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What happened last time

“No! I’m still a virgin, we can’t go that far!” she told me.

“You won’t be a virgin after today.” I grinned from ear to ear, just before putting my dick to her labia.

“Get ready!” I told her.

And just as I got ready to push forward, I heard footsteps in the hallway, coming towards the classroom…


I was nearly hyperventilating, filled with fear of what might be heading towards us. I was nearly 90% positive that it was Schaeffer, returning to check on us. But then again, if she was going to check on us after 15 minutes of leaving, why would she have left in the first place? And why would she have set up a camera?

My mind was driving me insane, and as I was trying to find a quick escape plan, Jake had already pulled his pants up halfway, jumped over the tables and ran to the door. He rushed to the door handle, but he was too late. Just as he wanted to grip it, the door opened the other way, and he tripped. He stumbled onto someone and threw him or her off balance as he landed upon that person.

I pulled my pants up before running to see who it was. I was shocked: Jake was lying on a gorgeous, unfamiliar blonde with a big rack. It must’ve been at least a D cup. While mesmerized by her beauty, reality escaped me for a brief moment. She froze for a second before looking behind us. Her eyes grew big, and she looked at Jake to notice his stiff dick resting on her crotch area. She stared at us for another second before shrieking and hastily standing up. Before even contemplating about the situation, she ran away on her high heels. Jake and I stood there in shock for a few moments, before I realized what was going on.

“Dude, you alright?” I asked him.

“Yeah man I’m fine, go after the bitch.”

“What, why? We don’t know her, what could she possibly do?”

“Dude you don’t get it,” Jake replied nervously. “That’s Schaeffer’s daughter!!!”

My heart pounded through my throat, and I took off at maximum speed while shouting: “You take care of the 2 girls, I’ll take this one. If I’m not back in an hour, just text me!”

He gave me a thumbs up, and strolled into the classroom as I sprinted into the direction in which the girl had fled in.

I ran as fast I could, but I didn’t catch any sign of where she could be. I ran outside of the school, and just as I sprinted out the main doors, I caught her running towards a car. I sprinted towards her, and I had to laugh a little at her nice, wiggling ass, while she was trying to run fast on high heels. But she was in an advantage: she was about 30 feet away from the car, while I was about a 100. I kept running and running, and I started gaining on her, but she was too close. She pressed the button on her key which opened the car door locks from a distance then quickly jumped in and fired up the engine. She locked the doors and put the pedal to the metal, just as I was 3 feet away from the car.

I tried to jump and get a grip on the vehicle but I was too late. She drove away with great speed but lesser grip. She was swerving from left to right but eventually found her car’s balance and drove away in a straight line.

I was bummed out. We would be in a lot of trouble if she reached her mom. I had to go back to Jake quickly and think of a plan before we got caught.

When I got back, almost out of breath, Jake and the girls were waiting for me. What surprised me was that the girls were sitting on the small tables, opposite to Jake, and it seemed as if they were having a regular conversation. The girls were dressed again though, and they weren’t looking too unhappy. They were amiable, and gave me a shy ‘hi’.

Jake noticed me and said: “I had a lil’ conversation with the girls, and we understand each other. We’re finishing with ‘em later, but where’s the escapee?”

“Didn’t catch her man, she scrammed… she had a car ready. Damn.”

“Hmm, that doesn’t matter anyway, she can’t do squat.” He grinned.

“Why not?”

“B’cuz,” He walked over to the still recording camera, and grabbed it by two of the three tripod legs. He then gave it an almighty swing and let go. The tripod with the camera attached, flew over my head and landed against the wall with a hard crash. It broke immediately into an uncountable amount of small fragments. He walked over to the smashed camera and proceeded to stomp on it multiple times until he was sure that the camera wasn’t ever going to record anything anymore.

“B’cuz we’re off the hook.” He finished his sentence.

“How do you mean? Stop being so fucking mysterious and tell me!”

“Well dude, it’s Saturday, and we’re left unattended in an empty classroom with absolutely no one else than the four of us in a building which technically belongs to the government.”


