An uncle and his niece grow close
The following literature is pure fiction. This reading selection is entirely for enjoyment and all narrative passages are not based on factual events. If you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

Chapter 1 and 2 have been combined. They contain no explicit details. Please continue to Chapter 3 through 7 to enjoy a more adult themed story.

Chapter One:

Todd slowly opened his eyes from the sun shining through his bedroom window. He could have sworn he pulled back the heavy drapes the night before. His goal was to sleep in some and relax before his trip to the lake started. His two week vacation had officially began at 5pm the day prior, and he wanted to get a good nights’ sleep before the drive to the lake where he would spend time with his sister and her family.

At 34, Todd was very attractive. Staring in the bathroom mirror, he was proud of what reflected back to him. Todd had a defined chest, solid pecs, and large biceps. He had been hitting the gym religiously all year so he could be ready for his final summer vacation to the lake. His brother-in-law had teased him last year, and he was determined to show off his defined body this year.

He would definitely be turning some heads at the lake on this vacation. He was hoping his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, would be with her family again this year, so he could see her reaction. He had been single all summer and was longing for that soft touch that only a woman could offer.

Bags packed, soft top down on his Jeep, Todd hit the road. The lake was about a 4 hour drive north of the city. The weather was perfect and traffic was light that day. He actually pulled up 20 minutes early and saw his sister unpacking her soccer-mom styled suv. His little niece was helping her mom, and from the look of it, they had just arrived minutes earlier.

“Hey sis” he called out as he climbed down from his ride. Vicki hadn’t seen her brother all year long and ran up to him only to receive a big strong hug. “You look really good, have you been working out?” she blushed. Her brother was much more defined than last year. He had added at least 30 pounds of pure muscle to his frame. Todd casually laughed and replied “I try and go to the gym every now and then.”

A small pair of arms grabbed Todd’s waist from behind, and with it came a small voice, “Hey Uncle Todd!” His little niece, Kristen, came from around him beaming from ear to ear. She was his pride and joy and he always looked forward to seeing her.

“I have a surprise for you” Todd teased as he pulled out a medium sized box wrapped in pink paper. Kristen had just turned 9 a week ago and Todd knew she would be heart-broken if he had forgotten and hadn’t brought her a gift. “Can I open it now Uncle Todd” she begged. “I don’t know… What do you think Vicki, should we let her open her gift?” he teased. “Well I guesssss” Vicki teasingly replied back.

With that, Kristen was ripping the pink paper off her box and opening the lid. Inside the box was a cute pink night gown, pink hair ribbons, and a matching doll. “Last time I saw you, you were running around in your mom’s tattered t-shirt, and I figured a grown princess should have a proper night gown” Todd teased. Kristen was ecstatic and quickly ran inside to put her new gift in her room.

“Well I guess I should help you finish unloading your truck sis” Todd laughed. “We have so much catching up to do, I am glad you made it out this weekend” Vicki replied, while flashing that sweet smile of hers. “Well let’s get unpacking so we can all walk to the lake and watch the sun set” Todd teased back.

Chapter 2:

Todd was adjusting to his guest room when he heard a light knock at the door. “Come in,” he called. Kristen walked in and plumped down on his guest bed. “What are you doing Uncle Todd,” she inquired?

“I am just unpacking, looking forward to the relaxing weekend princess. How did you like your gift?” he asked.

Kristen was a bright shining star, he simply adored and cherished. “It was perfect. I already placed it in my drawer and I am looking forward to wearing it tonight. I even placed my doll on my night stand.” Her young naïve emotions gave away her excitement.

Todd stared at his niece. She was a duplicate image of his sister. Memories flushed through his head and reminded him of when he used to place his little sister in the bathtub and would wash her hair, dress her for the evening, and then place her in the small twin bed for the night. He was so proud to be Kristen’s uncle, and he couldn’t wait to see her grow up into a mature woman.

Kristen was a small string-bean looking little girl. She was 4’ 11”, about 80 pounds, and had light brown hair. She had just begun filling out her body, and still looked awkward when she would run or chase anything in particular. Her chest was definitely an A- cup. There wasn’t much there, not even a handful of flesh. However, her nipples had started budding, and they were a little more prominent against her body. She didn’t even have a rear yet. It was basically two little boney cheeks that were flat as paper.

“Hey Kristen, will you help me unpack?” Todd asked. Before she could answer, he gave her a handful of clothes. “Just put these in those drawers over there. That way we can hurry and go downstairs. Your mom wants to go for a walk along the lake.”

Kristen started laying out Todd’s tanks, his socks, and then his underwear. His underwear wear different from her dad’s. Kristen’s dad wore cotton boxers with a boring plaid print. Uncle Todd wore these thin silky thongs that only had a pouch to cover his cock. Kristen blushed as she tried to fold them and place them in the upper drawer. She noticed they were an XL size with a little plastic elastic band for the waist.

Todd was watching her through his peripheral vision to see his niece’s reaction to his underwear. He knew they were different and wanted to see how Kristen would react at having to touch something so thin and revealing.

