Can he finally get his plans to stop going awry?
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So there I was, after putting up a futile resistance, being fucked by my daughter again.

All the girls had ganged up on me to make sure I gave Yvonne a suitable sendoff for her highly questionable mission to Becky’s old school.

Vonnie though did look beautiful with her fine, pale skin, green eyes, and thick wavy light-brown hair falling half way down her back. It draped over her straight, narrow shoulders, adorning a frame that had been a bit thin until she’d started doing aerobics and swimming with Becky. Now, if you liked slender, it was a dream.

Like the first time, when she’d pretty much raped me, her pelvis looked so narrow that you wouldn’t have thought my thick eight-inch cock would go in it, but as before there it was, sliding quite easily in to the hilt. Well, it had gone into her mother who was the same build, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, really. Anyway with each stroke her beautiful young face lit up with pleasure.

And I daresay my thirty-eight-year-old face was lighting up with pleasure too, as her tight, creamy young pussy rode up and down while my hands so nearly encircled her tiny waist.

Really she was too slight, and too defenceless at only thirteen, to be going to reconnoitre a gang of rapist teachers, with a chance of being raped herself.

Six years before our young housekeeper Becky, now twenty-two, had been raped and blackmailed for weeks by teachers at her Catholic boarding school. Now we had found out and the girls – my wife Sally, Vonnie and her two friends Jilly and Sue – were bent on revenge.

Becky had raped them all, in her turn, but now after they’d been raping Becky in revenge they’d all apologised to each other and the blame was being laid squarely where it belonged: on the bad teachers who had started the cycle of abuse.

In theory Yvonne’s mission was just to find out if the teachers were still raping other schoolgirls, but we all knew that in the course of finding that out it was quite possible that she’d be raped and blackmailed herself.

Anyway Vonnie had been determined to fuck me before she went, in preparation, and now she was getting her wish.

“Let me go underneath Daddy,” she asked between gasps, “and then really give it to me!”

So I rolled her over on the sofa and started to piston in and out with my full length. Vonnie fortunately wasn’t short at almost five feet six, but even so it did look a bit mysterious where all my cock was going as it disappeared into her with each stroke.

I supposed her weeks of being fucked by Becky with a huge ribbed vibrator had made a difference. Anyway her pussy felt just right: wet and with a delicious light grip that sent surges of hormones raging round my bloodstream with each thrust.

I fucked her steadily for a few minutes, hoping she was going to be ready quickly because I wasn’t going to last, after two days of being denied by the whole gang of girls. However she was pretty highly sexed, as her frequent cums with Sue and Becky had indicated, and soon she was on the brink.

I listened to her rhythmic gasping getting louder and louder, felt her fabulous young pussy getting pulsating and grippy, and then there we were.

I groaned as the pressure in my cock built up to a head, and then released, and I was pumping my incestuous sperm into her, again and again, into my girl so young and so gorgeous, and so mine.

I still felt incest was not quite right, but I had to admit it that this ultimate intimacy made me feel even closer to her. I just had to cherish her; that was so vital to me.

Fortunately anyway that one glorious fuck seemed to satisfy her, and over the next few days we settled back largely (though not exclusively) into our pairs – Sally and Becky, Vonnie and Sue, and me trying to satisfy young Jilly’s post-rape craving to be cuddled and fucked all the time – and concentrated on making what plans we could for the spying expedition.

Becky and Sally gave Yvonne some extra tennis practice, so that she’d have a basis for taking lessons. Tennis was where it had all started for Becky, with her tennis coach inveigling her into a game of strip tennis, and so that was our first port of call with our investigation. Vonnie doesn’t really have a natural build for tennis, but she has good coordination and at least became quite elegant on court even if her strokes were a bit girlie. Well Sally wasn’t a lot different to be fair, even though she belonged to a tennis club.

We studied layout of the school and the town it was in. It was a hundred miles away and we’d decided we should be nearer, partly in case Vonnie needed to clear out in a hurry and partly to be within range to manage the wireless spy cameras.

She had one camera in a watch, though it didn’t do audio or transmit, one in a bedside clock, and one that I’d fitted into the handle of her tennis racquet. There was a receiver/recorder for each that needed to be within a hundred metres.

She had a new phone with webcam software and gps tracking, and we’d got a tracking service and mobile internet for our laptop, to keep tabs on where they took her.

Sue and Jilly were determined to come, and had told their parents they were staying with Yvonne. Sally had phoned their school with a story about them being exposed to chicken pox and being in quarantine, and so my protestations about the risks and complications of having them there with us were doomed before I even found out.

We booked into a big chain hotel near the school, Sally saying we were spending the money the school thought they were going to get as Vonnie’s fees. The headmistress had let Becky down big time six years ago, and even kept on employing the rapist teachers, so Sally had no qualms about paying only the deposit and welching on the rest.

We had one of those meetings where everyone kept having ideas about what we should take, so with boxes full of kit and suitcases and Vonnie’s school trunk it meant taking both my car and Becky’s. We’d given Becky a car as part of her housekeeping job and it was a common and inconspicuous one, more suitable for spying than Sally’s, which she’d got to celebrate her new job and was a bit flash, if you asked me.

So anyway on the Friday we drove over, and Sally and I did the anxious parent act dropping off our daughter at hew new school. As far as I was concerned it didn’t need much acting to look anxious, but Sally and Vonnie were quite confident about it all as usual.

Her roommate seemed nice and Yvonne looked set for a happy time at her new school, apart from her perilous spy mission.

The rest of us adjourned to the hotel a couple of miles away, where for appearances’ sake we had three rooms. They weren’t connecting but it turned out they were at the end of a corridor and each had a queen sized bed in it. I put my suitcase in one room, rumpled the bed a bit, then moved in with the two girls, but telling myself to be reasonably disciplined and stay focussed on the operation.

