This is the first chapter of many that show the teenage years of a young girl named Anna. In this particular chapter, Anna experiences a new foundation with her sister Michelle, that will forever change her life. I hope you enjoy. This is my first story and there will be more on the way.
The Curious Girl
Chapter I: The Loving Sister

Setting: June 5, 2000—Columbia, South Carolina, United States

A thunderous roar shook the house in which Anna resided in the early hours of a summer morning. She quickly jumped out of bed, startled by the thunder. She stared at the alarm clock, which illuminated the dark room with bright red letter and read six a.m.

Anna stumbled across the floor and looked outside the window to find a bleak sight: the rain falling heavily and trees bending beneath the wind. Knowing that she would not be able to return to her slumber in such forceful and lamentable conditions, she began her morning routine earlier than usual.

After grabbing her towel and her clothes that she wished to wear for the day, Anna knocked on the bathroom door to ensure that it was not being occupied by her older sister, Michelle, since they shared a Jack and Jill style bathroom where two bedrooms are connected by this room. She entered, locked both doors, and proceeded to take her pajamas off.

Anna was one of the girls who enjoyed her changing body though the process of puberty. She was six months away from her fourteenth birthday, and three months away from entering high school. She enjoyed everything there was to come with puberty; it made her feel more like a woman because her sister Michelle, who is exactly three years older than Anna, set that precedent of what Anna wanted to look like.

As Anna undressed, she looked in the mirror and admired her flat stomach, her growing breasts, the black bush that was growing between her legs, and the beauteous black hair atop of her head. After gazing at herself, she turned the water in the shower on until it was the desired temperature.

She stepped into the shower and let the warm, soothing water run over her body for a few moments to bring her out of her morning tiredness. Once Anna felt that she was alive, she took her razor and shaved the stubble under her arms and on her legs. After completing this rather enjoyable task, she lathered her body and hair with soap, rinsed, then dried herself off and put her clothes on, which was a simple selection of gym shorts and a tank top without underwear because it was a hot, South Carolina summer day.

Once she was dressed, Anna unlocked her sister’s door, and then reentered her room where she put her hair into a ponytail. She then went downstairs to watch some television where she was alone because her parents always worked this early in the mornings and because her sister was still asleep.

What interested Anna most on television was the weather channel. This surprised many people because most teenagers enjoyed shows with drama. She sat down on her couch and turned to channel thirty-two, which was the weather channel. She saw the local weather: A hot, humid day with the highs in the upper eighties. This prevented most people, including Anna from going outside.

But, interrupting her viewing, Michelle turned the water on for her shower. This made Anna exited because there was something that Anna was hiding and did not ever plan to tell anybody. She quickly turned the television off, and ran back up the stairs in the dark, nearly falling twice.

Anna went over to where she had a bookshelf against the wall. She moved the shelf aside and was able to see into a hole that was no larger than a dime. The whole was small; however, it allowed Anna a decent view of the bathroom. She could see everything except the wall in which the whole was on and the area just behind the shower where the bathtub begins.

During the past winter, Anna was curious as to what her sister looked like nude. She decided to poke a small hole into the wall that would allow her to view into the bathroom from her room. Michelle never realized that the hole went all the way through the wall because of the dark shelf behind it.

As Anna began to look into the bathroom, she saw that Michelle was already in the shower. Anna could only see the figure of Michelle’s body because the glass on the shower was already.

When Michelle was finished with her shower, she turned the water off, grabbed her towel, dried off, and then stepped into plain view of Anna. Michelle was a beauty and a role model to Anna; she wanted to grow up and look just like Michelle, having a perfect hourglass figure, perfect B cup breasts, a perfect black bush in between her legs, and gorgeous black hair atop her head.

Anna began to feel that great feeling in between her legs. She reached down into her pants and felt the wetness growing from her pussy. Michelle put her clothes on, and then went back into her room. Anna, still dazed by perfection, slowly moved the bookshelf back over the hole.

Even though Anna had seen Michelle nude many times through that same hole, she was in awe from her beauty every time. Viewing people nude whether it was herself, her sister, or pornography in magazines or on the Internet always fascinated Anna, being young and more on the slutty side.

After watching Michelle for a few minutes, Anna knew that it was now time to relive her horniness. Not having locking bedroom doors, Anna needed to finish her business in the bathroom where there were locking door.

She walked into the warm, humid, steamy bathroom and locked the door behind her to her room. She then pulled her shorts to her ankles, sat on the toilet, and began masturbating. She inserted two of her fingers into her tight, wet pussy and closed her eyes, recalling the vivid nude images of her sister. She began to get faster as the feeling of pleasure grew stronger. She began to hear the sound of her fingers squishing with her pussy fluids and the sound of her hand patting her against the area above the vagina where the pubic hair is located.

Then suddenly, like a tidal wave coming over land, a wave of pleasure came over her body. She shook, squirmed, and right in the middle of her orgasm, opened her eyes to see Michelle standing with the door slightly open.

“Get the Hell out of here, Michelle,” exclaimed Anna.

Michelle quickly closed the door; Anna stood up, tried to hide herself, and completely lost all feeling of pleasure. After feeling so embarrassed, she pulled her pants back up, went back into her room, and began to cry.

