I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
I was 11 years old, when the little old man, down at the end of the block, taught me what " Our little secret " meant.

He was really old, probably around 70, when he got to me.

He had asked me to cut his lawn, with his lawn mower and had even told me that he'd give me $1o dollars, if I'd do it. $ 10 dollars was alot of money to me back then, in fact it still is, to this very day and I said, " Ok."

That's when he asked me, " Can you come over saturday and do it?" And not thinking a thing about it, I said " Sure " and more or less, forgot all about it.

When saturday came, I went over and he asked me if I wanted to come in first and have some hot chocolate, so I said, " Ok " and went inside.

He gave me hot chocolate, at the kitchen table but he also did something else to me, something that no one else had ever done to me before. He touched the inside of my leg and before I could say anything, he had slid his hand up, to where my little dick and balls were and was gently rubbing on them.

I wanted to stop him, I really did but he could feel my little boner coming up and knew, that I liked it.

When he saw that I wasn't going to stop him, he knelt down beside me and started undoing my pants. I had never had anybody do that before and I couldn't stop him. I don't know why.

As soon as he had my pants undone, he slid them down, along with my uderwear and let out a funny little noise, when he saw my little boner sticking up.

The next thing I knew he was sucking on it and I couldn't stop him.

I don't know how to describe, how it feels, to be a boy and to have someone else, sucking on your boner. All I can say, is that I had never felt anything even close to how good it felt, so believe me, I didn't stop him.

Pretty soon he was pulling my tee shirt up over my head and then pulling my shoes, pants and underwear all the way off. Until I was sitting at the kitchen table naked and watching him sucking on me.

I don't know how long he sucked on me, before he took me into the bedroom and got me to lay down on his big kingsize bed. Watching as he took his clothes off to, wondering what was about to happen.

As soon as he was naked, I saw his little [ Yes, it was little, like mine ] boner sticking out. And I was amazed that it was so small, especially since he was as old but I guess with boners, age doesn't matter.

He got onto the bed with me and reached down and spread my little legs, once again going after my little boner, with his warm soft mouth and I let him.

I could feel his tongue licking on it, the whole time he was sucking on it and the next thing I knew, he was gently rolling me over, to where I was on my stomach and he was up behind me.

I felt him spreading my cheeks and I whispered, " What are you doing?" But instead of answering me, he bent down and started licking on me back there and I couldn't believe it, as his warm tongue licked softly, across my little asshole. again and again and again.

The longer he licked me back there, the better it felt and somewhere along the way, he had eased his finger tip up into me and was finger fucking me, before I even knew it.

The only sounds coming from the bedroom, were the little grunts and groans coming out of me, as he worked it up into me, deeper and deeper.

All at once he was laying on top of me and whispering in my ear, " You like it, don't you?" And I was so embarrassed, as I heard myself whimpering and saying, " Uh huh, Uh huh, over and over again, as he fingered me. Working it in and out of me, stretching me, getting me ready.

I don't know how long he worked his long skinny finger in and out of me, before he pulled it out of me and I felt something else, pushing against my little asshole.

Pushing and then slowly easing " It " up into me, "Nooooooo, noooooooo, stop, stoppppppppp." " It hurtsss, it hurtsss, Nooo."

But there was no way that he could stop now because the tightness and warmth, of my little asshole and rectum were to much for him and he " Lost it " and started working it in and out of me. Slow at first, waiting for me to get used to it and then getting faster and faster, the longer he did me.

He was grunting and groaning in my ear, as he held me down on his bed and worked his warm dick back and forth in me. Working it back and forth in me, until even I was whimpering and moaning and I didn't know why.

He was saying, " You like that dick up in you, don't you?" And even though I wanted to scream, " Nooo," I couldn't because it did feel good up in there and there was no way, that I could deny it. And he knew it, as he pounded it into me, harder and harder.

He was telling me, " Fuck me, fuck me," over and over again and I didn't know what he wanted me to do, so I just pushed back up at it and let him pound it up into me harder and harder, faster and faster. Until all at once he moaned, " Oh Nooooooo," pushed it all the way up into me and held it there, groaning as it squirted " Once " Agghhhhhhhh, " Twice " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " Three times " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, up into my little ass, right there on his kingsized bed.

What happened next, scared even me, as all at once my little ass started bucking and jerking underneath him and I felt my " Boy cum " squirting out of the end of my little boner and onto his bedspread.

He knew that he had made me cum and the next thing I knew, he was moaning, " Oh fuck yessssss " and I felt him squirt " Agghhhhhhhhhh Agghhhhhhhhh" up inside of me, 2 more times, before he was through with me.

When it was finally over, he rolled off of me, pulling his now limp dick, from my little asshole and went into the bathroom, I guess to wash it off. I don't know.

By the time he came back out of the bathroom, I was fully dressed and had to get out of there. So, he handed me a ten dollar bill and as I was going out the door he said, " That's our little secret, ok?" And I couldn't even look at him, as I went out the door.

I was embarrassed, and I was ashamed, about what had just happened to me. But who was I supposed to talk too? You can't go up to somebody [ anybody ] and say, " Excuse me but a little old man just fucked me." The embarrassment of somebody else knowing that it had happened to me, would have been to much for me, so I went along with his " Secret," I had too.

I never told anybody about, " Our little secret " and I hope that he didn't either.

The shame or embarassment really came 3 or 4 months later, when I found myself over at his house again, begging him to " Do me " again because I had liked " Really liked " how good it had felt.

He was more than glad enough to show me, in fact he showed me all the way up until I was 13 years old and I finally understood that it wasn't right [ Whatever that means ] to be a boy and to let another boy or man, have his way with you.

What a shame because if I were to be really honest, I miss the feeling, to this very day.


2011-11-05 12:24:17
most young girls an boys start experment with sex i think. like he said u cant chose sometimes

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2011-07-07 05:15:19
Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker

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2011-07-04 04:27:28
Never seen a bteter post! ICOCBW

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2011-03-22 07:34:26
any young thing in the uk want a older man to fuck

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2009-08-27 14:55:04
I was 13 when 2 men got me drunk pulled my pants down and had their way with me right there on the backseat of their old car while at least 3 cars drove by.

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