The girls were excited though and wanted to be fucked straight away, and finding that in the confines of a hotel room I couldn’t stop them getting hold of my hypersensitive cock I had to oblige them, first Jilly and then Sue.

There was something a little extra about fucking them in a new place, I had to confess, all naked together on one big bed, and with other people around in the building who’d be so outraged at a thirty-eight-year-old with these young girls, and for half an hour we forgot about everything else and I savoured their gorgeous young bodies, each different and each perfect in its own sexy way.

Also it had been a couple of days since I’d fucked Sue’s strong little body, so that was particularly pleasant.

Then we went next door to Sally and Becky’s room, where evidently they’d just enjoyed a nice cum together as well.

Talking over what to do, the roles established themselves pretty easily. My wife Sally was broadly in charge, as she seemed to be more and more these days. It was different, now she was twenty-eight and bossing everyone around at work, from when I’d first fucked her when she was fourteen and I’d been the grown-up at twenty-four.

There was an animal intensity to Becky, more marked than ever now she was within range of her old persecutors; I could feel that she had to do her aerobics and sports just to keep her energy controlled. It made her deeply sexy; we all felt it.

She knew the school but had to be careful about being recognised, although six years was quite a long time. She was a dominant personality but gave way to Sally; they had a funny relationship in a way. You might have thought they would clash, but their strong personalities seemed to draw them together instead. Neither of them had too much of an ego, that was a big part of it I suppose.

Becky had brought clothes and makeup to make herself look older than twenty-two and be like a parent, right through to a hat, though she had to paste makeup over her perfect skin to pull it off.

I was the technician, looking after the cameras. Plus I was the oldest, and quite clever on my better days, though not, as you may have gathered, a dominant sort. Generally I get on with people by being pleasant to them.

The girls were schoolgirls, of course, and we reckoned in uniform they’d blend in and be unlikely to be questioned by a teacher, who would assume they were new since the autumn term had only just started.

So our first foray was to the school’s outfitters where we got them kitted out in their tights, grey skirts and red pullovers. To be honest it wasn’t the sexiest school uniform you’ve ever seen, but their fit young bodies made the best of it.

I doubt the pullover ever looked better than with Jilly’s pert C-cups poking it out, and if you lifted the over-long skirt then the tights got a pretty good deal from being wrapped round Sue’s gorgeous thighs. And anyway it was going to be quite fun taking it all off later, I reckoned.

Anyhow after that, all dressed up in our disguises, Sally and I all smart, we left Becky in the hotel and went round the school grounds like parents about to abandon their daughters to boarding school, checking out the lie of the land, the tennis courts, and the area around Vonnie’s house for somewhere to stash the video receivers.

It had been decided that the receivers for the wireless cameras should be set up within range of Vonnie’s room, to get everything working and also ‘just in case’ one of the gang should put in an appearance. Vonnie had already asked for tennis lessons.

Next we went back to the hotel and waited. Vonnie texted that everything was OK, and we studied the little website photos of the three members of the gang among the staff, who looked a bit older now Becky said. Vonnie streamed some webcam from her phone so we could see the room, but as we’d expected the school network wouldn’t stream webcam from her laptop.

We logged onto the tracking site and found Vonnie’s phone just as we’d planned.

In the evening we had Sue and Jilly do the positioning of the receivers, since having a man prowling around the grounds of a girls’ school at dusk would not exactly be cunning. The girls went in their uniforms and met up with Vonnie to catch up with the details of how it was going, and to give her some contact - some moral support for our spy with her lonely secret role.

Everything went to plan, slightly to my surprise: no-one challenged them and we ended up with good pictures of her room from her clock and when she pointed the handle end of her tennis racquet around.

The girls got back and we crowded into our room and all had fun undressing them out of their school uniforms, playing at perverted teachers and innocent schoolgirls, then we managed to resist temptation and went down for dinner.

After dinner we checked in with Vonnie, who reported nothing had happened, and we all crammed onto Sally and Becky’s bed to watch some TV.

I was very aware that all my sex with Becky had been me raping her, either in a rage or as our sex slave, and I guess she was too, and was ready for a new kind of relationship, because she took care to lay down next to me.

Being near Becky had a nerve-tingling effect on me, just as it did on Sally. It’s hard to define what it was; it was partly an awareness, partly a power thing, a status thing, and a gorgeous girl body thing.

It added up to a desperate instinct to pump my sperm into her. Maybe she was just an exceptional, splendid female that males would want to mate with. Or, I suppose, that beautiful bi’s like Sally would want to cum with. But it felt a bit more, somehow.

She had the strength one the one hand, and vulnerability on the other: with moving from town to town she hadn’t kept any friends I guessed, and she’d been lonely - one of the things that made her enslave Vonnie for so long. I think Sally’s kindness was one of the things that attracted her, too.

Anyway she draped a leg over me, a long, lithe and beautifully muscled leg, and sniffed my ear. No-one had done that to me before but it was really arousing, very intimate, and a bit animal.

In a moment we were taking off our clothes and she had a strong yet slender hand round my cock. Next to us Sally, Sue and Jilly were stripping as well, and, and Sue’s delicious brown skin was rubbing against me.

Becky nudged me to get on top and I did, and sank my cock straight into her fantastic pussy in one slow thrust. Even after Sue her strength was thrilling, and for the first time I felt her hands on my back and ass urging me on.

It was one of the great fucks. She gripped me with her strong, lean arms, thrust her pelvis up to get every last millimetre of my cock in, and squeezed it with her pussy. Really squeezed it.

Then she moved her hands onto my sides and pressed to and fro with them, demanding the fucking she needed. Which was a serious fucking. I pumped my full length in and out, concentrating on not accidentally coming out, and landed each time with a bump and a momentary press onto her swollen vulva.

