Uncle and niece explore further
The following literature is fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

Chapter 3 contains explicit literature, please stop reading if you are easily offended. This is my first time working on a short story, that contains seven chapters.

Chapter 3

It couldn’t have been more than an hour or two before Todd was awoken from several loud thunderous claps and the high pitch of wind blowing against the house. Todd noticed the small light in the hallway was off and so was his bed side clock. “Damn the power must be out,” he thought to himself.

The storm sounded like it was right over or very close to their lake house. Rain was now pelting his window and he could hear a clash of thunder every minute or two. He had just closed his eyes when he heard his door to his room slowly open.

Kristen walked into the room carrying her little doll. Tears were streaming down her face and she jumped each time thunder clashed. “Uncle Todd, I am… I am.. so scared. I can’t see the lights and mom’s room is so far…” Her soft sobs stopped her from finishing her sentence.

“It’s ok baby girl. Come on, climb into bed. You can sleep here tonight.” Todd gently replied. He knew Kristen was terrified of thunderstorms. Without even hesitating, Kristen quickly climbed into bed and snuggled her back into her uncle’s chest. “Do you want me to hold you?” he gently asked. She let out an inaudible nod and he quickly wrapped his strong arms around her.

As they both lay there, he suddenly felt his cock growing in his thong pouch. He knew he was still a little tipsy from the wine, but why was he being turned on. He was holding his little niece for Christ’s Sake. Her small warm body, silky skin, and sweet scent was really having an effect on him. His hand slowly moved around and felt her soft cotton nightgown he had bought her. Kristen sighed.

Kristen had snuggled her small flat bottom right against Todd’s cock. The only barrier between her innocence and his raging cock was a thin nightgown, her pink cotton panties and his silky blue thong. Todd knew his lustful cravings were wrong, but as long as he didn’t touch or do anything else, he would be ok.

“I am getting hot Uncle Todd” Kristen moaned. “Is it ok if I take my nightgown off?” She asked. Before Todd could reply she sat up and pulled it over her head and threw it on the bedroom floor. From the quick flashes of lightning, Todd could see that his niece was wearing a small white training bra. Her bra had a cute little clasp on the back. It looked like a small pink flower. When she finally lay back down, Todd’s hands went back to holding her. This time he could now feel her soft silky skin and the outline of her small pink panties.

Soon thereafter, Todd sensed that Kristen had dozed off to sleep. She was breathing softs sighs and every so often she would let out, almost silent, phrases. “She must be lost in a deep sleep,” he thought to himself. Todd knew this would be his only opportunity to explore his niece’s body and finally see how she was different from the mature women he had been with.

Todd slowly let his hand slide up to her breasts. He gently grabbed one tit and cupped it. His large hand literally covered the entire breast. “They are so small,” he thought to himself. As he caressed her breast, he felt her budding nipple go hard. “If I pull down her little bra, it will give me a chance to touch and play with that nipple. If she wakes, I will just play it off and mention her bra must have come off during her sleep.” Todd had it all planned out in his mind. With that, he slowly pulled down the thinly padded white bra cup and exposed a pre-mature breast and nipple. Kristen’s little breast was barely a mound. In fact it looked like she could still be flat chested, but her nipple was definitely forming. It looked like a little white-chocolate kiss, the way it pointed out. It looked savoring and inviting.
Todd took his index finger and thumb finger and slowly twisted her nipple. Kristen let out a soft sigh. “Even though she was asleep, could her body actually be enjoying this experience without her knowing?” Todd pondered this for a moment in his mind. As he lay there playing with her nipple, the unexpected happened.

“Uncle Todd, will you twist the other one too?” Kristen sheepishly let out. She had awoken moments before and felt her uncle slowly twisting her nipple. The sensation was something she had never felt before, but she liked it.

Todd froze instantly and let go. “Quick I have play this off. What do I tell her? What do I say? This is wrong, so wrong.” Todd broke the silence by saying. “I am sorry baby; Uncle Todd shouldn’t be doing that. Let’s stop and pretend it didn’t happen, ok? This will be our secret.” Todd didn’t know what to say. But why did he say that? That just sounded guilty.

