While attempting to finish some of my other stories I sort of began this on as an interlude, but have now some 75 pages written . Inorder to write i have to use some events that are true or have happend to me or with me being involved, i have a hard time writing just fiction. This story has as its base a good deal of true story, yet i have flushed it out with fiction fo keep the critics happy. I leave it to the reader however to determine what they accept as true and what they decide is fiction
I had just gotten home from school, my mother had told us that she would be back just before supper and that we could start preparing things as every thing had be set in the refrigerator. I figured that I had time to boot up the computer and do a little surfing now that I had found away around the baby sitting program that our parents had installed. When I moved past the door the leading to the basement rec room, I thought I heard a noise, not being sure what it might be I grabbed my new cell phone just in case I would need to call 911 or at least that was pretty well much what was going through my mind.

I eased myself down the stairs, being careful not to place myself in harm’s way if indeed there was an undesirable intruder. Peeking around the door frame that led into our game room, I was startled to see, well shocked is more like it, taken back is a good description also, my younger sister splayed out on the old sofa, her legs spread wide, her shorts down around one ankle, with our pet dog Sprint set between them . I could see his head was bobbing back and forth as he centered his attention to where I knew her little cunt was. It took but a few moments for me to digest the scene, Carole was having her pussy licked by our pet dog. I cannot remember if I swallowed or choked, but I do remember thinking that I had come upon a golden opportunity.

I was 16 going on seventeen that year, Carole was a couple years younger, I was one horny guy but had not too much interest in girlfriends. Naked female bodies were my main interest, any where, any how, I was always trying to sneak a peek at what ever I could see, up skirts, down blouses, it did not matter, as long as I thought I might get to see something that would provide a thrill. We had a computer, it was located in what we called the den , off the living room, almost in full sight of everything, and every body . It had been equipped with several babysitting programs. It had just been a month or two that one of my cousins had given me some codes that allowed me to circumvent things and get into the good stuff. Unfortunately my free time alone in the house did not permit too much surfing on those wonderful sites.

I had grown up somewhat of a perv, always interested in naked bodies, especially those of the opposite sex, much younger I remember playing house and doctor with the neighborhood kids , including my sister . Unfortunately most of us grow out of those games just about the time things get real interesting and so it was with my contacts, leaving me very frustrated at times. I knew my sister had changed, her body had changed, there were many situations that highlighted this. Last time I tried to get a look at her body was when I tried to pull her bath towel off, as she passed me in the hall. My mother had just come up the last step as I tugged the terrycloth loose , I only got to see my sister’s bare backside, but my backside was thoroughly punished by my father and I was grounded for a long time.

Now here I was all alone in the house with my sister, watching her playing with the dog, she was making all kinds of little whimpering noises as her body agitated itself on the sofa. Quickly not wanting to miss the opportunity, I snapped several shots from my cell phone, for prosperity , of course . Not using the flash however did not reveal the best view of things as I reviewed the snap . I needed better lighting, yet I knew if I used the flash I would be exposed as much as my sister was. As I attempted to resolve this dilemma, I watched my sister ease her t-shirt up and off her upper torso, exposing a new delight. Carole had indeed changed, she was supporting a good sized pair of tits with nice dark rose colored nipples. Taking a few more snaps of the new offering, trying my best to adjust the cell to get the most of the light, I saw Carole reach out and pull at her own nipples, calling out with little gasps, telling Sprint just how good his tongue felt, just how good he was and for him to continue as she was almost there.

I was sweating, my dick was as hard as rock, my heart was pounding, here I was being treated to a scene I had only dreamed of . Yes of course I had managed to see things like this on the porn sites I had surfed, but this was real, this was live, this was here and now, not on the other side of a glass screen that I could only look through. I knew I needed to do something about it, yet I did not want to spoil it. I was sure that Carole had not seen any movement on my part, she had no clue that I was watching, that I was that close, she was involved in her own little world. Suddenly I heard a whole lot of little Oh’s!!! being almost shouted out, Carole kicked her legs, sending her shorts , accompanied with her cotton panties across the room, then grabbed both ankles and pulled them up towards her head spreading her little bottom so much wider, giving Sprint even more access to her young cunt.

I could not help myself, it was then or never , I eased myself into the room, moving as close as I judged I could next to the two of them. I moved the cell phone to flash hoping to capture things in better detail and began to click as fast as I could. It was not until the fifth or sixth flash when Carole let out a loud scream, her eyes opened wide staring at me and my camera. Her body however did not react immediately, she must have been coming, or letting her orgasm run its course before she let go of her legs dropping them down hard on to poor Sprint ,who had not quite figured out what was happening. He let out a loud yelping sound, disengaged himself from the tangle and beat it off to the far corner of the room as Carole scrambled, twisting and turning her body trying to cover her nakedness.