We lasted maybe thirty seconds, that’s all, then her pussy was churning, pulsating and gripping my cock like an anaconda and I was spurting into her, as deep as I could get. Once, twice, half a dozen times and then the urgency was fading and I slowed to a stop.

God. I lay on her for a minute, gasping in her ear, my nose in her gorgeous thick blonde hair; then in less than a minute I felt her pussy stir and we were off again. I saw the others had stopped to watch.

I concentrated on fucking her as well as I knew how. She didn’t like to be restricted at all, I found, like having my arm under her for example, and in fact I got the strongest response when I lifted my torso up on my arms so that I was pretty much only touching her with my big, pistoning cock. Then she put her arms over her head to keep herself from sliding into the headboard, and started thrusting her pelvis up to meet me.

With only half the stroke to do now I was able to fuck faster, and I did. We did. Becky’s timing was immaculate and we fucked faster and faster, our pelvises crashing into each other. I was dimly aware of her lean, muscled abdomen working and her wide, sexy pelvis racing up an down in perfect synchrony, with her gorgeous blue-grey eyes on me, so aroused there was hardly any iris to be seen. Her pussy was tight and felt like it was oiled with a heavy oil; the sensation was astonishing. My cock could slide, but with a viscous friction.

In only another couple of minutes I think, it was hard to know really, we were cumming again, and I spurted with the same desperation as the first time, as deep as my cock could go, as her Supergirl pussy clenched round my shaft and milked it dry, one spurt at a time, until the sex drug finally released its hold on us and we gradually surfaced back into the room with the others.

“Wow,” Sally was the first to speak, “that was the most intense thing I’ve ever seen.” She smiled at me, letting me know she didn’t mind. Well she was right not to be jealous, I reflected groggily, I was way past comparing any of them and I wasn’t choosing between them.

Incredibly, for the time being, I had them all, or rather, they had each other and me. Jilly was looking rather anxiously at me though. But I’d make it up to her later.

That fuck with Becky set the seal on our new relationship with her, and the evening finished in easy intimacy. She smiled at me, a full, beautiful smile, and I realised that was the first time I’d had the full uninhibited version. It felt like a privilege.

So after a movie we went happily to bed, where I fucked Jilly and Sue, eventually, and then slept late. It didn’t matter.

We spent the next day waiting for word from Vonnie, but heard nothing until the evening, when she called and told us she had a tennis lesson booked for Monday but she didn’t know who with: it might be Miss Dugeon or another teacher.

On Sunday the girls went and changed the batteries in the receivers but otherwise it was uneventful, except that I managed to fuck all four gorgeous girls in the course of the day. Sally set a limit of four fucks for me, so that I’d be serviceable if and when the time came for action.

I went along with that, until we went to bed when Jilly really needed some more, so Sue and I worked her over together.

The girls all had sex with each other, though whether they did every possible combination I couldn’t say.

Monday was the same, until Vonnie phoned with the news that she’d had her tennis lesson but it wasn’t with Miss Dugeon. However she’d had Biology with Mr Setright and managed to sit in the front row and get his attention, she thought.

We discussed the possible courses of action endlessly. We’d pinned our hopes on the start of a new school year meaning that the gang, if they were still ravishing girls, would be starting afresh. But of course they might have an existing victim returning, or one in mind to start on.

In any case there would be no more tempting bait than Yvonne, I’d wager, in the whole school. Like a fisherman, having cast the baited hook we could only wait.

The days passed in the hotel, and we fucked and took it in turns to go out, or down to the exercise room where they had a couple of machines and some weights.

By Friday evening we were beginning to lose hope. Miss Dugeon had given Vonnie a tennis lesson on Thursday and been quite friendly, but no more than that. I knew what Vonnie’s legs looked like in a tennis skirt and as long as Miss Dugeon liked them slender then as far as I was concerned they were a 10 on the scale of temptation.

But no bite.

Then about nine thirty in the evening my phone went with a text and I picked it up off the bedside unit. It was from Vonnie.

I picked Read and there were two short words: “ctg hlp”.

That was all.

I passed it to Sally, saying “ctg hlp” out loud to the others and leaping off the bed. What did it mean? How had it happened so fast? After all the waiting I felt unprepared.

“What does it mean?” I asked as we all started grabbing our clothes.

“Cottage help,” said Becky. She was the calmest of us. Of course she was right. They were taking her to the cottage in Wales, or a cottage if not the same one.

Christ. We’d got all set up here and it was going to go off in some other place entirely.

“Mike,” Becky was thinking more clearly than Sally for the moment, without the weight of motherhood: “take the laptop, get in the car, we’ll use the phone tracker. You drive, I’ll track. I might remember odd bits as well. Quick. Sally you pack up and follow, I’ll phone where we’re heading, OK?” She tossed Sally her keys.

I rushed for the car with Becky, holding the laptop open and loading the tracker site as we went.

I was thinking Yvonne must have had her phone with her, to send the text. But surreptitiously, evidently: only seven characters.

By the time I had the car out of the car park Becky had the tracking running. The phone was on the move, not in Vonnie’s room. Thank God. The tracking site was designed for companies to keep track of their drivers and displayed it on a map. It was beautiful.

We could see the road they were on, and they were indeed heading towards Wales. Becky phoned Sally to give her the route so far, and learned that they were just checking out of the hotel and would be ten or fifteen minutes behind us.

We seemed to be about ten miles behind Vonnie and her rapist teachers. I pressed on and we gradually made up time on them. It occurred to me the broadband signal might get iffy in rural Wales and I wanted to be in range of following by sight by then.

“Why didn’t she type ‘cottage’’? I wondered aloud.