“It’s ok Uncle Todd, I like it. I know about touching and rubbing. I let my friend Jasmin do it to me, and I do it back to her.” Kristen blurted out. Todd’s cock went to full attention at his niece’s guilty admittance. It looked as though his lust and a rock hard erection were in control this time. His conscience would just have to sit this experience out.

“What all have you tried baby?” Todd slowly asked. Before Kristen could reply, he continued, “Do you want Uncle Todd to show you more? I can teach you new things. Things that grown-ups like to do, and I am sure you’d enjoy trying them.”

Kristen sat up in bed. Her little nipple was still hanging out of her training bra. “Yes, teach me Uncle Todd. I want you to teach me. Mom says you’re lonely, and I want to help you feel better. Can I help you feel better Uncle Todd?” Kristen asked, while looking down sheepishly.

“Of course you can help me baby. Let’s throw these covers on the floor and clear the bed. I want you to lie in the middle of the bed and I will begin to teach you new things.” Todd replied. “What am I doing? This is my little niece. I must stop this.” Todd’s conscience was screaming in his head.

The thunder was rumbling louder now, and the rain had begun to pour with loud pelts on the house. Todd climbed back onto the bed. His little niece was in the middle of the bed as he had instructed, her legs out-stretched and slightly parted, and her one little budding nipple still hanging out.

“We are going to play a game baby. Uncle Todd is going to do things to you and your body. Some things may hurt just a little at first, but I promise you, pleasure will quickly fill the place of any slight pain. This next part of the game is very important Kristen. What we do tonight cannot be repeated to anyone, not even your mom. During the game, you cannot ask any questions or speak out. You must remain very quiet, or the game will end. Do you understand the rules for this game baby?” Kristen nodded and placed her finger over her mouth, to show she wouldn’t say anything.

Todd looked at his niece as she lay on the bed. She was so small, so innocent, so tempting. He knew he was going to enjoy this, and he wanted her to enjoy it as well. He slowly slid up the bed and started examining her nipple again. It looked so much better from this angle. He could now see that it was just a mouthful. He slowly took it in his mouth and let his tongue lick all around it. He heard Kristen let out a small sigh. She was loving this. After a few minutes of sucking on that one nipple, he slowly reached over and let the other nipple slip out of its thin padded bra pocket.

He slowly leaned over and started sucking on the new nipple he had just released. With his free hand he started twisting the opposite nipple and felt that he had made it all puffy and sensitive. Kristen started quietly moaning from the pleasure her uncle was now giving her.

Todd raised himself up and looked down at his niece’s chest. His sucking and twisting had caused her nipples to puff up and turn a slight pinkish color. He was satisfied with his skills and proceeded to move down the bed, towards her small flower, guarded only by thin pink cotton panties.

He slowly slid her panties down to her ankles. She was so damn small. Her pussy lips didn’t even part. They were so beautiful he thought to himself. There was no hair or shaving bumps; there were only two small mounds that created a small slit to her opening. “So this is what underage virgin pussy looked like.” Todd thought to himself. Todd slowly took his tongue and traced the outline of her vertical slit. Kristen let out a small moan.

“Baby, show Uncle Todd how you spread your little pussy for your friend Jasmin. But remember you can’t talk or say anything. Just take your fingers and show Uncle Todd.”

Kristen slowly took her fingers and started to spread her little mounds of flesh. Todd could smell the aroma of musk and a light piss scent. Her aroma was begging him to explore her young flower. Todd could see that a little bit of moisture had formed at the opening of her cunt. He took his tongue and lapped it up. The taste was mesmerizing. Kristen let out another slight moan.

Todd used his tongue to probe her little folds and explore that sweet cavern filled with her innocence. Her juices were now starting to flow and he loved how it covered his face and dribbled down his chin. He had 9 year old pussy juice in his mouth and on his face, and he loved every moment of it.