Standing firm in my position, I snapped away with my cell phone as fast as I could trying to capture as much as possible of my young naked sister in her delicate situation. Keeping my senses about me I managed in a strong firm voice to ask her what the hell she thought she was doing. It was disgusting, degrading, depraved, dirty almost immoral, I continued telling her that I was going to tell our parents what I found her doing , that Ii would show them the pictures I had taken of the dog licking at her wide spread cunt as she cried out in delight at the results of his licking. I kept talking trying not to let her get a word in edgewise while at the same time ensuring my photographic talents were not going to waste.

Carole began crying, trying to get her words out in an attempt to chastise me for sneaking up on her, for looking at her , for watching what she was doing , for staring at her naked body, and taking pictures of her. Finally realizing that she was at a disadvantage, in an awkward position, a weaker position, a degrading position, she began pleading with me to leave, to let her get dressed, to give her some privacy, to stop standing there taking pictures . I agreed that she should get dressed, but I told her I was not leaving, and that is fact I was going to continue to take as many pictures of her as the phone would hold. This of course brought about more tears as she went about trying to cover her nakedness, all along calling me names ,telling me what an awful brother I was, that I just did not understand.

Carole was having a devil of a time trying to keep her exposed girly parts from my view as she moved around pulling her T-shirt back on. When she saw that her shorts and underwear were way off to the side of the room, I guess she gave up because she simply got up, picked them up along with her running shoes , providing me with some lovely shots of her tight little buns as she bent, and ran up the stairs to her room I supposed.

Knowing that our mother would be home forthwith I went to the computer immediately and down loaded the photos of the event from my cell phone, scrutinizing each and every one of them as I stroked my raging hard on to eruption , savoring every instant that I could. When I calmed down I transferred the package of photos to a USB key , hopefully cleared all traces of my work ( my parents were not that computer savvy) and went up to my room to hide the key in the best of safest places. All this time I was thinking of just how I was going to use all of this against Carole. It was not revenge for anything she had done ,but it would be a hold over her to get her to do anything and everything I had ever desired to have a girl do. As I stated before , I had no interest in girlfriends as such, but naked female bodies were something else, even it if was my younger sister. I had no thought of fucking her, my thought were perhaps even more depraved than that. I wanted to use her, to play with her, to get her to do my bidding without question, with out hesitation.

I left Carole to herself, not bothering her about the supper plans mother had left, but completed the required tasks as requested by myself. Needless to say our Mother was in a good mood when she arrived and saw that everything had been taken care of , as instructed. Mother had to call Carole several times to come down to eat, when she finally arrived she was not dressed as she had been earlier this afternoon, but was wearing long slacks and dark long sleeved blouse, buttoned to her neck , there was very little fresh young skin showing. I could not tell if she was supporting panties and a bra, but I am certain she was.
Dinner was quiet, with basically only Mother making small talk, informing us that at her part time job, she would be taking on some extra hours and they were just so busy. She explained that that she would be coming home later either two or three days a week, for a while and that we would be on our own for a bit longer , hoping that we would not begrudge her. I had no idea what Carole was thinking, but my mind went into overdrive, knowing that I was going to have a few extra hours during the week that I could use to work on the computer if my project with Carole fell through, which I was fairly sure would not happen.

I decided then and there that I would take the time to put some icing on the cake, and offered to help my mother with the clean up. I made a big deal out of explaining that I had used the computer earlier to work on one of my projects and that I only had a bit of reading to do to finish my homework. I then spoke to Carole in a whispered voice, telling her if she used the computer to be real careful not to bring up a site page that she might not want to be putting on display by mistake.

Thursday was just a normal day, Mother was home when we arrived from school. Carole changed from her school uniform back into her slacks and dark long sleeve shirt before she took Sprint on his daily walk, he was certainly happy to see her and did not appear to be too concerned with her manner of dress. As for myself I was busy arranging my camera apparatus, making certain I had the necessary memory cards, that my trigger cords were all set and that my lens were sparking clean, I had plans , that I needed to work out just incase my project got off the ground I wanted to be prepared, none of this cell phone copy, that would not do the trick.