Becky picked up on it straight away; “Yes, Help must be important. Something unexpected.”

We followed the signal for an hour, closing to within a couple of minutes of them. We were right in the middle of Wales, a very remote area.

The signal held up, to my relief, and we watched it turn onto a lane, then into a wood, and stop. So far, so good. But why the ‘hlp’?

We drove along the lane and saw a track leading up into the wood, towards the signal. I drove past, turned right and circled round to the other side of the wood. Becky phoned Sally and we sat and waited for the others to arrive.

We logged in to the site hosting Vonnie’s phone webcam but there was nothing being broadcast.

It was eleven o’clock on a warm September night. The bad guys had our delicate girl in a cottage, and both the men and the woman were bigger than any of us. Becky and I sat there worrying.

The others arrived half an hour later and we had a council. First thing: did we want to call the police?

“If they haven’t done anything to her yet they won’t get much,” said Sue, who wanted an extreme punishment, “a couple of years at the most. With three of them they can make up a story.”

We agreed we had to find out what was going on first. We climbed into the wood and headed in the direction of the cottage. Fortunately among the mountain of gear we’d packed were some torches and a pair of binoculars.

Fortune continued to favour us as we found a track leading in the right direction, and it turned out to be a track right through the wood, with the cottage built next to it. We’d come from the other end on the same track they’d driven into. We took cover behind what looked like the central heating gas tank and peered across its little garden. I could dimly see a deck with a hot tub on it.

“Is it the same one?” I asked Becky in a whisper.

“I think so,” she said.

It was all dark, except for two lighted windows on the ground floor. Before I had a chance to do anything Sue was running in a crouch to one of the windows, where a shaft of light was showing the curtains weren’t drawn quite closed.

I grabbed Sally before she could go after her and we watched while Sue slowly raised her head to look in. At least with her lovely brown skin she was the best equipped to do that without being noticed, I realised.

I saw her stiffen in shock, then drop back down and scurry back to us. “They’re all fucking her, all at once!” she gasped, “in her ass and her mouth as well, all at once! Quick!”

Sally and I led the charge, not stopping to think. Our Vonnie being triple teamed! I tried the door but it was locked. I took a couple of paces back and shoulder-charged it, but bounced off. I tried again, with the same effect. Took a longer run, and bounced off again, hardly noticing the pain. Then it opened.

Standing facing me in the doorway was a man in a robe, about average size. He jabbed me in the solar plexus and I collapsed, winded.

On my knees, gulping for a breath that would not come, I watched events unfold before me. Sally charged and the girls all piled into the man after her, the man who was Mr Thomas, the head of science.

He fell back and the girls ran into the house after him. I crawled into the empty hall, and looked into the sitting room, where everyone seemed to be.

I saw Becky being grabbed by a naked man, who had to be Mr Setright. He had her in a bear hug, from behind. She flung her head back, hitting him in the face, but he didn’t let go. She kicked backwards but her trainers softened the impacts. He was bigger than Mr Thomas and just held her tightly to one side.

Sally had fallen prey to Miss Dugeon, who was a good five feet nine and not light. She was pinning Sally down on a small sofa.

I watched Sue trying to poke Mr Thomas in the eye, but he outreached her by far. He gripped her hand and whirled her into an armchair, where he held her with one arm on her neck, from the side. With the other he was reaching into a pile of ropes.

I saw Vonnie, naked, tied face down to four ring bolts in the floor.

Jilly ran back past me and out into the night. There was nothing she could do against this overwhelming force, and she was a gentle girl anyway.

I managed to get one shallow breath, then another, and in a few more seconds I’d have been on my feet but Mr Thomas had been slick with tying Sue’s wrists and was on me before I could get up. He sat on me, then Miss Dugeon had tied Sally and came over to help him.

After a few more ineffectual struggles we were all as captive as the girl we’d come to save. I felt a complete idiot; I’d lost my head completely, then been a total loser in the fight. Not that I’d ever in my life had a fight up to now.

“Wasn’t there another?” Miss Dugeon asked when things had quietened down.

“I don’t think so,” Mr Thomas said confidently, “four I made it.”

“Three more girls and a man,” Mr Setright was gloating horribly, “how very suitable. And Becky, Supergirl, how lovely to see you again!”

“Just as well we brought the Viagra,” sniggered Mr Thomas.

God. What an unmitigated disaster.

“Looks like we have a mother and daughter,” Miss Dugeon observed, “I think we can have some special fun there.”

“Daddy too, I reckon.” Thomas must seen something in my face as I looked at Vonnie.

They went round us one at a time, stripping us and leaving us bound and helpless.

“Don’t think you’re going to get away with this,” I tried to sound confident and fierce.

“Well Daddy,” Thomas was a prick of the first order, “when we’ve got some video of you fucking your underage daughter you might decide discretion is the better part of valour.

Darling Yvonne is going to cum for us anyway, with our special thermal treatment if not before, and once you’re full of Viagra it’s going to be you leading the gangbang. So just quieten down and enjoy it.

Maybe Wendy will give you a bit as well, if you’re good.” He grinned across at Miss Dugeon, who smiled back at him. She was in good shape for what had to be late thirties, I had to acknowledge, albeit in a slightly Amazonian way.

I realised that with their hot-and-cold water treatment they could make any girl so hyper-sensitised that she’d cum hard even being raped, just as Becky had described. So they’d dispensed with the tennis-court shenanigans and just gone for plain forcible abduction.

Maybe Vonnie’s desperate text had been sent while she was being molested, or worse, in the car on the way over. I could only guess they’d let her bring her phone in case she’d arranged to call us, or we called her.

Then once a girl was here they could rape her to their heart’s content, film her obviously cumming hard over and over again after a thermo treatment, and then with that blackmail hanging over her she wouldn’t say anything.

