The sex slavery method proves out as Becky recounts the cause of her raping ways
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After that we let Becky recover, then the next day, the Sunday, we fucked her all morning again, and my wife Sally managed to drag out of her the admissions to another half dozen rapes that she’d inflicted on innocent young girls.

The victims were all quite similar: small or slight and naive girls whose bodies were just maturing but who had no experience of sex. The athletic Becky had overpowered them and forced them to orgasm.

She’d started to use the photos to blackmail them into keeping quiet, and added video as an even more powerful weapon, playing it back to them to terrify them. They dreaded her releasing the footage onto the web with their wet pussies, writhing naked bodies, and their young faces so identifiable and obviously being fucked, fingered or eaten to orgasm.

And up until she’d got carried away with my beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter Yvonne she’d got away with it. But she had got carried away and kept raping Vonnie in her housekeeper’s bedsit, right here in my house, every day for weeks, so that eventually I’d come home early and caught her.

Anyway the extra admissions gave my wife Sally and me the feeling that our policy of making Becky our sex slave was working. We had her blackmail videos from her laptop so she couldn’t run off, and Vonnie and two fellow victims, friends from the aerobics class that Becky was teaching, were all getting over their victimisation by victimising Becky in revenge.

Becky’s super-fit twenty-two-year-old body had been molested and fucked to orgasm by my fat eight-inch cock and various vibrators, tongues and fingers more times than I could count. It was definitely a lot better than having the girls go through the ordeal of giving evidence in court.

Not to say, Becky was gorgeous, highly sexed, and had a potent, super-fit pussy as well, so raping her was not exactly a chore. She felt as gorgeous as she looked, and orgasmed easily, when her potent pussy never failed to wrestle my hyperactive cock to a mammoth cum.

She was so sexy, with her blue-grey eyes in her lightly tanned face and her fair complexion with a few freckles, that in spite of what she’d done my stunning twenty-eight-year-old wife had pretty much started a relationship with her. For the last two nights Sally had slept with her while I was sleeping with thirteen-year-old Jilly.

Jilly had been the most affected by her ordeal at Becky’s hands, and really needed me; in fact she seemed almost nymphomaniac at the moment, clinging to me and wanting to be fucked for hours every day even though she was so young and slender. Willowy, you could call her, a bit taller than the others at about five feet seven.

From that nympho point of view it was fortunate that she had a lovely, pretty young face with great cheekbones, a wide sexy mouth and gorgeous brown eyes with big pupils. Her well-developed pert tits helped as well, especially since they were very sensitive. In fact she was a very sensual girl altogether and loved to be touched, stroked and fondled.

Sue, the third victim, was a tougher personality, and having done some revenge raping of Becky with the big black ribbed vibrator she seemed pretty much over it.

She was the shortest of them, about five foot three perhaps, but had a broad, strong frame carrying quite a bit of muscle. It was an action-girl body, with small tits, kept feminine by her pronounced waist and slender neck.

She looked mixed-race, with fabulous light-brown skin, soft frizzy hair, and amazing eyes that were slightly different from each other, one just more green than brown and the other a little more brown than green. She had fucked me while I was tied up, and she felt as stunning as she looked.

Anyway on Monday we started on Becky again, in the evening after Sally and I got home from work. We had an early dinner then retired to the living room, where we fucked Becky more or less continuously until about half past ten. Finally she looked at Sally with an expression of weary defeat, her sixth huge cum having sapped the last of her resistance.

She was propped on one elbow in front of the fireplace, with Sally next to her having administered the last fucking, while the rest of us lounged on the sofas. Jilly’s slender young body was on top of me, my half-hard cock still in her, while on the other sofa Yvonne and Sue, who seemed to be an item now, lay with their lovely naked bodies intertwined.

“So, Becks,” Sally started, “tell us about your first sex. Where you were, how old you were, and who it was with. You may as well, now you’ve told us so much.”

That was so true, I had to wonder how much Becky had really minded being gang-raped by us in her sex-slave role. She seemed to accept straight away that she may as well tell us the beginning, now she’d told us the end; so had she really needed to resist so long?

“I was sent to boarding school,” she started anyhow, “as my parents were abroad so much. It was a Catholic school, all very proper and rigid and boring.”

