Luke likes his football coach
My name is Luke. I am a 14 year old boy who has a crush on my football coach. I am
one of the smallest guys on the team and the coach always jokes around with me,
although he fools around with all the guys. I have a girlfriend so I know I am not
gay. But for some reason when coach Mike sits next to me and his leg makes contact
with mine, or even if his foot is touching me when I am on the floor I get a hard-on.
Coach is 35. He has a beautiful girlfriend and all the guys think she is hot. Nothing
he does would make me think he is gay either. I don't know why I always look to sit
next to him when we review films. I guess so I can make contact with him.

I injured my foot just before this season started so I was not able to practice
for about 2 weeks but always went to practice. Coach has a folding chair he sits
in while we are stretching, doing warm-up runs, and during our water breaks. I was in
crutches the first 2 weeks so coach always told me I could sit on the arm of his
chair. Coach would sometimes put his elbow on my thigh and I would instantly get
a hard-on as he was talking to me while the other guys were going through warm-ups.
I would even try to slide forward in a way that his elbow would suddenly nudge my
crotch. I was scared he would know I had a hard-on though so I would quickly
rearrange myself so his elbow was on my thigh again.

One day while we were watching films I sat in front of coach who was in a chair. I
sat close enough so that both of his feet made contact with my butt and if I leaned
back, my back would be against his legs. As always I had a raging hard-on. I don't
know if coach ever noticed anything by the way I fidgeted around. I almost wished
he knew sometimes. I was always disappointed when our film review time was over
cause coach would get up to go meet with the other coaches while we waited in the
weightroom. I even leaked precum sometimes.

I lay in bed that night and thought about how I had a hard-on during the whole time
we were watching game films. I reached for my 5 inch cock and began masturbating,
I fantasized that I was sitting on the armchair of coach's chair and he had his
elbow on my thigh. I fantasized moving up so he was making contact with my crotch.
Since he didn't seem to notice I fidgeted back and forth and soon creamed in my
pants. I came as that image came to mind. I cleaned up and then fell asleep.

"Hey Luke. How goes it buddy"? "Doing good coach. Nervous cause I am going to the
Fall dance with my girlfriend and I don't know how to dance. I don't even know
how to dance slow". "Well I am not really in to all those dances you teenagers do
now-a-days, but there is nothing to slow dancing. When I am with my girlfriend I
put both my arms around her waist, she puts her arms around my shoulders, and we
sway our bodies close together. I love grinding my crotch into her and I know she
can feel my cock". "Would you mind showing me what you mean coach"?

The coach looked at me puzzled. "Are you sure Luke"? "Yea. I mean if you don't mind.
I just don't want to look like a loser on the dance floor". "Well I have seen your
girlfriend and she is a cutie. A lot of guys like her but she seems into you and
doesn't flirt around. I could try to teach you but we are 2 guys. Like I said I
grind into my girlfriend and I don't know if you want me to do that". "It's ok.
I know you are just showing me what to do". "Well ok. Let me put on a slow song".

As coach went to put on a song I already had a hard-on and was afraid of what the
coach would think if he felt it while dancing with me. "You want to be the guy or
the girl"? Thinking about what he said about grinding into his girlfriend, I chose
to be the girl. "Okay. Take her hand like this and walk her to the dance floor". I
felt precum leak from my cock when he took my hand and walked me to the center of the
room. "Then put your arms around her waist like this and get real close to her when
she puts her arms around your shoulders. Then pull her tight, place a leg between hers,
and move around slowly as you slowly grind your crotch into her". As soon as coach
did that I came in my pants. This scared me and I pulled away. "Hey you ok"?
"Yea. I just need to go to the bathroom". I went and washed myself off.

Coach was sitting down when I came back into the room. I walked up to him and stuck
out my hand. He took it and I walked him to the middle of the room. I put my arms
around his waist so he proceeded to put his arms around my shoulders but stayed at
a distance. I then pulled him into me and as my leg got between his, my cock got
hard again. I ground my crotch into his and I could swear I felt a bulge in his pants
against my cock. I grinded harder into him and came in my pants again. I then leaned
back, looked at him, and asked: "what if she looks at me as if to wait for me to kiss
her". "Well then do it buddy. It means you are turning her on". "Can you show me"?

