It was the Christmas holidays and I needed money for buying presents and going out, thankfully Mr and Mrs Jones our next door neighbours had a 15 year old son who they didn't trust to be on his own so asked me a trustworthy 18 year old to babysit him, we had never actually met I don't know why we just hadn't. On the night I went over at 7 and knocked on the door. Mrs Jones opened the door "oh hello Katie come in Josh is up in his room sulking he isn't happy we hired you, but he won’t be any trouble, what did we agree £10 an hour and we will be back at 11, here's a list of phone numbers and rules etc I’m sure you can work it out, "come on frank, we are going, Josh come down here Katie's here at least com say hello." I heard someone coming down stairs but it was Mr Jones, or Frank. "JOSH, come here....sigh I do despair about that boy sometimes"
"It's ok I’ll go up to him, where is room?"
"Up the stairs, first on the left, bye, come on Frank we are going to be late"
I went up the stairs and turned to the right not thinking and opened the door to the bathroom, oh well at least that avoids having to ask where it is, I turned round and saw Josh's door slightly open I opened it and stepped in "hey, I'm Katie"
Josh looked up from his laptop he had rested on his knee while on his bed, he was clearly about to just nod hello and look back down but when he saw me his eyes boggled and he stammered "Err... hi.. I...Err...yeah. hi I’m err Josh" his eyes drifted down from my face to my breast then glided over my whole body before snapping back to my face gliding down to my breasts again I almost giggled at this reaction.
"I am going down to watch TV I'll make tea for 8 is that ok"
"Err yeah great that's great" he said trying to keep his eyes on my face, and failing.
I went down to sit on the big couch and turned on the TV I watched an episode of friends it was starting to snow outside. when the episode finished I stood up to make tea just a microwave meal for us, I put it in and called Jay down he came down quickly and sat at the table I put the food onto plates and put it on the table he stood up and poured some juice for us we ate in relative silence, he was still staring at me a lot. Near the end he finished the juice and got himself a glass of water. he finished and picked up his plate to put it by the sink but in doing so, I couldn't tell if it was an accident or not, the plate hit his glass it tipped over and splashed water all over my top it was a white blouse and turned instantly see trough exposing my lacy bra I yelped and jumped back he stared and then started apologizing profusely but he was still looking. He went and got one of his tops for me to change into; we were about the same size.
He didn’t look while I changed as he clearly though that would be too obvious, he was still apologizing, then I saw his face in the reflective surface of the toaster, he was still looking. I gave him a good view then slipped the top on. I went into the lounge and sat on the sofa "you got any popcorn?"
"Sure" he grabbed a packet and microwaved it I turned on the telly and started to browse through
he sat down next to me with the popcorn on his lap, it was then that I got to the adult channels looked at him” bet your parents don’t let you watch these" I grinned I clicked on one it came up with a pin code I guessed 1234 and amazingly was right on the screen flashed a naked mans ass thrusting between a woman legs. I slipped my hand into the packet of popcorn, still on Josh's lap, now also ineffectively hiding a boner and rummaged around my fingers brushing the bottom of the packet brushing against his man hood. we watched for a while, until the popcorn was finished then he said he was going to have a shower he left and I shut the porn off and went and got another thing of popcorn when it dinged I went up stairs and popped me head into his room to tell him I had done another thing of popcorn for when he had had his shower as saw him on his bed eyes closed jacking off hard "oh" I exclaimed I turned round
"Shit" he said
"I was just going to say when you...finished, I had done some more popcorn, just come down when your ...finished" and I left hurriedly feeling a bit embarrassed he followed in a few minutes he started to apologize. "It's ok Josh its natural, I mean we were watching porn for a good hour or so. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'll put it on again if you want, to show you I’m not uncomfortable with it" I switched over again and patted the sofa for him to come and sit next to me; he sat and tried to hide the boner that he had sprung again. I batted his hands away "don’t bother hiding it, I know you have it" so he sat back to enjoy the show "have you ever had sex?" I asked.
