While attempting to finish some of my other stories I sort of began this on as an interlude, but have now some 75 pages written . Inorder to write i have to use some events that are true or have happend to me or with me being involved, i have a hard time writing just fiction. This story has as its base a good deal of true story, yet i have flushed it out with fiction fo keep the critics happy. I leave it to the reader however to determine what they accept as true and what they decide is fiction
I steeled back to my room, trying to concentrate on my reading and waited anxiously, to see if Carole was going to call my bluff or if she was going to agree to my request. I was not certain what I was going to do if she called my bluff, I did not really want her getting into hot water, and then I also had to consider how much flack would I get myself into having to explain how the pictures came to be in the first place. The silence in my room was deafening, the wall clock was ticking away the thirty minutes almost as though it was a gong clock , my concentration was unstable to say the least . I tried hard to keep my mind on what I was reading, yet my mind was whirling with anticipation , plans and thoughts of what I was going to be able to do with Carole as a submissive object.

I had left my bedroom door open on purpose, had placed a door stopper in such a way that it could not be closed quickly even if I wanted. As the clock ticked its 29th minute, I was almost certain I heard Carole’s bedroom door open, yet perhaps it was just my heart pounding against my chest, I wasn’t sure. To my delight and relief just as the 30 minute mark ticked on the wall clock , Carole `s beautiful naked body appeared in the hallway opposite my open door. At that exact moment we heard my father’s voice booming in the emptiness of the stairwell calling us down to set the table for Sunday’s dinner. Carole froze there in the hall, looking like she had shit herself, most likely would have had she eaten her usual intake. Since I knew this was going to happen, hence the thirty minute deadline, I had set my camera to capture the moment. I waved Carole into my room, telling her that I understood by her actions she had agreed to my proposition. I wanted however her to confirm officially that she understood that this was unconditional. I told her I had typed out an acceptance form that I asked her to sign, while I replied to my father that we would be right down, we just had to wash our hands.

Once Carole had signed on the line, I took the paper , incase she might have second thoughts, I told her to go dress in her slacks and plaid blouse, but that she was not to wear undergarments. I figured there was no use in bringing attention to ourselves if I had her dress differently than she had been for the last few days. I think she was relieved a bit when she found out she was not going to be put on display at dinner. While we were setting the table however, I told her that each time she felt me touch either of her legs she was to find a way to rub at her breast. When she felt the right leg being touched she was to rub her left tit and vice-versa , until she felt me touch her leg again , then and only then could she stop rubbing. I would have liked to have made her unbutton the top buttons of her shirt , slip her hand inside and rub at a bare tit, but then I figured that would be too drastic a step to make during our family dinner.

It seemed that Mother controlled the conversation once again as she went on explaining how involved she had become at work, how it felt to have been asked over the others to lend more of a hand, she was indeed very pleased with herself. As for father’s part well, he most always ate in silence grunting a yes or no or a that’s good , every once in a while, it was however evident that he was happy for Mother. The first time I touched Carole’s leg with my foot, I am sure I saw her jump , I know for a fact that some color drained from her face, she did not turn pure white, but the pink coloring of her face paled somewhat. It took a moment or so, before I saw her hand ease up and over her tit, rubbing as though she had an itch. Watching my parents for any reaction, I left Carole rubbing her breast for a good two minutes, before I touched her leg to allow her to stop. It was probably easier for her to rub the right tit with her left hand, as she could still keep her fork in her right hand pretending that she was eating.

When mother got up and went to the kitchen, I touched Carole’s right leg almost causing her to chock on the food she had just placed in her mouth. This time she had to figure out how to some how to place her fork down and move her right hand to her left tit. I let her continue until Mother came back into the dinning area, which was a good three minutes at least. By the time our main course was terminated I had managed to get Carole to rub one tit or the other a good five or six times, I noticed that the color was coming back to her cheeks, it was a deeper red , caused either by embarrassment or excitement I could not be sure. I was quick to offer help to clear the table so that we could bring in the dessert, Mother had baked our favourite , apple pie , and it would be hot out of the oven. When I picked up Carole’s dinner plate I leaned in close and whispered telling her that she had been a good girl so far , her reaction to my commands had been appreciated.

Lady fortune was with me that fist night, for no sooner had I sat back down, waiting for mother to bring in the pie, father excused himself from the table. Immediately I touched both of Carole’s legs simultaneously causing her to look straight at me as though she was sending daggers my way, I just smirked a smile, waiting for her to react. Slowly but surely, not without regret no doubt, Carole brought her two hands up , placed them one each over a tit and began a rubbing motion. By the time, just in the nick of time I must add, I touched her two legs to have her stop, her facial expression , the original stare , had changed . Carole’s mouth was opened a bit , you could see the tip of her tongue just at the edge of her lips, her body was reacting, her shoulders, her upper arms, were working more in unison . It looked to me that she was enjoying the sensations, she was getting into it, or was getting off on it as she sat there rubbing her two breasts. My second kick at her legs, brought her to an abrupt stop, causing her to give me a sour face look, but then I had little choice as both parents arrived back in the room at the same time.