"Well you got the slow dance down cause I gotta confess, when you ground your crotch
into mine I got a hard-on. It felt like you had one too". "I did coach. I pretended
I was dancing with my girlfriend (I lied) like you probably did". "Right Luke. So as
I show you what to do if she wants to be kissed, think about her again". "Ok". He
then put his arms around my waist and told me to put mine around his shoulders so he
could show me what the guy should do. He then leaned his face into mine and kissed me
softly on the lips (my cock was trying to bust out of my pants). He broke the kiss
then leaned back and looked at me. "If she leans back in, kiss her harder and add
tongue like this". Coach then leaned his face forward and kissed me on the lips
again. I suddenly felt his tongue trying to pry my mouth open so I opened it and he
slipped his tongue in kissing me harder. The kiss lasted about a minute and I came
in my pants again as I felt coach grind his cock into mine.

"What do I do if she says she wants me to make love to her"? "Damn Luke. You really
don't seem to know much about girls". "Well Liz is my first girlfriend and I just
want to do everything right the night of the dance". "Well Like I said, Luke, we are
2 guys and it isn't the same thing". "I know. But just show me what I should do".
"Well if you were my girlfriend I would make sure to turn her on by slow dancing like
I showed you. If she enjoys that she will want to kiss like I showed you. Maybe then
you can take her hand and tell her to go for a walk outside. If she says okay then she
is eager for more. Walk her to a secluded area and then pull her to you and start
kissing her softly.

"Okay now come here and let me show you". I got up and walked over to him. He pulled me
to him and started kissing me softly on the mouth and also on my neck. I immediately
got a hard-on and could feel coach also had one as he grinded his crotch into me. Coach
slipped his tongue into my mouth and ran his hand along my leg and grabbed my crotch. I
came in my pants but didn't pull away. Coach then grabbed my ass and pulled me
harder to him. He suddenly pulled back. "Feel up her tits while kissing her. Also when
you run your hand up her leg put your hand on her crotch and rub her hard. Slip your
hand inside her panties. If she parts her legs more she is ready".

Start undressing but keep kissing her as she undresses. Take her hand and lay her down
on the ground when you are both naked. "Ok we should both get naked now". I couldn't
undress fast enough. Coach saw I had a hard-on. "Lay down on the ground". I did and
coach laid down on me between my legs. I could feel his 8 inch cock on mine. He ground
his cock against mine and started kissing me. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and
kissed me hard. Coach told me to get on my hands and knees. He came up behind me.

I opened my eyes and realized I was in my bed. I had been dreaming. I tried to fall
asleep again to get back to the dream but it didn't work. I heard my dog scratching
at the door so I got out of bed and let him in. I went and sat on my bed. My dog is
a beagle and he walked up to me and put his nose to my crotch. I pulled back but
realized he must smell the cum from my wet dream I had of my coach. I decided to
take my cock out to see what he would do as I leaned forward on the bed. My dog
quickly gave my cock a sniff and licked it. I got an instant hard-on as I fantasized
it was my coach licking my dick. My dick was throbbing as my beagle continued to
lick. I couldn't hold back my cum and my dog just licked it all up.

I know coach was ready to fuck me when I woke up and I still had that itch in my
asshole. I got on my hands and knees to see what my dog would do. He came around
behind me and licked my asshole. My cock was up and throbbing. Precum was leaking.
My dog suddenly climbed on my back and put his front paws around my waist. I wasn't
sure I wanted to do this but I just kept imagining it was coach so I let him. My
dog started humping and I could feel his cock but he was missing my asshole. I moved
a bit and my dog was suddenly able to penetrate me. I closed my eyes and as my
dog started humping and fucking me for all he was worth, I pictured my coach fucking
me. I came as I felt my dog tighten his grip and drive his knot in me.

"Fuck me coach". I drove my ass back against my dog and he filled my asshole with
his cock as his knot was growing. When I felt him shooting his cum deep inside me
I pushed back against him and came again. "Oh my God coach that was fantastic".
My dog pulled out of my asshole about 10 minutes later. I cleaned up, showered,
and got ready for school. It was film day - yeah!

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2013-04-10 18:55:40
what the hell....I liked where it was going until the dog got into it. thats just messed up and wrong in so many ways. ...that is absolutely disgusting

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2011-10-21 21:32:58
Not your best story by far. Bit I guess we all write a bad novel now and then.

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2011-09-06 18:39:48

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2011-09-06 13:34:02
My name is Luke. I am a 14 year old boy who has a crush on my football coach.......Stopped right there. Not Another bloody knobjockey story......NO!

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