Niece awakes Uncle to a morning surprise
The following literature is fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

Chapter 4:

The subtle morning sun light awoke Kristen from her deep sleep. She was curled in the fetal position, holding her pillow. She looked over and saw her uncle softly sleeping on the other side of the bed. Did everything really happen last night, or had it all been a dream. She slowly took one hand and slid it down to her panty clad pussy, and it was sore to the touch. She took her other hand and slowly reached under her thin bra and touched her nipples, they were just as sorely sensitive and hurt when she barely touched them. Her uncle had ravaged her premature body the night before and the passion experienced was incredible.

As sore as her pussy was, Kristen slowly slid a finger along her slit. Almost immediately she started secreting her young pussy juice. Her body was already learning to react to her touch and the thoughts from last night.

Kristen slowly moved towards her uncle. She wanted to wake him up in a special way. Todd was asleep and lying next to her on the bed. He was lying on his back and slowly breathing. His muscular body looked so beautiful from the morning glow of light entering the room.

Kristen found her uncle’s cock. Even though he was asleep and his cock was limp, it was still a massive piece of mature meat. His balls were sitting above his legs and they were so big and loose in their smooth ball sack. Kristen gently picked up his cock and slowly placed it in her mouth.

Todd awoke to the soft slurping sound of his niece sucking and stroking his cock. It took Todd a moment for his eyes to focus and adjust. That’s when he realized his young little niece was waking him up to a morning blow job. “That’s it baby girl, suck Uncle Todd’s cock,” he said with a low groan.

Kristen’s warm mouth felt amazing. As her spit coated his cock, she used it as lubricant to stroke up and down with her hand. Kristen tried placing her uncle’s cock down her throat, but started gagging and choking. Tears were streaming down her face, but she knew she had to keep Uncle Todd happy.

Todd took his hands and grabbed Kristen’s pig tails and started using them to force her head back and forth on his cock. It turned him on to hear her gag on his massive meat. “Does my little slut niece like her uncles cock?” he sneered. Kristen could only look up at him as her mouth was too full to respond.

Todd let go of one of her pig tails and reached underneath to grope a tit. He soon realized it was covered with her thin white cotton bra again. He quickly yanked it down and exposed her soft little nipple that barely hung. He took his fingers and with one rough jerk started rubbing and twisting her ripe nipple. Kristen grimaced in pain but knew her Uncle Todd loved playing with her premature tits, and she wanted him to remain happy and content.

Todd looked at his niece and saw tears running down her face. He quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked, “Are you ok baby? I don’t want to hurt you.” Kristen looked up at him and replied, “Its ok Uncle Todd, I am enjoying this.” With that said she quickly took his hard cock back into her mouth and began sucking and deep throating him again.

Todd kept rubbing and twisting Kristen’s little nipple. He could feel it swelling and puffing up in between his fingers. He loved his little niece’s tits and wished he could fall sleep with one of her tits in his mouth.

He soon felt a surge building in his balls and knew he was close to cumming. He wanted to fill this little bitch’s mouth full of cum and see if she could swallow it all. “Kristen I am close baby. Uncle Todd is going…” he couldn’t finish and began shooting ropes of cum into his niece’s mouth. He quickly grabbed her pigtails and forced her down on his cock. He wanted to make sure she swallowed as much as possible. He heard her choking, but still didn’t let up. Kristen started spitting excess cum out the side of her mouth. It was just too much for her to swallow. Tears were streaming down her face, but she loved the salty taste that was quickly filling her senses.

Todd let her pigtails go, and Kristen quickly pulled up. She had his cum all over her face and was quickly swallowing the big load she had in her mouth. Todd took his fingers and scooped up the dripping cum on her chin and placed it on her tongue. Kristen took his fingers and sucked each one, cleaning them off. Todd found some more cum she had missed and rubbed it around her sore nipple. He leaned down and slowly sucked on her tit and tasted his own cum he had just fed his niece.

Kristen looked down and saw her uncle’s cock going limp. She quickly leaned down and took his semi-erect cock back in her mouth. She wanted to clean him off, so he could sleep a little longer before he had to climb out of bed for the day. She loved her uncle and knew it was her task to keep him happy.

Todd rubbed the back of her head and quietly said, “I love you baby girl. That was a great way to wake up. Thank you for that. Uncle Todd is going to lay here for a bit and get a little more sleep.” With that he quickly fell back asleep and was sighing softly.

When Kristen finished cleaning her uncle’s massive cock, she just wanted to lie there and hear him sigh. Her nipple was still exposed and she quickly grabbed it and started twisting it the way Uncle Todd always did. She felt her panties go moist with juices flowing from her little slit. She took her other hand and pulled her panties to the side and quickly started rubbing her little clit.

Twisting her nipple and rubbing the little bulb on her pussy had Kristen on edge and she felt a surge building between her legs. She let out a long moan and knew she was close to pleasure. She only wished it was her uncle rubbing her little pussy. She loved how his strong arms always grabbed and groped her. She sat there and dreamed of how he first ate her pussy and got her all wet. The thought of the quick flicker of his tongue in her pussy sent her over the edge. She started cumming and her little pussy and fingers were quickly coated with the thick sweet juice of her innocence.

Kristen scooted close to her uncle and felt his body warmth; she let out a long sigh. She hadn’t even bothered to cover up her young tit. Kristen secretly hoped her uncle would wake first and maybe wake her, by sucking her ripe sensitive nipple. That thought lingered in her mind as she drifted off to sleep.
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