What an evil trio. As boarding school teachers they could abduct and rape their young pupils for the weekend, and get away with it time after time.

Then some girls, like Becky, would go out into the world and inflict a similar ordeal on others, the damage rippling out from this viper’s nest. How many girls had they raped over six years?

They held all the cards though; I didn’t see how to foil them. Jilly was free but what would she do? Would she call the police? She might be worried about the underage sex she’d been having with me, or our raping Becky, or it coming out about Becky raping her.

It was unlucky that one of the others hadn’t escaped, I thought; with their more aggressive characters they might have done something. Though I was glad that my sweet Jilly was going to be spared what was to come, at least.

My reverie was interrupted by Thomas lifting Vonnie to help Setright slide underneath her.

“Just going to finish what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted,” he jeered. I could see Setright’s cock was hard again. It was a good seven-incher and none too thin. Vonnie groaned as he pushed it up into her pussy.

Miss Dugeon, the Amazon bitch, was putting on a strapon, though not too big a one fortunately. A much bigger one, a ten-incher by the look of it, lay on the floor near Vonnie’s head, where Thomas was kneeling down.

His large curved cock was hard again too as his eyes roamed over Vonnie’s slender, helpless young body.

“Now Yvonne,” he instructed, ”remember what we said. If I feel your teeth you get the big one up your cute little ass, OK?”

I watched Vonnie nod and then tilt her head back, opening her throat to allow the hard cock to enter her. Miss Dudgeon squeezed some lube out of a tube and regreased her strapon with it, then slid it slowly into Vonnie’s helpless butthole. We heard an agonised grunt as Yvonne’s passage was forced unnaturally open.

Sally, Becky, Sue and I could only watch as Vonnie, so slight, beautiful, and only thirteen years old, was triple-teamed by the wicked gang. She groaned as her lightweight body was pushed around, jerking against the ropes with the uncoordinated thrusting.

Gradually I could see the inevitable start to happen. My pure but highly sexed daughter was getting aroused, against her will. As her pussy started to react Setright started to thrust harder and faster, and she started to gasp around the cock going to and fro in her mouth.

All three rapists speeded up, and Vonnie’s little body was bounced about even more between them, the gang intent on their own selfish pleasure. It went on and on.

After about ten minutes Setright groaned and gave one big, steady push upwards, and we knew he was emptying his balls into his victim. Seconds later Thomas did the same thing, grabbing her head and holding it down, her nose in his pubes, while he pumped spunk down her throat. Dugeon had gone rigid as she too came, the strapon having rubbed her clit to orgasm.

They pulled out, leaving Vonnie degraded, gasping and spluttering. I couldn’t tell if she’d cum or not.

The gang took a short break, and the men took some blue pills that I assumed were Viagra.

For the next round of rapes they split up. The other girls had been tied with their wrists bound to each ankle, so the rapists just had to push their knees apart to have unrestricted access to their pussies.

“Think I’ll have some more young stuff,” sniggered Thomas, and pulled Sue onto the floor. He started eating her, but without getting any reaction. I knew Sue would be determined to hold out as long as possible, though I doubted she’d be able to resist the ‘Thermopussy’ treatment. But still, a victory tonight would be worth having.

Eventually he had to give up and smother his cock in lube to fuck her, which he did with disgusting relish, teasing her about her eyes and then eventually making a great show of cumming into her.

Setright took Sally, pulling her easily onto the floor, forcing her knees apart and then starting to eat her. It took him a while but in the end, like Vonnie, Sally’s pussy was too sensuous and she got wet.

He emerged from between her slender thighs with a triumphant look on his sticky face, now with a fat lip from Becky’s head, though that was small consolation. Then he thrust his re-hardened cock deep into her. Sally gasped with the intrusion, but the gasp had a hint of unwanted arousal in it.

Her rapist seemed to revel in her humiliation. He lifted her pelvis and showed it around the room, taking advantage of her lightness to maximise her embarrassment.

“Mmmm, Mummy’s almost as tight as little daughter!” he mocked. Then he started fucking her hard and in a few minutes we heard the familiar sound of Sally in orgasm, though she tried to hide it. She’d cum as he finally pressed deep into her.

Setright was disgustingly proud of his ‘achievement’. “So sexy Mumsie likes a bit of rough!” he chortled.

Becky had been grabbed by the Dugeon, who seemed pleased to see her again. “Becky Darling,” she was saying as she pulled Becky’s knees apart on the sofa, “I’ve really missed your amazing body.” She said something else but it was muffled as she buried her face between Becky’s thighs.

She didn’t get a response, Becky’s face looking dangerously devoid of expression, so she lubed her big strapon and forced it into Becky’s hapless pussy. She fucked her for a few minutes, then gave up and came over to me.

“What’s your name cutie?” she asked. I glared at her, saying nothing.

She waved the big strapon around. “Do you want to see this in your daughter?” she asked in a mocking sweet voice. I realised she’d do it.

“Roger,” I said.

“OK Roger,” she said. “Here’s the deal: everyone gets fucked, including me. We get some video of you fucking your daughter, and maybe her young friend as well. Maybe Becky ‘raping’ her young friend.

So that we know at the end of the weekend we can let you all go and not worry about you. You see what I mean?”

I registered the implied threat. God, they’d got more depraved in the six years since they’d been raping Becky. She was seriously implying they’d kill us, by the sound of it, if they didn’t get enough blackmail material. We had to go along with it.

I realised that if they were caught they were looking at decades in prison for all their years’ abducting and raping, from their position of trust, so they would be desperate. It was not to be underestimated.

“OK,” I said. I looked at Sally and the others to see they’d got it as well.

Dugeon brought a bottle of pills over and without asking forced my mouth open and pushed two down my throat with a finger. I gagged but they stayed down.