"Err, well no" he answered embarrassed
"Don’t be embarrassed you 15 you’re not supposed to have had it yet" I laughed I saw the huge boner in his trousers "did you finish off after I left?"
"No I was too embarrassed, that had seen me"
"Well you clearly need to do it"
"Would you mind if I went to my room..."
"Don’t be silly just do it here, I don’t mind"
"What you want me to wank off while you’re next to me"
"Sure I don’t mind, if it will make you more comfortable I’ll finger myself at the same time"
"WOW really?"
"Hehehe yeah sure, I could tell you needed it earlier I suppose I didn’t help when I brushed your dick through the popcorn packet"
"You did that on purpose?"
"Hehe yeah, I had seen you staring at me all evening"
"Oh, sorry"
"It's ok, now are you going have that much needed wank?"
"ok" he unzipped himself and a moderately sized dick sprang out I pulled my skirt up and my knickers down, then as a special treat for him I slipped my top and bra off "WOOOW, Oh my god!" he stared at my tits, on hand furiously pumping his cock, my finger slid along my slit and rubbed a circle around my clit. Then I reached over to stroke his rock hard shaft. That was all it took, he started to pulse under my hand with his warm cum pumping out over my hand.
I giggled "I've given longer hand jobs, now we will just have to get you hard again"
"I don’t think that will take long" he replied I slipped of the sofa and took his limp dick in my mouth and sucked it gently, it didn’t take long before I felt it jump a little in my mouth and start to grow, my hands ran all over Josh's body, when he was hard again I stood up "do you want me to take your virginity, do you want me as your first?"
"OMG yes!!!" he replied
I sat back on the sofa opening my legs and resting them on the coffee table "come on then big boy, let’s see what you've got" he needed no encouragement as he placed himself between me, first he touched me running his hands softly over my slit and clit, one hand drifted to my breast softly groping them the other hand slid into me his thumb massaged my clit, I moaned at his touch, then his hand slipped out and he positioned his cock at my entrance and then slid in slowly, the look of pure ecstasy. he slid slowly in and out, one hand on my hip and the other still on my breasts, I placed my hands on his hips guiding him in and out, I sped him up, he lent forward to get deeper penetration, my hands grabbed his ass cheeks pulling him in harder, on finger finding its way to his ass sliding in, he jumped at that but seemed to like it sliding in and out of him in time with his thrusts, "am I doing it right" he asked breathlessly in my ear.
my orgasm was building so he was doing very well "oh fuck hunny you are doing superb" to show him how well he was doing I became a bit more vocal, "oh fuck josh, oh yeah fuck me, fuck me with that big cock, fuck your babysitter, impale me on your shaft,OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK yes OH MY GOD, THATS IT OH JUST THERE KEEP GOING OHHOOOHOHHHHHHHHOHOHOHOHHOH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD FUCK YES" I tensed up the feeling filling my whole body my cunt exploding with pleasure pulsing around his cock. then he yelled I’m about to cum, he started to pull out so he didn’t cum in me "don’t you dare" I said grabbing his ass and thrusting him right back into me and then I felt his cock burst his juices into me, pulsing again and again filling me with his cum. he collapsed onto of me, smiled as he lay there, he stood up and went down to my cunt and started to lick, I smiled loving it, my phone rang I picked it up with Josh till eating me out, his tongue swirling in our juices.
*hi its Mrs Jones here, just ringing to check everything is ok back there, and to ask if you could stay the night , the snow has fallen heavily, we are stranded we will of course pay you for it, you can sleep in our bed*
*oh sure its fine, I can stay* at this point Josh was fingering me vigorously
*thanks Katie you’re a star, I have to go now my battery is getting low*
*ok bye* **
We burst into a fit of giggles as soon as the phone was down; we were alone for the whole night now. This was going to be fun.
I woke up the next morning very satisfied .as I became more awake I realized Josh was spooning me, his cock just at the entrance to my ass. I turned my head round so I could just see him. "Morning" I said grinning
"Hey I hope you don’t mind"
"Is this your subtle way of asking for anal?"