“Do you know in how many ways Schaeffer has broken the school’s rules by now?” He grinned.
“Leaving students in a classroom unattended for long periods of time, getting into school on a Saturday when there’s no school and even giving her daughter keys to the doors? I mean how else did she get into the classroom? Remember Schaeffer locking the door? On top of that, she locked us into this shitty place, thus exposing us to danger if there would’ve been a fire or whatnot… dude, Schaeffer’s more screwed than us if she dares to speak about this in public. We’re free to do whatever we want and Schaeffer will get 90% of the blame. In fact, these girls will deny everything, and since they’re known for their overall good behavior in school, we’re going to be just fine.”

“Isn’t that right girls?” He added to his strangely logical story.

The girls gave him a shy nod before standing up from the tables.

“We kinda have to go now.” Selena spoke for both girls.

“Sure, but remember; you owe us.” Jake reminded them.

As they walked past me, I put my hand on Lynn’s crotch area before rubbing her slowly and kissing her. I then slowly kissed my way down her face and neck while saying: “We aren’t finished yet, you owe me one indeed.”

I let go of her, and she nodded before proceeding to go her way. Selena and Lynn now both walked away from us until they were out of sight.

“Guess I gotta head home too, man.” I told Jake.

“Yeah for sure, and don’t forget; we’re cool. If you find that bitch, scare the shit out of her, and then do to her what we should’ve done to those girls. She deserves it for walking in on us like that, and cutting off the fun part. Besides, if she wants her mom to stay out of trouble, she’ll comply. Just tell her that and I’m sure you’ll be all right. I’ll do the same thing if I find her on my way. Good luck bro.” And with that, he slipped past me and walked down the stairs.

I followed him, and soon we were on our way home. Me and Jake split up to our own paths when we were near home and my mind slowly wandered off to the thoughts of what I should’ve done with those girls. We should’ve finished with the girls, but the odds were a little against us at that times.

When I arrived home I walked in and greeted my family. Not much happened that day, really. I watched some TV, browsed the web, and of course took care of some “unfinished business”.

I fell asleep in my computer chair, with my computer still playing some of the naughty stuff.

I had some sweet, unexplainable dreams, but when I woke up, I felt like I was in a nightmare. I felt sick, and every inch of my body was sore. No wonder… I had been sitting in the same position 8 hours in a row.

I stood up and took a look at my screen, but the only thing I saw was the power-saving black screen which appeared after a certain time of inactivity. I was so tired that instead of shutting down the PC manually, I just kicked the off button and it powered down. I proceeded to walk down the stairs which after I grabbed myself some fast breakfast.

After that I just sat on the couch and watched TV, until my mom came in and shut it off.

“What the hell mom?” I exclaimed.

“You aren’t going to sit around like a lazy ass all day long doing nothing. Go do something useful.”

“Ugh, I don’t have ANYTHING to do all day long!!!” I replied frustrated.

Shouldn’t have said that.

“Then go get me this stuff.” She handed me a list of items.

“Mom this stuff is only available like 50 miles from here, I’m not gonna go there!” I shouted in reply.

“Yes you are. Either that, or you’ll clean the entire house including the bathrooms.”

No way in hell was I gonna do that.

“Fine.” I reluctantly gave in.

After she gave me the money for the items and the train ticket, which sadly enough was available on Sunday, I walked towards the train station and bought my ticket. I was about to step into my train when my bad luck suddenly went in opposition: I saw Schaeffer’s daughter. Or at least that’s what she looked like from behind. She had matching hair, clothes and the exact same nice wiggling ass.

I got a sudden rush of encouragement, knowing that my day would start getting a lot better if it was really her. I stepped away from the wagon which I was about to enter, and instead followed her silently to the wagon which she was directed to. She got in, and so did I, still stealthily enough not to encourage her to flee again.

The girl turned her head a little, and as the train departed, I could see the side of her face. She hadn’t noticed me yet, but I was now certain that it was indeed that very same girl. She headed to the seats and I directly followed her. She sat down in one of the many free seats.

