Siblings bond and explore
The following literature is fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

Chapter 5:

Todd woke before Kristen and it took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the sunlight entering the room. Judging by the sunlight shining through it had to be close to 9 or 10 am. He couldn’t tell because his clock on the night stand was blinking incorrectly. He looked down at his little niece who was still peacefully sleeping next to him. He saw her young exposed tit and was tempted to start sucking on it, but he didn’t want to wake her. She had been very busy last night, and she needed her rest. He could have another passionate experience with her later that night.

He quietly slipped out of bed and covered her back up. He figured he was the only one up, as he didn’t hear his sister or her two boys walking through the house yet. “I’ll take a quick shower and then start on breakfast,” he thought to himself.

The warm water against his skin was invigorating. He kept thinking about last night and soon realized his cock was rock hard and quickly turning deep red from the lack of climax. He could have easily slipped back in bed and fucked his niece, but he figured, it would be safer to stroke his cock to completion and just wait to savor her young pussy later that night.

Todd walked into the kitchen and saw his sister’s cell phone sitting on the counter. It seems she had woken up a little earlier and started a pot of coffee. He reached down and saw the time was 11:13 am, and realized that he had slept in later than he had wanted to.

Todd figured he might as well begin making breakfast. Within 30 minutes he had a warm hearty breakfast selection waiting for his family. It wasn’t long until all of them descended down to the kitchen and devoured everything he had prepared.

“It looks like Alan won’t be able to make it this weekend, againnn.” Vicki sarcastically blurted out. “He said his legal team is behind schedule and they need to meet this deadline, which is Monday.” Todd could see the hurt in Kristen’s eyes, but this happened often and he knew his sister would be ok in a while.

“Well, let’s clean these dishes and get our day started. I already have the boat reserved. We just need to drive to the cove and pick it up.” Todd tried to use as much excitement in his voice as possible. He knew how to make his sister smile.

Vicki grabbed Todd by the waist and leaned her face into his back and said, “Thank you brother, you are the best. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Kids, go change into your swim gear and get ready!! We have a long and exciting day ahead of us, so let’s have some fun!!” Vicki yelled into the kitchen. Everyone started laughing and the day officially had started. “Meet you by the Jeep in less than 30 minutes…” Vicki said this in her most official voice to Todd. “Is that a challenge sis?” Todd replied in a comical voice. They both took off running up the stairs laughing.

“Alright boys, take your sister down to the lake and wait by the pier. DO NOT go into the water until Uncle Todd and I return with the boat.” Vicki could really mean business when it came to safety. “Yes mom.” The boys replied in unison.

Vicki had three kids total. Kristen was the youngest at 9, and the two boys who were identical twins. Dyson and Tyler were both 15 and mischievous. Dyson and Tyler both had sprouted in height within the last year, but they were still very skinny and lanky. They both had shaggy beach bum hair that was a light brown and always in their face.

The kids waived as their mom and uncle drove off to pick up the lake boat. It would take at least an hour before they would return. The boys led Kristen down the narrow trail to the edge of the water. The lake was a blue-green color that day. Normally it was a murky brown, but the rain from last night, had cleared any debris or pollen usually sitting on the lakes surface.

Jutting out about 60 yards over the water was a wooden pier. At the end of the pier was a small wooden shack that contained water-skis, flippers, tubes and other lake equipment the family used. Kristen kept thinking about last night and wanted to spend time with her uncle alone, so she could learn and explore more. Instead here she was standing in the sun waiting for her family to bring back the lake boat.

“Hey guys, I am going to walk to the end of the pier and look for my water goggles and some other stuff. Do you need anything from the shack?” Kristen asked. Dyson replied first, “No, just be careful and hurry up, we don’t want mom seeing you on the pier alone. Tyler and I are going to throw the football around some anyways.”

Kristen quickly took that as her queue to disappear. She wanted some alone time, so she could explore and touch her body some more. She remembered there were a few ly-flat deck chairs inside the shack. She could stretch out on one of those and relax some. “Ok I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she called out, as she trotted down the pier.

Kristen quickly reached the end of the pier and opened the shack door. The inside of the shack was just as they had left it the previous year. She saw the deck chairs and they were covered with soft canvas. “Perfect,” she thought to herself. She had worried the chairs might be folded or even dirty with dust and bugs.

Kristen was wearing a two piece yellow bikini swim suit. Tied around her waist was a white sarong. She quickly removed it as she sat and leaned back on the deck chair. She knew she only had a few minutes by herself and wanted to make the most of them. Kristen quickly pulled her yellow bikini bottom aside and found her little clit-button. Her young pussy lips were already moist from the thoughts of her uncle touching her. She let out an audible moan as she started rubbing her clit back and forth.

She remembered her uncle had inserted his fingers in her and she figured she could do that too. She took her free hand and licked her first few fingers and placed them at her slit. With one quick motion she inserted 2 fingers and felt a slight pain. Her pussy was pretty sore from her uncle’s fucking last night. She didn’t care; she wanted to feel an orgasm again. She pushed further in and her butt arched up as her body reacted to her fingers intrusion. With one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand finger fucking herself, Kristen knew she was close to her goal of ultimate pleasure.

“Hey where is Kristen?” Tyler asked his brother. Kristen had already been gone 20 minutes and he knew the shack was well organized so anyone could quickly find flippers, goggles, skis, and more. “I dunno dork, we should go check on her. What if something was stacked high and fell on her?” Both boys started laughing and started walking towards the small pier on the lake. Tyler looked at his brother Dyson and said, “Let’s be quiet and sneak up on her.”