"Oh god yes pleasepleaseplease"
"Go on then, be gentle or you'll hurt me"
"I’d never hurt you" he said as he positioned himself to penetrate me
"Wait first..." I turned round and started to lick his cock, I slipped it in my mouth and cover it in saliva making sure it was also rock hard before turning back around and allowing him to push his way into me slowly forcing his way into my tight ass. He pushed himself up to the hilt and grinded himself around inside grunting before pulling out slightly and moving thrusting back it with a bit more force making me gasp a little. He kept pumping in getting faster as my ass loosened up. He thrust in and grinded into me then pulled back before ramming himself in to grind again. He started to just saw in and out of my grunting with each thrust. My hand was desperately rubbing and flicking my clit as I enjoyed the sensation of anal. Then he grunted on last time and thrust in very hard making me gasp in pain and clamp my ass tight around his cock while he started to pulse inside me forcing his cum deep into me.
He lay there for a while his cock twitching every so often before I pulled away. I got up and went downstairs and started to make breakfast my ass was hurting a bit but I had still enjoyed it, josh came down with a dressing gown on. When he saw me cooking scrambled eggs and sausages naked his dick stiffened and ended up poking out his dressing gown making me giggle. "Take it off silly, it’s not hiding anything" I told him. He let it drop to the floor and stood there naked. I turned the eggs and sausages off and went to the fridge to grab the squirty cream I had seen when I got the eggs. I opened it and lay on the table and started to squirt some onto myself, first on my lips then two little mountains of it covering my nipples and a small circle on my stomach and a line along my pussy with a little pile over my clit. Straight away he kissed me licking the cream off tasting my lips and then softly sliding his tongue into my mouth as we shared a tender kiss. Then he moved down sucking gently on my breasts and then a trail of kisses down to my stomach before he started on my pussy. He quickly lapped up the cream and started to lick and suck on my pussy, I was moaning and grinding my pussy onto he face when he pulled away. "Hey!" I complained before he came back with a sausage which he slowly inserted into my pussy. Using it like a dildo. It was very warm and greasy it slid in very easily. He started to move it in and out quickly while he licked and flicked my clit I lay o the table gasping struggling to get my breath as I felt the orgasm building my hands gripped the edges of the table. the orgasm built like a pressure wave spreading out from my pussy enveloping my whole body, everything clenched slightly before suddenly it happened I screamed in pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through my body my pussy contracted round the sausage it was so greasy it almost shot out as I covered it in juices that pulsed from my pussy my hips were bucking wildly on the table as I moaned. The orgasm slowly died down and Josh removed the sausage he placed it at my mouth and lent in biting one half, I bit on the other and we ate down the sausage towards each other. I could taste myself on the sausage then I tasted his soft lips press against mine as we shared the last of the sausage and lay back kissing. I realized the time and got up I quickly straightened up the house that had got messy during out amours activities the night before. I had just got dressed when I heard a car pull into the driveway and Mr and Mrs Jones entered the house. I said goodbye and left. I really hoped I would be asked to babysit again.

I came home in the morning from the Jones' feeling very satisfied. Josh had been so eager to learn and to please it had been a lot of fun spending the night with him. He was far more fun than my previous lovers, they were all sure of what they were doing and yet not that good. And it was all over too quickly. But Josh was very eager to please and so kept coming back for more.

The next weekend I thought my hopes would come true when the Mrs Jones rang to ask me to babysit overnight but they were dashed when she told me that they were going out of town with another couple and their kids and boy and a girl would be staying with Josh. I agreed still hoping me and josh might grab a little time to ourselves.

I arrived as the other couple did they said a brief hello and introduced the kids as Kevin who was 15 and friends with Josh, and Ruby who was 14, before leaving with the Jones'. I went inside and switched on the telly while the kids went up to play on Josh's X-box. The evening passed uneventfully I thought I got some funny looks from Kevin during tea and shared a few moments of eye contact with Josh. I sent them to bed at about 11 before settling down to watch TV. It was about half an hour later that Kevin came down and sat next to me on the sofa. "Can't sleep?" I asked.