Her tone grew angry as she got into it.

“And so fucking righteous and holy. But they were the biggest fucking hypocrites ever. All preaching about being pure and celibate and the sanctity of fucking marriage, but when I developed they couldn’t fucking keep their hands off me.”

“Who?” asked Sally, “the teachers?” I noticed that the rule about swearing had been dropped for now.

“Yes the teachers. I got to fourteen and quite a few of them looked at me, you know, but three of them, they were like a gang. They started looking at me, stopping me in the corridor to tell me something or trying to get me to take extra coaching or whatever crappy excuse they could think of.

I had no idea. None at all. I thought they just liked me. I respected them, they were my teachers and they were supposed to me looking after me. But they looked after each other.

So one of them, Miss Dugeon, was the tennis coach and one day, after practice, she tried to touch me in the showers. She was very good-looking but I wouldn’t let her. She’d been looking at me a bit funny for a while, holding me to show me racquet grips, and showering right at the same time, and next to me, things like that. I’d started to realise there was something about me now I had hips and tits.”

Becky had a sensational body, in an athletic rather than glamour sort of way. About five feet six, with broad shoulders and pelvis, a tight waist and short back with long legs. The shape as her width dived in and out from her shoulders, in to her waist, and out to her hips, compressed as it was by her short back, was electrifying.

Her frame was not deep, front-to-back, so she was light and lithe. Her pert tits were high on her chest and her long legs were beautifully muscled. I had no trouble imagining the adults around her being tempted as she reached fourteen and that shape grew.

People often underestimate the value of shoulders on a girl, I reckon, and Becky seriously had them. When her hips widened to match, it must have been some transformation.

“She didn’t push it but then a couple of days later she invited me to play a mixed doubles that afternoon, with her and the biology master and the head of science. I was so naive, God, I said yes. I was flattered. I’ve got a good eye and good timing and shoulders and everything, and I wanted to be on the school team, even though I was a bit young.

But it was a setup. A total setup. The courts are all screened by hedges, because of the wind, and over behind the gym away from the main buildings. It’s six courts all inside a fence.

We started and the teachers played really slowly; I didn’t notice that either: the time they were taking to serve and the way they kept the points going with hitting easy balls to each other.

So it got into the third set, one set all, and it was late, everyone else had gone, and they were starting to joke about a bet on the match. So we played some points and they were talking about drinks and money and then the head of science, Mr Thomas, said what about an item of clothing.

And they joked around some more, they obviously were pretty close friends, all thirty-somethings, and the idea went from an item of clothing for the match to one each game and then next thing they were talking about strip tennis – whoever lost the point had to take something off.

Well I was starting to catch on, even innocent young me, so I said I had to be back for tea and made for the gate, you know it was like half a dozen courts all inside one high fence to keep the balls in.

But the gate was locked, with the padlock. I hadn’t even noticed them locking it. So I tried to climb it but it’s like ten feet high or something and I couldn’t get my shoes in the mesh, to get a grip, so I fell down again and I was just cornered there and the three of them gathered round me.

I got ready to fight, though I hadn’t much of a chance, but they just said, you know, ‘play the strip tennis with us, it’s just a laugh, a game, we often play don’t be such a little girl, you want to be on the tennis team don’t you’ and things like that, and so I did play. I had to. It was my only chance.”

Becky stopped and looked round, challenging us to judge her. We were all gripped by the picture she’d painted, of this gorgeous sexy blonde schoolgirl of fourteen, about to play strip tennis with three lustful and unscrupulous teachers. Locked in what amounted to a cage with them.

Becky surveyed our expressions and carried on.

”So we played, and did those fucking religious twats play fair? Like shit.

They knocked the ball about so I was always trying to save the point. I was playing with Mr Setright, and he never played a difficult shot to the others, he made it really easy, and they just played it to me, all the time, so that I could just about get to it but couldn’t hit it back anywhere hard for them.

So I lost the first point, after running around like a mad thing, retrieving. They all started up ‘go on, go on, just a shoe’ but I knew if I tried to play without a shoe I’d just lose even more points so I took my top off and they all cheered and said how nice I looked in my sports bra.