The train was nearly empty. The only one other than us in that same wagon was an old man, probably in his 50s or 60s already, and he was diagonally positioned about 2 or 3 seats from her. I grinned and sat down right next to the girl.

“Booh!” I forcefully whispered into the unsuspecting young lady’s ear.

She was startled and looked at me for a split second before shrieking loudly. I quickly put my lips onto her lips and energetically kissed her.

She slapped me, just before attempting to slip away from me, but I wasn’t going to let it happen.

I grabbed her hand, and roughly pulled her down next to me.

“Shut up if you don’t want your dear mommy to get in trouble.” I whispered loud enough for her to hear through her panicking escape attempts.

“What? Get away from me, you’ll be in big trouble!” She cried out.

Although she looked about 18, just like Lynn and Selena, she was taking this much less maturely than they were. But I kind of understood, since she was all alone.

“Your mom has committed several crimes, so listen up because I’m going to tell you this only once. First of all, she locked us into a room, thus seriously endangering us. Your mom basically could’ve caused our deaths. Second of all, she let students unattended in a school, thus breaking another rule. If my calculations are correct, and my estimates are correct, your mom could end up in a lawsuit. She’ll lose a lot of money or maybe even end up in jail. In fact, she could even get a criminal record!” By now I was making stuff up because I was seeing the fear in her eyes. Criminal record, nah. Her mom could get into a lot of trouble though, so I was in a big advantage if she wanted to keep her mom safe.

“So,” I added. “If you want your mommy out of trouble, you’d better comply.”

I grinned and grinded my teeth. She slowly weakened in my arms and I dropped her down on the seat next to mine.

“How old are you and what’s you name, babe?” I playfully asked her.

“I… I’m 17 and my name is Stephaney!”

“17 huh?” I replied grinningly. “That means your mom gave responsibility of a complete school, to a minor. You cute little slut think you’re a big girl, huh? I’m calling the police on her!” I played with her nerves as I pulled out my phone.

“No, please!” She immediately shouted.

The old man stared at her in shock, so she lowered her voice.

“Please, please, please, don’t do that! I beg you! Please!” She whispered.

“I’ll do anything!” She added, the tears now streaming down her beautiful face.

“Hmm, you know I’m breaking the law, but if you’re willing to pay a high price for it, then I’ll just let it slip for now.” I teasingly comforted her.

She seemed to melt. She stopped crying and asked me: “How mu…”

But just before she finished her words, I pressed my lips onto hers again and pushed my tongue inside. At first she seemed shocked, and didn’t understand what I was doing. But after a few seconds she got it, and she started sobbing again.

I pushed my tongue as deep in as I could and started exploring beyond her lips. I put my hand on her breast and massaged it softly. She was still sobbing, but I didn’t care. I caressed her tit while still kissing her. I let go of her breast to try and put my hand inside her jeans, but it didn’t fit.

“Unzip.” I told her.

“But…” She tried to complain.

“Now!” I shouted, causing her to reluctantly unbutton then unzip her jeans. My hand fit in now.

I cupped her pussy outside of her panties, and I could clearly feel that she was wearing a thong. I released my lips from hers, and instead started kissing all over her face.

“Naughty girl likes naughty underwear…” I teased her.

She didn’t have the courage to react but instead just sat there and took it. I started gradually moving from kissing to licking all over her face and neck, and as I did, her sobbing became softer. Suddenly I heard a rough cough.

I turned to the source of the sound and noticed the old man staring in disbelief.

“What, old man? Can’t I even play a little with my girlfriend?” I told him.

“Tell him, bitch.” I whispered in Stephaney’s ear.

Hesitantly, she looked at the old man and slowly said: “Y… yes. Leave us to our business.”

He looked down on the ground, but I knew he was staring again as soon as I reverted my view. But I didn’t mind. In fact, it turned me on to see this bitch being looked at without her voluntary permission.

“Look at this, you old pervert.” I grinned at the old man before lifting the blonde up on my lap, then pulling up her shirt and revealing her bra-covered tits. Stephaney seemed to die of embarrassment, and tried to look away and cover her face.