Dinner over I suggested to mother that Carole and I could clean up , taking care of the dirty dishes, putting the remaining food away safely, and that she should relax , taking her second cup of tea in the living room, a suggestion that was not refused. As Carole and I entered the kitchen, I told her that I would look after the food, suggesting that she bring the dirty dishes in from the dinning room, I made it clear , each time she returned she was to undo a button on her shirt and when she returned with the last of the implements , I wanted her shirt pulled out from the waist band of her slacks. This task was not planned to have her expose herself, it was more or less to tease me, to have the tease run for a bit, yet making things daring enough should one of our parents decide to check on our progress. As Carole entered the kitchen with the last of the implements her blouse completely undone, the tails of her shirt flaying out to the sides, I reveled in the sight of a large expanse of white young flesh, her firm young tits proudly displaying her stiff hardened deep rose colored nipples .

I had finished rinsing the dishes , telling to Carole to could load them in the dishwasher suggesting that she might want to pull her shirt and tuck it into the back of her slacks so it would not be hanging down risking getting caught in the machine. Carole emitted a loud groan, as she straightened her torso , pulling at the material of her shirt, and fixing into the back of her slacks. This of course uncovered even more of her lovely young body creating an even more daring situation as we worked together there cleaning up in the kitchen, with our parents in the next room. Once terminated Carole began preparing food and water for Sprint, remaining exposed as she was, however as she started for the door she turned and looked at me . I had no intention of telling her to readjust her shirt, but simply told her that I wanted her to offer her tits to Sprint, to allow him to lick at them until I stopped things, as I was coming out to watch.

That was just what I did, I watched as Carole began talking to Sprint, petting him, playing with him, allowing him to lick at her first her face, then finding that her chest was bare he attacked her tits with gusto. Sprint never even bothered with his food or water, he concentrated his attention on those two wonderful tits of hers . Carole dropped to her knees allowing Sprint access to her body, allowing him to do what a dog does best, licking at her, slobbering his saliva all over her chest. I watched in silence, offering no instructions, making no comments, until I heard Carole beginning to moan . Immediately I called out to her to break her contact with Sprint and stand up which she did but this was accompanied with a loud low groan. I then told her to take Sprint on his walk, offering at the same time the option of walking the streets with her blouse stuck in her slacks like it was or she could tie it in a knot in front, but she was not to re-button it. I thought she deserved a little comfort zone as she had readily responded to all my commands so far that evening. I added that I did not think it wise if she thought she could let Sprint lick her body anywhere else, as there were might be greater or more drastic risks involved.

He dog nightly dog walks usually were no more than twenty minutes, so I used this time to fix the video system in my room in preparation of the last event of the night. I was back downstairs waiting as she returned, attached Sprint to his dog house and headed towards the back door. I tried to see if the material of her slacks between her legs was wet, but it was so dark that the material if indeed was wet or had been wet, it did not show the tell-tale signs. I told her that mother had suggested she get her shower then go to bed as the next day was a school day . I knew that both our parents were sitting in the living room, watching TV and hence were not facing the front hall, so I told Carole to give me her shirt before she started up. The look she provided was just what I expected, one of despise, perhaps horror, but that I expected, so I told her that I would give her a choice she could give me her shirt, then go up stairs, or she could give both her slacks and her shirt then go up stairs, I did not mind which.

Grudgingly she doffed her shirt, almost throwing it at me, but as I had other instructions for her , I quickly gabbed her arm and held her there in the hall entrance. Now there was a risk that we would seen, our active rapid movements just might catch our parent’s eye. I held Carole telling her for a final act that night, after she had had her shower or bath what ever , she was to come to my room once again completely naked, bringing me her slacks so I could inspect them. With that said I let her on her way, sticking my head into the living room to tell my parents I also was heading for bed.

I had not set a time limit for her to follow so I waited patiently for her to show up at my door. I knew that Carole knew our parents came to bed shortly after the news program, unless there was a special Johnny Carson show being televised. Since there had been no mention of such a program at dinner time I figured our parents would be on their way past my bedroom about eleven thirty. That left us with a two hour window.
It was perhaps ten forty five, maybe ten fifty when my day dreaming was interrupted by a light tapping at my door frame . I looked up to see Carole standing there in her all together, nicely framed by the dark grain of my door frame. She was standing still holding her slacks in one hand the other hanging straight at her side. In an attempt to embarrass her I took the slacks from her , turned them inside out. Leaving Carole standing there naked in the hall way, I made an exaggerated display of sniffing at the crotch of her slacks . I thought I detected a hint of her sweet scent, but it could have been only her normal body odor that I was inhaling . I looked straight at her and asked if she come in her pants, had experienced an orgasm since our time at dinner .