"No...Err" he sat silent for a few minutes before finally blurting out "Josh said you had sex with him and I was wondering if that true?"
"Well he shouldn't have told you. But yes I did. You won’t tell anyone will you?"
"You really did?"
"I was wondering...if...well"
"You want to have sex?"
"Err yeah" he smiled, embarrassed.
"You promise not to tell anyone"
"You’ll do it?" he asked incredulously
"If you don't tell anyone"
"I promise"
"Ok then" I smiled this was exiting; I had another mind to mould and another person eager and ready and willing to please me. I unbuttoned my shirt slowly exposing my milky white cleavage before letting my bra fall to the floor too. I pulled my skirt and panties down in one motion before stepping up to him and pulling his clothes off him while he sat still slightly overawe. His cock was a bit shorter than Josh's but thicker I could feel this as I straddled him and slid slowly down, he was very thick and he felt huge when he was wedged inside my pussy. God it felt amazing. "You like this babe?" I asked him as I started to move up and down slowly on his cock. But he didn't answer; I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and a look of ecstasy covered his face but then he gasped as I felt him clench under me and he grunted as he started to shoot his load into me.
He sagged back into the sofa breathing heavily. I started giggling. "What?" he asked
"Oh babe it’s just I should have known you would last long we shouldn't have started with this. Don’t worry Josh didn't last long at first either"
"Oh" he looked crestfallen as he was told he hadn't done well.
"Its ok babe we can try again when you’re ready"
"Really?" he lit up at the prospect
"Yes but I think it’s unfair to have all the fun ourselves I'll go and wake Josh and Ruby up"
"Ruby? But she is my sister that would be weird"
"It would be a bit unfair for you me and Josh to have sex and leave Ruby out wouldn't it"
"Well I guess but it’s still a bit weird"
"I’m sure you can put up with a bit of weirdness for another shot at this" I said as I wiggled my ass in his face. And with that I got up and walked upstairs.
I crept into Josh's room first I slid his covers off him and was pleased to see he was sleeping in the nude I bent over him and start to play with his cock. I rubbed his balls and licked his limp shaft I could feel it getting harder and so I slipped it all into my mouth. It was then that he woke with a start "whaa... huh...ohhhh"
"Hey there sexy" I said detaching myself from his cock. "get your ass downstairs Kevin is down there waiting, we are going to have some fun together and I didn't want to leave you out, I’ll be down in a second with Ruby" with that I slipped out and slipped into Ruby's room. I gently shook her awake "hey Ruby"
"What... hey...why are you naked?" Ruby said as she slowly became conscious.
"Ok Ruby well I'm about to have some fun with your brother and Josh and I thought you would want to join in. I saw how you were looking at josh earlier you like him don't you."
"Well yeah but this seems kinda weird"
"Well it’s your chance to learn about sex and have some with Josh you now you want it."
"You really think I could have sex with him"
"defiantly, and I'll teach you how to do it well so your first time is the best it can possibly be, come on follow me downstairs"
She followed me down to the living room where Josh and Kevin were sitting self-consciously on the sofa "well boys the girls are here let’s get this party started"
They both jumped up there dicks suddenly standing to attention with Kevin sending self-conscious glances at Ruby. "Ok josh you know how to give a girl oral try that on Ruby while I teach Kevin." Josh took Ruby by the hand and led her to the sofa opening her legs all the time talking to her to make her feel more comfortable. I lay on the floor and opened my legs and got Kevin to climb on top of me so his dick was in my face while his head was in my crotch. "ok hun first I want you to lick the lip gently, just up and down up and down, there like that, oh yes, perfect. Ok now flick your tongue in circle it about in there, that’s right. Now gently nibble on my clit, oooOh perrrfect. ok now back to circling around the inside and used your fingers to play with my clit, ooh yes oh fuck yes Kevin that’s wonderful ohhh" with that I started to suck his cock, it wasn’t the best position to do it but I got him to move his hips down and I was about to start sucking him off but then he started to face fuck me, moving in and out, pushing himself deep into my mouth. I lay below him powerless as he fucked my mouth, I kept chocking a little when he pushed too far. it wasn't very nice to be face fucked but his tongue in my pussy more than made up for it I hadn't masturbated since I heard that I was coming to babysit so I was very sensitive and Kevin was pushing all the right buttons I could feel a stirring in my stomach as I felt the start of the orgasm my hands when to Kevin's balls and started to cup and touch them I felt them clench up under my hands and he thrust in hard slipping down my throat and pumping load after load of hot sticky cum into my throat. As uncomfortable as this was I found it unbelievably sexy (warning do not try this with a girl without their permission as you will probably hurt them and piss them off) this tipped me over the edge and my body was rocked by an intense orgasm I released my juices onto Kevin's face.