Michelle, feeling guilty of watching her younger sister, decided to go apologize.

“Anna,” Michelle said calmly while knocking on the door.
“Anna, let me come in and talk to you please,” Michelle continued.

Anna sopped up her tears to make it look like she was not crying. She gathered her strength, slowly walked to the door, and slowly opened it, afraid that Michelle might have been angry with her for masturbating.

“Sorry I watched to while you were on the toilet. You left the door unlock and I didn’t realize you were in there and, well…I really could pull myself away from the view of your amazing body,” Michelle said in a remorseful tone.

“Do you really think my body is amazing?” replied Anna in a more so grateful manner.

“Yes,” Michelle replied, “ever since you’ve hit puberty you’ve been a nice sight to look at.”

Anna, feeling better about herself, said, “Oh…well…thanks…I guess…I’ve always kind of thought you were good looking’ too.”

“Well thank you for the compliment. I just came to apologize and tell you that it won’t happen again,” said Michelle as she stood up to leave the room.

“Wait!” Anna exclaimed.

“What?” replied Michelle.

“Do you think we could possibly, well, I don’t know, but maybe look at each other naked?” Anna said in a shy tone of voice.

Michelle smiled and said, “Well, I guess so. I don’t see any harm in it.”

Both Michelle and Anna were exploding with joy on the inside because they were able to look at each other nude, but they both acted as if it was no big deal.

“Well, Anna, take your clothes off,” said Michelle.

“Oh, okay,” replied Anna.

Anna first completely stripped followed by Michelle. They scrutinized each other’s bodies in awe of one another. Anna, being younger than Michelle, did not have fully widened hips nor fully developed breasts.

“Let’s get on the bed, Anna,” said Michelle after staring at Anna’s developing body after two full minutes.

The girls got onto the bed. “Lay down with your head on the pillow,” Michelle instructed to Anna.

Anna laid down on the cold bed. Michelle did what Anna least expected. Michelle laid on her stomach beneath Anna’s crotch and began to lick her pussy, which was something she had learned from various segments of internet porn Michelle had watched in the past.

“Woahh!” Anna shouted. “What are you doing? Where did you learn that? Is that safe?”

Michelle replied in a calm tone, “Anna, don’t worry about it, just enjoy the pleasure.”

Anna calmed down and began to feel and intense pleasure that she had never felt by herself. She felt as if she was in an entire different world. Michelle moved her tongue around Anna’s pussy, licking the clitoris and even sometimes inserting her tongue into the vagina itself, tasting the young thirteen-year-olds juices. Michelle reached her arms around Anna’s thighs for a better grip.

Anna closed her eyes and adored the deep, unparalleled felling that Michelle was able to give her. She took her hands and placed then on her breasts, playing with her hard nipples to give even more satisfaction to this already unreal contentment.

Anna’s breaths became higher pitched, shorter, and faster. Her face squinted along with the pleasure; her legs shaking; her hands now fully grasping both breasts. As Anna’s chest rose and fell faster, Michelle knew it was almost time. There were more juices flowing from Anna’s pussy.

Anna clinched her knees together around Michelle’s head. She took one last giant breath, squinted her face, and then let it out as the best orgasm of her life took over her body. She buckled, shook, and let out a few soft moans. Michelle in took a face full of Anna’s fluids.

As Anna regained her breath, Michelle slowed and finally stopped, smiled and said, “Damn, and you’re thirteen!”

“What do you mean?” replied Anna confused.

“You’re thirteen and you had that much cum,” said Michelle.

“Oh, yeah, that happened a lot actually,” Anna replied laughingly.

“Well, okay. It’s my turn now,” exclaimed Michelle.

“What am I supposed to do,” Anna ignorantly asked.

Michelle smiled and said, “I don’t know, just lick my pussy ‘til I cum.”

“Okay,” Anna replied as she moved her face towards Michelle’s pussy. Anna licked up and down the clitoris. Michelle, likewise never felt this same feeling before, was in awe of the amass of pleasure that was building. As Anna continued to lick, Michelle developed the same orgasmic symptoms that Anna did first. Her chest began to rise and fall faster, her legs began to shutter, and her pussy began to extract more liquids.

Since Michelle was already very horny, it did not take long for her to reach climax. Her hands grabbed her breasts, her knees shook, and her hips moved in such a manner that it was very hard for Anna to keep up. Michelle let out one loud moan, then her body diminished to its normal state.

Anna sat up, laughed, and wiped her face and bed off with her towel. The girls sat there for a while still stunned by the intense orgasm they each had. Then they went into a long, thorough discussion of how, when, where, and all the aspects of masturbation for them each.

On this day, both Michelle and Anna grew closer to one another than ever before. They would stop locking the doors in the bathroom, one would take a shower at the same time another took a bath or even they would both take a shower at the same time, and they would walk into each other’s room completely nude. They lost their sense of privacy and grew together as loveable sister.

Going through puberty can be the worst thing for some teenagers. However, for some such as Anna and Michelle, the best can be made out of it.

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I love this story. My and my step sister used to 'play' with eachother when we were younger.
As the years wants by we even began to teach our younger sisters how to play with us too


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