Then it carried on, and so next time I took off a sock and put the shoe back on, and the next time, and then it was my skirt.

So then I was in my bra and panties, feeling really exposed, and they changed it and started losing points themselves, and taking their clothes off. And I realised that was just as bad as me losing, and it was all hopeless and whatever I did I was going to end up with them doing whatever they wanted to me.

I could see the men’s cocks bulging out the front of their briefs, with their shorts and shirts off, and a damp patch on Miss Dugeon’s panties.

So I stood next to Mr Setright and when the ball came I didn’t hit the tennis ball I whacked his balls as hard as I could with the edge of my racquet-head. He stood there a second and then folded up, yelling, and fell on the ground.”

Becky paused again, a slight grin on her face from the memory. I was looking at everyone else, seeing all of us on her side, because she was ours now. Our young heroine in desperate straits.

“That was it though, the others just came for me, so I ran. They were both bigger than me, so I couldn’t stand and fight, but I could hurdle the nets and they couldn’t, so I held them off for a while.

There was a bench with jackets and bags, where we’d left them, and I was hoping the padlock key would be there, but I couldn’t get to it with enough time to start looking.

In the end Mr Setright got up and running again and then he climbed over the nets and the three of them cornered me. I swiped Miss Dugeon on the head but then they grabbed my racquet and wrists and it was all over.

They dragged me over to the bench and cleared the stuff off and pulled my bra and panties and shoes off and tied me onto it. It was so fast. Suddenly I was completely nude. They even had ropes in the bags. I started screaming, it suddenly occurred to me to scream, but they had a gag and so that was the end of that.

So then they took the rest of their clothes off and Miss Dugeon started fondling and licking me, while the men started wanking over me talking about my body, saying things about my fine skin and pert tits and my little blonde bush and my shape and just discussing me like I was an object.

One of Mr Setright’s balls was all swollen but it didn’t stop him at all, his cock was as hard as Mr Thomas’s and he was grinning almost the same, it was like he was so worked up he couldn't feel it.

They had my ankles tied under so my knees stuck out either side and my pussy was completely open to them, and Miss Dugeon got me wet, in the end. I didn’t know at the time but I realised later she was really expert.

She started eating me and finger-fucking me and in the end, after twenty minutes or something, she got me off. I’d been masturbating for a couple of years but it was the first time with someone else. The way she teased my clit and sucked and licked, and what she did with her fingers in my pussy, you just couldn’t not cum.

It felt terrible, being used. Even though I realised they weren’t going to actually hurt me.

Then I saw Mr Thomas with a video camera and I realised he’d filmed me cumming. So he grinned at me and said they weren’t going to hurt me but they wanted me to have some fun with them and as long as I did then the video would be our secret.

Then they took the gag off and he carried on wanking and so did Mr Setright and then they came and their spunk landed on me, all over my tits and face, and he filmed that too.

Then he put the camera away and all three of them licked me, licked the spunk off, off my face and tits and neck. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Then they stopped and had a drink from their bags, and gave me some even, but they didn’t untie me and I knew the men were going to fuck me.

Mr Thomas started it, licking my pussy and rubbing his cock on me till he was hard again. Then he got on me and just slid it in. I thought my pussy could stop him but it couldn’t, only for a minute, then I felt my pussy slowly giving way and he started pumping and gradually he filled me up. I didn’t really have a hymen, it turned out, I didn’t bleed, his cock just went in.

I didn’t really understand at the time but it was quite a big cock. I could really feel it inside me. It was such an invasion, and I was so helpless, but the feeling was just too hard to resist and I stayed wet.

Then the others untied my ankles and I tried to kick at them but they were too strong and they slid me down to the end of the bench and then they lifted my legs up and out so Mr Thomas could get his cock all the way in.

So he fucked me, for ages as he’d already cum. And he was landing on me, getting it all in, every little bit, and landing on my clit, and so eventually I had to cum again. I had to. They made me.”

Becky’s voice caught; she was close to tears. That was not like her at all. I found a tear of sympathy even leaked out of my own eyes, and when I looked down I saw tears running down Jilly’s beautiful young face as well.

Becky got herself back together and the anger came back. Self-pity wasn’t really in her nature.

