Chapter Two:

The entire evening, all I could think of was getting back into Janice’s sweet pussy, but the reality was that we didn’t even get a chance to discuss what happened. Who knows what she is thinking. Maybe she regrets it, but damn, she sure seemed to enjoy my throbbing cock inside of her. My head wouldn’t stop buzzing, so I finally decided that I would sneak into her room, after everyone was asleep. We could discuss what happened, but hopefully, she will want it to happen again and my cock was more than ready to dive deep into her hot inner folds. God, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her warm wet pussy and the musky smells that still clung to my nostrils. I’m not showering again. I just can’t lose that smell. Shit, my cock is ready to burst just taking a deep whiff.

Just after midnight, I peeled back my sheets and got up to sneak down the hall to Janice’s room. My raging erection was difficult to conceal, especially the way it throbbed, as my mind hoped for a repeat performance. Before I reached the door, it opened slowly and Janice crept towards me, and gave me a very warm embrace.

“Brian, we have to be very quiet. Get back into bed and listen to me”.

“What’s up Janice”?

“You know what’s up Brian; I can see the huge erection in your underwear”.

“I was just heading to your room to talk with you, and you beat me to it”.

“Are you sure you weren’t coming for more than talk”?

“Well, I was hoping for more”.

“Brian, we should never do that again. It was wrong in so many ways, and if anyone ever discovered what we did, it could tear our family apart”.

“But Janice,I..”

“Listen to me very carefully Brian. I know what you want, and I’m going to give it to you one last time, but we will never speak about this again, and never touch one another again. Do you understand me”?

“You mean that we..”

“I meant exactly what I said Brian. No exceptions. You can do what you want tonight, but that’s it”.

After reluctantly accepting her terms, I took off my underwear and she dropped her nightgown. We both climbed into my bed naked with me determined to give her so much pleasure that she might change her mind. I moved on top of Janice and started by massaging and sucking on her breasts, as my cock brushed against her tummy, leaving a trail of pre-cum glistening on her smooth and silky skin. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and rolled my tongue around them, until they were sticking straight out. My right hand was slowly tracking down her abdomen, and I was determined to go very slow to tease her, until she asked for more. When I felt her pussy hairs, Janice moved her hips upwards and uttered a slight moan. My tongue continued lapping at her nipples, until I felt her pushing my head downwards.

“What do you want Janice”?

“You know what I want. Suck my pussy”.

When my hand finally arrived at her outer pussy lips, she was very wet, hot and smelling very musky. Although Janice continued to push my head downwards, I waited patiently until I heard:

“Brian, get your fucking mouth into my pussy. I need it sucked hard, and right now”.

“Janice, I’m going to lick and suck your pussy until you beg for mercy”.

“I want to cum in your mouth Brian. Lick me, and suck my clit”.

I didn’t need any more motivation, but hearing my sister talk dirty to me, and smelling her pussy juices got me a little crazed.

My mouth went straight to her clit, and as my tongue circled, I sucked her clit hard between my lips. Her hips bucked and her hands gripped my ears. I was like an out of control fiend as I sucked and licked Janice, all the while trying to get a breath, since she had my face pushed tightly into her pussy. Sounds were muffled as her hands held my ears, but I could tell that she was moaning very loudly. Then, my ears were freed from her grip.

“Brian, suck hard. I’m gonna cum”.

“Cum in my mouth Janice”.

Her juices flowed into my mouth, down my chin, and down the crack of her ass. Not wanting to miss anything I followed the trail of pussy juice, until my tongue reached her puckered bum hole. My tongue flicked at the opening, and before I knew it, Janice’s hands were at my ears again.

“God Brian, keep licking me there. I am gonna cum again”.

I have to admit that the thought of licking someone’s asshole never appealed to me, but in my pussy fueled state, I would have done anything for Janice. My tongue darted in and out of her opening, and then it occurred to me that this might be another great place to put my cock.

“Brian, get your cock into me. I’m gonna cum”.

I didn’t hesitate. My cock went straight to her bumhole, and began working it’s way inside. It was so tight and hot.

“Brian, you are in the wrong hole”.

“No I’m not Janice. I’m gonna fuck your bum”.

My cockhead was fully inside her opening, but I was beginning to wonder if I had taken this too far. After all, I want to continue having sex with Janice after tonight. I didn’t have to wonder very long.

“Fuck my bum Brian. I need to cum again”.

A few thrusts and my cock was fully buried up to my balls in her bum. I began stroking in and out slowly, until I felt Janice’s hands grip my ass cheeks, urging me to do her harder and faster. I knew that I was going to cum any second, so to make the most of it, I began jackhammering my cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh yah Brian. Give it to me hard. I’m cumming”.

“I’m cumming with you Janice. I’m blowing my cum up your ass”.

I looked down at Janice as she came down from her orgasms, and she looked so beautiful and satisfied. Beads of sweat ran off my face and dripped onto hers. I rolled off of her to avoid sweating all over her face, and as I lay back, Janice whispered to me:

“I am still on cloud nine Brian. You did me soooooo good. I love you”.

“Janice, do you..”?

“Hold that thought Brian. I think that I should suck you off now to repay you for the fantastic orgasms that you just gave me”.

I watched in awe as Janice moved between my legs, so I raised my hips up, trying to get my cock closer to her mouth. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and lifted my hips even higher, and then I felt her tongue dart into my bum. Holy shit. My hands went for her ears and pulled her tongue into my ass, as I discovered sensations, that I could never have imagined. God, I prayed that I wouldn’t fart, but I really was out of control. Janice moved on to my balls, sucking each one of them into her mouth, before finally sucking my cockhead deep into the back of her mouth. I felt her finger entering my ass and I lost it. I mouth fucked her hard and fast until I shot huge ropes of cum down her throat. She continued sucking as my spasms seemed to go on forever. What an amazing feeling. And those sounds. The slurping noises as she sucked and swallowed my cum was so erotic.

Janice moved up beside me and cuddled closely.

“I love you Janice”.

“Ditto Brian. Did I satisfy you”?

“Janice, you were amazing, but since this would seem to be our last time together, I still want to fuck your pussy tonight”.

“I am pretty worn out, and find it hard to believe that your cock has any life left in it”.

“Don’t worry about my cock. I’ll find the energy”.

“Brian, Can’t this wait until tomorrow night”?

“But I thought..”.

“Shut up and get some sleep. I’m going back to my room to rest up for part two tomorrow night”.

Maybe my plan worked. I’ll know tomorrow night.

To be continued…

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