Todd took one finger and slowly tried to insert it into Kristen’s young pussy. He wanted to be careful not to pop her thin hymen just yet. Kristen pulled her body back with a natural reaction. Todd reached up and grabbed her by the hips and slowly pulled her back towards his face. With one hand still on her hip, he held her in place. With his free hand, he took his index finger and tried inserting it again, this time with success.

Kristen’s juices started flowing with rage when his finger entered. “Wow baby girl, you have one wet little cunt. Uncle Todd is going to lie on the bed now but I want you to get on top of me and place your little pussy down on my face. Uncle Todd’s cock will be near your face and I want you to pull it out of its thong pouch and start sucking on it. There is no wrong way to suck cock, so just explore and try your best baby.”

Kristen slowly pulled out her uncle’s cock and just stared at it. It was huge. Todd had a 9” long cock with a diameter of 6”. Even mature woman, who had experienced his cock, knew he was gifted. Kristen slowly lowered her mouth to the tip and was greeted by the taste of his pre-cum. She liked how it tasted and slowly started sliding her mouth up and down, hoping for more.

Todd could feel his little niece’s mouth trying to suck his cock, but he was too preoccupied with the little pink snatch straddling his face. He now had full access to explore her pussy and savor the entire taste. He also had access to her little pink puckered ass hole from this position as well. For now, he would concentrate on her pussy and save her ass for another time.

Throughout the room, you could hear soft slurping sounds from both mouths, as they relentlessly tasted each other, and explored new territory. The rain and thunder easily silenced their sounds, as the rest of the house slept.

After about 20 minutes of lapping at his nieces pussy, Todd was ready to deflower that tight wet cunt he had so eagerly licked and teased.

“Ok baby, Uncle Todd is going to scoot up to the head board and lay against some pillows. I want you to come and sit on my lap facing me. Uncle Todd will do the rest, and remember, no sounds baby girl.” Kristen did as she was told and slowly approached her uncle and slowly placed her legs around her uncles, as she lowered herself onto his lap.

Todd had his rock hard cock sticking straight up and stopped Kristen as the head lined up with her wet slit. He knew this was going to hurt her some, but he had gone too far to stop now. With one hand he grabbed Kristen from the back of her head and forced her lips to his as he kissed her passionately. With his other free hand, he found her hips and with one strong force, pushed her small body down onto his cock.

Kristen wanted to cry out in pain, but her mouth was full of her uncle’s tongue, so she could only let tears stream down her face. Todd pushed past her hymen and stopped. Kristen’s pussy folds were so tight; they were squeezing his cock painfully. He waited a moment before pushing further. His cock was half way in when he reached the back wall of her cervix. Todd pulled away from Kristen’s mouth and looked down. Blood had started to flow, but it only added to the wetness he so desired and needed to fuck this virgin pussy.

Todd took both hands and slowly lifted his niece up by her ass cheeks. She was barely 80 pounds, and he was used to heavier weights at the gym. With quick strokes he sent his hard cock in and out of her young deflowered pussy. Kristen lay forward on his chest and was going limp as her uncle caused her young body to shower her with orgasm after orgasm. She was in pure bliss and wanted to enjoy this very moment.

Todd was getting close to his first climax, but wanted to submerge his entire cock into her little pussy. He knew if he pushed through her thin cervix wall, it would be painful, much more painful than losing her cherry. Once again lust won this argument and without saying a word, he lifted her body up and as he slammed her down on his cock, he thrust upward. Todd’s cock disappeared into Kristen’s pussy. Kristen sat up and started crying. “It will be ok baby, come here. Uncle Todd will make you feel all better, I promise.” Todd tried to console her, while still maintaining to thrust his cock in and out of her. Kristen’s tears slowly stopped and she once again lay against his strong muscular chest.

Todd easily picked Kristen up and placed her on the edge of the bed, lying on her back. He climbed off the bed and got to the floor on his knees. The bed was a perfect height for him to fuck her while she was on her back.