Kristen had good self-control for being so young. She quietly placed his clothes and under garments into the dresser drawer. “Ok Uncle Todd, I am all done. Are you ready to go downstairs?” she giggled.

Once downstairs, they quickly all gathered around the kitchen island. “Where is Alan?” asked Todd.

“He will be here tomorrow. He got held up at his law office. He had some big legal case he insisted on finishing up tonight. I guess it’s just you, I, and the kids until he decides to join us” Vicki replied.

She had that contorted look on her face. Todd knew Alan was unfaithful. He had once gone to dinner with some friends and saw Alan all over another younger woman. Alan had approached Todd in the bathroom and practically threatened him about the family consequences if Vicki found out about the affair. As much as Todd loved his sister, he loved his niece and nephews more. He couldn’t put them through a divorce.

Todd, Vicki, and the kids all walked out the front door, and took a narrow path down to the lakes shore. It was twilight and the sun was setting quickly out towards the horizon. Todd’s family had been coming to this lake since he was born. It was the family lake house that had been in their family for generations. In fact, Todd had been conceived in that very house 34 years ago. He had even lost his virginity in that very guest room 19 years ago. The memories flowed through his mind, as they silently walked along the shore.

It was Vicki who broke the silence. “Todd, have you found a girlfriend yet?” she asked.

“No, nothing serious, at least,” he replied. In fact, Todd hadn’t been actively looking for anyone in the last 6 months. He had been really concentrating on the gym, and rarely found time to go out to a bar, dinner, or group event.

“Look at that mom,” Kristen called out. In the horizon, there was a vibrant lightning storm forming. There were flashes of blue, purple, and green lightning strikes which sent goose bumps down Todd’s arms. Thunder storms always made him sexual and a bit aggressive. “Looks like another evening with my hand tonight,” he thought to himself.

“I guess we should start walking back to the house. Its looks like that storm is approaching quickly. We can make some dinner and then call it a night. The drive and kids completely wore me out today,” Vicki exclaimed.

Todd agreed and the group started the 15 minute trek back to the lake house. Just as they entered the kitchen door, thunder clapped and sent the windows rattling throughout the house. Vicki turned on the kitchen flat screen and found the weather channel. The television screen was displaying a 12 hour thunderstorm warning for their area. It looked like a slow moving cluster of severe storms had formed over the Great Lakes and were going to be stationary due to a high pressure over the Midwest.

“Looks like we’ll be having an active night sis. You better cook a quick dinner in case we lose power. I’ll get the kids in the showers and fill our tubs with warm water, just in case.” Todd had always been good at tense situations. Vicki felt safe and secure around her brother. She knew he would always be there to protect her in case things got rough. She felt a small tingle between her legs as he passed by her and rubbed her back. He then headed upstairs.

Dinner consisted of macaroni and cheese, rotisserie chicken, and scalloped potatoes. The kids inhaled their plates and quickly ran off to the day room to enjoy the lightning show develop. Vicki opened a bottle of wine and proceeded to pour two glasses for her and Todd.

“It’s so nice to be here. I don’t have to worry about a fax document, an important contract, or an urgent phone call,” Todd stated dryly. Todd was a paralegal for a prominent law firm. He was slowly moving up the corporate ladder to be a Sr. Paralegal to one of the partners at his firm. This vacation was exactly what he needed to alleviate his mind of current nerve-racking work projects.

“Brother, you might need to finish this bottle of wine and have another one,” Vicki teased. Todd knew he would need another bottle of wine. He just wanted to fall into a deep sleep tonight. He was looking forward to the jet skis and boating on the lake and hopefully running into his ex-girlfriend the next day.

The time passed by quickly, and before he knew it, Todd and his sister had already finished two bottles of wine, and had started on their third. The lightning was still vibrant, and the thunder was getting louder as the minutes passed. Vicki’s two boys had already gone upstairs and were most likely asleep. However, little Kristen had fallen asleep on the couch in the downstairs day room. Todd easily scooped her up and took her to her room. She was wearing the new pink night gown he had bought her. She even had two cute pig tails tied with the pink ribbons he had placed in her gift box.

Vicki was a little tipsy and stumbled up the stairs to her room. She kissed her brother on the cheek and said good night. She quickly retired to her room and climbed into her bed. The tingle between her legs had turned into a thick warm wetness, and her panties were soaked. Why couldn’t she find a man like her brother? He was the ultimate description of a man. He was strong, affectionate, masculine, and steadfast. She knew her feelings were wrong, and she quickly fell asleep with her mound of pillows surrounding her. The wine had taken over her body and senses.

Todd walked quietly down the stairs and grabbed his full glass of wine and what was left of the wine bottle. “Might as well finish this bottle tonight,” he thought to himself. Todd turned off the lights in the kitchen and quickly walked upstairs to his room. He stripped out of his clothes; right down to his dark blue thong. He opened his window blinds to see the lightning show, and crawled into his bed. The sheets against his bare body felt comforting and he soon fell asleep.
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