As we lay catching our breath I heard the sound of Ruby having an orgasm, moaning and squeaking in pleasure as Josh lapped at her pussy. When they had finished I stood up and went over to Josh. "Well you’re the only one who hasn't had an orgasm yet how about I and Ruby give you oral."
"But I don’t know what to do" Ruby objected
"don’t worry I'll show you come here." josh sat in the middle of the sofa and me and ruby lay on opposite sides of him "ok Ruby we are going to lick either side of his cock then just follow what I do ok?" she nodded and we went in as we lick up it to the tip where our lips met the touch of the young girls lips was electric we started to make out around Josh's cock our lips entwining with each other’s and wrapping around his bell end. one of my hands when to hers to bring it to Josh's shaft, she wrapped it round and started to pump it while my hand went to his balls my other hand reached over Josh to Ruby. I caressed her face ran my hands through her hair then reached down to her breasts.
Josh grunted under us "I’m Cumming girls" we intensified our efforts and in seconds he was shooting out ribbons of cum, he covered our faces and got some in each of our mouths and once we had thoroughly milked his cock we started kissing swapping him cum between us as we did holding and caressing each other. I broke away remembering there were two guys as well.
"Ok guys why don’t we try something a little special we are going to try some double penetration. You up for that Ruby?"
"Err I don’t know does it hurt?"
"we will go very slowly to start with" Josh come here now I want you to slide take her ass, very gently, VERY gently, or this could hurt her" I knelt down behind her and spit on my finger and slipped it into her ass I did this a few time before I turned and took Josh's dick in my mouth covering it with saliva "ok josh go slowly" I said as I backed away. he positioned himself behind her and pushed the tip in Ruby squeaked but told him to carry on he slowly slid into her all the way to the hilt and just stopped there letter her get used to the feel. I pulled out a condom and slipped it onto Kevin "ok Kevin now I want you to fuck your sister’s pussy"
"mmmm ok" Kevin's inhibitions about how weird it would be had dropped after her had seen her suck off his best friend he lay in front of her and she slowly lowered herself and josh onto his cock she slid down slightly but stopped "Kevin you need to thrust through to break her hymen, Ruby this my hurt a bit but it will start to feel really good soon" Kevin thrust in and Ruby gasped in pain a small tear running down her cheek. the three sat for a while before Ruby told them they could start almost immediately she had a look of bliss on her face as the two boys slid in and out of her, she started to rise up and down getting into the rhythm moaning as Josh reached round the fondle her breasts and Kevin reached down to finger her clit. I straddled Kevin's face and wrapped my hands round Ruby and we started to make out kissing each other deeply as Kevin started to lick and flick my clit. Then in the middle of all of us Ruby start to clench up her hands gripped my arms and her body shuddered as she started to buck and scream in the throes of a huge orgasm. Kevin was about to stop but I told him to keep going and we all continued our pleasuring of the now very sensitive Ruby quickly bringing her to another huge orgasm the clenching of her ass and pussy caused the boy to both grunt as they shot their loads into her the pleasure of them Cumming in her lengthened Ruby's orgasm and the sensation of the other three all Cumming around me cause me to once again cover Kevin in my juices.

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