“So,” Dugeon continued, “I think I need a bit of a hand here. You, what’s your name?”

She was looking at Sue.

“Suzanne,” Sue said. She still had her spirit, I could see.

“Right Suzanne, wriggle over here and suck Roger’s cock.”

Sue duly came over and sucked my cock, Dugeon rolling me onto my side so the bound schoolgirl could reach it. After a few minutes I couldn’t stop it getting hard. The sensation, Sue’s gorgeous naked body, and seeing my cock in her beautiful young face, was too much.

My cock was always like that; I’d had my first erection at 10, my first wank at 11, and never had a day since without multiple cums. I’d been made oversexed and, to be honest, worked at it since.

Dugeon seemed to view me as an opportunity, anyway.

“Wow, Rog, baby,” she enthused as she surveyed my disproportionate cock with its bulging head, “what a find you are. This way.”

She and Thomas untied Vonnie from the floor rings, tied her wrists to each ankle like the others, then dragged her over next to Sally.

Then they tied me face down to the floor rings instead, by my wrists, leaving some slack. They tied both my bound wrists to one ring first, then separated them, so my brief fantasy of getting free was dashed.

Thomas went over to Yvonne. His cock was still hard, with the Viagra working, and he slid it straight into Yvonne’s helpless pussy, grinning at Setright who was still inside Sally and, I imagined, still hard as well.

Yvonne groaned as she was invaded again, and then the rapist best mates started fucking their mother-and-daughter victims in unison, side by side. They seemed to think it was a great game.

They pistoned slowly together, keeping time, making it last. Sally and Vonnie gradually started gasping together as well.

I turned away from the sight of my beloved wife and daughter being forcibly fucked. I knew they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves cumming, and they’d be less humiliated if I at least wasn’t watching. Anyway Dugeon was pushing me up and sliding under me.

She was big-framed and quite tall, maybe five feet nine or ten. A good bit taller than me. She carried quite a bit of muscle and I had an idea my cock was going to get a serious workout.

She was attractive, at least, I had to admit. Lean and with good proportions - in great shape actually. She was a brunette with straight hair about shoulder length, and had a good face with a pointy nose, good lips and very blue eyes. Her eyes were lacking something though, empathy maybe. She sported quite big, firm tits.

Her pussy was shaved and there were no stray hairs to get in the way as she spread her thighs and manoeuvred my cock to her entrance. Then she put her hands on my butt and pushed me into her.

Automatically I started to fuck her. Cock, pussy, fuck was the limit of my thought process at that moment and my back and pelvis started to work as if by remote control.

Dugeon groaned and gasped appreciatively as she, in effect, force-fucked me. Her pussy was tight and strong, kept in trim I imagined by regular workouts. Becky had mentioned that she fucked Thomas and Setright, and I imagined she supplemented that with toys as well.

Anyway it gripped my cock ferociously and I knew I was in for a wild ride.

She slapped my ass, hard, and thrust back up to me, using my cock. Using me. I felt humiliated and exploited. But nevertheless with its Viagra boost my cock stayed up and I cooperated in my own rape.

I couldn’t deny the sensations were incredible as she worked me over. She told me what she wanted and slapped me hard on my ass and back until she was satisfied with my performance. She liked me to land hard in her, not too fast, piledriver style.

I fucked her to two big orgasms, but I didn’t cum in her; it seemed I just didn’t like her enough. Also I couldn’t entirely shut out the sound of my wife and daughter being ravished just across the room.

After her second cum Dugeon had finally had enough and crawled out from under me. I looked around. A clock on the mantlepiece said three o’clock in the morning; these guys were really into their raping.

Becky and Sue lay naked, bound but ignored, under the window. They looked cold.

Thomas and Setright had swapped over and were just getting up, Setright from Yvonne and Thomas from Sally. The men were grinning at each other, while the girls looked horror-struck.

“That was great,” enthused Thomas, “what a pair, the family that cums together”.

“Yeah gorgeous,” Setright agreed sycophantically, “and Mummy’s well preserved isn’t she?” They sniggered at their weak little plays on words.

“Bedtime then,” Dugeon said, “hope we’ve got enough handcuffs!” She disappeared and came back with four sets, unfortunately.

They took each of us to the bathroom then chained us together with the handcuffs, including one round a central heating pipe, threw a couple of blankets over us and disappeared.

I reached for each of the girls to give them a kiss, then fell asleep. I knew the nightmare would continue in the morning.

And so it did. They put both Vonnie and Sue through the thermal shock treatment – four minutes in the hot tub alternating with four in a butt of icy water – swapping them over through three cycles.

Then they dried them, drove four stakes into the lawn in the late morning sunshine, and tied them down by their wrists.

“So Roger,” the twat Thomas addressed me, ”you understand what you have to give us and why, don’t you? So let’s get started. Fuck your gorgeous underage daughter with your big cock.”

Two Viagra were forced down my throat again and I was pulled over to the girls, surveying their delicious young bodies; Vonnie so slender, Sue so glowingly brown and with her potent action-packed little body. Both totally aroused now; I could see their eyes huge and dancing around as their overloaded nerve-endings jangled.

I knelt down next to Vonnie and Setright and Thomas transferred one handcuff to a post. Then they pushed me onto her and Dugeon started filming.

Vonnie writhed under me, unable to help herself. The feel of her, the sight of her, and her aroma, so precious and familiar, set me off and as ever my cock rose unwanted to the occasion. Vonnie spread her legs, thrust her pelvis up to me and I was slipping into her.

Next to us Thomas started licking and fingering Sue, and this time her resistance crumbled just as Becky’s had years before. I heard her gasp as he entered her, and a satisfied grunt from Thomas as he bottomed out in her wet pussy. He immediately started to pump her vigorously.