Carole replied in the negative, adding without my encouragement, that she had almost come during the last part of dinner when I had her rubbing both her tits, she said that the sensations were very very strong and no doubt would have had I not stopped her so abruptly .Then again when Sprint was licking her tits outside, afterwards, he had managed to bring her to the very edge, if I had not called it off she would have definitely wet her pants . Carole admitted that had I not warned her about being careful walking the dog she was sure she would have found the time and a place to stop and would have let Sprint tongue her to an exquisite orgasm. She had definitely tried to get off in the shower, but it was not quite the same thing, so in reality she had not had a sexual release that evening, even if there were tracing of a beginning of one embedded in her slacks. With this all said and done, I pulled her into my room and closed the door,

Directing her to the chair I had placed for the next performance I eased her into a sitting position. I told her that I wanted her to play with herself until she released the orgasm she needed. We had a good forty-five minutes ahead of us before our parents would be on their way up. I took up a seat facing her , ( well off to the side a bit ) and punched the start button on the video camera which I had conveniently hidden directly opposite the chair I had placed her on., this I hoped would be a wonderful recorded secession.
It took a few minutes before Carole began, I guess she had not realized that she would be asked to do such private things in front of me, little did she know what I had planned for her. I reiterated that we had only a free forty-five minutes, it was up to her because the longer she took, the more the risk of having her coming out loud as our parents passed by my room would be. That did the trick as Carole sighed and commenced bringing her hand up to rub at her body. She let her hands roam all over her lovely firm young body, covering her sides, her thighs , her tummy and her chest. From that point she began concentrating on her breast, massaging them, making circular motions around her deep rose colored areolas . Carole had closed her eyes , no doubt to block the fact that I was sitting not two feet watching every movement she was making.

She managed to avoid touching her nipples, which to me appeared to be growing as every second passed, they were much larger in stature than they had been when exposed in the kitchen , as far as I could tell extended much further also. I had not seen them when the dog had been licking at them so I figured that this is how Carole got when she was excited. Carole threw her head back and I watched as she eased one hand down between her tightly closed legs. She pushed them between her upper thighs seeming applying a good amount of pressure to her mons, as at the same time she began moaning. Suddenly Carole adjusted herself in the chair, she brought her legs up, spreading them wide and placed the heels of her feet on the edge of the seat. This effectively opened up her very private parts. I was provided the most wonderful view of her pink pussy lips, and of course that little bulb hanging so audaciously at the top edge of her love tunnel. Every inch of things covered in a glistening liquid.

Carole then used the finger of one hand to spread the outer lips of her pussy even wider, presenting me with an even better view up her vivid pink channel, it was as though I could see right up into her womb, With every thing spread wide, Carole used a finger on her other hand to strum at the hanging clitoris. As Carole continued her strumming, from my advantage point, I could see the walls of her tunnel contracting, a star like design opening and closing, each time emitting droplets of liquid, which then ran down her crack and settled on the chair after having dripped off her anus. She then changed tactics pushing at her heals she raised her bottom off the chair, easing one hand down on to her little puckered ass hole. It was very evident that she was poking a finger into her butt hole, it slipped in easily as it was coated in the free flowing liquid from her love tunnel. I was surprised a bit because I did not think girls played with that part of their body, I had thought that that was a male fixation, playing with a girls bung hole, so I was indeed pleasantly delighted filling this action of hers away for further use.

Carole was making more sounds , animal like sounds, sharps sounds, sounds I hoped were not resounding downstairs to the ears of our parents, but I was unsure I wanted to curtail them, the risk was great, but the benefit of have them recorded were greater.
Pulling her hand from her rear Carole tried to spread her legs wider, her knees were almost parallel with the floor as it was, but she moved, adjusting herself until she was satisfied, then went back to attacking her pulsating cunt, She again pulled her pussy lips wide , opening her little tunnel holding it wide with one hand while she fixed the fingers of her other hand and shoved them up right up into that vivid pink tunnel, even I let out a gasp. I watched as Carole used her fingers to fuck herself royally, she worked herself with a speed I had only seen when I had watched the porn sites with animals. It was certainly not slow and delicate like I had been lead to believe sex was supposed to be. This was hard and fast, so much so that there was liquid juice flying all over, so far out from her little young cunt that I was getting the benefit of the spray.

Suddenly with the sounds of several loud “ OHs! “ Carole brought her legs up and together squeezing her arms tight between her upper thighs and shook and shuddered so vigorously that she almost fell from the chair. After holding this tightly knit position for several minutes if not more, she let herself go limp. Her head hung down on her chest, her arms dropped straight down from her shoulders, her legs striking straight out off to the side, leaving her delicious looking sex completely unprotected, her little pink lips pulsating in time with her heart beat, leaking the remnants of her juices, which dropped to the floor form a puddle at the base of the chair. How that first night I avoided dropping to my knees and attaching my mouth to her loveliness I do not know, but I was concerned about time.

I figured that I could leave her recuperate for a bit, but I had to get her back to her room before our parents came up to bed. Needless to say that I had been so intrigued by the show Carole had put on that I had not even realized that I had shot my own load into my pajamas, until I stood up to move along, Christ it was sticky. Finally after checking how things were going downstairs , I came back, picked Carole up and carried her to her bed. I did not bother putting her in her night shirt, but simply covered and tucked her in, placing a warm brotherly kiss on her mouth. I went back to my room and busied myself with putting the first taped video’s memory card in a safe and sound hiding place then went off into a very sound and wonderful satisfied sleep.

3774 words

Second week to follow if ratings are good ( it has to be proofread first)

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