Both boys quietly walked along the pier and approached the shack. The shack had been rebuilt 2 years ago and had a basic wooden door and small paned glass window. The boys had finally reached the shack and looked at each other. They placed their fingers to their lips and approached the shacks window. Both boys were not expecting to see their sister lying on the deck chair finger-fucking herself. They both stood there for 10 minutes and watched in awe as their little sister climaxed again and again.

Kristen had just finished with her second climax when the shack door burst open. She didn’t even have time to cover herself. Both her brothers, Tyler and Dyson, walked in and stared at her. The outlines of their 6” thin cocks were prominent in their surfer styled board shorts. “What are you doing sis?” Dyson eagerly asked. “Don’t lie either, or we’ll tell mom” Tyler piped in. Kristen’s wet slit was still clearly visible, as she hadn’t had time to pull her bikini bottoms back to cover her little wet cunt.

Kristen was embarrassed and sat silent. She didn’t know what to say or how to get out of this one. She did what came natural; she looked down and began crying.

“Its ok sis,” both boys said in unison as they sat next to her on the deck chair. “Don’t cry sis, we won’t tell anyone, we promise.” Dyson tried saying as reassuring as possible.

Dyson tried consoling his little sister but it seemed Tyler was too preoccupied with his sisters little pussy still exposed. Without even hesitating or asking, he took his index finger and inserted it into his little sisters wet slit. Kristen shot her head back and started moaning. “Look Dyson, I think she likes this.” Tyler said excitedly as he continued fingering his little sister.

Kristen felt a surge building inside her and there was no holding it back. She loved having someone or something inside her. She grabbed at the chairs sides and started moaning as her body gave out and her pussy started over-flowing with wetness.

By now, both boys had climbed down to the floor and were on their knees just mere inches from her wet and aroma inspired pussy. Both boys were fingering and pulling at her little mounds to part them for exploration inside her little flower. “I dare you to taste it.” Dyson challenged his brother Tyler. That was not something you did to identical twins. “I’ll taste it, if you put your prick in her mouth and make her taste you,” Tyler replied. “Deal!” They both replied in unison.

Kristen felt a small tongue start flickering on her clit and it made her grasp the chairs sides even tighter. “Hey sis, open your mouth.” It was Dyson, and he had pulled his cock out and had it right above her lips. Kristen did as she was told and started sucking his erect penis. It was smaller than Uncle Todd’s but much easier to deep throat. She only gagged when her brother pushed all the way in and touched her tonsils.

The shack was soon filled with slurping and moaning sounds. It was also taking on the aroma of sweet musk and had all three siblings really enjoying the moment. Kristen couldn’t believe she had both her older twin brothers taking advantage of her young innocent body.

Kristen felt a sharp pain as her brother, Tyler, inserted his cock into her pussy. She looked down to see Tyler ramming his long thin cock inside her. It felt different than last night, but it still felt great. Tyler was young and inexperienced, so his thrusts were fast and unsteady. It wasn’t long before he was shooting his load of cum into his sisters little cunt. The room was filled with grunts as Tyler pulled out and lay on the floor. “Dyson, you need to try that pussy, it’s amazing. It’s so damned tight.” Dyson didn’t need any more assurances; he quickly pulled his cock out of his sister’s mouth and quickly repositioned and lined it up along her wet slit.

Dyson looked down and could see a little stream of Tyler’s cum starting to slide down his sister’s leg. That did not deter him at all, and he quickly rammed his hard cock into her puffy snatch. The slurping and slapping sounds quickly grew louder. Dyson looked down and realized Kristen’s tits were still covered. He had his hands on her hips and was concentrating on sending long hard strokes into her cunt. He would play with her tits another time, he thought to himself.

Kristen took her hand and reached down to play with her clit. She started rubbing it as her brother fucked her relentlessly. She wanted to see his cock going in and out of her pussy, so she leaned up and looked downward. She then realized her brothers had quickly grown up around her, and she didn’t even notice. They both had little brown bushes of pubic hair and happy trails going up their flat abs. They also had hair under their arms and both had well defined chests. Somewhere in the mix, they both had stripped nude, and the sight of their bodies was mesmerizing.

This instantly turned Kristen on, knowing she had two young men inside her pussy. She quickly found the rhythm and started bucking down as he brother would thrust upwards. “Oh shit, I think I am going to…” Dyson couldn’t finish and quickly shot large loads of his cum into his sister.

Kristen grabbed her brothers’ waist and held him inside her as she voraciously rubbed her clit. She felt a sudden surge build between her legs and then quickly felt released pleasure. Her orgasm had her pussy over-flowing from wetness. She wasn’t about to miss out on her pleasure just because her brothers were young and couldn’t hold their climaxes.

Dyson pulled his cock out and large streams of cum and pussy juice poured out of his younger sister’s cunt. Tyler was watching and took his finger and slowly inserted it into her cavity and pulled out more cum. Without asking, he took his cum covered finger and placed it in Kristen’s mouth. She just kept her eyes closed as she licked his salty finger. She loved the taste of cum and just moaned.

Dyson broke the silence, “I guess we should all get dressed before mom and Uncle Todd get back with the boat.” Tyler had already beaten him to the suggestion and was pulling on his board shorts and t-shirt. “We might not want to mention this to anyone,” Tyler retorted. Dyson looked down at his little sister and kissed her on the forehead. “Get dressed sis, and we’ll be waiting for you at the lakes shore.”

Kristen was left alone in the shack while she dressed. She wanted to enjoy her brothers cum in her pussy all day and decided to keep what little of it she could, inside her. She pulled her bikini bottom back over her sore cunt and quickly tied her sarong around her waist.

Just as she reached the edge of the pier and stepped on to the lakes shore, Kristen saw her mom and Uncle backing down the drive with the boat attached to the Jeep.
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