Sue’s head went back and then thrashed from side to side. Thomas gripped her legs under her knees, pulled them forwards, and then started fucking downwards with his big cock, penetrating her like a drill.

Vonnie had spread her thighs and I was fucking her deep and hard and fast. It’s hard to admit but Sue’s ravishment was adding to my arousal.

The fucking went on for a few minutes then we all came together, the sound of a girl cumming being the extra ingredient that finished me. And Vonnie as well I had to suspect.

Vonnie and I rested for a couple of minutes, my cock still hard in her, then gradually started again. Dugeon was still filming.

Next to us Setright took over and fucked Sue, who was still aroused. Thomas went over and molested Sally and Becky, who had been handcuffed to the rail on the deck. Becky snapped at him with her teeth, so Thomas took the safer option and concentrated on Sally.

Next time I looked he had Sally bent over the rail and was fucking her from behind, reaching over to fondle her pert little tits and her clit.

The rest of the morning passed, with the men taking turns with Sue and Sally, and swapping to hold the camera on me while Dugeon had a go with Sue and then Sally. After three fucks Vonnie and I came to a halt and my cock finally deflated.

Everyone left Becky alone, recognising that she wasn’t safe for one person to have, whatever they threatened her with. She radiated animal rage.

Eventually it all ground to a halt and they went in and made lunch, giving us some even.

“You’re going to need your energy,” Setright jeered at us, “one of you especially.”

It turned out they fancied a game in the woods for the afternoon’s fun. It was hard to believe they hadn’t had enough sex. Dugeon I supposed was in it for the humiliation, and the men must be taking a lot of Viagra, I could only assume.

Since it couldn’t be a chasing game, with the girl able to run away, it was going to be the one where they tied a girl to a tree and then ‘came along and found her’. Whereupon they would rape her, obviously, Thomas sniggered as he told us.

After some discussion they chose Becky, as the most exciting option. “We can rely on you to fight can’t we, Supergirl?” Becky was beyond being blackmailed; she would fight, indeed.

None of the rapist trio wanted to be left out of it so they handcuffed the rest of us to the radiator again and went off with Becky, whom they’d dressed in a miniskirt and blouse that they’d had in the cottage. Her hands were tied behind her back, and she had a rope round her neck,.

They locked the door and went off, leaving us trying to think of a way out.

“Becky’s not safe,” I worried, “they could easily think they can’t keep her quiet any more.”

“If only my hand was a bit smaller,” Sally was trying to get her hand out of the handcuff, but it wouldn’t go.

“They haven’t blackmailed me either,” Sue pointed out, “not yet anyway.”

“I wonder where Jilly is,” I said. None of us knew what to do apart from fretting. I looked round the room to see if there was anything we could use as a tool.

Just then we heard someone try the door, several times. A minute later Jilly’s anxious face appeared at the window.

What a gorgeous face it was. I realised that Sue, on the end of the chain of us, could reach the window handle – an old cottagey non-locking handle. A minute later Jilly was inside and looking in all the drawers for a key to the handcuffs. Surely they’d have come with two keys? Would they all be the same or different for each set?

In a kitchen drawer she found all kinds of keys, including a bunch on a ring. They worked, and my confidence rose as we were free again and back in our clothes. Our keys and phones were in the pockets, even.

There was no door key so we all climbed out of a window facing the track, the opposite way from the direction they’d taken Becky. We ran across the track into cover.

“How can we rescue Becky?” I asked.

“If we’re in time,” Sally was thinking, “we can cut her free, off the tree, while they’re off pretending they’re walking.”

“We have to find the trail, then.” I said. We had energy now. How long had they been gone? Only quarter of an hour perhaps.

“Then we have to get them,” Sue said, “we can’t just go off, what would we do? Call the cops? They’d find all the videos.”

“Alright, what?” I asked.

“We ought to kill them, if we can,” I was appalled at Sally’s ruthless idea, but the others supported her.

“Yes we ought,” Sue had thought so from the beginning, “that’s the only way. They raped us anyway. They raped me so that’s it, they can’t expect anything.”

“I think so too,” Jilly added quietly, ”if you can find a way. It’s the only way to stop it and not get in trouble ourselves. You could be locked up if we go to the police, or otherwise they’re not going to stop.”

“Yes Dad,” Vonnie set the seal on it, “they raped me, they raped Mummy and Sue and Becky and you even. And they’ve threatened to kill us haven’t they? So…”

I was starting to see the bad teachers had picked the wrong girls this time.

“Alright,” I said. I felt they were my girls and I had a duty to them.

Sue looked a bit tired but she was agile and had great focus. “Sue, back in the house and get any sharp knives and scissors, and any string if you see it.” She ran off.

I made up my mind, shaking off my tiredness. “OK you go and find Becky, cut her free, if you can. Then, head for the cars, don’t come back to the cottage, OK?”

We went back across to the cottage. Sue came back out with knives and scissors, and a reel of string. Great. The string meant I wouldn’t have to go back to the car.

They ran into the wood, following the path the rapists had taken Becky. I climbed back inside, hoping I had time.

I found the boiler and the pipe work in a cupboard in the kitchen. Then under the stairs I found the main electricity switch and circuit breaker. With a knife I cut a groove in the circuit breaker switch lever so I could tie the string round it and it would stay on.

I led the string up and over the smooth body of the meter, then round the main cable, to hold it straight. Now a pull on the string from any direction would pull the lever to the On position. So far so good. Maybe five minutes had gone. How many did I have?

I shut that thought out; there was too much riding on the next few minutes to waste time like that.

I took the string over to the track-side window and dropped the reel through. It was modern synthetic string, I felt it would be strong enough. I just needed the bad guys to come in through the back door so they wouldn’t see it.