“So that was it. I was theirs. Mr Setright fucked me next and made me cum again, and then they let me go.

They said they’d keep the video secret if I did as I was told, otherwise it would be leaked all over the web and the sites would be leaked to some of the girls in the school so it would be all over everywhere.

So for a while I let them. I didn’t see what else I could do. They gave me morning-after pills and then put me on a Depo injection at my next period, and made me go to their houses and have orgies with them, the three of them, with the men fucking me and Miss Dugeon, and making me eat Miss Dugeon as well.

And they took me to some woods a little way away and played chasing games with me, let me run and if I could stay away for an hour I’d be let off but otherwise I’d be fucked by whoever caught me. Things like that. They knew I had nowhere to go and had to come back to them.

‘Hide and hump’ they used to call it. And they made me tan nude with a sunbed and keep up my sports so I’d be sexy for them.

Some days I’d get fucked for hours, if they were in the mood; taking turns. While one was fucking me the others would be recovering, ready for their next turn. They couldn’t get enough of me.

Miss Dugeon used a strapon and vibrators, and the men could stay hard for ages, and get hard again time after time. They were just sex-crazed over me.

In their rooms or the woods - they used to take a picnic sometimes. Eat the picnic and then fuck me on the rug.

Or tie me to a tree in a blouse and short skirt and then go off and come back and pretend to find me, and then rape me against the tree, or untie me and play the wicked family pretending to save me but then raping me. All sorts of games; I was their sex toy, or a pet, you know they were nice to me as long as I did what they said.

One weekend they borrowed a cottage from someone they knew, in Wales, it was really remote. But it had woods, it was up a long track, and as well as the woods for the chasing and Hide and Hump it had a hot tub on the deck.

They got a big rainwater butt, you know a drum for collecting water from a gutter, and put it next to the hot tub and filled it with cold water. Then they made lots of ice in the freezer, in pans and yoghurt pots and things, and next day they put it all in. They put a thermometer in and when it was down to four degrees they stripped me and put me in it.

It was so freezing, I didn’t think I could stand it. They pushed me down in it, up to my neck, and kept me in for four minutes. It was so cold.

Then they took me out and put me in the hot tub, that they’d set as hot as you could stand. It was like fire. And then after four minutes in there they put me back in the ice cold, that almost stopped me breathing completely. And then after four minutes back in the hot tub, and so on for about six times, I couldn’t count I was in such a state.

They were calling it ThermoPussy and laughing at me, as I went bright red and blue each time.

Then they dried me and took me inside and massaged me. My body was like it was electrified, completely tingling everywhere, like ultra stimulated.

So then they started fucking me, and I came and came and came for them, that was the point. Every touch was massive; my whole body was hypersensitive.

That was the afternoon, and they just fucked me the rest of the day and all evening, taking their time and filming me, while I came like mad, writhing and bucking and groaning.

You’d never know from the film that I didn’t want it, I just looked like the most sex-mad girl ever.

They kept a score of how many cums they gave me that session. They got it to eleven, that was their record; I couldn’t walk afterwards. But after that they started calling me Supergirl anyway, or Thermogirl.”

Becky paused again, reliving the experience, then her face set and she clammed up. That was it for this time.

I found my cock was rock hard in Jilly’s tight young pussy. And her pussy was wet and pulsating. I looked into her gorgeous young face: she was aroused, her pupils huge in her tearful eyes.

She moved on me; I pushed her pelvis up and then fucked upwards into her and in just a few strokes we were cumming, cumming long and hard. It was so wrong, but we were totally aroused.

We wound down and I realised Vonnie and Sue had got each other off as well, their young faces flushed and excited with their orgasms, and their fingers still in each other’s pussies.

Sally had pulled Becky into a kiss and was rubbing her clit on Becky’s beautifully muscled thigh. We watched as she broke the kiss to take some gasping breaths while her lithe body spasmed in orgasm.

Becky looked round at us all, then lay back and closed her eyes.

“Couldn’t you get help from anyone, your mum and dad or anyone?” Yvonne asked. I was glad she’d thought like that. I liked to think, as any parent I suppose, that she would always be able to get any help she ever needed from me and Sally.

