I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
One more time, I caught myself sneeking over the fence, at the old man's house, down at the end of the block.

It was late at night, somewhere around midnight and everybody was asleep, so I wasn't worried about getting caught.

As soon as I was in the yard, his huge german shepard came out of his doghouse and almost barked but changed his mind, when he saw that it was me and somehow knew, that I had come back for it, " One more time."

It wasn't the first time, that I had snuck into his yard, in the middle of the night. In fact by then, I had been sneeking in there 2 or 3 times a month, sometimes more. It all depended on how much my " Itch " was bothering me. My " Itch " that I had way up inside of my little asshole, my " Itch " to get fucked again. Fucked by a " Dog."

There wasn 't any pretending, as to why I was there, he knew. And he accepted me, without any problem. I guess that that's why, it was so easy for me, to get down on my hands and knees with him and let him mount me. I don't know.

I could just barely see him, as he came across the yard but I knew that he could see me, as I undid my pants and slid them down, along with my underwear, got down on my hands and knees and waited for him.

He didn't waste any time, as he went around behind me and started licking on my little balls and on my little asshole. Licking on them, with his warm soft tongue. Wetting my little asshole, getting it ready. " Ready to fuck."

I put my face down in the grass, trying to muffle the little whimpers that were coming out of me, as I felt his warm tongue, sliding across my little asshole, again and again. Waiting for him to mount me.

But he just kept licking and licking and licking, until I almost " Lost it " and then all of a sudden, he just stopped.

When I raised-up, to see what had happened, he had moved around in front of me and was just standing there " Waiting." Waiting for me to " Lick on his " too.

It was like he knew, that if I wanted " It, " really wanted " It." It being his " Huge dick," that I would do whatever he wanted me too.

I didn't want to lick it, although I had licked it before. But my " Itch " was driving me on and there was no way that I could go back home that night, without getting it scratched and somehow, " He knew it."
As he waited for me to " Do it."

He didn't move as I crawled around behind him, he knew what was next, as I slowly raised his tail and looked at " It." It looked like a little starfish, with its funny little lines drawing it together, in the middle of it.

I don't know if it was shame or what, that I was feeling, as I leaned forward and touched it, with the tip of my tongue and watched as it pushed out, like the mouth of a fish, when it's out of water. Opening and closing slowly, like it was trying to trap my tongue. Licking on it softly " Once " " Twice " " Three times," before pushing my little tongue up into " It." And made him " Yelp."

Pulling it back out and then working it back up into him, as he just stood there and let me do it.

I knew that I wasn't hurting him because he had let me " Tongue Fuck," him before and he liked it or at least I thought he did. Because he just stood there and let me do it.

I don't know how long I licked and probed at his little asshole, before the " Urge " to suck on his dick took over and the next thing I knew. I was kneeling beside him and sticking my head under his belly, where I could get at it.

It was just barely sticking out of its hairy sheath, when I started licking on the pink tip of it. Licking on it softly, coaxing it to come out and it did. I could taste his precum, I could even taste his pee and I didn't care. I had to have it and somehow he knew it, as he just stood there and let me lick on it.

As soon as it was out far enough to suck on, I slipped my mouth over the end of it and started sucking, knowing what was about to happen but doing it anyway. I was that horny.

As soon as he felt me sucking on it, he squirted, not once but twice, into my warm sucking mouth. It wasn't his cum, that he was squirting, it was his precum and yes, some of it was even his pee, his warm doggie pee.

No sooner had I swallowed the first 2 squirts, than he just let loose and I felt the warmth of it filling my mouth, forcing me to swallow it, only to be filled again and again. It was only then, that I felt degraded about what he was getting me to do to him, " Drink his pee " and I wanted to stop but I couldn't.

As soon as he finished peeing, he started humping, working his still skinny boner, back and forth, along my warm soft tongue.

The first few times that I had tried to suck him, he had been scared or whatever, by the feeling. But now he was used to it and I think that he liked being sucked, almost as much as he liked fucking me.

