Janice and I were like two peas in a pod growing up in our little boring town in South Eastern Ontario, and while I’m certain that our parents loved us, they showed little affection outwardly, so we often turned to each other for comfort. My sister is 2 years older and always looked beautiful and sexy to me, so my affection for her started to grow somewhat unnaturally, when I turned 13. Her breasts at age 15 were fully developed and filled her tops so sensuously, and when she walked or ran, they swayed and moved in a way that made me just want to hold and suck them. I had begun to masturbate regularly while envisioning my hands holding those two beautiful mounds and sucking her nipples into my mouth.

Whenever she hugged me, I always managed to pull her in so tightly that her breasts mashed into my chin. I recall one particular time when I had a run in with a bully and came home from school bleeding and banged up. Janice was the only one home, and she immediately did what she always had-hugged and comforted me, as well as help me clean up. Maybe she felt so sorry for me that she ignored my hands roaming along her waist, and then upwardly to touch the sides of those soft mounds.

Hurting as I was, it didn’t stop my penis from growing and throbbing in my pants, and when my sister saw the bulge in my pants, she began to move away.

“Don’t stop holding me Janice”.

“Brian, you have an erection and your hands are touching my breasts. What has gotten into you”?

“I can’t help myself Janice. You are beautiful and sexy, and I have dreams about you all the time”.

“What kind of dreams”?

“You know”.

“No I don’t know”.

“Janice, it’s hard to explain”.

“Are you talking about sex dreams”?

“Sort of, but not quite”.

“Christ Brian, I’m your sister. Can’t you lust after someone you know from school”?

“I’m sorry Janice. I can’t seem to help myself. I love you, and you are the only person in the world who helps me and comforts me. Don’t hate me for loving you”.

As tears flowed down my face, Janice pulled me tightly into her body, and I felt her thighs push tightly against my leg. My hands hadn’t moved from the sides of her breasts. Maybe she felt sorry for me and let my hands remain there, but I didn’t care about the reason. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably and all I could think of was sucking on those beautiful mounds.

“Brian, I would never hate you for loving me, but the sex dreams are unnatural, and could never really happen”.

“Why not Janice”?

“Brothers and sisters don’t have sex together. Not only is it unnatural, but it’s also against the law. It’s called Incest”.

“Who is home”?

“We are both home mom. I’m helping Brian clean up a few scrapes”.

“What happened Brian”?

“Nothing mom, it’s just a scrape”.

“Janice, can you whip up something for you and Brian to eat for supper? Your dad and I have to attend a business meeting at his office for a few hours. I have to leave in a few minutes to meet him”.

“No problem mom. I’ll make Kraft dinner”.

Janice had broken off our hug, when she heard mom come in, and my erection was long gone, but I started to think about us being alone tonight, so I would have to find a way to get the conversation started again, about my dreams. After supper, I was squirming around on the sofa, with my erection throbbing in my pants, and trying to find the right words to say, when Janice blurted out: “Brian, what’s with all the squirming around? Are you erect again”?

I got embarrassed, and being an immature 12 year old, I got up and ran to my room. When I didn’t hear anything for a while, I decided to masturbate to get some relief. Before I could ejaculate, I heard a knock at my bedroom door, and then Janice asked if she could come in. Before I could say anything, she opened the door and her jaw dropped when she saw what I was doing.

“Brian, I’m sorry for bursting in like this, but we have to get this problem worked out”.

At that point, things couldn’t get much worse, so I continued stroking my erection, and told Janice that she was so sexy and irresistible, and I wanted to cum while looking at her breasts.

“You expect me to show you my breasts”?

“Come on Janice; let me suck on them while I masturbate”.

“If I do it, will you stop bugging me about this”?

“Please Janice, I won’t bug you anymore”.

That was a lie that I was willing to tell, because at that moment, I felt like she was giving in. Janice went downstairs and locked the front door and then returned to my room and began to undress. She had a sundress on, so all she was left with was her bra and panties. My eyes strained as she slowly unclasped the bra, and when those beautiful mounds came into my view, my cock exploded and sperm was shooting everywhere.

“I guess I can get dressed now, seeing as how you are finished”.

“No, please Janice. I want to suck on them and I will ejaculate some more”.

“Alright, but make sure you don’t spray any on me”.

Janice sat down on the edge of my bed, so I moved directly beside her to touch her breasts. It was a difficult position, so I asked her to lie back on the bed. All the while she seemed to be staring at my cock, and her expression was changing. She looked fascinated, so I told her she could touch me while I sucked on her breasts. I was shocked that she actually did it, but when her fingers made contact with my erect cock, it was a sensation that I would never forget. She slowly fell back on the bed, and her hand lost contact with my cock.

