]Ren is my name, I have a twin brother. When we are alone we tend to play with each other’s penis. We always take showers together and jerk off in front of each other. But this time ill just talk about the sex between us two.

Ren is about 5’6 and 133 pounds, I Len am the same height but 130 pounds. One day I walked in on ren watching pornography. I sat down next to him and turned to look into his eyes. Less that a second later I knew we had the same idea with the devilish smiles on our faces. It had to do with what we were watching moments ago.

I then shut the TV off and locked the door; I didn’t want to disturb mom and dad. I asked ren to sit on his bed … he did in confusion (this was the first time we had done this sort of thing). Then I slowly walked towards him, when I reached him I slowly undid his belt then went for his pants. At the time he was wearing his red checkered boxers which had a nice little bulge in them. I had slipped his penis out of the hole in his boxers (that is used for urination purposes).
I grabbed his penis and rubbed my fingers along the underside. He jumped in excitement. Then I lowered my head to the semi-hard penis. I started to lick the tip, he moaned a bit. When he did I carelessly moved my tongue up and down both sides of the penis. I glanced up to find him biting his lower lip.

I then took handcuffs out from under his queen sized bed; I had two sets of handcuffs four pair in all. We were on a four poster bed I had then cuffed his hands to each post after stripping him of his clothes. Then I cuffed his legs to each post now I had full view of that marvelous skinny body of his. After I had stripped him, I studied the figure of his body completely. I added a little twist by stripping my self down, completely as well. I had walked to the bedside, climbed on the bed and stood over him so he could thoroughly study me as well.

I now guided my penis in his mouth he sucked nice and hard he from time to time deep throated me. He seemed to be really good at this; I thought. I was getting real hard in his mouth by his saliva and he was to. With in fifteen minutes I ejaculated in his mouth (he likes it when I do that) I then got saliva on my fingers and rubbed his nipples until they were cherry red. Next I kept moving down his body by licking the crease in his chest to his belly button and next to his not yet fully grown pubes. I made my way to his penis that slowly went back and fourth sucking, with a growing pace. When I did that fro a consecutive twenty minutes he ejaculated, my penis now was long, hard and ready to be inserted.

I stuck a finger in slowly then moved it in and out; I quickened the pace as he moaned to my actions. Next I inserted another finger and he said to me “brother (with a pleading voice) please faster I want to cum again, I’m going to burst”. I then guided my penis into his asshole he moaned and I was frightened he might wake up our parents. At first I started out slow then with in minutes I was going back and fourth like flashes of lightening. He and I ejaculated around the same time. I pulled my penis out and cum was oozing out of his ass; he also had cum on his belly and chest. I unhand cuffed him and helped him to the shower, we took a shower and cleaned his floor of the dirty clothes and collapsed on his bed, in moments we were sound asleep.
Part II

The Daring Twins II Part One
Hey you read last time about the first time we had sex. Now it will be the Most Awkward Time we had sex.

We were at a drinking party and Len was buzzed I was as well. We both drove to my friend’s house (Aku and Aki) house we were friends with both brothers they were two years apart the youngest was our age fifteen and the other was seventeen. We were drinking this delicious smelling wine it was as red as blood but it tasted like putrid sewage water (yes I know what sewage water tastes like but that’s another story). So we were drunk by the end of the night and we obviously played truth or dare and spin the bottle (like normal teenagers). Well we dared Len and Aki and me and Aku to screw each other. Well we did the famous rock paper scissors thing to determine who goes first.

I shot a rock and Aku shot scissors it was a two out of three deal. I won the next one so Len and Aki went first (we had to do it in front of each other which I thought it was awkward and embarrassing which is the point). Well we better get started said Aki. Alright I will be seme (top) said aki. Then that leaves uke (bottom) to me. Then they stripped them selves down, Aki’s, you could tell was larger then Len’s, Len’s was semi-hard. Aki’s was as well then Len said it was uh b-because of the w-wine I swear. Then we all chuckled a bit as he was stupidly stuttering over his own words. When they finished undressing Len lied down with uttermost embarrassment he crossed his arms over his stomach. His nipples were bright cherry red and pointy. Aki strutted toward Len. Len started to squirm due to embarrassment. Aki squatted down on Len and coated his fingers in saliva. He rubbed his slimy wet fingers on lens nipples.

Len moans in bliss. Aki released his fingers and let the coldness in the room chill Len’s nipples. He slowly worked his way known to Len’s navel; aki stuck his tongue in Len’s medium deep navel, then played with Len’s nipples some more. When aki glanced up at Len, he was in so much pleasure or so it seemed I so wanted to video tape this, I thought, but unfortunately I had left the video camera at home any way back to what happened. Aki went up and kissed Len multiple times. I had just stared there in amusement, next thing I know I was turned on by that site. Aki was just taking his time and when he moved back down to Len’s penis, Len had closed his eyes as aki kissed his penis. Aki was licking next thing you know lens penis was coated in saliva. Then as aki was licking Aki’s saliva slid down to Len’s pubes (I bet that felt good). As aki did that Len was close to ejaculating, he moaned a sweet sound. That excited Aki, Aki grew larger he also increased the movement.

Len said “uh… no…. I’m going to cum…release. Aki refused to stop, Len climaxed in akis mouth but that didn’t slow him down any in fact that made him insert his middle finger in Len’s ass. Len didn’t notice he was too drawn in to the intense excitement on his penis. Aki had his right hand in Len’s ass, and his mouth on Len’s penis. So with his left hand he jacked off. After a few minutes of that, aki inserted another finger, his ring finger. Now I wanted to jerk off. Aki finally said “can I enter you?” yeah said the panting 15 year old. Aki inserted his penis in Len; Len moaned whilst aki went slow and slowly increased the pace. With in minutes Len said “you’re rocking my world”. “I’ll rock your world harder” whispered aki. “I’d love that go as fast as you can” panted Len. Aki did as Len wished, for like half an hour later they climaxed nearly the same time (it was too messy to go into detail). “Your turn” whispered the tired teens. Me and Aku looked at each other and slightly nodded our heads “alright”!

Thank you for reading please comment if you liked or disliked and criticizing as well that will be greatly appreciated.
There will be a continuation with II part II after this for those who liked this.

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