Misa survives her initiation
We woke up at 10 o’clock the next morning. While Misa was taking a bath, I prepared breakfast. It was very simple… coffee, orange juice and Cinnamon Rolls. I set up everything on the side tables next to our large, king-size bed. Misa came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around her head. Snuggling next to me, she took a sip of orange juice and a bite of her roll. “I guess you want to hear about what happened between me and Jack?” I looked into her soft brown eyes and said, “Are you ready to tell me?” She smiled, “Yes, I will tell you every detail.” After a quick taste of her coffee, she began. “Once inside the master bedroom, Jack embraced me and started kissing my lips, cheeks, ears and neck. He was a very skilled kisser with moist, tender lips. As we kissed, he slowly unzipped the back of my dress and gently pushed the straps off my shoulders and let the black silk sheath fall to the floor; leaving me with nothing more than my tiny thong and high-high stockings.

He lift me up and carried me next to the bed. Sliding his lips up all over my throat, he sent chills up and down my spine. My clean-shaven cunt was already dripping with anticipation. Ever so softly, he kissed and sucked my shoulders, collarbone and eventually nipples. They were standing so erect and were very hard. My mind was spinning with lust. Moving from one breast to another, he had me totally in his control. At that moment, I was willing to do anything he asked. Placing me face-up onto the bed, he removed my thong and positioned his hands on my inner thighs in order to spread my legs very wide. Kneeling on the floor, he began to lick, suck and kiss my calves, knees and thighs. I was whimpering like a helpless schoolgirl. He was my master, and I his slave. His tongue flicked my clit, causing me to lift my ass off the bed and grind my sopping wet cunt against his mouth. Soon his tongue was shoved deep in my vaginal tunnel, rubbing up against my g-spot. God honey, he made me cum in less than a minute. I heard a slurping sound and felt his lips and tongue licking up every drop that I squirted from my pussy. Yes, baby! He had me squirt cum all over his face.

The next thing I knew, once my mind settled down from that first orgasm was the sensation of his big coc sliding inside me. He’s about the same length as you, but much thicker. He was stretching me wider than I have ever been stretched before. Again, I experience a climax. This one was bigger than the first. He rolled me over so that I was on top. I looked down at his muscular chest and well-developed six pack and started rotating my hips in large circles, enjoying the feeling of his thick staff inside my tiny twat. Suddenly, there was another cock rubbing up against my lips. Looking up, I saw John kneeling on the bed in front of me, and his stiff dick throbbing in his hand. Once the shock wore off, I stuck out my tongue and began encircling the bulging knob, taking time to sip a drop of pre-cum that had already formed on the slit. Now I had two men doing me. Rocking back and forth on Jack’s rod, I took John into my mouth, more than halfway down his penis. It was about 5 inches long and relatively thin compared to Jack, so I knew I could easily accommodate it, as well as provide some stimulating tongue action at the same time. The three of us quickly got into a natural rhythm that became extremely erotic. As you know, I have only had sex with you, so the act of double penetration was definitely a first for me.

I was awakened from that heavily dream by a finger, trying to penetrate my rosebud. At first, I thought it was Jack trying to increase my pleasure; but I then realized that both his hands were already busy pinching and rubbing my tits. I felt cream or some sort of lubricant being applied to my anus. One finger went in, sending a tingling sensation throughout my entire being. I was now sucking John’s cock, humping Jack’s dong and being finger fucked up my ass. Soon, a second finger slid inside. I have always thought that anal sex would hurt. That’s why I never let you try it… sorry! Next, I felt my mystery man pressing the head of his cock against the opening of my crack. With all the stimulation happening simultaneously, my mind could not focus on any one part of my body. It was then that I experienced another massive climax. I jerked, vibrated and shivered with total gratification. It was during this period of semi-conscious lust that his entire shaft entered me. I lost any inhibitions instilled in me during childhood. I was now nothing more than a sexual animal… moaning, groaning, panting and begging for more and more and more. John blasted his sperm down my throat with no warning; however, I was able to swallow every drop. I managed all three of his larger spurts and each of three subsequent, but smaller ejaculations. Once I had consumed his offering, I turned my head in order to identify my anal invader. It was Tom. Although I could not see his dick, I imagined that it must be smaller than John’s, since I was feeling no pain or discomfort from his rapid thrusts. The only male members of the club unaccounted for was you and Jonah. Since you were with Grace that meant Eun’s black husband had not joined the gangbang, yet. I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck a black guy; but it seemed that last night was not going to be the night. However, I was already occupied with more cock than I had ever handled before. Jack exploded into my cunt, which triggered another one of my multiple orgasms. As I yelled with passion, Tom shot two streams of semen into my well-oiled anal tube.

It took about two minutes for the three of us to become disengaged. I rolled onto my back, consumed with complete carnal satisfaction. Closing my eyes, I exhaled and smiled. I was proud of myself. On the first attempt, I had brought off three men almost at the same time. It was then that I sensed the bed move. Opening my eyelids, I saw Jonah kneeling between my legs. His beautifully sculptured black body sent jolts of lust through my cream-filled cunt, which was seeping Jack’s cum onto the sheets. It was then my eyes got their first glance at the biggest, widest cock that I had ever seen. It must have been 10 inches long and 2-3 three inches in circumference. I was surprised to discover that its tip was pink. For some reason, I thought the whole thing would be black. A deep hypnotic trance overtook me. It was like I was watching it happen, rather than being an actual part of it. Jonah held his monster with his right hand and started rubbing the knob against my slit and inflamed clitoris. Inch by inch he pushed his huge tool deeper inside. I was being split open and yet there was no pain, just excitement and unbelievable desire. Raising my hips off the bed, I met each thrust with equal force. I couldn’t believe how more and more of his rock-hard rod went inside me. Wave after wave of orgasms pulsated through my body. I was floating on a cloud. All I could think of was for him to fill my naughty cunt with gobs of his white sperm. I forgot that I was a married woman. Instead, I felt like a wanton whore… a woman who craved cock, especially his big black one. He was an expert at fucking. He changed up rhythm, pumped fast, then slow and grinded his firm ass to a beat I had never experienced. I heard myself shouting… DO ME Jonah… DO ME. I love your big black dong in my pussy. You’ve got me baby… I’m yours. I couldn’t imagine it was me saying those things to a man I had just met.

He grunted and stared into my eyes with a wild look, as his fluids filled me and overflowed my tight vagina. Then his pulled out and shot more volleys onto my face, breasts and belly. I didn’t think it was possible for one man to ejaculate that much cum. Then, I think I passed out; because they next thing I knew, all four men were wiping my body with a warm towels. They dressed me and guided me out the door to where I saw you waiting. Please forgive me for enjoying the experience so much; but you always told me to be honest with you”.

I wrapped my arms around her while kissing her warm lips. For the next two hours we fucked, sucked and played with each other in every way we could possibly think of. Needless to say, we are both excited about attending next month’s meeting of the Asian Wives Club… hosted by Jonah and Eun.

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