“I did tell Dad in the end,” Becky answered, opening her eyes again. “He came over and I went home for the weekend.

I told him three teachers were bullying me into having sex; he thought I was telling a story, then when I kept telling him about it he said he’d talk to the headmistress, Dr Thackwell.

So he phoned her, and went to see her, without me, and she said she’d start an enquiry. Then Dad went back to Hong Kong again and I had to go back to school.

So I was called to see the headmistress and she asked me about it and I told her some of it. Not all of it, not the woods and how many times they fucked me but some of it, enough to get them in prison I thought, and she thanked me for telling her and said she’d conduct an investigation.

So then Miss Dugeon and the others got hold of me and said I couldn’t prove anything, couldn’t prove it wasn’t just a schoolgirl fantasy, but they’d stop, as long as I shut up about it.

Otherwise they’d post the videos of me cumming and being cummed on and fucking like crazy in the cottage, and they'd carry on fucking me and this time they’d fuck my ass and bring some friends round too. That made me really scared; though I realised later it didn’t make sense, but at the time I was just so scared.”

I could feel the outrage building in the room as we all took in her terror and the betrayal by yet more people she’d depended on.

“So next day Dr Thackwell saw me again and said the teachers had denied it and did I have any evidence, and I said no and maybe I’d had a bad dream that seemed real and I was sorry.

And she just told me off and said be more careful next time about what was real and what wasn’t. And that was it.”

“But what about your Dad?” Jilly was almost in tears again.

“He never asked. I suppose he never really believed me.”

“Well we believe you,” Sally had her arm round Becky. Becky let herself be cuddled for a few minutes, then eased herself free. She wasn’t someone who liked a lot of cuddling.

I was acutely aware that we’d gang-raped Becky in a very similar way to her wicked teachers. “Sorry Becky,” I apologised, “what we’ve been doing is awfully similar. I had no idea.”

“It’s helped, to be honest,” Becky looked squarely at me, “this time I knew why, that I deserved it. You were pretty gentle with me really, considering what you saw when you broke into my room and found me raping Vonnie.

And I’d blanked it out, in many ways, what happened at school, I didn’t really remember it clearly until just now. So I was reliving it in reverse, raping the other girls, I suppose. I’m sorry.” She looked round at Jilly, Vonnie and Sue.

“We should get them!” Sue was on the warpath, the feisty little beauty. “I’m sorry Becks, sorry for what I did to you. I didn’t understand. But we should get those fuckers, get them and...”

“Kill them!” Vonnie chimed in, “That’s what they deserve. And that’s the only way too, the only way to stop them.”

“Now hold on!” I was aghast at the aggression in my thirteen-year-old daughter. But she had raised the question of whether those teachers had carried on abusing other innocent young girls in their care.

And if so, how to stop them.

“Well that is an issue,” Sally was looking pretty belligerent as well, “suppose they’re still doing it, to other girls? How can we tell? And what should we do? There’s no evidence to use against them.”

“We should get them, anyway.” even my sweet Jilly was bent on revenge.

“Let’s sleep on it,” I hedged weakly, and we did, though in my case not until I’d fucked Jilly’s gorgeous, needy young body again. After a nice cum I came down from the high, feeling her delicate hands stroking down my back, pulling me to her.

“Will you take me to the woods?” she whispered, “for a picnic?” I felt her start to move, her pussy working on me, and amazingly my cock grew inside her and I started fucking her yet again. Eventually we shared another mind-numbing orgasm and then finally she fell asleep. “Eleven cums!” she mumbled as she drifted off.

Breakfast the next day turned into a council of war. The girls, all of them, were bent on revenge. Partly it was guilt, I suspected, and partly it was that all the sex had bound us to Becky and she was one of us now. Plus I guess we all had a sense of justice.

Sally had checked the school website and all three of the blackmailing rapist gang were still there.

Vonnie was still in favour of the ultimate solution. “Sex offenders always reoffend,” she pronounced, sounding as though she was quoting a website, “you can’t stop them by punishing them. They find some way to keep doing it, somewhere, even if it’s the other side of the world. The only way is to kill them. The fuckers. It’s what they deserve anyway.”