The old pervert’s mouth fell open, and a tent evidently grew in his pants. He looked in more disbelief than before and I took the moment to cup Stephaney’s breasts and play with them. I jiggled them up and down while off and on squeezing her nipples. I then pushed her off my lap and pulled down her jeans roughly.

She tried to cover herself, but I slapped her hands away: “Be a good girl!” I notified her.

I put her on my lap again and started off by grabbing and moving her hips, thus making her grind my cock through my pants. I loved the feeling of her tight ass stroking my cock, and as I forced her to make the movements, I slowly took away my hands to let her do the work, and she proceeded to grind my lap. I groaned while her hot ass massaged my dick slowly but steadily.

I cupped her tits again and repeatedly kneaded them. She was still sobbing a little, but not enough to bother me. I started meeting her movements by thrusting my hips to her ass. I then suddenly gripped her bra from behind and released the elastic string. She was startled and cupped her breasts to prevent the bra from falling off. I roughly pulled her hands aside and pulled off her bra. Her breasts bounced freely and I immediately pinched her nipples hard. She let out a shriek as I pulled and twisted them.

I pushed her up on her feet again and turned her around, so she was facing me. I pulled her down on me, and told her to grind me again, before putting my lips on her hot, stiff nipple. I bit, sucked and licked all over her tit and jammed my hand down her panties. I massaged her pussy while sucking on her tits. She moaned a little as I pleasured her hot breasts.

I was running my finger up and down her slit, and occasionally rubbing her clit. I was getting extremely turned on, and I was ravaging her body with my fingers and tongue, making her moan like crazy.

After playing a little outside of her smooth pussy, I slipped a finger inside. It seemed to surprise her a little, and she let out a slight sigh. I fingered her, gradually stroking my middle finger in and out of her for about an inch. Suddenly I pulled out my finger.

I stood up, grabbed Stephaney’s arms and turned her 180 degree before letting go, so that she dropped into the seat where I was previously sitting. I then proceeded to get on my knees, slip the piece of thong cloth which was covering her pussy to the side, and hungrily got down on her. She started moaning like crazy immediately as my tongue probed her hot hole. I kept licking and sucking her like a maniac, and she held my head. I knew she was still hesitant about whether what she was doing was right, but she couldn’t resist the pleasure which my tongue was bringing her.

She pushed my head harder into her crotch, nearly causing me to suffocate, but I kept ravaging her hot cunt. I tongue fucked her until she neared orgasm. She sighed and moaned repeatedly, and I kept pleasuring her, becoming hornier every second. Her pussy juices were extraordinarily tasty, even better than Lynn’s. They had a distinguished taste to them, and I kept sucking on her lips and clit as she leaked more and more of her love nectar.

She finished loudly, screaming in pleasure as her juices flooded the seat and my face. I licked up all the juice I could handle, and the rest flooded over my lips.

I was nearly exploding in horniness, and I didn´t even think about her. I grabbed her by her hair, and made her switched places with me.

She immediately understood the message, and unzipped my pants after which she pulled out my dick and started stroking me. I moaned in ecstasy as she continuously stroked my cock with variety, which after she put her lips to my cockhead and sucked on it.

I nearly died, because she sucked me with such skill that I thought I was in heaven. I moaned as she slowly went down on my cock, and swallowed it inch after inch, until she had it completely engulfed. Her hot mouth had my cock surrounded, and the feeling almost made me cum at that very same moment, but I held it off.

She kept sucking and licking me for a couple of minutes until I felt my orgasm approach. I pushed her head down on my cock which seemed to frighten her. She choked while I came deep into her throat. I shot loads of cum, and she seemed to have a hard time swallowing.

After I dumped my load deep into her throat, I released her and pulled her up again. I was about to drop her on the seat again when the train abruptly slowed down. It startled me, and Stephaney and I were thrown back by the force of the stop. She fell on top of me, and when the train stopped, we heard the booming voice of the train driver through the speakers: “Ladies and gentlemen, this train has reached its final destination.”

