to the floor in a pool of sweat, cum and young female secretions. Todd leaned over and kissed Kristen on the forehead before sucking each nipple in his mouth. Kristen had taken her hand and was playing with her parted pussy as her uncle’s cum continued to flow out.

“We should go back up on deck, before they come looking for us.” Todd winked as he said this. Kristen took her little arms and wrapped them around her uncle’s neck and kissed him passionately. “Thank you Uncle Todd, I needed that.” She quickly dressed and ran off.

Kristen emerged from below deck smiling and skipping towards her mom. Vicki had just hung up her cell phone and looked at her daughter. “What are you up to princess?” Vicki asked.

“Nothing, just helping Uncle Todd with beer and ice” Kristen replied.

“Well aren’t you just a little grown woman.” Vicki teased. Kristen smiled and hugged her mom. As quickly as she hugged her mom, she was off running to see what her brothers were doing.

“Did someone order a beer?” Vicki jumped as her brother startled her from behind.

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