Jilly had needed another fuck before we got up so I wasn’t too alert yet, but I tried to see how on earth my beautiful young daughter, so slight and with her pale, perfect skin, green eyes and long, wavy hair, could be a killer. In the abstract at least.

The same features and the same ruthlessness were there in my wife, however, though I guess being twenty-eight instead of thirteen made it a little bit less extreme. “Well how about neutering them?” she suggested, “that would stop them fucking anyone else.”

“But how would we?” I had to object. “How about blood loss? And what do you have to do to a woman and why would that make any difference?”

“Exactly,” said Sue, “killing them is much better. Much easier and guaranteed to stop the fuckers doing it any more.”

“We have to do something,” said Jilly, who didn’t seem to have lost any alertness from starting the day with a fuck, and was glowing with health even.

“We have to find out if they’re still doing it,” Sally’s mind was always good at focussing on what was important, “then we’ll know if it’s just revenge or if we have to do something for the sake of other girls.”

“We could keep watch on the tennis courts,” even as I said it I knew it was feeble.

“They might not be using them now,” Becky pointed out, “they only used it the once with me, then it was their homes or cars and they swapped about.”

“It’s not easy spying I bet,” Vonnie was a junior version of her mother in so many ways, “people’ll start reporting you if you hang around the same place for too long not doing anything.”

I could see where it was leading.

“I’ll go,” said Sue, “I’ll go and be at the school and perhaps they’ll start on me and we can get them.” Sue had a mixed-race beauty that would draw the teacher gang like a magnet, I was sure, but private schools are expensive.

“What do your mum and dad do?” I asked. I was pretty sure that would stop the crazy plan in its tracks.

“Dad’s an accountant,” she said, “normally, but he’s being made redundant.”

“It’s too expensive then,” I said, “it’s over twenty thousand a year.”
Jilly clung to me, not saying anything.

“It has to be me,” Vonnie was definite. “I can do it and you can be late with the fees and then not pay, they won’t be able to do anything.”

There was some more discussion. The arguments didn’t stack up at all, for me, but Sally didn’t support me: things had been talked round to it being a given that someone should go and enrol, and at least our daughter was our own responsibility not someone else’s.

I thought it was too risky but I was a lone voice of reason; the girls were all in attack mode. I had to concede it was in some ways a girl thing: the crime was against one of their own.

After some more talking and arguing it was decided. Sally phoned the school and found that new pupils and their fees were more than welcome even at short notice. An interview was arranged; one that our bright only child would pass easily.

So my beautiful, slender daughter, a mere thirteen years old, was going.

We spent a few days getting ready. We bought a spy watch with camera recording, a separate spy camera that could transmit, and a new phone with gps tracking. We signed up to a tracking service so we could always see where she was.

Yvonne wanted me to fuck her, to get her used to it. Her argument was that she needed some preparation for the large amounts of fucking she was probably about to receive.

My argument was that incest was not good, with its connotations of inbreeding, and that anyway to be convincing she had to appear innocent, not well fucked.

The girls were against me, again. Within a day her pussy would be back to its tight teen self, they argued, and it was mean to send her out on her own without granting her a last wish.

I held out for two days with the girls all ganging up on me. None of them would fuck me, not even Sally or Jilly, and they teased me mercilessly with kissing and fondling each other in front of me, wearing bikinis and hockey skirts and wisps of fabric and all kinds of provoking outfits, and stroking me whenever I came within range.

By the second evening I was ten percent aware of my surroundings, and ninety percent aware of my tingling, throbbing cock. I was out of the habit of wanking but I could see I was going to have to start again.

Then without saying anything Sue came over to me in the living room, slowly stripped her gorgeous action-girl body naked in front of me, and pulled me up off the sofa. Then she stripped me, pushed me back on the sofa and lowered her strong, creamy pussy over my desperate cock.

She slid right down, flooding me with sensation, then up, and off me again. I gaped at her, my senses reeling.

Before I knew what was happening Vonnie had appeared from behind her and straddled me. My distressed cock slowed my reactions and I just lay there, gaping stupidly, as she quickly took Sue’s place and impaled herself on my large, every-ready joystick.

It was so wrong, but my cock didn't care. Well, perhaps the girls were right after all.

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