FUCK, did this have happen at this specific point? I was so close to getting some hot pussy.

I grabbed Stephaney’s cloths and pushed them in her arms: “We’re getting out right here.” I told her.

“Just let me get dressed real quick!” She exclaimed as I walked away.

I froze: “No, you’re going out like that. Or do you want to test my patience?”

She started sobbing again and froze in place.

“Guess you are willing to challenge me. Slut, I’m giving you 30 seconds to meet me outside of the train. You can guess what’ll happen if you either don’t appear, or if you’re clothed..” And with that, I walked out without getting her second opinion.

A few seconds later, she stuck her head out of the train to check for people, and while pressing her clothes to her chest, she quickly walked out and ran over to me in her cute high heels.

“Please, let’s get out of here.” She cried while looking around her.

Even though the place wasn’t particularly crowded, the few people walking around seemed to be stunned by the fact that there was a hot chick walking around naked.

She was getting impatient, but so was I. She was starting to annoy me.

I lifted my hand and gave her an almighty smack… to her ass. She shrieked: “Please get me out of here!”

“Hell no, bitch.” I told her, and I immediately grabbed her, before dragging her to one of the many benches at the station. I roughly took her clothes and threw them in the waste bin. She cried out but didn’t speak. She was cautious not to anger me.

I stood behind her, pushed her head down so that she gripped the bench whilst bending over, and jammed two fingers up her wet cunt. She screamed in either pain or pleasure, as I finger fucked her till she went crazy.

Most men were staring at us in disbelief, with tents in their pants. Most women on the other hand were just walking past us with their hands on their mouth.

I grinned as I kept finger fucking Stephaney. She was moaning and groaned, and I pulled out my finger before jamming it into her ass.

This time, she screamed even louder and cringed in agony. I pulled her back up and finger fucked her hot asshole while rubbing her clit with my other hand. It seemed to hurt and arouse her at the same time as she was changing between ‘ouch’ and ‘ooh’ . I kept doing so until my hard rod was hurting me, so I got down on my knees, gave both of her holes a few good and wet licks, and stood up again.

She was trembling now, and looking back at me while I unzipped my pants. I pulled out my cock and stroked it up and down her slit a few times, before jamming it in. My entire length was forced into her in less than a second, which apparently, caused either an awful lot of pain or an even bigger amount of pleasure.

I stroked my cock in and out of her with great speed. She seemed to have forgotten about her environment, and instead was focusing on my throbbing cock inside of her. I kept fucking her like a crazed animal, and she was convulsing like crazy. I was in heaven as I kept speeding up my movement, and her beautiful big tits were bouncing up and down.

I grabbed them both and massaged them as I destroyed her pussy with my throbbing rod. Suddenly, I had a change of mind and pulled out. She was surprised by my unexpected action, but before she could react I planted my jackhammer right into her tight little asshole.

I could almost sense her pain as tears shot into her eyes because of my sudden deed, but after a few slow strokes, she seemed to have gotten over it for the most part. I stroked my cock in and out of her faster and faster until I was hammering away at her tight, sexy ass. I violently fucked her as I kneaded her tits and twisted her nipples. She furiously stroked her clit as I fucked her from behind, and I played with her tits until I was nearing orgasm.

I pushed her down so she was bent over again, which threw her a bit off balance, but I kept hammering her asshole until I came: I shot streams of cum down her hole while she came at the same time. Her pussy juices flooded her own legs while my own cum streamed down her cunt and legs as well.

She collapsed in exhaustion, and my now semi-flaccid popped out of her. I quickly put it back in my pants and zipped up, before shoving her legs onto the bench as well, and kissing her roughly.

“Your mom has all her students’ phone numbers. You’ll find my number somewhere in her collection. Call me in 2 days, I might need you again. You know what will happen if you don’t, right? Be a good girl.” And with that said, I walked away, leaving the beautiful girl alone and naked on a bench surrounded by strangers.

I was still not satisfied…


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