I could feel his " Knot " starting to build, way back towards the base of it and I knew that if I got him too excited, that he'd never be able to get " It " up into me. So, I pulled away from it and let him settle back down.

I raised up and started petting him on the head, waiting for it to go back down and eventually it did.

When I reached back under his belly, his cock was only sticking out about 3 inches or so and I slipped my hand around it and started working it again, until he started humping my hand and then I let go of it.

By the time I let go of it, it was hanging down, looking like a quarter pounder hot dog and it wasn't even fully hard yet.

Just looking at " It " made me want it again and the next thing I knew, I could feel my little asshole opening and closing, wanting to " Feel it " up inside of it, " One more time."

He didn't even hesitate, as he watched me turn around and put my face to the ground again, offering him my little ass, sticking it way up for him.

He went around behind me and the next thing I knew, he had jumped up and mounted me and I could feel the hard pointed tip of it, poking at me again and again. Searching, searching for my little asshole.

Just when I was going to reach back and grab ahold of it, he found " It " and drove his long pointed cock up into me, " Aggghhhhhhhhh."
Making me scream into my hand, that I already had covering my mouth because I knew how big he was and that it was going to get bigger, much bigger, before he was through with me.

I could feel him pulling me back onto it, with his front legs, as he wrapped them around my hips. Driving it up into me, deeper and deeper, trying to get it to " Swell-up, " so I couldn't get away from him.

Humping me faster and faster, feeling it sliding back and forth, in my warm soft rectum.

" Ohhh fuck me doggie, fuck me."

" Fuck meeeeeeeee."

Pushing back on it, holding my little ass up, letting him pound it into me, harder and harder.

I could feel it swelling, stretching my little asshole, stretching my warm rectum and I didn't care, as I whimpered and begged him to, " Do me." " Do me doggie " and he did. Harder and harder, faster and faster.

His " Knot " was big enough now, that I could feel it pulling against the inside of my little asshole, trying to pull out but my little asshole was closed down around the base of his cock now and it was to big now and I knew, knew that he had " Knotted " me. And I started moaning because I knew that it was just a matter of time now, before he squirted me.

I was begging him, " Do it, Do it." " Squirt me doggie, squirt meee."

All at once I felt it erupting up inside of me, " Once " Agghhhhhhhhhh, " Twice " Agghhhhhhhhhhhh, " Three times " Agghhhhhhhhhhh, blasting his warm doggie cum, way up inside of me.

" Yesssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeee, squeeze." " Squeeze, squeezing in it, with my little asshole. Milking it, with my warm soft rectum.

I could feel more and more of my " Boy cum " oozing out of the end of my little boner, each time he squirted up into me and I couldn't understand, why.

The next thing I knew, he was all excited and clawing at me, trying to step over me and " Tie " with me and he did.

The shame I felt, as he kept me down on my hands and knees with him, " Butt to Butt," as his huge cock kept pumping his nasty cum into me, was unreal.

I hated it, when he did that to me because I knew that he was " Tied " to me and that I couldn't get away and so did he.

Every now and then his cock would jerk up inside of me again, " Agghhhhhhh," flooding the walls of my stretched rectum, with its warm doggie cum. Filling me so full, that it was starting to ooze out around the sides of his huge cock, run down the inside of my thigh's and down into my pants.

He kept me down there with him for what seemed like a half hour but was probably only 10 or 15 minutes. Whatever the length of time, it was to long and I needed to get out of there.

I started trying to crawl away from him and drug him along behind me, he was still swollen so big, that it wouldn't come out, yet.

Finally the fear of getting caught took over and I pulled my legs and feet under me and pushed up. Jerking his swollen " Knot " out thru my little asshole. Screaming " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " into my hand, the pain was so awful.

The throbbing in my little asshole, was unreal. As I jerked my pants and underwear up and went back over the fence again. Leaving him standing there, with his huge cock, hanging down, under his belly.

I could feel his doggie cum oozing out of my little asshole, as once again it had gotten it, " One more time " as I made my way home, in the darkness of the night.

Feeling satisfied but knowing, that it would happen again.

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