Then I went through the cottage looking for old-style tungsten light bubs. Most of the lights were energy-savers but I found three; I gently broke the glass of each one and pulled it away, then fitted them in the hall, living room and kitchen. I closed the window Jilly had got in through, and left all the inside doors open.

While I was at it I picked up a laptop, a camera, and a backup drive I found, and dropped them out of the window. I did a quick tour looking for signs of our presence, and picked up Becky’s clothes and Vonnie’s watch, dropping them out of the window too.

I went and tripped the circuit breaker, then turned all the lightswitches on.

Lastly I went back to the kitchen and rifled through the drawers, looking for pliers. There weren’t any, but there were some nutcrackers. I bent the copper gas pipe to and fro until it broke. It started leaking, but the pipe now ended with a narrow slit rather than a hole. I took a deep breath to hold and quickly squeezed the end side-on with the pair of nutcrackers so it opened out.

The gas poured out with a hiss. I ran to the other room, climbed out of the window, retrieved the string and picked up the kit I’d thrown out. Then I pushed the window closed and walked quickly across the bit of grass to the side, paying out the string.

I kept going into the wood until the string ran out. I was looking at the cottage end-on, so I could see the teachers come back to the back door. If they did. And if they did I was hoping that the windowless gable end of the building would give me less debris to worry about.

I had to just pray the girls had got Becky and they’d all managed to get away. I had no idea.

Everything was quiet. I couldn’t hear anything. I checked the time on my phone: quarter to three.

It occurred to me to set my phone to vibrate. More endless minutes crawled by.
Then it occurred to me to look on the laptop for the bad teachers’ phone numbers. You never knew.

It booted up, taking ages, and got to the password entry. Well that was to be expected. I had nothing else to do so I may as well try my hand at a bit of amateur hacking. I’d done it with Becky’s, after all.

Was it a shared laptop? If so it might relate to their nefarious activities, to be memorable. I remembered their corny sense of humour and their pride in the hot and cold treatment.

I tried ‘Becky’, ‘becky’, ‘supergirl’, ‘Supergirl’ , then some more generic ones like ‘pussy’, ‘youngpussy’ and about twenty others in that line. Then I tried ‘thermogirl’, ‘Thermogirl’, ‘thermopussy’’, ‘thermo’…and it accepted it.

I was in.

There on the desktop was a simple cardfile program. It needed a password but amazingly it was the same one.

I flicked through it. Under M was Mobiles, and in that card were their three mobile numbers, neatly labelled. Should have been M for Moron I thought. Anal moron.

I dialled the twat Thomas.

After a few rings he answered - with a whisper. They were searching. What did that mean? Anyway I’d try my idea.

“There’s someone in the cottage” I said quickly in a put-on voice, very low. Then I hung up.

It was a bit of a half-assed gambit I knew, but the longer they stayed in the wood the greater the chance they’d find one or all of my five precious girls in the there.

I hoped that under their depravity they’d be a bit paranoid about having six people suddenly in the know about their guilty secret.

With the paranoia and fatigue hopefully they wouldn’t be up to thinking too clearly. I reckoned someone stumbling across the remote cottage must be something they feared, in the back of their minds, and now would be the worst possible time.

And I wanted them all rushing into the cottage together.

Anyway I could only put myself in the way of being lucky, and see, And joy of joys, in only three or four minutes I heard them.

They were running noisily up the path. The three of them, it sounded like. I steeled myself to do the worst and best thing in my life.

So many of my plans had gone awry, surely I was due a break, I thought. Just this one, please God, even though I don’t believe in you. Let me get these fucking fake disciples. Surely they’re an embarrassment to you.

My mind was running wild, trying to escape from reality.

The bad teachers emerged from the wood, having run too hard, and ran raggedly towards the cottage together. My mind avoided identifying them.

The disappeared from my angled view, against the side of the cottage, and in the quiet I heard the door open and then two seconds later some muffled shouting.

I was me. I knew I was going to pull the string, because the girls were depending on me; I pulled it.

I pictured the process as the string grew tight, then stretched, then broke.

Just as despair was kicking in the whole cottage started to move. My mind switched and raced in exultation. Milliseconds became seconds.

The power had come back on, the exposed tungsten bulb filaments had burned out in a white-hot flash, and the gas-filled rooms were going off like a bomb.

I watched the windows and doors blow out with flaming jets and the roof bulge and lift, then a huge hole opened with more flames. Stones from the walls rained down on the garden and their car.

A huge boom filled the air and hurt my ears. Large bits of slate rained down and I cowered behind my tree. It would be too absurd for me to be killed like that now.

I waited for the debris to stop falling then I got up. I didn’t look back. I picked up the laptop, camera, string and clothes, got back to the track and walked off down it.

Normally I’d have said that it would damage you to kill someone, but it didn’t feel like that. Instead I was thinking about any DNA being destroyed in the fire, and that from a distance it probably hadn’t sounded too different from a gas-powered bird scarer. There was smoke but people had fires in woods all the time.

I walked down the middle of the track. In a few minutes I rounded a corner and there were the girls by the end gate onto the road. They’d made it. Five of them.

They ran to me, all asking, and I told them in a few words. Details could come later. I kissed them all, one by one, stroking them as they clustered round. Becky was looking at me in a way I’d never forget. Vonnie too.

Jilly eased herself in and pressed herself against me. I gave her a longer kiss and she slid her delicate hands round my neck. I passed the things I was holding to the others and cuddled her.

Jilly moved round to my front and rubbed her slender young body against me. She was so lovely. I sniffed her gorgeous glossy hair, and felt her swollen vulva against my cock. I realised I was hard. Jilly was pulling me towards a tree.

“Me next,” I heard Sally say. “How long does that Viagra last anyway?”


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