My mouth went straight for those beautiful mounds and in no time, I was licking and sucking her nipples, and massaging her breasts with both hands. I hardly noticed that she was reaching for my cock again, but when her fingers wrapped around it, my mouth went into overdrive. She appeared to like what I was doing, and her hand began stroking my cock. As my mouth devoured those beauties, I became bolder and began moving one hand down her stomach towards her panties. She didn’t resist, so when my hand reached the waistband, I slipped it under and slowly delved into the soft pussy hairs between her legs. It was hot down there, and when my fingers moved some of the hair aside, I felt wetness, and then I felt Janice lift her hips upwards.

“Did I hurt you Janice”?

“No. Just keep doing what you’re doing Brian”.

I now seemed to have Janice’s approval so I began to remove her panties, so I would have unrestricted access to her pussy. Once the panties were off, I started thinking about moving my mouth downwards, but I worried about taking things too far and getting rejected. I kept my fingers moving and when her pussy hairs were parted, I darted them inside the lips of her pussy. I will never forget the first touch of a pussy, so soft, wet and inviting. Janice let go of my cock, and with both of her hands, she began pushing on my head, so I would move down nearer her pussy.

I still had one hand on her breast, as my head moved lower and when I got within a few inches of that beautiful pussy, I noticed a sensuous musky scent. It drove me wild, and my face went directly to her pussy and as my tongue parted her hairs, I buried it deep inside and began lapping at the inner parts. Janice was moving around on the bed and was uttering deep moaning sounds, as her hips moved upwards to swallow my tongue into her inner folds.

I felt Janice’s hand back on my cock, and with her other hand she seemed to be pulling at my hips. She rolled in one motion and before I knew it, she was on top of me with her pussy grinding into my mouth. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt my cock head being licked and sucked, and then I felt my balls bursting. Sperm was shooting in huge blasts, and must have gone into Janice’s mouth, but I wasn’t sure, since I was totally overcome with lust. I was sucking a beautiful pussy and was ejaculating my sperm into Janice’s mouth. This had to be heaven. Janice took my cock from her mouth and screamed at me to keep licking, because she was cumming. I could taste her juices flowing from her pussy into my mouth, and down my chin. Her legs clamped together against my face as she humped her hips at me. Then I felt her relax and lie flat against me. I rolled her over onto her back, and moved on top to kiss her breasts. As I sucked her nipples into my mouth, my cock began to throb, as it lodged near her pussy lips.

“Are you going to put your cock inside me Brian”?

“I want to so badly Janice. Can I”?

Janice answered by totally spreading her legs, pulling up her knees and pulling my body closer. My cock could feel the heat before it touched those outer pussy lips, and I lost total control. I pushed hard as Janice pulled at me, and my cock began entering her inner folds. I could hear her moans and felt her licking and sucking on my neck and shoulders, as my cock finally was totally enveloped. My balls hung against her ass cheeks, and as I started to stroke in and out of that amazing wet wonderland, I felt her hands clawing at my back, and I could hear her moaning softly and begging me to fuck her pussy.

“Fuck me hard Brian. I want to cum on your cock”.

My strokes grew faster and more forceful with that encouragement, so I began pounding her pussy as hard as I could. She screamed that she was cumming, just as my balls were sending my sperm up my shaft and into the depths of Janice’s pussy.

“Brian, I can feel your cum shooting inside my pussy. It’s hot. Keep fucking me. I can’t stop cumming”.

“Janice, I love you and never want to take my cock out of you”.

“I love…”

“We’re home guys. Where are you”?

My cock instantly wilted and plopped out of Janice’s pussy. We barely got our clothes on, when we heard footsteps on the stairs. I opened my door and said hello.

“Janice and I just finished my school project and I’ll bet I get an A with her help”.

“That’s nice. You are lucky to have such a loving sister”.

To be continued……………………….

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2012-09-12 02:09:22
Double Duty Booty !! ha! . . . (i hope Your young stud at least got one pic of hiself with You to take home and keep as a lnstiag memory. . . i know i'd want one if it were me having that great privilege.)


2011-12-01 22:48:52
I would have liked it a little more if Janice had reluctantly given in slowly to everything instead of merrily volunteering, but then that's just my opinion.

We have a very different approach to our writing styles. I love the story. It is still a dick raising story the way you tell it. On to the next.

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very nice 8/10. sister fucking is awesome.

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2011-09-07 11:46:50
OK...pretty hot but I didn't like the ending of this segment.....
A 4 out of 10 from me....
The comments made from all the other pervs out there....Hey....why don't you all just write your OWN stories, idiots???

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