Todd lined up his massive prick to her wet slit and slid back in. In the process he noticed her training bra was still on her and it was holding her puffy nipples in an upright position. They were in perfect position for him to lean forward to suck and nibble on them while he plowed her little sensitive snatch. “Kristen, take your finger and rub this little bump on your pussy baby. You will like how it feels.” Todd instructed. Kristen found a little bump, barely protruding and started to rub it. “That’s your clit baby girl, always show it attention,” Todd moaned out. Kristen felt her pussy starting to surge from energy within and suddenly she let out a loud moan and gush of wetness. She had just caused her very own first orgasm by rubbing her clit.

Kristen started to let out little moans as Todd increased his thrusting. He looked down and could see his thick cock had caused her little side mounds to bunch up and become fat. He took his fingers and pinched them gently. Kristen let out a small moan. “Does my baby girl like Uncle Todd in her wet young pussy?” he groaned out. Kristen opened her eyes and remembered she wasn’t supposed to talk, so she just nodded yes and went back to pleasuring her clit.

Once again, Todd was approaching close to a climax, but he wanted to fuck this virgin a little longer. He slid out of Kristen’s pussy and saw it wide open. With one quick motion, he inserted 3 fingers and started finger fucking her. Kristen start bucking and her moans were getting louder. “Shhhh, baby girl, we don’t want to wake anyone.” Todd quietly laughed. Within moments, Kristen’s pussy sent another wave of juices all over Todd’s fingers. His little niece’s cunt sure did get wet easily and from that moment on he knew she was enjoying her first experience.

“Ok baby, I want you to get back in the middle of the bed, but this time, get on your knees facing the headboard, and get your face as low to the mattress as possible.” Kristen did as she was instructed. Todd climbed back on the bed with his hard cock in his hand he grabbed Kristen’s hips as he guided his cock to her pussy opening from behind. Todd was still wearing his blue thong, but Kristen had pulled his cock out from the side when she had given him a blow job earlier. With one strong yank, Todd ripped his thong off and threw it to the floor.

Todd grabbed his niece’s hips again and quickly inserted his cock back into her pussy chamber. Her pussy lips went from small to fat and full within seconds. He knew he had already stretched her pussy and she could now take his thrusts quicker and harder. With that, Todd quickly sped up his pace to where the room was filled with slapping and slurping sounds.

His niece had her head bent down and was now moaning somewhat loudly. “Thank you for thunder storms.” Todd thought to himself. Luckily the storm was still raging outside and was easily drowning out the forbidden sexual sounds in their room.

Todd placed his hands on Kristen’s ass in the shape of an X, as he drilled her young pussy. He could see his shaft going balls deep into her fat mound. He would push his cock as deep as her young pussy would allow and then quickly pull out to where the head of his piece was just about to slip out of her sweet folds. Todd did this for about 10 minutes without losing speed. He felt a surge building in his balls and knew he was close. He could hear Kristen moaning and groaning and it just fed his lust for more. He let go of her ass and reached under her to fondle her puffy nipples. At that moment he knew he was close to cumming. He quickly twisted both nipples which caused Kristen to arch her back up and start moaning loudly. Todd shot rope after rope of hot cum into his little niece’s pussy. After the last bit of cum ceased, he collapsed on top of her and held her close. He could feel his cock still pulsing inside her warm chamber.

“I love you baby girl. You just made Uncle Todd a very happy man. What you just did for me, was the best gift any young women could ever offer me. I love you baby.” Todd said this as he gave her little kisses on her glistening back. “I love you too Uncle Todd.” Kristen quietly responded.

Todd leaned up and pulled his semi-erect cock out, when he saw cum, pussy juice, and small trickles of blood flow out of her gaping hole. He had just turned his little 9 year old niece into a woman. He was proud that they were able to share this experience together.

He quietly lifted and carried Kristen to his guest shower and washed her off. She was as limp as a rag doll in his arms. Her body had used every bit of energy she had; by giving her long pleasurable orgasms. After they rinsed off together, Todd dressed his little princess and even fixed her two pig tails with the pink ribbon. He carried her to his bed and they both quickly fell into a deep sleep.


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