Friday went by like a whiz and the first thing I knew is we were preparing to head off to my Uncle’s place for supper. Our Aunt had prepared Carole favourite meal, and while I enjoyed every bit of it Carole appeared to have lost her appetite. Carole spent most of the time sitting still holding he new baby, she did not even, as was her habit, spend time with Rex, my Uncle’s Golden retriever something that struck me a very odd. Sunday back home was a regular pancake day with my father cooking up his father’s special flap jacks, ones we relished and gobbled down as quickly as they were put on our plates. Once again Carole did not appear to be as enthusiastic as she usually was, she seemed to have lost the desire to eat.

It was late afternoon, Sunday that things came to a head, I was busy reading in my room when Carole gently knocked on my open door asking to speak with me. She explained that she knew I had not yet spoken about anything to my parents regarding the incident , and was wondering what I was going to do. She was exasperated worrying when the other shoe was going to drop, she was having trouble concentrating at school, and she did not feel like eating at all. She went on to say that she was almost afraid to take Sprint for his daily walk, and she was concerned what her mother was thinking as to her manner of dress.

I told her that I felt I had been provided with a golden opportunity, one that I never thought I would ever have a chance at. Something all young boys dream about but seldom if ever realize, the chance to control a female person, the chance to carry out desires beyond belief. I told her that I had no intention of hurting her, or getting her sent away to a boarding school for delinquents, I however had no qualms about letting the photos I took along with the sound effects simply find themselves in our parents path. I did however feel that I might have a proposition that she could consider given the circumstances. If she was really concerned about having the package finding its way into the wrong hands, our parents included, then she would accept and agree without any reservation, to do as I asked, anything, anytime anywhere, with whom ever or what ever I chose, unconditionally , for as long as I desired. Any hesitation, or refusal would result in the immediate release of the package to our parents of course and to any other party I might choose worthy of receiving the same.

I told her before she answered I wanted to show her some thing on the computer , I told her to go back to her room, pull her bra off and put her T shirt on then meet me at the computer. I needed time to retrieve the USB key and set the correct photo to pop up.
Our father was engrossed watching the football game and it appeared Mother was down in the basement doing god knows what, providing me with just enough flexibility to pull this off . I figured that Carole just might be curious enough to cede to my request to change her top, even though she had not agreed to my deal as of yet. When she entered the den I noticed that her nipples were hard, they were making little pin head bumps in the cotton material of the shirt things were looking up. I turned the display screen just enough to avoid any problems , and clicked it open. Carole let out a very audible gasp as the photo of her naked body came up on the full screen. It was picture perfect, she was holding her ankles back over her head her legs spread in a wide V , Sprint’s large dog head was sitting there fixed to the joint between the V , her lovely young sex. You could almost see the goose bumps on her body it was that exacting. I was even surprised with the quality of this cell phone photo. It was quite evident that the dog was licking at her cunt, even if you could not see the tongue, the photo itself was very explicit. To add quality and of course quantity to Carole’s horror, I tuned the volume up just enough so that you could hear her grunting the saying “ That’s it Sprint, right there, that a boy oh! that is so good, keep it going oh! oh ! oh yes! I’m coming !! ”

With that I closed everything down, blacking the screen off and turned to face Carole who was now bright red, holding her hands over her mouth. She appeared to be shaking, from fear I was not sure, but I did notice that her nipple ends had increased in size and stature , they were now poking quite prominently out the front of her thin T-shirt, difficult to hide. I spoke very firmly but softly, repeating exactly what I had told her in my room. I told her to go sit in her room , to consider things as they were. She could accept the offer I was making, or accept the fact that she would be on the receiving end of who knows what if she refused and I carried out my distribution of the package. I told her just to add a bit of insurance , that this particular scene was on the computer there in the den, and I could not be one-hundred percent certain that it would not pop up and start playing the sound track if some inexperienced person started fooling around with the key board. I then added if there was a deal I would make sure that this particular photo was in fact completely wiped from the memory card. I told her she had one half hour, thirty minutes to think things over. I did not want to know before , on the other hand if the thirty minutes passed with out a reply, I would consider that as a refusal and proceed other wise.

I explained that if she accepted the deal, then she would certainly find herself doing things she had never thought possible, that she would not like at all and that might at times disgust her. Yet there might also be times that she would like doing what she was being asked to do, it would all be a matter of comprehension . As a final thrust, I told her that if she did decide to accept, she was to come to my bedroom completely naked, no socks , no slippers, but in the buff exactly in one half hour from then , not a minute sooner, and certainly not a minute later . I knew that if Carole was going to accept she was going to get a surprise that she would not be expecting at all. I waved her off telling her she had some thinking to do then occupied myself with clearing the traces in the computer and pulling my USB key from the system.

3398 words
PArt two may follow if thee is enough interest so far there are 75 pages written but not proof read

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